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Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 7, no. 6, June 1916

Part of Kentucky alumnus

t " ,_ , . . - .» . .Ff ‘ - aa, t t it ;‘ z it t » as ?; 1 ¥ l vii ’% I . { 4 A. V ’» T 6 THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS j Class of 1916, We greet you and welcome you ‘," i · glu, qq; into the ranks of loyal alumni. Commencement is a great day in your lives. It is a day of great ffl, ~ achievement, but it is the achievement of having successfully begun your C l _fy _ . education. You have been laying the foundation and have laid the comet-- ` stone. You are commencing now the superstructure. Your stay in the college has or should have prepared y0u to become a i, student. You have the means at hand now by which you can acquire knowledge, it wisdom and culture. i Every experience and adventure in life, whether of joy or sorrow, of ~ success or failure, of ease or pain, will contribute to your strength of _ - character and joy of living, if only you keep your faith unimpaired and your ’ i heart filled with charity. ` l If only truth and right be your guide, no circumstance can ever defeat you, but if ever the love of power and material gain make you deviate from ; the path of rectitude, then you invite defeat; indeed you will have already been ‘ defeated. Remember the State has educated you to be strong men and { women, not mere machines for creating or accumulating material wealth. The world needs you and is waiting with open arms to receive you, but will first try you out, and then to permit you to serve. l vit T} The constitution of the Alumni Association , The _A,,,¤.;,,e;,,¤ states: “The object of this Association is to promote the best interests of Alma Mater and ` the professional welfare of its members and to strengthen the bonds of friend- ship and social fellowship among the alumni of the University." , Every college or university worthy of the name has a body of alumni, who, Q individually or collectively, have for their purpose the object set forth above. iii It is their duty and privilege as alumni, the children of the institution, to be interested in their Alma Mater. They would not be true to themselves, nor the friends of education, nor the institution that gave them their training, their . ~ intellectual birth, their vision of the future, their equipment for life’s service if they were not. And, it is befitting, for they are the only permanent body of the ' institution, the professors, the officers and members of the board of trustees are merely transitory. It is very natural that they watch and guard with jealous J interest the welfare of their Alma Mater. »' If the alumni have not that interest, love and devotion for the institution tg Q that has given them their training, they have failed to get somet/zing from the B 5 institution which is justly theirs and a very important factor too in their make-up. If the institution cannot give the boys and girls——the alumni, its ‘ ( finished product, that something and thus command the love, respect and devotion of the alumni, it is not doing the kind of work that is expected of it and living up to its opportunities. . The alumni of the University of Kentucky, individually and collectively, f *6 ‘ * » — t .... r or g ‘’.‘ i";;;;T

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