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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 7, no. 6, June 1916.

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Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 7, no. 6, June 1916

Part of Kentucky alumnus

.>. . ;'»i·° tl tirl i · T il .,, i’ vi Fiiii ' 1 ir} . · ‘ ? I =<¤` L 2r . ; l E i 1 Y. 2, l ii} 2;é¤ ’ g ,»,Qr F THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS W r r itz 1 at r .- il iii i ` um Africa. t Q — i“i; l f ‘ ° ° · l wir l ]E»dillli©lI°H<°$1ii ©©IOIil)]$H@]IHli] A { . . i.. Yi 5 l ANNOUNCEMENTS. i i i } ¤, · " 5 All signs of the University for 1917 read: “This way to the Golden Jubilee.” _l i : , i‘“’“°"’·" A i' §?°l* i;.2-` I _ ____ f . l If you do not appear correctly in the Directory, kmdly look mto a mirror g_` , n€S’ Wash` and do your talking. Ei} i i Bureau of U i , E The Alumnus desires to acknowledge the receipt with thanks and appre- ., .*· ` gt0¤» D· C· riation of two life subscriptions to the Association—Dr. Philip L. Blumenthal, fyi l ’09, and Raymer W. Tinsley, ,12, , The 1‘€SultS of the Alumni election of officers for the Association are; yi I President, J. M. Graves, Pittsburg, Pa.; Vice-President, ]_ H_ Gardner, Tulsa, 1 CYEQYY will Okla.; Secretary-Treasurer, J. D. Turner, Lexington, Ky., and the Executive _,; ,,0, Committee, J. F. Battaile and Louis F. Hillenmeyer, of Lexington, Ky. ' *10. For Board of Trustees of the University, J. F. Battaile and S. B. Marks. _‘_,, L. ,§ $. iii. T-fil ii A ,111;,1 The fifth installment of the “Early History of Athletics," by Prof. A, M. Qj,,; ~‘€j ',j,§ Tn: qi; Miller, does not appear in this issue, due to the lack of space on account of the {A , · ¥,1‘,u_ Directory. This installment will appear in the next issue. · Katia. . . . iii i ··rr eifw i ii *12; The Alumnus 1S pleased to announce the formation of two Alumni Clubs- ,l}#*J.`,@i ,*‘· 3%; ,]% , The Oklahoma Club, with headquarters at Tulsa, Okla., and The Eastern is 2;;-,,gi<{,· ,3.. Kentucky Club, with headquarters at Ashland, Ky. Also, others are in process Y ;4{14_ of orgar|iz3,1;i0n_ , , *14. J , ,1iis, The Alumnus has been sent to all Alumni for the past year, whether they , {·i;zlt,,g?‘·l i paid their dues or not, to show them that we are making a determined eiiort to i= g succeed—to help the Association and the University. It goes without saying i' _ that this was done at a considerable sacrifice. All must appreciate this. It was i done to interest you—to put aglow that little spark of loyalty, love and gh i devotion for the University that still smoulders and lingers, and we feel that Q'.; l, _; Q it has brightened the spark in the memories of many for they have told us so. L· Z Beginning with the new year—the next issue—The Alumnus will be sent ‘ _ to only those who subscribe or pay dues to the Association. `i_ il l? .2 . é A , . ,\,»,4` is , i»f.§¤ z ii s F i E . iii i Z E . ,. rs i h , :'¥»,>i

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