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xiv CONTENTS OF VOLUME FOUR. PAta Wright -Map of the Battle-Deld of Nauthville, Deeember laith-ltith, 1864- Overton's House. Hoodl Head- quarters at Nashville, front photo. (Harry Fen) - MaJor-General J. B. Steedtuan, front Brady photo. GENERAL CHEATHAM AT SPRING HILL ......... . GENERAL B. F. CHEATHAM .... 438 THE DEATH OF GENERALS CLEBURNE AND ADAMS ............ . .. .. ....... 439 REPELLING HOOD'S INVASION OF TENNESSEE ... . COLONEL HENRY STONE . 44t ILLUSTR ATIONS: Defending an Emibrasure (W. Taber) - Major-General George B. Tho.uas, from photo. - View of the Winstead Hill., Franklin, where Hood formued his Line of Battle, from photo. (Harry Frea)- Brevet MaJor-Geueral Emerson Opdyeke, from photo. by Kurtz -The Battle-tleld of Franklin, Te.neasee, from photo. by L. T. Shull (Harry F-a) - M)ajor-General D. S. Stantey, fromi. photo, by Teeple Co.- The Carter House from the side toward the tow., the Carter House fro- the Confederate si , and Front View of the Carter House, fIr photos. (W. Taber) - Frout View of the Gin-House, atd View of the inu-HBouse from the Pike, frot photos. (W. Taber) - Bridge at Frauklin ov,'r the Harpeth River, l1-king up-stream, from photo. (W. Taber) -Hill near Nashille from which Bate's Confederate Divitsin was driven, on December 16th, from photo. (Harry Fen) -The Capitol, Nashville, from war- time (11. Taber) - Views of Fort Negley on the left of the Union Intrenehotenta, Nashville, between the Fraklikin and Nolen-ville Pikes, from photos. (Harry Penn) - View of a part of the Uniou Lines at Nashville, from Qiardner photo. (W. Taubr) - South-west Front of the Capitol at Nasiville., from war- time photo. (W. Taber). THE UNION CAVALRY IN THE HOOD CAMPAIGN GENERAL JAMES HARRISON WILSON. 465 ILLIs'TRa ITIS.: Bridge over the Cumberland at Nashville, fi-r. war-time photo. ()V. Tuber) - Maj,,r- General James H. WUilon, from photo. by William Klanser. THE OPPOSING FORCES AT NASHVILLE, DECEMBER i5th-ioth, 11864 ... ... ....... 472 UP AND DOWN THE SHENANDOAH. OPERATIONS IN EAST TENNESSEE AND SOUTH- I REV. EDWARD O. GUERRANT 75 WEST VIRGINIA .TH.RE..EWAR.0.GUERAN....7 ILLIJSTtATINSr: Reveille, fron sketch by C. W. Beed (W. raber)-BriKdicr-tieneraIJ. M. Sbackelford, from Brady pho to.-Brigasier-(len.eral Jaeob Ammen, from photo. by P. Ball-Map of Operations against the Virginia an-i Tennessee Railroad (Jacob WcUs). THE BATTLE OF NEW MARKET. VA., MAY 15th, GENGENERAL JOHN D. IMBODEN 480 1804 ....-..GE.RL.OH.1. M..E..48 ILLUSTRATI(ONSn: Casdet of the Virginia Military Institute in Marching Outtit (W. Taber) -map ,f the Battle-tleld of New Market. Va. (Jaeob Wells) - Brevet Major-General William W. Averell, from photo. by Gurtey - Majtr-fteneral (leorge Crook, front photo. SIGEL IN THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY IN 1804 .... GENERAL FRANZ SIGEL ....4.8....... 47 THE OPPOSING FORCES AT NEW MARKET, VA ............. ............ ...... 491 THE OPPOSING FORCES IN THE LYNCHBURG EXPEDITION . .....4. . ...... 492 EARLY'S MARCH TO WASHINGTON IN i864 ....... GENERAL JUBAL A. EARLY. . . 492 ILLUsTRATION-: Mal of the Virginia Campaigns of 1864-l. and Maltof the Battle of Monoeaey (Jacob Ilfs) - Map of the Defenses of Washington (Jacob WUs) - Fort Stevens, Washington, froto Gardner photo. (F. H. .hcU and Tho,,a Hogan). THE OPPOSING FORCES AT THE MONOCACY, MD ................. ....... ... 499 SHERIDAN IN THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY.... GENERAL WESLEY MERRITT . ,00 ILLUSTRATIONS: Part of Sheridan's Wagon Train (A. R. Wand) - Major-(General Wesley Merritt, frot Brady photo.- Breet Major-General David A. Russell. from Brady photo.- General Philip H. Sheridan, from photo. Ient by Robert W. Traver-Map of the Battle of Winchester-Sproat's Spring Mill, Opequn. River, Va., Hospital of the Sixth Army Corps during the Battle of WUincheter, September 19th, 1864, fronm sketeh by R. K. Sneden (Hughaon Hawlky) - Fae-simile (reducesl of President Lincoln's Letter to (Geeral Sheridat -The Battle of Winchester; Ricketts's Advance against Rodess Division on the Morning of September lath, 1864 (A. R. W. and) - Map of the Battle of Fisher's Hill, September 22d. 1864- The Rear-Guard; (leneral Custer's Division retiring from Mount Jackson, October 7th, 1864 (A. R. Wand) -The Surprise at Cedar Creek (A. R. Wand) - Hill at Cedar Creek oeeupieI by Sheridan's left, October 19th, 1864, as seen from Kershaw's Ford, from photo. taken In Issby W-n. G. Reed (OU.o M. B-her) - Map of the Battle of Cedar Creek (Jaeob Well) - Reduced Fac-louile of Presiden.t Lincoln's Congrattilations to Ceneral Sheridan on the Battle of Cedar 'reek - Colonel Charles Russell Lowell, from Brady photo.- Brigadier-General Bradley T. Johnson, C. M. A.. from lhoto. by DuSey. WINCHESTER, FISHER'S HILL, AND CEDAR CREEK GENERAL JUBAL A. EARLY. 522 ILLUSTRATIONS: View on the Valley Turnpike ,here Sheridan Joined the army at Cedar Creek, from photo. taken in 185 by Wm. 41. Reed (C. A. Vuaderhof) - LleetenantGeneral John B. Gordon, C. S. A., from photo.- Lieutenant-Geoeral Job.l. A. Early, C. S. A., from photo. by Lee. THE OPPOSING FORCES AT CEDAR (:REEK ......... ....................... .... . 530

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