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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 8, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

iJ I 9 I t l f < J r t II I tm JP 0 POST OFFICE J J u GOOD OUT OF HANCOCK NAZARETH I I It is not often that Jewels come from An Old M RUSSELL- POSTMASTER PETE CONOVEE hours week days 730 m ¬ DEPUTYI 7 WEDNESDAY f ian church and lived a consissent memI tionsOwen County Democrat ber until his death He was three METHODIST His last wife was Miss times married APPROACHING UNION BURKESVILLE STREETRev A R Kasey pastor Elizabeth Cravens who survives him to ¬ tad and 3rd Sundays in each month Services SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 L m Prayer gether with four children meeting Thursday The funeral services were conducted nightBAPTIST Mr R Mont Feese to Wed Miss Ella Wil Sunday arternoon by Eld M Flowers Both of Columbia pastor liams many relatives and friends be ¬ GREENSBURG STREET and third Sundays in each month Sunday First School every Sabbath at 9 a m PrayermeetanK ing present Wednesday night To the widow and other surviving CHRISTIAN members of the family we desire toINO CARDSA QUIET HOME AFFAIR Etd ZT Williams pas- extend our deepest sympathy CAMPBELLSVILLE PIKE each month SundaySchool at 9 L m every Sabbath PrayermeetinK every Wednesday night lt ZT ¬ a tor Services second and Fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 a m prayermeeting Wednesday night LODGE MASONIC COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A MRegnlar meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night onor before the full moon in each mouth Gordon Montgomery W ML E G Atkins Secretary COLUMBIA CHAPTER R Al M Horace Jeffries HP Secretary D meets 2nd Friday night after full moon in each month E G ATKINS T L MoT R STULTS RECORDER 4 COUNCIL U COLMBIA INSURANCE CO KY LOUISVILLE I am representing the above named company in Adair and adjoining counties It is one of the best companies doing business and has written an immense lot of insurance since its organiza ¬ tion It is a home company and home people should place their business with it Fnr fur ¬ W j nProprietors all FoursDay or r NigM- ROOMSt COMFORTABLE J The trade of Adair and adjoiLing couuties solicited LEBANON KENTUCKY GREEN RIVER FARM FOR SALE farm 1 mile south of Little Cake on Green river containing 304 acres 1 mile from church and school Good buildings of all kinds 2 good orchards and is a desirable home Has ample timber for keeping up the farm and 400 of merchantable timber standing There are 48 acres of bottom land more than I ask for the enfarm This is your chance tire if leu want a pod home andpitofitable farm W Tr RICKEY Pllldjt 264 My k ° We are now located where Hurt home of Mr J M Campbell Bros did business and are ready to in the quiet little village of Pellyton buy logs on our yard Will pay the on the waters of Green River was the highest cash price Standard Hard ¬ ¬ wood Lumber CoW D Frazier an oc ¬ Walker Bryant Managers casion was the celebration of the mar ¬ Columbia Ky 39tf riage between Prof Richard RMossWhen the and Miss Lynnie Sanders Dr R H Perryman of the portion of the county spent a few days bridalcouple appeared on the front ve- ¬ of last week with his Columbia friends randa a large company of friends had He reported that crops were good on gathered in the yard The bride was Green River and that the farmers were very pretty in a beautiful dress of jubilant He also stated that therewas white The impressive ritual service some sickness in his locality but there of the Methodist Church was s idby were no cases of a serious nature The Rev A R Kasey of Columbia doctor is one of the oldest practitioners Immediately following the ceremony Adair County having f entered the a sumptous feast was spread to which in profession 43 years ago more than a hundred guests sat down Mrs Moss is a daughter of Mrs J MrJo Ellison who lives on Disap ¬ M Campbell of Pellyton She was a I pointment is in a critical and most piti ¬ student in the Lindsay Wilson Train¬ ful condition He has a cancer in hisling School last year and pursued her mouth and it is said by those who have studies with serious devotion She visited him that his suffering is constant possesses those graces that give to womanhood its charms and not a remedy used aleviates the Prof Moss is at the head of the Nor¬ pain It is futher said that in order to mal the LindsayWilson give his family as little trouble as and during his three years connection I WAYNE I V 7 f irp J j II R COUNTY see one of the best County Fairs in the State Iand I i FAIR I The Management secured KEMP SISTERS WILD WEST SHOW AT COUNTY IRARELY SEENForget the Dates = Dont I 1906 as a free attraction and prepared a most excellent program You will see the biggest crowds ever assembled in Wayne CountY also Exhibits FAIRS = = === I NOTICE TO TAX W PAYERSI IDr Mrs n I will this week begin to wind up for S all taxes unpaid for the year 1906 1 have advertised and filled appoint ¬ ments in each magisterial District of the County as required bylaw and will now call on you for the last time without a levy No person is to be passed this time with a This is a matter of business and I pro ¬ pose to treat it as R Grissom rCOMING who accompa ¬ Charlotte Patterson to Meri- dian Texas returned home last Friday afternoon He reports that after the first day Mrs Patterson stood the lorg trip well and that he left her in fine spirits She is very much interested in I I keptII suchI forwarded to her address Dr Gris ¬ som visited several cities in Texas meeting many Kentuckians finding next time them generally well and getting along W B PATTESON S A C nicely At Hillsboro he met Tyler Aug 6 1906 Chandler Scott Walker and others TEACHERS ASSOCIATION He failed to see Porter Strange who was out of town traveling for the The following is the program iof the house he represents He further stated Teachers Association to be held at that the crops in Texas are better than Cane Valley September the 1st for many years 1 Song and prayer Miss Margaret Walker of Nell gave 2 Welcome address W H McCaf a delightful social last Saturday evenfree ing in honor of Miss Eva Wilson of 3 ResponseMiss Fannie Smythe Bowling Green All the young people i4 AristotleProf Neilson 5 Culture and EducationRue of the neighborhood answered to invi ¬ Squires Lena Todd and Estelle tations The following Columbians were present Mr John L Walker m Willis 6 A Teachers LifeW N McCubbin and Miss Bess Rowe Mr Bruce Mont ¬ Effie Montgomery Vallie Sandidge gomery and Miss Kate Watker Mr Herschel Baker this place and Miss NOON 12 to 130 Pearl Hindman of Gradyville Mr Song 1 2 Three Pointers The Floor The John Flowers Columbia and Miss Alice School Resorts The Average for Hindman of Missouri The Last Month Minnie Kemp Dont squander your money by help- ¬ Albyrtie Farris A 0 Young ing to pay the salary and traveling ex ¬ 3 Sineca and His PedagogyProf A penses of sewing machine agents and H BallardRECESS then get an inferior machine but come 245 to 300 to us and buy a Standard the best 4 Poor and Discouraged Children sewing machine made for 25 cash How to Reach ThemVie HurWe have other good machines at 12 rah Hattie Bradshaw Nary Todd 15 and 20 Co RUSSELL 392t 5 Freedom The Fruits of Education In the parlors of the Hancock Hotel Tennie Young Ida Absher Mrs last Tuesday night at the midnight h9ur Baliard n Mr Eldridge Stotts was married to Miss 6 LuckR R Moss Each subject is open for general dis ¬ Amanda M Campbell Judge Junius The Hancock performed the ceremony cussion by the Association couple live in theBreeding country and R R Moss Chairman immediately after the ceremony let fcr MRS GEORGIA SHELTON Pres their future home MRS AH BALLARD VP McCAffREE V P WH FOR SALEMy farm of 100 acres on selling Sulpher Creek 3 miles from Columbia Mr Henry Aaron who is goods at Denmark Russell County in About 20 acres of first class bottom and partnership with his brothers Edward 40 acres of upland in cultivation bal¬ and Allen was in Columbia last Wed- ¬ ance in timber Good location plenty nesday It will remembered that last of fine water Building only moderate May one year ago these young men Will sell at a bargain if taken earlyL T NEAT were burned out and every dollar they Garlin Ky 392 had was swept away But with the detAny person judge about that CONFERENCE IThe I promisec Church of the United Brethren of Kentucky will hold their annual con ¬ ference in Columbia this year The meeting will be in October and the ser ¬ vices and business will be at the Pres ¬ byterian Church It is our understand ¬ ing that there are between thirty and forty misisters in the Conference many of them able men Columbia once a year has had the pleasure of hearing a Bishop of this denomination and in- ¬ variably extraordinary good sermons have been delivered This townTwii take pleasure in entertaining the Con¬ ference Judge Sam Gann who removed from Russell county to Lincoln county last yea Will return to Jamestown this Fall He has purchased the stock of goods from Mrs Belle Patterson and the inventory will be taken the first of I October Mr Gann is an experienced merchant having spent many years behind the counter His friends through ¬ out Russell county will be glad to learn that he is going to return to his old home t We are ready to buy all kinds of merchantable timber in the log on our yard in Columbia The mill will be cutting in a few days Standard Hardwood Lumber Co See W D FRAZIER or WALKEr BRYANT 39tf Notice Four monuments that sold at 75 can now be bought at 60 four that sold for 25 now 20 one that sold at 80 now 65 When these are closed out no more can be had at these prices COAKLEY SIMMS BROS Mrs Polly George who lived near Denmark died last week She was the mother of of Robt George and was about 75 years old She was a victim of a cancer 0 I Eld Lawrence Williams will assist his father Eld Z T Williams ina meeting to begin at Cane Valley on Monday night after the fourth Sunday in this month Mr Tim Bradshaw is the most suc ¬ cessful grape cultivator in Columbia For a bunch of this delicious fruit grown by him we desire to extend our I 2 a L f t 9 rK- r d jr t s Jrl < ti n1 r C tMonticello Ky September 11121314 wberettheiwmm f L = To Be Held A- veryJ rrr y NUMBER 39 thanks The three bridges on Butlers branch Camp Creek has been replaced by Josh Butler and a good job the ape proaches well filled with rock and ermination to again get on top they logs to the Standard Hard went to Louisville laid their circum ¬ woodLumberCompany and tthe gravel stances before the wholesale merchants cash 39tf The Columbia Fair Association put Their frankness pleased the businessprtmentin As an evidence that Columbia is a its track in first class condition last men of the city and theYwere furnish ¬ ed all the goods necessary and again fine stock town you havft pnly to read week Up to date the prospects for possible that lie spends much of as an eD opened their store Honesty is < what the sales made 1utWednedaJpq Ush an interesting fair wxa never better f time alone in the woods A cancer is- Alter the honeymoon Prof and Mrs v semen They have enjoyed a fine in the Land Stock and crop column z i The Record brick kept by the laUrr i nevert gee a terrible affliction and we trad and they hive about paid out of- Men fromtmribwii portwne of the cone niwsing f ptnon who has become a Victim JQ thecontiwni his connection Wit tt of debt 4 Tn irkxw fire wti Ity were any pfrtea knows where it is tbem < J f0 1 rl l 7000 cfcaaod hand dkea er but jf t JIll our sympathy i t 32i 5000 rit t wh I SANDERSMOSS Saturl Pi So- Brinton j j pastor of the bride In advance of the happy event the many friends of the couple desire though the News to extend their best wishes trusting that their days may be long upon the earth and as they go hand in hand down lifes pathway may no obstacles appear to mar the happi ¬ ness that plighted hearts enjoy oThe RestaurantK Uncial The ceremony will be impressively N J H GOFF Agent jj friends of the contracting parties 1 LOGS WANTED information see J prise to the intimate ¬ o N ¬ ¬ 4 ther a deserving and an industrious young man who is an attachee of this office will be married to Miss Ella M Flow ¬ ers one of Cylumbias best and popular young ladies This union will be the Sandidgeo J CITIZENS LIFE father Mr J D Flowers who lives on Greensburg street Mr R Mont Feese yearso sure No 7 meets Frill av SAM LEWIS night after full moon This Wednesday eveningat 630 oclock at the residence of the brides Complaints reach this office made by residents of Columbia of the filthy condition of the back alleys and other places in town The oder arising from the filth is calculated to bring disease e unless something is done to put Colum¬ bia in a better sanitary condition The health officer has notified the town au ¬ thorities through the county papers of this lamentable state of affair yet n steps have been taken so far as w know to heed his notices He has also as we have been informed given notices to property owners to dense their premises and scatter disinfectants D not wait until disease strikes the town then begin the work of cleaning up but do it now in order that the commu nity may retain its good healthy con dition Columbia pays about 2000 taxes and some of that money should be expended in keeping the town free from filth 1906 Sor r L rfJ URTI HancockI AUGUST EVERYBODY ATTEND THE Belle county but in conductor M 0 and Respected Citizen Pass- Winfrey Owen county seems to have es over The River found a jewel Belle county is one of the most intensely Republican counties in the State Yet what few Democrats MANY FRIENDS ATTEND THE FUNERAL live in that mountain fastness are C Mr Winfrey who Died in the wool sessions a yearThIrd Three COURT CIRCUIT is conducting the Owen County Teach ¬ Monday in January third Monday in May and Saturday afternoon thesubject ers Institute is from Belle county Last third Monday in September of this writing paid the debt due from He is one of the best educators in the JudgeH C Baker Circuit Commonwealths AttorneyA A Huddleston all the living State and would make a splendid Su Sheriff W B Patteson Uncle Perry as he was familiarly perindent of schools Bob Ford who Circuit ClerkJ F Neat called was one of the kindest and one lives in Middlesboro says that Mr First Monday In each month COUNTY COURT of the best citizens of Adair county Winfrey is all right and that is a cer¬ JudgeJunius known to everybody as he had been aI tificate of character in this part of the AttorneyG P Smythe County ClerkT R Stult weekly visitor to Columbia since early world Professor Winfrey has render ¬ J ailerA W Tarter boyhood To our knowledge he never ed valiant services to the school inter ¬ AssessorG W Pike M McCubbln Surveyor W had trouble with any mana peacemak- ¬ ests of Kentucky For several years School Supt Mrs G R Shsltah er by nature he met you with a smile- past he has been the most active educa ¬ CoronerC W Rowe s and in parting gave your hand a warm tional worker in the State and is the CITY COURclasp He was born near where he first real leader the teachers of this TMayorCapt W W Bradshaw died March 28 1815 making him 91 State have produced since the death of JudgeAttorneyGordon Montgomery years four months and four days old Ed Porter Thompson We predict the MarshaLS C Strange He was a son of William Hancock who election of Mr Winfrey at the Novem ¬ served under Washington in the Rev ¬ ber election and the people of Ken ¬ CHURCH olutionary wartucky and the Democratic party will do PRESBYTERIAN Sixtyfive years ago Uncle Perry good days work when they put him at BUBKESVIIJE STREET Rev W C Clemens confessed his Savior joined the ChristIIa head of their educational institu ¬ pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in Office mntl I COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY DIRECTORY i t b aI I 9 VOLUME I 1 I t y f I S w t r u ty s FrV 1 L ii i itJ tti i w kZ > hMr n < y 1ifpi v k t 1 4 ASS t eY- d v G b n At1 Ifr toalaai tofti > 1 >> 3h v aboiiI e ij JqJ j 1t j t

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