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Image 7 of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), October 21, 1965

Part of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

fin;,, ,.A vsbAr! .? PACE 7 THE VOICE-J- E m l JLwvjLl -- .' 1 JI J I t'ucky commissioner ! Edwards, director of the division of special education of the Kentucky department of education. Dr.George Brodschi, director of the International Center at the University of Louisville, was presented the first award In 1963. Tnerce, will be presented the 5r"d annual Ursullne College t" ) Community Award at Found er's Day Convocation tonight. The Founder's Day cere- -i j mony, celebrating Ursullne's ( ZZ'A anniversary as a four- year liberal arts college for women, at 8:30 p.m. In the college auditorium, 3105 Lexington Road. Guest speaker will be Mrs. Clarence P. Jackson, prominent Louisville churchwoman. The Ursullne College Award Is presented annually "to some man or Outdoor NEW DECORATING IDEA For lte On Patios, Bedrooms, Porches Bathrooms, Recreation Rooms, Etc isville, and Is presently SELECTION OP COLORS EASY TO INSTALL SEC OUR DISPLAY OP ACRILAN AND WOOL CARPETING this year. Cq Ccrrell-Rcge- rs INCORPORATED h953 S. Cloy St. Uuv V 'Servng He and his wife Phyllis have two sons, Mark age 2, and Mike, 1. 584-024- 1S9T' Sine Collectivism Master of Deceit by In The Churches by EDGAR BUNDY Documented History, by the author, of Leftist activities of the Old Federal and New National Council of Church- J. EDGAR HOOVER Here ii the imide itoiy of CommunUt trategy and methods of mast agitation. ..Only es. 75c per copy while they $2.00 per copy last. LJi. iJ. Mi Ijopos flo traiso Anelroa Doria By Toronto, Ontario like most mortals, Captain Don Henry hopes to raise a little money $60 million in fact, give or take a doubloon. In his case though, he has definite plans for coming up with this staggering sum of petty cash. Henry merely plans to refloat the Italian luxury liner, Andrea Doria, sunk in the Atlantic in July, 1956, after a collision with the Swedish ship, Stockholm. This Captain Audacious Is prepared to gamble an outlay of up to $4 million on the estimated $60 million-priz- e, attractive odds in most any game of chance. A Detroit-bo- rn seaman who now calls Toronto his home, the master diver and sea captain will guide his tug out of Toronto harbor this month. He and his wife Pat have spent most of their time freelancing on the West Indies Henry expects to have the Andrea Doria floating like a champagne cork after pumping the sunken, bull full of white cellular plastic pellets, each about an inch in diameter. Built like a fullback, six-foDon Henry knows whereof he dreams. "Five days after she went down, I made a dive to see how she looked. She's on her side in 225 feet of water off ot Intontt THE K3ST INTERESTING i C30X STORE IN DIXIE 315 So. 3RD. ST. Louisville, Ky. er. Captain Henry figures he won't even have to plug the gaping hole in the ship's starboard side to ralselt,because that's the side she's lying on. "She'll appear at the surface either bottom up or on her side and we'll right her there He bought his tug, Good News, from Captain D. G. Bawtlnhe-lme- r, of Niagara Falls, who almost lost it when it went adrift In the Niagara River ice fields two years ago. U.S. BE .AUTOMOTIVE The captain said he has worked on many salvage Jobs for other firms and raised a few barges. To finance his venture, he formed the Andrea Doria Salvage Corporation. He's president and there are three other partners. Ou-ulSOO'- n , j Dede vice-presid- Cecil; secretary, Pattl Moore; and treasurer, Nancy Walter, Senior Sally Schlldt was elected program chairman last year. II Miss Marilyn Schuler is derator of SHA'sCercleFran-cal- s. Valkyries and Junior Valky- FUND, INC. STOCK score. Wednesday, Oct. 13,theVar- -' slty was equally successful against the Rockets from Assumption High School. Final tally was 0. The second game of the week for the JV's, previously postponed because of bad weather, was held Thursday, Oct. 14 against Louisville Collegiate. Despite the rain that day also, SUA fought hard and long only to be edged out by Collegiate 0. proi pctubtoklt for or clip thlt complete advor mail tltmnt andman. H to your INVESTORS W. J. O'BRIEN 422Storli Bid 585-33- representing as DIVERSIFIED SERVICES, IMC. 2-- DUM0NT, ZENITH, RCA VICTOR FACTORY AUTHORIZED FRGD IVATJ.GN 3628 Browntboro Rd. 893-342- CENTER 11 DRIVE RIGHT OVER To SEARS ST. MATTHEWS Automotive Center to cIicosq calendar girl t .fare month. Although last year was the first time Westport's N.H.S. has attempted such a calendar, the results proved to be a great success. , The girls wore formals and were presented individually before the school with escorts. Former senior Sarah Barlow, was elected as last year's cover girl. The calendar costs $1 and includes student birthdays, patrons of the senior play, and all school and sports act- Buster Slesser, president; Terri McMahon, vice president; Mark Graves, secretary; and Art McLean, treasurer. Sponsors include Mrs. Helen Sher, and Miss Pamela Butler. The Pep Club held its first meeting of the year with ers including Randy Brooks, president; Terri McMahon, vice president; Kay Barker, secretary; Gary Wlcke, treasurer; and Jack Potts, sergeant-at-arm- s. The French Club, sponsored by Miss Pamela Butler, elected Winnie Rlggs, president; Barbara Borowltz, vice president; Leslie Bright, secretary; and Shirley Gray Spalding, program chairman. Westport's Debate Clubf sponsored by Charles Patter- son, includes varsity and J.V. teams which meet every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. I 1Wjlll Complete Expert E'RAM JOE ivities. hi; v' vi I Mrs. Barbara Prlddy and Miss Jean Fisher, sponsors of the National Honor .cTciety comments, "The calendar wiU be more practical in that it will be small enough to fit in the students' binder," and adds, "there is a strong possibility of color being added. Kentucky's Best RUDDELL'S EST. 1946 Bonnie FULL FLAVORED Club Activities CHOCOLATES MADE FRESH DAILY RIGHT AT OUR LOUISVILLE KITCHENS Many clubs have been busy the past week planning activities and electing new officers. Beta Club officers elected Gozy Comfort... all winter long with Dependable Miland Fuel Oil .. en-joy- JO! Pill "QUANTITY .SACRIFICED FOR QUALITY 895-16- 2 3310 Frankfort Av. LACES DEST BALL - SPECIALS SVVESQ Your Ashland Oil Distributor is genuinely interested in your home heating comfort. He will make prompt delivery even during the coldest weather. And with Ashland Oil's convenient Budget Payment Plan, you can level out your wintertime heating costs by making equal payments over a period. h Keep your home warm and comfortable this winter with deAshland e pendable, friendly service Fuel Oil. For fast, Sunday Nights 6:30 P.M. call us wday. ten pin lanes & 9:30 P.M. s clean-burnin- fhis Week - X Lane 3232 Crums Louisville, Kentucky ' Phone: 447-639- 6 2 for $3 4 for 4.69 Helps get rid of vibration, tire wear and hard Meerinjr. Haver it done while you are ion Leave Your Car While You Shop Before Christmas on FUEL OIL Precision Wheel Balancing V. atte:;tio:i Club-Pla- n 4661 Shelbyville Rd. 496 1728 C'aris Sears does the kind of a brake job that should be done. Shoes are precision ground and fitted, master cylinder carefully checked along with the fluid lines. All other parts are replaced to assure the safety you want . . . includ-- ' ing the repacking of front wheel bearings. Try Sears. Split Scotch Dsdlss Saturdays 9 PM. Buy A Bowling Ball A::r.t TKCV-PSC- Similar Low Price for Olhcr Model In Our league bowlers REFINING COMPANY .. split pot J3600 nine-mont- Show and cold outside cozy comfort inside. With Ashland Fuel Oil your family the warm security of clean, safe, reliable heat all winter long. ASHLAND OIL TEH Our Best Bonded Brake Shoes, Rebuild of Replace Cylinders, Drums for Ford, Chevrolet. Turned BOURBON RUM or MINT 1'. 3 VJosiporl Uonot Sotiaty ' 248-pou- nd Book Store dives there since." Henry Says the 29,760-to- n Doria's cargo Includes priceless Mlchaelangelo and Rembrandt paintings, an Italian bank shipment of gold, industrial diamonds, $1,000,000 In cash, negotiable bonds and jewelery, a $200,000 Chrysler experimental car by Gia, a Rolls Royce, eight other cars and 1,750 bags of mall for the Westport's National Honor Society will present the candidates competing fgr calendar girl, at apagaent Nov, 24, in the school gym. Thirteen calendar girls will be chosen, from the group representing each school club, according to student votes. The girl receiving the greatest number of votes will be N.H.S. cover girl with the remaining 12 representing each . before towing her Into port," he predicted. " can only afford to make one try and this is it." He said a similar salvage method using liquid plastic has been successful but the pellets are more buoyant and cheap- more than By Sandy Casabella ot, Anti-Communi- st Island. I've made 50 exploratory Nantucket Frank Ayerst run. Wide Range of Offier Publication freighter, Stockholm. en- rolled in the CLU at the U of L. He is presently leading agent in volume sales for .the Jack Kinder Jr., Agency and is well on his way to production of a million dollars worth of life Insurance sold IDE Tha TREASURER SEARCHER: Pointing the way towards the $60 million prize. Captain Henry and his wife, Pat, aboard their tug boat in Toronto Harbor are confident they'll again float the Andrea Doria sunk in the Atlantic in 1956 off Nantucket Island. Italian ship was in collision with the Swedish -- 21, n Into a full week of hockey games Tuesday, Oct. 12. That day the JV's whizzed past Mercy with a decisive 11-- 0 The Churchwomen of St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church will have their annual bazaar Oct. 26 beginning at 10:30 a.m. The bazaar, entitled "Florentine Festa," will follow an Italian theme. Several members of the church are touring Italy this month and hope to bring back some small, attractive objects for an Italian table. There will also be Christmas ornaments, toys, toy bags, plants, handknit items, white elephants and antiques, and preserves, donated by members of the congregation on display. The luncheon will feature Chicken Tetrazzlnl served from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. it Gary A. Arnold, 502 Marquette Dr., an agent with Equitable Life Insurance Society of the United States, has been appointed assistant district manager in the Louisville District managed by Edward J. SchnorrJ. The new appointment is in addition ot Mr. Arnold's regular Job of selling insurance. Mr. Arnold, 26, Is a graduate of Trinity High School and of the University of Lou- Indoor Carpet Italia of ri ries at Sacred Heart plunged stylo bazaar management by OZITE The French Club of Sacred Heart Academy has elected ofyear. 6 ficers for the President MargaretBeczkow-lc- z presided over the elect- - pica promoted to standing service to the local or state community." Mlss Peden, the only woman commerce commissioner In the 50 states, will be the second woman to receive the Community Award. Last year's recipent was Dr. Stella Ion '65-'6- Gary Arnold wviiitui wiiu una i eiiuej au uui 0 By Nancy Walter iN li He) UV--VJ Church voraon Com-..mun- lty . c 4h' A of com- -i i CCTC: F FEH3 OMAN THURSDAY, TUNE-U- P SPECIAL! (MOST AMERICAN CARS) 6 Cylinder 6.98 8 Cylinder 8.98 Includes Parts .. Tunc-t'R; Kit L.ihv.r Just Charge It 4

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