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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 10, 1901

Part of The Adair County news.

T J Ii i < f < TH ADAIE COUNTY NEWS I r09LUMBIA VOLUME 4 d KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY MEN OF COLUHBIA APRIL tt 1901 50000 ¬ receivedrig rIlsslluliPE I Wfucheslr erahis aronIt sus annnaa SP + v Pletcherth MitinnsJJohnson folp fithach j T 50000In 1901The bArellau 1 6000of 1000Id 15300ad followsFor ¬ 1af orrp I 1900u locI workJwell 6 OOOa beequally guess81OOO Iis thehe willse giveg enemyce psona ifami 2dSundayschool nighttown I- Jtry eignPastor formd Plattd ¬ theY areI whoe perhapt nothingd Cue gog beFour e Maflood Svery himd actits toI JudgeLou I partyd ARsON generallyY > Sbreas Hancock flotobusine ThingDe Bn ply wet STREEiwill opensCOlumbia 0 pafare expenI 0tted cof InJAMESTOWN JTHR j treatede 11My odaslcr 1Va1efros needht 0 bef han 1 rjDavjess Applegateg Wilfflore Hotel Gll semay Lebann Steam Laundry t ¬ advoof departmentssees 0 ¬ Manilas ITho tachedbooks biCompany n ¬ shipit 5CANE f thed dusly willY uuds coyeryColumbia TroubJ acD1s analan I Cravensrig sal etxbr FtoT Turingtheensail tla iioo u 3r r i I Jacres Cdeibla l s r tti a J M A L VVV = k ti 1W c1Wrnrw > t t i of1 younN Focjiarticulafndbf3en jI > a < utfur Agents100b + atA wonred L rte mallngl BRUNERCO volcombed meprecious D j allyr med TI deatbjAmericbe praythat sympBUnasVILLB V NUMBER 22 AOUINALDO TAKES OATH Comto2SecrethoCampbellh evaoglaze intelligenRY J Russell Postmaster Omcehoursweekdays700a M l COUNTY nissionary Institute Church Work In Kentucky The following is the program of the The Central Presbyterian church of He Swears Allegiance to the Govern Missionary Institute to be held at Com to9 New York city has in the line of i tsFor I ment of the United States lumbia Ky April 12 and 14tb 1001 Nearest Correct Guesses on the Total Vote of Ohio on November 5 active and most commendable missi 0 D ce work sent missonary the Rev James COURT DIRECTO w a Walton to the mountain section I fur Root has just made public t I Third life while en route f 1018 I Eastern Kentucky where the mellow II II 1500 II tel sessions a rThirdMaq OlacuITcoualT at f was received and a mPOtIhn Monday in January third Monday In moonshine trickles from the stills a mornII II w September II Willy Thomas third Monday in rrSixth i young men of Columbia II Cr 400 n II W W Jones 3 How are we to begets Misslona Seventh u Circuit Judge once called and held in the ing at 8 oclock 300 Next 20 each 0 1OO amountLngto Commonwealth a Altorne yNIL W makes music in the bills or words to consclencePV P Thomas James II 1 II 2000 II SO hnuse to pay tribute to Sheriff J W Hurt 100II Wooldridgeand A Goodman 5OOO that effect and his first experience on II 200 Jno B Coffey Clerk Washington Since arrival at 25 liory I 6OOO Ar 1000 r 10 that unhallowed ground is calculated rr rr Y 10000 he following resolutions were Manila Agniualdo has been at First Monday in each month COUNTY COOEI to make a man wonder whether he b jj Mulacauau investigating coed cuff JudgoJ W Butler pted c better stay and try to remedy the evil County AttorneyJas OstnettJr tions in the archipelago He ha IVHEBEAS d As our beneficent ClerkT R Stults or pack up and get out ere it is eve r reliedalmost entirely upon the ler G Y Wilson and DT Tarter jstler S H Mitchell f ntor has taken from the walks instructive advice of Chief 6 Has tbeMissionary effort In China lastingly too late In a letter his very A Bradshaw s8eorG T McCaffreo life one of our noble bravo and Surveyor R first to his parent church he writes as 1891 was 795681 1896 was Lr 1020107 School SuptW D Jones 1892II young men Mont White 861636 1897 i 864022 7 What progress has the Columbia follows CoronerLeonard 1893 subscribed and swore to the dec 835604 1898u e bloom of young manhood 793169 1894II 776819 1899 We are boarding at Lewis Hotel 1 District made in Missionary work dur ¬ 920872 1895 bright prospects and laud 846996 ing the last four yearSPJ L Murreil1They 1049121 have promised to keep us till MACABTHUK report Guess what it will be in Igor W Watson Joe Wooldridge ambition and 8 What is the relation of court convenes March 15 which eviorneyGordon Montgomery He being the on E dently is their harvest but if we fall 1ron of fond and loving parents g in the f meantime to wake other ar-¬ I hereby renounce all allegi ham An additional prize of 8000 for any person making an we deem it our duty and esteem it CHURCH DIRECTORY exactly correct rangements we may induce them to ance to any and all socalled revo 9 What can the laymen doO a great privilege to express our lutionary governments in the Triplett F R Winfrey BBGrissom let us stay on We have been unable athy in this sad bereaved 10 What work has woman done Philippine Islands and recognize Missions and what benefits has she fur thus far to make ajrangements abdut The Conditions aro 1OO for a yaare subscription to the Weekly re pastor Services second and fourth Sun and accept the supreme authority clevedMrs G Y Wilson Mrs Dr a house or rooms n each month Sundayschool at 9 n m 81OOO for one Bnbrorip ioa ten years secures guesses meeting every wean e abbath Prayer ten guesses You will be interested perhaps to community a worthy citizen t are urged to be present and night know of really the first duty I per Enqui t a devoted child and t METHODIST true faith and allegi termed In the capacity of my calling one of her Joyal sons STBBBT BCRKSVILLB Rev W P O a us We were busy In our room and recov- ¬ That the young men of th Back From Cuba J L MUBUKLL at all times conduct myself I ering from the effects our four days poototytuuooclM3T3QQocxoooiooj attend the burial in a body I meeting Thursday T L HULSE Coin Washington April L Senator Proc ¬ as a faithful and lawabiding citi ¬ travel when we were star tied by an ir ¬ i WP OUDOK special tribute of respect to asal BAPTIST regular succession of revolver shots tor of Vermont has just returned our deceased companion who In the defense in the PoweE W Bet J GnaassBUROSTRBRTRev not or indirectly death we sorely regret Star Services third Sunday ineachat rcaseat Georgetown were engageobservations concerning conditions in WHOLESALE d iandayschol every Sabbath at 9 a m fJyer3d That we udmire his coura the ablest lawyers the prisonerthe island steering Tuesday night any enemy I a disposition The Senator said he found in response to a call of his coun ¬ PRODUCE DEALERS could find They badgered an among many leading Cu h CHRISTIAN to fight her battles in a for United States nor will I abet bullyragged Judge Cantrill in an two large bullet holes in his skull afl land and in whose seivi tit charge no commission on Butter Poul ¬ upon myself these effort to provoke him into a ones his brains oozing out on the frozenI amendment as the most satisfactory try Bail Egg Also guarantee highest market ¬ IS stout and month Sundayschool every Sabbathga m prices untary obligations without any tionable ruling They took 847 ground He was still living but onl Prayer meeting Wednesday night i 471 Brook Street ntal reservations orpurpose of exceptions to his rulings alith his while keeping up a villainous au LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY so help me God 4th That these resolutions LODGES asterisks in the cablegram vicious attack through the organs sheriffs three were there with their assert that rather than accept ar y In i1 published in our county papers terference by the United States they Ifaa mark a passage withheld from pub assassination on his personal s and a copy of same be presented MASONIC f character and judicial honor ye licatiou about which the officials on COLUMBIA LoDGE No 96 F and AtRegUtothl bereaved family war tor the partisan majority of the CourtD will say nothing now ar meeting in their hall over bar on says however that a great many peo- IVETINERY dayntghton or before the full ma In each of Appeals can only find in four Notwithstanding the taking of SURGEON WMLuck and Work Drink was at the bottom of the ple in the country districts GAKE month those whit the oath by Aguinaldo still of these 847 xceptiona any possiT B STULTS Sect t have been at war for many years deTheres river called Luck that will be held as a prisoner by Gen ble basio for reversal A arena 1 meets COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M e clare that they have had enough of cArthur It is possible he may minority opinion sustains the trial ground first Monday night in each month The law forbids shooting in the woods There is a disposition J E MUBM B P granted more liberty of action Judge in all his rulings and the W W BBADSHAW Secretary i the treasure which by her false but he will not be afforded com outcome viewed from any Stan on the part of some he says to place on them and they killed him a strained interpretation current arrives will never make plete freedom for the present uion the The point cannot but be gratifying Platt legislation and they arc trjiog 0 ion of Aguinaldo in taking the Judge Cantrill and the friends > SVSnrESS c who s the Cubans it is believed at the War De admire his character as a man in He was carried in and laid on a bed to convince intends to do that the Uni- ¬¬ Uicaigraib inshore vain hoping his fortune to partment will the Blue Hotel said to be about ted States have farreaching and his abilty as a hlsiulr Pollevil Splints Spavin or any sur win will wait till locks are frosty effect the worst house in Kentucky I went justice According to Senator Proctor Jkal work done at fair prices I GUARANTEE isville Times in the pacification of the w see him a few minutes after but be these are not making very much hi ad SATISFACTION I am fixed to take care of with hoar for his will islands e oakS never come in But a far other An American artist in Paris had passed away The scene was pa way specially he says as liic dce S I > CRENSHAW stream is the river of Worko- n now enjoys the distinction of own- theist in the extreme About him gates to the convention arc now bear ¬ l ullo from Columbia on Disappointment The Atlanta Constitution is her swelling and vigorous tide no right Mr Bryan brought no ing thermost powerful and swift stood three of his companions drunk ing from their constituents the large place is reserved for the drone an est automobile yet made It was I was asked and closed the dead mans proportion of whom arc anxious for a HENRY W ED3LEMAN MOSS C CO r shirk they must loiter an built especially for him and is of eyes straightened him out folded hisIsettlement of all political relations 4DBVlMARKEiSTUUISVILLEKYd Ie by her side And the man when Mr Cleveland deliberately the same type as the famous auto hands over his breast and spread a dir with the United States and urge the BLACKSMITHS Also Dealer In who with confidence boldness a ridreversed which created ty quilt over himall the covering delegates to accept the offers of this Democratic teachings named Mercedes WOODWORKERS FINE STETSON HATS AND ALL pluckembarks on her Government affluent and Democratic practices after such a etir two months ago at the there was COLUMBIA KENTUCKYV will sailsmoothly on and his second election OTHER STYLISH BRA This machine is faster told the men I would like to pea Owensboro Pau races I I up with his luck by gen ¬ Messenger still being capable of going nine with them and around the bloodstain- of conditions Jn Cuba says shut the Remember the place 408 Vest rarketerous fortune caressedEx The Constitution is right but tyeight miles an hour it is claim ed quilt we knelt Whenwe arose men business situation is much improved We are prepared to do f Messenger is nut right The ed This terrific pace is only fea were weeping and I had then a chance American capitol is now being invest A New any kind of work in mocratic party itself was at Bible on good straight road and to put in a word of warning and en- ed and skis has beau especially marl outline in firstclass order We have railrods which handle the cannot be maintained safely for treaty that I trust may be as good ded during the past three moutus Varifault when it nominated Grover ss to Buffalo this summer ous enterprises are on foot there is been in the business for 25 years and Cleveland in 1892 and elected him more than ten minutes as the in good ground know how to do work when the exposition there BURKSVILLE nt President His views were know I expect to be iniated fully into myEemployment for nearly everybody and Our prices are as low sell what they call coupon the quiet and Ponce that Roan come on the money question when he the rate of seventyfive miles an duties this week and terms as reasonablebooks These books will into the people arc appreciated by thorn was nominated and he took no hopr may be sustained for half an We are happy in the work and pros as any firstclass mechanics We will JUNIUS HANCOCK Prop clude ins to conceal them He was as take country produce of being a blessing to the people f from being a Democrat when at market value Give LIVE STOCK MARKET New York Sun se Each book contains se us call Shop near Columbia Mill Co he was nominated in 1892 as he Almost Blind coupons which will be good was after he was elected President Reported by the Louisville Live err Mr D Kessing Bannock Ky sap the comfortable accommodation to what the South and American FlauR JCO guests Table supplied with the best fares hack hire and everythiW re Stock Exchange Bourbon Stock- Nang Furnished sensational Manila April est considered Democracy ye Per Day U the market affords Rates reasonable else that a person is required so weak from birth that she could not frauds in the Commissary department a Yards tothe South and West nominated t good sample room Feed stable at ¬ ° when going sight seeing The by which were developed yesterday by 3Cotcl iHie CATTLE 8 him The News was one of th the are gotten out by an orga without benefit nifew papers in Kentucky which several of Capt Frederick J Barrows Extra shipping MEALS 25c 7 SI 5557o tterly fought his nomination in 4 2ol 50 oftbe Thirtieth volunteer infantry Llghtshlpping 523 W Market SI LOUISVILLE KY m 92 knowing then that his view ° artermasterotthetioutherndepar r Best butchers POMFRPiAI 4 154 50 HOTEL erates with the railroads Th Mr ODaugherty Bannock Ky Three NIC BOSLER flgr 1 3 503 90 mentor Luzon together with seven Fair to good butchers to prevent extorts bottles not only restored her sight but ¬ Commissary Sergeants several civilian Common to medium btchr 275350j practiced upon Big her stronger and healthier than s made no ¬ seers HOLT she ever wrs in her life Sold by agent clerks a prominent Government conVAUGHAN Proprietors DOGS conceal them to Unlike a great tractor the assistant manager of the in every town W Winters an inmate Hotel Oriente the proprietors of three Choice packing and butch 1 Western Asylum for the In- cate one thing before the people j The Farmers Home Fire Insurance of the largest bakeries in Manila and a ere 200 to 300 tbs 000 en with the very best the market affords The sane attempted suicide by beating and then when elected go just to Company Junction City Ky 8200000 number of storekeepers and other per Fair to good packing 160 W M WILMORE Prop s strong almost to a jellywithan will be probed to the bottom Insures all kinds of propertySl 0o Gradyville Kentucky SInS to answer for to De- except steam mills hemp and tobacco which he worked loo Orders have been issued that nog class livery attached to the hotel Terms very to teisonable from the window When discov mocracy froth our standpoint Bates reasonable Insures against ty man escape The number of men f 160 its 5 80 ed in his room he had lost so but doubledealing and deceit are Fire Lightning and Wind implicated in the frauds Is undetermin- ¬ SHEEP AND LATCliS is no stop much blood that it was with great not among themrElizabethtown ed and high rank will not suffice to Z M STAPLES County Director THERE at thn better place tohotel aboved named Good to extra shipping difficulty that he was restored to News t shield delinquents T A MtmREEL Agent Good sample rooms and a firstclass 3 003 50 Sheep consciousness It is thought tb atMarlon Kooke manager for TL M AN WELLS for many years with Col Woodruff the chief Commissary table Rates very reasonable Feed 2 to he will as Continental General Manager stable attached at Manila said to the representative Fair goodo LEBANON KY a large importer of floe 2 503ooI Common to medium of the Associated Press that the sere g n at 658 Milwaukee Ayes ¬ The State Board of Equaliza ularities were exaggerated and th ue Chicago say During the latest fourinch leg wagon strong and FRANK M Nifflit Was Her Terror BALLENGER 80 the troops were always well suppll edtagocd rHOROUGHLYequppedmodernI would cough nearly all night acre weather 1 caught a dreadful col running shape will be sold to per cent which has with stores Colonels of the returning exper ¬ wrrn I which kept me awake at night and the highest bidder in Columbia at May of been made the basis of assessmentv fenced workmen and dcing as hi regiments wrote to C olcounty coutt day al and could her out- any grade work as can be turned er Woodruff In praise of the commissary Gfi RobiRSGihNorton g my w RUELllurrOlUNsoN place in the country Patronize a get any sleep I had consumption so be service I taking Chamberlains Cough Reined home institution Work of WHOeSAE of Liet Warren Dean twith thirty men Pe FoB SALE Farln lying between Russell Taplor and Green a severe cold at that time which GradyviliC and Mill town valuation vent year 170 acres Dru Goods Notions of Troop G of the Sixth calvary was seemed to relieve her so quickly that W three dwelling bouses and three horns GO Prowhen all other medicines failed three JOHNSTON LOUISVILLE KY le d If you want life insurance the Con v almost surruonded aft Malabar by 200 well watered and tlmtiered Price of Dr Kings New do MILLER REED insurgents from the Sunga mountains reasonable like magic and began to improve atnecticat Mutual is the company J R SmuLEY wholly cured me and I ed u Mil town Ky i FORSALEMy Farm coptalnlngl00 eel pou A good much cow with polrsR Its absolutely g aerr re very to for sale its mer iced rotate Coughs Colds Lagrip SALB kilo Srid all other obstructions to good Seventysix acrpsof lanfl gfod water WSfALL Bii killed and two Americans wounded onFOE tttudth pro immediately removed from Bronchitis and all Throat andLu thewaters of Be Cceek H nnies impnmd iPrScJwoo and good The ineorgenfe then retired orchnrdi Price 50c and IoO Tr paper and the Courier Journal tONB This eat rd i tine 1fOVI assou8eeilaeaie boats T ptt BBSPtJosted OJilO a dose Bald by bottles free at Paulis drugstore yWt rtg D11irItTtTO W tlnumbkXr POSTUFFICE DIRE TORY t E AMIR i r

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