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Image 1 of Frankfort weekly news and roundabout, April 25, 1908

Part of Frankfort weekly news and roundabout

o FRANKFORT WEEKLY NEWS c I AND 7 IVOL XXXI ROUNDABOUT FR NKFORT KENTUCKY APRIL 25 1908 CHARLES MORRIS LOCK HORNS ONED T y1 STRAP ps were made to Frankfort me The people of this Commonwealth chose their people for office and some are useful and some try to be and are not as useful or successful asthey want to be but ever mans success depends on tire goodWroll of ithe peo ¬ pIe and no man the Governor or any ¬ body else can go it atone The strength of the law Is the people and 56 New Members the strength the people is the law That each must trust in the power of the law that defends every man In Gov Willson Gets Acquainted his life hopes and property No man can defend himself alone Now my neighbors I hope you will come With The Club see me I came here and of course a great runny duties came upon me a great many letters Joins It and Promptly Pays wits and then the General Assem ¬ bly and that took a good deal of time His 5 Dues and besides trying to fix a home I trust that the duties will lighten up so that I can have a chance to give a SUCCESS cordial welcome in my home to our BANQUET A GREAT citizens who come to see me and he who Xs the servant of the people In acquainted his home wishes that they come withGov Willson became out regard to party The rich and with ithe business men of Frankfort the poor The white and ithe black Thursday night and to show that he Every soul with the sheltering power was really a citizen of Frankfort al of the Commonwealth Is an equal per though he will not reside here more son In this government and every soul Is entitled to respectable treat than four years he became a member ment by the public servants and I of the Frankfort Business Mens Club trust that Ithe good Lord will give me and paid his entrance fee at once strength and wisdom to show that The Governor met with the business Justice and friendship and good will r give you the men of the city which Is to be his is given you hand my neighbors I hope we home for four years for the first timeIall be friends Thursday night and he made a good The Rev Dr C R Hudson was calI impression He sounded the keynote ed on and spoke for a few minutes Boost Frankfort In his usual happy vein of how of the meeffing Frankfort has grown and how it has He was the principal speaker ot the banquet which the club gave in cel soon take bration of the 56 new members who on new life now that the financial He was followed by have Joined the club during the last flurry is over few days as a resut of the active Judge Ira Julian who spoke of Frank¬ fort and the spirit which will make work of Dr C A Fish and the Mem it an important center Mayor Hume bershlp Committee of which he is also spoke briefly ITCH IT GROW er his removal and upon the Prison to fated that he be e order removing iven a c so thatl pTild know with what He says that h i was charged In Taft and Fairbanks Men rjuld not get this order and coul not learn why he was removed or Meet in Battle far what the charges were against him He also charges that the order of removal was not entered on the minute book of until a few Charges Made days ago the commission was removed Bitter Fight Within The Re- ¬ and that he without any order being entered By George Chinn r publican Party Mr Chinn is a son of Col Jack BIG HATCH OF CHICKS Chinn of Harrodsburg and is one of the best known young men In the To hatch 87 chickens out of a total State He Is known as an honest up of 89 eggs is pretty good and beats Each Side Claims Kentucky Of right courageous man of ability and As Removed Warden the patent incubators all to pieces has a large number of friends Henry Quire of Honey Suckle has For Its Man Frankfort Prison established this as a record and he WILL RUN TATHAM SPRINGS uses old hens as the best and safest way to hatch Mr Quire is a success COUNTY CONVENTION TODAY Mr and Mrs J S Wethers well ful breeder of Rhode Island Red FRANKFORT PEOPLE SURPRISED known In Frankfort have leased chicken Tatham Sprngs for the summer and Republicans of Kentucky will lock Charges of gross and Inhuman cruel- will make of that attractive summer YOUNG LOOKING ty to the convicts In the Frankfort resort one of the best places in the horns today when delegates to the country They intend to have every penitentiary and the direct statement Stale convention which is to send del thing up to date especially the food egates to the National convention that the punishment Inflicted was so and every guest will be well oared The Taf Chicago will be caoscn severe that several of the convicts forI cut off their fingers rather than conand Fairbanks men will fight all along the line and the Republican party In tinue to work In the shopa nro made Rev J H Dodd Springs Kentucky seems to be badly split in a statement given out her ycstci WILL PAY DEBT with every prospect of one of the most diy by Georgo Chinn formerly war Surprise on People den of the penitentiary bitter contests ever held within the In this stateOF THE Y M C party In Kentucky Republican mils s ment which is In reply to the charges conventions will be held in every made against him by the prison comTheA county In the State today and In Conducts Successful Revival mission when lc was removed from many of the counties two conventions office Mr CUnn charts that th Plans Laid To Raise Here Louisville as usual may be held prison rmlracUrs are really in hare will be the hot bed of the fight and In of the prisbn and that their foremen Money Here that city the race between Taft and MANY PERSONS PROFESS RE- run the shop and direct the inflic Fairbanks will be closest tion of punishment Mr Chinn further LIGION In Frankfort the convention will be charges that o ne man at least who Question of Continuing Rooms held In the courthouse this afternoon is employed as a guard in the prison In spite of his youthful appearance at 1 oclock and it is expected that is also employed by the HogeMont In Doubt the Rev J H Dodd of Columbus the business wall be transacted in 0 has been very successful in the gomery Company which has the conchairmanGov a few minutes The Taft men seem revival which he is conducting at the tract to work the men Charges that safid he was astonished to have things their own way andIChristian Church and he has succeed- the prison physician put men on the MANY NEW MEMBERS ADDED at the size and activity of the business He has secured list of those unable to make a full claim that they will run things with ed unusually well mens club as he had thought that ease The Fairbanks men probably almost a half hundred conversions days labor so that the contractors one hundred members would be a during the two weeks he has been will make a fight but It will be weak What wUll be the fate of the Y M goodly number for a city the size of in Frankfort Connected with Mr would not have to pay but 25 centsand tfee chances are good for Taft to Dodds presence in Frankfort an In- a day for their services when they C A in Frankfort will not be decided Frankfort He said he thought the carry the county George Barnes will teresting story is actually were employed at their regu- until the indebtedness of the associa tion here has been paid in full as will two hundred mark was as good for Originally it was intended that the lar tasks are also made In Mr Chinns be chairman of the convention being be done within the next few months Frankfort as the 2000 mark was for chairman of the county committee Rev W H Pinkerton and Mr Dodd statement or weeks The Indebtedness of 1200 Louisville The result of the meet should conduct the services and it and he will call the meeting to orderI Mr Chinn charges that men in the will be paid This has been guaran was understood by the Rsv Dr C R ing will be renewed Interest in He is for Taft and the Federal Hudson and others here that Mr prison were whipped on their bare teed by the ministers of Frankfort Frankfort and the members present office holders in Frankfort will back Pinkerton would do the preaching andIskin wh a leather strap so made that and Ithey will have taken steps to pew as well as old all showed the ruse the necessary money him up The result will be that Taft Mr Dodd the singing It was known the edges were sharp and would lacer have been spirit which means success Several entertainments of Mr Dodd that he was a singer andI will get the Instructions ate the flesh of the man being whip- planned one of which will be a gym was not known that he was a President George Harper presided Who will carry Kentucky Is thej benastic exhibition at the theatre and at the banquet which was served la preacher Mr Pinkerton became ill ped He says he was removed question over which the Republicans suddenly and was unable to be pres cause he stopped this Inhuman whip- another of which will be a supper the dining room of the Frankfort Hoare split The Federal office holders ent Mr Dodd wired that he would ping of the prisoners and because heI given by the women of the city want Kentucky want the State to be come on and preach ani sing too That Frankfort ought to have a Y tel More than a hundred men were would not punish the men as the conM C A Is shown by the result of the present and they were the represenin the Taft column for their influence This proposition was received withjtractors wanted them punished He contest for new members which has tative business men of the city men Dr Hudson did not with the new president if by chance some hesitation says he found the strap covered with just been completed as a result of who have helped to build up Frankfort It so he frankly told1lrI would be know about Taft should be elected Dodd that he would preach on SunIblood and when he returned from his whfch 146 new members have been and make It a real city The Rev great men have The Fairbanks The contest was day morning and they would see trip west he found that nine prisoners added to the roll Father Major offered a prayer of all along that they would carIabout continuing the revival Mr had been given a total of 180 lashes between the Walnuts and the Peanuts ry Kentucky but In the last few weeks Dodd accepted the and the Walnuts won that side turn- thanks and the food was then discusspreached In one trial and there has been a change and the Taft in the morning and again at night ing in 93 new members while the ed with relish A substantial lunch Much surprise was manifested in Peanuts secured 53 This means that men now have at least a fightingJ He was listened to with close atten followed by good cjigars put everychance and they claim they havejtion and since that first day be has Frankfort this week when it vas an- the men of the town are taking re- body In agood humor and when Gov things their own way in the State con been Improving all the time He has nounced that George Chinn formerly newed interest in the association and want to see it continued in Frankfort Willson was introduced he met a cor ventionNever had great influence over the congre Warden at the penitentiary here had In the history of Kentucky dial reception He went right to the gations which have been very largeI resigned but had been removed where it should be and Is a power for has there been so hot a fight be- more point in discussing how to help than could be seated in thej tween the ReubMcan factions as there At the time Mr Chinn goodJust what will be done Is a question from office Frankfort and showed that he was Is now and It argues well for Demo churchMr retired on March 26 It was announced for the future The assocatlon has Dodd was sitting in the lobby as much Interested in booming the success at the polls Senator he had resigned on account of been maintained largely by the busiW O Bradley has been over of the Capital Hotel the other day that His speech ness of Frankfort and they will have city as any man present the State making an active fight for and heard two men talking about him his wifes health and this was acceptto be shown that it Is for the good in part was as follows Fairbanks and for this he has been They had not seen him and could not ed by his friends here because It was My neighbors and friends I am of Ithe city and the young men in It cussed and sworn at by Taft men for a post which was In the way known that Mrs Chinn had not been to have a Y M C A At a meeting- very glad Indeed for the courteous Mr Dodd sat still and listened from He has handed back the same kind I do not know in good health Now it develops that of the committee which has in charge and kindly greeting of talk anti all this has added fuel to necessity as It would have been very any of you have been through Mr Chinn was removed and the reas- the Y M C A held several days ago whether to the two men for the flame In Louisville the fight has embarrassing this experience of getting a new home been exceedingly bitter and on Thurs him to have walked out on them on given is that he would not Inflict it was decided that the debt would Every man who tries It feels a little and announced who he was Anyhow punishment on the convicts or as the be paid first and that then the ques uneasy but you day night meetings were held over have made all the the city by both factions Mr Bradley he had a curiosltw to know what they Board of Prison Commission ex tion of maintaining Ithe association hard places soft and your welcome would Probably no bo taken up speaking to the largest crowd These really thougHt of him He heard one presses it because he would not en- Y M C A In the country is selfsus makes it just a little easier I think meetings were a sort of final 11repr That fellow sure looked like a force the discipline required by the fight today aration for the United States Senatorelect William country boy but he certainly can contractors who work the prisoners He Is not long on looks but O Bradley was given applause at the preach The order of removal is as follows with a membership ticket are several live here but I must confess that I times more expensive than the price Republican meeting at Phoenix Hill he is a great preacher and I like Order of Removal am greatly surprised at the number charged for a membership To keep Mr Dodd was pleased Thursday night to hear him Louisville in Frankfort Ky March 26 1908 of this public body This is the kind with this and was rather glad that The Board held a conference with Mr tip the association rooms here it wll that bordered on an ovation The or organization that men dont Join be necessary for the business men In the meantime G P Chinn warden of the Frankfort meeting was in the Interest of the can- he had listened for show and popularity These Busididacy of Vice President Charles W the revival goes on successfully and penitentiary concerning questions of the city to help and an effort will ness Mens Clubs are the very truest Fairbanks for the Republican nomina Mr Dodd is reaching a great many which from time to time have arisen index of the public spirit ofn town Lion for President Between 800 and persons as to his management of the prison and I think if you would ask any busi 900 people heard the Senatorelect as affairs with reference to the discipline ness man in Kentucky that had a GRADUATE OF LAW SCHOOLI he termed it make his defense against PHOENIX HOTEL enforced by him and the board being part in getting up a Busiuoss Mens the attacks that have recently been of opinion that the discipline as enClub how many members it would made on him by the Taft leaders in DAMAGED BY FIREE orced by Mr Chinn during his active IAdolph 11 Davis a son of Mr be possible to got in a city like Frank Louisville and over the State Ho was service as warden is not such as is Frankfort was graduated fort I would suppose that one hundred rather severe in his allusions to Sam duo the contractors in said prison from the Louisvlllo Law School on would be a liberal estimate yet I find uel J Roberts of Lexington Ho al Fire in the Phoenix Hotel at Lex under the terms of their contract and Thursday night and took high rank- that you have 148 and have taken la so went after Marshall Bullitt al- Ington caused some excitement yea is not such as should exist in said In the class He delivered an address- 54 more and have passed the two hun though he declared he would not call terday afternoon and for a time it prison the board requested his resig- on international law which was redred mark his name However the answer looked as if the wholo structure would nation and ho falling to give same ceived with favor by the audience I wish to be a part of your daily came from the audience e consumed Tho flames were con- the board for the reasons stated Mr Davis is a young man of ability work and daily life not a great part Wo know who you are talking fi ned to the laundry however and t above removed the said George P and lit Is expected that ho will make but Just as great a part as ono about Its Marshall Bulllt thats fire was extinguished with a loss of Chinn as warden of said prison his mark In tho profession which he man has a right to simply my who only about 2000 Asks for Order has selectedti part I hope you wll counsel with Charles Morris one ants to the Attornr1 poisoned Wednef thing he ate and was very 111 He It was which eau ill but he suffered night and on ThursSL He will non experience a from his sickness but does not ca to try It again It is thought that he had a slight attack of ptomaine poi soning ¬ IY c Addsd ors national I I ¬ I o ¬ TAlKERSt int toYA ¬ I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ shaltf s aree ¬ ¬ ¬ toldi I No 33 f tE I I 5 1000 FOXES Wanted i by Shelby County ¬ ¬ Man Who Will Buy Them w f ¬ ¬ ADVERTISES TO PAY PRICE FOR ANIMALS ENOUGH ¬ GOOD OLD TO SHIP ¬ ¬ ¬ WANTED ONE ¬ ¬ dayi 7chmed ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ Icratlc ¬ yI toI belas ¬ nssoIclatlon o ¬ I ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ I- ¬ I I 4 J r Is displayed This advertisement conspicuously In Frankfort dodgers being tacked up on telephone poles over the city The call for so many foxes comes from G W GUI of Shel byvllle What he Is going to do with 1000 foxes and why he wants to buy that many is not explained in the advertisement but the statement Is made that the animals must be old enough to ship so it is presumed that the rich men of the east who enjoy foxhunting want to renew their supply of game Foxes are not any too plentiful in Kentucky now and it Is doubtful if one thousand of the animals could be found in the entire State The country has been pretty well cleared and the foxes do not like civilization any oo well When the national fox hunters meet in Kentucky every year they have all kinds of trouble finding enough foxes to hunt and it is prob ably doubtful If Mr Wells will get his thousand foxes If he should get that number and pen them UP In one place It would make a great and purl ous sight t l L r r r ¬ GOVERNORS MANSIONALMOST i ¬ THOUSAND FOXES READY being unoccupied since the latter part of November when J C W Beckham then Governor ed from it the old Mansion In Frank fort will be occupied again in a few days Gov Willson has had exten sive improvements made in the build Ing and the repairs have beets almost completed so that the Governor can occupy it Mrs Willson was in Frankfort Thursday and she and Governor spent the day at the man sion looking it over and getting things occupancy Mrs Willson has gone back to Louisville but she expects to returnro Frank fort to live within a short time probably a couple of weeks After k removc ¬ ¬ thef ¬ readfor ¬

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