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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), December 24, 1791

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

, J -- t ' THE - V -- - J jib: iamiumwUCWwwwwwUUwww xv.- - T S 1LliAlN"'I0N Prtittl : by iruiu hurt-- v mh of aooutthe W.lham btearns, thrs month, iU'--i -tli a private loidier in my o 1 vears, 23 ngn in-.h-- S com- 'eet 7 com-p- uatK. u xon, fnorc hair but general veus a salfe tail, his a very conspicuous blemiih in hh.lefr. is a bjachfmith i croohtd, as he wallcs eye, and by travk it is pr bablc he may endravour hi o'u,,m employ iri fume parts of K ntucLy, he had on when he defcerted uniform cloathing and tool; with him alio. h'S ar ps and accoutrement, any p-n- de'erter, (b that he n ay ding br oRcer, oranv ntcrnnin officer cf the United States, fLa'.l a rsward of Ten dollars,; "P'Hi-e- . and evw JOIIV ARMSTRONG, Opt. V, A .. t?.t..,..A r LUWtllu XJ II lULh ll1 CU1I1 meneed Poll Riding; lie will Ic ive Lexington and be at U urhon Courthouse, on me ill and 15'b.of every Month, at B'irifbnroiih ho 2l. and 16 li. at Madison fcoUrh.iu e the 3 I and 7. h. at Lincoln Couit-lionf- e the 4 h. and iSth-a- t ai.nlle the 5 h inti 19'h. at Hanodfbu't; the 6'h and 20'h. J Baird i Iown 'he 7th le, and 2 ll. the Q'h and 23d at L and from thence Bmfhiers's creek to Lexington; but the tune he will be ar. any par'iculan p. ace between t.ouirvil'e and Lexington. cnno yes b afceitjincd. but will kj . 1. Nov. 25. 1791- .") - Iubicrncrs, TJREF Cattle aj)J Pork, to be re J .' ce veJ on so ; Calli and Mer will be given a any crnndife. e, c Miei in liiij's T )vvn, otilieir his place, Danville, I.oiiifvi 'c '.iadRiu iln Couiihouuor Ljmcftune. 1 hey nae tii, on hnd at then already men dirftrent I'j.-etioned, a uevit alfortmeiit Of 1 s & JAMES mf-vil- 4 good against JOHN BRADFORD. Lexington, OA. 29, 1791. A LL these indebted to the fuhj'cri-- I i. ber are requefteU (0 muke imine- diatc at.iiit to Mr. Hugh Bier.tjun. wo is aut'iorlftd to settle my account! ill thnft having aemvids aga'nil met wll Iretnt their accounts to Mm wha irjif afcharge tisvi as tuici as vtjpble; THOMAS rOUAG; Lexington, Nov. 27, 1791. d GOODS td for Well calcula tlvs conn ry, w'.ich they aie de' t to di'po.e of on, the lvveTt icfms for calli or the meruit"1-- articles already - & WILLIAMS. ELLIOT P S Hie aJto want a quart v nu no fry of Lexington, J?vv. 19, 791. m'-- . moved my Tin (bop Teoarden and M Cu'lough s old Storehouse, nearly CaTofite the Market-houswliei I s; Cjrr.' on the Tin in all its branches lultable to tins part of dig world ; and expect to iupp.y all demands within a moderate finding drftartct or thi3 town i:i Tin ware, both whold fa'e and reta.l ; and' as am taught 'rum experience, tint 111 P'operlyadju'led avLthey (bill bepaid: ALEX SmULLET; Ex. xleraie irtlt'Chrijhau of dec. profits art.l quick, remittance's arj ff-r- ' Coiity toth Nov I79t the life of trade, hitend ellini my ware nearly as low as in rrre old r?y AKEN ui bv William ambition fe:tlement, al rowing for the ex- vJ on Cam run. dtedbnndle cow. A. nences 6f imnoirlnir the tin Shj'f soil pnit tin clips at seven) wtib a white face, three )cms old lh! incsnei doxen. Ha ihtt.VS tttarktd with a crot on tut rijDt ear a fwallaw firi m tkt Lyt, at five, quart measures at fifteen Apprjifcl to fa- - 10: Ihilhiigs per dozen, and (o in pro-po- rt oit for 3ny lesser quantity, as a'fo a1! other articles in the tmn:ng way on very low prorits. I want up by the ftbfciiber h'ving a workman in the tinninz btifi- - 9 Taken boons Station, a dark bay nets, and will give extiaordinary lhorfe about fevui ieati tin, 4 fnt 7. inchc,s hig; his lest hind-sa- t wages to any on that is coniplear fr'ute K; th rein. 1 also keep Salt for' bonded o.n ike off jide of hit ipnijed Sac 1 Lexington, Dec -r 1 ,,- - .1. pLIIU, esut: of d Ardiibard leiry' :qtic:e:i to make t them Ki.ov.i p p. : mav ov-.i'.- 1" !tiM T that made far the "B - 1 Robert Wood. 8'; P D'ORD, jUmr. to . 8- J rtgwolR.Us W T N An APPR! NTICK fi t o E th. D COPPKB.'- - active Ui of about I a vei s of sfe, will lie faKe') .n V - r, ! r '- "j " rr SMITH'S butlnelS. o.d seais "nd -- " -' U'- - Ijll Ititths. about " 'r i the Wary, A I. LU.MC CtmHfingtie Eee.l Contl.f!,rf. the hurt Congtef., ant the l,w ,, ich ts added, an J APPEjXDjy pendente, -- tT", 'iBMr, t!" A.l Cu'''e.--,on- . . Un.ted States, saijo to be Fold ry Tnomas and Aud,ns, Cu.i-- 'f Me' rs Mejjrs Hudon ana (.oooow.njmn foiu; Mr Rolen Hodge. Bewick-M- r fjaac Collins, Trenton; M,l)r. and Angell, Bammori-- : G-- dttd gulne Dare9 lUcond. !'' ' C',autllJt. Th'P'l::e" and Mr. uth Giro. "f thU''tS'.VsereVlefiJe,0n grt tt.i. aavtnijenei.t. . 1 to Notice SLulj tjj given to inw.jfs witirn 1 j d lofealc Cle-k- s aui cf Uajbcf is au- uub than ,h. ,y ai,. Nn. 24, "''' '"' it F O "Jr"1 Ijc juU ai K 1. l N US JiU(.e. R CASH - ALL (frf i?)i. SALE F ..'. lix, by ojit? cf ),,e S." t l:auds 'm CUAl'.LJ V.'ilil'L. . a Copious IJV&EX V. Tiom is 7 in. Ion. December 14, i;iji- - OF tU L.wrence Ward. rTAt(EN up by iht fnbfci r on the' I tlukmm r ad aarK brawn kiijf, 2 e of Amenea; f.'--IS- Danville, 4 t the Cplhted with, hid codeOed ttr-th , Of The ib-- A fj BROWN, joid uaners, ihed Stdie - J i'791.- - ..:.l.i,.-- j ... .u. J.1 niutuicu in iic ucd are immediate pa men:, and ti.r have a.i dkrmatnls aga-iilthe laine, ar- to rr d.". 1 lar aua three tie lupiefl THAVE oe And the nnncipal Book ellers 11 Bullets L ck; with with nil its a;putteninceii for ready call only, to be pa-i- in qttftetly pay- mtnts at tne cMhmenttmcnt d? every quarter; it viA'-b-i reined privately is any pfjo w'U km: afpltcat:cn pie vi ous to the djy of renting. U ts also le.iuchj tint ell pffint having eUtirii again,! tht Eflate of ll'iUiam Cmifllan dei eased, wilt brinz them iit wt U ANDREW da-- -- (r And to j "Vy.'ILL be rented on the sir! f 0' fanuary tt'Xt for the tenn of fi' tee monft on the premises to TO THE PUBLIC. v JUST PUBLISHED Lex-ma'f- .n e, by eke D EA Hsve jufr received and now opening and general aiTo'taient of dry eo1, irocenes, haidw-ana queens waie, ar their fto c n which fhev w II sell on 'he mod ie.tron.ible ierm foi cai, pul he fecuritics and hides; NIsO-BL,i.I- Wanted ft fallings per A i .umj Haver tiitne Cir't and Exptalthn.v a l?rge re-c:i- Ton ValTinir,,n.) lrtU. S.Regti Wrri done yilth XA v' '79. 4- - P A II K E R 1 be mide public urban known. M. Bullock is hereby authonfed to receive any fiibfctip'ton rnonev an J receirn for the same, which lha'1 ca ER ujnptious, (dt E NNIVV Tuv. Sat. 8. v. 8S. B brinclns AL I 1 EM OEC Wji;,a.r; iA IV. 1 the who wiU secure on D K U tin Ofjiie o, Wk received am P timing in its different John Bkaiiimkd, tiMnJtf;lly 1) tiiiEton pany, aged neflri farrago libclli. 'Ouicquid agunt famines 'IJ ,L.t ' v, is VlWIv.ll ' I, Ltz neen ,,t.'lM tope. $ .t.e .7,11,

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