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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), July 21, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian Let The Jeffersonian save you money when you subscribe for city papers. That Popular Girl wants YOUR votes- Will you give them to her? - ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, July 21, 1910. Vol. 4. No. 5. Putnam Moremen, Keeae Johnson what in this life can we accomplish Death of Miss Sarah Sanders. Powell. and higher and better than to give our After a long and painful illness of children a better and brighteropporMrs. I. P. Moremen entertained nearly two years duration caused by tunity than we have had ourselves? Friday. Covers were laid for Rev. C cancer, Miss Sarah Sanders passed Y. Boggess, Mrs. W. F. Boggess, But now to the taxes. The laws of peacefully away at the home of her Illinois allow the school districts to The News of Our Neighboring brother, Mr. R. Sanders, near Proposed by Commercial Club at Katherine and Elizabeth Boggess, Of Young Ladies in First DisFor School Purposes Would Be tax themselves to the extent of 2h Rev. and Mrs. Robt Johnson, Mattie Harrod's Creek, on last Wednesday Town in Full. trict Being Tested. per cent ($2.50 on each hundred dol Meeting Monday. Christine and Keene Johnson. With This Plan. Small afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Miss Sanlars of taxable property) for buildS. E. Dodge's guests Wednesders had been a resident of Louis Mrs. ings and grounds and an additional ville for quite a number of years and day were Mrs. Joe Dodge. Mrs. 2 per cent for maintenance that All the Items Concerning People You Know was brought to the country home of Dodge, The s Planning to Purchase Fire Engine E. R Mary Swindler, Mrs. Frank Popularity CoMr J. B. McFerran Desires to Hear From is. for teachers, books, transporta her brother several months ago in Misses Verna Philips and Mary Mill Doing, ntest in First Magisterial District Will What the Churches Are tion, etc. The total tax that school order that she might during the re- Sprowl Holds on as President R. A. Biclc-- er. the People Upon His Suggestion to districts are allowed to vote upon maining days of her suffering be Sick, Etc. the Close August 27, 1910. Named on Executive Committee. Mr. J. B. Alexander, who had been Issue Bonds. themselves is 5 per cent, (or $5.00 on treated to the enjoyment of the fresh in declining health for several years, the $100.) Thte rate on the county air and beauties of country life, and passed away Wednesday morning, of Jefferson would yield for schools although her suffering was beyond July 13. He was born in Owen counJuly 19. Mr. Jeff Middletown, The vote to date foil ows: one million, two hundred and fifty the comprehension of the human At the meeting of Jeffersontown Editor JefferSw 'a.n: Cochran has returned from a trip to mind almost continuously, she bore it Commercial Club at Bruce Hall ty July 22, 1835, and came to this Miss Pearl Rooksby. Anchorage 7730 Supplementing my communication thousand dollarsannually. Thisrate county early it life. He was mar- Miss Lila s Washington City. 4!t50 all with the calmness and patience Monday evening a large crowd was ried to Miss Margaret Arnold inl85(i. Miss RuthBrooks.St.Middletown in a late issue of vour paper with would speedily build us good Hall. Matthews Rev. M. F. Miller, of the Methodist of some present and much interest manifestThe county. all over the always characteristic of the reference to the plan therein set Six children survive him by this mar- Miss Hattie Wetherby. Middletown 2n;u again and true followers of Him who has tasted ed. The president, E. R. Sprowl, riage. In 1886 he married Miss Miss Mary Hoke. R.R. 21, Harrod's Creek II.m) forth, which was to bond the county school tax laws of Indiana allow church, is able to be out preached Sunday morning and night. death for us all and Miss Nellie Claxon. Worthinirton um has said, ''He presided. in the sum of a half million of dol- townshipsto vote a tax on themselves Mrs. Enos Jones spent last week in The executive committee reported Elizabeth Howard, of Texas, and is Miss Jennie Lee Wood. Anchorage 660 to build and equip not exceeding 1 per cent (one dollar lars wherewith that liveth and believeth on me shall survived by wife and four children. Miss Edith Sturgeon. Eastwood 500 of this Louisville visiting her sister, Mrs never die." The deceased was in that resolutions had been drawn up f on the hundred). forty real hjo Misses Rena Neil, Elizabeth and Miss Gertrude Swan. Middletown requesting Mr. Sprowl to reconsider upkeep of Peyton. Miss Nora Tucker. Middletown be located fairly between the eight amount is devoted to the the 38th year ot her life at the time lot) Mr. Will Miss Elizabeth Susie Hagen, of Tiptop, and Mr. Abe Hardin has returned home Roman. Middletown 100 of her death and is survived by two his intention of resigning as presi educational divisions of the county, the buildings, transportation of the Neil spent Monday with Mrs. W. D. Miss Pamelia Waters. R. R. 1. Sta A Browns- 100 children, etc.; the other half is used after visitintr relatives at beg to say a word on taxation. sisters and three brothers, namely: dent and after a brief talk stating" Bland, of Kosmosdale. reasons for offering his resignation, course, none of us like to be solely for maintenance, that is pay boro. Mrs. Nathan Roberts, of Westport, of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dold, of Cen- Five of the popular girls in The Mrs. Denis Marshall, of Shelby coun Mr. Sprowl decided to hold his office taxed, because we consider it money of teachers, various supplies, etc. spent the week-enJeffersonian-Merchant'ty, Mr. George Sanders, of Crest-woo- until his term expired. J. H. Mittler TO SETTLE. Contest inlost that is, we do not reflect much In addition to this the townships are tersburg, Ind., FIRST creased their vote during the past Mr. David Sanders, of Emin- having resigned as a member of the upon what we get in return for our allowed to vote bonds, if needed, with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hill. week. Miss Lila Brooks being the taxation, and I am willing to admit to build school houses, the interest Miss Margaret Smart spent Thurs- ence. Mr. R. Sanders, of Harrod's executive committee on account of one to send in the greatest number. a fair on the bonds and payment at matur- day visiting friends at St. Matthews. Creek, and a number of more dis leaving the state, Prof. R. H. Snive-l- y that we do not often receive Fire Insurance Co. Pays Still nominated R. A. Bickel, who was that did not brim-- her nn to value for the money expended, but ity being provided for out of the 50 Mr. Cecil Reed, of St. Louis, Mo., tant relatives in several parts of is visiting Mr. Arther White. elected. Wheeler 4 Davis $1169.43 For Loss Refirst position, but as the past week is our own fault in not looking cent tax. this and other states. The remains that a talk was what we term "rest week" we after it. But I contend that the Now, to tax ourselves up to the al Mrs. Alfred Hall isspending sever- were laid to rest in the cemetery heRufus Smith madeClub to in which sulting From Mill Burning. weeks visiting her sister, Mrs. at Lagrange on suggested to the take up schedule would bring into did not look for a big vote. proper education of our ch'ldren Indiana From last Friday after now until July 30. the close of the noon after a service at the grave the question of procuring a fire enought not t be looked at from the the schools of Jefferson county two Tom Ward, of Pewee Valley. Misses Adah Brooks and Gertrude conducted by Rev. Griffith, of Louis- - gine for Jeffersontown, saying the extra vote offer, you may look for common view of general taxation, hundred and fifty thousand dollars The Fidelity-Pheni- x Fire Insur something to turn up in the way of recent fire was cause enough for the be viewed as an INYRST-mkn- annually. Now. the tax I have pro- Swanspent Thursday with Mrs. Lou lie. but it should ork. of casting of ballots. Durr, who is quite ill. citizens to get together and do some ance Lompan3', of iNew that is bound to return to our posed for the issuance of the Mr. Walter Swan, of Clifton, spent thing along that line. After discus which J. C. Alcock is the local agent, would be 10 cents on of bonds It is well to remember that 500 children and grandchildren many-foision by several of the members W. J was the first company to settle with votes are given with each dollar in increased prosperity and hap- the hundred dollars, or one dollar on Sunday visiting his mother, Mrs. oemonin moved that a committee be Messrs. Wheeler & Davis, who lost spent at Seng's iewelry store, 30H on $10,000 Chas. Swan, who is ill. piness: and when all is said and done, the thousand. A their flour mill and contents in Jeff- East Market street, and that votes Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reel and named to investigate the cost of would be called on to pay ten dollars ways o ersontown on the night of July 7. are given on job printing executed children, of Covington, are visiting chemical engine and other per year: on $5,000 the cost would be five dollars per year: on $2,500 it his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren The News Along Bardstown Pike extinguishing tires, which motion Three other companies had risks tor persons doing business in the CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. carried, and Mr. Semonin and J. C amonnting to nearly $3, 00ft would be $2.50 per year, and on $1,000 Reel. First District, as well as on subMrs. Robt. Martin and Mrs. Mattie Following is a statement from scriptions to The Jeffersonian. Don't Bruce were named as the committee would be one dollar per year. The it Told in Brief. A committee composed of D. A. Dav Messrs. Wheeler & Davis: Advertisements under this head One Cent largest amount I have named ($10) Turner, spent Wednesday with Mrs. overlook the time of the extra vote 10c. a word. No ad taken for less than is, P. P. Litterer, J. C. Alcock. W. L would require the denial of self to M. P. Crash, J. C. Alcock. agent Fidelity offer. Now is the time to help your Mrs. Edw. Cox entertained Misses Jones. Frank Fanelli and Lud M Phenix Fire Insurance Co.. Jeffer- favorite, if you ever intend to. the extent of less than one oneglassof beer, Ethel and Rachel Cox last Tuesday. Sad Death of Mrs. John Frey Little Eliza Bryan was named to solicit subscrip sontown, Ky. We desire to thank cigar per day, or of For Sale. your Company through you for its Mr. and Mrs. Harry Milliken, of tions to purchase the engine. or say three chews of fine tobacco promptness in paying us Close of Contest. beth Struck Has Measles Graded School After the business was transacted amount of loss under policy $1,169.43, Fob Sale. Carload of Western horses per day. It might be met b four or Louisville, spent Sunday with Mrs. No. 1013 live year old live dozen spring chickens, or forty Hugh Milliken. m hiir four and Fanelli Bros, served refreshments upon contents of out mill, which was The contest will close on August oir Question Discussed. Nebraska mares heavy in foal. HUDSON pounds of butter, or say 50 dozen of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. WTeatherbee cigars made by J. W destroyed by fire on July 7. 1910. and 27, 1910. promptly at 3 o'clock p. m. BROS. & CO.. 104ti E. Main St: Louisville. This July 19, 1910. and Miss Nannie Linnie spent last Kellar in Jeffersontown, which the eggs at 20 cents per dozen, a pig at We Wheeler & Davis. end have delayed announcing the members all enjoyed. For the past of the contest until now beFor Sale. One Gentleman's bicycle present prices, weighing say 125 Tuesday with Miss Minnie Head. Buechel, July 18. Mrs. John Frey, several weeks the club has been on It is the best plan to insure your cause we knew other contestants Mr. A. G. Dugan, of Chicago, spent Racycle:one lady's bicycle. Hartford: also pounds, or a veal calf. one Jersey heifer calf nine months old s Friday with his parents, Mr. and formerly MissCatherine Anna Kaiser, the verge of disbanding, but it seems property in a strong company that would enter and we desired to give Are not forty Cheap if sold before July 30. R. H. SNIVELY died Wednesday afternoon at 12:2a now that new life has been given to pays promptly and with an agent all plenty of time. So, please keep and grounds to properly house Mrs. Jas. Duga. Jeffersontown. Cumb. phone Mr. and C. E. Thompson, of Simp o'clock, after an illness of several it and there is no reason why it should who looks after your interests. Be- in mind the close. No votes will be our children worth thisoutlay? Will with weeks, at St. Anthony's Hospital, not accomplish some great good for fore renewing in some companies or awarded after 3 o'clock p. m. on For Sale Second crop cold storage seed anybody speak out for or against sonville, spent the week-enand other varieties this plan? Let us hear the pros and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thompson. potatoes. Irish Cobbler where she had been taken the day the community. It will, if out citi taking out fire insurance on new August 27. KAHLERT PRODUCE CO., 237 E. Jefferson Miss Nell Hill, of Anchorage, was before for a surgical operation. She zens will forget their petty feelings buildings it might pay you to see J. cons on this question through your Louisville. Hoth phones. paper. If anyone can propose a the guest Sunday of Miss Fannie was the wife of John Frey, a promin and all go to work for the better C. Alcock. Another Extra Vote Offer. ent blacksmith, of Buechel, and the ment of our home town. For Sale -- Thorough bred Collie pups; also better plan I will heartily favor it. Hill. Surprise Party. nice Jersey bull: cood fresh cow. CHAS. D Miss Linnie Weatherbee spent the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad The meeting adiourned to meet For each three subscriptionsto The But in God's name and the children's, TYLER. Jeffersontown. Buechel, July 17. The Misses and Jeffersonian at $1.00 turned in at one visiting her grandmother Kaiser, Sr. Besides her husband and the first Monday night in August. let us do something that will mark week-enparents she is survived by two daughMessrs. Yann were given a surprise time at this office between July 15th For Sale. Fresh Shorthorn cow and calf. decided progress in thisschoolmat Mrs. S. O. Weatherbee. party Saturday night at their beau- and July 30th. 500 extra votes will W. T. LINDLE, Jeffersontown. Revival at Methodist Church. Miss Lissie Yenowine has returned ters, Margaret, aged nine years, and Very truly, ter. Vernice, nearly two years old. She tiful new home at Newburg. from a week's visit in the city. Music be given. If six subscriptions are A revival meeting will begin at John B. McFerran. ForSale Household furniture, stove. etc. Mrs. Jeptha Reel spent several also leaves three sisters, Misses the Jeffersontown Methodist church and dancing were enjoyed until a sent in at one time 1.000 votes will be almost new. Apply to FANELLI BROS. days last week with her daughter, Martraret, Mayme and Ida Belle on Monday, July 25. The pastor, Re v late hour. The following were pres- awarded, and so on. EASTWOOD. Jeffersontown. Kaiser, and five brothers, Messrs. H.S.Gillette, will be assisted by ent: Misses Theresa Deimer, Louise Mrs. Walter Swan. Chas. E. Seng at the same time will of framing lumber: also ForSale.-L- oI Miss Margaret Robinson, of Louis Albert, Conrad, Jr., Fred, Chester Yann, Freda Schnieder, Margaret give 500 votes with each cash purJuly 17. Miss Mary Blackwell extra good work horse. Apply to H. A. spent the first of the week with Miss ville, spent last Sunday with her and Clifton Kaiser, a brother, Henry, Henn. Amelia Yann, Annabelle chase of $1.00 at his store, 300 East HUMMEL. Cumb. phone. Jeffersontown. De imer. Mary Kaelin, Anna Yann Market St., Louisville. died about a year atro. The funeral mother, Mrs. Milton Robinson. Mae Fertig, of Louisville. Mr. J. W. Windstandly, who has services were conducted from Green Darinna Herman: Messrs. Rnhprr For Sale. Fresh Jerey cow and calf. Miss Edythe Sturgeon has returned Picnic. W. V. TUCKER. Jeffersontown. Ky. wood Presbyterian church Friday af Henn, Carl Deimer, George Yann, week with been quite sick, is convalescing. home, after spendiug the 2 o'clock by the Rev. ASunday-schoo- l picnic will be given Henry Deimer, Joel Yann, Will The members of Pleasant Grove ternoon at ForSale Pure apple vinegar: also pure friends and relatives in Louisville. at Baptist church gave a social at the Theodore John, of whose church she Kaelin. Earle Barnes. AugustZender, 23, theair grounds on Saturdav. July Haupshiredown bucks. Address J. L. Mrs. John Beckley entertained at by Henry Zender, Joe Yann and John town the Cedar Creek and Jeffersonhome of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Corban was a member, assisted by the Rev. Pound. Clark. Jefferson couuty Ky. Baptist Sunday-schoolEvery dinner Tuesday. Covers were laid Thursday evening Herman. in preparations of E. W. Elliott, and the interment body is cordially invited. Mrs. C. P. Burnett and children, For Sale Seed potatoes three varieties. for took place at Eastern cemetery. George Jay and Percy, of Paducah, the meeting, which is to begin the Leslie Collins. Jeffersontown. Ky. This death takes away three of the 5th Sunday. Mrs. Eugene Vandergriple, of Louis The Children s Guild of the family in one year, Mr. Henry Kais For Sale A nice mare mule, twelve, years ville, Mr. and Mrs. George Beckley old; splendid work animal. C. M. Robb. R. D. Methodist church will give a picnic er havintr died last July and Mr. and Mrs. Alice Beckley. 10. Buechel. Ky. Saturday afternoon. Miss Hattie Jacob Driver, a brother of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Dale entertain ago. ForSale Ice. Call at my store when in ed at dinner Wednesday for Mr. and Yenowine, who has this work in Keiser, died several months Miss Gertrude Hikes entertained charge, will take this merry little need of it. FRED LAUSM AN. Mrs. Jas. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. band with their lunch boxes out to the following young people at her oo Fertilizer; a bone Chas. Dale, of Fisherville. For Sale. Homestead the Hartwell woods, where they home Wednesday evening: Misses Ky. black. H. L. GOOSE. Jeffersontown. Mr. and Mrs Frank Beckley had expect to have one of the merriest Dorothy Skiles, Sadie Skiles, Eliza as their guests last week Mr. and times of their lives. Rev. Joncy W Weldon. beth Skiles, Ethel Hikes: Messrs Mrs. L. H. Greggs and daughter, Wanted. The Sunday-schoo- l of the Christian Orville J. Stivers, Palmer Mitchell, Rev. Joncy W. Weldon, the boy fcxD Miss Laura, of Port Arthur, New church will give a picnic August 4th and Herbert Tinsley. evangelist. Mr. Weldon has been good grass; Mexico, Mrs. C. P. Burnett and childWanted. Stock to pasture: at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Mrs. Carpenter, of Perryville, Ky., very successful in winning people to GO good fence: prices reasonable; but not re- ren, George Jay and Percy, of Pa is visiting her son and daughter, Mr Cox atChenoweth station. sponsible for accidents or strayed stock. H. great meeting is ex Christ and a ducah, Mr. J. L. Gregg, Mrs. Julia The Ladies of the Methodist and Mrs. Stewart Carpenter, for pected at 2t. L. GOOSE. Jeffersontown. C S3. this place. Finley, of Shelbyville, and Mr. How church gave a --! at the several weeks. Wanted I will pay good prices for live ell Beckley. lawn fete given by Miss Nettie new parsonage Monday. A beauti The foxes.coons. skunks and partridges. Address Mrs. Julia Isaacs and cousin, Mrs. fully decorated table was spread in Diemer on Thursday afternoon and VALLEY STATION. Jeffersonian, JeffersonR. L.H.. care The J evening was a brilliant successs. A M. Thompson, of Sturgis, aie visi tne large aining room, where a town, Ky. ting Mrs. L. L. Russel, of Louisville. delicious dinner was served to all large crowd attended. Elizabeth, the little daughter of Supper at Bethany Church Mr. Alexander's Wanted You to know that I am now sellMiss Myrtle Shaw, ot Crescent Hill, Two missionary ladies were present ing ice. Give me a call. FRED LAUSMAN. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Struck, is ill of Death Other Items of Interest. is visiting her aunt, Miss Elmira from Louisville, Mrs. Reecer and Our No. 102 Mrs. Peprie, who spoke upon mission the measles. Gilliland. The Society of Equity met at work in the foreign lands. A Wanted You to save vour free coupons Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mullins and Mr. Valley Station, July 18. Miss for some popular lady in the Jeffersonian s Gordon Mullins attended a conven- pleasant day was spent, each Hikes' schoolhouse Wednesday eve We Can INTEREST YOU Anybody Can ! contest. Cast them each week for your ning. Mr. Chesterfield, of Louisville, Sarah Burnett is visiting her aunt, declaring it was good to be there. tion at Flat Rock church lastFriday. choice. Tjhose who attended the convention addressed the meeting. Mrs. L. M. Camp. Mrs. Elizabeth Weiss, Mrs. Clara held at Flat Rock church Miss Luella Groom is visiting rela The Improvement League of to sell anything or Friday Wanted. If you want Schoening, Mr. and Mrs. Henry from here are as follows: Mrs. B. Hikes' school held their regular tives in Louisville. want to buy anything, this column is the J. place to advertise. It is read by everybody. Scheriff and sons,, John and Henry, Guthrie, Miss Kate Guthrie, Mrs. meeting at the schoolhouse Friday Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Conn spent Sun a word. of Louisville, have returned to their John Claxton, Mrs. Wm. Rooksbury evening to discuss the new graded day with Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Stone-streeRates only one cent homes, after a visit to Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Elizabeth Rooksbury. school proposition. Wanted Farm hands: good wages offered. E. P. Johnson. Miss Ruth Yager, of Louisville, is Dairy, inc.. Jeffersontown Rev. J. W. Conkling spent Sunday Sweeny Ranch Mrs. Edw Roman entertained last Misses Sue and Blanche Blackwell, Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Philip the guest several days this week of with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dodge. Messrs. Jas. Morris and Howard Buchannon, Mrs. Levon and children, Miss Emma Whistler. The Ladies Aid of Bethany church Wanted You to place your fire insurance Walker visited friends in NewAl- - Mrs. Henry Buchannon and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kiiser enter will give an ice cream supper on the C. Alcock, children, In the very best companies. See J. bany and Jeffersonville last Sunday. Mrs. L. P. Arterburn, Misses 20; hours 7 to 11 p. Susie tained relatives from the city Sun church lawn Aug. Agent. Jeffersontown. Ky. day. Mrs. T. D. Cassady, of Crestwood, and Effie Buchannon. m. Take Orell Cc.r and get off at Mr. and Mrs. John Luhr, of Louis Bethany stop. has returned home, accompanied by Miss Kate Urton entertained FriFor Rent. ville, visited Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Mrs. W. S. Mills and daughter, her daughter, Mrs. Jas. Beckley, who day Mr. and Mrs. Chas Weatherbee, Stivers Sunday. while with her. , Lucille Mills, of Louisville, were For Rent In Jeffersontown storeroom will spend a short Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Urton, Mrs. Libbie Mr. and Mrs. John Jones spent a Brown and Miss M'. and Mrs. Andrew Fuchs enter- - guests of Mrs. S. S. Foss Sunday. suitable for feed store. Apply to J. C. Nannie Linnie. Ky. Cumb. phone few days this week in Louisville. BRUCE. Jefferscm'.own. tyinec at a christening supper on Mr. W. L Napier and family, of Mrs. Wm. Poulter entertained the Sunday evening. A large crowd was Highland Park, are visiting Mrs. Miss Lula Sturgeon visited her week-enHer guests were Mrs. present: cousin, Miss Brooks, of Middletown, Jno. Napier. Lost. Agnes Clark, Mrs. N. Puckett, Misses week. Miss Nettie Glaser, of Louisville, The Ladies' Aid of the Christian last Mr. and Mrs. John Gilliland enter- Archie Whitehouse, Myrtle and was a guest of Miss Marguerite L. church will give an outing WednesLost. Lady's hand purse on road within Sunday. Covers Edna Puckett, of Hatten, and Mr. Bean Sunday. day in Mr. Kennedy's woods. two miles of Tuckers Station, containingone tained at dinner one dollar bill, one were laid for the following: Rev. P. aad Mrs. Edgar Cox. Miss Lee Woodward, of Louisville, Mr. Samuel Moremen's guests Sun five dollar bill and one - half dollar, one quarter and four nickles. Mrs. B. T. Coleman is entertaining has&een.the guestof Miss Marguerite day were Misses Medora Miller, SusJ. Ross, of Simpsonville, Rev. Jas. Returnto THE JEFFERSONIAN and receive Sittori, of Leitchfield, and Miss Myr- Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Conkling, of L. Bean, of Fern Creek, for several an Moore, Ethel Miller, Susie and 1. Incorporated reward. Louisville, this week. Mr. and Mrs. weeks. Elizabeth Hegan, Rena Neil, Pearl tle Shaw, of Crescent Hill. week-enConkling expect to spend several Mrs. Jas. Orr spent the Carter and Josephine Kennedy, and Jefferson Remember we club with the city Louisville, Ky. Over $100 in prizes given away in Messrs. Stewart and Emory Dravo, subscribers money with her daughter, Mrs. Bruce Har- weeks visiting his congregation papers and, save here. Will Neil, Carl Miller, Will Weller, the popularity contest. , din, of Shelby county. tn all orders. MIDDLET0WN. TAXATION POPULARITY GOOD WORK Jeffersonian-Merchant'- el school-house- One-hal- school-housest- o 1 v d s d, Fidelity-Pheni- x - t. half-millio- n d BUECHEL. tax-pay- er nt l()-ce- nt 1 te 21-- school-house- 3 d tf d tf 3 Kb 3t . 3--3 tf Sunday-Scho- s. Made to Order . 4 o house-warmi- A. ng IT 1 a f. if EAGLE POTATO t. FERTILIZER BEST FOR POTATOES We pay the freight to your station. Phone 1454. 40-- 2 d. -- THE SOUTHERN SEED CO., 1 Preston d I Sts.,

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