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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), May 10, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

MOTHER Sunday, May 13 : Volume Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday Evening,- MaVu.O, 1956 o.49 HOLBROOK'S STORE NOW OPEN AT WHITAKER Commissioners7 Appointment The State Board of Election Commissioners, in a meeting held in the office of the Secretary of State on April 27, 1956, appointed Harry L. Moore, the Republican Election Commissioner, and Cassie Amburgey, the Democratic Election Commissioner, of Letcher County, and said Commissioners so appointed, and the Sheriff of Letcher County, will constitute the Letcher County Board of Election Commissioners. Sncipp To Address lioiDrooKs General btore is now open for business across the bridge at Whitaker. A com' pliete line of wallpaper and Grey Seal Paint is among their new merchandise now on dis play. Everything is moderately priced. They invite their many friends to come in and see their new merchandise. Promoted To Rank of Battalion Commander BACCALAUREATE SERVICES The Baccalaureate service was held at Stuart Robinson school on May 6 at 6:30 P. M. Mr. J. M. Burkich led the call to worship. The Processional, "Lead On 0 King Eternal," was played by Josephine Caudill. Rev. Watt Cooper read the Scrip ture. The mixed chorus sang "God So Loved The World". Mr. McCutcheon led the evening prayer. The Glee Club sang, "Sundown" by Tillotson. Announcements were made by Mr. W. L. Cooper. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Watt Cooper from Charlotte, North Carolina. The hymn, "All Hail The Power'-wafollowed by the Benediction by Mr. W. L. Cooper. The Recessional '.All The Saints',, con cluded the service. After the service, refreshments were served in the girls' dormitory. s Bill Banks has received an other outstanding honor at Military Institute. Ac Mill-ersbu- rg cording to information received from Col. Leslie C. Blankenship, President. M.MJ.. Bill has re ceived the appointment as Battalion Commander for" 1956-5This highest honor that a cadet can receive carries the rating of Cadet Lt. Colonel and is a position of honor and trust earned through diligent work and leadership. Cadet Banks, a fine athlete and student is also a member of the Cadet Choir and Quartet; Wilsonian Literary Society and on the Staff of the Cadet Newspaper and Annual. He is the son of Mayor and Mrs. Arthur Banks and the entire community is indeed proud ot the record Bill has made for himself at M. M. I. 7. l. By The Mayor of The City of Meeks. BITES-aWA- Y Whitesburg, A PROCLAMATION It has been customary to have a general clean-uweek in the city; and WHEREAS, as a result of this general clean-uwe take greater pride in our City for several weeks thereafter; and WHEREAS, It is to the general interest and well being of our citizens and visitors: NOW, Therefore, I, Arthur T. Banks, Mayor of the City of Whitesburg, do hereby designate the week beginning May 14, 1956 as General Clean-uWeek. I call upon all the citizens of the City to help in any way they are able to make our City the Cleanest in the State and have directed the City employees to help in any possible manner and that the City equipment be used in removing all rubbish placed where they can get to it IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of Whitesburg to be affixed. Done at the City Hall this the ninth day of May, 1956. ARTHUR T. BANKS, Mayor, City of Whitesburg. WHEREAS. p p p Since the last issue of The Eagle radio alarms and and newspaper stories have stirred up quite a bit of excitement-Th- ere was at first the story of bandit, a man conone-ara sidered dangerous, accused of kidnapping, and so the alerting of state police that probably went all the way to Florida The most unusual thing about this whole thing was that a Chief Radio Announcer and a Printer's wife were involved Now we are not absolutely sure, but the latest rumor tells us itvwas just the result of a Love Bug's bite; Oh, yes, another unusial thing about the case Boty parties were married! RULING VOIDS thank the follow ing members of the VFW Club FEE for donating blood for Mrs. Pat We want to Whitesburg Methodist Eastern State Church Teachers College May 20 Thru May 31. Three Letcher Countians have been named to receive honors at the Ninth Annual Honors Day Program at Eastern Kentucky State College. Janis McCIure, daughter of Mrs. Elsie McCIure, of Whites burg, has been tapped for membership in Cwens, leadership honorary sorority for sophomore women. Miss McCIure, former graduate of Whitesburg High School is also a member of the college band. bering one hundred students will hold their commencement exercises at 7:30 P. M., May 17 in the high school gymnasium. Supt. C. V. Snapp of the Jenkins Schools has accepted an invitation to deliver the commencement address. Mr. Snapp will probably use for his subject THANKS TO BLOOD DONORS Collins of Red Fox, Ky., who has been very ill at the Fleming Hospital: Estill Banks, Fleming: Herbert F. Brown and Jesse Jr. of Whitesburg. The Family. Hol-broo- k, SYSTEM OF JUSTICE Salaried Judge Must Hear Criminal Cases Frankfort, Ky., May 4 The Court of Appeals today struck down the right of justice of the To peace courts in all counties except Jefferson County to try criminal cases. In the historic, "The Roads Ahead". Belfry is opinion written by Commissionone of the largest high schools er Robert Cullen, the court dein eastern Kentucky and accordclared an end to the fee system ing to Principal Walter Brown of justice in Kentucky courts. this is one of the largest classes The action sounds the death Peggy Lou Wells, daughter of to be graduated from the school. knell of Kentucky speed traps. Mrs. Charlotte Daniels of Seco, Mr. Snapp advised that he is As a result of it, persons aca sophomore, has been elected very happy to have the privilege cused of speeding and other treasurer of the music, council. of addressing the senior class traffic offenses may not be tried She is also a member of the since the school has invited him before a justice of the peace. Music Club, Letcher County to serve on the evaluation comTrial for any criminal offense Club, Choir, Orchestra and mittee on several occasions. Bel must hereafter be before County Rev. Harold Dorsey, pastor of Band. Miss Wells is a graduate fry has a well rounded academic judges, police judges, or some High School of Fleming-Neoprogram as well as vocational the Methodist Church Prestons-bur- Class of 1954. other judicial officer not comKy., and Rev. James Kirk, shop, music and athletics. pensated by fees. pastor of the Methodist Church, Joan Farley, daughter of Mr. Paid Salary In Jefferson Wheelwright, Ky., will lead our and Mrs. Frank Farley of JenJustices of the peace in Jefmajoring kins, a ferson County, however, are paid Honor Summer Revival beginning Sun Education junior,been invited in day, May 20. to has a flat salary of $4,000 a year and Mrs. Lingle Rev. thus are exempt from today's Rev. Dorsey will be the evan- membership in Kappa Delta Pi, ruling. In other counties they On Wednesday evening, Rev. gelist, and Rev. Kirk will be the and is also a member of the Letcher County Club. She is a are paid on a fee basis, and thus and Mrs. C. A.' Lingle, Jr., were song leader. graduate of Jenkins High School honored at a covered dish sup In a special meeting of the have a financial interest in the Both these men graduated Class of 1952. per at the Graham Memorial Jenkins Board of Education call- fines they impose. from Emory University in the "It is our opinion that no jusPresbyterian Church. They were ed for the purpose of electing presented lovely gifts and many Candler School of Religion. They WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN TO school personnel on May 2, Ray tification exists for perpetuating good wishes for their work in are very successful ministers. APPEAR ON WRESTLING Pigman was elected head football a system that is designed and We will be happy to have you MATCH AT JENKINS, SAT., the Church at Concord, North coach and director of athletics calculated to deprive accused Carolina. Rev. and Mrs. Lingle take the privilege of this early MAY 12, at 8:15 P. M. His persons of due process of law," for the school year 1956-5meeting, and help us will leave next week for Con summer Wrestling at Jenkins Field election followed a conference the court said. Said the court: cord where he has accepted the with the religious life of the House this week features the with the chairman of the" board "It is our opinion that until pastorate of the Church there community. World's Strongest Man, All Sasz and the superintendent of some other method of compenThis announcement came from against a capable opponent as schools. R. Hampton Barnette, pastor of yet to be selected. He will exMr. Pigman is one of Ken- sation is provided by statute, Whitesburg Methodist hibit feats of strength between tucky's most successful coaches. justices of the peace in counties the Church. matches which has. to be seen to He is also experienced as athletic having less than 250,000 popula To be believed. The other match director having held this posi- tion have no jurisdiction to trycases. brings together the Whitesburg High Dr. Hutchins go" against "Mr."Wildmana Far- tion in His coming to Jenkins criminal does not affect their This two School. E", in & Will Be Commencefall out of three with no holds will add strength to both the justification to hold examining Barred 60 minute time limit. academic and athletic programs. trials in criminal cases, however, The fans have asked for this He will complete the work for or their jurisdiction in civil cas The commencement speaker match so here it is. his master's degree at the Uni es." (The popula for the graduation exercises of Moon Mullins. versity of Kentucky in August tion is the arbitrary figure set the Whitesburg High School senby State law to place Jefferson ior class of 1956 will be Dr. County in a separate classificaFrancis Stephenson Hutchins. tion.). President of Berea College. The" Upholds Pike Ruling class of 147 will receive their In handing down its opinion, diplomas' in the Whitesburg Gym. The processional will bethe court upheld a decision of Judge Jean L. Auxier of Pike gin at 7:30 p. m. Circuit Court. It was based on. Dr. Hutchins. the fifth presi ' case involving Fon Roberts. , dent of Berea College, succeeded justice of the peace in Pike his father, Dr. William J. HutchCounty District No. 1, and ins, to the presidency in 1939. Brown Martin Noel: He received his A. B. degree This is how the case developfrom Oberlin College; A. M. from ed: Yale University and the honorNoel was arrested December fl ary degree of LL.D. from Ober31, 1954, on a charge of drunklin, Lake Forest College, and the enness in a public place. University of Kentucky. He did not appear in Roberts Dr. Robert R. Martin court, but was represented by Dr. Hutchins was engaged in On Monday evening, May 14, educational his attorney who filed an obwork in China in at 8:00 o'clock Dr. Robert R. connection with Oberlin-i- China jection to the jurisdiction of the Martin, State Superintendent of and Yale-iJustice of the Peace Court China. He will also Public Instruction will deliver be the commencement speaker Moved for Transfer the commencement address to at the Fleming-NeoThe attorney also filed a moHigh School Named Democrat for the Only Man of that political persuasion in seniors on Thursday evening, May 17, the community, mail is dispensed by Mrs. Lizzie Williams from tion to transfer the case to Pike the class of sixty-fou- r a crude office in the Kentucky mountains to three eager little County Quarterly Court on the in the Jenkins High School Au at 7:00 o'clock p. m. patrons. The more "citified" readers probably won't even notice ground that trial by the justice ditorium. This is one of the largest classes to be graduates from the hitching me hanging handily on the wall or the dipper con- court would constitute a violaGradua- veniently located on the right. (Photo by Courier-Journ& Times) tion of due process of law bethe Jenkins High School. Dr. Martin may have something to tion Week cause "of the pecuniary interest WHS. through the years, so we wel- of the justice of the peace" in. say in his address about imBaccalaureate Sermon Gym come and appreciate this ac- the outcome. provements to be realized from nasium 7:30 p. m., Sunday, May count of the Democrat office. the fully financed Foundation 13, Speaker, Rev. C. A. Lingle. Roberts denied the motion, The writer "for The Gazette but announced he would waive Program for the schools. Life a brief historical his costs and fees. He then defurnishes Eighth Grade Graduation Ex Dr. Martin was graduated from sTcetch of both the office and clared Noel's appearance Stanford High School, received ercises School Auditorium, May bond Ky. postmaster They also furnish forfeited, empaneled a jury, and A. B. at Eastern, 1934; M. A. at 15, 7:30 p. m. Address by Mr. a photo of the building, the tried Noel in absentia. The jury 0 University of Kentucky, 1940; Jack Burkich. The Postmaster's Gazette de- postmaster and three patrions. set a $20 fine. Wednesday, 10:00 A. M., SenEd. D. Teachers College, Colum contributed by E. C. Watts votes space to a Letcher County bia University, 1950. He is a ior Class Day Exercises. Noel then applied to Pike Ciro Postmaster and Post Office. Awarding of medals. Amerimember of KEA, NEA, cuit Court for an injunction to The April Edition of the Post- POSTMASTER TOILS ON THRU prevent Roberts from carrying Friday. May 18, Gymnasium, can Association of School Ad ministrators, Masonic Lodge, 7:30 p. m. Graduation Exercis master's Gazette, the official TRAGEDIES TO SERVE MINING out the judgment. Judge Aiixicr Phi Delta Kappa, Kappy Delta es. Speaker: President .Francis Magazine of the National Asso- FAMILIES IN KY. HAMLET granted the injunction, and Robo Pi, Deacon, Presbyterian Church. S. Hutchins. President of Berea ciation of Postmasters of the erts appealed to the Court of United States is published at About 62 years ago there was Appeals. The baccalaureate service for College. Valedictorian, Joella Fay Craft. Pascaeeula, Mississippi and edit- a single Democrat living in a the senior class of Jenkins High Cites U. S. Ruling nest of Republicans in a little In reaching its decision toat the First Salutatorian: Christine Banks. ed by Mr. Arthur V. Smith. School will be held The singular fact of the Poli- community and he must have day, the court relied on two Methodist Church, Sunday, May tical party name Democrat for felt pretty out of place. Howev earlier decisions 13, at 8:00 P. M. The annual WILL COMBS REPORTED the United a post office in a Republican er, when the first post office States Supreme Court case of sermon will be preached by CRITICALLY ILL Rev. Ben Lgndrum, minister of Will Combs who is a patient stronghold attracts peculiar at- was established there it was Tumey versus the State of Ohio, named for him and bears that and the Kentucky Court of Apthe First Baptist Church of Jen- in Good Samaritan Hospital in tention. I am sure it would be interest- name to this day Democrat, peals case of Wagers versus kins. Music will be furnished Lexington is reported critically by the Girls Glee Club of the ill. Members ot his famuy are ing to have the history of the Ky. Sizemore. The Appeals Court (continued on back page) at his bedside. local high school. office? that have existed down (Continued on back page) Ray Pigman Work With Jenkins Schools Next Year far-reachi- Presbyterians and P The following named students from Letcher County and who are now attending Lee's Junior College made the Dean's Honor Roll for the second six weeks of this semester: Nina Dean Day, Billy Royce Brown, Lenora Martin, Nina Lee The Belfry Senior Class num- At n Lt.-Co- DEAN'S HONOR STUDENTS AT LEE'S COLLEGE Belfrey Seniors Thurs., May 17 REVIVAL MEETING Receive Honors g, BUDDY POPPY SALE Saturday, May 5th Inez Und' erwood, Chairman of The Buddy Poppy Sale, and members of the , Ladies Auxiliary sold Buddy Poppies. The sale was a huge success, with proceeds going to the National Home to be used to benefit disabled Veterans. We would like to thank Rosemary and Janet Faye Sergent who helped to make this sale a success. of The splendid the citizens of our county, for this very worthy cause, is great"CITY OF WH1TESBURG ly appreciated. CLEAN-UWEEK" m Number 1 - Notice of Election WHEN THE LOVE BUG THEY GO! 9M. : (SEAL). SPRING TRAINING FOOTBALL BOYS ENTERTAINED On Thursday, May 3rd, Coach and Mrs. Ed Moore entertained the 1956 Whitesburg football team and managers with a wein- er roast in their back yard. a Guests included, Mr. Bill of Ashland, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stallard, Jr., and Nika Mor-dic- Rose. 7. Jenkins Seniors Hear Speakers Landrum Martin Francis ment Speaker 350,000-minimu- mm. arzi iw.ym: -- n n n Program For I al at Postof f ice Gazette Tells of at Democrat, m

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