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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 8 - and Professor Bratt with explanations provided by President Wethington. On motion made by Professor Rhoads, seconded by Dr. Foster and carried, the Resolution was approved. (See FCR 11 at the end of the Minutes.) U. University Hospital Project (FCR 12) With the Finance Committee so recommending, Mr. Ockerman entertained a motion that the Board approve a project in the amount of $1,453,600 in University Hospital funds for replacement equipment and facilities for the University Hospital incinerator. He noted that this is brought about to comply with Federal regulations in disposal of waste. Dr. Meriwether so moved. His motion, which was seconded by Judge Stephens, carried. (See FCR 12 at the end of the Minutes.) V. A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of a Farm in Woodford County, Kentucky. Requesting the State Property and Buildings Commission to issue Bonds in the Principal Amount of $ll.500.O00. and Authorizing Lease Payments Sufficient to Defray the Repayment of the Bonds (FCR 13) Mr. Ockerman said that he was pleased to bring FCR 13 which authorizes the purchase of a 1500 acre farm in Woodford County to the Board. He reviewed the recommendation and expressed appreciation to Governor Wilkinson for negotiating down the asking price of the property and for getting Mr. Allen Paulsen to make a gift of the house and the 31 acres valued at $1.2 million to the University. He asked President Wethington fox comments. President Wethington also expressed appreciation to Governor Wilkinson for his personal involvement in the purchase of Brookside Farm #2, for getting the price of the farm down to $11,500,000 which basically saves the University and the state $1,000,000 on the purchase price and for giving the University the opportunity to close the deal and get on with a replacement farm to allow the development of Coldstream Research Park campus. This replacement farm for the College of Agriculture Coldstream Farm is absolutely essential to the university's development of its research campus. Brookside Farm #2 is the best farm for the College of Agriculture in terms of the quality of land and the location. Mr. Sturgill stated that, in his opinion, this is a step of real progress for the University and the College of Agriculture. He complimented President Wethington and his staff for bringing this to the table where it can go forward. He moved the adoption of the Resolution. Mr. Shoop so moved. Professor Bratt asked if this property would satisfy the College of Agriculture's replacement needs for the Coldstream Farm. President Wethington reported that Coldstream Farm is roughly 900 acres plus and Brookside Farm #2 is 1500 acres. Therefore, Brookside Farm #2 is more than adequate in terms of land area and will satisfy the present needs of the College of Agriculture. The College will likely need additional space in years ahead. Mr. Sturgill's motion was unanimously approved.

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