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Image 3 of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.), October 21, 1965

Part of The Voice-Jeffersonian (St. Matthews, Ky.)

1 At icd as uecdwcl tl I I PAG nn n ' sivuoi ouiiiuwn ported by the People's officials said that approximately 150peoplehave witnessed the two previous meetings, Involving Stanley A. Searcy and Incumbent Frank Chambers. vuuuuer The Party.-Chambe- ' Stanlev A. Searcy Judge Jeffersontown said Tuesday, his party has been first with many Important ideas and that he has not been running a negative campaign. He said that headlines' Jeff ersontown Junior Chamber held a "Local Government Forum last night, the last roundtable meeting of the candidates. (Reports from both meetings will be published next week.) in i;qs I Jeffersontown Little League officers for I9r6 have been selected. isari atiacd K Continued from page 1 practice law and this even- -' tually led him to a career In real estate. I Also, Joseph Smiley, 9503 on Drive, Pee-W- ee vice president; Ross Roberts, 3609 Lisa Lane, grounds director; Ralph Sab-lst10701 Taylorsvllle Rd., The baseball president Is William H. Sparks, of 9508 Garden Drive. Other officers are Harry Jones, 10211 Barkley Drive, player agent; Bud Raid, 10605 Park Ave., chief umpire; Chester Wels, 9403 Shanna Drive, senior division vice president; Joseph Russell, 2905 Pattl Lane, major-min- or vice president. J-to- Shanna 12110 14-m- lle 3308 Mardale Drive, sorship chairman. 15 Years Ago, 1950 Two local professional writers, Mrs. Sam McMeekln and Mrs. Edward R. Clark, who have collaborated on three books In. the past will speak at the "Oman's Club of St. Matthews on Monday. The two hiked the Church, Dug Road part of the will discuss their latest publication "City of the Flags" a story of Louisville during the Civil War. W. Howard Hopkins, general manager of Sanitation District No. 1 announced that he had already ordered a contractor to go to work and fix up the trench holes on Alton Road. - ai-.fa- FEED lit William thes, Jack Payne and Adult-leade- rs , l Hi -- Scout-pinas- ter FEED One of the most versatile machines on a farm is a rotary mower. It can handle 'jobs In weeds, grass, sprouts JEFFERSONTOWN ' ANdr.wi and stalks. AUCTION V 0CT0IER 23 P.M. 1 HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS: G. E. refrigerator; G. E. freezer; G. E. electric stove; electric heater; metal cabinet; bed and springs; Motorola TV; odd chairs; Singer Sewing Machine; stand table; radio; .1' sewing cabinet; feather beds; Maytag Washer; kitchen :ablnet; kitchen table and chairs; lamps; rocking chair; dining room suite (9 piece); 2 Duo Therm oil heaters; odd pictures frames; oil drums; ladder; electric fencer; hand tools; garden tools; tarpaulin; lawn mower; lawn chairs; Miscellaneous Items. ANTIQUES: Cherry wardrobe; rocking chair; coal vase; clock. Terms - Cash. John Pound, Jr., Auctioneer 267-174- 3 Take advantage of 5 to improve your herd the COOPERATIVE WAY owned entirely by and for organization This is series you at cost. More important it brings you superior in the quality of a Ceding service that has no you. bulls available to breeding program can be the A carefully planned KABA steady increase in your product, kev to a ust that. A We're here to help you accomplish and complete detai s on new Bull Book our will and special characteristics the oediree? performance record transmitted by each of these bulls: 10 Naturally Proven Sires 39 A I. Proven Sires 47 Sires In Waiting Young Sires 22 Select Progeny Tested Beef Sires Performance and ""jLaU BREEDS IN ALL DAIRY AND BEEF k Inc. ARTIFICIAL BREEDING CO-OHcrned, Technician Fischer Thone 99-47- ii Louisville, Ky. of thi Kentucky Artificial Brtidlng j 1 The St. Matthews Elementary School PTA began organizing Friday to contact every home owner In the school district between now and Nov. 8 in a campaign to increase the County School tax by 50 cents. ' ty Health DeThe partment is scheduled to administer the last in a series of free Salk vaccine polio shots to 121 pupils at Chenoweth School tomorrow. City-Coun- The Captain Abraham Hite Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, is making plans to begin a search of all five stations or settlements which were on the middle fork of Bear grass Creek In the early days of Jefferson County. gists associations. chapter's historical commit- Greathouse Greathouse Elementary PTA will sponsor Its annual school carnival Saturday, Oct. 23 from 2 to 8:30 p.m. There will be movies, hot dogs, dart games, pony rides, cakes and cookies, gifts, white elephants, etc. Ham and fish dinners will be served after 5 p.m. School tee, were announced at the October meeting held at the n, home of Mrs. Robert G. regent, 513 Cornell PL Mrs. Wathen said the first station, Spring Fort was located and marked several years ago by the Colonial Dames. Wa-the- The second, Floyds Fort has been located near the old Students of the weak named by teachers By Beth and Mark Kinney students of the week have been selected by a committee of teachers. They are Kathy Cunningham and Jeff Wampler. Kathy is the old,, blue-ey- ed daughter of Martha and Harry Cunningham, 2910 Valley Drive. She is a sixth grader in Mrs. Fitzgerald's basic room. Kathy is certainly a girl of many talents, some of which include piano, which she has studied for the past 3 years. Her Interest in music has led Kathy to singing in the Children's Choir at the Trinity Presbyterian Church. Besides her interest in music, Kathy has done some knitting, and is now interested in learning to bake. She is also a representative for the Student Council and works in the bookstore at school. Last summer Kathy spent a week at the Conservation Camp on Kentucky Lake. Two 11-y- ear Jeff is the 11-y- ear old son of Pat and John Wampler, 3507 Barclay Drive. He is a. sixth grader in Mrs. Cleve- The first meeting of the 1965-6- 6 Jeffersontown PTA Oct. 12 was extremely well attended. President Ross Roberts presided, and following the invocation and pledge of allegiance to the flag, the Treasurer, Church Des Jar dins, gave the financial report. The largest expenditures will be channeled toward the library, a new ditto machine and Health Five Years Ago, 1960 The City of Brownsboro Village expects to have its sewer lines extended to include the 400 blocS of hitis Way by this fall. ' Seven Sixth Class Cities in the St. Matthews area announced their approval of an ordinance for the master study plan for the entire area of Jefferson County. The Jefferson County Municipal Conference endorsed the plan at a meeting in re- last-nt- h sponse to a rett jt made by Charles Walte, Jr., director of the Louisville and Jeffer son County Planning and Zon- lug Commission. The St. Matthews Bicycle and Toy Shop, 3805 Frankfort Ave., will have its Grand Opening Oct. 20 through Nov. 4. ClivcnianG clccJ Other officers are Cliff Coleman, first vice president; Clayde Smith, second vice president; and Ron Roe, trea-sur- An. G, New directors are I Grlmwood, E. I;.. Marvin, Kay , .'.1, Carl Plotk,- T. Hay Alnd mond, Charles Thr ' ' - -- Joe Travis. ' ,. football vmners The names of the 18 winners in the pass, punt, and kick program, sponsored by the St. Matthews Jaycees and Ken CKeefe Ford, were announced this week. By age group, they are: Age statistics. Last week a news story in said The Volce-Jeffersonl- an cl ccrly,ts Plans for the search to be under the direction of the basic room. Broadway Methodist Church land's all-A- m Jeff is an has purchased a seven-ac- re er lean boy, being interesttract of ground on Browns-bor- o in all sports. Now he is Road, opposite Blanken-bak- er ed engaged in football, playing Lane, for erection of a first time this year. church in the near future. for the the summer he was a During too, being the chief .St. Matthews Lions Club busy boy, the Little League spent several hundred dollars pitcher for Boy Scout recently for worthy causes in Phillies. Jeff is a in Troop 175, sponsored by the community. These Include Presbyterian Church, authorizing the purchase of the Besides football and baseraincoats for the school patbuildJeff's rols at Chenoweth and St. ball, model hobbles are ing cars, swimming Matthews Elementary and reading. He also attended Schools, donating to the MusCamp last cular Dystrophy Clinic at St. the Conservation summer. Anthony's Hospital, and authorizing the building of a ramp for a muscular dystrophy victim at his home in Lyndon. er. JLHSC.KCJriTY iffilit . . John Corey has been elected president of the Klwanls Club of St, Matthews for 1966. CH today for information or aarvic An town place off Breckinridge Lane. The old Spring house with clear water stjll running, is on property bought for the Williamsburg Estates, but it is hoped it can be restored as part of a small park. The three other stations listed on John Philson's map were the Dutch Station, Sturgts Station and Lynn's Station which was the last settlement east of Louisville until Boone Station near Shelbyville was reached. The program for the October meeting was given by magazine chairman, Mrs. C.S. Redding. By means of the magazine the chapter took the Jubilee trip on the C & O Canal to Maryland. This meeting was the last for Mrs. Redding who has left her home in Lyndon to live in Atlanta, Ga., where her husband has been transferred. Floyd-Breckinri- Let Anniversary Sale Check our weekly dry cleaning specials posted at the store JEFFERS0NT0V One noui I CMMOll THI 1 MOT IN DBY CUAMIMO TAYLCS VILLE 01 00 It Tlie RD. 267 - 9984 twM a message of personal interest reviewed the Fall Festival activities and Paul Coyle, to YOU from and Vice-Presid- Membership Chairman, revealed plans for an extended membership drive. students Three sixth-grawere presented awards for winning the Fall Festival Poster Contest. Helen Smith made the presentations to Jeffersontown mayor de place; and Carolyn Rochelle, third place; Bill Keith and Beverly Trapp, most unique. At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Harold Seekamp, school principal, Introduced the rookie and veteran teachers to the membership. I I CHAMBERS During tne past four years Jeffersontown has doubled In area and population. Nowhere else In Jefferson County has there been more tremendous growth. Here's what the TAXPAYERS PARTY has done In that time for YOU, YOUR. FAMILY, and YOUR Optimists to hold COMMUNITY. turtle race over 100 street lights have been STREET LIGHTS Installed for the general safety of the community. The Jeffersontown Optimists will try again at the Turtle Derby. President Frank Ramsey said the rescheduled races willbeSatur-da- y at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Center. Club COLLECTION GARBAGE garbage AND trash are collected twice weekly. 24 HOUR POLICE PROTECTION new, more efficient equipment has been purchased. Protection has been In- creased. The turtles, sponsored by various merchants, will race in eight or ten heats. Ramsey said that proceeds will go into the boys work fund. The public is invited. UNIFORM STREET SIGNS have greatly enhanced the appearance of our city. PLANNING AND ZONING a new planning and zoning ordinance has laid the framework for future orderly growth. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY.' has been effectively Implemented, taking action In over 100 cases. URBAN RENEWAL ' In um . ., SEWAGE SYSTEM EXPANDED Eric Federspiel, 2109 Gerard Drive, first place; Will- MAINTENANCE over 5 miles of road resurfaced and 1 mile rebuilt at no charge to the property owners. ROAD h,. I I Donna Ladenburger, first place; Jane Stilz, second 8: iam R. Plock, 7311 Glen Arbor Road, second place, and Rick Adrlo, 152 N. Keats, third place. Age 9: Glen Plock, 7311 Glen Arbor Road, first place; John O'Connor, 3020 Curran Road, second place; Bradley Sturgeon, 1004 Williamsburg Ct., third place. Age 10, Mark Belluccl, 216 Brown Ave., first place; David Rae Duke, 606 Wataga, second place; John N. Martin, 2103 Japonic a Way, third place. Age 11: Curt Brldgett, 10120 Foxboro Drive, first place; Robert Schlndler, 309 Short Road, second place; Tom Wagoner, 10009 Whlpps Mill Rd., third place. Age 12: Bruce Able, 601 Indian Ridge Road, first place; Bill Leavell, 215 Ring Road, second place; Gary L. Par-rls315 N. Hubbards Lane, third place. Age 13: Greg Lord, 9312 Trenthan Lane, first place; Jim Mayer, 1734 Deer Park, second place, 'and Thomas F. Martin, 2103 Japonlca, third I lace. The winners received foot-- 1 's and football equipment I' did LAUNDERED and Welfare. Helen Smith, Ways and Means Chairman, First ; : 5 SHOTS Looffc nd, The personal property of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Allen Located at 17100 Taylorsville Rd., 8 mi. southeast of Jeffersontown on Ky. 155 SATURDAY, St. Matthews School of Music will present pupils from the classes of Mrs. Elva Willis, Miss Betty Jean Fanelli and Mrs. Madge Terry Lewis on Sunday at 3 p.m. '. 10 Years Ago, 1955 Ma- Herman, Svara were Hhe adult leaders trying to match steps with the Scouts. C COAL CO. r v Patrol, .- spon- Clonics Perryvllle Pilgrimage Trek Saturday, Oct. 9. This trail commerates the march of the Confederate soldiers from Harrodsburg to thebloody battle of Perryvllle, Oct. 8, 1862. Scouts and leaders making ' the hike were Junior leaders ; Dickie Farmer, Doug Mathes and Duane Cox. In the Panther Club holds luncheon Patrol were Ray and David Jones; while the Mustang PatThe Younger Woman's Club rol was represented by Keith of St. Matthews will hold a Payne. In the Flying Eagle Patrol Luncheon Bridge Thursday, Oct. 28 at Nunnlea Beautlfl-catl- on were Nell Spitzer, Tim InLeague.' Mrs. L. E. gram, Mike Pelton, David Krelscher, ways and means Morris, Tony Zlmllch, Tom chairman is arranging the lr. Pohlman and Mark Matherly. Keith Bally, Walter Underwood, Reid McClary and Danny Payne made up the Raven f -J ! Road, Smlth-e- r, scouts wn byterian His wife, the former Leah T. Craddock, died in 1959. He later married Mae H.Hest- -. er, who survives. Other survivors include his son and four grandchildren. The funeral was at 10:30 a.m. Monday at the Crescent Hill Baptist Church. Burial was in Cave Hill Cemetery. Taylorsvllle treasurer, and Robert Story, is past 1335 president of the Louisville and Kentucky drug- secretary; Andy Conners, Seventeen Scouts and their leaders of Troop 75, sponsored by the Jeffersontown Pres- sity. div-sisi- on, hike civil war trail Mr, Highbaugh was a mem ber of the JeffersontownBapt-l- st Church and the Parkland Masonic Lodge. He was a trustee for Georgetown University and Stetson Univer' Meyer, of 8806 Watterson Trail, Jeffersontown, has been elected second vice president of the National Retail Druggists Association. Mr. Meyer, who operates a pharmacy at .Crawford of n Jeffer-sonla- suggested that Judge Searcy "will take a stand to with the county in providing a sidewalk to the Community Center." It should have read that Searcy favors a sidewalk on Bllltown Road, access way. Searcy said that his party will end its campaign Saturday with a parade through Jef- f ersontown and a speech at the shopping center at 2 o'clock. Police Court Judge for the past four years, Searcy said he knows the Juvenile problem is becoming greater, although he hasn't the figures to support him. In a recent meeting, Searcy offered county figures to argue this point but was unable to show Jefferson- that his campaign was negative. The Citizens Party, Judge Searcy's party, was the first, he said, to offer a merit-typ- e system, trash containers for the city, better recreational facilities and an attack on juvenile delinquency. F.A.R. to begin tzzrth and platforms to the Chamber and public at the Community Center at 7 p.m. littlefleld running on the Voter's Part ticket, Is a former councilman. Potts, who has no previous experience, will be sup- - irrMiftiirrfi The Voice had littlefleld and Owen lutts will present their party J OCTCLZA 21, 1. h V.'endoll . THURSDAY, AN n J I; of Commerce will hear the t;.!rd and fourth candidates for ihe mayor's office Tuesday night, the last public meet-I- rj before the November 2 el dlon. V0ICE-J2FFERS0NI- JUb c jni3 2 3 THE V0E 10 Y0U2 l"JE m? is? m: good mz:i "I hopa wa'ra not bothrlr9 tt your om, rp. Don't iutt stick around horn ith nothing to do. Cma ovar to our cocktail louni lor tho tima Don't Dolay - of your drop In I1 QG-liCJi- G'u H t- - ay Li. L Li wi X l , U ,I LJ - k. a1J i, 1 r

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