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Books by Mary R. S. Andrews VIVE L'EMPEREUR Illustrated by F. C. YOHN 12mO. I.OO "A very well-written story and one that the reader will be bound to like."-New York Sun. "The humor is good, the love motive sweet, and the background picturesque. As history, I Vive L'Empereur' is unique; as romance, it is charming."-The Reader. The Great Lincoln Story THE PERFECT TRIBUTE 50 cents net; postpaid, 53 cents "One of the best of recent short stories." -Philadelphia Inquirer. "An exquisitely tender, pathetic, and patriotic story." -Chicago Daily News. "It is the best sort of history for it reproduces the spirit of the time and of the man." -New York Christian Advocate. "Dramatically conceived and strongly written." -Los Angeles Times. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, NEW YORK - I

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