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Page 4 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.6 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

mittee in securing the legislatiou recommended by it and adopted by you. Finally, let every teacher support his district organization and help his organization support the K. N. E. A. As you go about your task of boosting your K. N. E. A. as a vital factor in the educational welfare, let us say a good word for our two State Colleges and en- courag4 the hearts of their presidents by urging our patrons to send our high school graduates to these two institutions and prove by ac- tions, as well as words, that we have faith in Kentucky and it's edu- cational institutions. This is the way to vitalize the pleas of the, col- lege presidents for expanding their plants and improving their pro- grams. Hoping and trusting that you have caught the full import of your humble servant's message, I am Sincerely yours, W. S. BLANTON. Privileges of Active Membership in the K. N. E. A. 1. The privilege of attending all general sessions of the Asso- ciation. 2. The privilege of participating in the departmental sessions. 3. The privilege of speaking and holding office in the Kentucky Negro Educational Association. 4. The privilege of voting and participating in the business affairs of the Association. 5. The privilege of receiving all literature of the Association in- eluding the official publication, The K. N. E. A. Journal. No Kentucky Teacher Should Fail to Enroll Send One Dollar To A. S. WILSON, Secretary, Treasurer 1925 W. Madison Street, Louisville, Ky. 4

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