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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), March 16, 1916

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

j fintd n waived as JEPPERSONTOWN ILLUSTRATED 0IOCIRAPHICAL SUPPLEMENT Mchi6, idle I Progressive Citizens of Jeffersontown, Ky. S THREE GENERATION 0 OF THE COE FAMILY. S. S. COE MARY ELIZABETH COE LOUIE COE our Mr. Coe is a member of the Baptist Perhaps no other section of church and also belongs to the Junior ' fc,. ' '" I'lH I' Ml. reason of the fact that three geneA good likeness of Mr. Louie C. rations are shown, also where there Coe is also shown above. He is a son is a face of a child there is something of Mr. S. S. Coe and was born at to attract, something to interest and Canton, Mo., Nov. 26, 1887. On Oct. something to love. 25, 1011, he was married to Miss The picture to the right in the above Mable Tucker, of this county. They group is a good likeness of Mr. S. S. have one child, Mary Elizabeth, age Coe, who has recently embarked with two years, whose likness is given his son, Louie, fn an enterprise known above. as the Jeffeajfchtown ( Image. In February of last year Mr. Coe born July 28, 1851, established the Jeffersontown Garage h hapel, Jefferson has been a success from the be- son of Alex and Mary 'ginning. His father recently became In 1871 he was married a member of the lirm and they carry Ith Maddox, of Illinois, a full line of automobile accessories, )n were horn live chil- - electric supplies, oil for farm mallen, Lee, Edgar, Louie chinery, roof and house paints. Mr. "Several years after the Coe is a member of the Baptist 'wife Mr. Coe was mar church and takes an active interest ls Virgie Drake Oct. 12, In Sunday School work and everyto this union two children thing for the betterment of the T)orn, Sunshine and Gladys, .1 I coun-lwhic- j E. G. HEWITT. Hardware. CARL A. HUMMEL Advertising Manager. Carl Asa Hummel was born November 8, 1888, in Jeffersontown, and is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Hummel. He was educated in the common school and is a graduate from Bryant & Stratton Business School g in and business prac tice. He took the complete architec tual course in the International Correspondence School and served his apprenticeship with Balke & Co. Iron Works, Louisville, in the drafting room for four years, after which he was head draftsman for some time In January, 1913, Mr. Hummel was employed by TheJeffersonian as book keeper and advertising manager. He has made a study of advertising and has become an expert along that line. He writes the ads. for many of the big Louisville firms that are patrons of this paper, and by his pleasing and close attention to personality business has made many friends for The Jeffersonian, as .veil as for himself. On October 12, 1914, Mr. Hummel was married to Miss Anna C. Weibel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Weibel, of Louisville. They are the proud possessors of a fine son, William Weibel Hummel, aged 4 months. Mr. Hummel takes an active interest In the welfare of the community. He is an officer in the Jeffersontown Methodist church, and Epworth Sunday-schoo- l, League; teacher in the and is very active in religious work. He is a member of the Masonic, Odd Fellows, Junior Order and M. W. of A. fraternal orders. P. K. MILLER. The Insurance Man Of .Lnii'own, is one of our best citizens. He came to us from Bullitt county about eighteen years ago and is-- a son of Mr. H. T. Miller, a promHis inent farmer of that county. mother Was Miss Melissa Knadler, of JefWpson county. On December 23rd, 1897, Mr. Miller was married to Miss Anna B. Winand, daughter of Mr. John A. Winanoof this county. Mrs. Miller died of typhoid fever October 16, 19U9, leaving two children, Maud E., now 15 years of age, and Lawrence T., 12. Mr. Miller was educated at Southern Normal School, of Bowling Green, Ky. and later took a business course at Bryant & Stratton Business College. He fclhe honor of representing The Home Insurance Co., of New York, which is the largest fire insurance company in the world and he devotes jis entire time to this line flisiiiess, writing insurance against loss by fire, lightning and tornado. Also writes insurance on live stock against death by any cause. Mr. Miller has built up a large fire insurance business. He has the Cumberland telephone and an automobile and ix'n'Kf prompt service to putrons all over the county. Mr. Miller is a courteous gentleman anihas many friends over Jefferson anr adjoining counties. He is a member of the Christian church and also belongs to the Masonic or der of Jeffersontown. , The above likeness is that of Mr. who came to us last year from Louisville, where for many years he was with Belknap Hardware Co. He brought with him a first-clas- s hardware store, something Jeffersontown had long been in need of. The style of the firm is E. G.Hewitt Hdw. Co, and they carry a full line of hardware, stoves, farming implements, glass, paints, oils, etc. Their terms are strictly "cash." Mr. Hewitt was born in Louisville December 27, 1882, and is a son of J. C. and bargh Gilmore Hewitt. He was married to Miss Elizabeth Evans, E. G. Hewitt, of Bardstown, in l'J03, and they have two boys, Gilmore and Alton. Mr. Hewitt is a member of the Baptist church and president of the B. Y. P. U. and they Their telephone Is 41-will be glad to hear from you ov the wire. Jeffersontown gladly welcomes the Hewitt family. J. book-keepin- I ! Jtffersoniwi is 1 jbVkbII mm GEO. A. HOKE. The subject of this sketch belongs to one of the oldest and best families of Jefferson county, being a son of J. A. and Frances Snider Hoke, lie was born September 7, 18(55, in Jeffersontown and has lived his entire life among the scenes of his childhood. On Dec. 25, 1891), he was married to Miss Katie Brintlinger, of Louisville. He is n member of the Jeffersontown M. E, church, and by occupation a paper hanger and decorator, who has every reason to be proud of his work. He is well known in this vicinity by a ljng list of well pleased tomers. His telephone is No. 15-J. m WM. F. SCHINDLER. Above is shown a likeness of Mr. Wm. P, Schindler, our village blacksmith, who came to us a few years ago from Middletown. He was born near Anchorage, Ky., June 14, 1884, and is a son of Jacob P. and Mary Schindler. On December 20, 190G, he was married to Miss Ell Downey, of Middletown, Ky. Mr. aj,d Mrs. Schindler have three bright little girls, Emma Louise, Mary Elizabeth and Ruth. Mr. Schindler carries a full line of mowing machine repairs, puts on rubber tires, is a fine workman, and especially competant in the art of shoeing horses and is therefore building up a nice trade at Jeffersontown. Mr. and Mrs. Schindler and children are just the kind of folks we like to have locate with us. Jeffersontown will gladly welcome all such families. J. R. NUTTER. everyone in this community knows "Hud" Nutter, for every day in the year he wears the same smiling face, and, therefore, has many friends. He was born May 27, 1874, in Jefferson county, Ky., and is a son of David R. and Melissa Hawes Nutter. On October UO, 1805, he was married to Miss Bertha Shroat, and to this happy union three children have been born, Julius Irvin, Pearl Hazel and Bartlett Edward. He is an ardent member of the church, a staunch Democrat, Chaplain of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Jeffersontown, Councilor of the Junior Order. By occupation he is a roller engineer of long experience, skilled in the art of modern road construction and has put the (inishing touches on many of our finest boulevards. He delights in making the way smooth for others, wherein we ind a moral. Most It W i !! Basaa-- i v a Suburb of Beautiful ronpl, it I Mr. Blankenbaker was born August and is a son of the late Cuth- - i wwii ill "III .IIIIMMi 1, 1875, "" bert Blankenbaker, known through Jefferson and adjoining counties as a professional in the art of growing fine grapes. His mother, who is quite active for one of her age, prior to her marriage, was Miss Mary Bringman. On August 1, 1900, Mr. Blankenbaker was married to Miss Lula Moreland, of Trimble county, Ky., who enjoys an active interest in her husband's affairs. Thirteen years ago Mr. and Mrs. Blankenbaker embarked in the growth of flowers and plants, beginning in a Through small greenhouse 14x30. courtesy and close application to business they have enlarged their holdings until they now have five modern-l- y equipped greenhouses, each being They furnish 110 feet in length. wedding and floral designs, bedding plants, etc., giving prompt and personal attention to all orders, whether received at their office, by mail or over Cumb. Phone 83, Jeffersontown. treasurer. In fraternal circles Mr. Riley en joys the confidence of all brothers, if we may judge by the fact that he is treasurer of the I. O. O. F. as also of the Junior Order at Jeffersontown. He is also a Woodman and a member of the Rebekahs, treasurer of the Town Board, and a conservative, but successful merchant, who believes in "Safety First." 1 22-- , J. Jefferson Academy, now the Mittler residence. Mr. Goose was educated in the public schools and also the Forest Home Military School, now the Kentucky Military Institute, near Lyndon. He is an elder in the Jeffersontown Presbyterian church; president of the Second District Sunday School Association of Jefferson county, and takes an active interest in church affairs. Mr. Goose has been a farmer all of his life. His wife before her mar- riage was Miss Levia A. Jones. Mr. Goose is public spirited, liberal and charitable, being a contributor to the new school in Jeffersontown and other worthy causes. He is a stockholder and was one of the organizers of the Jefferson County Bank; first secre tary of the Jeffersontown Commercial Club, and is a member of the MidE. E. GOOSE. dletown Growers Association. Edwin Everett Goose was born In politics Mr. Goose is a Republi January 22, 1800, in Jefferson county, !can and has done much for the wel- Ky., in the Tucker Station neighbor- fare of his party, having served on many important committees in his hood, a few miles east of Jeffersonparty. He was U. S. census enumertown, and has lived in the same com- ator in 1900, and was postmaster at munity nearly all of his life. He is a Tucker's Station for many years. He son of the late Preston W. Goose and was the first rural free delivery carElizabeth Hummel Goose, his father rier on Route 14 out of Jeffersontown. Mr. Goose is one of our most well- being one of the pioneer citizens of o citizens; has made a success in this community, progressive and onejlife) and ,lumbers his friends by the of the largest stockholders in the old ; hundreds. to-d- DR. JOHN R. SHACKLETTE. S. H. BLANKENBAKER. its Mr. and Mrs. Riley have a nice stock of dry goods, shoes, notions. etc., and best of all they have manv It f.wtt.f,,! ,,,,of m..,. ,.,!, U.... II .11 !HU ihiuii ui v hdvvihvi o WI1U to appreciate the Riley store. Mr. Riley keeps a phone for the benefit of his friends and customers, the number of which is Cumberland t :?oc&:drc: li I Kentucky Press Association since 191 1. Active in the affairs of his community. Former president of the Jeffersontown Commercial Club, and while serving in this capacity was one of the first to help raise a fund of $16;000 necessary for the building of school. Mara modern and ried September 3, 1908, to Viola Buchanan Howell. Two children, William Chauncey and Korean Travis Alcockj Methodist; Superil tendent Sund School; Scout Maef, Boy Scout America, Jeffersontown Troop member. Masonic lodge and lows. Address: Jeffersontov I BEAUTIFUL SUBURB OF JEFFERSONTOWN. THOMAS B. RILEY. The subject of this sketch was born in Spencer county December 30, 1869, and is a son of J, C. and Mary Cook Riley. He was married to Miss Elera Shake October 25, 1900. Mr. Riley is a quiet, unassuming gentleman, a good business man and takes an active interest in church and lodge work. He is a deacon in the Jeffersontown Baptist church and also Glas-gow.K- y. - iihtntve - I Hospit- John Curtis Alcock was born January 21, 1881, on a farm near Son of the late Jchn L. and Alcock. Attended Emma (Duval) graded schools of Glasgow, Ky. Started out in a printing office and after filling various positions, bought half interest in the Kentucky Standard, Bardstown, Ky., where he remained Later moved to five or six years. feffersontown, Ky., and established The Jeffersonian (the only country newspaper in Jefferson County), of which paper he is the editor and owner. Secretary and treasurer of the :me::SCENE IN JEFFE RSON HEIGHTS Physician. The subject of this sketch is a member of our town board and takes an active interest in everything for the of Jeffersontown betterment and vicinity. Hence it is only proper that he should be represented in this edition, He was born June 8, 1888, in Meade county, Ky., and is a son of Mr. and Mrs, K. S. Shacklette. He is a graduate of University of Louisville, Class He was married to Miss of 1912. Jeanette Simpson, of Madison, Ind., June 20, 1910. Mr. and Mrs. Shacklette have one child, Lucille Jeanette, eight months old, of whom they are justly proud. He is a member of the Jeffersontown Baptist church and takes an active interest in all affairs pertaining to the uplift of the church. Dr. Shacklette is a gentleman of pleasing personality, progressive in spirit, and by reason of his affable manner has made many friends in Jefferson county. Dr. Shacklette located in Jeffersontown in 1912 and enjoys an extensive practice. E WANT EVERY PLANTER Seeds in Jefferson County, large or small, to receive our new descriptive Catalogue of Blue Ribbon Seeds for 1916. It is filled with valuable information on gardening and farming, comprising cultural information, best varieties to use, quantities to sow, approximate yields, hints on best methods, besides information regarding what seeds are to be sown and work to be done for each month in the year. Issued January 1. Write for your copy now while it is in your miftd. MAILED FREE. Of Woods, Stubbs INCORPORATED 219-22- 1 E. JEFFERSON, Blue Ribbon Seeds. & Company LOUISVILLE, KY. 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