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Image 18 of The News Enterprise March 8, 2012

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B4 SPORTS THE NEWS-ENTERPRISE THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2012 RECREATION ROUNDUP & BLUEGRASS OUTDOORS BASKETBALL WE WANT YOUR RESULTS AND PHOTOS! Fifth Grade B Division Champions E-town Blue won the Elizabethtown Youth Basketball League’s fifth grade B division championship. Front row, from left, are Garry Galloway, Matthew Pinkham and Jansen Wilson. Back row are coach Sheldon Lackey, Bradley Lackey, Ryan Hawkins, Mac Meyer, Kade Bailey, Jared Towell, Taiten Pritchard, Henry Waters and coach Matt Towell. There are four ways to turn in sports scores and photos: ■ E-MAIL: to We accept Word (.doc), Notepad (.txt), JPEG (.jpg) and bitmap (.bmp) files. ■ FAX: (270) 769-6965. Please write “Sports” on all pages. ■ MAIL: The News-Enterprise Sports Department, 408 West Dixie Avenue, Elizabethtown, KY 42701. ■ IN PERSON: At our office (address listed above). Office hours are from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. There is a drop box to the right prior to entering the second door for use during non-office hours. All submitted items must be received before noon Wednesday prior to Thursday’s publication. All items must have a contact name, phone number and first and last names of all participants. The N-E has the right to edit/crop all items. The N-E also has the right to hold items for publication because of space or time constraints. Photos should be of championship, runner-up or third-place individuals or teams. No phoned-in, handwritten, all-caps or items older than 45 days will be taken. For photos to be returned, submittee must turn in a self-addressed stamped envelope. For information, call Josh Claywell at (270) 505-1752 RESULTS BASKETBALL VINE GROVE YOUTH LEAGUE 7/8-YEAR-OLDS CLIPPERS 41, CAVALIERS 11 Clippers: Joshua Bankhead 15, Dayce Vaughn 11, Dalyon Vaughn 6, Benjamin Collins 4, Micah Parmes 4, Alex Patrick 1. Cavaliers: E. Haynes 11. 9/10-YEAR-OLDS CLIPPERS 18, PISTONS 4 Clippers: J.J. Garrett 16, Brandon Williams 2. Pistons: Ramon Smith 3, Wells Emery 1. 13/15-YEAR-OLDS WIZARDS 59, JAZZ 6 Wizards: Michael Dial 16, Blair Hall 14, Darren Sanders 10, Jeris Simmons 9, Javin Murray 8, John Whelan 2. Jazz: Adraian Marrelli 6. BOWLING DIX-E-TOWN-LANES THURSDAY NITE OPEN WEEK 26 STANDINGS All Balls 138-70 Corvins 130-78 Uncle Dan’s P&G 122-86 HMH 118-90 Curvy’s Pro Shop 116-92 Free Agents 116-92 M&M 114-94 Blue Beacon 112-96 Advance Auto Parts 108-100 AGC 107-101 Dean’s Gang 102-106 Just Throw It 101-107 Neighborhood Market 94-114 Team Leverage 92-116 ELAD Edge 90-118 WEEK 26 RESULTS High Game Bob Money 243-230-200 Tim Strait 242-233 Dennis Davis 242 Justin Luna 234-212 Tim Bryant 229-205 Jack Decker 227-224-207 Darrell Risinger 224-216 Dean Taylor 224 David Knoop 222-200 Micheal Hall 215 Timothy Mitchell 214-211-203 John Folco II 214 David Sims 213 Joe Evans 211 Derek Justis 211 David Lowe 210 Brian Grant 210 Ken May 205-200 Anthony Helm 205 Chris Stilts 204 George Wever Sr. 204 Buddy Grant Jr. 203 Robert Ash Sr. 203 Chris Marcum 201 Darrell McGuffin 201 High Series Tim Strait 674 Bob Money 673 Jack Decker 658 Timothy Mitchell 628 Darrell Risinger 622 Dennis Davis 614 Justin Luna 610 Ken May 596 Derek Justis 593 David Knoop 592 Tim Bryant 592 Darrell McGuffin 578 Dean Taylor 569 Buddy Grant Jr. 553 Chris Marcum 552 Micheal Hall 550 Robert Ash Jr. 550 SUNDAY NIGHT MIXED LEAGUE WEEK 26 STANDINGS Boot Country 73.5-30.5 Perry’s Tools 67-37 Clueless 62-42 4 Fun 60.5-43.5 Triple F 60.5-43.5 Curvy’s Pro Shop 60-44 Snack Time Vending 57-47 Team 2 53-51 Jungle Fever 52-48 The Braves 48-52 Back in Black 46.5-57.5 Early Bloomers 41-63 Andy’s Barber Shop 40-64 WEEK 26 RESULTS High Game (Men) Bryan Barner 245-211-184 Dave Pratt 221 Chuck Crum 213 James Stroud 213-203 Doug Wright 205 Jeff Childers 201-200 Billy Lutz 201-194 James Westmoreland 200-183 Butch Harbolt 200 Alan Barner 200 Billy Anderson 189 Luther Gary 188 Ed Sullivan 188 High Game (Women) Barbara Rollins 191 Kelly Monnette 187-180-157 Jennifer Herman 180-150 Annette Anderson 170-169 Kim Chatoney 165-158-152 Kathy Myers 164-163 Sabrina Barner 160 Mary Stroud 159-158 Cindy Wright 158 Janice Prather 157-155 Tanya Major 156-156 Pat Hewett 153 Stephenie Wright 151 High Series (Men) Bryan Barner 640 James Stroud 578 Jeff Childers 559 Billy Lutz 556 Dave Pratt 553 James Westmoreland 540 Ed Sullivan 535 Luther Gary 520 Alan Barner 519 Tom Chatoney 518 Chuck Crum 507 Doug Wright 505 Billy Anderson 503 Ricky Brooks 502 High Series (Women) Kelly Monnette 524 Jennifer Herman 477 Kim Chatoney 475 Barbara Rollins 474 Annette Anderson 471 Kathy Myers 464 Mary Stroud 452 Tanya Major 439 Janice Prather 439 Sabrina Barner 437 Stephenie Wright 411 Kathy Alberts 409 EARLY BIRDS MIXED LEAGUE WEEKLY STANDINGS BLKR 73.5-30.5 Rocky Mountains 61-43 Bad Draw 59-45 Easy Money 58.5-45.5 The Newbies 57-47 Half and Half 56-48 Over the Hill 50-54 Thompson’s Trucking 47.5-56.5 Killer Bees & G 45.5-58.5 WEEKLY RESULTS High Game (Men) Bob Money 248-230-211 Doug Thompson 225-182 Bob Ash 223-203-196 Bobby Ash 222-200 James Washington 215-192-180 Darrell Risinger 211-192 Jack Decker 209-192-191 Butch Hornback 200-182 Joe Hagan 196 Roy Steingrube 193 Dave Knoop 189 Bob Dotts 189 Lee Ferguson 186-182 High Series (Men) Bob Money 689 Bob Ash 622 Jack Decker 592 James Washington 587 Bobby Ash 585 Doug Thompson 576 Darrell Risinger 574 Butch Hornback 544 Lee Ferguson 541 High Game (Women) Dawn Ferguson 245-201-169 Beverly Money 226-182-180 Terry McHorney 197-177 Becky Harrell 196 Kathy Vandygrift 191-174 Marci Kauffeld 182 Lucy Ash 181-171-161 Sandra Deel 175 Lesa Steingrube 174 Bonnie Lush 170 High Series (Women) Dawn Ferguson 615 Beverly Money 588 Lucy Ash 517 Terry McHorney 502 Becky Harrell 496 Kathy Vandygrift 493 WOMEN’S LEAGUE WEEKLY STANDINGS Golden Girls 64-40 Uncle Dan’s Pawn 63-41 Team 4 60.5-43.5 E’town Laundry 60-44 Pin Splitters 59.5-44.5 WEEKLY RESULTS High Game Lucy Ash 205-164-155 June Pickerell 195-151 Cindy Strait 191 Deana Barnett 187 Karen Persful 169 Linda Maree 169 Martha Hornback 165-152 Beverly Money 159-151 Marilyn Helm 158 High Series Cindy Strait 562 Lucy Ash 524 June Pickerell 489 Deana Barnett 474 Joan Johnson 471 Kathy Vandygrift 462 Karen Persful 456 Beverly Money 454 MONDAY NIGHT CHURCH LEAGUE WEEK 27 STANDINGS Pin Collectors 147-69 Aloha Bowlers 133-83 Holy Rollers 119-97 Strikes R Us 115-101 Pin Busters 115-101 Wildfire 112-104 Strike Force 111-105 WEEK 27 RESULTS Men Scratch Game Terry Spaulding 242 Dennis Dean 203 John Lanz 195 Men Scratch Series Terry Spaulding 601 John Lanz 561 Clayton Bastian 552 Men Handicap Game Terry Spaulding 273 Dennis Dean 250 John Lanz 238 Men Handicap Series Terry Spaulding 694 John Lanz 690 Clayton Bastian 663 Women Scratch Game Judy Maurus 182 Barbara Colville 154 Tammy Mahoney 153 Women Scratch Series Lemora Washington 433 Judy Maurus 432 Barbara Colville 429 Women Handicap Game Judy Maurus 256 Samantha McDowell 248 Airy Tatum 241 Women Handicap Series Samantha McDowell 673 Tammy Mahoney 655 Judy Maurus 654 TUESDAY MORNING SENIOR WEEKLY STANDINGS ABCs 35.5-12.5 Mixed Nuts 31-17 Seven Ups 31-17 Mystery Bowlers 29-19 Wild Cats 27.5-20.5 We Can 27-21 Hit & Miss 25-23 Pen Pals 25-23 Tough Ones 25-23 We Try 21-27 Roller Coasters 21-27 Four Friends 18-30 Big Blue 15-33 WEEKLY RESULTS Women High Game Betty Raymer 201 Fran Hendrick 189-165-147 Thea Adams 183 Connie Denney 180-175-145 Chris Cantwell 173 Violet Knoop 157 Pearl Bell 152 Lou Talbert 150 Sue Parrett 149 Betty Meredith 144 Barbara Colville 143-140 Pauline Hackett 143 Ruth Pawley 140 Men High Game Bobby Bell 220-164 David Knoop 219-192-161 James Washington 210-207-173 Jim Clark 206 Garland Caver 202-172 Randy Langley 200-155 Roger McMaster 197 Bob Dotts 192-184-179 Doug Thompson 189-179-179 Billy Taylor 189-159-151 Omer Rucker 188-186-151 Joe Hagan 182-155-152 Gwen Carlson 177-166 Bill Noe 176 Bill Kegerreis 172 Darrell Risinger 169-167-164 R.B. Smith 169-166-153 Mansfield Smith 161 Charlie Totten 159 John Amos 156-148 HEALTH & INJURIES Study: High-school athletes return from concussions too soon By JACK KELLY Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Of 14,635 high-school sports injuries reported during the 2008-10 school years, 1,936 (13.2 percent) were concussions, according to an epidemiological study published in January in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. This was nearly twice the rate reported in earlier studies of highschool athletes. The increase isn’t as great as it seems. The earlier studies didn’t include boys’ ice hockey and boys’ lacrosse — where the incidence of concussions is fairly high — and one of the earlier studies didn’t count concussions if the time the athlete lost from sports activity was less than a day. Concussions in the 20 sports studied occurred most often as a result of player-toplayer contact and were more than twice as likely to happen in competition than in practice, researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, found. The one exception was cheerleading. Cheerleaders were 10 times more likely to be hurt in practice than while performing at games or competing in cheerleading competitions. Most of the concussions were mild. In 40 percent of cases, concussion symptoms disappeared within three days. A majority of athletes who suffered concussions returned to play within three weeks. About 25 percent returned to practice in a day. In 2 percent of cases, the athlete resumed play on the same day he or she suffered the injury. “This improper practice was widespread,” noted researchers Mallika Marar, Natalie McIlvain, Sarah Fields and R. Dawn Comstock, who found it in 12 sports they studied. “This clearly violates the consensus statement on sports-related concussion, which recommends that no adolescent athlete who sustains a concussion should return to play on the day of the injury.” The practice is more than improper, said Anthony Kontos, assistant research director for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Concussion Program. It’s against the law in many states. Athletes who suffer a concussion should wait at least a week after becoming asymptomatic before returning to the sport, the researchers said. “Any time there is a suspected concussion, it has to be automatic that the athlete is removed from competition or practice and is not returned until he or she is symptom-free at rest, have passed a baseline test and also have passed a test indicating the athlete is symptom-free after exertion,” Dr. Kontos said. The concussion symptoms most often reported were headache (94.2 percent), dizziness (75.6 percent) and concentration difficulty (54.8 percent). About 11 percent of the athletes who suffered concussions had had concussions before. The incidence of recurrent concussions was highest in wrestling (20 percent). Because repeated concussions can result in serious brain injury, it is especially important in these cases to “err on the side of caution” before permitting the athlete to resume play, the researchers said. By far the most concussions (47 percent of the total) were in football. Girls’ soccer (8.2 percent) was second. The safest sport was boys’ volleyball, where no concussions were reported. Concussions as a proportion of total injuries were highest in boys’ ice hockey, girls’ lacrosse and cheerleading. The researchers measured the relative risk of concussions in the various sports by athlete exposure, which was defined as one athlete taking part in one athletic practice or competition. Although most concussions were suffered by boys, “in all gender-comparable sports studied, girls had higher rates of concussions than boys, and concussions represented a greater proportion of all injuries in girls than in boys,” the researchers said, a finding consistent with earlier studies. Biomechanical differences in the head and neck may explain this disparity, the researchers said. But it may exist simply because “female athletes may generally be more honest about reporting injuries.” Most concussions were the result of athlete-to-athlete contact. Girls were more likely than boys to suffer concussions from contact with the playing surface and from contact with players’ equipment. This was especially true in girls’ lacrosse and field hockey. Because of this, “referees should remain especially vigilant in sports that include sticks and fast-moving projectiles,” the researchers said. Some changes in rules and equipment might also be warranted, Kontos said. Male lacrosse players wear helmets, he noted, but female lacrosse players do not. SPORTS CALENDAR SPORTS TEAM NOTE: Sports Calendar is a free service, but The NewsEnterprise sports department cannot guarantee when or how many times an item will run. Items should be submitted to The N-E sports department no sooner than three weeks prior to the date of your event. The N-E sports department has the right to edit all Sports Calendar items. To place a Sports Calendar item, call (270) 505-1752, fax it to (270) 769-6965 or email it to BANQUETS/DINNERS Fort Knox DU Sportsman’s Night Out The Fort Knox chapter of Ducks Unlimited will host its sportsman’s night out at 6 p.m. March 24 at the VFW Post 10281 in Vine Grove. For information or tickets, call Robert Gilpin at (270) 900-1254. CAMPS/CLINICS Karate Classes in White Mills Bert Rosenbarker is offering karate classes in White Mills. Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 6:15-8 p.m. at White Mills Christian Church and are open to ages 8-and-up. For information, call Rosenbarker at 369-0328. EVENTS ES&FC Weight Lifting Competition Elizabethtown Swim and Fitness Center will host its fourth weight lifting competition beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday. Divisions are: teenagers up 19 years old (no weight classes); men’s divison (less than 150 pounds, 151-165, 166180, 181-195, 196-215 and 216 and up); men’s masters division (ages 4050, no weight class); men’s grand masters division (50-and-up, no weight class); and women’s division (no weight class). Entry fee is $15 for ESFC members and $20 for non-members and includes a T-shirt. Registration costs $25 day of competition. For information, call Jayne LeVan at 765-7946, Ext. 109. HELP NEEDED South Hardin Sports South Hardin Sports is taking bids for a concessions manager and field maintenance manager. For information, call Scott Davis at 763-1077. PASSES/TICKETS LCHS Baseball/Softball Passes Baseball and softball season passes for LaRue County High School are now available. Passes are $15 for students and $30 for adults. Passes are only valid for regular-season games. For information, see Melinda Rock at the ticket gate or David Dawson at LCHS. PLAYERS/COACHES NEEDED EABC The Elizabethtown Area Baseball Commission is looking for coaches. Coaches will be voted on at the league’s next meeting. For information, email Mindy Wood at Victory MMA Seeking New Members Victory Mixed Martial Arts is seeking new members of all ages and martial arts backgrounds. The team trains every night except Sunday at 605 South Dixie Highway in Elizabethtown. For information, check the Victory Mixed Martial Arts Facebook page or call Jesse at 304-4221. Ladies Slowpitch Softball League A ladies U-20 slowpitch softball league is forming teams in the south Hardin, Brandenburg, Flaherty, Irvington, Leitchfield and Radcliff areas. Players may join an existing team or form their own. For information, call 300-0707, email or visit KyLadies Softball on Facebook. RYBSO The Radcliff Youth Baseball/Softball Organization is looking for coaches. Anyone interested in coaching baseball or softball should attend one of the signup dates. For information, contact Keith Evans at 300-1583 or REGISTRATIONS RCYSL The Rineyville Community Youth Soccer League will have registrations for its spring league from 10 a.m-2 p.m. Saturday at Rineyville Community Park. For information, visit RYBSO The Radcliff Youth Baseball/Softball Organization will have registration through March 15. Registration will be held from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday and from 6:30-8 p.m. today, Tuesday and March 15. For information, contact Keith Evans at 300-1583 or Meade County Girls’ Slowpitch Softball The Meade County girls’ slowpitch softball league is taking registrations. The league is open to players ages 4-18 (age is how old the player is on/before Dec. 31, 2011). Cost is $55 for first player and $10 for each additional player from the same household. Deadline to enter without late fees is March 24. Games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays. For information, call Jessie Thomas at (270) 497-4347, email or visit the league’s Facebook page.

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