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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., April 16, 1920

Part of The Big Sandy news.

H0LD8 FIRST PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION A8 BEST Advertising Neity to Evory Busin. Try an Ad. in th Big Sandy Nowa and you will ba pleased i i i with th rssults i 4 Volume XXXV. vV Number 32. . FARM 0. SCHEDULE C. & E WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY BIG SANOY NEW an Absolut Is EIGHT-PAC- BUREAU WEEK APRIL 19TH TO 24TH LOUISA, LAWRENCE Tha Big 8ndy Nsws will bring your advertising lnt mora horns for tha earn monay than any othsr paper in Eastern Kentucky t i inveniam viam, aut faciam COUNTY, KENTUCKY, APRIL ,' " 16, 1920. M. F. CON SPARKS BIG 3 RING CIRCUS COMING TO ASHLAN RED CROSS NURSE ,. , NEW LAW ABOUT LEY and E. K. SPENCER Publieher mcmwnun-uitfl- L COMPANY. The Mc.Mahon-Diecompany of Huntington is one of the most remarkable examples of development and growth that this part of the country-haseen, They now occupy three floor of a large modern building, and rank as one of Huntington' leading department store. In five year it has developed to the pointy where $000,000 worth of merchandise" finds its this store to .the public... TT ' rv. " oiniii, nenry x, iJeini, J. w. valentine, Walter J. Rumble. Fuller and J. E. Stone have concen trated their ability and energy on the success of this big store and have succeeded to a remarkable extent. hl Sparks World Famous Shows are to' has been designated by ! SLIGHTLY thA 1.' ..nt .,,.1, ., I.'....... I........... t.'. CO. exhibit at Ashland, Tuesday, April 27, OIL DEVELOPMENT tlon as Farm Bureau Week in land from the newspaper reports pro Forty counties In the stale ceeding them their exhibition will be will put on a canvass during this week worth going many miles to see. The C. & O. changed the time card for membership and It is expected to The Lawrence County Chapter of The recent Kentucky,' Legislature Of the many features curried by the for the flltf Haruiy division Just before the American Red Cross has at last show this season some of the animal "very quietly passed some very lmpor our membership to fifty thouending It out the l.ilti-- r part if Inst sand. succeeded In securing the services of acts are without doubt the most won - ttant legislation, vitally affecting ownweek. On account of th protest that Every member of the Lawrence Co. a graduate Red Crows nurse for Law- - derful and thrilling ever presented to era of oil bearing lands or leases, and went up against the Unwarranted Farm Bureau la urged to attend the rence County. Miss Eversole, who has an American audience. There will be operators of leases. change tha company restored about regular meeting on MondayApril 19 had five years actual experience, part the two herds of ponderous elephants, 't will pay all Interested parties to half the '" stops It hud previously cut at Louisa and all otber farmers who of which was In one of the large hos headed by earth's mightiest monster read It carefully Teuncssee, arrived "In Liuisa Itig Zulu, the skyscraper elephant, the i Section 1. Whenever, in any of lands out. are Interested In this great movement i pllals of While that helps 'somewhat, the on Monday evening. On Tuesday Sparks Stable of shimmay and tango " are Invited to attend also. " and gas purposes, it is provid. Is worse for the traveling very large class was or- - dancing We are coming to realize Some of morning horses. Including Caesar, d In substance that actual drilling or public than the old Schedule, which tne things we have so long hoped for. gunized. Prof. Byington of the K. N. lichnmplon high Jumping horse of the development may be postponed by the Should be restored until through ser- - Agriculture Is Coining into Its own, us C, very kindly agreed to allow the use j world; and thre groups of marbles- - Payment or tender of rentals on or be- of a suitable room In the college !(Un statue horsei and dogs in a series fore the date! fixed in said lease for vice to the south Is arranged witn tnollK, n,wI of all ,,(aT business. LUTHER B. ATKINS. C. C. afc O, Then another train each Come and hear about dur now or building for the lectures and demon classics poses nnd erouninirs Tben such payment or tender. If the lessee Lexington, Ky., April 15. (Special) way should be added to fukn care of ganization. We are In to win, course Is too. there will be' the Five Cornnllas, r assignee of said lease shall fail to slrailon to follow. This Luther Bromley Atkins, son of Mr. through business. These trains could rree. No one Is expected to pay one ihirlug girl acrobats. Flora Bedlnl and P'y or tender said rents on or before O. C. Atkins of L A. GAIIREI), President. Louisa, Lawrence-c- o cent for this service which should be jj...h1o make only a few stops. (i. BURNS, H.trctary. stipulated In the lease, or Kentucky, Is a Sophomore in J. Mollis. America's foremost the date the Col- -, A return to the old schedule would tit gnat value to all who take advan- equestriennes and hosts of other stars contract to pay, then said lease or lege of Mechanical Engina-erincan JAKE WILL OPEN A ba tha best move the railroad tage of the splendid opportunity. contract shell oe void, unless the leu University of Kentucky. Atkins in the of the nrenic world. gradr' STORE IN HUNTINGTON 7 Fallsburg and Gallup have spoken r. and before executini; uated from the Those who are looking for thrills or Three stops Junt above ..'Louisa were for this course and It la the purpose iwlll nnd tliem In plenty when the dar- - a new irase or con tract., snail uceept 1918 as one of Louisa High School In the outstanding memHolt and Walbrldgu. cut J. Isrulxky has based a storeroom of the iAwi'ence County Chapter to Ing Mutoka does his lightning-lik- e said rentals. bers of his class, and in the Univer This In working a .hardship on u good nt West Huntington, Uth street, from send .Hiss Eversole to each of these front and backward slidps for life from Section 2. That all valid, existing or sity ho Is still holding his an many people. the West End Really Co., and expects places. the loftiest peak of the huge canva'ss future contracts and leases for nil anil excellent student. As a high school, at 4:1 p. m. to open a store there by the. last of 38 loaves Ashl-inMiss Eversole will give special to the ground a distance of ISO feet. gas rights upon anil under the lands o boy Atkins was known to be an athe-letLouisa 'at 6: S3. 11 have passing Jake Is always trying some big. tent Ion to the proper cure of the sick Of course, there will be plenty of this' Commonwealth, wherein by their He took part both in baseball in emer-1- o clowns and forty of them will be on terms a rental clause Is provided In and I'lkeviile at 8 a, m.. passing Louisa at new plan, and he generally manages ' room, sanitation, tlrst-nifootball. He is a member of the . ''11:15. ';; ::.;:'-';':' "' get through. Having tnken this Rencie and the prevention and isola-ste- p lir.nd to extract your laughs event of failure to drill for oil Or gas Sigma Alpha fcpsilon Fraternity and he Is now busy as usual, planning tlon of contuglou diseases. A Complets Failure. The menagerie of wild animals car .within k given period, are hereby val- Charles Schwab Engineering Society. money I The lectures are given at the col- - irled by the Sparks Circus is complete idated and. declared to be, and vsthnll will The: morn in if train from I'lkeviile as to how he new. raise enough says lege building at 10 o'clock each morn-wi- ll store. He he in every aeiau ami contains rare ami be, construed by the Courts of this new arrives at Cntleltslpiirg loo .line. to stock the up " F. F. CAIN RETURNS.' ing, except Saturday and Sunday and eosHy specimens of the earth 8 most .Commonwealth enforcible and binding his Louisa store. not give O. and Guyan Vulli y, ennnee-.tlon- s for B. 'in Friend of Frederick F. Coin will bo have curious animals. A parade of nearly contracts 'twill continue until IS according to the 'terms ii at. Kenova and Huntington, )een given. They.are for women and two miles In lengtb and of wondrous 'thereof between the parties so long as glad to know that he Is returning BOY BREAKS LEG. If it Is more thun 45 minutes late, George Victor Spencer, son of Mrs. girls only. As soon us you 'read this. splendor... will leave the ground daily the rentals therein provided shall be this week to his home in Louisa.. He connection to Cincinnati and Louisfor the Bernard Fpencer, of Kermit, V. Va go and Join, for all are Invited. at 10:30 a. m. and will contain many paid or tendered at and as provided by hasAsheville, past year and a half been ville Is missed. N. C, where he went for beautiful women and handsome horses their terms during the period of said In People desiring to go to Hunting- fell down stairs last Sunday morning the benefit of his health. He has ton and back the same day from Big and broke his leg Just below the hip WALBRIDGE AND HOLT InlciMpersed with four bands of music lease and contract. Section 3. That the drilling of one gained considerably and Is .coming and two calliopes. Brandy can no longer do so and huve Joint. He. also .received Injuries and The Willing Workers 8. S. class of well shall be sufficient home to spend the summer months. Don't forget the date and 'place of Mime enough to trumuict any business. bruises on head and body. Hla father. The whole scheme is a failure and Hev. Bernard Spencer, died a short the Walbridge Union Sunday school exhibition. Ashland, Tuesday, April 27. consideration for the. discharge of renone dollar for each of its has tals for holders of said contract and we havev not heard om- - thing In its time ago. .member to give to a family of very lease for a period of twelve months CHURCH tavor. '..:.. AND unfortunate orphans an1 as this Is after Its completion, and at the expiraa- larno clasB SORGHUM and several others uite tion of which time another well shall are contributing it Is hoped that a be commenced or rentals renewed as LOWER CHEROKEE guod collection will be gotten togethFORCE per said lease or contract, and if lesDEMAND er. This class Is very interesting, besor fails to commence a well or renew On March Sth our vicinity was ing composed of young men and Indies payments of rentals said lease shall jrrteved when the cold hand of dearti RELIGIOUS and they, with their teacher, are automatically expire. and become null railed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. some real .work for others. The country is again cursed and and void. Hammond May and claimed for its On account of the shortage of sugar Misses Hazel anil Kathleen Roberts hampered by one of those railroad Section 4. That in the event of oil (victim their son John. We greatly de- . . , high price the mine up from Uiulwi and spent the strikes which Congress should pro- or gas being disco . ere s rr .Inhn WAS tOVed , snd the consequent .,., in'paying . vunivTanca r i ,,,w,v, kla ,lBt.v(i,r. , bnnauan v,nurcn. . Will week-en- d with their sister, Mrs. J. hibit. The public is suffering-untol- d ana we 1.e ,,...,,. w. ....... -- " . a quantities on an adjoining leasehold t.. thut knew lilm Present indications arc that the dis r,.r i.itllo It 14 Mir..y hU loss and inconvenience by the stop- and the products therefrom being ta- trict conference to be held fit the First frit See, Jr. extend to the family our heartfelt believed by aiitltoriilc.i. Mrs. Jane l'eters and daughter. Miss ping of train service. ken out of the ground and marketed Christian Church in Ashland ymputhy. April Is, one of the best products Brlza are siiending this week at Gal- Sorghum This criminal strike came without and said well is within two hundred will be one of most enthu Sorry to hiar of the death of Char to take the place of sugar. There are n warning, the excuse being that a rail- feet of another lessor's property line, siastic and impressive the n the guests of Mis. Feters' daughsympathy to the religious gathley Hlce. We extend also favorable to' ter. Mra. A. ('. Shannon. other conditions road company at Chicago had dis- then within three months after written erings ever held In this section of the sorghum. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller sicnt the charged a fellow named Grunau. Look notice has been given lessee to the state. The meeting will be held under Louisa's week-en- d The aick of our nelghlnirhood are The Lubaco Company, parnts at the name it isn't American. He effect that such oil or gaa has com- the auspice of the' Interchurch World with Mrs. Miller" Mrs. OeorgU Oruhiun Filch. and. Mra. largest enterprise, has been developing at Saltpeter. should have been discharged. The menced to be transported off and Movement and some Qf the best known Jlclle Smith Griffith. the market for Big Sandy sorghum and disloyal, Will Caperton of Ceredo, returned ungrateful, marketed from the said adjoining nullilt nratnr In TTAntnlrv H11 artaol. The clllsen telephone line is being will be ready this year to handle more borne Tuesday after a visit to rel- thugs throughout the country quickly premises the lessee or lessees of the Begins Wednesday night and closes sorghum than ever before. Our farm- ative here, erected. resented the discharge of this radical 4a nd lying within two hundred feet of Thursday 'afternoon.; overproduction. Ray and Jack Stump of Portsmouth and proceeded to try to starve and 'the said well shall begin to drill an Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Sturgell were ers need not fear When properly made there Is no and Inex Murie Branham of Clifford freee the public by stopping train offset well to each of such wells so lo- to At this conference and similar ones Visiting the sick Sunday evening. be held throughout the state the better sorghum tn the world than Is How long Is the suffering cated, provided said offset wells to be results of foreign, state and who is employel at produced In the Big Sandy valley. The returned to their home after a vlBlt service. Chn. to their grandparent. Mr. and Mr. J. public going to stand for these out- drilled are not less than five hundred conducted by Interchurch Ashland, was calling on homo folks a quality should be maintained so that rages? Ship the Reds to Russia. feet of each other, and upon his fail- World Movement will the shown, and Crlt See, Sr., of Sunny Side farm. be few day ago. ' he product wlir at all times command Mr. and Mrs. Andy Moore and fam- That's the only country in the world ure to so commence said offset well the needs of the church of this section T. J. Wheeler of Blaine was calling the highest price. of Mr. and for them. ily were Sunday guest and complete same with diligence the and of the entire country as revealed on friends heie a few Sunday ago. Read the advertisement of the luat Torchlight. said contract and lease shall automat- by the surveys outlined. Religious, L'ncle Henry Sparks of Uavlsvllle baco Company In this Issue and you Mrs. Frank Maynard spending several ically expire and become null and void. educational and industrial conditions Glenn M. Ferrell is Conley Killed was a visitor on pur creek last week. will find out about prices and barrels. days at home after having been. away Provided this shall not apply to leas- w ll be discussed by forceful speak Osborn of Blaine, made a trip John The company has bought 60 cane for several months working. being operated, Paintsville Saturday es that are being drilled. or on which ers. County organization work will lx on our creek Sunday. mills to be turned over to farmers at wells are Laud Holt spent Sunday n Bussey-vlllplanned. The significance of the InMessrs. Dave Oearhart and Lee May cost, about ffeO for the small slse and Section 5. All acts and parts of acts terchurch passed through our vicinity a few days 190 for the large size complete. This The death of Jerman Conley occur- in conflict with this act are hereby re- explained World Movement will bo Misses Mary Ellen and Elizabeth and special addresses on ago. Is being done to help the farmer. See were Sunday guest of Mrs. J. H. red last Saturday night at his home pealed. Evangelism" Dr. J. J. Oamblll wa calling on the near Hager Hill about three and a Section 6. Whereas, the uncertainty be delivered. and "Cooperation" will RatclilT. alck here thl week. On the a to the true intent and meaning of W. T. Bowe came down from Chut-taro- y half miles from Paintsville. The boy of this place who Joined over the PAVING and spent Sunday with home day before a difficulty arose farm and oil and gas leases, within this State, M. E. CHURCH NOTICE. i Itoy Kentucky IMg Club are Mes-ae- r The division line between his oik. has not been definitely construed by Mr. E. Dow Bancroft of Columbus, Waton Moore, Ray drift llh nnd Mr. and Mia. XVInfield Roberts and that of Charley Blair. In the trouble the Court, and their uncertainty is O.,' will deliver an Russell Kaxre. They are delighted inaddress Thursday destroying development of the Indus- night Miss Nellie York of Portsmouth are Blair struck Conley with a club at 7 o'clock In the Interest of with the Increase of their wlne. Wathere the guests of their father, Jim flicting Injuries so serious that he try and driving capital from the State, Lay Evangelism. Come out and hear Ray is the son la the owner of 10 pigs. and he an emergency is hereby declared to never gained consciousness, York and family. him one and all and get a new vision owner of 11 pig and Russell 9 pigs. It the Ira Hall was up from Elolse Farm passed away at eight "o'clock years next exist, and this act shall go Into effect of the centenary work and evangelism. boy to have sucThe city of Iuisa has contracted la hoped for those old. from and after its passage can apevening. He was about 65 Xwtlth the Smith FJiglneering company and spent Sunday with J. H. Preece them, Preaching Sunday at 10:30 a. m cess with His wife and children survive. proval by the Governor. of Huntington to mnke survey and and family. and''7 p. m., by the pastor. J. D. Charley Blair is the . son of Ned v .. suEarl J. Brown of Barboursville. W. plans for our street paving and to HAGGARD. ' Va., came up Wednesday for a visit to Blair '. conpervise the construction after the W. VA. MADGE tract Is let. The man first employed friends here. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Charles G. Ferrell, who - has been Easter Sunday was celebrated at Mrs. Walter Barnett of was. released. Mr. and The evangelistic meeting continues-a- t W. G. Sparks' in honor of his 62nd 'and Churchel WJellman of The survey Is to begin at once and working at Ashland is here for a visit Tatesvllle the Christian Church with large ' birthday. A fine dinner was served Huntington. W. Va. spent Saturday Is to be pushed with all possible haste. to his parents. The preaching and several friends , and neighbors crowds in attendance. night nd Sunday with relatlvea here. The council hopes, to g a considerMONEY were Invited and several nice presents is being done by H. W. Schwan, oZ Misses Jewel Diimron, Tudell Tur- able portion of the work completed OIL dlsplnyed. Those present were Mr. Huntington, W Va who also is in i.' . r,.,; vion enltfl on Mrs. this year. Bids will be asked for very tier of the and Mrs. Joe Rutherford and son Ira, charge Tuesday music. soon. Kmma Newsom Thursday: On a conference was hel4 daughAlex Mayor Snyder and O. C. Atkins made Millard Bradley of Osle spent SunInvestigation at Frankfurt indicates Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Murphy andAnthony there to perfect the local organization and Mrs. ter Myrtle, folks. u trip to Louisville and other Kentucany, chance day with home There Is no Important news from that there is very little, if Mrs. Henry for the financial drive that is lo Miss Grace Hamron wa the guest ky cities to secure Information in re- the local oil field to report this week. lo save the $583,000 State aid money Hayton and three children, Sparks by this chdrch in Kentucky May county roads. It it now t'yles, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sparks and of relatives at Fallsburg Saturday and gard to paving. A numlver of wells are drilling, but no for Lnwrence and Bunday. ' too late to complete surveys and close four children, Mrs. Ida completions. three children, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miss IVII May was the guest of Mr. REVIVAL STARTS ' The Arne Drilling company is mov- contracts before the first of July. YATESVILLE O. A. Haw Saturday evening. The only thing possible ; now, it fstump and Mrs. Delia Lester.been on upper Blaine ing a machine to the Mrs. Delia Lester, who has NEXT WEDNESDAY" of Deep Hole Miss Burchett seems. Is to help finance the State on the sick list for several days is no Born, to Mr. and Mrs. David Comp-to- field lo drill for the Ohio Fuel. shopping here Wednesday. The revival services at the M. E Tom Hays has started drilling nt the through road north and south, and better at this writing. a tine girl. Asberry Adams of Smoky Valley place apply ihe bond money on roads run Mrs .Eunice Smith was the dinner Church' South will start next WednesO. B. Belcher and son Clifford, of Valbridge on the Alex Stump ning east nnd west through the counIMissed through here Sunday enroute day night; The three Wisdom Sisters-noteKen-I'East Fork, were at Cornellgs Hol- - for the No. a oncomiwiny. See'a land on ty. However, this is a new problem guest of Mrs. Elmer Collinsworth last to Ihiniels creek. singers and revival workers, will' M. B. 'I Well i Wellmnn sjent Wednesday irook's Saturday. FJve that will have to be worked out and Sunday.- Joe Sparks was called to the be here for two weeks to assist. way. Mrs. Miss Rosa Bradley was the ruest of the Pornt Is now well under near Pot- we shall withhold comment until it is with her aunt. Mrs. J. Nelson. invited to hear them. The No. 6 .on the Conley lease bedside of her sister, Mrs. rar Misses Laura and Bertha ChafTln her aunt, Mrs, John Yates, of Falls- ter will come in next week. The off- decided what to do. wood, who was operated on Feb. 20 liaator. Rev. J. D.; Bell will do Misses Haws burg. Friday night. were the gueets of the The fiscal court adjourned without Services every night and Is one of tumor removed. Mrs. Miss pica Hewlett was shopping at setting well oiv HesterInCarter Fallsburg completing some Importnnt orders, but nnd Sunday morning. 'in the afternoon. The Wisdom sis the the best yet drilled Eurwood's case is hopeless. May and little son, Ken- Cadmus Saturday. n is saia inu pony win oe cuncu Mr. Lizzie Miss Edna Sparks of Kenova, was ters, probably will conduct the afterMr. and Mrs. Frank Cooksey and tield. spent Funday night with R, T. a lew days. This again within neth noon meetings. Rev. When the roads dry out there will Mr. Frank Childres of a capable preacher ofBell's ability as. little daughter. Alberta were visiting May and family. should be. done.' by all means. Furth- married to the Gospel is te greater activity. April 3. spent his mother at Fallsburg Sunday. er delay will mean still more losses. Huntington Saturday, the U .8. array, well known and those who attend Allen Hutchison and J. O. I'igg The fiscal court has accepted the Edgar Sparks of Will Prince and son Luther were In Sunday with relatives at Evergreen. pay half the cost The county needs roads. The people was hojne on a furlough visiting his these meetings are asured of very help offer of oil men ti Monday. have done .all they can de up to this parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alie Sparks, of ful sermons. Mis Bess Clarkson spent Sunday- Louisa Diamond, to of Logan. W. Va., !s of repairing roads, uppart. a limit of point tO gel them. Tom night with her coualn. Mis Inei WellThe Wisdom Bister are consecrat$1500 for the county's Kenova . Visiting homo folks. Noah Bnrtley was called to the hos- ed young women from Missouri, who mtllt Bradley waa the guest of Vant Conn Carter was calling at Irnd CHARLES H. HOLBROOK. CIIEROKEE pital In camp to the bedside of his son have- a wide reputation throughout the Saturday night and Sunday a usual. Wellman Sunday evening. H. Holbrook. Sergeant Mawere John Bill. He Joined the navy, and is south as singers and effective helpers ' Tuesday Charles Mr. and Mr. Denver Holbrook in evangelistic meetings. Mra J W. Bradley spent The farmers of our community are seriously 111. the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. James chine Gun Troop 16th U. S. Cavalry. evening with Mrs. Esther Frazler. heavy, PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. gmst of Bradley and fnnilly Saturday night Brownsville, Texas, ha returned to farming veryYoung is able to be out Mis Thelma Barnett Is the Elizabeth Ashland to stay. He will visit friends again. and Sunday. BLAINE M. E. CHURCH SOUTH. relatlvea in Louisa. evIn Lawrence county oon. Sergeant J. W. Elkins was In Louisa SaturNova Boggs was cnlllng on Miss Mr. Q. a. Robert spent Sunday Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Holbrook speaks well of the army. At Gladys Boggs Saturday night and Sun day. Ella Jay and Herbert Hewlett and Mattle Meek. ening with Mrs. Morning service 10:30. were Julia Kouns, who are attending school Mrs. Frank Cooksey was calling on his first enlistment he weighed 151 day. R. T. May nnd daughter. Delia Evening service 7:00 o'clock. week-en- d with pounds. His weight now is 18a. As gucat of Mr. and Mr. Mrs. Edd Riffe recently Saturday in Louisa, spent the the Pynday There waa church here Prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p. m. home folks. Luther and Milt PIkk of Busseyvllle for a young man, the army is the Zelgler Adkina. Sunday.. . Bible Class Thursday 6:30 p. m. Mary Bollng called on her cousin, were business visitors at Cornelius i vlace. especially the cavalry where he night and Griffith was calling on , Jula Miss Oeorglu O weai oi Tennie Choir practice from 6 tOv6:40 p. m. . Louise Gambitl Saturday afternoon. 'can learn now iu uor mm .nd Sunday Wlin me moinroos; s raiuniny; Griffith Sunday. Viday. John Osborn called on home folks Ed Taylor of East Fork passed thru horse. Misses Damron, There will be church at Dry Fork the latter part of last week. A cordial invitation Is extended ev- va- Hugh L Hicks la on a few days here Tuesday enroqte to Louisa. .TOOTS & BILL ' .cation to Columbus, a Ohio. Anliland inext Sunday. ii Herbert Mclntyre and Effle Mc- - 01 one to attend these services. irrucrfi MArlrimuc nui.---- - tnum, JAS. D. BELL Pastor t MILLIS-WILLI. Brayer called reader. Brown. S4. to Hazel NEXT WEEK day evening. on Carrie Pack SaturREVIVAL STARTS "pt? . si. 9. Willis, cltv attorney of Ash-- I . 'a PIKEVILLE'S CENSUS. In Revival services start at CatS. and sons, i?I p.Vn. si to 'Mamie Delia, 1, land, and Mis Ida Lee Mlllla, ofWed- -' M. E.Mayo Posey, engineer officecharge Church South In Louisa nextthe M. E.- Mrs. Frank Damron returned Gor-a Wednes- yof the in F. Plkevtlle'a population is 2110, an infrom Trail, has hi don and Jack, have .lettshurg. were married at noon - visit to friends In Catlettshurg. of l.aiiup. day night, with the three Wisdom sisA. ClRtnrbter at h Vote.' huildlnir on Maln-a- t. crease of 831 In ten years. It Is an. Mornhv nn.rfnv hv Bnv. Sylvester 1 .1 nome . Iter assisting the oastor. See the an- - Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick Williams and enterprising little city with sura in Asniana. 'm his ine urine i, j in the church column of dittle on Charle spent Sunday with promise of much greater growth dur- Miss Kathleen Holt has been visiting 'nouncement 11. of Jobe. to the daughter of Mr. and Mr. C. L. this Issue. ing the next ten years. They will reside in Ashland, in Mr And Mrs. Isano McQuire. Mlllla. Shannon, 17. of Clifford. April MODIFIED 19-2- 4 IN LAWRENCE s Ken-.luck- y. h - -- I Jv ' ' jf I .. ! g she-ea- out-Elu- I lse, y. e. d Al-)- ' NEWS ANOTHER RAILROAD WILL BE OTHER MATTERS OF STRIKE IN IN STRONG NATURE do-4n- tr , ,.v,,. - U,run-K,ult.- ' .1 . , 2, I home-survey- Jcrman Near e. STREET i PLANS PROGRESSING - WAYNE, WE LOSE THE STATE AID NEWS mm 6. n, ' - ' . . ': v . c.r.. o.,i v.eiiu ,.,, ., Bertha Jone."..," Mrm. 1 I ' c , - l'aln-Mwill- e

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