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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, February 17, 1860

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

Louisville DAIM VOLUME XVI. LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY, All Sorts of Paragraphs. The New Mexican Treaty. A telegraphic synopsis of the New Mexican gailn ilcmotrat br Pmutwsl and lml .liUeKl HARgEY. HUGHES & CO. OffioevEaot St.le XUird St bvtWMU MnrUt and J 'r.oii. M"B HIPT l DAILY ri'M'X'KAT- ADVAM'K. IM - JH. .f (M In ajvauc. lfc.U.'ti4a-U- ir U'LI An tf... . tUiiKX V.i 1, :ifl L.o aria ov.t A.tertUlf. One uib ia Daily le,) Crt ;orr (10 Daily lo ten Cot.lva, (i to aty number copfaa. or Uir 10 Li. uJre. ho or wuiiiliohm. lusertio. Kf sqne. f kmta FRIDAY l t 11 rL j Drairril, K I tnt(.,n n . 'ij NOF.NINiL. ' "'."'Ill L ..f Lit. ft: ftu 17. ls&t. , wliicli lias been ati?" In t few days partj-held together and niiiiiilaiueJ in all its changes only iLe Democracy, a prejudice will lolJ a Conrention lor tLe purj.oie of agiin euing fonh what (Ley call platform. Thai it will bear ny resemblance to tLe one adopted at their last meeting, is not to be expected. A eet of principle with our friends of the Opposition cannot outlast one canvass. e mny anticipate, howeTer, that they will declare the immediate necessity of a elare code, and, at the Mine time, stow themselves in fayor t the I'cion. Tjey will declare for what they call their rights in the Union. It is to lx hoped that they will bear in mini, however, that they propose to exercise a dnu'itful power which, when ererci.eJ. will result in the exclusion t.t the from their rights in the Ten lim its. Kow, if the South its entitled to protection, by he legislation of Congress upon the subject within the Teiriiories, and the North refuses to grant a constit uiional right to her, we tliiu it is clear that the ends fur which the l ui.ii was established are not carried t.ut, and ho far from being a benefit, it Is a positive injury. A peaceable dissolution and an equitable division of the property belonging to the States should be made. Thee will be the opinions of those who candid'y hold to the belief in the power of Congress on the subject, and the necessity of an immediate exercise of it. They are not in very serious earnesl, however, upon the eulject, and whatever resolutions their hostility to Democracy msy induce them to we mul regard it simply as the innocent amusement of a number of clever gentlemen who are slightly touched upon this one subject. We see no particular harm tore-sui- t from their action, and if they with to play at holding Convent inns, wc know of no set oi men who can do r o with less profit or injury to themselves or the country at large. There s were some made in their last platform that "ponderous indictment'' which ni V body regarded in the canvass. trust they will ot omit t declare, by way of a preamble, that they are the elite of Kentucky. This will prevent misu.kea, and save a great deal of ink aad paper, inasmuch as it devolves upon press to do it, and they repeat the talment with a persistence which show? their awn doubta upon the subject. We also indulge in the pleasing hope that they will signify in their platform their intention to come down to the level of the common people. It will be beneficial to them to come down to such a level. We desire to sec, if compatible with the interests of the parry, the usual declaration of their hostility to foreign paupers and criminals: because it is feared, unless this is done, that ome one will take up the impression thai thev are in favor of foreign paupers and criminal, which should be avoided. If consistent with their advantage, it would also be as well to make a few remarks, say about two columns of the Journal, upon extravagance, and to wind up with a tirade against the "corrupt Democracy." Eat whatever else day inserted, we wish to impress upon ilea the duly, and we urge it aa a se riom du'y, to remember how Kirby died. In the emphatic language of a Bowery boy, "lie wrapped Limself in the American ti.ig and died like a eon of a gun." This is an ex eelient suggestion. There must be ruurh flat Spangled Banner and Vuum. A few allusion.-t- o the "Fathers of the Kepub'.ic" might also be introduced with good effect, if the ecenery and properties could be made apprjpriale. Ii they will adopt some Euch outline as this, and draw it rather mild when they allude to Elack Republicans, we have no d.ubt the Opposition press will receive it with decided marks of ap probation. Indeed, we nitty expect the Jour nil to declare the ablest manifesto indictment , platform that the mind of man ever conceive.!, or the pen of man eter wrote. tf course his able coiemporaries of the same Tarty will co incide with this, and there will a great deal of innocent enjoyment until after the defeat ol Black Republicans by the Democratic Ike party, which is all cur Opposition are interested in. j pa, treaty has been published, but the special egraphic correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette affords some further particulars of interest. The fifth article virtually gives the United States a protectorate over the transit routes. The Republic of Mexico agrees that should it become necessary at any time to employ military force for the security and protection of persons and property passing over any of the routes aforesaid, it will employ the reiui-sit- e force for that purpose; but upon a failure to do this, from any cause whatever, the Government of the United States may, with the consent or at the request of the Government of Mexico, or of the Minister thereof at Washington, or of the competent, legally appointed local authorities, civil or military, employ such force for this and for no other purpose, and when, in the opinion of the Government of Mexico, the necessity ceases, such force 6hall be immediately withdrawn. In the ex ceptional rase, however, of uuforcseeu or imminent danger to the lives or property of the citizens of the United States, the forces of said Republic are authorized to act for their protection without such consent having previously been obtained, and such forces shall be withdrawn when the necessity for this employment ceases. Articles fifth, sixth and seventh gives the United States the right of way across the Isthmus of Tehuautepec, and from Camargo or Matamons to Mazatlan. The other stipulations accord with the synopsis. The following is the first of the con ventional articles for the enforcement of these stipulations : If any of the stipulations of the cxiating treaties between Mexico and the United States are violated, or the safety and security of the citizens of either Republic are endangered within the territory of the other, and the legitimate and acknowledged government thereof may be unablo, from any cause, to enforce such stipulations, or to provide fur such safety and security, it shall be obligatory on that government to seek the aid of the other in maintaining their due execution, as well a order and security in the territory of that Republic where such violation and discord occur; and in every such special case, the expenses shall be paid by the treasury of the nit ion within whose territory such intervention may become necessary ; and if disorder shall occur on the frontier of the two Republics, the authorities of the two Republics nearest to the place where disorder exists, shall for the arrest act in concert and and punishment of the criminals who have disturbed the public order of either Republic, and for this purpose the parties guilty of these oSenses may be arrested within either Republic, and delivered over to the authorities of Republic within nhich the crime may have that been committed. The nature and character of such intervention, as well as the expenses thereof, and the luauner of arresting and subjecting to punishment the aaid criminals, shall be determined and regulated by an agreement between the Executive branches of the two governments. tel- The Mails Delay- - We learn that the Postmaster General has ordered the Eastern mail and the mail from Cincinnati, to come hereafter via Mitchell and New Albany, Indiana, instead of via Seymour and Jeffersonville to the Louisville distributing office as heretofore. By this route the mail is tiken forty miles beyond Seymour to Mitchell at the junction of the Ohio & Mississippi and New Albany Si Chicago railroads, and from thence to New Albany sixty-fiv- e nilles, while from Seymour to Jeffersonville it is only forty-nin- e miles. Over the Jeffersonville road the mails reached our city at 3 o'clock p. m., while under the new arrangement they will be delayed until 10 o'clock or later at night. This prevents our merchants from getting their correspondence until next morning, and so places us one day farther off from New York in business matters. It will be seriously felt by the commercial interests of our city. We trust this arrangement will not be continued. We have the satisfaction, however, of knowing that while the mails thus drag their slow length along, that most excellent institution, the Adams Express, will make time as usual. Those having important correspond ence can avail themselves of the faithful agents of express companies connecting with the Eastern cities for the prompt delivery of their correspondence. The mail, in taking the circuitous route noticed, will travel fifty-si- x miles further in reaching Louisville than when forwarded, ac heretofore, via Seymour and Jetferaonville. The farthest way around is the nearest way home for a sleighing party, but this will not hold good in the postal service. 2?" We were shown a private dispatch from Frankfort last nightf which states that the Governor's veto on the Commercial bank bill was sustained by a vote of l'J to 17. It retiring twenty votes for a majority of the enFersosal. Wm. Giimore .Smnis, ihe South Carolina tire Senate, Senator Walker, of Ohio county, moved to reconsider. The President of the ovtiii-t- . writ;en a patriotic letter declining, ob acconnt of iil health, to adJresS the Senate decided the negative vote was the conpopulace on the inauguration of Claik Mill' stitutional majority, and therefore Mr. W. eqnestrian staiue of Washington. The iuvka-tio- a could not move the vote. After some further will bow be given to Charles Lames, Eu., remarks, Senator Fisk, of Kenton, raised the to Venezuela, or to Hon. Thomas question : If a vote on a veto could be recon sidered ? and to give the Speaker time to ex S. Bocock, of the U. S. House of Representaamine the point before deciding the subject, it tives. Mr. A. IT. Herder, at one time Governoi was postponed until this morning. f Kansas, has been solicited by somebody We learn that on Friday morning last, from Munch Chunk, l'a., to be a candidate for about two o'clock, the dwelling of Isaac Governor be fore the Black Republican conveiu in Woodsonville, was entirely tioa. Mr. P.eeler writes a letter in reply to by fire, with nearly all its contents. the effest that he had rather d.-- . line, but thai The family barely escajed with their lives, he neverthelcf'8 " recognises fully the obligag all their clothing except what they had tion restiiv' upon every man to sacrifice per- on. Loss from ?1,.V.H). No insursonal considerations to any reasonable extent, ance. when called on by his party to become a candidate." fr3f Shortly since the Cincinnati CommerJt"The New York Times is uneasy because cial's correspondent stated that Speaker Pen nington was the man who was agent in paying a Mr. Ldtuonsnti, cf Virginia, switched Hickman with a twig, for reflections upon the Henry Clay's debts. The New York Times Washington correspondent emphatically decourage of the people of the Old Dominion nies the statement for the Speaker. We disapprove of such a course, but certainly the Virginiin gave Mr. Jlitkman an excellent The Eiizabeihtowu Democrat learns, pportuniiy to prove the covm dice he asserted, by a private letter from Hawesville, that Mr. if he dared to try it. Sterrett, ho was injured by the explosion of Hanfurd (Conn.) Post, with gTeat an infernal machine in that place, an aecouut t?The appo;tene, directs attention to the notorious of which we published last week, is recovering fact that Abolitionism and In6delity are born from his wounds. Jig Mr. Tho. Wadlington and his son are cumpniMus. ine lea Jets or Abolitionism Tarker, Garrison, Phillip-- , Piilsbury, and the in the Caldwell county jail for the murder of a mire batch of fanatics deny God, and would Mr. Cartwright. A negro belonging to Mr fraternize with the nigger. Wad'.ington, charged wtth aiding his master, is on bail for l,oXI. Chevalier Webb announces that if A telegraph line between Mobile and B Crittenden, Be!! or Bates should be (he Black riepnblin nominee, tht he intends to bolt Peusacola Las been completed, as we learn that be i for Reward, "first, last and always." from the Mobile Register, which states that it What a break into the fabric of n'ggerism a commenced working on the previous evening. whole bolt of i;s n ost valuable Webb! tsThe citi7ens of Pittsburg have held a ""toT'The frar.king privilege is not abolished, meeting to protest against the through freight the members of Congress are still e nabled tariff of the Pennsylvania railroad, which they before their constitusi.j(tr dull fpeeeT think discriminates against their city. which have never been spoken in the Jfca?" The Masonic Lodge and School at House. How fortunate that the law does nt Bralfordsville, Ky., will celebrate the liid compel thei.i to be rea 1. insf., and at night the ladies will have a fair A Livingston couLfy correspondent and tableaux for the benefit of the school. avers that Douglas is the favorite can lida'e txS" Wm. Roberta, an old citizen of Marion for the Presidency of (he Deuiucruey of that county, was found dead on the morning of the ectioa, aa well as of a portion of the Opposi. 'Jth inst. He was doubtless murdered, the tien. True, undonlMed'y. Centuckian states, but by whom is not known. young lady ho was tuknt vith the ley The young men in the vicinity cf man, with such a love of a moustache, young "Goo-hom- ," Ky., are about to organize a tm afterwarda tul,m ia by him. Lfhinyt. And the consequence was, a little shame. military company. ls rd rf Fill DAY ; "Wtiirh - Is of value, i.rllhw- hat, bii.le ..r l.n.inMini '' t,e tluth "Alas: it must." "Ihe l.ri.U- wgtvt-awav, The often regularly .M.'; Th- ' A VALKNTIXK. tu.t the fop, who love lilms. lf. Nor let the rake yuur love Cliouu-no- t he minrr Ills lf, '1 lie drunkard herd milli e.., diU!u, The ir.rliLii- v it h rautiou thmi, Ills rucei.i ruin on i run. Tu none ol Ihese your heait incline, clioo&e Uotu tlivin a But hlnxild Mime cenermis voiilli a, pear, Wi..m- - hone-- t ii I, m.i.i ...tu; Who hall 1,- Mak.-r'lawn revere, And erve II ii with a w llliui; heart; V ho o ie In tr irtue his guiae. Nor from turn aiJ-To him at once your hea-, And hie your loilhlul alellltue. OV TUB I.W'ISVILLE TO Uir. STOCKHOLM-!AND NAsllVILLL UAII.KOAl WJMl'ANY. It's with profound regret that cirenmsfunces a call on von to assemble. Your own ac'.ion, in part, in my judgment, demands i'.. I regret the necessity of taxirj; yenr time by the retdxg of so lorg a c .mmnnicatioa, bnt for the lirst tiaae in lit's is brought in nstion ar.d may be freely my I desire th.t my friiiila be in possession of the fvt3 tfc&t tbev may. if it can justitiibly Le done, defetd m. Ihe following letter does, according to my best retollection, present all th .roii.iiseut facts out of whica this d tlijulty has grown. nrfsd. !r Isr Mi mi. William Curr'n ai,J li J. A Jims: Lomsriu.B, l ab. 4, 1800. Gkntu-mi:nI received your letter at Nashville advising mn that it had been hinied to you it would be expicted of me soon to conform to th had at the la .t ehctioacf a B.iar.1 of t3?"The following is an hitherto unpublishDirnciors acd lre;idjntr f the Louisville and Xdsh ed speech by an unsuccessful competitor vide Kiilrjad; in which letter you for the prize at the skate race a few days appropriate time for my resigGation eugnst ts an as President since: 'Oentlemen I have won this cup by the otcaaitn of the Union mtetin of the members the use of my legs; I trust I may never lose of the Legislatures of Termasee and Ksntucky. With profound deference, it does seem to me, that the use of my legs by the use of this cup." tira? w ould have been inappropriate a"d the ccca-siJterFdniund About, the author of urjbuiud to iu'rodeca my reasons for ersgainst has had a duel in Paris with another my r.sicca!i in of the Presidency of the Louisvilh Rohemian. Mr. Vaudin, approached About and Nishvilie' But, gentlemen, a fad family iftl cticu cf recant occurrence too sensibly ! can't comand said, "I am Mr. Vaudin!" pliment you upon it ! " said Mr. About a and deeply oppressed my mind ant? feel'iiijsto allow meeting was inevitable small swords Roisde me to puriciptta in the interesting stech3 atado Boulogne and About wears his arm in a sling on I that occasion. view of events subsequent to confers, in the while Vaudin it not to eontjiiruout as formerly. transaction tj which you cill my ?t;en'ion, lie of ycur lttter was unexpected, and presents J5iyEarly on the morning of t he 21st of 6ul January, as Mr. Joseph Met'ollough, of Wheat, at tiiis time a question f .r my dterniiuiitien cut free land, in the south part of Clearfield county, from embarrniiirrcat. Having abandoned my profession, suffered much e Ohio, was proceeding to Janesville in a loss from the long neglect of my private sled, met by a large wolf, which with broken constitution and shattered healthaffairs, from seemed determined to attack hiin, but was kept intense labor of body and mind, and exposure in off by a smart application of the whip, as the the service of the Louisv ille and Nashville Rail"varminl" from time to time came within road, I have, I confess, an anxious e to prereach. When within about half mile of town serve the humble reputation which seems to he acthe wolf gave up the chase, turned into the corded to me by a liberal and generous public opinwoods and laid down in a patch of laurel, ion; to retain the g'Kid opinion of cherished friends where some hunters subsequently found and who stood by me in the darkest hours of the enterprise, and at the proper lime and with tho graoo killed him. due to gentlemen dissolve my connection with the X&yKate, L. E., writing on the subject of road, leaving no sting behind. (in the occasion referred to, both of ycu, gentlekissing, says: "I am vain enough to pride myself on being a girl of sense, and dearly lo.c men, manifested for me a kindness which sensibly and appreciate good kissing; indeed, 1 should impreitcd m of your j ersonul regard, for w hic h as lief have a nice sweet kiss as a cashmere. you have my thank, t'ouid 1 now believe your It :s to me one of life's sweetest enjoyments; honors were to be prejudicially affected by reason I would not hesitate lor some of my happiest moments have been spent of any assumption forme, no matter for the consea moment to relieve you: in kissing. A rich, hearty kiss, from plump, quences to myself. But if I can show by subserosy, uustached or immustaehed lips, will quent facts that you, and I, and others concerned, last one day." Lafi; is evidently a young lady ated under a misapprehension of the real facts, of good taste and sense. and I, so considering it, have from motives to do tejjT Washington papers style Secretary good, and promptpd by the s.inie earnest desire to Toucey's reception on Wednesday night the discharge a public duty uuiuU ai;m4te4 you, J laced most successful affair of the season. Miss myself iu a condition where honor may ecr ui to me different directions, I hope to find n Lane was present, and, also, the States says, bind iu in liberal minds if my course shall be iu Mrs. Senator t."ay, Madame Van Liiuburg. ami direction where the heaviest obligations rest. that other ladies of the diplomatic corps, with At the nv.e it u of Ue stockholder 1 i3t (,c'.ob?r Lel'e, and uumerous fair strangers. the gentlemen the city and count its Anion"- - the guests wrr gentlemen of all posiaad the State of Teunca-.e- . songit a pi rsoaai tions in public life secretaries and sketchers, intmiew with me ta area op a ljt cf csmfs to commodores and common councilmcn, senators constitute a Jiosid of Director. previously furnished the Mayor with the unties of j. and students, reporters and representatives Guthrie, tpiigfey, Neweouib, and Wild-,r- , mmbers men of reputation, men of iutellect, men of of Ihe old lioaid, premising to consult w ith thun wealth, $nd men possessing neither trait of n .lues to liii tie two vacancies. I i my siistscce character. by a vote the Cou-.eithe names of th ?e The bridge across the Mississippi river gentlniiBfi, adJjrig tbo:e of Mr. Adams and mi i;d to ;riae cut my at Clinton, Iowa, is completed, and cars passed own. 1 pro thAt to the of and add G rvin, he replied over itontheMh of January. It is a sub- luxe were uowillir iir. make a ti t without tee Cuu-tto il my stantial structure, costing about fOC.fniO. nam?, as they desired nia to be c3.Ttiauid as PresiTle correspondents have started a gos dent 1 told him 1 had been elected as an cutside siping rumor respecting uiece of Mayor sueVhlder. The ticket was then arranged, but efore voting, anxiety and par.iality Wood. She is to follow Lc example of Miss of my friei dt, I such was tho tho39 gentlemen as asked if would Bartlett, and will soon be led to the altar by a vo:e lor me us I'r?sid?ct, I raid hi thetn I er.te;-tai- m Cuban millionaire. d no dru'ut it, i hive lot hea-a whi.-pe- r ti For being present at the late Price and to the contrary, they itknow 1 tohave nbaea arratigi: g for their re the (the Kelly prize-fighMorrissey, the New York bers cf the lizard) i; itisisdue myself, as v cbl memlo heiva "rough," was fined, by a Buffalo justice, large re poa: iliilitiea for the Co.rpaoy, lo ?wiKl, which he paid, and JtilMJ more for some pl.'ca ui where we ca control tr.e mean) to relieve us, they cannot to aaow 1 i Atiect to be re tl.ct-efriends who were similarly treated. President, at;d as honorable m'n they would do'. The Portland papers mention an affray one-safrom mi the fact if they hud a ditl'sreDt between tw .choul boys at Ridlon, Me., which I ca-.- t for the ticket, resulted in the death cf one from a ki k that sides my own th first voteone or twoeitiz?ns a:.d bes'.d those of every broke in his tide. Roli'ary ticket tist hd my nau.a written on it fxr JtefX mule child was born In Standishfield, Presid u', !Su'jtantiaUy it was a haimoaious vote Mass., last week, healthy and well formed, of the st.ckbolJers for ina. After the elee'.tea 1 with " pair of soft, silky whis- udvbed tte ger.tlsuiea elected and rcqausttd tbtir kers, stretching from ear to ear." The child iiltenuacce to qualify and orgatiz. Mr. Guthrie was wri te is now five weeks old, bright and lively, with eluded me a note, he Ha uiwell and had rot con to qualify. left tin stockholders, rea growing beard. questing thut another bs in his phio. H-had tell rr,e some w teks before of his purpusi to rjtir?. . KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE. In the evening Messrs. Quigley and Wilder came to me at tho office, when Mr. Wilder said a ditlicul-tFatkiCFoKT, Ky., let), lti, SKN ATK. was likely to cwur in the Eoard, v.h'.th he hoped lie then said it was unA bill to amend the 1 would aid in adjusting, Mr. Cissell Judiciary derstood .Mr. liuihrie would not hack Into the charter of the Louisville and Covington RailBoard and work as he had dono as Director and Passed over for the present. road Cuiupnriy. Vice President; that to retain his Eerviees it would A bill to prevent the marriage of cousins bo necessary to make him President; that without (the unfinished report of the Judiciary Comhim there were other members of the Board who mittee) was taken up. Action cut off by would not serve, and the Board would be broken bi'KCIAL ORDEItS. up; that to harvioniie they had come to nnneal to The veto was postponed for consideration to me for my consent to net as V ice l'rcsidnt; that owing to my ill health it had become necessary for three o'clock this evening. The bill to ameudlhe charter of the Peoples' Mr. (iuthrie to assume the mana emnt of the finanThe ces; that heavy responsibilities had been incurred Bank was then taken up, and amended. Board, and such was his familiarity then bank is allowed one branch but no increase of by thethe affairs of the office and his nsefulness in with capital. Passed. uo without him; procuring money, tley vouid The bill to prohibit the marriago of ceuiius he had acted with me ai Vice President, aad was again taken up, and rejected yeas, 11; turn about was fair. I replied, if I had been callnays, 19. ed on in the lirst place to act as Vice President, wi'.h A bill to amend and reduce into one the Mr. (iuthrie as President, 1 would not have But now that J had been President five laws in relation to changes of venue in crimi nal and penal cases in the Circuit Courts, was years, taking hold of the enterprise when thought to be a hopeless chance, and was thea wilhin thirty taken up. Action on it was cut off by the days of iu completion, and that event to he telo OKDKKS of tub da v. of its rrieDqs, a d xy to which hrated by thuut-andA bill further to protect the rights of marI had looked f rward aa a proud day for me, it was ried women was taken up, amended and asking too much of mc to surrender my humble lopassed. cal honor to crown a gentleman who had a national The resolutions in relation lo pensions to character and taie. it w to tat my vanity more than it could Lear, and what is more, the stocksoldiers of the war of lfcl2 were adopted. A bill to set apart a portion of the lines and holders have just cast a unanimous expression in fvor of my continuance as President, and had as forfeitures to common schols was taken up srurancc-I would serve; that they expected it, and and rejected by a tie vote. I could not voluntarily surrender my plijce without The Senate took a reces. acting iu bad l.iitu lo them, aud liiioke their IiOL'sB. if I did not incur their contempt. I hoped Mr. Tevis presented 'he petition of the Mayibey would excu-- e me for rejecting their proposiBut, iaid Mr. Wilder, "you will not leave or of the city of Louisville, praying that the tion. City Council may have power to permit the us, we cannot do without yon, and you fcnow tbal construction of railroads through the streets of sii'-- is the partiality of yur ftieusihey will agree to anything you do.'' I aid( "I have no faoulty said city, to be propelled by horse power. Mr. Riddell said he understood that there to satisfy my frieuds. with what does not satisfy myself." was a rumor circulating about the streets of Mr. Qaig'cy said ha had hoped for the auks of rraukfort, that Sinclair Roberts, the member aud to cany on ti.j woik, 1 would liiue from the county of Lawrence, had been im agreed to tie proposition, that I muit nit think rf properly influenced in tasting his vote upon pjitt nr. If Mr. (lu t.-i- wcobl not take the Message of the Governor vetoing the bill they would want ma. 1 jaid I hope gentleon taking ary c.iurie vhkb He men vcu will nut in.-iin relation to (lie Commercial Bank. thought it due to Mr. Roberts, and to this wru'd put me to the test of eubmitlirg to that vihich wiu'd be humiliating, or force in 5 to abanHouse, that the matter should be investigated, don a wort for whitb I had labored so bud arjd had and in order that such investigation might be fo much at. The ekc'.ioa was poiljwced till had, as a friend of Mr. Roberts, he otic-renext djy. '1 be next dsy, you geutlemeo, as my a resolutiuu providing for the appointment of friend Air. O in avoia;j bU to a committee, with power to send for riersons vale for m.;, nn.l ytu, Air. Adams, ex; your pleased to speak of my iai.iviJu pttfe.i ue-i- , and papers to investigate the matter. Mr. Roberts having been compelled to leave pist frvici i ia c;.iiip!buintary term', d.ub'iagif any otber would have f.ceoiii:iiirh;.d to much ui;dr for home on account of sickness in his family, thois ue circuinstaiee, and was pleaded to add on motion, the further discussion of the reso- - under o'.hr circum :.Urt; :s il would aff'.-ryuu plsa luiion was postponed until he could be noli- - sure to vo!e for me, t.ut for the lirst time you had lied of the charge against him. 130 placed ia tha B ard; that you knew nottiir.g of the bviine? of the (,'oiiipary, that von understof d 1 he bill to amend the charter of the Agri Mr. pelisiitile ia the ofcultural Deposit Bank of Lexiugton was taken fice, Gu'hria's services wcru indi: had that heavy responsibilities btea incurred up. Passed. J ess ;:5, nays 27. by UHin'er4 of the Bwird and necessary to incur The House took up the bill increasing the others, thut tiimo of tbe members cf the Board were jurisdiction of magistrates to one hundred unw iliing to serve wtihuut biiii, .u wanted to se cure harmony, that the businesi niiifbt tot Le uoliars. ttrrup'eii, ar d if I h.d determined noi to act as Vice An amendment was rejected allowing magis trates to hear a case five days after the service 1're-- fia tnt,hea;d c.e a fni''esUon to nuke. That s;y of process, and abolishing the iiuarterly yi.u roid was c jinile. d, it wn my 1 sa d e, wten to relir). th such is courts. f till tnr purpo:e, ou: I alw.ys c tiie Men An amendment increasins; the jurisdiction pbis brunch a part of f-r i;TJi!inio. 1 b::d of County Judges to all sums not exceeding iier'.akeu tnat ia my nf irta to rally f pinion in lavo; of isu'aiir county Luciia, ard to 51&0. Adopted. urcM.9 tnciviuual sack, l iiua midj item a Mr. Thomas offered an amendment that all s'.a-.please lit.til their read dun magistrates now in office, in two mouths after or m. t'i .Ku'n. byJ them my .r tall bvund to thpia the passage of ibis act, shall enter a r jt.U But. Biid you, no can bs nude oa that bond for the faithful discharge of his cilice, l.aii! ; can'; ycu uive to your Etutemnt ihe iotor- under penalty of forfeiture; all magistrates oreut-othat when trpre is a renti;uous Louis-.- t le asd Mishviliu. and tba: event hereafter elected shall give bond as above; any magistrate receiving money upon a sale bond, diebr&tei, jou will avail yourself of the oecisioa t rjiire. 1 said was n l But replevin bond, etc., and failing to pay over if the titn was at hand whan mr intention. the same on demand, he and his sureties shall ti make a 'ucriiW-- i to pewioU it b.cime ncesrarv the interests of llie be liable for the same, wirh ten per cent, damroad, ate! that it must fall on me, I woull submit ages. myself to yourself ar.d Mr. Garvin, and rely ina A motion to lay the bill and amendments on lhat you wou!d nut compromise my or su! j;ct iiih to humiliation, and abide the course you dirtc the table was rejected. Ud. J wai eke (d, and was told it would be Mr. Thomas' amendment was then adopted. whealiiera win a continuous track An amendment requiring magistrates to colletTren Louisville atd Aathvule. and the evet lect a tax of fifty cents in all suits over fifty til brUd, to omolve my with the dollars, and pay the same into the Stale Treas- fnai'l. ury. Adopted. I CinTess thf re was Il ea a tevrre lo The bill was then passed. Yeas nays test, Slid tinny cf my best fr.etdi think I oughU 41. 15'nto nave reiirea. i tail in ttia meaa lime teeu A bill to regulate the sale of ardent spirits tin rtprr S ntn.tives cf the c unti's, the Mayor, the and nuiiy citiaens was taken np. Circuit Judges to appoint representative from Tenu-raud me members of the to wli ni the 6ome suitable person to analyze all liquors ofaltenuina my ekction hud Lren made fered for sale in each county. known. In c nvr iag wi-th?ia, I thought 1 saw Mr. Finn offered n amendment that no unmist jks!'le evid--cthat my defeat or retirelicense should be required for the sale of pure ment would cia general ard lead liquors, but any person selling to a minor or to a tt .te of thills eogorderiofr much bad feaihig, l?aa ng to tte crea'ion or parties amojg the slave shall be proceeded against as now X'-- "ultii't; ia much injury. My mind bad by law. Rejected. Yeas 20, unys fallen ca the ail'.irs cf the Mi"pTi9 branch, and the An amcudtnent providing that if any person their dating rcy now at hind of the Board shalladulterau; liquors aftr inspection, he shall ciedit to curry a dtbt the purchase of iron pr- -c be liable to the penalties mentioned in the act, din the receipt of ths city bonds i'self. Pur tbe ske cf ticiiig g.od and prevent him, I and forfeit his licenne. An amendment was adopted directing that came to th conciuski i to ei.ter on the disehere of the duties, ai-- sock to satisfy my friends. no person shall be appointed inspector who is N..w a'l th'u waj done, acd by all the parties le- interested in a tavern or other lhjuor establishlievm a, tre tuns necessiry to secure tljo services ment. Adopted. of Mr. Guihria. I wint ou I: was A motion to lay on the table was rejected. hu was lo be President. There was uoo'.htr motive An amendment providing for the establish Now if that rnrjose cannot he crcaasa ment of schools for the education of inspec carried out, what are the obotacita ia the way lo prsve ii i r tors was rejected. The House took a recess until half-pas- t In Ibis connsc'iiin allow ma to say I did not 8f e two. Vurs, Ac Mr. Gut'irio for ten days c.r two weeks aftTward?, Kt'lli. ti e bus'mesi of the company requiring my attention at th SUtbern ei.d of the line. Ia the meantime Nec.ko Cor Killed. A valuable negro boy, Mr. Gathiie had been qi&li'kd as a director and 12 or 14years of age, belonging to Mr. Harel tntered on the disehsrffe of the duties of Vica Prea-- i tent and r o cottiuoes to act. Up m my lirst liter-vieB. Offutt.of this county, was killed last Wed with him 1 told him what h id occurred in nesday, on the road leading to Payne's depot leference to the tlection and siid to hiin, our No one was present when the accident occurred. had Lea lotig, oar friemlly relations and it is not certainly known how it happened. too firmly established, tcolo have theiu interrupted The boy was driving a cart, and it is supposed without Irnowiiig from himself what part be had it was npset in some manner, and falling upon taken, lie promptly replied it wag ail flummery about bis not coming into the Board witbont being him killed bun. Ueuryctuwn (Jaxette. ir heas tf nt Iian ltwu '. 4, e, ii. i' BMocnmAii MOItNING, EEIUtUARY 17, 18G0. mide President, thrt co one had authority to assume that position for him, in good faith he wnted to retire, that he nut wmttn be I'reilJent and wild m accept it. Ha thcn aaid, yuu kcow me friends wanted me when I first came into the Board to be President end you tobj Vice President, and I pr reir.plorily refused. Now gentlemen, supposv Mr. Guthrie, iVtiist we were holding these interviews, had stepped in and made that stitnuent, and ud Ud, have concluded to qualify as director and act as Vica President; would there have ben a ditliculty in my unqualified electior ? What then ia tha practic .l dill'enes between doing it before and immediately after the election. If vou had known it at first ycu would not have asked me to pursue tha course ausrfres'.e 1. There was but one objact to b attained, aid the whole trance' ion was d cn that. Yeu acted on a f ilse belief ; the fact stated had no foundation. I take it for granted the gentlemen d d not purposely deceive me, bnt that they were themIvea acting under a fabe belief. But it caiiDot be denied that there Wis at the time a g ceral desire to retain the services cf both Mr. Guthrie and my.elf. Now ycu have ua both, and he will not be President. He has pj account--to me, and manv others j and to do so would place him in a fale position. The acr.ien of the Bjard has been harmooiui. It cannot be said I have created disturbance. Surely it is net ins i3ttd that I must retire to make placs for a re ard uck::owii man to do do would urpr. and injurious excitement, and eive rise to a suspicion tht tha ctt' ir was a ruse from tbe beKluning, erding in a short-live( tlicial ca teer of the new Lcarub.-n- t. I feel that 1 may ssv Mr. tluthrje will continue to set as Ion-- ; in the capacity he is now acting in as he w. uld in any other. 1 tblr.k Iiuiy venture to pay that it is ai agreeable to him to act aa V.cs, with ma as President, as . with any But Mr. McLeod has spoken of leaving. I have persuaded hira not to do so. If Mr. Uuthrie and Mr. McLeod leave the scrvioc, and I leave whilo there are many unsettled accounts and contracta and engagements, tho business would devolve, on too many new hands. Now, gentlemen, allow me to present another view of this matter, weighing heavily on me and to which I think you ought to attach its duo importance. Tho City Council, representing 1,500,000 stock, your neighbors, learning the facts nttending the election, unanimously adopted a resolution protesting against my resignation. Commissioners from counties met at Bowling Green and remonstrated against my Tha reresnuuioa trom Tennessee protects against it; hundreds of private stockholders have met me, remonstrating. My in- formalion is this remonstrance is almost universal. Friends who stinid by me in the darkest hours of the enterprise met me on every part of the line, and insist, us they stood by me, I must stand by them. They insist the Counties are entitled to a representation in the Board, and thi-- t all are sfaUicd with mo. i weie to aticmpi to describe the extent and interne feeling on tho line, it miht he thought egotistical, or designed a a reflection on the 1 seek to avoid the one, and do not intend the other. I introduce it only that you may the uioro duly appreciate my position, and approve Ihe 7?!'."!". I tUC'lTt!! aui ai iuated. This matter had taken a turn to the public mind against Mr. (iuthrie. I felt it '.vu; dsu to hi.u lo place him ia the position Lo had placed himself with mo. In doing that, un explanation was demanded for the course of the directors. To relieve them, and to break tho fur-of a prejudice likely to be infused in the public mind against a directory who had dune ui'ioli ocd service, and from whom the country hnd a rijfh; tu expect uucii more, I assumed, as I then tbougtit, and now think I had the right to assume, that the whole affair whs one of tho moment, growing out of a misunderstanding of the lHCts. I felt more strongly authorized to do so, because Mr. ijuiley assured me he had co thought of a chango until Mr. Newcomb, a short time before "- came to me, had said to him Mr. Uuthrie would not come into tho Board and they muat make him President and make hiin serve, or something to that elluet. To quiet the whole ail.iir and relieve my friends, under the conviction I was authorized to do so, I have everywhere assured them I would servo the year out, and to thalellect I gave assurances to hundreds. 1 vjlate there assurances without put jrct-irf- j myself to the U, .f tho c"r. faience ot my drawing upon me their erasures if not fiiecdiand I cannot ccn er.t thus lo prostrate tbeir contempt. myself before my fiirndsaLd the country, and it does seem straff to ms that it shiU bo iasi-teon by gentlemen residing in Liuisville, who, by my labor, will make their ouniless thousards. If it sba'.l be done well msy I exclaim, "Vou, too, Brutu !" I havi sought to prevent the getting no ef a em'est between conr.'ry and city management of this road that the tttockbi-librmight act in harmony aad lcok alore to its interrsts. I am cot oce of tLoso accustomed to yield to a p jpularde r.onstr-itiocf public feelir-.gBut, gentleman, allo-.- me to say there is a popular element in the management of this rosd, whitb. if treated wi-the proper reprct, uuy he tontridled ia the right dirfe ion, but, if treitf il cciitemrtuiusly, may to tha t ruu into excesses exceedingly of the cjuipauy. May 1 not ask, withbest w hen was it before ia the out interding re; history of corporations wbeie there hd been a nnatimoas voice cf stockholders spread along a lire of road, iticiuding brarefces cf two hundred and Saventy milts, embracing popu'.ition of two hundred lifty thoasiril, rep.'eientlag near four miil'o-- i of stcck, in favor of the cjntiuuance of a presiding (ilicer who hsd served live year?, that a airectcry elected by that eame vote acd knowicg the will of the stockholders, without a word tf or tte pj.h'ivfelt aii'horist-complaint to that ( to sit at rcughc tiie will of tne sloekhoid.TJ and to get r'd of that ollicer? make an ctl'-rTne prosperity of ycur city dpetd i upon cultivating the kicd regard and good opinion of the pe pie in the country, that yen may, by iuspirirg a cil'd-rin yoar uimces, r'osttr every braLth of bnunt-ain your growing city. Bat still aLother view of this subject. You Lave nonrinpirt assum-- the guardianship this I think t know ytu Uo well to sur.pjie you wtu'd kcowiely disregard ilsi jterasta Tuere are now a rnmber of important sui's against tte Ccmpiny of various kinds, in wLich claims are asserted to more thin one hnr,lred and titty tl doll art i.nd pnevipus n eti' which will It from large recoveries. I do not cr thirk, if proper aUeition is given, that recoveries to that extent will be had; but 1 need cot reniicd you of tba edda against corporations before urios of the country. I t.ii;e iu n.a-jinstances drawn tho pie d the ficts, acd have been huntitg up the proof, and co ctbf r person, in time for trial tbis spricg, can be so wsli jirepared. Iu many i:.s'.ai.cvi seitlfuieuU are half made, a sirgle c ise have a settte.ue.t va ban X and ia pro eress, w uercia, if not (clthd, the t'oinpany may be sul.j rcied to eiht or ten thousand dollars. Thf se are ia every county on the line. There is to be tried id this month a sim;le whre parties seek to rc civer lifty thousand dollar?. these facts, excn:o ntyael for a Could I, know voluatary abandonmeat of their interest, ar.d that oi Iheit- reniu.isirttccss. The blame, if in the thing' go wroL'g, may fill on you or I, but the U. mi aiy mbst foot the bill. Ii vie of ail the citcumstar.ces by which I am surrounded, aided by the counsel tf good and tnw fiietiUJ uf the t5d, my uund has been brought to the coco! u ion that to promote the interest, to secure the future harmonious action of the communities; to conticuo in in the d office to the close cf the year, aud sixty days its ipse, lu fclvifg the notice to stockholders to convene, to announce wy willingness and desire The stockholders will have full time to to retire. arrange for tte auoc.isuinj Jtir. la the :f tbtre tit ill txist uch state tf ciso wi:h the board assiiisti3 n:3 t!i public interests may suffer by reason o? my cjneectior, to have the stcekhjldtr3 convered at.d lo their dttermiratim 1 will most chccrfu'ly submit. uiiv, JOHN L HELM, P., L & N. P.. R. N. H. Id) tot intend in rcitio the conver'ation with i ti ;ley aud Wild-- r to ba uadtirstood to hive had auy interview or that thev couversuiion with Mr. Uuibrisor prompted liy him. If I ir q'iirtd the sturce of tbeir I did not receive it. I to'ifc k for granted they had js'i.-fj-jtbtinii.ilv'!. Fr.m ths subsequ-- nt corversatioa v.ith Mr. H liiiley I have been sa'.i:litd nib. thi difficulty orig'aa .t J with Mr. J. L. HELM. To thcabovo letter I received the reply of Messrs. Garvin and Adams, to the etleot that afler considering ail my suggestion", they held them insullicient to relievo me Horn my promise; that the desire for a eh:ie.;ein ihe Presidency was to secure the fervices of one more able and prompt in financial matters, and mure familiar wita the running operations cf a railroad, th u my honor was involved, and thcro was no room for doubt or hesitation as to my course. Their letter to me was accompanied by one from Messrs. (uirh?y, Newcomb, and Wilder to them, which is held to be a furial demand on them to see that their assuianocs given as to my course should be complied with. There are four other Directors not engaged in this affair. Messrs. Gurvin and Adams havo been my friends and feel themselves bound on the request of tho threo lo act their part. I hope yet when they take a cairn survey of the whole circumstance they will see my struggle is to relievo my houor in every direction, and do what I honestly Lolieve to be my duty, and have no just cause to complain. I have believed, though I may be mistaken, that Mr. liuiglty is reluctantly drawn into it. Now I will not bandy words about honor; the issue is made, and these who read must decide. It is my opiuion,' however, that there is less violation of honor in pursuing the oourse I have determined for myself than there is on tho part of those gentlemen who, under a mistaken belief of the facts, placed me in a false position and then failed to relieve me when the facts were known. I spurn the sujrstioi that I h ive not rapacity wiih a ard fai.hful corps of ollkers to run tha road. It would bij 1117 purpose by a well resu lated tariff, just to all, inviting rithsr than to turn away business, facilitate the natural ard incliaul direction of trod ', and, by aa bone! and economics administrati m, lec re aa iucoma which would be Ed q ia:e to the discharge of its yearly charge, to return at no distant day a dividend to tbe stock holders, to relieve the city and counties of taxation on the debts they have incurred, to give value to the stock, and Lsf, not the lest, to the Lyui'snUe tm-- l Ximhrille Jiailrmtnl from es into the hands of hJiU it. Tbe city at--d c have too deep an interest in retaining their coatrol over this road ever to permit that to be doce. By a faithful administration these ends can ba attiined. I would ba tirui, though sternly just to operatives, with an eye sink's to the interest d 1 would cever turn aside to serve of the C.mpuny. ths interest of private iodividuals at the hazard of tha iattrest of the Coruoioy. The suges:ioa that 1 am wanting m nnarjt-i- l abilitv couits at a late hour, and with bad grace does it come from who so long kept me at the heid of the corporation, ar.d I believe 1 may gay at tbe two lections precediog the last, on th i nomination of the Hun. James (iuthrie, who bad recently managed the affiira of tbe nation with to dl feiaiti8. pt. Nc NUMBER 182. much credit to himself. Will gentlemen of hich character be permitted to stultify themselve ? Is it not a pity for the stockholders that this discovery was not madu before the road m completed, its perils pat, and hard timea over? What, let me ask, was the condition of your read when committed to my charge? Every one may answer, for all know. It would not Le ont of p'ace to inquire, as the tpst of comparative ability has been introduced, whether any of the gectlemt n wbo make this charge against me had any connection with the niarage-mea- t of this rond at tha tiaia of its fata! overthrow, its prostrated hopes, Ijsi of character aud credit. II ao, from what tource have they derived tbeir new light on finance, management, and running? May I cot cull to the recollection cf the stockholders and those residing in Louisville, who it was, in the fall of '07 and winter of 'fift, wbeu banks asdbarkrs, corporations and individual associations were falling beneath the pressure of a financial storm, with a rekiess infatuation threw himself into the breach, hazarding crrdit and life to save the Lmisville aid Nashvill Kiilroid from wreck. Can some of tbe genlleinrn who make this objection say they did Lot cpuil liefer, that storm, and urge a; suspension? If 1 had then yielded, what would now ba the cocditioa of your road? Gj, if you please, and lock to tha records of the C'cmpany aud nee who it was that plaanrd the order of work acd manner of payment. Go ask the extractors w ho it was that called them arcund bis board in tha dead hour of night and appealed to them to stand by him, and with what trembling anxiety they responded to thut Ask them oa whom tbeir hopes tested. Ask mem f.'r tlwir trembling anxiaty when tbe wirea with lightning speed was conveying the from Nashville that I wai at death's dor. Go thrni for an expression of their Joy when twenty-6vdays afier, ia j;host appearaccs and fim, thf v to" raise me traversing the streets of money enough for them. I will tot ass you to inquire where soma cf theso gtn'lemen were on this trying occasion. My lisarcial habit has one redeeming quality. All the money received, much or little, is faithfully aeerunUd for, aud put ia the right plsce. I do uot wish to be considered boastful, but I boldly say that the financial schema of cur mortgage bond oriiuated with and wa brought forward by me, and fd.qited as preI ttl'.cted sented. tbe first sale of two hundred bonds. I then turned to the Memphis branch, and by exposure fell agnin the victim of disease. Mr. Guthrie and the Board ejected additional gales of mortrQo Louds, 111 the run ot the ear vo wore than ouu million of dollars, aud when it became necessary to true the credit of tt Company, tbo director, freely gave th u?e f the'ir own and rendered many vaiu','.e services. I make no war on thtm, aud think thi an and unprofitable war on me. I do uot hesitate to say that since sometime in tho spring of '.is the finances ei the Company at tho ouis . iiie end have been d uainiy by Mr.Guthrio and the members of the old Board. 1 was borne down by disease and sorrow, twice on the verge of death, and losing a brilliant son and noble daughter. I had neither tho physical nor mental energy to manage nil that was to be done by the Presidential Mr. department. Guthrie received the appointment of We t and Chairman of Committee, with a salary of r2, ,1iHI per yir.r. Serv ice was expected of him, 4nd t thought it due to him that ho control that department of business without my supervision. I assumed the management of tho southern end of the road, creating i.n my own credit, and locked after the atuirs of the Lrauch, where i always found a foeuian wo;ity 01 my steel iu the person of Judge liise. 1 performed ail tho labor 1 was able lo jierl'orui and consistent with the obligations of a devoted father, determining to close up all that class of business, with which I was more familiar than any other person, preparatory to iny retirement. But on what ground have these gentlemen me? In the beginning the distinct avowal to secure the continuation of the was, a nece-oit- y seivicus of Mr Guthrie, accompanied by expressions of regret if to secure his they would lo3 uiino. They now have the man they wanted, and hj is doing nil they sought to secure by getting him back iuto the Board and in tho only place hewi'dlill. My services are also actively employed in a useful department of business. Ia a practical and useful sense, why, thea, this dihiculty? But this stern demand comes for mo to resyu. Who is so dull as not to perceive that the foundation is laid fur the inference that there is behiud unexplained causes or motives fur this demand; and who so blind as not to see that my tamo submission opens the door for malignant pursuit in my retirement? Now, gentlemen, if you have another man in view name him; if yuu have measures to perfect which cannot be accomplished with me set theiu forth, and, as God is my judge, if your plans meet my approbation I will advise the stockholders to adopt them, and get out of your way. It is due to the stockholders that they know your purposes. You Siid you had nothing to urge againt me. If that was said from motives of delicacy 1 release you. If there is any one element entsrit-into my successful management cf this road, it is that of meeting the stockholders at all times with frankness ard with candor. As to my purposes, I ciarot, I will riot slops cot at ths back door for ciuses unexpUined, acd thus furnish food for malignant atta;k. i have dote rcthing of which I ri ishamed. I defy scrutiny and the tost of time to poijt lo a single set of mine cynncUd with the lnaiajem-.n- t cf the Louisville and Nashville Liiiroml which hes not carry with it marks of a mind and hBrt devoted to the enterprise. The stockholders thought, in tbe election if tne heard, tuev bad cured my election without tua difficulty of terms. I am bou-.- -J by tbe s' longest obligations of duty, on thtlr demand acd protest, to piaca them where they will bi clothed with ail their original powers, anil If then they shall, in the view of It public 'iutt rests involved, detertpise it is best for me to re'i.-e-, I will ha.-preserved my honor and obligations to ail, and with the proud consolation of ecu rious rectitude, in the presence and to tha atovkholdan, wh ise I bare hid, and believe I still hive, er?r luy reiatleas. It they shall believe it is best for you also to retire, I hopa jourcoutse wili be prompted by the same disinterested devotion to the eau.-- e of this great enterr.-:iseJOHN L. HELM. K. B. Ia response to a single euggssticn in the communication of the directors to mo injeiterdiv's isiue, I have not intimated to a siula memb-rof Council or county commiaiiosei wbat course I desired them to pu.swhea they assemble; on tbe contrary-tn ray to the Council, I say: ''The stockholders, though remonslratirg against it, may, on a clm survey of tba whole condition of affair?, thiik it Lest for 1.1a to rsitf; if so, I w'll choerfuily conform to thtir will." Touching mr services and I ation-'to say i have the letter of Mr. Thomas Qtiigley, writte-- i since the October elf statin;; th at he would not have performed the sr-i- f and labir which I had done for the L'uiivifte and Nuhviila road for less it n ttiuta a yen. J. L. II. apil. lg 3IISCELLANK()US. SALT RIVER WHISK? DISTILLERIES AGENTS. A.Ia,SiotiTcIl ALTlMOM MB (WHISKY! Henry Hart, Ea., DIST1LLERIE3 w W V Jas. r. Grrrnlraf, II. Deck with C. SALT EIVE2 I Ol D PUP. NEW YORK. or S.T.SUT, PIIH I .o,, lP.Xtto IIF.RR o.i.y RFPRF?ENTFD and tne holeaale y 1T.T. Coleman & Trl"Jui;lA"1,1 0? POSITM ILT 1ACU suit, Proprietor, -is ,m, LutlMlLLK, DEALKRj WHoLEdALB SILK jSTo. tn tii - jfl'K IWIilE SIM K I'AKHIK it...r ' ti i? t V. Ii MI ri K l too Main st., Louisville, Ivy., - Km:IVIX(, LRu7ha-DAI- FMH.ISII I.V, mn. t ll " N F. T A K in n l.irlif.S AMlCAv-HIKKI'.- -; KLINi4 IR Kji TK AND klBmiS: THIVIX1V..4 ANI FMURolDFRIEd-PAI.- kWW AN1 X T.,wWli nrinte.1. i.lStlIlM-HoaiKKANDi.l.oVM-HoVNtT.- ii IMRKiiFSr LAMARTIXF.J; l. A W .Ie,.rli.ti..i;" Invito tt.f 1. lllTfJu.-i,eie- ! ! ANDSt-oTi'- 5. t- w- 1. MVEN. flain lF!I-l( "''V vl) k STOCK OF ALL YARIF.T1 Ed Of dFRIX.i tiooDH IN Til II R LIN K A iionit' "' rvri-r- 't C Utr-A IX FANCY DRESS GOODS, Sc rilKKAlis AND .N0H.1N8 tlntlonof wryPR T tiOol) OF EVERT VARIETY vi,itin tb rltT ileal.-- HAKHAKOUX HNOWDEN) A Hydraulic at Fountleru and Machine SJwp, Kt. Floyd and 1Va.sibJngtoa Streets, Louisrille, Corner tC " ' Vi.,V,V:rv: I STATIONARY AND PORTA RI.K STKAM KN1INE3 AND BOILERS: CIRCULAR SAW. rew ii.t Bra VV.,rK. I xst and V. f..r .. ia. tutu vtnovu Hiii.U and Al. Tol co re s ami Frew; Fli. Ttrutwr auol Mil lr.1, laiiiiiss ntlioiilia aud Verandaa u.ia tu order fro w aud oMuav as. ,J- AL.-MaliQfas Aent turvT of aud Sal of for th HcGEOSGE'S GREAT EXCELSIOR SHINGLE fron f ir.ail-iSt.1TI-- U,J MACHINE I tn icMy ShineUt an.l ..I k'.i... H.irreJ t'tual la. iiov. I10 i..t vs Hamilton, farrow for appellant. ftontherrrr and other wanting Ihe most erlW tlTe, .fnrM, h pit aed tr.eari lirnuiin: Maiiiinerv no known, ran he aupurtoU wlm Machine of ai.T ir or raoailty at Ui Hydraulic FouikWt ikI Ma. h me shoo wherx a Work.n jlo.le cm !, la Jyi7 dawSnil K. HI Kit AKttl X vn Oriion. BULLOCK & CO., G eneral Insurance A.ents. Fire Hiska Life Sisko I Steamboat Hull Bisks Steamboat Cargo Bisks ! ! ! ov 1VF.RY DCsC'RIPTION. sS BY VS. AT THE LOWKS1 TAKEN ESTABLISHED RATE. In the t.llowln,' RELIABLE l.N JURANL'K COMPANIES, "mXipS. BY AUTHORITY OF THE AUDITOR OF KENTUCKY: NIAGARA FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, of New York-Ca- sh CITIZilNS- FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, do M"RT r?llPnT TTA V TTTTJ V TWCTTI? VCP do MERCANTILE FIRE INSURANCE CO., do FIREMEN'S FUND INSURANCE CO., do HOPE FIRE INSURANCE CO. do UNITED STATES LIFE INSURANCE CO. do liL'JUl INSURANCE CO. Fire and Carfro do MERCHANTS' INSURANCE CO . of Hartford. Conn. PROVIDENCE WASHINGTON INS. CO., cf Providence, R. I., an aggeeoate MAK1.N0 , 320,000 400,000 250,000 do do do 170.000 175,000 525,000 1,500.000 230 000 do dn da 375,000 do fund to meet looses of OVER FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. J" Strut alterilii.n - Orders and Loa lo basinrsa and the Interest of our customers, n liitarii f; will be pminptly attendf--l to. i) BtTXiItOCIE MAIN STRKKf. CO., V. II. SToKE' MuRf. fcK WM. T. RCBKk CAHRIA02 rACTOH?. ELJJTUCHY AND fa) MAIN STRKET, Nos. T AN! i.i TI .ii. KI: Ii ..riii-V- JiAKKR k liUliK U NORTH SEAR B1UXK.TWU kv.KK i.orisvii.i.i- Its (iF ALL r. ai t KIM'S OF LUillT IKKIACK. nrwiit:iv lo ull ai.l xaui:ri. All onier prointly ailciiil i lo. itl BlitAREd ABOVE THE ttALT UUL9K, K IWAT-'. FF.RiVlNS IX Brd'ilE?. our sun k bri.r pun hari n All wort ot ail kin la one nfatnrAA anl 'lia- - tr PHUNIX FOUNDERY, wai. ii. anA.iisraii:ii GRIST MILLS, &c, BECil'ED. - QRHSCS. over- - sW bolliiu'.ill vs Suninrers, Senses, FVtuI-ii:Bulkier el al. .1 s.ilne onh r. It.tiu lion; rule aiainat (....i,:,i, vs bili treult Court to return reeonl ol. Miepliertl vs Meluiiie, an.l Fetiteiii for re heirins filed. Ueiry v ILtiuiiloti, taili; Aiiiuiueiit eoutiml-- il bj Ji.d,-Farrow lor B. A. PIERS01X, OFFICK AND Rr.SIDF.XeROX JKKFKIt.V r uortli Ml.le, lour iloori, at,ve houbiVllli. teil.l.twly & PITKIN, WIAHD f.llil.tvtr MAIN DRUG! WrV. 1N ITK TliK ATl:.NTl"X l to our sprini: utoe-- 01 AVtfllTl.RKIlS OF VnTTT UC..1 j. I' I..IM. tr' i NO CO., Call,, an.l when you waul ttie bert It ! a No. feU V. yT" . House-Smithin- :"! -- !TIRrM. L hniik M'Li ti;Ai!r:Nl.AL l..r. nr. rk In TO NV DEALERS STREET, BETWEEN M KKCHANTS AND M AM maSliu tu.'ir SADDLERY t il EDWARD WILDKR, 4ts Main at. D.iZt.N, KUKIV-pAlNT liKl e.l and for sale by KDWARD Wll.lKH. 4 Main t. fell jo 1KIZKN, SJ!I'K KliLHKs.-lhtcf.l Fl and lor aala by fell V.inVAl'.D MLHKlt.4I.S M in st ri'AR! TAIt! TAlit A So lil.N (Inr-No. Wllinlnetoii Tar; 4 hall Mi's " i,( arrive per Ktr. Maguolia, and for sale low to cloi iit. l y ft tiALLAUHF.R, fe8 South side Main St. Sicond an.l Third. I'I'I.K BRASUY'. KO bllLH Al'l'LK BRANDY, FRY iV Une, lor taic r. AMUONY ZANOXE 4 SDN', Fiftl stre.-tfel2 m ion.l door ix low M.mi. lor sale bv A.NTUOXY ZANOXE ft SOX, Fifth street, jwoiid .i.x.r - hiwMain I' WlRfrSllUEilitTAXrTsliirKRT WINE. SSI Fort H Milira Wtno; for do; 16 frberry site ty AN lildNY ZA.XONE ft SON. feU feI2 N WAREHOUSE), FIFTH AAD SIXTH, Louisville, Kv. FACTUK K.R." WOULD FIND IT TO THEIR INTEREST TO EXAHTM from a d'.taiice will be and to a II maile in person. !T Jit tr .A. J. MLatL 7 .! A.t TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, THIHD STItKKT, UETWEEN MAIN AND WATER, KNiilT. T. A. llARKitW. ei7 dn It. shoes, SEVENTH AND EIGUTII, & SOX. i tf. I A T T), STOKES. I Coach and Saddlorv Hardware I (IF W. KN'J'IT A CO. Id rltKHYr; Currau I'nj liavlm; his int Harrow, of Kv. an.l W !S. ht i.r.Vu, !i' who will of V. 8. Knott ft Co. the del-IThe underpinned, proprietois ot the National Hotel. l. an-cal-.- l Kipilldliou ol Ix.uisviile in the center ol Holielt the patronage ol ii'elr the puLhr. VI. 1 LOUISVILLE SY. National Hotel. 1. IM No. 435 M ALS STKCET, BETTTEE. .y J wua CO., S. 1) . & axr WHOLESALE- (OLD- - ES TABL SUED OSTKI AND 2 JEWF.1.S cau tie KMiAl.lAdat It- K.'lt DIFFERKNT proeuieot WVih an Jew k M. h KSMUCK IryMi.reof TI Tilr.1 st . bnt. Main an.l M..rk. . H iii.Uwr Knteniber l.ith g VV. H (woccob to n f a note). OF AND DEALER JVIasonic. rrilK HUM 1., A. fiSAW REACTION WHEELS, POR OR GRIST MILLS, no2 JiwCm . I star I'ictL'I'.k ua Ill Main btieel, near Fourth. llrv "tiik tip III' IU1 .i!i!t. r v liu.W!MS- - No3. 370 AND 372 MAIN .lone; an.l turrs in the art. call al r r?7JtK?Jr. ioots KT. DKAMiltj VANKKK i PIATT, ALLEN . (SUCCKSSOHH ao-- CANADIAN :. ..i MCE, FOR l.tM K ini. Al- -. .m-. .frrZTJZ. 100,000 Fhotographs in one Minute ''lll! It i.i..i.u F IKON RAILING?. JAIL." VERANDA". Mi'i'. - rs. !i-r: AIo, evrrT variety oi IKoN Wyrilk lor i--l Ki:s, l..r of pattom vrTT aultan- - L the lin.toimat th horlr noiire, an.l at pru- a low aa wi ll to II. lr a.lvanuu:. ui tiive us a tail mia i.iiri riiiniua eiacwlieiau Urier l I. A A KiMK I'K Mt o s. l.y I.. r uuniPoii niveu lo JAIL auKk ana bli t.l.AH-i'1e kr H. J. MKAD k 9Ttt JO. D. ALLEN WL r. li r ail artiiles .ii LniL's'isu. which we are enahle.l ro orler at unusual- ly low prices anil upon t!ie must uiorai le teruw. felo.liw J. jt. MtiltKl it ihi.VS, 41 Main st. I'aiiit.-.-. io. Works. & SOX, II. J. IEAI GREEN STREET, OPPOSITE THE CUSTOUHOUSM rr" LOUISVILLE. - Iron Hailing and Spring Barley! IIVNDKKD ltUillKLji, EXTRA For sale ly 55'fjKISS' - l- SEGMENTS, SHAFTING, rULLIi:S,C DENTIST. MMIREE L seed. ic. IU MILL ULAK1.NU, Argent GEARING, CIRCULAR OP. SASU nOTCII- - GUDGEONS, TON-GI- vs Clu'stnut, Laurel; petition for MILL GINS, ."AW & CRANKS, Af- -- ENGINES, FOR STEAM COTTON Court; Ullwlk I STREET, OPPOSITE THE ARTESIAN WELL, LOriSVILLE, KY. ltt, Kelt, and paid a promptly adln.t-- SAML. II. ISAKKti hy Jii.Iko Klrt.v vsfiuno l al. Jellersoii: Ailiniie-lK.luiuii ls el al, vs Kelly et al, Ly.iu Cireull urmcu. ByH Assets $320,000 do do A TENTH for rehearing liaili; argument continued Laruuai DRAINING MACHINES. clion. tu:Es, brry ft- - darxtlm E. BARBAROUX, ISUOCKSSOK Tt l. iiciim-rsovs llruci, I,nWvil.iChaiK erv: aflirmcM. Xurtliwoteni hank of irciuia v. Kudiier, l.ouisviMe nitlnued. vs tluiuwoixl, Moiitu'onierv; revet c4. !i:iU'uool Jol1UM.1t s Allen et al, Klemtu; petition KT. BIIAXXON & TIIATCHEIl, Chancery; Nicholas; Co., SAN IRANClSOOv CAU CAUSES DKUI.ID. balliiuraU vs Summers, Co & CHICAOO. ILL. BOSTON. MA? 3. w..:-.- iRANKFoKT, Xeale, Harris X Co UUISYILLK. KY. " Court of Appeals. AGKXTS. Son, &. I.OriAVII.LE, t J. VHKi:K Kr . Vi K iitri. Uy. KY, WILL AT ALL TIM KS KRKP A Oi ND ARTICLK OF olR OWN M XVFA(TVR an-i'euueww Ural, to bl h we call th aiwuuoa ot llie i:,un u. j. .VilNOll'...- - ,ii, uwi - K 11. FKitM VIRCIIM I KpALK TKAiHt iviLSAJIitiJi J. W. f WibliLa? MINOTT LEWIS & CO., aoing Worlis, TENTH STREET, UETWEEN WALNUT AND C1IEHTVUT I0TJISVILIE, KY. MANtTAfTORY ai'U'.r.i f OF POiR!. BLIND?. SAU. WIN WW AND DmH FRAMK." (iiai-,1on Uaii.l Always ftii. ,""h- UJ dtrua K"'l""s-t- "" Valentines ! Valentines ! ! lrrw.i ATTKNTIOM TO MT fCPKKlUR AND aiit t'l tuic S ol Ar. Having Hit- - rooxt ciHtipMr In ilitr city, anil 1111- .l.lruiitmt lo Uiiu . lir tH-1 would Ouu they can be had a.ivn all lo i,.vc lue a rail. MADDKN"S Bookstore, FT ThM sV fcS IWon.DCALL Valftitnir t'sr.lH. t. MOLDIN03 J'''N1m to o,a M t NTT Vihai--i.i-- 7 A, Ar Vlil. 1JJU Drags, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, s, wr.iiw.4:iAss, jL.4s.swtHt. m ll'41t TOBA'Xli, 4m ort .sn Wt lli .ti .ly v '"'"Oi'R HlLaVV SFRixJlKPOR. ft!"4 of l,iKla Iu our line, u whi. our trlMtOKMal drairs 4er.y. a wa can U. Ar3 JAW A. koillNao it. a c'6.. O Mala at. '' -

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