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Page 261 of Novels, stories, sketches, and poems of Thomas Nelson Page (vol. 11)

Iv AFTER this it was pretty well understood that the Baby Veterans and Middleburgh were at war. The regulations were more strictly enforced than ever before, and for a while it looked as if it was going to be as bad as it was when the other regiment was there. Old Limpid, the old doctor's man, was caught one night with some letters on his person, sev- eral of them addressed to "Captain Harry Hunter, Army of Northern Virginia," etc., and was somewhat severely dealt with, though,, per- haps fortunately for him and his master, the let- ters, one of which was in a feminine hand, whilst abusive of the soldiers, did not contain any information which justified very severe measures, and after a warning he was set free again. Nancy Pansy's sister Ellen was enraged next day to receive again her letter from a corpor- al's guard, indorsed with an official stamp, "Returned by order," etc. She actually cried about it. 261

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