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Image 10 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 18, 1952

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

PAGE SIX THK .IKFFKSf)TAN.,Ji:FFEi;30;rrOVN 'M-- i 311 COUNTY) i KEinUCltY G. Bennett. It was Mrs. Ben- are spending this week with their ( f losing their home and pos-- ? VALLEY STATION daddy, Mr. J. C. Waldridge en J ons by fire. Our landscaping nett's Birthday. (Continaed from Page' 5) G L . ;on was given by Mrs. Kand-le- r. CLOTHES REWOVEN Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Weber and family. guests, Mrs. Jack children and Mrs. Sam Beahl K T.7e wish to thank Mrs. Hol- Mr. Tommie Eldridge is able to rrloe la Omf LeoaJ rteal 3 as week-enGoodman and son from Natchez, were Sunday dinner guests of Bet about now on his cmtchps loway and Mrs. Kandler for de' gattaratla inn:M Miss. and Mrs. Amelia Hope he can soon throw those livering our trees to us. Mrs. Dee Mrs. Carl SSgt Larren Bennett is home Brown, ofWeberHighlands. crutches away. ' Riehlman brought us a report on the on a furlough visiting his KY. WEAVERS Hollis, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McGruder Child Development, Mr. and Mrs. Morris parents. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ben- Greenwood Road, had as their and Barbara, Miss Patricia Wald fi A called work day meeting g HOSE MENDING ' S nett, and will be stationed at guests, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Cool-ey- , ridge, Mrs. Sarah Phillips and will be held at the home of Mrs. B aWe tel. i B. A. Wl Tinker Field, Okla. a Roney and Corline. of Mr. nomer rniuips cauea on Mr. Alfred Medcalf, on Watterson If AIL ORDERS ACCENTED Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Smith had and Mrs. E. C. King at .Eastwood. Lane, May 5. BURNS BOIXS MOTHS TEARS as their guest last week, Mrs. R. Mrs. Mamie Scott, Miss Grace Sunday afternoon. Our Club is planning on having Mrs. Hazel Waldridge surprised a window display in Fern Creek Scott and Mrs. Ethel Diersing are leaving for Florida this week her husband, J. C, last Tuesday thefirst week in May. SLOW BURNING QUICK HEATING night with a rook party, the .ocfor a vacation. Our regular May meeting will Mr. Earl Napier, Cane Run casion being his birthday- - Those be at the home of Mrs. Helen Road, who has been on the sick who enjoyed the party were Mr. Ellingsworth, EASTERN KENTUCKY COAL on Bardstown Road, and Mrs. Martie Starch of list is some what improved. with Mrs. Elinor Lewis as LOW IN ASH CONTENT Our deepest sympathy goes out Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mrs. Carter Fields, Sherrard and fam- Welch, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Aubrey to Mrs. John Mrs. Carter Fields. ily in the loss ,of her husband. and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Joe BasHe had been in failing health for kett and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Bud JEFFERSONTOWN PHONE 5938 Inman and baby, Mr. and Mrs. sometime. BAPTIST NEWS The Valley View Homemakers Harvey McGruder and Barbara, The Eunice Eldrige Intermedimet with Mrs. Leo DeSpain with Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Holt nnrl ate GA's of Cedar Creek Baptist Joyce, Misses Marlene and Carol Church met in the home of Mrs. Theodore Cliff as Mrs. Nine members and four visitors Clubb, Dolores and Nelson Welch M. K. Trovillian, April 2. There were present. The major poject and Mr. lorn Ed were seven members and .two of cake and lemonade were counselors present. was "Foods." " served and everyone SDent an en There was a very interesting SPONSORED BY joyable evening. LEGAL NOTICE program about Hawaii, after Miss Vina McGruder spent which there was a business TO CLOSE BUECHEL BOOSTERS CLUB OF OTD TIITPD STREET Monday with Mrs. Joe Baskett. s. The hostess served JUNIOR ORDER HALL BUECHEL flOATl. ALSO KNOWN AS OLD Mr. and Mrs. Nobert Walls and The GA's then m.vle tray VALLEY STATION KOAD. family and Mr. and Mrs. Ray- cards for the Kentucky Brptist 2G, IB52 mond Walls and children' spent Hospital.Notice is hnrehv riven, in 78.050 Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jasper with K. R. S. The next meeting will be hHd rv! K. R.S. 173.070. that a petiWalls. DOOR PRIZE t-- 8:30 UNTIL ? in the home of Miss Nancy C"- -. tion In' hern filed in the County Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Roberts The program will be about Africa. Court of Jefferson Cotmtv, Ken- - and Mrs. Wm. Lee Markwell apd The GA's mc-e-t every first tuclv. by the Pnnrd of Education Gary called on Mr. of every month. Janice of .Toffersnn Countv, Kentucky, Claude Roberts, Saturday. Wheeler, publicity chairman. ot. nl.. mnkinr? application for the Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T ,pp Mart. closing of the portion of Old FOR RENT FARM Road, also known well and Gary and Mrs Marshal Third Street HOLES BURNS o f?o TEARS MOTHS d ..r : 30-da- y li-W- Mid-dletow- n, FLOORE BROS. COAL CO. SWITZEP, H0P Welch-Refreshmen- ts i VOH-TIO- N . ses-.sio- refresh-"ment- SATURDAY, APRIL 1 Wed-nfsd- AUCTION SALE! Hereford Cattle, Poland China Hogs and Olher Personally For Mr. John R. Hoffman, Jr. SATURDAY, APRIL 26 II A.M. MR. John R. HOFFMAN, JR., having sold his farm lo the General Electric Co., has engaged ui to tell the following personal property. Sale will be conducted on his farm located on Black Mud Lane, midway between Old Shepherdiville Road and Fegenbush Lane. 5 Hereford cows, bred 4 Hereford heifers, bred 1 1 Mandrell, dump hay rake 30-in- saw good Hereford male calves 1 wheat drill 1 slip scraper 1 good Hereford heifer calf 1 Aspinwall potato planter 2 registered Poland China sows to have pigs by day of 1 lot good used pine lumber, about 4.000 feet, consisting of sale 1 registered Poland China 4x4, 2x4, 2x6, lot of sheath- . in? male 1 lot used woven wire 2 young Poland China male hogs, subject to registration 1 lot good posts 1 young sow and 7 pigs 1 lot used sash 13 shoats about 60 pounds each 1 electric chick brooder 14 extra pood stock hogs, lot chick feeders and Poland China, eligible to fountains 1 J. I. Case tractor on steel registration 1 Poland China sow. registertractor plow, on rubed, with 3 pigs ber, in good condition 2 good hog feeders 2 cross-cu- t saws 1 good slop tank 1 lot burlap bags 1 1940 International truck 1 good section harrow 1 Letz No. 140 ensilage cutter 1 Planet Jr. seed sower 1 lot bushel baskets 1 good endless belt 1 feed mixer 1 lot farm manure 1 lot metal and wood hog 2 Can't Sag gates, practically troughs new. 3 TERMS CASH EMILE T0RBE LEO Aclioner J. SCHULER Okolona Fern Creek 3633 Route 4. Box 667 Louisville, Ky., R. R. 3, Box 595 LOUISVILLE KY. Lunch by Parent Teachers Association of St. Bartholomew as 01,1 Valley Station Road, Roberts called on Mr. and Mrs. Dairy farm, pond and pasture, which lies between the east line Harvey McGruder and "Rarhnrn large room for living quarters. Alley Road and the Saturday afternoon. of Stump JA. S. Edwards, Nachand Lane. east line of the Valley Elemen I MLss Patricia Waldridge is Jeffersontown. t ... .. m j tary School property as extended a lew aays witn Miss in a straight line in a southward Barbara McGruder. Iv direction all of which portion lies between the present Valley Elementary School property and fTflMFMATTPfl PTTTRQ CHICKEN SUPPER the Sidebottom tract which the i Plenty of chicken for everyone School Board has an option to CEDAR CREEK HOMEMAKERS at the old fashioned fried chicken purchase. given Saturday, April Food, food everywhere and not . supper to be Jeffersontown Fire Tht hearing on this petition 19, at the has been set for 10 A.M., April a bite wasted! That seemed to ht Engine House, sponsored by the 21, 1952. in the Jefferson County the motto at the April meeting of Wesleyan Service Guild of the Court Room in the Jefferson the Cedar Creek Homemakers Jeffersontown Methodist Church. County Court House, in Louis- Club. Upon arriving, one could i In addition there will be a counville, Jefferson County, Kentuc- see at a glance that the topic of. try store. Serving will begin at 47-ky. the lesson was on Foods. We as 4:30 P.M. JAMES B. McTAMANY, sembled in the kitchen of our County Road Engineer hostess, Mrs. Geo. Baldwin, with School Mrs. Marion Fisher as L. Johnson, Lucian Board Attorney, 704 Louisville Mrs. D. J. Calvert showed now Trust Building, Louisville, Ky. she made up her favorite recipe for hot rolls and at noon time they were baked and eaten along East Jefferson News SATURDAY NIGHT with the rest of the meal. Our grace song was sung and we stood Mrs. Harvey McGruder 19-6:-30 in silence for one minute in Mrs. M. F. Holt gave her sister, prayer for peace. Mrs. J. D. Warner, a birthday The business meetine followed WATERFORD. KY. dinner one day last week. Those luncheon. There were 19 mem Across from School enjoyed the day included who bers present. iMesdames Birge Risinger, Morris gave a very Mrs. Elinor Lewis Snyder. Joe Marsey, Joe Baskett, on "Praying inspiring Devotional Furniture, all kinds, new Hands." Mrs. Craven Bud Inman, Everett Welch, Am- Reading Chairman. Pave a rennrt and used, lamps, tools, and brose Carey, J. C. Waldridge and on "The dishes. A. J. Aubrey, and several chil- Speaker." Manner of a Public dren. A delicious, dinner was LUNCH AVAILABLE A welfare report was broueht served and Jean received many by Mrs. Elsie Hilsenrad and Mrs. gifts . nice Virginia Standiford. Our Club Herb Yocom, Auctioneer Mrs. Annie Waldridge had as furnished dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and a family linens and bedding for that had the misfortune Mrs. J. C. Waldridge and children and Mrs. Joe Baskett and Brenda Kaye. Mr. and Mrs, J. D. Warner and baby called on Mr. and Mrs. HORSES UP TO $1.50 EACH COWS UP TO $1.50 EACH Levis Warner, Saturday night. Phone Collect Ronnie and Patricia Waldridge ST. MATTHEWS PRODUCE TAylor 1044 ( agent for ) j 47-2- Amusement Guide ! WANTED - DEAD STOCK madison HILL SERVICE COMPANY Bardstown Road And Lane Highland 9201 'Banks BANK OF JEFFERSONTOWN All Banking Services INSURED DEPOSITS Jeffersontown 5128 McQueen bros. ho-i- (HHESSISlMV' v,r ' Jeffersontown 5638. 51-- i tf Prntprt vnnr rlstprn water from all trash and filth with a down-snnstrninor! thpv stOD every thing exceot the water: many jetiersontown satisfied users. 5168. 'WHERE PARKING IS NO PROBLEM' ONE TIME Attention: Spring sale of Evergreens now at Nick's Nursery on Shelbyville Road, 3 miles east of Middletown. Phone Anchorage ' 655. Minimum 15 . RESTHAVEN MEMORIAL PARK KTRCHDORFER HARDWARE We Deliver Peat Moss 1 60c Words Cisterns clenned and repaired; Meat case, adding machine and scaks. J. W. Rogers, Hopewell 47-Road. LICIN8KD Incorporated KUCTUOAL CONTBACTOB Quality Work Leala Hartaaf Reasonable Prices Jetferi.nUwn 1682 Farm Supplies LOU. FARM IMPLEMENT COMPANY Dairy Farm Equipment Poultry Equipment JA. 0549 111 E. Market Florists JACOB SCHULZ CO., INC. Store Offers p Service For Your Household Needs Electrical Appliances Wiring and Repairing Household and Builders Hardware Lumber. Millwork and Building Supplies Conveniently Located On Bardstown Road At Buechel Pay Us A Visit We Deliver CH. 2661 Modernized One-Sto- Flowers For Every Occasion , 3000 Bardstown Road 2651 Phone CH. Trucking Service MINISil & POTTS DAVENPORT BROS. General Hauling FLORI3TS PHONEi HL 6700 1877 BarcUown Road EASTWOOD, KY. Phonet Anchorage 23C3 ptimnprl. .Teffers'.n-tow- 5168. Member Federal Derail Insurance Plowing, discing and garden work. William Ileintzman. Jpf. fersontown 49-3t Garden nlowing and discing; Six hundred bushels corn, yellow and white. Alex Ziegler & 47-Son. Fern Creek 3G93. also corn for sale. Edwin Frey! Jeffersontown , wr7..f."nr!L.i rTr. 3t 49-- 3t Two black heifers, fresh; Jersey heifer, to freshen April 5; 1 tpam gray mules; 1 bay nonv P'jopALBERT SHA CFT FTT?" V ; trfr'-.'--- 'r Three-roohouse trailer, 1942 4 years old; also spotted pony 3 model, bottle gas stove for cook years old. R. L. Doyle, Routt Water hauling, ouirk service, ing, oil burner for heating, sleeps Road. Jeffersontown 5501. 47-reasonable price. L. H. Snvder, 4. Ruth Potts. Fern Creek, beFresh cow; also 12 shoats. Lee Jeffersontown hind Fern Creek cab stand. 48-t Reel, Tucker Station Road. Yard grading, plowing, discing; Easter flower stalks, 25c, very Registered Poland China gilts other land jobs. William Brown. cheap. Call at 8.30 A.M. Pleasure and service boars 7 months old. Jeffersontown 5975. 41-- tf 48-Ridge 7753. Champion blood lines. Fern 47-Dodge truck. 1940, panel; potato Creek 3365. Water hauling, courteous servplanter; potato digger. Frank ice. John Franconia & Sons, Jefhogs Male hog, fersontown. Phone Poland China Heil, Old Shepherdsville Road. 46-t- f 200 pounds' 2 bred gilts; large 48-CH. 5338. sow and 9 pigs, 5 weeks old; large FOR RENT Electric Estate stove, party in sow to farrow the 10th of May. school at U. of K. Call Okolona J. W. Schildknecht, Old Heady Upstairs apartment, no bath, t or can be seen at E. B. Road near Easum Road. must have good references, no 48-Martins' in Okolona. children. Carrie Smith, Thixton Sixteen Wisconsin Holstein Lane, two miles off Bardstown heifers, fresh, 1,000 to 1,200 Roadj A- -l 1946 Ford pickup truck, t pounds, and one male. C. S. Harcondition. Jeffersontown ris, Mt. Washington. One acre tobacco ground prot t duced 2280 Team of work mules. Okolona Lane. Fernlast year, on Nachand Fertilizer for spring; order Creek 3744. t t yours today while we have a com- nlptA ctnrlr Two Rii0rVin1 TinAtina Young fresh Jersey cow; 5 Road. room cottage. 209 Dell Exchange. CH. 1941. t 48-- lt Jeffersontown acres ground for rent. Schulte Brothers. Middletown Road near, Have nearly one acre tobacco Bargains in Used Tractors 48-base on Routt Road to work on Model B Deere, A-- l Condition Jeffersontown. shares. MA. 2747. Model 60 Oliver. A-- l Condition Two A-- l cows; one with calf, V.A.I. Case with mower, one to freshen in May. Phone Five rooms, best of references A-l Condition Jeffersontown 5580 or 5418. t reoujred. Mrs. Kathryne Frah-- I Model A Avery with plow, hch, Fisherville. 43.3,. O.I.C. male hog, one year old, cultivator A-- l Condition. HALL SEED COMPANY, INC. weight about 225 pounds, cheap. I Four large rooms, water in kit48-219 E. Jefferson St Louisville Jeffersontown 5643. chen, references required; 2V 48-miles ast of Jeffersontown. Jef. Two Angus bulls, ready for 49.31 service, from registered cow. iersoniown 5879. Garden tractors with cultiva tors, $127. O. H. Smith, Old Six 'Julius Rosenberger. REAL ESTATE TOR SALE " Anchorage ' 528. 48-Mile Lane. Jeffersontown Good yellow corn. Allan roll, Jeffersontown 5623. Cart 48-3- j m 3t 38-2- 3t 47-3- 3t 3t 3t 47-3- 3t 47-3- 47-3- 48-3- 48-3- 48-3- 48-3- 3t j , 48-3- I , 3t tf I 3t nThli?e, acres on Fine Jersey bull, 9 months old, Manslick ind near Maple Lane Road purebred, artificially sired by Cabinet sink, porcelain; white water available; three miles kitchen cabinet, good condition. Golden Jeweler. Jeffersontown irom Lr.t. Fern Creek 3733. 5059. t Fern Creek - -- ' Five fresh cows, Carl Swan 1942 International truck, 1 Farm 35 acres, 6 room house, tons, good condition. Mrs. Geneva Jeffersontown 5066. outbuildings, electric lights, on Smith. Beulah Church Road. Fern See Jersey cow to freshpn hv Anril Gellhaus Lane, $10,000. 48-Crek 3839. at Haymarket, 25; Jersey cow, calf, 3 months Floyd and Jefferson Upright piano; good Model T old; 2 Holstein heifers; 2 Jersey Louisville. 49.34 heifers; sow to farrow May 10; coupe. Anchorage 297-sow with 9 pigs, 6 weeks old; 2 POULTRY A Nr. RTJf LIE Purple wisteria roots and nink guts, bred, male hog. On account FOR SALE rambling roses; also Beagle cups, of sickness I must sell all this stock at once. J. W. SchildFryers. 8 months old. Mrs. Oscar KaufAlbert Heintzman. man, Route 4, Cooper Chnpd knecht, Old Heady Road at Easr" "S,.."un noaa- Jefferson; um Road. Road, Louisville. 48-- one-ha- lf 3t , 48-- 48-3- 3f 48-- 48-- 3t 49-- 3t 3t 3t H.enry-,GeJ,iha- us 48-- 3t 48-2- J. t 49-- lt I - vuwn , Sow and 10 pigs; 2 shoats. 75 Case wire baler; WANTED low soybeans. Jeffersontown 5481. pounds each; small David BradUnimproved lot suitable for ley cream separator. Lawrence 48-Stivers, Cedar Creek and Mt. MuuiinK ana nsning camp, on or grave lots Call Washington Roads. Fern Creek near good road. Give full par-- . Resthaven Jeffersontown 5920, after 7 p.m.' Jiculars in letter. Address F. G t R. R. No. 3, Box 133D, JeffersonBedroom suite. vanity, Hereford bull, registered, C. H. town, Ky. 47, t chest, bed and coil springs, $40; Domino Double D. sire, Double WANTEd'tO RENT washer, practically new, good Domino D, Dam, FRR Bell Domcondition, $50; maple wardrobe. ino 14; also garden tractor same Pasture for-1heifers during $25. Jeffersontown t as new. Fern Creek t May, June and July. Jefferson-tow- n 5538. G. E. Combination Radio and j Yorkshire boars, several ready 4g.3t Phonograph Console, excellent for service, $40. Charles Bastin. ' Five or house vicincondition, reasonable. AT. 2421. Anchoage 694W3. 49-ity of Jeffersontown or Fern 49-Guernsey cow with calf; white Creek, will give references. Jef-- ; 49-mowing machine; faced cow. Walter Brown, Aikens fersontown 1 horse corn planter; cream sep. Road. Anchorage t Apartment. 3 or 4 rooms with arator. E. L. Brinley, farmer 49-Good Holstein cow. spennr! bath, close to Louisville. JAckson Road. 49-- lt calf, ideal for dairy. Anchorage 5143, ask for Ted Beam. Estate bottle gas range, full and 875J1. 49-- lt LODGE NOTICES barbecue ovens. table top, griddle, excellent condition. Four ewes, 2 lambs, reasonable. 49-Jeffersontown Lodge. No. 774, G. Bracey, Stump Alley Road, Jeffersontown 5976. near Valley Station. Pleasure F.&A.M., will meet plows, Ridge Two International tractor t in stated communica- and Saturday, both in good condition. Cow, large Brown Swiss, ?tion, at 8 P.M.,April in t looks extra good. EuJeffersontown 5025. the Masonic Temnl. gene Gregg, Jeffersontown 5196. in Jeffersontown. 49-Tractor, small Members expected and vislttnf good condition, complete with brethren invited. LOST mower, turning plow, cultivator, C. H. Eppihimer, Master etc. Spring Meadows Childrens Dog, German Police, 4 years E. Ward Jean, Secretary Home. Shelbyville Road at Midold, answers to the name "Duke." t dletown. POSTEDlroTiCE Ed Fairfax, Jeffersontown 5387. t Boys' bicycle, good condition, 2 very good tires, price $15. JefThe public is hereby notified SEEDS & PLANTS FOR SALE 49-fersontown that the undersigned property Rose bushes, potted, No. 1 holders have "posted" their disc, $55. Earl grade. Two way Now on sale at Nick's premises and that no hunting or 49-Skaggs, Jeffersontown. Nursery, Shelbyville Road. 3 unauthorized tresspassing 1 a 47-- tf miles east of Middletown. allowed, under penalty of proseDuro water pump and Ideal hot water heater (coal), good condiTennessee Beauty strawberry cution. t SWEENY RANCH tion, reasonable. CH. 1739. plants, $8.00 thousand. E. E. VIRGIL RHEA FARM t electric stove, $125.00; Fisher, Jeffersontown 5191. Deluxe LEWIS FRENCH $27.00; snd tables. Pembroke ALBERT MARKWELL chairs, eleclined drapes, lamps, FARM 49-- lt tric heater. HI. 4313. FARM OF BENSON AND KETTERING brooder, Five-dec- k SWAN BROTHERS good condition. F e r n Creek Farm help. Lazi Creek Farm, t Watterson Lane. piece dining room suite; Nine condition. settee, all in perfect EMPLOYMENT WANTED 48-Anchorage 204. Cooking and house work by WANTED TO BUY day, no laundry, experienced, after Big Wheel 1 horse corn planter. white. Jeffersontown 5479 47-6:30 P.M. S. H. Stuart. Bardstown Road, I 46-i? MARKET ST near Wingfield Lane. pick-u- n vel-- 1 0 49-3- six-roo- m One-hors- e 3t 439-W- Corporation 49-3- 3t j ! MAKE IT YOUR BANK IN LOUISVILLE j 2336 S. FLOYD ST. MAgnolla 1020 3t 49-3- 14-in- h, 49-3- KYGAS IS GAS SERVICE Plumbing and Heating FOR THE. BERT FINZER SEED CO The Chambert Seed Co., Warehouse, Inc. OR TANK GAS SYSTEMS HEATING EQUIPMENT AND WATER HEATERS JAckson 1546 Available on the FJLA. th Phone The electric Plan 3t 3t EASY TUTU 13 GIBSON TRACTOR Kentucky Gas Service cmca KS Ct. Garden type with plo or cultivator and disc. Ideal for small acreage. Incorporated n, Jeffersontown 5143. for low monthly rates. 48-3- 48-3- RANGES AND llEFIilGERATORS An advertisement in this each week. 3t 49-3- BOTTLE FIELD SEEDS Jefferson County Business Directory will put your message before 15,000 readers 47-3- 3t 1201 STORY AVENUE JAckson1047 3t 49-3- COUNTRY HOME COOKING WATER HEATING HOUSE HEATING R. S. HUNT TAYLcn Uairwi At. jas. j. eutleh. jr. c::i plant 1008 & H. B0SSE & SON General Hauling FUNERAL HOME SONS. INC. East Market JA. 5502 JaUarsoniowa, Ky l. a stauslb n 47. 6 3t JOHNSON AND MAIN STS. JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC COMPANY bnipmopts 3t Established 1926 JOSEPH B. TOBE & SON Phone CHerokee 2681 Plumbing and Heating WA. 6736 922 BAXTER AVE. Mveri Purrmi Kentucky Electric Service Jeffersontown Phone Fern Creek BONNYCASTLE HDW. CO. Service Anything Electric Walter S. Schneiter. Prop. Seeds SERVING THOSE WHO QUALITY HARDWARE ! DEMAND THE BEST HI. 1451 DIXIE LAWN SUPPLY CO 1616 Bardstown Rd. SETTLES SALES tt SERVICE Seee Us For Seed Phonet 5638 Jeffersontown Home Supplies 110 Mile East of Jeffersontown 922 BAXTER AVENUE JAMES-HARTUN- G WAbash 6736 Bardstown Road at Buechel Chimney and Fireplace BpeclillM Outdoor Fireplace Rirseeu Grille All Werk Absolutely Guaranteed E. 1, Box 168 Valley Station, Ky. advertising is Classified figured at the rate of 4c per word, and no ad will be token for less than 60c. The same ad (nft change) will be run iree "' times for price of two. 42-- tf Pleaiare Hldfe ROBERT I. ROWE j 49-3- Lumber ' iVu Free Entlmitei t 47-b- R. Bergdoll, Lyndon, Ky.. TAyloi Contracting and Building, gm-errepairs, prompt servict. , A. Hall. CHerokee 3972. 33 t: CLASSIFIED RATES Allis-Chalmer- Hardware 43, 49-3- Call Our Number DeLANEY FURNITURE CO. Cool or Lumber MAgnolla 2054 Complete Line Of T. B. MILLER & SONS HOME FURNISHINGS 1350. Kentucky Avenue Kentucky Jeffersontown MODERN LUMBER & MILLWORK CO Groceries Lumber, Millwork,, Storm Sash W Abash 2139 EASTWOOD GROCERY 1101 STORY AVENUE Feed and Hardware HUGHES LUMBER CO. EASTWOOD, KY. Anchorage 4400 Roofing Millwork Phone Lumber Croer1e Piano tuning. Box 2912. Used refrigerators. $39 to $99. delivered and guaranteed, easy terms. Settles Sales & Service, JfV Jkx SERVICES OFFERED SELL? USE CLASSIFIED ADS M"mcrSanou Jt (ESS WHAT HAVE YOD TO t J 3t 102 Service Furniture Auto Service P.H. April wm Professional AUCTION i JEFFERSON COUNTY Business ay ' . 1355 ELLISON AVENUE At Barret A NEWS ITEM: Phone Jeffersontown 5143. HI. 4348 e Lime Dust Spread e Call Anchorage 218 MIDDLETOWN. KY. PETE H0LL0UAY

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