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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., July 3, 1908

Part of The Big Sandy news.

A MEWS, RvT ALL invenium viam, aut faciam. 1V0LUME XXIII JULY LOUISA,' LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, JULY numbers: OUT OF RACE Buildings and Repairs. 7-- 8 R. L. Vinson In having story of Ills handsome residence lm- prove!! by putting In hardwood floors, Are All Candidates for ,n and retinishing wealth's Attorney in jlho woodwork. Rug and hangings been ordered to match the f Formers' Institute dcrun j I For Lawrence CnuntV will hi Held f. the at Louisa Next Week. Common- To Nominate Democratic M. F. CONLEY, PublisLer Base Ball. CONVENTION BIDS OPENED The largest" crowd that haa been attracted to Fountain Park this season went over last Friday afternoon to witnesa a game between a club composed ot Louisa business men and another of professional men. A large number of ladles graced the occasion with their presence. The game as a whole was very ciedilable, considering the fact that about two decades had elapsed alnce acme of the players had taken part in a game. The final score stood 12 to 13 ln favor ot the professionals. Ten Innings were required to settle it as they were tied in Ihe 9th. An other game Is being played between Cue fiue teams this (Thursday) Candi- date for Congress to be District. walla.' J .1908 the second ! The 3 Held Auj. 5th. H. Yates la having a portion of roof of his residence raised ao For Building Levisa Dam. A St. Louis Firm is Lowest Bid-de- r, at $126,189.00The Democrats of ihe Ninth Congressional district will hold their convention at Clyffeayde Pu;k in Boyd county on Wednesday August 5lh. to Bid were opened at Cincinnati last nominal a candidate for Congress, Friday for the construction otBIg The mass county conventions to r Sandy river dam in Levisa fork at Bend delegates to the district con Chapman, eight mllea above Louisa. vention will be held at the county The lowest bidder were Jame Bken eatg of' the thirteen counties on Sat- ed- --& Sons, of St Louis'. Their bid ed to get the brick work .larte-- with- - BM(!ay by M th. candidate and this Widay, August 1st, at 1:30 p. m. aonif renre . h Immigration and the wwk w ten day,. w rfi.i u. .h. There are four candidates, all de-- The clubs were made up as follows: la 1126,189.00. The next higher bid Vunty Farmer' Club. ., f Th(, ew three-stor- v concrete block Professionals. M, S. Burns, R, C, was $129,580.00, by Mason & Hanger, alrable men, and the convention will Johnson All farm of the county "nbull.tlng on Main cross atreet 6ppo.;,ume lt , the lntew.. 0'f harmony. no doubt be a very' Interesting one: McClure, W. D. O'Neal, Dr. Bromley, of Richmond, Ky, Ky. The highest . ' .h 4 to attend the full session M this . h ...... t ( uimi jll ... auuuiy xwiuiuiiuaii. There were four -h . The meeting place is a good selec Dr. Jenks, Bert Shannon, Dr. Jlar-Ci- bid was $147,810.00. v ' is Morton, I ntttuu and hear tba speakt go. LA- - Ti. bidders. A. B. Young and Bob Frazler. r hWl' hi11tln. a. v tion, aa fhere are ample buildings and "IR! W. lie ar . especially invited. AlM, The bids for building dam No. 1 rtcted by Snyder Broa. opposite tfi good hotel accommodations are within The two last named were substitutes. Boons Camp. Tip went A'est Virginia are uvlted frlght depot is about ready to' refarmer biibinesg Men. John Burns, C. B. on the Tug Fork, four miles above icusy reach. and bark! o attend. Brow Icy. Ed Kirk, G. R. Burgess, G. Louisa, are to be opened In CincinV ceive the roof, nt broii Died 8Jnce our last Writing lira. ' I Good eakera and men who re au-- .f A. Nash, S. J. Justice, F. H. Yates, nati today. Gallup. d Mis 1(1 in- Caroline Sprggs.' 6he leaves a hus- " ltoritlea on varloua subject Congres ' appropriated $235,000.0 R. A. Stone, Ben Burke. Painfu ly Injured. bond, and a large family of children rest to the farmer and toiW rals- for the construction of these tftt ' We,.i 0. r , all of whom are married. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Burgess were at are aent here to lecture dams, and we presume the total of !! Bnorlr Lee Wright wa very bsdly hurt j m. L. K. Well spent several day visiting his brother, Malcom Our Neighbors. no rail Ueae Institute Burgees, and farmer r the two lowest bid will have to Wednesday afternoon while driving at Aahland last week, helping abstract Saturday, and Sunday. lodsy to attend are miaslng a great auai. . come within this figure to bo accept . -. t . i. . . . . .1 i. K grundinr, " ' Frankfort, Ky., Jnne 30. Upon re able. wi ana is now on uanieis cretfK wun ' there be no cause for c)inplalnt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peck, who . .. or .limn airael. if. . . it t t fu..onH annivinir fna -- f j, duuuwu or tacK or attendance ai l account have been visiting friends and rel- commendation of all the trial offifull weight to th brake lever, when PreslJ la liistitute- Clark Is here visit- - atives at Mri LuUa gone to cials, Gov. Cox today pardoned Herrod ths place, have NEW RAILROAD up'11 brok an1 h l"cbd forwirdout iLg her grand parent, Mr. and Mrs. v.slt hts sister, Blalneln til , j. iu,t M necessary to Mrs. J. G. Sammons, Fletcher, of Magoffin county, : who " had served seventeen years of 'ul "u m. u. k. wens, an aa,"' lu modern meihoda lu farflng at Summit wllh wWcn j Mlea Gypsle Boyd and 18 year sentence for manslaughter. Hessle other line of work ib order jon of ln ,arle :onM The infant daughter of T. A. Woo-Uth S""5 u "Jved- bo i'ard. of Paintsville, vlslbsd 6ome mn beat and moat iJufltabl la dead. aid ber, tagt week. th accident went to h'a , Vera, the young daughter of Dr. Reported to be Projected From Is tbi Agriculture On account of'raln our Children' ilthall property. Our fann4 have ni physician wa called to dress, McGlossom, A. H. Moore, received the gold medof Bath county, Holden to H::ntinjton. exeerclae opportunity if tbey will i,h yovni. Quite a gash la cut i,M returnd here to spend the 4th. )day 4th of July,were postponed until al ln her music class at the Parochial ' when there will be Shool. Her average Was the highest n Jr $1,000 the Jno..R. Mollett loaded about out of the rut and rata' the ' Wright I a hard worker and vonh of tie last week, and report a picnic at the oil well, between and she memorized the most in a m ur- The following la from a Huntingfor which new condltfona have this place and Donlthan. The fore ic class of sixty. She Is not only a ton paper:' ' nn ot ud ,uc"' ,,,e,y- - the market aomewhat atronger. t Grayson. .ted . lhM h'1 demand. lie bad only recently recovered from Crop are looking fine here alnce noon will be devoted to the Children' ' bright youne: elrL but she la a Btu- - Straight from an authort'tlve source ere to vlslttl day exercises. After the rendering dent and, beside she ha. a musical comes a long iell of typhoid fever hc heavy rains ot last week. a piece of railroad new. of Pension Examiner Cofdell. Dr. John P. Wells, of White House, ot tne programme.there will be a free talent Ashland Independent. such dimension, as to cause tbe PU J)d .M Buchanan. a nA " Anltr. rflflmarf vnrld tn .If tin passed through here a few days ago for all dinner served on the ground. KH. an been aa- Cord-1- 1 W. ha acaln In the afternoon there will be differDayton fake notice and lt la no more thaa en route to Daniels creek. The Cincinnati, Hamilton 11 I a .. r t Tv ..JWrnunf 4a ent kinds of amusements, such aa 'Railroad Co., according to a report 'the announcement of the move ' n ay not ' . , Jy.Uvn the field. 1U will hve charge , ... u. leaking, racing and ball from Huntington, W. Va-- , contemplate Jbn foot by the United Stale Coal . . i f temuiry covering in vvumrca cordially and urgently In- extending i,llr, n Artn. Th. hrtU 1. Into West Virginia via !pi d OH Co., of Holden W. Va. t . ena oi ireniunj ;,h -- harmlna dauehter of Mr. and H .1 Mek haa moved his store to vited to come a good time expected! Waterloo and Wellston, Ohio, ln or- ulld a railroad down the "Guyaa - l., !: . . . . e that Louisa wUI i he healMisses Corllda Chapman and Flor-ecc- e der to reach coal and timber land. Valley to Huntington' nnnpr v wnvrw ... rm uiiiiik . iBiri aa j minim. Hnu iiiaw Kmiiiii in addT!7to'flna ter. for h m. Mr. U.rac wa. Smith spent Sunday with Miss It 1. furthermore rumored that the lng get entirely away from dominath n.known Bmilre '.ood bu.lneaa. ceremony wa. perf6rt- - Noah Burchett, company has made overtures to pur- tion by the Chesapeake and ' Ohio HlS of Toms cr&ek. Laura Hanner. wel.kmie fcn.".cP,0- - The llfe(H.t friend, who Mrs. J. P. McClure la on the sick list chase the Guyan Valley branch oft It I. aald, the line will be continued a again, lie na wn l "" w-- ,. n mir ereek thl. week. U'.r1 Ltte Chesapeake and Ohio railway. u.nmninU fcu th. hrlrfo'. across the Ohio river Into Ohio and wasning.on v.ny Uur.n and w,n to a point about SO miles north. Harvey Hardin, ot Wolf, Ky., Is wd brotheri M,M I' "l have T Horn, reoentlv to the Mrs. Arnoldas McClure and three A tareA noma of enetnoera o r iuw acd their frlenda Miss Elsie Van- Visiting his parents at this place, and fV"ry ' horn, of Zelda. and Mr. Llmv Nun- - vltta Ward, a fine bov. chlldreen passed through here yes- In Holden ready to begin the premonth-Mr- . Is expected to stay for a awrence, HuletM. The bride was band-- l Jesse Brantam, and wife, of Woods, and Mrs. W. F. Chapman spent terday, from their home at Yuma, liminary surveys. There is little ques. Morgan, i,v . , en route to Louisa to visit tion of the authority ! of this ane "r a few days ot lastweek with Mr. and Ariz-,. uuuguier tnltt, .... V.- A - Mrs. Mrs. McClure'. home folka. Prof Mo nouncement as it Is a positive fact wore a buii ui uruwa, T,. 1 ne , j iu grwiu ui au' a. '"U.'d iwi J. G. Sammonatvrnlng at ,n6 8lulr"' Cure haa gone on to Cleveland to that the company has already arrangnonie at dtew Hill and wife waa stolen by two im(on and Mr. and Mrs. Frank'TJhllders spent and well but ed for a loan of $3,000,000op. m., wnen an eiegani auiiper was or bquire epngga "Itlng Monroe iorem buu Sunday with her parents at Chapman. attend the N. E. Association, crved. They will reside In Ashland Ben, and taken to W. Va., Ben has he will come here later, aff also By building this 125 milea ot new was Frank' Hall, r. the groom ba a posklon there. "tnam. of Ii PVaii U onlif ;ben captured and given a trial and visiting friends of Muddy Branch,week. visit in Louisa. Prof. McClure has road the Holden company will setrim Jna- - Firm. , at Chapman last supsrlntendent ! i'trf jiiaiiuiawiu ina of cure an Independent' outlet for Its Rex. been a Kto. bound over, but the girl aitd Lorenj v The Ladles Aid Society will meet the Yuma public shools at a very in- pioducl. to the whole world: II U have not, as yet, been located. Airy. fi e Bogga, Belcher antf Sullivan Garfield Meek, son ot Eilas Meeks, at Mrs. S. A. Gllkersbiis Thursday teresting salary. He Is counted on one can see tne tremendous importHurt in Saw Mill. company is a nw , tjifacturlng i. . educators In ance to It to Logan fand to Huntof Henrietta, has organized a so- evening. All the members are spec- of the most Ti doing a bualneaa. Arizona. Ashland Independent ington of such a line. Take a railcialist club here with about fifty ially Invited to fconie- - I . Ljiilsa, The plant fonjherly own-- ) Jame Cunningham, one of the v T. S. McClure and wife are visiting members. road map and draw a tine 50 Unites the - "Trusty Bill" Spaulding who has ncrtheast of Huntington and see the t'y k-- D.Bogg and J D. Belch-- nletor at ofcuttingmill recently ofput The Baptists will hold their regn- - G, C. McClure and wife. ti !if!!'W," Iwlth Bom the tract improvem4tit, ithei'w6rk Inr annual meeting at the three fork Mrs. Marlon Hyton. 'of Torchlight, been a dispenser of the ardent con- lour or five Important connections 'They wllf do sawing ber which he and Mr. Fenton purchas-fo- f Tt0 06 WV this creek, beginning the third spent Sunday with Mrs. Blankeushlp, trary to law for a considerable thus made possible. V The B. & O. doors, ; sash, ;ed from Fulkersjn Bros., on Can. had Ld holding over the 5ih of July. i. length of time on the Kentucky the N. & W... the C. H. 6 D., the f i .. I planing and make of this place. oi nulu , . i,. Wild Bill. .t'cls. talriatn, ana w 'inis i. son of Mr.and Mrs. John Bide of Tug, river just opposite Tun- Ohio Central and other, give north, The little , 'rom if) u. . it. ney u..j ,nuif- - ucniu a ic- - j..,. .ill ., 1 phapman has been very sick, but is nel No. 6 was surprised one. day south, east and west connections ""i '"" ai vtt i'llll Anmaterial' work an jureu. u. v. nave uie eu uuiu aim cnugm v.. wiv jus Lower Branch. rood In week by Martin county authori- everywhere. , some better at this time. ano iTey ehould Chrriage, breaking live- - no experience. blind hnvn :i fit mt Such a line would be of vast benMr. S. Y. Dobbin speiil a few diys ties swooping down on his dyM.M thl la a good atlon. The otherwise Injuring Wm. He will proOefit to the Logan field- It, would i. th are vis- ot last week with her sister Mrs. Lace tiger with a liberal qaantlty of Mr. and Mrs. David Lyons Bogga, J. ably be brought to the hospital in a and it out' of the clutches of the C. k. namite, blowing it to pieces rhe xkv.S an.iil" composed of M. II Gay. Wellman, of Ft. iting on Catt, .few day. I'lcher and H. C. 8ul)"van. Myrtle Shannon, Inez, Kendall and setting fire to the wreck, burning wh. I 0. line and would put It n tha Mrs. Lewi Fannin is on the sick .'Corllda Chllders were visiting the huri nnl , hwn blown BWRV. "TfUS- - best position ln the State. K.t would list. . Five New Doctors:, TriAf ih)kh ty'1. made good his escape, however, be the only field with competitive Louisa Public Schools. was aick at T. A.. Wooten s Saturday. MIb Laura Chaffin, ot Blaine, '' . New Dlwovery Young People's Meeting will be fleeing to West Virginia where he "Is outlets. The tip to see her iister, Mr.' Spirks, last now In hiding. Ft. Gay Loader. ben ling L Louisa Board o Education The United State people as well es "l Lawrence county ha Just furnish week. Jed by Miss Magie Bilcher Sunday all to i"rf'rm,'lntracted with Proil. Bylngton H humanity with five new life s'iv- as. all the shippers from this, field Dennie Chatfina was on our creek night Fallsburg. orsob, JAtilmrn tkennlaon'to tnch ithe public er. Their name are Joe C, Bussey, have been very much dissatisfied with, Fred Wooten ha returned from recently. ' irlng me of a I xb term will begin Mon- - I Scott Haye, George Morton Stur-o- fl the facilities afforded them by the w as West Virginia. Morton Hammonds, of Ollovllle, ong staa0 d Cam DUly, who is under Indictment C & O. railroad. All have mlie at least sell. Claud M. Vauahan and Jerry M. The ball game between the Gallup here last week. MinenuV to take what they could get Robert' relieve' month, but longer If there Wellman, and they graduated from Miss Ella Lyons visited tie Prince boys and' the Louisa second nine re for breaklug into, W. V. ew DI4it)very in sulted ln a victoryfor our boys. The store, was arrested at Columbus, O., from the railroad anil go without ffldent money in the treasury. the Kentucky School of Medicine at girl 8unday. ood th it I f 4 I contract la about iBe same a Louisville, after having taken V. 8. Co, a scores running 8 and 10. All praiBe upon complaint ot his bondsmen and what they wanted. Fred Sparks went to Morgan creeek being able to command led Mf for a rl fore." AH branch taught in full course ot four years, we are Sunday- to the pitcher, who did excellent Work- - held there awaiting a requisition from however, time Vvlll restol llege are free to those Within informed that the young men made hoers" and the Governor, upon receipt of which the capital, has decided to build inSherman Fannin, of Fairview.was Hurrah for the "corn Kentucky. dependently a above stated. I' ' he will be brought I district, excellent record. "sang diggers." age residing I'lhool here recently. ti . . rfv anil fl .. George Skeen. went to Oklahoma Don Belcher waa the guest of H. " commercial course t "i lHl. recently visited the The slork So The Sun's Eclipse. 1. inild at recently, but did not stay long. Sunday. Work rn the Dam. I course. home of Mr. and Mrs. BUI Burchett Kannar. tore, 50c nd $1 John Chapman made a business I guess be will remain In old Kenrwith a fine baby boy. The eclipse of the sun last Sunday tucky. lidje Letting Postponed. a trip to Clifford Monday. Miss Virgle Large contemplate J. C. Thoma losf no time ln reSome of those who niovid from her-- morning attracted a good deal of Putty Head. md tl world. pairing the. damage done by high vlrit to Carter county aoon. to Oklahoma are writing back that attention. The akv wa clear and G plden Rio to his coffer dam and Ib now Watt Pennington passed down our At a business meeting of the the condition were therefore favorLawrence Fiscal Court they are moving to Kansas. v. . ..u, creek recently. u Baptist church last Sunday ev-iday in called adaion to pon- - puumg m T. Cain Is getting ready for able to a good view. The eclipse W. nothing happen to here recently. Wertle Burton w (eiing Mr, Geo. 0. Ellis was elected jthe work of lecturing for the Agri- was sufficient to tura the blight da on two' bridg. to be built at thl. place. If Miss O'Zella Prince waa shopping a deacon. Mr. Ellis Is one of Lou- CherojW and 1 the Interfere with tL. worn ne win get day into one ot hazy and twilight ef-Blaine at cultural Department of the State. '' me at Osielast week. lda he concrete worn none irom Ita'a sterling business men and the of Twin Branch All Moat ot our people will help to ceof the river In about Thoma. Murphy and wife of Mor- - cr.urch to to be congratulated upon Jected because they were too Plr to th ;2de U. E. 8. un' surface was obscured. lebrate the 4th at LouUa, gan. creek wa. visiting here recent- - ,uci, an exellent choice. two week's? Centineedl he Jobt will bej fcj, put ' . Part of the form have been .i- To Louisa Mssons. The Louisa Lodge of Odd Fellow '. Ashland' City Council ha. raised Miss Virgle Large attended Sunday Bt.whch Mipe th. court m place to receive the increase of following officers last elected the I the tax rate to $149 on $100 worth. two feet In tbe helgbt or tbe locn school at Morgan, creei Sunday. Every !r of Apperson Lou, rV!r ( D. W. Blankenshlp, w rnn.lder tJiem. k Friday night: " ri y In addition to this they have the to" attend ia wall. Thl addition will be made of G. C, Hicks, of Hick.vllle special meetN.'G.; TL B. Muncy, V. G.; H. C ing urged COnCentraliday last Mr, ana Mra.,A M. concrete. . County, and Stats taxes. Citizens of school at Midway Sunday. to be held at the earl on Picklesimer, pulltvan, Sec.; Jame disposed to July 3rd, to complete arrmJ U " l entertained a few frl. nd Children Day exercise, will he Mia Llllle Burton was here .:recent- Louisa of who feel rate lt any com Trees. i wa, such the tax ly, rangements for' the program on t 9 plain v. The occa.lon tax on thJbe absence of all formality held Sunday night at the M. E. Miss Bell Burton, of Marlon attended (there .be should notice. the differ The Louisa Baptist Church , will Fourth. Please lay aside all will be Sunday school here Sunday. church. A good program ence and- - co nattier themselves fortu- - observe-- the ordinance of the Lord's matters .and attend- this u, UAh.? Ie.nin'' L PRUOCllSTSi I Pr8enoe oi rendered. All are Invited. C. C. HILL, V,'. II. Two Girl. " Hi.;- iVVil'M j.!., Supper, Sunday evening July 5. traid two room. w. R. MrCoy, J. M. Bollng and The frame work of John G. Burn' John F. Butler have withdrawn from wnldence la being erected. The; the. race for Commonwealths Attor-brlcare here and will be laid as'pey in the upper district and it la In- The Lawreaoe County Farmd con a the frame work la ready' to reported agreement has that an . uiuie wm d ne a ai uouitti' ...n wen reacnea oy tne party .leader . . 1. i r b Vnck of ll.hKV.urf e.lor will be used. to- make Isaac .V Rice the Vepub- ar "d. u ..a. unuer ine y. Tb... 00ilege foundation wa. com- - , ,, nom,ne, for lhls off,M. . . I. . . . Oats Department of Agrlrultife. the at i' r.l T rr mi!,..j. .,. """""a ..i JT, . ". r' T. .. i..,j "r - i ,. Lf w ....,..... '. iln.!..., i - . J r. ...J. '. V. ,t , . V. . . IP n, . baal,' ' , o' I J 4 . .,,' . mii ,.,w. riw. .. . fr g. a, 'it.., I am r1 . .. I- -- playing-Everybod- - vo, - ' re f. , wlds-a-wa- wood-workltj- . r l , .,. .. 1 i lst ' 1 - : . . 1eeno-oblige- ! 1e . lihe I T - met,!" alj 1 digestif Fmfrl. wrriuur tia uiii. , . attend-Sunda- r"T' ni!..-evenin- LmJ """Y'l '! n - - g, ,

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