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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., January 7, 1921

Part of The Big Sandy news.

r FIR8T PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRE88 A88OCIA1ION AS BEST B0 Advertising la an Absolute Neceeaity to Every Buainese. Try an Ad. In the Big Sandy News and you will ba plaaaad with tha result 1 HOLt 11,1 Number AtU : E. J. PAYNE MARRIED IN WILLIAMSON, W. VA. Tha Big 8andy Nawa wftl bring your advartiaing into mora nomas'.' for tha aama money than any other aper in Eaatarn Kentucky 1 : inveniam viam. aut faciam LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, JANUARY 18. TDE MAYO TRAIL WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY E NEWS. ', Votamo XXXVI. EIGHT-PAG- 7, 1921. M. F. CONLEY and E. K. SPENCER, COUNTY 8CHOOL HEADS TO MEET IN FRANKFORT RUSH THE ROAD Publishers THE LOUISA P08TOFFICE. Partial amount of buslnesa dooe at. the Louisa postofflce during the maatfe-Frankfort, Ky., Deo. SO. County su- - j of December; 1920: j perlntendonta will meet In Frankfort BE CLEARED Money orders issued fit January n anu zx. Tnia meeting, called L: 'Money orders' paid. .... . 22S by the president of 'their association, . timers ana parcels regisierea, i fMrs. Nannie G. Faulconer, Fayette-co- ., PAVING Parcel Post pkgs. Insured. . ..287 will be tha most important the super- Registered letters handled. . j IntendenU have ever held, It is said, as letters and post cards it Is the first since the Act of 1920, orhandled (4,368 ganizing county common schools Into CITY COUNCIL ORDERS GAS AND Two alar and rural routes dispatchj one district under nonpartisan boards ed dally. SEWER LINE8 CHANGED of five, has been In dporatlon. At tho Ordinary parcel post packages hand- ' expiration of the terms of the incumBEFORE MARCH. I,w1 hV wonrt Iadb ., ,1 nK, I j "o " . .vcuo kiiu til luiiuiuor ' bents ,the office of county superintenable number of questions answered. dent will cease to be tilled hy elections Respectfully, Q. B. CARTKR, P, ML and the new boards will appoint superThe City Council met Tuesday night. intendents. JUDGE C. C. TURNER NAMED. In addition to the usual routine busiFrankfort, Ky., January 4. After ness the following matters of general HERE FROM VIRGINIA. having served as reporter" tor upon. L. A. Miller, of Glamorgan, Wise Interest were acted of Appeals and J. L. county, Virginia, was In Louisa Tues-du- y notified Richmond, paving contractor, Appellate bench. JudgeJudge on the' the council he would have Charlea C.and colled at the NEWS office to a steam shovel on that streets early In Turner,, of M. Sterling, was appointed tha renew his subscription He also order- March and would proceed as rapidly aa Commissioner of the Court of Appeals ' ed the paper sent to his brother, Cur- possible with the street paving called by the Judges of tis E. Miller ,who lives In Phoenix, for by his contract, and urged them to succeeds Judge William the Court. lie , Rogers Clay. Arizona, ,t who was sworn in as a member of the obThey are sons of E. C. Miller, of Gla- have all pipe, sewers and other bench yesterday. Judge Turner the way morgan,, who moved to this county to structions out ofno delay in Order that to the Appellate bench his work. there would be the Big Blaine section ten or twelve Accordingly, the City Clerkinwas direct- to fill the vacancy created by la lilt, the resiyears ago. Mr. Miller was on his way to notify the United Fuel Gas Com- gnation of Judge Edward C. O'RearV to Columbus, Ohio, In the Interest of ed pany to begin work at once and get all his lumber business, ' COAL BUSINESS DULL. lines and connections out of the way The general slump in business anoV to avoid delaying tho conPIKE COUNTY MOONSHINE RAID. in time . the extremely mild winter has put most, Some deputy sheriffs from the Tug, tractor.'closing of Lock avenue and ar- of tho coal mines out of business. Very The side of I'lke county were here Sunday ranging a detour to take care of the few are running and all these are on their way to IMkevllle. They had' traffic of that thoroughfare was or- part time only. Prices have gone beparts of a moonshine still captured In dered to be done by the improvement low the point where operators can a raid. with profiteering. committee. Also, all trees and other obstructions were ordered removed at once to make way for the paving. KENTUCKY COAL The Improvement committee was ordered to examine the sprinkling plugs ascertain fire hydrants INDUSTRY GAINS and the working condition,to with a view KENTUCKY" those in to making settlement according to the Judgment of the County Court. OUTPUT IN 1920 IS 4,500,000 TONS ATTACK ON TUQ RIVER FOLLOWS; Building Roads Will GREATER THAN IN YEAR 8TONING AFTER ARRIVAL OF Give Large Employment BEFORE. NEW MINE EMPLOYES. TO' OBSTRUCTIONS . The Williamson GETS AID FROM says: W. Va.) Republican Mr, K. j, Payne, of Louisa, Ky., and Mlaa Eva 'Wells, of St. AugUHttne, Fla, were united In the holy bonds of wod-loc- k JOHNSON COUNTY TO MORGAN LINE WITHOUT DELAY laat Thursday, the ceremony taking place at the home of the groom's sister, Mrs. J. F. Varney, Rev. Hull miThe groom la also the $ lOaVOOQ APPROPRIATED TO HELP officiating. brother of Mra, T. K. York and followcounty is one of ddle THE STATE FINANCE THE ing the Ceremony a reception waa tenroutes voted PROJECT. dered the newly weda at her home, Mr. I'ayne la a fireman on the C. & ; 'for.-- O. and they will make their home at Olive Hill. Ky. Johnson county on last Thursday rollownd the lead of Lawrence and The next big enterprise ahead of the MAYO TRAIL UNAFFECTED bond iHUfi voted to apply hnlf of January '4. State people of lAwrence county Is the build Frankfort, Ky n the Mayo Trail, using It to suppleing of a good road from the county seat Hoggs ment Bute funds and thus enable the j Highway Commissioner on the statod tn the Morgan and KUlott county lines Mayo that officials at Frankfort to get the avail- Trail will notthe work be handicapped by the by way of Blaine town. able Keoeral alii. " opinion of the Court of Appeals ' We say this la a Job for the people $100,000.00 la the amount voted by rcoint to the cannot lend of Lawrence county because In the tha Aural rourt of Johnson, this being j money effect that counties the counties building of the main thoroughfares to the state, us Issue. The Othof their bond do- -' thero should be no division of effort or n roads crossing through which the trail pnaaea are er half will be nallng the road work. All the money sentiment All should pull together for the county In the .other direction. the main roads. They can not all come ilonnled by the counties will be matchat once, but alt will be accomplished ; ed by the Federal aid fund. 'Now For Floyd County. much sooner by harmonious effort than Lawrence haWng appropriated her by dividing Into factions. Local fights W. VA. 8EMINARY BURNED. Mhare, and lloyd having taken care of The Lewisburg Seminary for Girls retard the general welfare of the countho rond through her territory It Is try liw up to Floyd county to do likewise ut Lewisburg, Greenbrier county, West ty in all things. Leta ubetter to keep a and we have no doubt she will do ho. Virginia, waa destroyed by tire with a broader vision and present Is spirit. we The situation at that loss of approximately $100,000. Only Floyd la rich and able. She In develop-Infour girls were In the building, and huve a certain amount of the bond Israpidly and awakening to tho they escaped without difficulty. The sue, voted by the people to be expendof roads. Tike county baa already Indicated seminary was controlled by the Green- -' ed on the road to Blaine. We believe with the people In a that alio will do her part as noon as brier Presbytery of the Presbyterian In keeping faithkind. The Iilaine road matter of this Church, Houth. the counties lielow lake favorable was one of four named in the court Floyd alone aland In the way, orders nnd In the campaign. The trehut baa had no meeting; of her court mendous majority by which this bond VIRGINIA since Johnson und Lawrence came a Issue carried leaves no room to doubt croaa. the will of our citizens. Ilka county gavo 100.00 on the The expenditure of this money should Plkcvllla. Williamson road laat week bo carefully made. The fiscal court and will meet the demandn of Mayo haa authorized the employment of an Trail also. Pike la rolling In wealth This Is and la getting to he enterprising In ONE KILLED, 8EVERAL HURT AND engineer to locate the road. engineer step, and tho the proper aplrll. shou'd be given a free hand in making VALUABLE ' RECORDS L08T) tho location. If competent and honAMMUNITION EXPLODES. est, the engineer will do the right Man Dead In Somerset thing. No other kind of man should bo employed. May Be Sam Crabtree The advice of an engineer consulted W. Va. Tho Capitol Charleston. building of West Virginia was destroy- about this matter Is that what money following la from the Courier- - ed ,by fire lute Monday. One laborer we have for this route should be spent The Journal r Monday (it tnia woes: waa killed, a'ttrcman Injured seriously on drainage and permanent culverts, Frankfort. Ky. It is believed by the and several other nre fighters hurt with whatever grading there la that officials of the penitentiary that the when a section of roof under which demands Immediate attention. The wison railroad track course ditl man found Ky.,: the Ham Crabtree. they were standing caved In, The spec- dom of suchthea first and Is apparent. la near Homer"!, last requiretacular nature of the fire was enhanc- Drainage is Ashland, a convict who escaped from ed when much ammunition, stored on ment of a good road. September while the third floor of the building, explodAnother very Important move that tho penitentiary last sentence for ed. .' serving a seven-yeshould be started Is to Becuro the housebreaking. strongest man posslhlo as RepresentaThe officials of 1u Within four hours after the Are waa laskl county requested that W. H. Moy-ediscovered the Capitol building, con tive In the Legislature from the Lawrensuperintendent, forward them the taining the Governor's office. State ce-Elliott district. The, primary of llerttllnn measurements of Crabtree. Departments and priceless records, was next August will nominate and the Representative will be elected In Nonothing but a mass of smoking ruins. rlnmerael, Ky, The body of a man State officials made no attempt to vember. He should be committed to thought may be that of an estimate the loss, but they said that devote his greatest efforts toward getwhich It Is escaped convict, was found by tho side the records destroyed, upon which no ting the Blaine road added to the State of the railroad tracks near here a week Insurance was carried, could not be system, thus bringing State and Fed-orago. It Is supposed he was struck by a replaced, and that It was Impossible aid to It. " Thla la not a wild dream, It Is entrain during the night. Tho man had to estimate their value. dark balr. sandy mustache and appearHome Htate records were saved by tirely feasible, unless the present Feded to be about fiva feet ten Inches In clerks, officials and firemen, who car- eral law should be changed; but we &G years old. was very ried them from the burning building. He height, and should work for what Is In sight, hopthin. HI weight haa been estimated at In ing this will not occur, v The Capitol building, erected about 140 pounds. The body is being 1881 at a cost of more than $40n,000. One strong argument la the fact that held for Identification. la believed to have been the only brick a Federal aid road in West Virginia State comes to Fort Gay, Juat across the capltol In the United States. officials said that the building was river frtrn Louisa. This makes an interstate road. Extended through West Hear End Collision valued at approximately 11,250,000. Liberty and to a connection with the Effort to Move Capitol. Catalpa Monday Following veporta from Clarksburg present Slate and Federal system It would bo a very Important Inlet and that agitation has been started there a large territory otherwise Monday evening a C. & O. train for the removal of the capltol from outlet for for general travel. Also, It On Inaccessible wreck occurred at tho mouth of r.lulno, Charleston state officials, expressed would be the only cross route from the even miles below Louisa. A mallet their opinion that the Beat of tho state Big Sandy Valley directly toward the pulling tlt cars of coal ran Into government will remain In Charleston. Illuegrass country. tho rear of a work train that was takCovornor, Cornwell said there 1b no The Point Route Also. ing water at CatJilpa. Tho caboose and probability that the capltol will be rebig moved. Ho Intimated that he will recthree cars wero demolished. The The other road specified In the bond seven cara turned over. ommend to the legislature when It con- Issue election was up' the Point to locomotive and The fireman saved hlmaelf by jump- venes next week: that provisions be Martin county. The fiscal court Ining. The engineer' aluck to his post made Immediately for the construction cluded this In the order fT employand crawled out from the wreck un. of another building In Charleston. ing an engineer.. This road Is entitled Following the meeting of the board to the same consideration as the othhurt. Rrakeman W. Hunt, of Ashland, In- of public works, tho committee ap- er routes named and should have the jured his knee In Jumping from the pointed by that body to make provis- same careful attention. H in not as train. ions for the convening of the legisla- long or as difficult as the Blaine road. Tho paaaengor trains transferred and ture, announced that the sessions of More will bo said about it later. the track was cleared about midnight. the two houses will be held as planned thoroughfare through of four ; hr y one-ha- lf ' g i a. 'WEST CAPITOL BURNS ar r, ' al . at ' ' on HARBIN-WATSO- N REVIVAL NOW ON The revival services at the M. K. Church Houth begun laat Sunriuy morn log with a sermon by Rev. Walter Harbin, of Texas, a general evangelist. A Inrire audience waa present and his sermon made a very favorable impression. The singer, A. C. ..Watson. Jr., arrived Sunday evening, having missed a railroad connection, and took charge of the music that night. He has a good voice and la an excellent leader and a good helper Rev. Harbin has preached each afternoon and evening since Sunday and will continue to do so throughout this week and next. Tho attendance hUR been large at all night services and (airly good at the afternoon meetings. Thero la not a dull moment in Air. Harbin's sermons or in his services. style Ho haa a remarkably clean-cu- t of conveying his message.. He is Haunt und forceful. Hvery sentence drives of homo a point. He hus a rich fund y Illustrations which give the, necesna-huma:i Interest touch to his sermons. A pleasing manner and the right of bubbling humor add tn his attracUvcness as a speaker, and at the same time allow him to be on exemplification of what ho preaches the hap py christian lire. Next Bunday afternoon, 2:80, a meeting will be Iwld for men and hoys over I'! veirs of ago. Those who have hear Mr. Harbin preach nre sure to be thure, c d nil diners- shou'd do so. An 'effort will be made to have 500 men and boys lirescnt, January 12. The house of delegates will hold Its sessions in the Ilaptlft temple .adjoining the state grounds and tho state .senate will convene In the V. M. C. A, adjoining - the executive auditorium -. mansion. Governor Cornwell speaks of th! capltol lire as something "little short jf a calamity," becauso of tho destruction of records in tho several departments. The extent of this damage cannot be ascertained until the vaults are opened and the condition of the contents disclOsrd.' The loss In money will not be heavy, the governor says, because of nix million dollars' of Insurance carried In a blanket policy on all the state build' ings. ;,. ; : Another Foreigner Gets Good State Appointment 'Frankfort'.' Kv.. Jnnurirv . 1. The Stale Board of Charities and Corrections today appointed Dr. Arthur an official of tin: River Long Hospital of New Jersey, to bo' .assistant physician at ' the lOastern Stale Hospital, to succeed the late Dr. . L. Helm. Dr. PowelBon has had 10 years experience'-witthe New Jersey Institution nnd 10 years experience with a hospital In New. York. I'ow-elso- H0J1E DESTROYED BY FIRE FRIDAY YOUNG COUPLE JUST STARTING HOUSEKEEPING LOSE ALL THEIR FURNITURE. occupied by ' James A residence Muncy and wife. In Italy addition to Louisa, was. consumed by flames Inst Friday Just before noon. Nothing, was saved. The nre Is believed to have started In the kitchen. There was no one at homo and tho flames had mndr their way Into the front of the cottage when discovered by neighbors. Mr. Muncy works at the bakery and Mrs, Muncy had gone to. the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James I (Tampion, an hour or more before the lire was discovered, These yodng people were married a few months ago and had begun housekeeping only a few- days before the lire occurred. Tholr friends had treated them to u shower or houscwurmlng on he evening preceding the loss. All of the furniture and nice presents were lost. Jim Is an Industrious young man and much sympathy Is expressed for him and his wife tn this loss. - Delbert Mead have moved ; to Ashland. The apartment they 'occupied In tho Walters buildlnj NOTICE has been taken by Mr. arid Mrs. .Carl Wo are Informed Hint 1'lckleslmcr, persons holding accoun'.H against All Kobt, Caslner und family will move Lawrence County Hoard of Education Into tho Jiouse vacated by them. them In legal form on or before January 22, 1921. The Board A. C. .Shannon, who has smallpox, Is Is called to meet on the above date. considerably Improved. "DOCK JORDAN, Hupt Mr..- and Mrs. pleaso-pi-ese- FOR - - v ..... STREET ..nip-Ordinar- I I . the-Cou- to-d- d . - TROOPS SHOT AT , Kentucky's greatest industry production of coal continued its marvelous growth In 1920. Output of the 881 mines aggregated 35,000.000 tons, according to an estimate made by Law-to- n Ulenklnsopp, Stato Mine Inspector, from reports to his office at Frankfort. In 1919 31,030,000 tons were produced. Only four States exceeded Kentucky's ouAput. They' were; Illinois, West VirginiaPennsylvania and Ohio. Without complete reports from 227 of the 881 mines, reports up to September 1, 1920, showed a production of 23,4S3,SS9 tons In that period the leading producing countiea were Pike, Harlan, r Letcher, Muhlenberg and Hopkins. - Floyd county in the eight months period this year "produced 1,098,560 tons, with reports Incomplete from 67 mines, compared with 1,004,631 for the. entire year 1919. The following figures show production In Eastern Kentucky countiea for the first eight months of 1920 and the r year 1919. 1920 Breathitt .......... ........... Morgan Carter Boyd Lee Bell ........ ......... ...... Harlan I'erry . , ........... Letcher Floyd Martin Lawrence Johnson Pike , ........... ......... .... Sept. All ' of 1919 169,087 61,103 to 1 118,617 87,287 155,590 88.078 57,040 1,394.094 2.844,618 1,774,393 2.228.656 1,098,660 23,877 16,266 465,809 2.898,311 187,734 110,561 ....... - 2,292,755 3,176,856 2,201.178 3,348.326 1,004.631 . .. 52.430 869,952 4,532,934 Growth of Industry. Kentucky began producing coal in 1828, and records have been fairly well kept since that time. But in the 62 years from 1828 to 1890, the State d a total of less tons of coal, by several millions, than the amount now mined in a single year." It now produces as much in two years as It did In the entire decade from 1898 to 1907, when 70,000,000 tons were lifted from . the mines. From 1911 to 1918, inclusive, eight years, the State produced 176,105.234 tons, as against 167,971,800 tons pro- pro-luee- The London report says that there are a million unemployed men in EngWilliamson, W. Va, Jan. S. A de of land and that fully Merrl-ma- c, of them have families or others depend- tachment Va., Federal troops at were-fireW. in coal strike region, ent upon them. The situation is deon from the Kentucky mountains scribed as being "most grave." The government has been appealed to for according to Information rocelved by shortly afterrelief. Tho Labor party haa asked the military headquarters The tiring, which, occur government either to find work for the noon unemployed or to pay each man forty red yesieraay, was returned Dy tne sol shillings a week and each woman dlers. As far, as could be learned therewere no casualties. three-fourt- d y. shillings, with additional The attack. It was said at headquarReports allowances for dependents. say that the government plans soon to ters, followed a disturbance in which t provide work for fifty to sixty thou- several men, alleged to have beenr for emsand on public buildings and that the brought into the strike' field superln- The matter of further relief Is under care ployment,ofwere stoned. Star mine - . the White at ful consideration. The number out of tendent employment Is rapidly growing in this Merrimao, where the trouble occurred, . persona responsible country. One suggestion and it seems said he knew the to us to be a wise suggestion is that and would swear out warrants, Two mines, the 4Burnwell Coal aV large sums of money already approand' priated for be used, all Coke company, at Sprigg, W. Va., Bio- over the country at this time. The the Alburn Coal corporation at money is sufficient to put several hun- Car, Ky., which have been idlo since opdred thousand men to work,' and even the strike began in July, resumed by ' it was announced If it costs a little more to build roads erations Aav- now than it will cost a little later it the Williamson Coal Ooerators' should not be put' off. .since men need soclatlon. Mine, David Robb of the Unlied .ne work and the country peeda the received roads. The mild weather so far this Workers has secretary --word, fron Wiltreasure of the winter has ieen a great blessing in liam Greene, th the keeping down fuel 'and clothing ex union, that he is taking up penses, but evervbMy ought to-at Federal, Government the alle;lt em.' " fhBja'iru BlijBtrjmjFnr of a V t . . a ...Hi nHLVy v' V I iv. AJI UU1IU Bureaus for work In the Mir oc Gr under misrepresentation. MARRIAGE LICENSES. , John C. Smith, 20, of Louisa, to Thel written Robb that he had been told a miner had been sent to Chattaroyi ma Bishop, 16, of Fort Gay. through a Federal bureau at LouKiley Crum, 27, of Crum, W. Va., to isville under the representation that a Aval Bah. 21, Hill Station, Va. Henry Pugett, 19, to Pllna Vanhoose, strike had existed In the Mingo field but was settled last summer. 16, of Glenhayes and Radnor, Robb also notified union officials ln Albert Frasher, 23, to Nannie Carthe Alabama strike fields that union, ver, 22, of Fort Gay. nlners from that region are being Harry Short, 80, to Mary Williambrought to the Tug river district under; son, 24, of Webb, W. Va. alleged misrepresentation. Robb Melvln Parsley, 21, to Sena May Dinthat the Alabama miners were gus, Crum, W. Va. Thos. Wm. Stokie, 49, of Nocoris, 111,, told there waa employment here but., each applicant must have a union card. to Margie Curnutte, 39, of Potter. Several miners from Alabama! were- Leonard Marcum, 30, of Webb, W. persuaded by union pickets to go t Va.. tn Rosle Sparks, 23, of Clifford. Launl Maynard, 19, of Clifford, to union fields In West Virginia .tnd wei given transportation to union miniu; Stella I'ope, 17, of R. D., Louisa. towns James Caudlll, 19, to Emma Lemas-ter.-of Wilbur. twenty-fiv- e FIELD COMING TO LIFE ' - -- . . road-buildi- y, be -- -- a- TV . W-'a- ., : ed ; . Farmers Reject Offers HARDWARE STORE Inclusive. It Is said that the production would have been much larger, in both Eastern and Western fields, 1f the shipping facilities had been sufficient. The 'act is that the allotment of cars was far below tho capacity of the mines. J. THE THREE MILE OIL FROM ? Made For Tobacco: CHANGES HANDS Lexington, Ky Jan, 4. Farmer, were hauling their tobacco away fronsi warehouses and storing it in barns. and practically every market of lm- B. PETERS AND l,rli.ll,,.- - lit ille hmIi'mI W ..ttl ,t,,i, v V !, SELL8 STORE bacco region was closed tonight, Ini ' RESIDENCE TO, R. C. BURTON protest against low prices offered by AND J. L. MOORE. buyers for this year's crop The Lex ington market waa first closed until, tomorrow. While a later announcement magnitude set January 11 as the date for reopen A trade of considerable took place In Louisa Wednesday when ing; Indications were that other markets would follow the lead of Lexing R. C, Burton and J. L. Moore the h.irrlwnra Rfnre and retll- - ' ton. The Lexington marketf Was closed, 'dei ae property of J. B. Peters and Bon They are now In after buyers refused to bid more than oil Lock avenue. voicing tho stock and will take charge a fractional part of the amount the ' planters believed they ought to got of the business at once. tobacco. Some bids were as low Jlolh are experienced merchants andf spud citizens. Mr. Burton was form- - as half a cent a pound for tobacco that r y In the grocery business hero and soid at 75 tenia per pound last season. recently sold a general The best grades of tobacco brought Alrv Moore !i'rchandising business' at Fuller bids of only 3 cents a pound, compared nation. Mr. Moore will occupy the With one dollar a pound one year ago, residence. Mr. Burton owns and occupies a home on Franklin street. K. N. C. Has New It is reported tHat Mr. Peters may move to Florida, his health having, and Many I'een not very good. He and his family hftve many friends here who would re- ,,.!-l.' A'Arn.,1 r.i11,.0..a hn. a n.w i gret to see them leave Louisa. teacher lor the high school department. , RESIDENCE PROPERTY SOLD. Prof. Nnnun Q. Gilmer, of MlsslSMippL. Mrs. Burgess, of Red Jacket, W. Va, Ile conns very highly' recommended was in Louisa a few days ago and :h; I U starting olf very satisfactorily.. " bought from Mrs. Bud Taylor a house Trio ntudiiiils under him are pleased and lot on lower Lock avenue and also Ins Work. A very largo number of students the one owned by Mrs. C. H puffy on upper Jefferson street, near the college arrived this week ami the school la building. '...,. ; busy In all departments. ,pur-h,t.4e- H The Wysor OH company hus drilled a well oil the Walbridge lands, live miles south of Louisa. H Is refior.te.d to be a paying well and It Is said other development will follow. ' Near ihu location the first Boroa well In Lawrence county was hi ought In 11 years aeo by A. C. Smith. This was followed by livo or six other well tn that locality, most of which would now be valuable. But oil at that w;. hringlng only about one. dollar per barrel and there was no pipe line, So' the wells were abandoned. The caainp. was .v. pulled from, the first well In ;..o r :: holo lias Dcen drllkd on the land of Luther 1'lgg ul Ousseyvllle. Tho Well on John Thompson's land A dry at Ellen, drilled several months i.go but not yet put to pumping, iiowcd a few days ago. Muncey ft Vanhooseponlraetora, aic drilling on L, H. Alley's farm for the Ohio Furl. All other drilling for .lus ' company has ruHUended. for-thei- ' Professor Students ; ' .':....-- ,

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