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x CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR. OLUSTEE. THE BATTLE OF OLUSTEE, OR OCEAN POND ..... GENERAL SAMUEL JONES ...........7.G . THE BATTLE OF OLUSTEE, FLORIDA . ....... . GENERAL JOSEPH R. HAWLEY. 71) OPERATIONS AFTER GETTYSBURG. FROM GETTYSBURG TO THE COMING OF GRANT .GENERAL MARTIN T. MCMAHON ... I LLUST"ATIIIN: I'rovot (;uard at tbe llc'dcjnartirs of the Army of the 1'otoeaa 1114t h t'ena. tfalctry), fromt Gardier phboto. (WI. Tecber)-Fort Ramsey, Ulpton,,'s Hill, Virgioi:a, and VI-v ,ef Aldie (;ap, fro.m sketches ily B. K. Stieden (C. A. l'Vccderhoof)- Map ot Northern Virginia fJaoob IWels) -On the Rond to Warrenton (Edceit F-obes)-Warreoiton J.unctiou, from ketvh by It. K. S,,edeu (C. A. i'accdrr- htotf) -Army Ftcrgc, Brandy, Station. from Gardier photo. (W. Taber) -CampI of the Military Telegraph Corp, Brandy Station, from. G.rdner pboto. (Tle.s. Hogoan,) -Map of the Field of Operactimnsof Noteoc- ber. 1863 (Jacob Wells) -1. "The shebang," (uarters of the Unitet State-i Sacietary Com-iasioo- 2. General l'oat-Otliee, Arm.yof Potsseoae, Deecocber, 1863,.at Branedy Station. fio-c (;ardnI ephbtos. (J. D. Wodtaeftrd)-cta)or-(Generat John Sedgwick, front Brady photo.- Fugiti-e Negroes at the Rapidan, from G ardner photo. (W. Tucbes'). KILPATRICK'S AND DAHLGREN'S RAID TO GEORE E. POND ....... .. . ... 95 RICHMOND ...GEORGE....OND.9 ttLU.TRATOIIN: C.aeeIp ofI the 18th t'ennsylvania Cavalry. Kilpatrick's l)ivision. on tbe Union Left, ee- tween the Rappahannoek and the taptetan (February or Mareh. 1864), from Garducer tbhota. (Wt. Tobe-). THE WILDERNESS CAMPAIGN. PREPARING FOR THE CAMPAIGNS OF '04 .....GENERAL ULYSSES S. GRANT . 97 ILLVsTa'TMoNS: Hlteadquecartere of the Army of the Potoinae at Brandy Station, from Gardner pbloto. (E. J. Meeker) - lteadqnarter. Flag, Army of the Potomac (A. R. laetd) - lie'toe Station and Brandty Station, Orange and Alexandria Railtway. fromn ketebes by R. K. 8neden (C. A. V-,, nderleof) - Geeerlt lMeade's lteadquarter. at Cnllecler,from eboto. lent by W. H. Whbit. (C: A. I1V ,herh flOo)-Major.Gecect George G. Meade, from Br.tdy photo. Ient by Colonel George Mleade - General U. S. Grant, froeme Brady photo.-BrevetMajor-Gecneral M. C. leigs, Quartenu-ter-General, U. S. A., from Brady photo.- General W. T. Sherman, froee, photo. by Geo. 14. Bei-Genertel P. 11. Sheridan, from pheeto. by C. D. Mosicer- Fac-simile of Lincoln's Godit-peed to Grant - Major-Generttl A. A. Hutmphrcys, front Anthony phito. FROM THE WILDERNESS TO COLD HARBOR ......G ENERAL E. M. LAW .....1. ...... IJ1 ILLUsTaATIoNSe: Watering Horses iii the Rapidan, ftomn keteh by C. W. Reed (W. Taber)-Unibn Troops croesing the Rapidan at Germanna Ford (LFdeeice Forb,.e)-Map of the Field cf the Wilderness- Brevet Major-General Alexander S. Webb, fromn Brady lphoto.-Confederate LIne waiting Orders in the Wildernets W. L. lceppeerd)-Capture ofa part of theburning Union Breastworksou the Brock Road on the afternoon ef May 6th (A. R. iW..d)-Brigadler-General Mie.ah Jenkns., C. S. A., from a tiectype- lre-astworka of Hancock's Cortes on the Brock Road on the morning of May 7th rfEdein Forbs) - McCool'8 Farm-bouse within the 'Bloody Angle," Spotsylvania, froto photo. (Hlurry Fcnn) - MeCool's House in 1B8 (Joseph uelnl,) - Map of the field of Spotaylvania - SpItsylvania Conrt Hou1 e and Spot- sylvania Tavern, from photos. r W. Taber) - Four views of Confederate Intrenehmecets at 8potsylvania, from photos. (J. 1). Woodleard)- Confederate Trenches at Chesterfield Bridge ceo the North Anna, from Gardner photo. (A. C. Red eoo) -Map of the North Anna-Jericho Mills-Unlen Eegineer Corps at work, frt- Gardner tphoto. (H-arry Fen) -The Pennsylvania Reserves resisting a Confederate attack near the Bethesda Cbhrch, Jane 2d (Edwin Forbe) - Map of Cold Harbor - The Ta-e at New Cold Hlarbor (IW. L. Sheppard) - Extreme Right of the Confederate Line, Cold Harbor. fro.. G rdier lehotee. (J. D. odea'o/rtd) - A Rabbit in a Confederate Camp ( W. L. Slheppord). GENERAL GRANT ON THE WILDERNESS CAMPAIGN (EXTRACT FROM HIS REPORT 145 DATED JULY 22d, i865) .,. . . ..... ........................... .. ... I.I.UsTRtATI1!N8: Secocid Day (If the Battle of the Wilderne.s (Ederici Forbes) - (tC'eerocl Grant whittliing during the Battle ot the Wilderness (C. W'. Reed) - Todd's Tavern in war-timn, frecoc photo. (J. D. Wooct- e.r...) -The Wilderness Tavern in 1885, fro. photo. (W. Taber) - Brass Coelcorns itt ,ise 0t Celd Harbor (A. It. IaV-dl)- Mat-ision and (trotndts cn oMaryc's Bill, Frederieksbtrg, frolic .i.. to. lent by W. H. Whiit-, ( 11. PMber) - Greaerl ent Staff cit Betheela Churnb, fromc (;taietoer lehceto. (It. Tobc). THROUGH THE WILDERNESS ..........G... ..... GENERAL ALEXANDER S. WEBB .. 1,52 tI.IX-TiT.AloN-: Up-hill Work (W. Tiser) -Mapof thc Bilative P-itimi-4e Forccs, Mcerniccgaed Ev-e- hii, May 4th, 184-Toled's Tvc-r in 188 (Josepl Ie,-,elt)-.1I Mic cf the Wilderces., May .,th, 1864-Threlen- il ecp Brecatxwocks iJ. tixic Wilderecc-s (A. R. Wfaeec0-Map .cf the Wilhnicre.s, May 4the, IWA4-Brig'.cdh-r- G;ene rall Jaicles Sl. Waewucrtl. trcc llr dy lehoto.-Distrili tin-- Aeceicic-ition . .c...Ir Fire te) Warren's Fifth Corles, May lth (A4. le. WuVed) -Thce Betrniig W(oeI.-, May 6th- cniecah.g the Wocnudlect (A. R. Wreed) - View frccen cair the Wild-iceun Tavern Ie ....king toward the Batth--tietld, 2 P. s1., ltay 7th (Edl( i,, Forbes) - Out of the Wiildrness, Sceeciay Morecitect, May 8th-The Mlareh to Slpet.oylycecia ,E(dcrir Forbes.) - Otlhlfe Mapof Lee's heositions in the Wilderness and at Spotaylvauia (Jeejor Jed. Ufohek!iss) -Map of the Relative

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