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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 8, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

1 The Jeffersonian DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, August 8, 1912 Vol. 6. No. 7 lowing guests: Mrs. W. Rooksby and Mrs. Joe Humphrey, of Louisville, Mrs. Williamson and Miss Fannie Williamson, of Dallas, Texas. The Ladies" Aid society of the Christian church will give a lawn fete, Thursday, August 15th, on the lawn of the old Milliken home. There will be an old country store and other amusements: cake and cream will be sold. Miss Pearl Rooksby entertained Jefferson County Fair Begins Tuesday evening from to 10 o'clock in honorof Miss Williamson, of Dallas Next Week With Great Texas. The color scheme wascarried out in buff and white; her home was Prospects. decorated in golden glow; her guests were Misses Margaret Smart, Bettie Brewer, James Pearce, Jennie Lee The Jefferson County Fair Com- Wood and Fannie Williamson, of Messrs. Earl Ellintrs-wortpany will hold its twelfth annual Dallas, Texas, J. Sweeney, Guy Lucas. fair at Kern Creek four days next Andrew Singer, Everett and Irvin week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs- Brooks and J. W. Brooks. day and Friday, August 13, 14, IS and Admission 35 cents: children 16. STATION between six and twelve years of age, COUNTY FAIR At Fern Creek August 1346. 5 Lena Crenshaw, of near Mt. Washington, and Miss Neal remained for a week's visit. Mr. Roy Reid and family spent Miss DEATH Of Mrs. Leslie Ellaby Caused by Accident. Threshing Machines Busy Bet- Horse Dashes Through Window. ter Mail Service Wanted Dry Ridge News. Dry Ridge, August 6. Mr. Adam Shake and wife and Mrs. Crit Drake and children went to South Park yesterday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Leslie Ellaby, whose husband, Leslie Ellaby, was born and reared near here. This death was a very sad one as she leaves her husband and fifteen months old baby. Mr. and Mrs. Ellaby had been living in Nebraska for two years, and on last Birthdays of Rev. C. Y. Boggess Thursday afternoon while out driving with a neighbor woman the horse beand I. P. Moremen, Jr., Celecame frightened and ran a way, throwing them out of the buggy and drag-inbrated General News. Mrs. Ellaby for quite a distance. When her husband reached her she was dead. He brought her remains Valley Station, Aug. 5. Mrs. Bar-ne- back to her old home to be buried. Napier and Miss Florence Stranger, of Louisville, are visiting Mrs. Return Home. Fred Baker. Billie Carrithers and Joe Russell Mr. J. M. Cade and family visited went down to Valley Station in an Mis. Will Scott, of Louisville, last automobile to bring Mrs. Carrithers Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Knadler, Mr. and her little girl home yesterday Victor Knadler, of Louisville, Mrs. morning. All are glad to have them Aubrey Wyatt and daughter, Aileen, here at Dry Ridge and all of us will of Berry Boulevard, were guests of be going to see little Julia, the new J. W. Knadler and family last Sunday. baby. Mrs. Sam Hollis' guests Sunday May Get Improvements. were Misses Ethel, Mattie and GerI believe it was the great Napolean trude Glaze, of Indiana, and Ruth who said, "All things come to those Scott: Messrs. Orville and Ed. Glaze, of Indiana, and Wm. Swearengen, who wait." We have been waiting and it seems we are about to get our of Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. J7ed Burdorf and mail delivered at our front gait up children, of Louisville, were guests this road as far as Mr. Burdine and if we don't die of imof Dr. S. S. Foss and family Sunday. patience while waiting maybe we Mr. and Mrs. John Reeder, Mr. will get that mile of pike between and Mrs. Will Scott and children, and Seatonville that we have Mr. and Mrs. Al Breezy, of Louisville, here heard talk of and that we need so Mrs. Clarence Robinson, of South Louisville, Mrs. Penn McGloshin and badlv. children, of South Louisville, Mrs. Whistle of Threshing Machines. Blanche Robinson and Miss Ellen The whistle of the threshing ma Kennedy were guests of Mr. and Mrs. chine is heard in the land, bringing J. M. Cade Sunday. Mr. Will Baker, of Dade city, Fla., back memories of childish days, when is visiting his brother Mr.Fred Baker. the good mother with the children Miss Hamilton, of Louisville, is the and a woman friend oi two who had helped get the bountiful dinner would guest of Miss Majory Moremen. The Ladies' Aid of Beechland walk out across the fields to see the church will meet with Mrs. Prewitt, wonderful machine that could separ ate the wheat and chaff. We look August 5. Quarterly meeting of the at it in awe and wonder at man's Fourth Louisville Circuit will be held at ingenuity in inventing such a thing, Bethany church the first Sunday in and would then doubted the sanity of any one who would have told us we September. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus S. Moremen, of would ere many years have a cream Switzerland, F4a., are visiting rela separator, telephone and fireless tives at Brandenburg and this place. cooker in nearly every farm house. It has been quite a while since they Personal Notes. visited in Kentucky and all are very glad to see them. Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Charlie Davis and Mrs. J. W. Knadler's guests Tues- little daughter, of Jeffersontown, and day were Mr. and Mrs.Amiel A!t,Mr. Mrs. Lee Harris spent last Thursday and Mrs. Fred Kurtzman, Mrs. Mary with Hickman Harris and wife. Bossneir, and Mr. Melvin Alt, of LouMrs. Eliza Reid.of Missouri, is visi isville. ting her old neighborhood here and Mrs. Wm. Carrithers and little spending most of the week with Mrs. daughter returned Sunday to their Sophia Shake. home at Dry Kidge, after spending Mrs. D. F. Wiggiuton, who is in several weeks with her parents, very bad health, leaves here this Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hoke. A recital will be given at Kosmos- - morning for a three week's visit with daie Hall, August 14th, at 7:30 p. m., her niece, Mrs. Griffith, cf Veech- by Miss Mary Bell Foss. Admission dale. We hope she will stand the for adults 15 cents and children 10 trip well, and will be benefited by the cents. Miss Foss is a fine elocutionist and all that go will be well enter- change. tained. Mrs. Lilah Reid and two children, Master Earl Napier has returned of Louisville, spent two weeks with to Louisville after a visit of eight Miss Annie Reid and other friends weeks with his grandparents, Mr. hre, and is now with her aunt, Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Baker. Mrs. Glen Blakely, of Louisville, is Laura Walters, of Clarks Station. visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. M. G. Boston and daughter, S. J. Groom. Katie Leah, and Miss Annie Reid Mrs. Earl Baker visited her mother, a pleasant visit in Bullitt counMrs. Fred Wernz, of Shively, Sunday. made ty recently visiting Mr. Will Cren Mrs. Fred Katzman, of Louisville, was the guest of Mrs. J. Yv. Knadler shaw and family, Herman Motherhead and wife and Blufotd Crenshaw last week. Friday, August the second, Dr. ajid wife. and Mrs. W. F. Boggess and family Mr. J. R. Carrithers and wife en celebrated Rey. C. Y. Boggess' birthday anniversary and tertained at dinner yesterday, haying eighty-fiftI. P. Moremen, Jr's., nineteenth with them their children and grand birthday anniversary with a birthday children, .also Mr. Frank Omer and dinner at Rev. Boggess' home. Their Mr. Joe Russell. guests were Mr. W. H. McCalister. Mr. D. F. Wigj;inton and family Rev. Lyons, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Stonestreet, Mrs. Rich- had Mr. and Mrs. Pittenger, of ardson, of Louisvijle, Mrs. Elizabeth spend yesterday with them. Graham, Mrs. Annie Fenley, Mr. and Mr. H. W. More-meMrs. I. P. Moremen. Mr. Lew McMahan and family Mrs. E. R. McCslister and spent yesterday with M. G. Boston and daughters, Virginia May and Henrietta McCalister, Mr. W. W. and family. Moremen. Everyone had an enjoyable Trustee's election here Saturday time. afternoon, with Mr. Joe Knapp elect Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wilson, Mr. and years, to succeed M. Mrs. Fred' Katzman, Mrs. Louise ed for next two and Lucile G. Boston, the present trustee. Miller, Misses Marian Miller, Mrs. Wyatt and daughter, Miss Elizabeth Neal and Mr. Guy Aileen, were guests of Mr. J. W. Boston spent Sunday before last with Knadler and family Sunday. cents. E. B. vice-presiden- t: Berry, secretary and Louis Diemer. treasurer. Ben J. Williams is fruit secretary and got up the handsome catalogue of 112 pages. The directors are Henry Deibel, L. C. Owings, Frank Bouer, Chas. Scholtz, John Gerlach, Ksq. Chas. C. Wheeler, Harvey Frey, John Wurtele and Esq. R O. Uorsey. The first dav of the fair will be taken up In making entries and arranging the floral hall exhibits. The stock shows, etc., will begin on the second day of the fair, Wednesday, August 14, at 10 o'clock. Fancy horses of every description will be shown and mule and trottiug races will be pulled off. On this day a handsome prize has been offered for the best girl rider under sixteen. Prizes also are offered for the best gentleman riders. The third day of the fair, Thursday, Aug., 15, is called 'Louisville Day," and a large crowd is expected from the city. As usual liberal premiums are offered this day s stock. A premium of for $35 is offered for the fastest pacer, of which $10 goes to second and $5 to third. Another mule race isscheduled for this day. The races are the most popular attractions of the fair, and they are always exciting at Fern high-clas- Creek. The last day of the fair. Friday, Aug., IB, is "Woodrow Wilson Day," which will bring out a large crowd. The feature number on the program is a $25 purse for the best saddle stallion, mare or gelding to show five distinct gaits; $20 purse to first, and For best harness $5 to second. stallion, mare or gilding $25 is offered. Another mule race will be given, and the last and best race, free trot or pace, two times around the track, 2 in 3, the first premium is $20, second $10 and third $5. Some of the best horses showing at the Kentucky fairs will be here, and the Jefferson county fair will hold its reputation for putting up one of the best fairs in the State. Liberal premiums are offered on hogs, poultry, farm and garden products, fruits, household products, needlework, art, flowers, etc. The Hall Seed Company offers a prize of $25 for the best display of farm and garden products grown from Southern Seed Company's seed, and Company offers $20 for collection and display from its best Wood-Stubb- s seeds. The Jefferson County Fair Company is to be congratulated for offering handsome prizes to the boys' Corn Forty Clubs of Jefferson county. dollars in premiums are offered to Handsome the first five winners. also offered to the premiums are Girls' Tomato Club of Jefferson county. MIDDLETOWN. Mr. Walter Conn and Lil- Aug. 8. lian Coub, of Louisville, spent the first of the week with Mrs. J. Davis. W. S. Gamboe, of Olney, 111., was the guest of W. T. Clore Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Arterburn spent visiting their daughter, Gregg, of Parkland. Mrs. Marian VirMiss Sallie Clore, of Madison a mouth visiting ginia, will sfend relatives here. Mr. Edd Singer entertained a dinner party Sunday of fifty guests. the week-en- d Mrs. Will Rooksby entertained at A. dinner Tuesday in honor of Miss and daughter, of Dallas, Williamson fol Texas. Covers were laid for the g s, h Fish-ervill- e, Morgan Adams and Mr. William Morgan, of Shelbyville. The young people made a flying trip to Louisville in the afternoon. Miss Florence Eggers, of Louisville, spent the week-enwith Miss Marion Stone. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Orr and son, Wesley, spent Sunday with Mr. Jim Orr, of Middletown. Dr. and Mrs. Baird and daughter, Francis, and son, Tom, have returned is Busy home after a visit to friends at Frankfort. So THE SAINTS A. B. C. Writes News d Of Past Week. "Stork" New Building Nice Lots Sold Out Sunday. The Sacred Concert Sunday evening August 4th, on the public square in Jeffersontown had to be transformed into a sacred worship. Mr. Little-jotn- , of the street carnival, had some misunderstanding with some members of his baud early Sunday morning, and their leaving him so weaKened his band it was unable to appear. However, the services were highly profitable aud enjoyed by about 600 people. Rev. J. J. Cole read from the Matthew 6: and spoke about twenty-five minutes. He emphasized the thought that while God had given us mammon to enjoy, we must not sacrifice ourselves to mammon. Man's business is to build character, make a man seek first God's kingdom and then the material things of life would come in their turn the important thing oi life is character. At the close of Rey. Cole's address Rev. Virgil Elgin spoke Jor about the same length of time, emphasising the thought that God needs men in the kingdom, and men need God to enable them to reach the highest and best of life. God in all ages has used men for his service and has committed His kingdom to their care. Both addresses were strong and well presented. We have heard nothing but the very highest compliments upon the most excellent behavior and attention of the large audience and the splendid address of the speakers. Why not try the ex24-34- cial Notes. 8 tt Brid-well'- at $1.00 Per Year A day spent in the city shopping is made more pleasant by a delectable meal at the Blue Grass Dairy Lunch. Vegetables, sandwiches, pastries, St. Matthews, Aug. 5. We had be- chilled fruit, iced milk aud tea, or come so accustomed to heat, almost hot coffee. Good things and reasonequal to the torrid zone, that when able prices. Ladies are given special this cool wave cama suddenly, there attention. 323 W. Jefferson, opposite was a general outcry of "'who ever interurban station. felt cold like thisln August?" Winter wraps oyer summer dresses and EXCITING SACRED CONCERT gentlemen with top coats were a common sight Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. John Bauer is building a beautiful bungalow on Shelby pike near Baseball Game Between SeatonChanged to Sacred Worship On St. Matthews, which will be completed in the near future. ville and Blue Rock Will Public Square Large Crowd The stork was on active duty last 216-21- VALLEY The fair this year promises to be the best in its history. The company has been doubled since last year and the new members are live men and will do their best to make the people satisfied with the exhibition. The officers are such men as Bryan Williams, president: J. H. Alderson, horse and wagon belonging to the Louisyille Meat Market dashed through the large plate glasswindows of Myer Berinan, the clothier and West Market furnisher, of street, Louisville, Tuesday morning. In some manner the horse was frightened and dashed through the window so swiftly that it was injured but little and, it is thought, will recover. Mr. Herman's loss on the plate glass is covered by insurance. A h, 15 Sunday in Louisville, with Mr. Walter Casey and family. Miss Annie Reid will remain in the city a few days visiting her sister there. Mri Burdine Bridwell and family spent Sunday in Jeffersontown with Mis. Annie McKinley. Every Thursday , 4-- tf Play Again Sunday. Thursday night, leaving three splendid new babies in this neighborhood, all belonging to one grandmother. A9 names have not been selected, I wjll report in next letter where they are located. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wacendorf, from Atlanta, GeOrgia, are visiting their mother, Mrs. Neuner, and their cousin, Mrs. James H. Rudy. Several entertainments will be given in their honor during this week. Miss Edith Hartman from Indian apolis, arrived Monday tc spend several weeks with Mrs. H. Holtzheimer. The Ladies' Aid of Beargrass Christian church will meet at Mrs Matt Brady's Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Several pieces of land for building lots were sold last week near St. Matthews, which makes us feel like we are rapidly growing into city tolks. Mrs. Matthew Brady will give a dancing party next Thursday evening in honor of Miss Edith Hartman. As many will testify to the eujoyable entertainments given by Mrs. Brady, it is beyond me to describe the pleasures in store for the young folks. Mrs, Clay Huuter and little daughter, Marie, is visiting Mrs. Norboru Arterburn, Jr. She is from New Madrid, Mo., but formerly lived at St. Matthews. There is such a combination of hindrances this morning, everything in a jumble, that I must cut short this letter, hoping to make amends next A. B. C. time. . August 6. Editor Jkffkrsonian: notice in your valuable paper once in a while some of the happenings about Seatonville, but the baseball game seems to be overlooked, so I will mention it if you will be kind enough to give this line room. Having heard in different ways of this game, and especially that last Sunday was the day for what they called a "double header," I desired to go. and I am here to tell you it was a sure enough game. If I got the plan correctly Joe Gelhaus was there with a nine, and there was another nine called Blue Rock. Then Dr. Turner came in with the Seatonville team and the work began. The first thing I saw of any consequence was when the bases were full, a hit made by a fellow they called Hamp Bishop. Well, sir, when he struck that ball it looked like it was going out of the country. Hamp must be the Seatonville champion. The boys on the other side widened out as far as the level land went, then into the bushes and was still not out far enough. To I bow-necke- d see Hamp make that run made Dr. Turner prance with joy, Joe Gelhaus to twist that military mustache with horrow and Blue Rock to get bluer. Another feature of the game was the fine fielding of Tom Nelson for Seatonville and Eddie Ghering for the Gelhaus team. When the games were over the score board showed Seatonville 20 to 12 over Blue Rock and 14 to over Gelhaus. I thought LYNDON. before this that Seatonville was getperiment again? ting her notoriety by losing and not Aug. 6. The Misses Nettie and fretting, but she came Sunday. Next The Trials of a Traveler. Emma Rothenburger entertained the Sunday they play a niue from Louisville and I expect to be there. "I am a traveling salesman, "writes C. S. W. Club Thursday evening. An Onlooker. E. E. Youngs, E. Berkshire, Vt.,"and Mrs. J. E. Rothenburger entertainAre Ever at W ar. was often troubled with constipation ed at dinner Sunday Mr.andMrs.Chas. There are two things everlastingly and indigestion till I began to use Wachendorf, of Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Kings New Life Pills, which I Miss Dorothy Fligel, of St. Matthews. at war, joy and piles. But Bucklen's Arnica Salve will banish piles in any have found an excellent remedy." Mrs. Tom Saunders entertained at form. It soon subdues the itching, For all stomach, liver or kidney troubles they are unequaled. Only dinner Sunday her two sisters, Mrs. irritation, inflammation or swelling. John Brown and Miss Osa Casey, of It gives comfort, invites joy. Great 25c at all druggists. Mt. Eden, Mrs. Joe Rider, Miss Ester healer of burns, boils, ulcers, cuts, ON and Susie Sauuders, of Washington, bruises, eczema, scalds, pimples, skin SUNDAY Indiana, Miss Allie Spainhour, Mr, eruptions. Only 25c at all druggists. SALE AT FANELLI BROS. COURIER-JOURNA- L A THOUSAND DIFFERENT MAKES OF ENGINES But Only One Heavy Duty Air Cooled THE "NEW WAY" A All Farm Sizes li to 12 H. P. SIMPLE STRONG DURABLE I 1 mm Bl Call and See THE OHIO SILO FILLERS AND FEED CUTTERS n, FOR SALE BY Hall Seed Company, BOTH PHONES 1454 INCOR. PRESTON AND JEFFERSON STS.

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