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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 28, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

Y THE ADAIR COUNTY NEWS ADAIE COUNTY COLUMBIA VOLUME 4 NUMBElt 42 KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY AUGUST 28 1901 e DIRECTORS POSTOJETICE AN ELEPHANTS J M Russell Postmaster Offlcahotirsweelidays700ainto90pin Aa Exciting Sport as I DERBY It is Followed In India they would beabout the size of a busTi el measure or a chcesobox Itwasa small place and the fellow only had a few hundred dollars investedmit this was a big thing to him fort was his mite While he had his boflidespread out a long hot dry spell swooped down on Kansas The crops were ruined and a wail of distress went up from many sections Vegetation of every kind was scorched until it was brown and crisp The fellow had not paid much attention to his lumber duri the hot eason HIthoughtthe drought was doing him a good turn So it was in away Hislumber dried out But it dried too rapidly It warped curlitg lip until the ends almost met and Jjis planks looked like Every little so many cheese hoses breeze would rot them around in the lumber yard an he became uneasy lest a gale come jp and roll them away and I ut somebody in the crowd said something about veracity and the conversation was brought to a I close An elephants Derby sounds dis ¬ COURT DIRECTOIliCIRtinctly sensational but the idea canI not sound more sensational than such CUITCotrRTTL4osessions a uThlrd- t contest actually if Mnn Dtnay and MOlIby InJanu The Briton says the London Ex ¬ third Monday in September CircultJwgeW W Jones press is nothing if not fl sportsinan Cortuomvaalth a AttoruoyN U W Aaron despite Napoleons historic sneer ShcnffJ W Hurt about our being a nation of shopkeep ¬ OlerkJno B Coffey ers and wherever John Bull goes there you may be sure to find him in COw TY COURT First Monday In each month iulging in one form of sport or an ¬ Judge J W Butler county Attorney JasCJ meti Jr otherThus Olflrk TR Stunts in India elephants are often Jailer S II Mitchell impressed into the service of our Assessor G A Bradshaw SurveyorR T McCaffree sporting enthusiasts and an ele ¬ SchoorSupt W D Jones phants Derby recently took place up CoronerLeonard Fletcher country second Monday in 3iTY COOBT Rcularcourt Sreeplechnsing with horses is ex ¬ aoh month citing enough but when you have ell jdge J W Atkins torncy Gordon Montgomery phants engaging in this form of sport well you somehow forget that life CITUKCH DIRECTORY ever seemed dull to you Naturally the course is not so per ¬ fect aatEpsom Nevertheless there PRESBYTERIAN are plenty of coigns of vantage from LEARNING HOW TO PLAY BoncsviLLB STREETRev T F Walton pastor Services second and fourth Sundays whichcrOWds of eager spectators na- ¬ a m oveiy n each month Sundayschool at9 tive and white watch the progress of Annual Recreation Seasons Becoming sabbath Prayer meeting every Wednesday More Popular vith Americans the contest and encourage the riders night Any careful observer must have by their shrill shrieks and constant noted how much more popular recrea ¬ METHODIST shoutingBy BUKKSVILLB STBEET Rov W P Gordon din alone you would know tion has of late come among the pastor Services first Sunday in each month that you were in the east even if you American people says the Philadel ¬ Sundayschool every Sabbath at 9 a ra Prayer did not see the spectators andcoin ¬ phia Press The saturday half holi ¬ meeting Thursday night vacations are day is more gener petitors The mahouts as the native drivers longer and more indulged in by all BAPTIST are called cling to the necks of their classes And in addition to these ex ¬ Her GBCSNSBUKO STEBET mounts urging them on by means of cursions and days oil are more freactor Scnday in each month Services third xiindayachol every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer their sharp goads which they apply quent and popular than formerly ceelng Tuesday night Some one handy at figures has esti ¬ to the elephants ears United To see the huge lumbering crea ¬ mated that 10000 CHRISTIAN tures being driven over the course States will take a vacation this sum ¬ Eld Z T Wtlllai CMPDBLLSVIUC PlKB Pastor Services First Sunday in each at their utmost speed is at once one of mer and that on an average eachone month Sundayschool every Sabbath at9 ata Thiswould the most comical and exciting sights will spend ten dollar Prayer meeting Wednesday nighmake a total of 10000000 spent imaginable Barriers and ditches are construct- ¬ for rest and recreation Itis probable tLOIGEU that the figures are too small Leav ¬ ed tit intervals across the track and though a novice would in nine cases ing out the rich and leisure class to = XC ant of ten regard the elephants ef¬ whom time and money is no object COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and AMReguforts to negotiate these with convul- ¬ at least one in each seven of all the ar meeting in their hall over bank on Frt sions of laughter devotees to this people in this country will enjoy a day night on or before the full moon Ja each G A KEMP WM mouth form of racing become far too ab ¬ vacation this summer extendingfrom T R STCLTS Secy sorbed in the fortunes of the contest five to 30 days This would mean a COLUMBIA No 7 meets CHAPTER B A M for the ludicrous sidebfit to appeal to rest for over 12000000 people and if first Monday night in each monththey spend only 12 each about J K MODBCLL n P them W W Beams HAW Secretary 150000000 will be used in gaining Besides it is just these obstacles It is time and t which provide the critical points of rest and recreation Xo investment the race for as the elephants attempt moneywell spent New to get over or out of them many a made in the whole yearbrings in larg ¬ It is one of the causes racer goes down and many a mahout er returns Wagon Shop 1 is thrown to the ground at imminent which are adding perceptibly to the peril of being crushed by the elephant span of life The lengthening of this span has become so evident that a re ¬ which is immediately following Take it as a whole an elephant vision of the old tables of the expecta ¬ I have leased the R C Eubank steeplechase is a sight to remember tion of human life has boon made nec and one you should never miss seeing essary shop and will give if ever you get an opportunity It PROFESSOR ROWLAND 1tfagon Woirk witDerbys all the Derbye within liv-¬ Caftfiacje ing collection as far as excitement is Loves His Work But Was Also Fond special attention Work done of Sport Pro by me will be first class concernedPACKING He lived for his work but in his TRUNKS duce taken In return for work earlier days he was passionately fond S F EUBANK Is tliaNovel Employment of One Wom ofriding Some years after the pub ¬ anHer Methods lication of the paper on the niachan A professional trunkpacker talks ical equivalent he was nWilf1rl a prize as follows about her calling in the for it by one of the Italian academies Womans Home Companionabout the same time he won a steeple- ¬ I engaged my sister as my assist ¬ chase riding his own horse he hard- ¬ BURKQVILLE STREET ant and we earn a good living ly knew which event gave him the always do the packing while she sits greater pleasure Another time pass ¬ Columbia Ky beside me and jots down in the lit- ¬ through Englandon his way home JUNIUS HANCOCK Prop tle nook which goes with each key ing the continent he hatJtlireedays from the different articles as I put them in to spare One of these wa passed She tells as nearly as possible just at Cambridge discussing electrical 3The above Hotel has been re ¬ where each article is to be found so measurements the other two were fitted repainted and is now ready for that the owner will have little trouble spent in a hurried visit to Exmoor the comfortable accommodation of in unpacking I make a point of guests Table supplied with the best packing all trunks in nearly the same the market affords Rates reasonable way so that persons who have once visitor to England and attended sev ¬ good sample room Feed stable at had trunks packed by me will find eral of the meetings of the British little difficulty in locatingthevarious ached L articles in any other trunks that handle for them were aware that he was not will some r Pumps s My methods are all my own add few weeks ago it was known that he r there is one point which I believe has had had aserious illness hut the news PACKING gained and held me more customers then was that he was better and on IBOJLEltTUUES than anything else it is the Iron Pipe of pink and white tissuepaper thaWell Casing I always use It gives to the trunks recovered from its effects Xature General Brass and Iron Goods that look of daintiness which every¬ for Water Gas and Steam OZONE IN THE AIR one is so fond of associating with his belongings Scientists Declare It Is an Active Rival Mill and Factoro Supplies r l i i It21IASO Carriage and 0 ¬ foteI Hancock I 0 taghoundsTwenty wereI opt floss Belting OTT THE AHREtiS 1 fiiFB CDC of Disease Germs HIS CHEESE BOXES J Eowya Hot Spell Did One Man a Goo Turn INCORPORATPD sunlightd 325 329 W Main St retilts Hot weather always brings itsfai quota of good and badresults preserv ¬ ing the doctrine of averages said a thoughtful citizen according to the MOSS CO PARSON New Orleans TimesDemocrat used to have a friend who was fond o BLACKSMITHS saying that things always manage to WOODWORKERS COLUMBIA even up and asillnstrativeof the KENTUCKY I ing he would invariably add thatricWe arc prepared to do folks have ice in the summer time and any kind of work in So our line in first class order We have poor folks have it in the winter 2o years and I have found that these extreme hot been in the business for spells do good and bad making one know how tf > do work man and breaking another I recall Our prices are as low the case of a fellow out in Kansas who and terms as reasonable IVe will had established small lumber busi 00 as any firstclass mechanics take country product D slBnd the timber which ho hail at market value Give sawed into planks was thoroughly us call Shop near Columbia M MI > green and full of sap The planks Were very thin and the material was Headache and dizzinessare cjuKVjy He had cut Pith > extraordinarily supple cured by MorloyV People Tliey arouseTfjfii Ta I t t fliem very short too W a matter ofr JBilious r Ly cbnvenicncein handlingso that her Liver work of lute ELLI a toad by bent around so the ends would1a- ntcOno a dose CoBstipation Louisville s Kentucky concluded that the blue and violet rays of the spectrum were fatal to bac ¬ teria and that the effect was due to suchf whohav < 00 O w < h h tj Jf i 10 ¬ tion has been taken up anew by typhus diphtheria tuberculosis pneumonia etc They conclude that ozone exercises no appreciable influ ¬ ence upon these bacteria The viru ¬ hence of the bacillus tuberculosis notably is not enfeebled by ozone nd galo energetic oxydization of tJnornanic matter in the air upon the bac feria feed not in any direct action upon the bacteria themselves Ozone known all ° theyitaltiona a < Aa- t eu inav be < jf summarized as an oxydization whose effect is to decompose the organic molecules into substances thatare less complex and nonputrescibleN Y Sun LIME WATER FOR STREETS WcnM Dr Be Productive of Sanitary Crn fort in Hot Weather ddowes writing to a med- ¬ A jour suggests that theuseof B TTTIE3 OF FJT limewater prepared fresh for water ¬ ing the streets in hot weather would Expeditions to the north pole are prove to be a practice productive of ¬ ibqut the most reckless of invest The advantages sanitary comfort Because tle claimed for the practicearesaid to be How so ments Phil ¬ those first of aggregating together returns are so very uncertain adelphia Times loose particles of manure and thus HeDarling I feel as though die to prevent them from being diffused Shc were made for one another by the wind second of exercising a And the money for both of us has al ¬ certain antiseptic action third of prc ¬ ready been mad by pa Isnt it lov- ¬ serving wood paving and fourth of e1y13oston TranscripThe rendering wood less slippery tA Virginia man died at the poker idea should be worth considering by Nothing won table the other dtiy the local authorities intrusted with Jerful about that Lots of Nevada the care of the streets and an ener ¬ and Arizona men have done the same getic surveyor might make trial of Dr Cleveland Plain Dealer thing Eddowes plan on an experimental If wed spend only half as much basis Lime we are told is employed time as the photographer does triyng near Vienna for the disinfection of to see people in the best light said sewage Collected in one of three Irving Tonne the philosopher wed tanks a days sewage is mixedwith have a much better opinion of every ¬ fresh milk of lime in the proportion Indianapolis News of from oneto two percent Themix body Oh yes Rev Mr Kurves is a very ture settles for 48 hours then the I understand clear effluent water is drained off eloquent preacher The sediment remaining is used as hat he was once a baseball pitcher Ah I sup ¬ manure Its valuein this latter direc ¬ Yes and a fine one pose thats where he got his good de ¬ tion is alleged to be great The ef¬ fluent was said to be clearer than the Philadelphia Record livery GaboyWeU I got one of your water in adjoining mountain streams wedding announcements let me con ¬ I may remark that lime has longbeen have used for purifying sewage From six Mr gratulate you changed my mind andam not going to 12 grains of lime are employed per The objection to to be married but 1 think congratula ¬ gallon of sewage this method isthe rapid putrefaction tions are in order anyhowOhio of the sewage if too much limeis add ¬ State Journal Here cried Oldhom to his room ¬ ed while it is said that as the organic mate who was starting on Ills vaca ¬ matters in suspension art alone affect ¬ tion thats my brush and comb ed purification is defective and the manure of no value London Chron ¬ youre putting inyourgrip11ell let me have em You wont need cm icle youve grown so baldilately Thats MRS CORNELIUS VANDERBILT t it I cant part with them How She Helped the Commodore on the Philadelphia Press Road to Fortune HE COULD KEEP COOL A woman played a large part in laying the foundations of the fortunes Artist Had His Nerve with Him When Thefirst of the house of Vanderbilt the Collector Capes A few kiys ago I met with the Cornelius Vanderbilt married at the toughest case in my whole experi ¬ age of 20 and a year later became cap be- ¬ ence said the agent of a very success ¬ tain of a small steamboat plying tackled tween New Yorkand New Brunswick firm I ful debtcollecting my man for three pounds he owes a N J Passengers were numerous and many persons went to New Brunswick restaurant Hes an artist sorry said he leaving off and back by boat for the pleasure of Im work on the picture amid pushing his the trip Others when the boat velvet smoking cap on the back of his reached New Brunswick got into head while he looked lazily at the stages and were driven across the state bill but I cannot pay this for a few to another steamer which took them own the Delaware Of course they months yet wanted something to eat and here Why not said I Because I have a more pressing Mrs Vanderbilt saw her opportunity New Brunswicks hotelor halfway liabilityMore pressing than a bill of this house was dirty amid ill kept Mrs Vanderbilt suggested to her husband kind said I sarcastically that they should take the hotel reft Yes a good deal he said Im buying a pair of shoes on the install ¬ it and run it in a style that would ment planandthesecondshoeisto be attract guests Vanderbilt leased tbe delivered today if I can make a par ¬ hotel but as the scheme was his tial payment The coin is here said wifes he told her she might run it and have the profits Mrs Vanderbilt he tapping his waistcoatpocket HAll right I said but you just overhauled the house and named it give that coin to me on account or Bellona hail after the steamship Bel loiw which her husband then com- ¬ Ill sell you up mended The fame of Bellona hall ISell what up lie drawled said I soon spread to New York and par Why these pictures sweeping my arm in a comprehensive ties were made up to visit it because of the excellent fare to be found way round the studio All right my there It also increased the profits of These pictures boy go ahead If you can sell them the line for which Capt Vanderbilt was increased Ill be much obliged to you Its a worked and his salaryVanderbilt for to 2000 ayear Mrs great deal more than I can do With that he lighted his pipe and went on 12 years managed Bcllona hall with to herself and pleasure to her paintingas tranquil as a summers profit guests Success day I admired him and asked him out to have a drop of something BERIBERI Excuse me he said standing Fever That Was Oaj Time the Scourgeback and regarding his picture with of Japans Navy one eye closed but not even glancing Nothing is more remarkable than at meHI never have social relations the record relating to kakke or beri ¬ with my tradespeople beri as it is known in the PhilipI was faint when I got down to the pines the dreaded fever which used streetLondon TitBits at one time to be such a scourgein the Japanese navy In 1S83 thelastyear of the old system of diet there were 1236 cases out of a total force of BLOOD ORANGES 5346 men being a ratio of 231 cases German Chemists Trying to Learn Se per 1000 of force says the Chicago of Their Color cret KecordHerald The deaths were 49 There is a great demand in Ger ¬ In 1898 the total number of cases was the ocalled Italian blood 16 out of a force of 18426 being a many for is The popular idea there orange ratio of 87 per 1000 Thenumberof that this fruit is colored not by na- ¬ deaths was one In fact bye judicious ture but by injections of some arti ¬ system of diet kakke may be said to ficial vegetable dye To discover the have been driven out of the navy al- ¬ truth or fallacy of this belief several together The daily fotidof a man in wellknown German chemists have the Japanese navy is node approxi ¬ been experimenting first to find out mately onehalf pound of bread two from the lod oriogeitelfif its color fifths of a pound of meat twothirds is due to artificial means and second- ¬ of a pound of rice fivesixteenths of a ly to change the common Italian or¬ poundof vegetables together with amigo into a blood orange byinjections small quantities of preserved meat of different kinds of coloring matter and fish fresh fish cracked wheat The experiments however have not beans flour tea sugar and roasted It was barley No less remarkable is the been attended with success found that no single injection of any steady increase of body weight that solution would color more than one has taken place since 1884 when the part of the orange and that if several improved system of diet began to be injections were made fruit was operative The average weight in likely to decompose very quickly that year was 121 pounds approxi- ¬ The theory was then advanced that mately and it thenceforth increase the coloring was produced by water regularly year by year tint1 in 1898 ingtbe roots of the trees with a blood the figure was 130 pounds red vegetable solution It is needless gait Used la London iosay this experiment was as barren LondOncoouieaXltonsof salts df results as theilrst dav ical r ShiftI < ie x A PREHISTORIC 0 A Rare Discovered severe shock at the discovery in New York a few days ago of a relic of rare an ¬ tiquity that I have scarcely yet recov¬ eredsaid an F street broker this morning in an uptown resort as he poured an extra thimbleful of tonic in his highball Live wire suggested the man on his left replied the Worse than that broker I was standing on a corner not a thousand miles from Broadway and Fortysecond street when I heard the tinkle of what I thought was a bell It startled megreatly looked down the street and what do you think I saw As the broker bent his elbow his friends took turns guessing AutomobileBicycle Sheep Goats Theysaythereisfinegoat pasture on the rocks near Fif tyninth streetFire engine They drive cattle through the streets over to the First avenue slaughter houses still I suppose Ambulance bell Dinner bell Were the men run ¬ Cows ningSteamboat loose from her moor ¬ ings and floatedup on a high tide A bell buoy lost in the fog The belle of New York No you fellows areall wrong in ¬ terrupted the broker It wasa horse street car bell They have street cars still in New York I rode on Wash ¬ ingtons perfect system of under ¬ ground trolley cars for three hours when I got back just to neutralize the dark brown musty taste of antiquity in my mouth My but New York is a dead slow town Washington Star PREPARING FOR SUCCESS Many Ebbs and Floods in the Tides of Every Life If I were called upon to assist in preparing a young mans mind for success in life should begin by ask- ¬ ing him to forget the Shakespearean aphorism forit is as false in metaphor as it is in principle The tides of the theydo iner who misses a flood tide doe not abandon his voyage nor docs he de ¬ liberately sail into the shallows or indulge in miseries He simply watches for the next flood The tide in the affairs of men also ebbs and slows many times during the average lifetime It follows that if there is any logical analogy between the two tides the lesson to be thrived is full of hope and not of despair It teaches that if through the mistakes of in ¬ experience the first flood tide is missed the iiextis equally available Having taught a young man to for- ¬ get Shakespearean fallacy I would first labor to impress upon his mind the true meaning of success in this life To that end I should teach him that every child of God has a mission to perform and that mission hesolivesthatwhen trulHrrhe can world is better for my having lived This is suc ¬ cess in the highest and best sense of the word It may or may not be accompanied by an accumulation of wealth for under this rule the mil- ¬ lionaire may prove a dismal failure while the humblest may achieve a bril ¬ liant success even thoughit may con ¬ sist in causing two blades of grass to grow where but one grew before The most successful man that ever livedon earth was the poorest and layHis son in Success Usa of a Long Breath When chilled by exposure to cold take a long breath with the mouth firmly shut Repeat this several times until you begin to feel the heat re- ¬ turning It requires only a very short time to do this The long breath quickens the pulse and this oases the blood to circulate faster The blood flows into all parts of the veins andarteries and gives out a great longleep will close the pores of a heated skin and the daiigerof taking cold oh step ¬ ping outdoors may be thus guarded against To Prevent Spreading of Disease 13 years the Dutch have had compulsory registration of infectious disease At their best schools there is alwajz besides the teacher an attendant who sees to the personal con dition of each child uponenterin thy school each day For A light diet is the best boardof health < Chicago Daily News i J- Relic of Antiquity in New York My nerves withstood such q- k BELL COMMUNICATION WITH MARS Eminent Astronomer Sums up DifOctl ties of the Situation Sir Robert Ball in a recent con ¬ tribution to an American magazine has shown in a brief and sensible way thatsignaling to Mars is beyond the power of human resources The au ¬ thority of this eminent astronomer asserts the Portland Oregonian af ¬ fords satisfaction to those of us who suspect certain scientists of pander ¬ ing to sensationalism find notoriety It is also very improbable even if there are intelligent beings on Mars that they could send a signal to ue which we could detect That there is life on the surface of our neighbor planet Sir Robert does not dispute nor is he prepared to controvert the theory that the lines called canals are the work of an arti ¬ ficial agency But by several practical illustrations he shows the absolute absurdity of receiving signals with our present instruments of observa- ¬ tion or of creating a disturbance on this planet Such as could be seen by the Martians unless they have telescopes far beyond the power of ours The atmosphere which densely ev velops the earth is in itself enough to baffle their efforts to study our planet or to receive a signal from us Our difficulty in penetrating the gaseous vapors of Jupiter 100 Si > v- i rq f f

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