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Image 1 of Bourbon News, January 14, 1910

Part of Bourbon News

D t I pi t J tc i VOLUME XXX 1 > fp rs l 1 A J > > 1 Cl r n Tell me what eat and Ill tell you a are said the philosopher lIe might with equal truth have you buy and Ill tell me you what you get foods of finest ou quality and in widest variety What tastes ver like the rich and dainty things or prefer just what it1 i< f ff j to please you all men who care the ueshness and we selL And the are If you want a treat for breakfast try our t t1 J I 1 k rei BIRTHS I Born Tuesday morning to thewife of Ray Taylor nee Miss Gay Fer- ¬ guson a son Volney Ferguson Taylor to the wife of Born Tuesday Elisha Burnett in Henry Addition a daughter i T1Il u1t = I z I COBER J p l r t f r t htc vi SHOES 7 11 Iqr hMH < f i1 fj1 m t > j tlrtx Ity > P1 iIt I < 1 1 f >e 1 pt 1 4 i t a C Mitca11 < t 1 I BlakemDre n T 0 MEN < J j ri I F i c Sole Agents < r 7 s j Reeds e r Cushions Sole w SY- y 3 iS f kJ 1 tf 4 i1 L r vw a E 7f i 4v t t c j 1 i i I mflnot 00010 SLIPPERS f 4 S drvY t CLEARANCE SALE Fey 4f I Special Sale of I White Goods Linens and Muslin Underwear Begins I Wednesday Jan 12th I ANI > 1 i Bio Baroalns in rl After going dyer our stock I 1 I I 4 1 1T r 1 we have taken put all broken a araice4i f s i > r 1 < f Y I it 336 Main Streets t iiiJ Af UlQ A I a liftiTftfnlnff liitilCTliJ t kf Bfaft J a 4i O fttaC 0 A j > v n J Suits tf 4 iiIft 1 A P ot ftv f < v7rv M B Linens Towels OToaks t Frs Egresses R amtQa tS 1 Napkins < > t i i I v This Sale is for CashDont Miss It All Are Invited 0- L p eI FRANK i iTHE y WW u l iSfcirtSv > p CO LADIES STORE t- h J L2I s r o 0 J Q 0 r a F 1 tIt Forget the Last Big Cut in Prieesloti D IIiT V AX THE BIG ELECTRIC SIGN m F Save the difference Paris Kentucky r lkfil White Goods c DAN COHEN y 0 iiiI t We are retmiling Rubber at Wholesale Prices I Special Sale of Muslin Underwear 1 11 < I i II II j w C 1 > FF Odd Lots Odd Pieces and Remnants of Silks Dress Goods Linens Wash Goods Laces Hamburgs Lac Curtains and Spreads v 3 lots and airdiseontinued lines of this Winter styles which we will put Sale this Saturday below cost for quick 1 ftntm DeDartnieot 1 > f J T Y Real Values in Mens W omen and Children Sf f V > I c Clothing Mouse i Iou T FIT T E R S will keep open day and night r < 1 I p r is for both ladies and gentlemen and fnil j F The < > E x or Paris Busy Bee Restaurant The Busy Bee Restaurant is a new uptodate restaurant that has been lWtmftWt lW x t P Mr Geo Collis of Lexing- ¬ opened ton at 425 Main street this city It I 5 4 NUMBER Fwk 4 IF 1 1 1 on May 4 I D AR g i ¬ J wards I I y soft drink privilege cigars to ¬ bacco and popcorn was let Ito Squires confectionery The directors Pitcher Herman Simms and Catcher Del Bevan Contracts were made out and mailed to the following Ipayers Pitchers Dames Poole Jack Schene berg Frank Wicnhell Sim McElfresh Leslie Timmie and Frank Eddington catchersGeorge W Dellbruegge ana John Scott Wess Holder J G Barnett W D Phelps and Hoi ton Richer and outfieldersB F Goodman Alfred Kaiser and Quay Franklin Pitcher M J McCormick has signed and sent in his contract It was decided to begin practice work early in April to be followed by exhi bition games commencing April 15 and to the opening of the sea I WttfgW Ig J ± riH Y trf heardThe I a coffee of Improved flavor cooked and drycured after long seasoning It spal a the bitter principle is extracted but the real coffee tang 15 there A the morning will set oa + our feet and days work easier Sealed in while Still hot to preserve the Logan I I I I f I ElectaCoffee The Board of Directors of the Paris Baseball Club held a meeting Wednes ¬ day in the office of Secretary Pearce Paton at the court house and trans- ¬ i acted considerable routine business Ed Turner was elected a director in place of Dr WC Ussrey who resign ¬ ed to accept the presidency of the Blue Grass League TfcE Moore Jr was elected vice president and Mr Turner second vice president The di rectors had up for consideration the election of a manager of the club and as several applications had been filed with Secretary Paton the matter went over to a future meeting so as t to give I each applicant an opportunity to be I I S have the goods selected with utmost know We warrant quality of everything ° 4 I I plain I Miss Kate Edgar Rankin of Mil lerbaurg and Mr Edward R Hurst of Fleming county were united in mar- ¬ riage Wednesday afternoon at the home of the officiating minister Rev Dr B M Shive in this city The bride is the pretty and attractive daughter cf Mr and Mrs Oscar Ran She is quite kin of near Millersburg accomplished and has for a number of years been organist at the Millersburg Presbyterian church The bridegroom Is a prominent yuung farmer of Flem- ¬ ing county After the ceremony and congratulations the happy couple left for a bridal trip East and win visit the bridegrooms mother Mrs Fannie G Hurst in Baltimore Md The marriage of Mr Henry J I Groscha and Miss Roberta S Brown will be solemnized in Covington next Wednesday The bridegroom is the lovely and charming daughter of MrS S Brown of Dayton Ey t and Mrs who formerly resided in Paris Mr Brown being the manager of the Bour ¬ She had been a bon Steam Laundry frequent visitor to Paris as the guest of the Misses Gaper The prospective bridegroom is the senior member of the firm of H J Grosche Co and has a Jarge circle of friends After the ceremony the happy couple will i leave for a two weeks bridal trip to Jacksonville Fla and upon their re ¬ turn will be at home to their friends at their residence on Higgins avenue I Finest Food Products J I fa Widest Variety t r sus I Paris Baseball Club I MATRIMONIAL I Senator C M Thomas of Bourbon s chairman of the Committee on State University and State Normal Schools an3 nine other committees viz Rev ¬ enue and Taxation Penitentiaries and Houses of Reform Codes of Practice Judiciary Propositions and Grievances Fish Game and Forestry Agriculture and Manufactures Internal Improve ¬ ment and Banks and Banking jr f I on Ten Commit tees pt tt 1 i PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY JANUAEY 14 1910 i feiator Thomas 0 PUBLISHED I r i 0 THE BOURBON NEWS 1 li to C c J + Q a- 0t7 J r I

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