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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, December 25, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

TTZ JiO JBk tJ v TTTin TUT HPP a iijXl r JL ".iaj.j r "' i?m Mr VOL. XVIII. rirn'Tjg,rTrTn,yj',yL- iLt Atr - 'wjw HflHW "VWiiJ,iBr BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. Xe 954. 7jnsseaioac&3seseEjaseg&zussi2j rrt3&Sm3 iCDQasiwuM. TERMS OF THE GAZETTJ ! This piper is pi'ohlhcd tWO DOLLARS pu aiHlUlll, 4 veHy, fijlj I I I WILL color cotton and linem with a hot dye, whit h I will warrdiit to stand, or return the money, and on as reasonable terms as anv dver in Lexington. I will dye wool a deep pound. bluelasis. 06. WS Sf TO s& VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE. Banks & Owihgs, n-- 700 acres Land, lying 01 Brulh creek, N. W. T. wheie the roar irofl'cs from Lmicftone to Chillicophe .' this tract contains about three hiipdra acres of ncft bottom, the remainder is ell timbered; has on it a good mil' aildliry and hitnefs teat, and is an excellent stand for a pub Entifti anil ..nd conrmtm furniture, he houle. Shoe makers' and car ' broad cloths, 500 acres ditto ditto, lying on Clovei Conftitimonandfano penters' tools, Lick creek, a branch of the East fork of co rdi, Jt ST? All kinds of hard ware the Little Miami, N. "W. T. in a good Cord uroys, yX allotted, "f Vel ets, Cotton cards, No. 8, neighboihood, about three 'miles from Dunhams-Towseven fiom Williams9 &r to. . eretfc Jaconet, tambored &. China, glass & queens burg, and eleven to twelve from the book mulltns, river. ' .V,. "ii-- l .Jtyipialj Itrtt'rsK., 'Se 1000 acres ditto ditto, lying on Brush- i 'WHitn,' India lhawls, silk ariek .Yin hyfon, jcreek, a sew miles from New Market, Have imported fioul rhil idelphi 1, a'i ' are opening for sale, on the lourK ttrmi, in the houle iafly occupied by ?.l sin. John Jordan, jun. Sc' co. next dnoi to Mi. Sei'z's, Is n, 0-h- io -- V cotton, ,ftf- - f' "olrea India, lilt and cofton Coffee, handkerchiefs, Sugars, Chintzes and calicoes' Wines, ot the newcll pat-- 1 Brandv, j Nutmegs, terns, iri-ilinens, wnoic aim tu'pice, halt bleached, Pepper, Ginger Durante, Alice, Catirwmcoes, Wildbores, &c. &:c. Cinnamon, itfe.s and women's Milliard, &c. cojtonhofe Slfocks, Coperas, madder, inNankeens, digo and alhim. Tuikev An adortment of im. &c. ported (hot of the A complete allurement different numbers. Chin-nevort- h. ot M'Millin. I They'keep a constant supply of bar Military land, on the 1000 acres wa- -2 ENTERTAINMENT, ,5rl,nn '" uifhej. TOUhliOLD 't, Feb. And now opening' oiii Main OreerJ in Lexington, door abovo Mr. Cross, 1804. net OR LEASED, Ok a term ot ya,b, the fAtl'Vl on H which I now lut, lying on the Ken- - J The following Articles : L tnckv i vei, in 'hf county of Woodford, d e'hmated at 26 .'Cres, 80 or one acres thereof cleared, affording molt villtnt paftura , f , and eomenient . to tnis vfr, hue ranee, vn .1. rara mere is a Dwelling Houf of lawed logs, of two ffor, two roonu ind a palijtre on tne fi f Honi , nd three nnms on the second, ith ci'ivemetit out houses, an excellent houf:, pirde'n, and vanit lnrin, g Irmt, ftlli, sppurtenaiicf-s- ; c thereU"ti. Aieri", w trf house, and ttrV, hun-die- 1 T7 1 i'-ik- c ana o her houUs '""') BY FREDERICK HISE, 2, c.ipttKe cf tic')nm"'1"i''n r tiiir 1,hs. For terms a, ply to John Poflu thw xit in I cjtin-toor ot the pu ni'ts, to the fublcn-her- . as 2s Cd per lb. buifar, Cjif.-e-, , Chocolat-- 3 2 - 15, 4 180-1- TEAS Young Hyfon, ditto, Old Pepper, Alfpice, Ginjrer, 1 2 6 WINES, Sherry, Lilbon, Port, Tenenffc JalaKa, per 5s quait, 6 THE Mem bets of Lexing- ton Lodge No. 1 artSrequefted to be punctual in "i- . LUC OLan.3 ,,.i. CO- Iledlors of iaidtax are- direfted to tram-nto the Supervisor. mmfl ,r of lists ot all lands or lots which they have (old for the of said - ,r tax And it is further rets of eyeje; a large" .peach orchard, I )ippofe 700,tvees, a. Cherry, o'reh-ar'arjd pear trees, a sine garden, still lfoufe, Jkc excellent fpr'Ing and (lock water, which I will rent at private, together or divided to suit perJjori's vvifliing to rent, on or before the i day of anuary next, and is wot then rented, will be rented to or for the mare only, ten dollats. GEORGE ADA'wS. he highest bidder, on the premises. Lexington, Nov. 2,6th, 1804. tf. for one or more years. And at the same time and place will be hired ut tor one year a number ot NE 77 tb: Amateurs of the sine Arts. GROES, men, women, girls, and boys, the property of John M. Young PORTRAIT OF WASHINGTON. H. HARRISON, Jun. by His Guardian. JfYperfon desirous of procuring Nov. ift, 1804. tf the likcnefs of General George Vafliirgon,in copperplate printing, Jessamine County, Sil. can do lo bv applying at Bradford's Oftober Circuit court, 1804. or Anderson's printing offices, in Jamas Owens, complainant, Lexington, where a fubfcnptipn is against Williams's heirs. Thoma&fialdwell, opened at per copy. Tvid Noon. Nathaniel'Blerh-iand Shoul fnfhcient encoui aeement aiSel Strunck, def'ndantfv be given to defray the expencesdt, IN CHANCERY. tue a' ove undertaking, the portraits Ar(rA,t TlaniI rrnnrt.. liav. ni JtiTerfon, Adams, and llamtlton," ing sailed to enter his appearance nerein, ac- fliall alio be etecuted. tn Lw nnrl the rn's nt" rhlB court. & old, about 15 hands high, wyjtji a long switch tail, heavy with faal, fliod all round , no brand or n'sttinal mark, that is recollected. Arty peT" son delivering the abo e deffrrjbfd. mare to the fubferiber in Lexington,-and prosecuting the thief to,convtc lion, (hall receive the abovcreward, d 1 to exercifc his uitijciiii u im 1UU111C1 iihi aif'iini.v 11 jaw, hi those cntuit courts in which lie I'as heretofore prafttlci', nnrl in the court of appeals, and court il tne United states, for the Kentucky diltridt. rf Lexington, Nov. ;4. 1804. proved, that any person making payment 10 the ; of the and intercft up. on any trait of land or lottio sold, ftoua tax-cod- s ut ucrinitiea to rrtn. ,h. r VIidedfuch payment or tender ot pay. mlent be made within the period prefenb-by law which in this,. ,,n ... i P ire generally , January and February pursuance of the provihons of th c aouvc recitea act, public notice is he rxtln .j all the colleftors. hftsnf Icnrl. i. wlInch have been sold for ot the laid tax. withm tk.c n .. ,. . i " ' two which are exDea Hj.K nine,,i lave u. any person vnlhing to redeem lands or lots whjch haxe been sold, may do so by applying to the 'ublcribe m f exmgton. -- Supervisor. T..l. 'otli, .1B04, ' THE SUBSCRIBERS' HAVE just received, in addition to , . .PYinmn 11 J lXi--' their formpr -. afTXr-tn,D- . Blue ground callico and rh; m Itfl t . jacontt, and tambored n si Fujmituie dimities, India Nankeens., Complete cases plottinginftnmients, Sulpenders, Inlh linens, Ivid, morocco and fluff" fl.noe Enelifh& German fnvth Spauifh fegars by the box Anvils, vices, White and red lead Spanish brown, yellow oker, vermiuion and lJraffian blue, Indigo and fig blue, Coffee, loaf sugar, teas, Wines, &c. &c. &c. Which Will be foldiinitr,,,!!., l...r Ca(h in hand. '";iuwiur MACCOIINfcTTr prrnn Lexington, JuK 16, 1804. '1HEP11 ISBUKGH Glass Works, ,. rr. th, DOW GLASS ana HOLLOW WARE of a fupeiior quality to any hi- .ntnu iiiiiiuidciureu in this country-anit appearing to their fstufactiou that hes not that they have determine! tn A..l. on motian inhabitant ns rhis commonwealtlT on n the eoinolainai t. bv ius counsel. it li or dered tint the said Daniel Swuiick do appear hneon 'he t'lirrl clav ol our next April court, to anfurM'the comDlntiant's bill, and that a copy of this order betnleired m feme one of the Kentucky pnuts, according to law. A copy. Telle, 6s. d the prices this season fpllows ; W1MUOW GLASS, 7 by 9 at 11 dollars a box, ny 10 10 by 12 1: 13 and laraerfize'sin yf dozeri' oportionvr nuhLUlv WARE, baml. H. Woodson, c. j. c. c . Gallon bottles 400 cents a 24d :' dc I69 : do Half Gal. do do Quart do Pint , 3nr j One fhillingand three pence per John, William, Elijah, James, And Porter Sc Claret do 133 rn rew, Robert, Agga, and Anna April 27th, i804. 3m clean, well combed HOG's BKIS M'CreeryeirsofRobertM'CreeTLES, b the fubferiber, at his (hop 'T'AKEN up bv, James Brown, ry, deceuled, complainants, A living on Cooper's at the corner of Main Cross street run, and Shrt street, Lexington ; where lliam Gillafpie, and Benjamin Ef-- county, A wolYear Old hepntmues to carry on BROWN FILLT,T ll, &c. defendants BRUSH MAKINGwith a large flar in her rorehead,,and IN CHANCERY. all its various branc.ies. Any THE defendant William Gilla!" a iroall snip on her nose, both hirfd ' person mavbe supplied with all kind; jie, not having entered his appear eec white, docked but no brandVtJf of BRUSHES, either or anct herein agreeably to law and the a fiendet make, about hands one retail, at a much lower price than rules of this court, and it appeaTji g inch high; appraifedto 13 twenty doU any ever sold in Kentuc to thefutisfaction of the court that lars, given under my hand this 16th ky, and of a better quality than any he is not an inhabitant of this com- day of July, 1804. brought from Philadelphia. lie hopes monwealth, on the motion of the it will be the iludy of every good ci complainants by thtir counsel, it it WATCH LOST. czen to encourage this manu'adtuie ordered that the laid defendant d Ik Hi OSf on 'I iurfday morning last, in lie still continues carrying on appe?.. here on the third dy of our a Ulver watch . the hours tfiUNDSOR CHAIR & WHEEL next April term, and antwer the this town, a4mc m irked with letters. Hn. 1? ns making as tifual. & complainants' bill, that a copy of this the m nines ws broken off ROi!"RT HOLMES. order be inlerted in the K.entuck Maker's nime li. tavre LondoNr-1309Lexington, Dec. 4th, 1S04. It had a coraraon ilt chain ari Gaaette foreigdit weeks (ucceflively. glass seal, 0:1 mth a trni"pif-enA copy. Tede, vhich was a fpng of laurel, and the word Saml. M. Taylor, Any person who may have THE American Edition of the 1 Ap-sms- t n J ' .y0 -- c.c-c.- Vriting Paper, th-di- al 6. t c. Thomas Hart jun. .is Brick House ApieiJLlLCo , ..: HAVING been in fnrr-fif.- ,! on for.fomet151e.paft; the proprietors are indued to inform their tomers aiuothers. that . on Inyid a lare affortwent of WIN- poupd will be given in cadi, for good, Encyclopaedia 4 ut OLEN fronr the fubferiberr acres of cleared land, an excollent Black gauze for veils. 6 miles from Manu's Lick two story ftpiy; dwelling hpufe, and Extra long silk gloves, afforted and coloured, wn.tlie. road toiJexin' ton, about two oi.Ue coixVeni.entoutifiq"teiS, and an ' Atllen barn ; & largfj apble orchatd, Silk and cotton hosiery, eks lince, a dark bay, full blooded RE, very likely, about 7 years IHpofe fjufficieit to nujveaoo bar- rancy and conititution cords, Encyclopaedia. exir-gto- ir k ?,. iax, within the 7mtp,t on Cambrfck, ii. Hickfnart creek, where Jojin Glover now lives., containing 160 Dec. 4, 1804. their attendance GLNllKAJL. ftlejegin" ot t he'' , at their Lodge tliAreholdt-rof tile 'Kentucky room, on the 27th ir It- - at ten o'clock, niuiaiue Company.'w'll beheli t A, 1.1. beini-tanniversary of St. Tohn olnce, in Lexington, on Tuei- - the hvangehff. illd.n of Januaij next, at 100 clock By order of th Wor. MalW in the morning. A. F. price, Sec. B) order of the Prefider.t and Dec. 17, 5804. Dueptprs. BE EXPOaED 'I () ,W. MACCEAN, Clk. WILL HIGHEST BIDDER, THE 1 I A SUN M vdiday the lalt Jay of Deer .. jec. lit 1C04. j fflSRffvJ at the farm ot Gabl, Madilu", iiMP r twelve month"., fcvral likelv WANTED IMMEDIATELY ) M YQUNG NEGROES; , THjir.E 0 US.'G A' N 't f will be sold on the fani" day, some M.jy be had at this Office, low for WISHFS to sell or rent, the AEOUi i'jua 1"7 TSARS OF AGE, AS ot'inVIfarming UtenlAh, and some ot tb Ifitoik Bond and ppioved Iciunty will cath, is application is immediately A -iade. beKiu,redbT TO TV.r. Unmain tireet, lately occupied Vlf GeorKe Mjd ion, ? "'BLACKSMI'I II's BUSINESS. by Capt. Vm. Welt. C. KL1SLR. Dec- - 12.1 November 30th, i3? For Sale by tbc ISO!. 1 ictto entitled, aft, enti- lay andcollea a direst - Dufour. T0er "ru, vii 1 Lexington, Kentucky, Nov. 26. i 7i . G to mention. Kentucly Rivet. J tf HIRE. 'An n Mfl, Ulf, amSml-a- on the 3d ot act,further to HOG's BRISTLKS WANTED. STATE OF KENTUCKY fa. Clarke circuit, Otiober term, 1804. And a great many other articles too tedious qual- - TO REi I& VALUABLE FARM f FIF'IY DOLLARS REWARD. WILL continue 3 1 c; J. 2-- 7 ,eo. M. Bibb, 3 for the acco'iimodatioti of those traJm"- down the River, may be bad on the bank, at the first Vine-Yarno. -3 10 WhiftW, All kinds of Stilt Fish, SCOTT-Oaob- er ONE Hundicdbufliels first noficE. S- Is Jamaica Spirits, 4 French Brandy, 4 . TrT a to:, 4 ALL WHEREAS bv a,, sn TT-T-li n, CHARLES 556 Acres of Land, te e, Fiank1 s, Joan Jordan Jun. nomas juove, 1 Crofs-ftrect- e, Lexington. Sebt- - 4, 1804. ters of Ruffell's creek, Green river. 325 acres, JefFerfon county, Kentu ky, about tour miles from Louisville, acres of this ti aft is cleared. 116 acres, Fra nklin county, Kentucky, on the North fork of Elkhorn, Merchandize wilbe given for old Brass, Pew- about six milles from Frankfort ; on this ter & Cop ip traft are conuaeiable improvements. , A House and well improved Lot in 1 th: town of Pans, on Main street, and N A I'TI.R an abftnee of nearly twelve. adjoining Mr. Hughes's tavern. An Inn and Out Lot in f?id town. monthstrorlihi-- , old stand in Frankx Alio a House and well improved Lot fort, neai the Feiry and Ware-housnow informs his friends and the public in this place. The above described property will he that he has returned his o'd place ot told low tor Lash, Hemp and 1 oba4 ,co, or on giving bond with good fecuri- considerable credit A (Vhere those that may please to call oa 7' a f'rt,,ei particulars may be had.-,1- m. tor enquire of An meetir with everv Price, attorney in fact for (p attention, both as to ifclves and 1iorft.S. that rl. conntrv will nffnrd llu " luuicriorr.; Private parties mi- - have rooms undif-'- , JriiN juitUAiN jun. ,. turbtdw.ththcbulil.of aTasein; and;Le'nSton Kentucky, C J 14 l and r. J difpofc.l to have nr.varr! boardinj, can be accommodated to their Just Imported, ron, steel, callings and sheet iron of the bell qualities afforted, iid Dry Mann's 1'ck fait. Millers can be lupihed with boulting cloths of the different numbers. Lexington. Aprn 7 h, 180-1- . tf C' conrt-hoaf- FOR SALE Leington. September 13th, 1803. N. 13. Is you want to have your win tne Cumberland JKiver near cotton coloured 'tree ii'oni ipots, tye " H. C. Eddyville, in the name of Francis youi'cuts loose.' lirobkdtl LcioAcres one moiety of 2000 ,Acres on Highland Creek. those indebted to the late Acres, one moiety of 033 X - firms of Seitz & Lauman, 166 Acres in the name of fdhn A. Sei'.z, Seitz & Johnflon George Lewis, including Veedon's John A. Seit2 & Co. John Jordan Lick. sun. John Jordan Jun. & Co. and 910 Acres Ohio state, main John & William Jordan, are request- - Paint Creek, miles of Chi- within d to come forward .immed;ately, icothe. and pay off their re'pedlive accounts These Lands will be sold low, & to Andklhv F. Price, who is here- on long credit for the greater part of by duly authorized to receive the the purchale money. lanfe. Ihole who do not avail Apply themselves of this notice, may rest Lexington to C.UTH. BANKS. 061. 8th, 1804. affured that suns will be instituted againlt them without dtfcriminatidn. 2-- s J. Golden Boot & mm sign of theold 11 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek, Kentucky, part of two tracts, containing 6000 acres, fuiveyed and patented tor William Jones 4000 acres, Clarke county, Kentucky, part of a traft of eight tlioufailu acres, surveyed and patented for Richard , 3332 3 acres, Mason cdunty, Kentucky, part of 5000 acres, farveyedand patented for George Underwood. 1200 asres, Mason county, Kentucky, surveyed and patented for Moody arid i I r 1UGH CRAWFORD, Shoe, in the corner of IVIain & fubferiber informs his friends he pnbhek, that he has opened a oufe of PRIVATE EN IT U- TAINMENT, in tht large two ftoiy brick house, just above the new building intended for the Ken tucky Intuiance Company, on Main street. JNo. P. WAGNON. Nov. 6, 1804. Jin At Those who writ; to the Editor, tnuli pay the pu.'Ugis ot then letters. Hv. aajaaxjijuMBiAma DIRECT t'AX. Vivate 'F'.ntertainment. , ad- TUESDAY, DECEMBER 35, 1804. .,rri. BLUE, RT1), GKl-rK& BROtt N DYlKo. vance. V T71 AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. "IWIW k in Z A Irmnrl Itifl IVtrli nnil will A, In i. q. tlu Itore of meffrs. Miccoun Sc Tilford, ihall receive a rew 1. d ot three dollars. RECORD BOOT:S, A LEDGERS, DAY BOOKS.c. Maybe had on application at this ,"riis.t. A M

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