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College of Arts and Sciences Records,1958-1979, 1958

Part of College of Arts and Sciences Records,1958-1979

carsGuide to the College of Arts and Sciences Records, 1958-1979Processed by Molly Clark and Lee Ann Eades; machine-readable finding aid created by Hilary WrittUniversity ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102 USAPhone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: Copyright 1998Eastern Kentucky University Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from typescript by rekeying.Date of source: 1999Description is in English.Guide to the College of Arts and Sciences Records, 1958-1979Contact Information:University ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102Phone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: by: Molly Clark and Lee Ann EadesDate Completed: 1999Encoded by: Hilary Writt Copyright 1999 Eastern Kentucky University. All rights reserved.College of Arts and Sciences Records,1958-197995A2College of Arts and Sciences 23.50 cubic feet , 37,500 items, 53 boxes Eastern Kentucky University ArchivesRichmond, Kentucky 40475-3102Collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the Eastern Kentucky University.[Identification of item], College of Arts and Sciences Records, 95A2, University Archives, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond.Written by Frediric D. OgdenThe College of Arts and Sciences was established as the School of Arts and Sciences on July 1, 1965. The schools of Applied Arts and Technology, Business, and Education were also established then. The Board of Regents approved their creation on the recommendation of President Robert R. Martin following the evaluation of Eastern Kentucky State College by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in February, 1965. The title was changed from "School" to "College" on July 1, 1966 when Eastern Kentucky State College became Eastern Kentucky University by act of the General Assembly. The College ceased on June 30,1979 when three colleges were formed from it and Central University College: College of Arts and Humanities, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The dean during the fourteen years of the college was Frederic D. Ogden. The associate dean from 1967 was Glenn O. Carey.The School of Arts and Sciences had sixteen departments. Twelve were long established: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Foreign Language, Geography, Geology, Health and Physical Education, History, Mathematics, Military Science, Music, and Physics. Political Science had been created in 1961 when the department of History and Political Science divided. Three new departments began operation on September 1. 1965: Anthropology and Sociology, Drama and Speech, and Social Science. Three faculty members and course offerings in anthropology and sociology were transferred from the Department of History to form the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. Two positions were added. One faculty member and course offerings in speech were transferred from the Department of English to form the Department of Drama and Speech where three positions were added. The Department of Social Science was composed of faculty who had been in the Department of Business (became School of Business) and who taught social science survey courses. Two positions were added. Dean Ogden was department chairman in 1965-1966.Excluding Military Science, the School had 182 faculty members; 48 (26.4%) held a doctorate and 19 (10.5%) had three years of graduate study while 115 (63.2%) had a masters degree and less than one year of additional study or only a bachelor degree and some graduate study.In 1979 the College also had sixteen departments. Most were the same as when it was established but with some title changes. Four departments had been transferred: Social Science in 1966 and Military Science in 1967 to Central University College; Health, Physical Education and Recreation to the College of Education in 1967; and Mass Communications to the College of Applied Arts and Technology in 1978. The transfer of Mass Communications was made at the request of the department faculty since it was scheduled to be moved in 1979 as part of academic reorganization. Four departments had been added: Philosophy in 1966, Geology separated from Geography in 1968, Psychology transferred from the College of Education, except for Educational Psychology, in 1969, and Communications in 1973. The sixteen departments were Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work, Art, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, English, Foreign Languages, Geography, Geology, History, Mathematical Sciences, Music, Philosophy and Religion, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, and Speech and Theater Arts.By 1979 the College had 245 faculty members some, such as the deans, taught reduced loads and some were on sabbatical or other leave. There were also several part-time faculty. The number with a doctorate was 176 (72.4%), with three years of advanced study 25 (10.3%), with two years of advanced study 23 (9.5%), and with masters only 19 (7.8%). Most of those faculty with the two years of advanced study held the MFA and the MSW degrees which were the terminal degrees in studio art and social work. Approximately 75 institutions of higher education were represented in the degrees held by faculty with a doctorate.When the College was established, the emphasis at Eastern was upon the preparation of teachers. The achievement of university status reflected a broader emphasis to include non-teaching programs. During its fourteen year history the College added some thirty undergraduate programs, seventeen graduate programs, and five associate degree programs. A total of forty-six undergraduate degree programs, some with several options, were offered when the College ceased. Included was a major in economics offered in cooperation with the College of Business.Some programs which had originated in Arts and Sciences had been transferred to other colleges (broadcasting, journalism, and public recreations to the College of Applied Arts and Technology; speech pathology and audiology to the College of Education) and became the basis for the Department of Special Education; medical technology and medical laboratory technician to the College of Allied Health and Nursing.The College continued to offer the MA in Education. The first non-education masters degree programs (English and History) were begun in 1966 at Eastern. In 1979 the College was approved to offer a joint doctoral program in biological sciences with the University of Kentucky.Several pre-professional programs in engineering, forestry, optometry, veterinary medicine and pharmacy were provided. The College had a three-two program in engineering. The student spent three years at Eastern and two years in engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Kentucky, or Auburn University. He/she received a B.S. degree from Eastern in Chemistry or Physics. On the initiative of the College, Eastern affiliated with the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs. Mississippi. The affiliation provided undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to take courses and conduct research in marine sciences.In 1965 the College granted only the BA and B.S. degrees. In 1979 the College offered, in addition, the following degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Sciences, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Individualized Studied, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Arts, Master of Sciences, Master of Music, Master of Music Education, and Master of Public Administration.Several programs were accredited by professional associations: Chemistry, American Chemical Society; Music National Association of Schools of Music; Social Work, Council on Social Work Education, Political Science, MPA program, National Association of Schools of Public Administration, and Legal Assistance program, American Bar Association.A major problem throughout the existence of the College was its relationship with Central University College. Consideration was given to the creation of Central University School during 1965-1966. This school would have overall responsibility for the general education program. Students would be registered in it during their first two years or until they had earned 60 credit hours. President Martin appointed Dr. Clyde J. Lewis chairman of a committee to study a proposal for this school. Dr. Lewis was chairman of the Department of History. He relinquished his chairmanship and was designated Acting Dean of Central University School. Upon the recommendation of President Martin, the Board of Regents approved the establishment of Central University College, effective July 1, 1966 with Dr. Lewis as Dean.Conflicts concerning Central University emerged during 1965-1966 and continued. They involved differences in philosophy and general education: one emphasizing a broad survey approach and another discipline oriented approach. Arts and Sciences chairmen were concerned theat they had slight control over general education courses in their departments. They opposed general education courses in humanities, natural sciences, and social science which were established in Central University College. They worried about the enrollment in their courses. They also felt that they had lost control of and contact with their students since they were enrolled in Central University College during their freshman and sophomore years. The administrative arrangement of the Dean of Central University College also being the Chairman of the Committee on General Education was another cause of concern.While efforts were made to resolve the differences between Arts and Sciences and Central University College, the basic conflict was not settled. Essentially it was resolved by merging the two colleges and creating three new colleges.Although the life of the College of Arts and Science was relatively short, it had a crucial role in the development of Eastern Kentucky University and in the strengthening of its faculty and academic programs.The College of Arts and Sciences records reflect the entire period (1965 to 1979) in which the college operated as a distinct entity at Eastern Kentucky University. Eastern, like many other state colleges that had recently attained university status in the 1960s, experienced significant growth in the physical plant, along with academic programs in the tumultuous period of the 1960s. The College of Arts and Sciences records were maintained in the Dean's Office. Fortunately, Dr. Frederic Ogden served as Dean during the entire period of the college's existence. In 1979, Dr. Ogden organized the office records and prepared a preliminary finding aid to the collection before the records were transferred to the University Archives section for permanent preservation. Therefore, these records fully document the operation of the Dean's office and are especially strong in the area of curriculum development, policy formation, college relationship, with the Graduate School, and the strong influence the college exerted in the Council on Academic Affairs. The records also contain an extensive Personnel Series which documents the activities of many faculty members who worked in the college.After his retirement from Eastern in 1979, Dean Ogden spent considerable time in researching and writing a history of the College of Arts and Sciences. Naturally, he relied heavily on the college records. We are indebted to Dean Ogden for writing the brief history of the college which appears in this inventory.Interestingly, on April 1, 1999, under a major campus-wide academic reorganization plan, the College of Arts and Sciences was reinstituted. Basically, the three colleges which were formed from the college in 1979 were brought back together under the umbrella of the new College of Arts and Sciences.Container ListPersonnel SeriesThe Personnel Series consists of eleven boxes of records arranged in alphabetical order by persons' last names and covers the years 1950 to 1979. The records contain routing personnel matters such as initial letter from Eastern officials (usually the President) offering employment, request for travel to professional meetings and leave of absence, resume, and letter of recognition. Due to privacy laws the records are restricted.1Aagard, James A 1969-19731Adams, Elaine B. 19731Adams, Kerney M. 1966-19681Amboise-Chaumont, Janette 1967-19691Antracoppoulus, John S. 1969-19691Andrea, Anesti 1974-19761Bach, Bert C. 1965-19741Badgett, James Thomas 1971-19731Bailey, William H. 1977-19791Ballard, Sue Kelly 1976-19771Baker, Landis 1966-19781Barth, Martha T. 1969-19701Benness, Gaye 1973-19771Bennett, Alma Jean 1969-19701Bennett, Donald C. 1969-19701Benson, Janet E. 1969-19701Benson, Michael G. 1970-19711Black, J.G. 1968-19691Blake, Paul Robert 19741Blandon, Wilford A. 1965-19761Blanchard, Russell W. 1975-19762Bliss, William H. 1969-19772Blount, William P. 1971-19732Bomar, Georgia Anne 1968-19702Boyd, Collin J. 1967-19742Brodkey, Dale Deborah 1970-19752Broekem, Andrew J. 1965-19742Brothen, Jeffrey P. 1974-19782Brown, Carole R. 1968-19692Bruce, Robert 1968-19692Bryant, Glenda 1975-19762Bumpus, Terry D. 1967-19682Burks, Charles D. 1970-19722Callender, Jack T. 1967-19762Carlson, Andrew R. 19702Carlson, Stuart Allen 1966 2Carney, Richard E. 1970-19722Castle, J. Roger 1969 2Chaney, Gerald 1968-19722Charron, Nicole F. 1969-19702Cheaney, Henry E. 1969-19742Cherrington, Jerry D. 1969-19712Choy, William 1967-19783Chrisman, Hazel 1966-19793Clark, R. David 1969-19703Clark, Thomas 1972-19673Clarkson, William M. 1972-19773Cody, Michael J., Jr. 1968-19693Coker, Lois B. 19763Coleman, Thomas C. 1968-19713Conrad, Leroy A. 19683Cook, Robert H. 1969-19743Cooper, John C. 1968-19713Coniher, Kurt 1978-19793Crowder, A. Bland 1969-19743Curtis, Arthur E. 19723Curtis, E. Count 1971-19763Daehler, F. Carl, Jr. 1972-19733Dale, Catherine W. 1966-19683Daniel, Nancy C. 1971-19743Deal, Edmond G. 1974-19793Decarbo, Edward, Jr. 19703DeLambre, Jules 1971-19724Dipiazza, Joesph A. 19694Dowers, Alan J. 1968-19694Druesedan, Jean L. 1974-19784Duffield, Lathel F. 1966-19694Dunne, Thomas O'Neill 1968-19694Duzak, Michel T. 1965-19714Earnhart, Edgar A. 1970-19724Echlar, Constance 1968-19714Edwards, Kenneth C. 1969-19764Emmons, Charles F. 1971-19744Erwin, Anne Barrett 1973-19774Ethington, Donald T. 19724Fahundiny, Lydia 1964-19704Fedorowicz, Richard T. 1968-19714Favre, Beverly Cora 1972-19734Fox, John P. 1968-19714Francis, Henry E. 1973-19744Fulton, Rudolph S. 1967-19724Geddes, Peter H. 1969-19704Genther, Robert W. 19734Gilbert, John R. 1969-19704Gill, Hancel C., Jr. 1974-19754Gilman, Stuart C. 1974-19764Glass, Barbara Sue 1972-19754Grose, Gerald K. 1966-19704Gunn, Rodger 1967-19754Gunter, Barrye 1965-19684Gupta, Venu 1971-19744Hale, Harry, Jr. 1965-19784Hamel, Mary Michele 1973-19755Hanson, Michael J. 19635Haney, Donald 1965-19785Hanis, R. Banie 1970-19725Heard, Mary Alice 19795Henderson, Bill 1967-19795Henney, Doris J. 19795Herfort, David A. 19705Hester, Norman C. 1973-19775Hetrick, Phyllis 1969-19715Higginbotham, Thomas F. 1967-19695Hisle, Betty Jean 1967-19695Hitner, Charles F. 1969-19725Hoge, Harry P. 1971-19795Hopkins, R. Kay H. 1967-19735Houser, W. Roy 1974-19785Houston, Lynn F. 1967-19695Howard, Aughtum L. 1950-19725Hunt, Graham H. 1967-19746Hunter, Floyd 1975-19786Hurwitz, Joseph B. 1967-19696Ilfeld, Richard B. 1972-19736Ingels, Mary K. 1961-19746Jackson, Joan Lynne 1977-19796Jackson, Stephen F. 1971-19746Johnsten, Thomas D. 1967-19696Kelley, Horace 1968-19726Keyser, Daniel R. 1975-19766Kiefer, John D. 1967-19716Kierig, Barbara 1977-19786Kim, Se Jim 1967-19746King, Robert G. 1965-19696Kirk, Edward M. 1966-19706Kockhar, Tijinder S. 19726Krapp, William H. 1968-19726Krebs, Caroline W. 19706Lackey, Jackson B. 1974-19756Ladd, Robert L. 1963-19746La Fuze, H. Harvey 1966-19756Lamb, Berton Lee 1975-19796Lancaster, Nancy 1965-19696Lancaster, Thomas 1964-19697Larance, Robert S. 1968-19727Larson, Lewis H. 1970-19727Lathrop, Robert M. 1963-19777Laughlin, Haller T. 1970-19727Lawrence, Conrad T. 1978-19797Lentz, Gilbert G. 1975-19777Lindsay, Bryan 1969-19727Little, Paul E. 1970-19737Lloyd, Arthur Y. 1962-19777Loar, Brad G. 1974-19757Lumsden, Gerald H. 1968-19697Lynch, Edith W. 1969-19707Lynch, Emy R. 1970-19717Machado, Michael A. 1969-19707Mackinnon, Molly R. 19777Main, Thomas F 1971-19727Mankin, Philip 1971-19747Marlette, Wade E. 1966-19697Marsh, Richard Charles 1971-19757Martinez, Rodolfo 1968-19757Martinez, Rosa S. de 1966-19707May, S. Judson 1977-19797McAll, Mary 19737McIntyre, Leda Ann 1977-19787McKinney, Thearon T. 1973-19757McLean, T. Bruce 1969-19737McPherson, Francis 1963-19758Melody, Patricia 1967-19708Miller, Clifford D. 1972-19738Miller, Thomas A. 1969-19718Mischenko, Tamara 1976-19778Montal, Andre 1977-19788Moomaw, W. Edmund 1966-19778Moomaw, Jimmie Meese 1966-19698Moore, J. Malcolm 1971-19748Moresberger, Robert E. 1968-19698Moscoe, Jay E. 1969-19728Mumma, Martin 1968-19698Newhoff, Theresa C. 1967-19748Newport, Vivian 1967-19708Nicholas, Robert L. 1969-19748Nixon, Patricia 1976-19778Nugent, Richard M., Jr. 1972-19738Oldham, Janet 1973-19748Oppelt, Robert 1965-19738Palmer, Richard D. 1971-19738Paul, Richard W. 1970-19748Peebles, Wilma C. 1976-19778Pennington, Ann J. 1968-19698Perry, Pauline 1968-19718Peter, Virginia N. 1968-19698Perters, Cheryl B. 1969-19709Peterson, Frederick R. 1967-19789Peterson, Nicholas P. 1967-19699Pettengill, Dwynal B. 1965-19789Polsgrove, Carol 1974-19789Raleigh Vera V. 1966-19709Reid, James F. 19769Reyes, Gabriel de los 1966-19709Reynolds, Ollye Snow 1970-19759Rice, Rick T. 1978-19799Richards, Donnie Dean 1975-19769Richardson, W. Kirk 1969-19709Richman, Jaon S. 1970-19729Ringwall, Douglas D. 1969-19749Ringwall, Douglas D. 1969-19749Riseling, Robert A. 1964-19699Roberts, F. Jay 1969-19719Robinson, George A. 1971-19759Robinson, Harold 1965-19709Rose, Myrna Harkins 1968-19699Santopola, Mary 1966-19699Scherubel, Richard S. 1966-19709Schneider, Peter 1967-19719Schockling, Leonard C. 1967-19699 Schooley, Ann Weaver 1968-1969 9Schooley, John H. 1968-19709Schroeder, Eugene E.10Schwendeman, Joseph R., Jr. 1966-197010Scott, Jane E. 1972-197310Scott, Robert J. 197010Scruggs, Charles Eugene 1966-197410Sexton, Earl Edmund 1966-196910Shott, Paul 1969-197010Simpson, Robert D. 197810Singleton, Eva 1966-196910Smeyak, G. Paul 1970-197310Smith, Carlos A. 1974-197510Smith, David 1967-196910Smith, Timothy E. 1976-197710Spong, Jon 1978-197910Sporre, Robert Alfred 1972-197810Stark, Ben 1958-197510Steanson, Julia Britt 1966-197210Stephenson, Patricia 1967-197110Steuer, Faye B. 1972-197410Stevens, Ralph H. 1968-197010Sutton, John D. 1978-197910Thompson, Danielle M. 1968-197010Thompson, Harry F. 1967-196910Thurman, Kelly 1966-197910Tinsley, W. Barry 1968-197010Trenary, Diana S. 1974-197810Turnball, John 1967-197010Turner, J. David 1978-197911Valasek, Erno 1968-196911Vamos, Roland 1969-197311Van Tassel, Carol 1971-197711Wagner, Daniel F. 196911Wallace, Kyle 1965-197011Walsh, Mary Ann Cecilia 1970-197411Waltenbaugh, John D. 1969-197411Ward, David E. 1967-197211Webb, Linda J 1977-197911Webb, Peggy S. 1967-197211Weber, Douglas 1973-197411Wehr, David A. 1971-197911Williams, James W. 1967-197011Williams, John H. 1971-197411Winters, John W. 1972-197411Wirth, Barbara 1966-196911Woock, Stephen E. 1976-197711Woodbery, W. Potter 1969-197411Woronin, Eugenie 1961-197211Wright, James H. 196911Yang, Sung-Chul 1969-197611Yeo, Cedric A. 1966-197811Young, Timothy M. 1968-197111Zausch, Jo Willa 1966-196911Zolas, Edward 1970-1973Subject SeriesThe Subject Series consists of 53 boxes or records from the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Office arranged in alphabetical order by subject or topic covering the years 1960 to 1979. Records reflect the initial organization, growth and development, and ultimate division and merger of the College with Central University College in 1979. Aside from numerous committee meetings within the college, there are minutes from the Council on Academic Affairs (approves curriculum and college policies), budget records, correspondence with professional organizations and state and federal officer, and graduate school correspondence.12Advising System 1977-197812American Association of State Colleges and Universities(AASCU)12Conference, New Directions, New Programs, New Professions 197112AASCU, Program Inventory of Academic Public Service 197712AASCU, Resource Center for Planned Change 197712American Association of University Professors(AAUP), Eastern Chapter 197812American College Testing college Outcome Measures Project (COMP) 197812AD HOC Committee on General Education College of Arts and Science12Advising System 1970-197312Affirmation Action 1972-197912Anthropology/Sociology 1969-197812Appalachian Festival of the Arts 1969-1978 12Appalachian Kentucky Workshop No Date13Art 1965-197913Arts and Science (A & S) AD HOC Committee on BFA Degree in Art 1966-196713A & S AD HOC Committee on Honors Day 1973-197413A & S AD HOC Committee on Research 1967-196813A & S Committee (Modern Language Scholarship) 1973-197813A & S Committee on Fine Arts Week 197013A & S Committee on Foreign Study 1969-197113A & S Committee on Policy on Serviced for Private Individuals 1968-197113A & S Committee on Space Utilization 1969-197113A & S Committee, Master of Fine Art(MFA) Degree 1965-197013A & S Committee- Journalism, AD HOC (Broadcasting) 1966-197213A & S Committee- Requirements for Majors 197213A & S Computer Committee 1971-197313A & S Department Chairman Meetings 1965-196713A & S Department Chairman Meetings 1967-196813A & S Department Chairman Meetings 1968-196913A & S Department Chairman Meetings 1969-197014Arts and Services Departments-Southern Association of College and Schools Self-Study Reports 197415Associate Dean 1974-197615Associate Degree Programs 197615Baccalaureate Program Reviews-Commission on Higher Education-Anthropology to French No Date15Baccalaureate Program Reviews-Commission on Higher Education-Geography to Microbiology No Date15Baccalaureate Program Reviews-Commission on Higher Education-Music to Premedical Studies No Date15Baccalaureate Program Reviews-Commission on Higher Education-Psychology to Wildlife Management No Date15Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Performing Arts 1974-197615Bachelor of Individual Studies 1973-197615Beta Club 1974-197515Bicentennial Symposium on American Revolution 1973-197415Biology No Date16Black Studies 1969-197216Buckley Amendment (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, 1974 1975 16Cammack Building 1974-197516Campbell Building 1967-197816Cancer Causing Chemicals Survey 1975-197716Carnegie Commission on Higher Education 197316Center Boar/College Lecture Series 1977-197816Center for Study of Presidency 1977-197816Central University College (CUC) 1965-197516Chemistry 1969-197816Class Attendance Policy 1971-197216College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) Advanced Placement 1970-197316CEEB, College-Level Examination Program 197116College of Education 196716Commercial Fishery Investigations of the Kentucky River 1972-197316Committee Assignments: University-wide 1970-197716Committee on Commencement 197917Budget 1965-196817Budget 1968-197117Budget 1971-197517Budget 1975-197717Budget 1977-197917Budget-Equipment Request 1972-197617Budget-Equipment Request 1977-198018Committee on Curriculum 196518Committee on Curriculum 196618Committee on Curriculum November 27, 1972-November 20, 197318Committee on Curriculum July 1974-September 197418Committee on Curriculum October 197418Committee on Curriculum November 1974-December 197418Committee on Curriculum January 1975-April 197518Committee on Curriculum May 1975-October 197518Committee on Curriculum November 1975-December 197518Committee on Curriculum January 1976-August 197619Committee on Curriculum September 197619Committee on Curriculum October 197619Committee on Curriculum November 1976-December 197619Committee on Curriculum January 1977-December 197719Committee on Curriculum January 1978-April 197819Committee on Curriculum May 1978-October 10, 197819Committee on Curriculum October 10, 1978-October 30, 197819aCommittee on Curriculum November 1978-197919aCommittee on Data Processing 1968-197719aCommittee on Environmental Education 1970-197419aCommitte on General Education 1965-197219aCommittee on General Education 1973-197520Committee on General Education 1977-197920Committee on Goals and Objectives for Richmond 196720Committee on Honorary Degrees 1962-197920Committee on Honors Program 1962-197920Committee on Improvement of Instruction 1963-197220Committee on International Education 1972-197320Committee on Residence/Extension Classes 197320Committee on SACS General Education Recommendations 1975-197620Committee on SACS Graduate Program Recommendations 1975-197621Committee on Special Curricular Matters (A & S) 1966-196721Committee-Foreign Language Requirement Arts and Sciences 196721Committee-William H. Knapp Scholarship 1973-197921Community Development Foundation-Berea, Kentucky 196921Consultant Service 1967-197721Continuing Education, Division of 1969-197921Cooperative Programs-Eastern and UK No Date21Correspondence-General 1970-197521Correspondence-General 1976-197921Council of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) 1967-197022CCAS 1971-197222CCAS 1973-197422CCAS 1975-197922Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) August 1, 1966-October 31, 196722CAA November 1, 1967-February 27, 196822CAA March 12, 1968-November 19, 196823CAA Minutes November 26, 1968-January 26,196923CAA Minutes February 18, 1969-June 26, 196923CAA September 24, 1970-November 24, 197024CAA November 25, 1970-July 12, 197124CAA September 25, 1971-November 9, 197124CAA November 16, 1971-April 25, 197224CAA July 20, 1972-December 21, 197224CAA February 1, 1973-May 8, 197325CAA July 23, 1973-November 20, 197325CAA November 27, 1973-June 20, 197425CAA July 19, 1974-February 25, 197525CAA April 17, 1975-September 23, 197526CAA October 21, 1975-December 18, 197526CAA January 15, 1976-April 21, 197626CAA July 8, 1976-November 17, 197626CAA November 18, 1976-December 21, 197627CAA January 20, 1977-June 30, 197727CAA July 11, 1977-March 30, 197827CAA April 5, 1978-October 10, 197827CAA October 11, 1978-November 6, 197828CAA November 8, 1978-November 28, 197828CAA November 30, 1978-December 19, 197828CAA January 1, 1979-January 25, 197928CAA January 26, 1979-June 27, 197928CAA July 6, 1979-December 13, 197929Council on Career Development and Placement No Date29Council on Instruction 1962-196329Council on Instruction 1964-196529Council on Social Work Education March 1, 1969-October 27, 197529Council on Social Work Education October 29, 1975-June 21, 197929Creative Writing Conference 1962-197729Debate Team 1965-197929Degree Programs & Degrees Awarded (Hegis Code) 1966-197929Degree Programs, Credit Hours Required 196730Department Academic Practices-Committee (Reports of) 1969-197930Department Chairmen (Role of) 1968-197930Department Chairman-Curriculum Committee Meeting November 13, 1969-September 28, 197030Department Chairman-Curriculum Committee Meeting October 5, 1970-October 4, 197130Department Chairman-Curriculum Committee Meeting October 8, 1971-June 19, 197230Department Chairman-Curriculum Committee Meeting July 12, 1972-September 24, 197331Department Chairman-Curriculum Committee31Meeting October 4, 1973-April 22, 197431Department of Music, Preparatory Program 1968-197931Department Standing Committees 1971-197931Departmental Totals (by semester) November 12, 1964-August 9, 197931EKU Institutional Plan 1976-197731EKU-Policy 1966-1977 31Energy Problems 197631Engineering (Dual Degree Program) 1972-197731English 1966-197931Enrollment (General Education) October 16, 1974 and November 6, 197431Faculty Activities Report 197731Faculty Evaluation-Procedure for Tenured Faculty 1978-1979 31Faculty Guidelines for Assignment of Summer Teaching 1974-197531Faculty Liability During University-Sponsored Functions 196932Faculty Meeting Minutes 1962-197932Faculty Meeting Minutes 1965-197932Faculty Positions January 5, 1966-December 16, 196832Faculty Positions February 12, 1969-June 26, 197532Faculty Recruitment Procedure 1968-197832Faculty Responsibility for English Composition Committee 1978-197933Faculty Senate March 6, 1967-May 6, 196833Faculty Senate July 15, 1968-April 6, 196933Faculty Senate May 5, 1969-February 9, 197033Faculty Senate March 2, 1970-March 29, 197134Faculty Senate April 5, 1971-May 1, 197234Faculty Senate August 1, 1972-October 1, 197334Faculty Senate November 5, 1973-December 2, 197434Faculty Senate January 13, 1975-March 1, 197635Faculty Senate April 5, 1976-April 4, 197735Faculty Senate May 2, 1977-April 17, 197835Faculty Senate May 1, 1978-February 5, 197935Faculty Senate March 5, 1979-May 10, 197936Faculty, Adjunct 1972-197836Faculty, Comparative Salaries (Male, Female) 1961-197836Faculty, Degrees by Institution 197436Faculty, Evaluation of 1970-197936Faculty, Student Evaluation of 1978-197936Faculty-Joint Appointments 1966-196936Faculty-Part-Time C/A & S 1975-197936Faculty-Summer C/A & S March 25, 1966-June 19, 197536Faculty-Summer C/A & S May 17, 1976-February 20, 197936Federal Summer Intern Program 197037Foreign Language 1967-197937Foreign Language Travel Study Programs 1969-197937Foreign Students 197537Foster Building 1973-197937Foster Music Camp 1968-197937Frankfort Administrative Internship Program 1966-197937General Education Science Program 1965-196737General Education: Implementation of New State Guidelines 1967-197938Geographical Studies and Research Center 1965-197938Geography 1965-197938Geology October 1968-November 197638Grade Distribution 1970-197138Graduate Advising No Date38Graduate Assistants C/A & S January 1966-December 197638Graduate Council October 2, 1961-December 8, 196639Graduate Council January 19, 1967-July 18, 196839Graduate Council October 17, 1968-December 5, 197339Graduate Council January 22, 1974-June 30, 197539Graduate Council July 10, 1975-April 28, 197639Graduate Council September 29, 1976-March 25, 197740Graduate Council April 22, 1977-July 19, 197840Graduate Council September 14, 1978-October 26, 197840Graduate Council December 13, 1978-June 29, 197940Graduate Program: Bio October 1969-November 197740Graduate Program: Che February 24, 1975-March 4, 197540Graduate Program: Eng February 197340Graduate Program: Geo January 197540Graduate Program: Gly November 11, 1974-September 26, 197541Graduate Program: His October 196641Graduate Program: Mat August 30, 1977-September 2, 197741Graduate Program: Mus October 21, 1966-December 1, 197741Graduate Program: Phy October 9, 1974- December 4, 197441Graduate Program: Pol June 8, 1968-May 9, 197741Graduate Program: Psy November 8, 1966-November 13, 197441Graduate School November 8, 1973-June 7, 197441Higher Education Act of 1965 Title I Grants June 24, 1966-July 31, 197041Higher Education Act, 1965 Title IX July 7, 197541History December 13, 1966-February 27, 197941Institute of Government October 29, 1968-January 6, 197841Institute of Government May 21, 1979-September 12, 197941Instituto Technologico De Monterrey February 7, 1968-December 4, 196941Interdisciplinary Seminar-Transportation January 8, 1973-December 17, 197441Inter-University Consortium for Political Research November 21, 1975-January 6, 197742Kentucky Bicentennial Publications Conference April 14, 1972-September 15, 197342Kentucky Commission on Higher Education (KCHE), Cresap, McCormick, and Paget Study April 24, 1967-September 26, 196742KCHE, Program Development Fund May 23, 197842KCHE, 2-year Degree Reports September 197842Kentucky Conference of Academic Deans July 31, 1967-March 1, 197242Kentucky Interdisciplinary Conference on Linguistics April 7, 1977-June 23, 197742Kentucky Science and Technology Commission November 10, 1966-December 21, 196742Kentucky Science and Technology Commission-Science Education Committee December 5, 1968-May 21, 197042Kentucky Science and Technology Council, Federal Research at Colleges and University Sub Committee January 17, 1968-October 14, 196842Kentucky Council on Higher Education February 14, 1977-December 13, 197843Lecturer April 3, 1968-May 3, 196843Legal Assistance Programs October 11, 1974-November, 197843Legal Assistance Programs February 27, 1979-July 3, 197943Legislative Intern Program January 4, 1968-January 12, 197643Library EKU August 10, 1964-November 10, 197643Louisville Ballet August 1, 197943Majors C/A & S Fall 1967-Spring 197943Martin, Robert R. Correspondence January 9, 1963-July 20, 196643Mass Communication November 4, 1970-October 6, 197643Mass Communication February 9, 1977-June 1, 197844Mathematics July 27, 1967-April 30, 197944Media Instruction October 14, 1970-January 8, 197644Medical Laboratory Technician Program September 30, 1973-December 12, 197944Medical Tech Program November 31, 1972-February 1, 197944Meetings with Dept.-Reports of December 18, 1974-April 30, 197644Memorial Science Building August 12, 1971-March 6, 197944Military Science Requirement March 15, 1968-March 23, 197144Moore Science Building February 21, 1966-January 30, 197845Music October 27, 1965-October 3, 197245Music January 8, 1973-April 5, 197945Music-Accreditation October 11, 1974-August 20, 197845M.P.A. Program September 23, 1968-September 26, 197845M.P.A. Program October 23, 1978-August 23, 197946National Consortium for Black Professional Development November 10, 1975-February 4, 197646National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Committee, Objectives of Teacher Education (1964) March 19, 1964-June 16, 196446National Endowment for the Arts October 1, 1971-October 27, 197146National Endowment for the Humanities September 4, 1968-August 29, 197846National Science Foundation (NSF) December 18, 1970-March 26, 197946NSF: College Science Improvement Program Fall 1968-March 12, 197046NSF: College Science Improvement Program March 30, 1970-June 5, 197446NSF: Comprehensive Assistance to Undergraduate Science Education (CAUSE) September 9, 1975-October 16, 197847NSF: Cooperative College School Science Program February 13, 1967-June 13, 197547NSF: Educational Program Restructuring (PSTEP and RULE) January 22, 1970-October 3, 197247NSF: Instructional Improvement Implementation Pre-College Education in Science March 15, 1974-April 2, 197447NSF: Instructional Scientific Equipment Program January 22, 1968-September 21, 197847NSF: In-Service Academic Year Institutes April 3, 1967-April 23, 196847NSF: Local Course Improvement-Undergrad Science Education September 8, 1976-April 28, 197747NSF: Summer Institutes December 5, 1968-September 15, 197147Oral History Center January 7, 1977-December 18, 197847Other Buildings July 28, 1967-May 16, 197047Philosophy March 4, 1966-October 30, 197847Physics March 6, 1967-March 22, 197948Planning Council April 21, 1977-September 21, 197948Political Science December 13, 1963-August 31, 197948Presidential Search-Faculty Advisor Committee 197648Pre-Law September 27, 1976-November 30, 197648Pre-Medical Sciences October 21, 1966-March 3, 197948Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program March 9, 1972-October 16, 197848Promotion and Tenure Procedures-Department April 30, 1975-October 13, 197748Promotion and Tenure Recommendations March 16, 1966-February 1978 (To Dean's Review Committee)49Psychology March 11, 1969-November 17, 197549Public Affairs, Office of January 29, 1973-February 8, 197349Purpose, Organization, and Goals: C/A & S 1960-197649Purpose, Organization, and Goals: C/A & S 1960-197649Registration Procedures May 30, 1966-April 27, 197849Research, Institutional December 14, 1972-January 8, 197349Retirement System October 3, 197349Richmond Community College September 1, 1972-September 11, 197249Roark Building June 16, 1971-August 25, 197749Sabbatical Leave Reports September 5, 1978-July 12, 197949Sabbatical Leaves, Policies and Procedures 1970-197949Savin Copiers November 3, 197749Science-Mathematics Achievement-Program SMAP June 20, 1969-October 4, 197749Science/Mathematics Education (Teacher Preparation) July 15, 1971-March 31, 197249Security-Campus Complaint Reports October 17, 1967-December 22, 1970 49Sigma XI January 25, 1967-November 6, 197449Social Welfare and Mental Health, Associate of Arts Programs January 3, 1968-November 14, 196950Social Work September 20, 1965-December 1, 197150Social Work February 17, 1972-March 4, 197550Social Work January 6, 1976-August 30, 197750Social Work September 15, 1977-April 13, 197850Social Work July 6, 1978-June 28, 197950Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) 196550SACS (Reports-Faculty) 1966-197850SACS, Self-Study Steering Committee June 28, 1973-October 23, 197451Speech and Theater Arts March 8, 1965-April 30, 197951State Theater of Kentucky Pioneer Playhouse May 12, 1967-July 3, 197851Sub-Committee on Handicapped Persons June 27, 1977-September 6, 197851Surface Mine Pollution Abatement and Land Use Impact Investigation April 16, 1974-June 20, 197851Survey of Laboratory Animal Facilities and Resources August 2, 1968-January 6, 196951Symposium on Becoming a University September 24, 1965-September 9, 196651Taft Institute of Government December 15, 1975-June 14, 197951Teacher Preparation Certification February 23, 1967-May 26, 197751Tenure Promotion March 5, 1968-December 15, 197651Tenure Promotion January 18, 1977-March 8, 197952The University Press of Kentucky March 20, 1967-July 30, 196952The University Press of Kentucky September 19, 1969-September 10, 197152The University Press of Kentucky October 8, 1971-September 20, 197352The University Press of Kentucky January 25, 1974-October 15, 197653The University Press of Kentucky February 4, 1977-November 20, 197953Titles: Designation of September 28, 1966-July 18, 196853Undergraduate Record Examination June 9, 1970-August 23, 197653University Building April 28, 1970-December 7, 197853United Nations World Affairs Seminar and Model United Nations October 4, 1976-October 12, 197753United States Department of State: Speaker Program June 6, 196953Wallace Building September 21, 1971-March 30, 197953White House Fellowships October 5, 1979-October 24, 197953Wildlife Management March 6, 1969-September 21, 197053Woodrow Wilson Teaching Internship Program and British Teaching Program June 15, 1967-January 16, 1969

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