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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 6, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

I mJJt VOLUME I hours week days 730 a ra to 930 pm yearThird sessions a CIRCUIT CoURTThree k Monday in January third Monday k third Monday in September Circuit Judce II C Baker Commonwealths AttorneyA Sheriff I F W Miller Circuit ClerkJ F Neat in May and A Huddlcrton COURT JudEC T A MurrelL AttorneyJas Garnett Jr ClerkT R Stalls JailerJ K P Conover Assessor E W Burton Surveyor R T McCaffreo Jones School SupL W CoronerC M Russell Ft APACHE ARIZONA We had a terrible storm last night I was on guard and thought several times I would drown or be blown away We have been real busy for the past 10 days An Inspector General from headquarters has been with us Inspec- ¬ He ting everything in the port had us out drilling most every flay We have three troops here at present One day he had fl and G Troops of the 3rd Cavalry to give M Troop of the 5th Cavalry 3 hours start of them then try to capture them We had quite a task finding them They cap ¬ tured my Captain one Corporal and four Privates when we began to close in on them We certainly had a nice sham battle I could see the boys on both sides falling as if they were kill ed One fellow by me was accidet tally wounded but M Troop soon surrendered We then went back over the battle field to gather up the woun ded and bury the dead It was quite exciting with most of us Tne inspector condemned 75 horse 30 mules sev- ¬ eral wagons and hundreds of quip ments A boy from Lexington Ky was taken back by civil authority as a witness in a murder case I bare my doubts as to his return Four pf M Troop boys deserted last week but were captured They are good for 3 years and a dishonorable discharge A man is foolish for trying to desert from this place The rcouts arc alp most sure to catch them I just came back from an eight day trip fixing tel ¬ egraph wires I went with a couple of scouts had plenty of game to eat such as deer bear turkey ducks and jack rabbits I enj eyed my trip tine the first night I thought of stenos I which I have read about Indians cap- ¬ turing white boys aitbougn 1 wasnt the least bit afraid of them 1 had lots of fun with them and learned a agrtat deal about their tribe by watch lug them and asking them questions I am glad to say the hopital is emp ty with the exception of three pa ¬ each month Eubank- AttorneyGordon Montgomery Marshal G T Flowers Jr CHURCH DIRECTORY 1 PRESBYTERIANa r W C Clemens BURKESVILLE STREETRcv pastor Services second and fourth Sundays ineach month SundaySchool at 9 m every Sabbath Prayermeetintrevery Wednesday night a METHODIST t Rev F E Lewis pastor Services first and third Sundays in each month m Prayer SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 meeting Thursday night BUBKESVILLB STREET a BAPTIST Rev J P Scruggs pas40GREENSBURG STREET rFirst and third Sundays in each month Sunday m Prayermeetine every Sabbath at 9 School Tuesday nightI a CHRISTIAN ¬ PIKE pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool ever Sabbath at 930 m rrayermeetins Wednesday night CXMTDELLSVILLE ¬ a LODGES MASONIC Regnlar LODGE No 86 F and A COLUMBIA meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night on or before the full moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W M James Garnelt Jr Secretary M CHAPTER R A M No Z meets Friday Horace Jeffries ILl night after full moon W W Bradshaw Secretary COLUMBIA TIlE Jack of alI rades Spring wash Fabric tientsTarget practice has begun We have several sharp shouters They can do fine shouting at 1075 yards We are having some real hot weather It is as hot now as it Jets back there in July The following is a piece on my trip from the railroad St06K T ROUGH LUMBER Saws Wood Grinds Feed Churns Butter Along the dry and sandy plain The cattle dawl a cow buy sings A weld and lonesome refrain Runs Cream Separators While down to earth he often brings Runs Printing Presses Some feathered creature of the air With this from whose smoking breach and other machinery Goes forth a whizzing bullet where He Is Running Press His deadly aim can reach Upon the bluff the jigged rocks For This Paper Seem plunged In rough fantastic strife It costs nothing to keep when not And only clumps of parched phlox working It costs from 1 to 2 cents per And cactus struggle there for life Within a hollow lie the bones hour when working For particulars Of buffdo sunbleached and old call on or addreAmid loose quartz and broken stones Where miners once sought for gold Co ssFairbanksMorse A ranch appears not far away 519 W Main Street Across the sallow wast the Iuht KENTUCKY Fads with the dark cloud uf day LOUISVILLE And creeps behind the bars of night W F JEFFRIES SON Agts This dusky hour the spirit feels That boundless freedom of the West As through the world of fancy steals A senst of welcome rest 6APS RATS ORAL L MCCLUKE n Troop 3rd Cavalry the Ulyl CANESFURS SPARES MLLE There arc several cases of measles In this community The families of Marion Janes and Thompson Days are better Woolen Pulliam are doing well in the goods and timber business Our Lodge No 516 is prospering at this time Two brothers were initia- ¬ ted at the February meeting one raised and one restored If we had a ball we would be in good shape The heavy rains have washed lots of our land Mose Wooten has concluded to enlarge his store building A daughter of J F Gilpin got her thumb broken by a frightened horse The road from here to Columbia is in better shape than it has been for some time HENRY W EDDLEMAN SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS COMPLETE LINE JOHN B STETSON HATS Stone Stone AttorneysAtLaw JAMESTOWN 0 1 KENTUCKY Will practice in the courts in this and ad joining counties 0 IHpn Specialattention given collections FOR SALE roller mill Grounds e Aihouse and lot near the on road leading to FairE L Moss tf pricesMorrison Sandusky GROCERIES I o D C Edwards candidate M Rey for Congress and Hon Yarberry a Hunter follower had a little bout at the courthouse s Rouday afternoon 1 I k eep a Fresh and Complete Scock of Groceriesill Sell as Cheap as Any Man Country Produce Taken in Exchange for Goods Give Me a Part of Your Trade and Try My Values new weaves in Madras Oxford Piques Vestings Linen Suitings Danish Cloths Home ¬ c spun Suitings Cheviots Percales Irish Linens Parish Mousillins Wash Chiffons are all beautiful SOUTH SIDE OF PUBLIC SQUARE COY OA woolen Dress Goods J C BROWNING RP BROWNING BROWNING BROS New Weaves in Voiles Etamines Plain Mohairs Flecked Mohairs Granits Flan ¬ Waistings c nel SKirts Special attention is called to our Tailored Skirts for ladies and misses all the new cloths and styles We can fit you nicely COLUMBIA LIVERYMEN Splendid Vehicles firstclass teams safe drivers Our Stable is well stocked with provender Your trade so ¬ at all times licite- Trimiinos dEntranceWater Street A rich stock Silks Medallions and Ornaments an endless line of Fine Imported La ¬ ces Hamburg Nainsook and Swiss Edgeings YOU MUST NOT miss seeing this stock Ladies Underwear and Furnishings Corset Covers Purses Lace Collars Neckwear Stick Pins Brooches BeltsFans siery Handkerchief Kid Gloves Silk Gloves PHONE 46 RussoJap war has advanced Linens our lines were bought before the ad ¬ Rugs IKY o IKIENfi1tU hiu WILL DELIVER Them to Any Home Inside the Corpo rate Limits of Columbia Linen Department Carpets IEN9 D == NGE We Keep a Full and Complete Line of Fresh Groceries vance We have very cheap stocks in Table Linens Sheeting Butchers Linens c Mattings +O c I The l IJ JIEIRWM D1ItIIiIBIA9o ¬ for all purposes New outfits BECKP S ffi Weve everything you want in Muslin Underwear Oil Cloths Art Napkins Towels Squares Lace Curtains Crashes Linen Shades Window GIVE Us A PART OF YOUR BUSINESS PLACE OF BUSINESS CORNER SQUARE ON AND JAMESTOWN STREET ii Picket Tobacco Warehouse INDEPENDENT Fixtures Etc C Our stock was never so large as for this Spring and Ingrain Carpets are first class Patterns in Mattings Brussells A Bridges Co PROPRIETORS Cor Eighth and Main Streets Clothing and are showing Handsome things in Young Mens and Boys Suits made by Cus ¬ or Auction Goodsandcan fit any size or shape We have largely increased this department to sweat shop Mens Tailor Made Suits from tom Tailors We carry no 10 15 Runs Cider Mills Runs Ice Cream Freezers 408WMARKET STLOUISVILLEKva SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS HATS We also keep upon the yard a large supply of undressed lumber which we will deliver upon the same terms All we ask Is to examine our material and set our llDooartffiollt ¬ IShells J8 proprietors of the Planing Mill locatedern Sulphur Fork desire to say that we are ready to deliver all kinds of lumber In the town of Columbia at the very lowest prices Patterns to show you In buying this line early we had the pick and cream of all that was out for this season Call and we will convince you that you could have no better selection to buy from in any of the large cities The ¬ HE NUMBER We have an endless variety of urned from market Regular court second Monday in JudgeJas G Our Mr W L Walker and one of his salesmen Mr L L Eubank have ret- > CITY 19041 To the Ladies who want the pick and choice of the greatest line of Dress Goods and Trimmings ever shown in Columbia we invite to ca- Of other colored folks weve read Including Dunn and Bay You know that poor Ben Battle said His Nellie was a Gray J T JONES Montpelier Ky County COURT The queerest colored man Smith met Or had ever seen was one he never will forget For the old man was Green lie met a worthy Gentleman On his return at night And thouch a good Republican The man was surely White First Monday in each month COUNTY G DRESSED LUMBERWe Null Another man Smith chanced to meet Before he started back As they were walking down the street Smith saw this onewas Black DIREOTOKT COURT APRIL THE COLORED FOLKS SMITH MET Asho rode into town And as Smith passed him on the way lIe saw the man was Brown II T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER Office WEDNESDAY Smithmeta man the other day RUSSELL POSTMASTER M 00uufU NtW COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY 7 POST OFFICE DIRECTORY J lbair Shoes r In this department we have by handling the best goods outclassed all competitors When you buy a Man or Ladies Shoe from us you may rest assured that you are getting the best quality and latest styles We lead the procession on Footwear Our Helmers Bettmann line of Mens Shoes and Oxfords and our Krippendorf Dittmann Cos make We have all the latest leath ¬ of Ladies fine Shoes and Oxfords are simply unsurpassed ers and styles CHAS A BRIDGES W Q BRIDGES Four Months Storage Free Q 0Q Uf ISA BRICK BUILDING OF MODERN new neat and well ven Architecture containing Well we are and we are determined to stop our people from being robbed by business 1250 1500 1700 1800 catalogue houses We have sewing machines at 1150 2000 2500 2700 and 3500 any style any price with a guarantee for ten years Mens Furnishings Shirts Hosiery Underwear Ties Hats Collars Cuffs line of Negligee Shirts they are grand It is nicely furnished conveniently tilated rooms > > good sample rooms for commercial men IxP 0 M H MARCUM 000 c Dont miss seeing our c I JEFFRIES BLDG ROOM 6 Columbia Ky OJEOpJJJW II Consultation and Examination Free at Office Space in this paper cost too much money for us to tell you all about our stock the biggest stock in this part of Kentucky In fact there are lots of City Houses that its dont surpass us Youhave only to come and be convinced Yes we are Vaiting for you DRESSED BUILDING < LUMBER J41JRTROSS KeNTVCKlY CO- LDMBI 7 Rll6I1i e4sue The undersigned have just put in new machinery and are ready to furnish all kinds of dressed building material at the lowest possi ¬ ble figures Custom Work Veranda Trimmings 1MIIVrO1L I Propr OOOOOOOOT0000000000000OFFICE DR FurnitureParlor Center Tables Easels Solid Cotton Mattresses 35 0 located and is the best hoteLm Southern Kentucky i Accommodations equal to the best city hotels Three < If you see our stock of Machines you would think we were in the sewing machine IY COLUMBIA KY < Sewing Machines LOUIS3iILLB JJ OFFICE Mouldings ON SOUTH SIDE PUBLIC SQUARE PHONE THE Etc a Specialty SAME OLD STAND 43 Ii C HURT EDWIN HURT i

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