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Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 7, no. 6, June 1916

Part of Kentucky alumnus

it ";,}" ` . _ o Fr Jl * T 1,. Jr · viii, . t s . a s 5 ity ` THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 7 . 2 l j iqls ome you feel that they have not received the full measure of that something which they l . encement were entitled to when they graduated—that something which inspires sentiment Q of great -love—devotion——enthusiasm for Alma Mater. The older and more exper- ’ ;un your ienced they become, the keener they feel and realize it. Proof of this may be tl]? ` y 2 corner- obtained from the results of hundreds of other colleges and universities which :_ j ` should not be any better than the University of Kentucky and most certainly i I >ecome a have no better young women and men as material. » · = i ‘ 1owleclge, The University is no better and can be no better than its finished product- t wif ; _ ( , the men and women, the alumni, it turns out, and the character of this i i irrow, of finished material depends entirely on the ability of the institution to mould and · l ength of shape the youth of the Commonwealth into good citizenship. The University J and your therefore must have proper guidance; it must have men and women to teach ` l ‘ and to teach right; it must be free from selfish and political blight; it must `_ M K er defeat have facilities and equipment; it must have the ability of arousing and waking §_: ‘ late from up its pupils and setting them forward in the path of accomplishment and l zady been duty. When these things are, there will be wholesome and proper spirit, love, “* g i' men and respect and support of the alumni and people of the State generally. E g` J ll! 3 » .ltl1. The The alumni appreciate this as never before as their own families grow up if ` ll first try and the time comes for them to take a college course. Q ,~_ _ "gifj ; In enunciating the policy of The Alumnus in i, I .ssociation The Alumnus the December issue, one of the principles set ‘‘`` ig" zion is to forth is: "To speak plainly and without color on {lm}? ‘ .:< Jlater and all subjects under consideration affecting the Association and the University." ll ,/W of friend- This, The Alumnus has endeavored to do—in other words, to state facts, to tell · ph ~ the truth, thus assuming that the truth would not, at least should not, hurt any ii? mmiy Who, One, but ethereby hangs the tale," In acknowledging the truth and being frank `kw ill g rth above. enough to state it, The Alumnus has incurred displeasure. t_ ,,= s r, ‘ ion, to be The Alumnus is the oiiicial organ of the Alumni Association with no " ` as, nor the desire for reward except the consciousness of duty well perf0rmed—and duty jj if f i iing, their well performed is a hard task these days. Nobody knows this better than t service if The Alumnus. r i ’l ;',lj, ody of the The Alumnus refuses to advance the propaganda of any faction or interest i? * rustees are and is subservient to no cause except the betterment of the Association for` illliili ‘ th jealous service to the University. In doing this, it believes that it reflects the sentiment 2 . of the Alumni, old students, professors and the true friends of the University. {iff; l $i¥,,§l;;,§§;‘? · institution For being true to its principles, The Alumnus has been severely criticised if ~ 7 from the and taken to task by some of the authorities and it has been requested that it be I _·`— E o in their taken from the bulletin series of the University publication and that the editor `L tg ;H.‘g,,,j·i l alumni, its resign, to both of which the editor yields. This issue therefore carries the I [·"r,i5fl[·?f. ‘ aspect and change in the title page necessary to remove it from the bulletin series of the i·;i’;i` f s expected University. The present editor’s term of service expires with this issuer { ’ s is Qi l» i•*z,§e, . :ollectivelY, {K Q 1 H I ij}!. Q , it # jih 3 li i ‘ l. : , iff { I i .J1'i·.; ; Y E i aytlgs Y i 1 5 fit?. i T :- si A w as

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