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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), July 21, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

July Schools Have Been Tried z X SCHOOLS For Proposed Graded Common School at August 16, 1910, From 6 a. m. and JEFFERSON COUNTY C0ORT. W. B. Maple, a Former Jefferson County Teacher, Writes of Advantage OF of Conso- Mr. Editor: As a native of Jefferson county, a teacher in her schools for years, and institute instructor, principal of several graded schools, and finally as president of a board of education, I ask the privilege of suggesting through your columns a few Furnishing In re petition to fix boundary of There will be a meeting of the proposed Graded Common School third school division board in Jeffersontown Saturday afternoon. 30, District. It appearing that more that ten for the purpose of selecting teachers legal voters who are tax payers in for schools not yet given teachers. the Second Magisterial District, Jefferson county, Kentucky, have Read Mr. McFerran's and Mr. petitioned this court to fix the bounMaple's letters upon the school ques- dary of a proposed graded common tion published in today's paper. If school district and to order an elecyou endorse what they say write to tion to establish a graded common The Jeffersonian saying you do; it school, and it further appearing that you do not endorse them write any- said petition is approved by the way. Let's adopt a good plan for Trustee of the common school whose improvement and carry it out. district is embraced in the proposed graded common school district, and appearing that the petitAn election for theschool it further ion is approved by the Superintentrustees in Jefferson county will be dent of the common schools of Jefferheld August fi, 1910. It is very imson county, Kentucky, and it further portant that patrons of schools se- appearing that no part of the bounlect men that are in every way qual- dary of said proposed graded comified to be at the head of the schools. mon school district will be more than There is no greater office within the two and miles from gift of the people, because in serving schoolhouse, the court being the ad as trustee a man holds within his vised, it is considered and adjudged! power, to a certain extent at least, and hereby ordered the followthe destiny of the children, the com- ing boundaries shall that spread upon be ing generations. Before the election the order book of this court as the in August you should get busy and boundaries of the proposed graded pick out the very best man in the common school district: district to serve as trustee. We can Beginning at Bardstown Road and not place Kentucky higher up educa- Chase Lane, thence in a south tionally until we get better men to westerly direction to Roekoph's take charge of the schools. Don't property exclusive, thence on line and wait till any body that will accept between Roekoph's property corLouis Hock and N. Smidt to the the office is put in, but go to work at ner of Will Winter inclusive, thence once and- see that some good man on line between Roekoph and Gardiner to the John Drescher's will serve. property, excluding all said property north of Gardiner's Lane, but including all said property south of A Shot at "Sharpshooter." said lane: thence from Gardiner's In response to what "SharpshootLane to Beargrass Creek, with said regarding the poor condi- creek to willow bridge on Shepherds-vill- e er" said tion of schools at this time, I wish to Road, thence with said road say it is a mistaken idea of his that to Nally and Driver's, including Driver, the young teachers are not doing cluding but excluding Nally, also inthe Ayer's property to their duty. Presumably he lived V histler's corner, thence with line twenty-fiv- e years ago when girls be- between Whistler and Nally to the gan to teach at the age of sixteen, H. i'. Frederick property, including when now the law will not allow said property, thence with Fegen-busLane to them to have a school until after the with said laneRommel's Lnne, thence to Louis Kattaw and age of eighteen. Itistrueourschools Chas. Heady's (col) line, thence with are not what they ought to be, but said line to Eight Mile post Lane, they are a great deal better than thence with said lane to Bardstown road years ago. Road: thence with said of Dr. to and they were twenty-fiv- e including the property H. P. e passed Stivers, thence on a line beween This year a class of a very difficultexamination and grad- Herman Schweiter and Bryan Wil uated from the common schools to liams ts Watterson Road, thence with road to enter the high school or college. thencesaid Cottrell's Young's Lane, property into And it is the "young" teacher's clusive, thence to and including the iauit mat trie schools are in such a property of J. H. Alderson, thence deplorable condition! Well, there is with a direct line to the corner of a certain class of people that could Pauline Hikes' property inclusive, to Hikes' Lane, thence with a not be pleased with any school rec- Schulte and William Bryan line of to a ord. Why, I knew of some persons point to a direct line between the s who objected to a teacher property of Schulte. Ross and Alois liecause she was too old! What Frederick, thence to a corner of the Her.n property Lane, should be the age of our teachers thence with said to Goldsmith Roeder lane to the Mr. Sharpshooter? Lane, thence with said Lane to and including the property of H. Diebel. One Who Knows. thence to the beginning, being- the identical boundary of the present Jy lidationSuccess in McCraken County. SEASONABLE CLOTH remedies for the present aenemic condition of our schools. Our great need is a compulsory educational law. for our state is bountifully providing for the instruction of all her citizens, yet, only about 42 of them get any benefit from this provision, owing to lack of interest on point of parents and guardians. Our second need is for consolidated schools, thus, providing for better and more scientific instructions at same cost as now: for with four teachers in one building, teaching two grades each infinitely better work can be done than for each teacher to be in a separate building teaching everything from A. B. C.'s to Latin and Algebra. This is yet proof may be seen in our own state, as McCraken county has tried this successfully for two years. Had the $20,000, spent in Jefferson county the past year for extending the school term, been used to forward consolidation and to provide free conveyance of pupils to and from school, the records in the County Superintendent's office would show greater improvement, both in attendance and in attainments than they now do. .Instead of one hundred buildings, many of them ramshakle and located corners and not in easily accessible, we need thirty-fiv- e well lighted, well heated, centrally located buildings with transportation provided along the principal thorough-fares, for every child and instruction given by teachers who have thoroughly prepared themselves for the work and are not teachers merely for revenue. Little blame should attach to our teachers for the present condition of things, as a more hardworking, earn est, honest lot of individuals can not be found among our citizenship: but they are wholly incapable of coping successfully with present conditions, for their best efforts reach at most only a favored few, and their instruction is often wasted on empty benches, and their normal training and scientific methods go for naught. The blame first of all attaches to our State Legislature for not giving us a compulsory aw, and secondly with STATEMENT parents and trustees, who do not in sist upon pupils taking advantage of the instruction already provided. From Or. S. D. Wetherby Concerning Normal It is foolish to say this cannot be Trained Teachers in Second Divisdone, for it has already been tried ion of County. out in various counties in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Florida and in our own McCraken county, the wide Middletown, July 18. As chairman of the awake county of the Purchase, and Second Educational Division of Jefferson many people ate wondering why this county. I have been asked to state in The Jeffersonian how many teachers we now hae plan was not adopted years ago. in the Western State Normal School at s Cold said for years Bowling Green. that the C. S. Mail could not be de First, I would like to say last year we had livered daily to the doors of our four out of our nine white schools taught by nornormal teachers. We had rural population, and yet it has been mal trained teacher out ofone colored difour in this done so successf ully that the most vision. This year we have one ot the same backwoods community is in daily teachers in Bowling Ureen that was there year and two communication with our commerce last you can readily new ones went with her. So, see that if all and culture ,and the reading popu- ers who have taken the normal the teachtraining lation has been more than doubled. course would be given contracts to teach in thisdivislon we would have a normal teach, Were we to have free transport graded instruction and compul- er for every school, except two white schools sory attendance, illiteracy would di- and three colored schools. me say just one In selecting teachers, let minish in the same ratio. word. Our County Board passed a resoluJeffersontown, as a center, has a tion (without a dissenting vote) in favor ot golden opportunity to become a normal trained teachers. So far, so good. our division are not prime mover in this glorious work, I fear up to this resolution. boardshave had living We owing to the fact, that one of our fairly good success in getting the teachers most benevolent citizens has offered of this division to attend the Normal School to contribute of his means, property at Bowling Green. The only complaint I have heard so far is, and time to locating a school as an justify the teacher "The salary does not taking the normal experiment, if you will somewhere course." My answer to that objection is, the near the town an accessible to the better the teachers prepare themselves the four or five surrounding districts. better their salaries will be in the future. I hardly just to ask an increase in Now with a wideawake citizenship salary think it until the teacher has better prepared the building may become a possibili- herself to teach, and yet I know we have ty, and with a school board and prin-ip- good teachers in this division who have not who have sufficient back bone, yet availed themselves ot a normal training course. one-ha- NOW FOR ONE OF OUR BIG SALES ! SALE NOW GOING ON 3, 3, young self-eviden- Furnishing ; greatly reduced prices. MYER HERMAN 216218 W. Market St. Bet. 2nd and 3rd. Louisville. t, FINE AS FROG HA1P THERE5 NO DENYING WITH PURE LINSEED OIL AND WHITE LEAD WE CAN RAISE YOUR OLD HOUSE FROM THE DEAD OR KEEP THE NEW FROM DYING water-pourer- 81 BY. E. R. SPROWL. Absolute Auction OF THREE ELEGANT LOTS Saturday Afternoon, July 30, 1910, AT 3 O'CLOCK. MR. EDWARD HOKE HAS ORDERED ME TO SELL THOSE BEAUTIES, located on Main Street, corner to Leslie avenue, in Jeffersontown, Ky., and being a part of the Marshall property, to the highest and best bidder. y al These lots are offered for the purpose of selling them, and they will be sold. compulsory attendance may become a fact, and Jeffersontown school beThere is nothing on the market here now that equals them, come a cynosure, for parents, puand there will never be anything to surpass them. pils and trustees all over the state. If you want a Desirable Building Site, or An Investment, THIS Mr. Editor, should you desire a IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY. fuller discussion of these matters, I Terms One-thircash, balance in one and two years, with shall be glad at some future time, to interest at 6 per cent and lien retailed. A deposit of ten per enter more fully into details, because words and figures can be given cent required on da3' of sale. to prove my statement. 36-Cumb. Phone E. R. SPROWL, Auctioneer. Respectfully, Jeffersontown, Ky. W. B. Maple, 503 Ky. Title Bldg., Louisville, Ky. d Dont Get Discouraged Our prices and goods will make you feel happy, if A'ou will only GIVE US W TRIAL. HARRY K. STKASSEL & CO. General Merchandise. one-ha- Cash Store.) ASHVILLE, KY. Save money begetting The prices of Job Printing. Jeffer-sonian- THE STATE.. Blue Rock Hotel i i i F15HERVILLE, JEFFERSON CO., KY. Good table and service. Rates $1.50 day and special prices for families. first-clas- s Let me say to them through your paper, if our board has satisfactory assurance that these teachers will take advantage of the normal course next summer, we may arrange to increase their salaries. On the other hand, if they will not follow the suggestions of their County Board, then they will have no one to blame the coming year if they tind their places tilled with normal trained teachers. S. D. i FISHERVILLE, KY. Let Us Make Your Spectacles and Eye Glasses, Cost No More Than The Other Kind. SOUTHERN OPTICAL COMPANY, Incorporated. LOUISVILLE, KY. t. h common school district No. 1. Educational Division No. 4, in Jefferson J n i i 1 1 vv ijl or i RILEY BROS. Cumb. Phone. Jeffersontown, Ky. if DRY GOODS, SHOES, J K FIRST-GLA- BAKERY SS IN CONNECTION. fcQ FRE5H BREAD, CAKES AND PIES BAKED DAILY. Bread in Every Respect First-Clas- s at 6 Loaves for 25c. And it is further ordered that the Sheriff of Jefferson county do hold f H GROCERIES,) FRUITS, CAKES, CANDIES, i county, Kentucky. rfr DEALERS IN CIGARS, ETC. f on the 16th day of August, 1910, at the schoolhouse, at Buechel, Jefferson county, Kentucky, between the hours of Six a. m. and Four p. m. an election for the purpose of taking the sense of the legal white voters within the above described boundaries constituting the proposed graded common school district upon the proposition whether or not they are for or against an annual graded Of Ladies' and Gents' Wearing Apparel common school tax in the sum of BOTH PHONES 2635. twenty-fiv- e cents on each one hundred dollars of the property assessed 426 South Fifth Street, Between Green LOUISVILLE, KY. ! within the above described boundarand Walnut ies and belonging to said white voters or corporations, and in addition thereto, an annual poll tax of one dollar per capita on each white CUMBERLAND TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. male inhabitant over twent3--on(incorporated) years of age residing in said proposed Long distance lines and telephones of graded common school district, all this Company enable you to talk almost for the purpose of maintaining a anywhere in Southern Indiana, Southern graded common school within the Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi above described proposed graded and Louisiana, We can put you in quick common school district and for and satisfactory communication with the erecting, purchasing or repairing people of this great section of the country. suitable buildings for said purpose We solicit your patronage. Rates reasontherein and for amy and all other able. Equipments and facilities necessary incidental expense to the s carrying on and conducting of a graded common school at JAMES E. CALDWELL, LELAND HUME, T. D, WEBB, General Xantxar. President. Treaaura Buechel, Jefferson county, Kentucky. It is further ordered that said election is to be held for the purpose Up- to-Da- te of electing five trustees for the proposed graded common school district, in this section of Jefferson county. We make it our business to said trustees when elected to be please our customers, and they have spared neither time or mondivided into three classes in accorey in our equipment. dance with Kentucky statutes, section 4471 and 4469 a. FIRST GLASS RIGS ANO TURNOUTS AT ALL TIMES. M. J. PULS PYER ANP CUEANER HENRY A. 3 e first-clas- Only A. - Livery Stable Emler, Sheriff Jefferson County, Ky. Special attention given to traveling men. HITCHING AND FEEDING. Will buy or sella good horse. Wktherby. Chin. Second Educational Division. For further particulars address JOHN BOTTS, Proprietor, lf first-clas- EM IN lf fifty-thre- frft PAINTS (Formerly Si ...BEST MINERAL WATER Bue-ch- to 4 p. m. Friends interested in the schools of the county are invited to contribute to this column. 'Proven to be Successful. eara i ELECTION CONSOLIDATED How's This. We offer One Hundred Dollars Re ward for any case of Catarrh that & The Jeflersonlan can save you cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Public Square. JEFFERSONTOWN, KY money it you will have your print Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Phone 33-O. ing done at this office. Call us up Over $100 in prizes given away in We, the undersigned, have known over the Cumberland phone. the popularity contest. F. J. 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