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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), July 18, 1963

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1963 Colson MRS. PAGE 5 Blair Branch H ATT IE PROFITT HAS DINNER GUESTS; BONNIE COLLINS TRANSFERRED By MABEL KISER of Mrs. HattieProffittwereMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Collins and Jeffry of Jeffersonville.Ind.; Mrs. Lavena Sexton and granddaughters Linda Mrs. Cora and Helen Martin; Watts, Ricky and Tresa, and Hennie Adams, Jim Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Adams. Bonnie Faye Collins, telephone operator at Pikeville, was home with her parents the Millard ColShe has been lins last week. transferred to Winchester. Barbara Amburgey has returned home after a visit with her aunt in Clearwater, Fla. Mrs. Bruce Baker is home from Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington, after surgery. Supper guests of the Bruce Bakers were Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Taulbee, newly weds who haa been honeymooning in the Smoky Mountains. Mrs. Taulbee is the former Betty Everidge, daughter of the Garl Everidges. Berl Risner,' Orlando, Fla, , has been in to visit the Bruce Bakers. The Bakers' son Gerald is home after a two-westay in Orlando, Fla. The Rufus Holbrooks are home after a week end in Lexington with their children Charles and Judy Hall, and especially the grandson Gregory. The Willard Halls have their children Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hall, Jr. , and family and Mr. Recent dinner guests ek and Mrs. Hillard Proffitt all in from Indianapolis. Sorry to hear about the fire at thelsom stock yard. It destroyed a restaurant ana another building and a car for Mitchell Wright. I did not hear how it started. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Collins and Jeffery have been visiting her mother Mrs. Lavenna Sexton and his parents the Arlie Collins and otter relatives in Colson. We extend sym pathy to the family of Delzia Collins, about 73, who died at his home in Springfield this week. He was a brother of Earl Collins and Mrs. Rannel Maggard. Hennie Adams had a family reunion at his old homeplace last Among those there were week. his sister Mrs. Mattie Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Collins, Mr. and Mrs. ArchMorton, Mrs. As-Sexton, Mrs. Alfa Adams, Mrs. Mabel Clare Adams, and childrenDianne, StevieandKay, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Richardson and William Henry, Inez Adams, and Kenneth Collins. We should do more of this, maybe we would have better times. Mrs. Columbus Sexton had a birthday dinner Sunday for her daughter Lois and her sister Dora Casy. Guests included Mr. and Mae and MarMrs Jay Sexton-.Rentha Sexton, Mrs. Lynn Vergeson and children and Mrs. Doll Vergeson. I was glad to hear through Mrs. Columbus Sexton of her sister a Sadie King Hall, a childhood Sadie is doing friend of mine. fine and lives in Indiana. She is married to Leonard Hall, who is a construction worker. They have five children. Mrs. and Mrs. Bennie Craftare home from vacation in Batesville Indiana, where they saw their daughter and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blair. Mr. Blair is principal of the elementary school in Batesville. The Crafts also visited Petersburg, and saw his brothers Watson and Ira, and their sister Drusilla, Mrs. H. Davidson. Ira and his family were visiting from Junction City, Ga. Tney saw their son Eddie who is a radio technician in Columbus, Ohio, and in Springfield they had a visit with another brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Craft. They also visited the Wright -- Patterson Field and saw the big planes. In Winchester they saw Mrs. Craft's father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Taylor. They came back by the way of Charlestown and saw her sister, Mr. and Mrs." Lawrence Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Lucas are and in fair both home now health. Another happy girl home from a Florida vacation is Miss Geor- -. She and Barbara gia Bowens. Amburgey went to Florida by bus, going thru to Tampa from Bristol. She visited her sister and brother-in-laMr. and Mrs. Estill Amburgey in Clearwater, While there she went Fla. sv.'imminginthe AManticOcean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Tampa Bay. She liked Florida so much she says- - she would like to go She got back there to live. some sunburn, though. She is w, MRS. BILL ADAMS back at her job in Whites-bur- g. She was accompanied home by her sister and brother-in-lawho will visit in Kentucky for a while. While on her vacation. Miss Bowen stopped off in South Carolina and visited with her aunt, Mrs. Ted Boatright, and her husband. now CONTINUES ILL w, IN LEXINGTON By NORA BLAIR ELDR1DGE ROXANA NEWS (from Page 2) Carlos Frazier and little son of Chicago, 111., have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Carl Frazier of Roxana. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Whitaker of Linefork have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stidham of Roxana. Mr. and Mrs. Mose Adams' and son Michael of Roxana have returned from Chicago, where they visited their daughter and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frazier. Mr. and Mrs. Kindan Frazier visited their son and daughter-in-la- w and granddaughter, Audrey Kay, in Chicago. Henry Day of Indiana visited his brother, George Day of Kingscreek. Harry Stamper of Charlestown, Ind. , has visited his family at Roxana, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Stamper. Harold Fields of Kingscreek has gone to Indiana looking for work. Linda and Herbert Fields of visiting their brother and His wife, Mr. and Mrs. As-t- or Fields of Roxana. Polly Ison and son Douglas visited John Isom of Cumberland. George Isom of Roxana has from a fishing trip in Tennessee. ed Mrs. Bill Adams was transferred to a Lexington hospital for treatment. We all hope she will be home again soon, feeling better. Mrs. Julia Caudill also was transferred to a Lexington hospital for treatment after a three-mon- th stay in the Whitesburg Memorial Hospital. The wedding of Miss Barbara Adams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Adams, to Kenneth Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Verlon Cor-ne- tt, took place at the home of Mrs. Crit Eldridge Friday, July 12, at 1 o'clock. We wish them lots of happiness. John Wright of Cincinnati visited his mother Polly W. Bentley at the home of his sister and brother-in-laMr. and Mrs. Bill Brown, Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Denver Ison and Elizabeth of Xenia, Ohio, visited the Bill Browns. Jim Fields of Doty Creek was taken to the Whitesburg hospital very ill. Mr. and MrS. Hubert Eldridge. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Williams and B. H. Blair visited Mr. and Mrs. Crit Eldridge Sunday. Verl'on Ison and family 'of Indiana visited Tina Ison and Mr. and Mrs. George Caudill for a few davs. . Cecil cdllins "and family of Dayton visited the France. Bl'airs. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Morton of Jackson are visiting friends in Letcher Coiinty. Our neighbors are always welcome. Mr. and Mrs. Daid Adams have returned home after I sit ing their children and friends. w, THE DEPENDABUES FROM DODGE ! I 2UMMER I IF YOU'D LIKE TO DRIVE A GREAT BARGAIN I v PRESSES I hi iv onp getanotherfRK WHITESBURG BARGAIN STORE BE I OUR GUEST The car shown above is a '63 Dodge Polara hardtop, a beautiful bargain if there ever was one- -a good reason why Dodge sales are up 65.5 so far this model year. For one thing, the Polara is priced with Ford and Chevy. For another, it's backed by a 50,000-mil- e warranty And to seal the bargain, Dodge Dealers are giving the best deals in their history. So be our guest and come drive this bargain. The '63 Dodge. At your Dodge Dealers now. THE LOW PRICE five-ye- roue Dodge Dealer's Warranty against detects in material and workmanship on 1963 cars has been expanded to include parts replacement or repair without charge lor required parts or labor for five years or 50.000 miles, whichever comes first, on the engine block, head and internal parts; transmission case and internal parts (excluding manual clutch), torque converter, drive shaft, universal joints (excluding dust covers), rear axle and differential, and rear wheel bearingsprovided the vehicle has been serviced at reasonable intervals according to the Dodge Certified Car Care schedules. 1363 DODGEM! DODGE DIVISION Wt!& CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION JORDAN MOTOR CO Jenkins, Highway 23 SEE "EMPIRE", NBC-T- V. Ky. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS.- -

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