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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

The following report was made by Prof. Miller to Pres. Barker and having been read was adonted as renorted by Prof. Miller, which is as follows. I Pres. Barker: Dear Sir: I make the following report in regard to arrangements affecting salaries for next year in accordance with the new budget allowance. Department of German. InstructorshipD at salary of $1000 per year. Mr. Harry Cannon, A. B. State Univ. 1909, Principht High School NTicholasville one year, in Mexico study- ing Spanish one year for the last two years a student of German in Germany, has been selected for this position. Department of Physics. The two instructorshir s at $750 each have been filled by the selection R. E. Bitner, ' S.,fcm Penna. State College, and for two years lab. Assistant there: and ar. Mervin J. Kelly, B. C. E., UniT. of Mo.s1914. Department of Englieh. Prof. Dantzler, acting Head of the Department, salary raised to $1700. Prof. Farquhar and leaver, salaries of each raised to $1600. InstructorshiR in English, salary $6o0 filled by selection of suben Taylor, A. B. State Univ. 19141 Department of Education Associate Professor of Bducation. Department of Chemistry Two Instructorships. Selections not yet made to fill these vacancies. Office of College of Arts and Science. Secretaryship at Salary of $50 per month, salary to begin first of August Miss Sue Matthews, of the Class of 1914 has been se- lected for this position. Very respectfully Arthur M. Miller Upon motion the committee then adjourned. (Not sigied)

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