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CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR. xiii POE THE OPPOSING FORCES IN THE RED RIVER CAMPAIGN . . ... ......... ............... B67 THE OPPOSING FORCES IN ARKANSAS. (April 20th, 1864) . ...........3...... 368 THE DEFENSE OF THE RED RIVER . GENERAL E. KIRBY SMITH . . .369 tLLtUTRAT-o'SP: Lienteitant-Gettral tichard Taylor, from Brady photo.-The Cnufederate Fort De Iussy, ahoutt Ten Miles below Alexandria, from sketch by James M. Aiden (C. A. anderhoof) -Briga- dier-G-n-ral C. J. Polignac, C. S. A., from photo. RESUME OF MILITARY OPERATIONS IN MIS- WILEY BRITTON.'174 SOURI AND ARKANSAS, i864-65 .I...... MOBILE AND THE GULF. FARRAGUT AT MOBILE BAY ....... . . LIEUT. JOHN CODDINGTON KINNEY.379 ILLUSTRATOI NS: SlBrrejider of the ' Tennesee Battle of Mbile Bay (J. 0. Daid-.)-The Brook- lyn" after tbe Battle of Mobile (Xaulh-. Smifh)-The Richmond" and the -Laekawana" .tripped for the Fight (XanIaha Suith) - Fort Morgan (Light-house, The Sooth-ast Bastion, The Citadel from the north sidet, from photos. by McPherson and Oliver, lent by Loyall Farragut (C. A. Vasdferhof) - Mapof the Battle of Mobile Bay (E. E. C.urt)-The Battle of Mobile, and The Battle of 3Mlte lookinkg sooth and eastward, frotil sketches by Rear-Admiral Walke (F. H. Schell and Thon..a Hog,-) -The "Caintsa" after tie Fight in Mbilte Bay (Xlnthus Smith) - Captain Tnis A. M. Craven. from Brady pho o.- UnitedStates Steamship "Mononigaheln,"lahowinginjorie. receivedinthe Fight (X.a fhu Sd fh) - Rta.- Adnliral Thornton A. Jenkins, from photo.-Capture of Confederate Gn-hoat "Selma" by the -Meta01onet" (Xofnhtsat ,snffh)-Captaln George H. Perkins. from photo. lent by Miss Ssan G. Pe rkis - tear-Adirtal James E. Jouett, from photo. by Benedict - Fight between the "Chlckasaw aiud Fort Powell, Auguet 5th, 1864, from sketch by E. B. Hough (F. H. Schell). THE OPPOSING FORCES AT MOBILE . .......... ........ .. .. . . 400 THE RAM "TENNESSEE" AT MOb:'E BAY COMMANDER JAMES D. JOHNSTON 401 ILLISTRATIPNS: The Confederate Iron-elad "1Tennesee" (Xof thn .t uifh)-The "Monongahela" ranimning the " Tennesee" (.sfth-a 8.mih) -The "lHartford in Collision with the "Tennessee" (F. HI. I.hef) -esurrender of the Tennessee" (Xmsfht Smlth )-Coumander J. D. Jouhnston, C. S. N., from ,I4-paintflg by V. L. de Glillanmce. THE LASHING OF ADMIRAL FARRAGUT IN THE i. CAPT. J. CRITTENDEN WATSON .406 RIGGING .. ... .. .......... LIEUT.-COM. JOSEPH MARTHON 407 THE DEFENSE OF FORT MORGAN . . . ...... GENERAL RICHARD L. PAGE . .408 ILLIIsTRATIU)NA: Fort Morgan, Mobile Bay, from sketch by R. K. Snedenl (W. H. Goater) -Brigadier- General Richard L. Page, C. S. A., from photo. LAND OPERATIONS AGAINST MOBILE . ...COLONEL RICHARD P. IRWIN . . 410 CLOSING OPERATIONS IN THE GULF AND I... RFSOJ4E USL OE 1 WESTERN RIVERS POES. U L.. O 412 CAVALRY OPERATIONS ON THE TENNESSEE LINE. CAVALRY OPERATIONS IN THE WEST UNDER CAPTAIN THOMAS SPEED. 413 ROSECRANS AND SHERMAN II.LUJYThAr)NS: The Le-ee at Nashvlie, looking down the Cuimberland, from photo. by R. Poole (W. Taber) - Map of Operations in Middle Tennesee and North Alabama (Jaeab WeUx) - Lient.-General . B. Forrest. C. S. A.. fron phi'h . THE SOOY SMITH EXPEDITION. (February, 1864) COLONEL GEORGE E. WARING, Jr 416 THE CAPTURE OF FORT PILLOW. (April 12th, 1864) . ... ....... I.......... 418 FORREST'S DEFEAT OF STURGIS AT BRICE'S UTXNT E HUNN HANSON 419 CROSS-ROADS. (June 10th. 1864)..... ADJTN E.H NHASN 41 A. J. SMITH'S DEFEAT OF FORREST AT TUPELO. C,4PTAIN W. S. BURNS . . .421 (Julyv 14th, 1864) ...... ..... JOHN MORGAN IN , 864 ..G. ...... . ....... . GENERAL BASIL W. DUKE .. .. 422 HOOD'S INVASION OF TENNESSEE. THE INVASION OF TENNESSEE . I . GENERAL J. B. HOOD 425 ILLUSTRATIOXS: Major-General WilUlam B. Bate, C. S. A., from photo.- A Southern Private, from ambrotype (ff. A. Ogden) - Map of the Battle-fteld of Franklin, Tenesee - Major-General Patrick B. Cleburne, C. M. A., killed at Franklin, November seth, 1864, from photo. lent by (eneral Marcus J.

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