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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), April 11, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

Gs J 1 Q rFlJ I oo 980IOROVOMOVOBOMOWOB000BOVOB Soenjoying peoplefeel THE CiTIZEN 2 BEREA PUBLISHING CO INCOUronATEulo n r 2 r o 00000000000000 Fivti cents a copy Vol VIII BEREA MADISON COUNTY ooooooooboo 1J i Watch for the Farm De partment articles by Fran S cis 0 Clark commencing i g April o KENTUCKY APRIL 11 1907 i- g 11th 0 BOBOBOBOBUBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOV 1 No 43 One Dollar a year m FROM THE WJDE WORLD JUST AS EASY f fugueI it to tho Germany onnouncuiitcnt itluit Kusatit and Austria mwrvo tlio right to nbatatn from Uio dlscuwlon of qucfltlona which in their opinion cannot hud U > pruotloil rwiiilU Walter iWolhnnn In an Interview expresses gruttl confidence In his abil ¬ ity to reach Uio Pole in u balloon lie think Commander Imrys fairs In Tho start the matter ungrounded will bo made In July A London piper prints a story on Uio highest authority do the effect tint the Emperor of Kurala proposes to UuU ulKUcato within a month nnd Grand Duke Michael will be appointed the Intrncy of the rVRvnt during Gnus tan It Is wild that the Czar hag toot Ids mind to such nn extent that lie la uiublo to pwflmn even the slights ducks of his office i j IN I llr OUR COUNTRY OWN Tho following figures Just tom pleted show the BUUlHtlcs of tlu American nil trawls for 1900 AKgNfjLiis trucknpo of the Unltn Bintai 31EOOO miles Total locomotives about 50000 Total ears freight nod jxuwenger about 2000000 Total privtuo cars about 112000 Spool In rolling stock during tIle poet eight yaire approximately 32 Chief Contents of This Number AND MUCH MORE FUN Ilussla has Issued a circular note to io + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + o + oO + o + o + o + o + o + oo1ooo1oo + oo IAOE ONE FrAm thn tVlile World In Our Own CountryCommonweatlh ot Kentucky ¬ ORo LAWSUIT o We all know the first kind of fun Some one gets off PAOK TWO ca good joke on another plays some trick or says some ¬ liellnlT11e Ilmueof Tlinimnnd Candle thin bright either true or false that makes the people laugh IrtVin and Garden 1AGi TIIIIKKat him or hurt him in some other way College students sometimes scare one of their members or duck him in the lleVm and Vicinity river or do something else to hurt him and enjoy it very Cuilrco heat-Letlnni Ilteret11lg much Other people let cattle into their neighbors fields or IAOI FOUR let their chickens scratch up their neighbors gardens or CnliinirliUTtlto Influenco of the Im plague others in one way or another by practical iokes and for a time it is great fun Babies pull their mothers The Pay of novoriiinent llniplDjon lIlIlenl Tnl- < delightSo waySome kTIIIImne imilli say nice things about others end Note Drpnrtmnnt lIriifuin tried both ways of having fun the way that hurts the way that helps others and they the last way is just as easy as the first and much more fun Have you ever tried how much fun you U just being kind P bens of tlw lire not A largo number uf plunt bltJs delivered nfitttokvUon and thorn wlio IloUi selections were aUrrlng and eel cut Slate New j PACK EIGHT KfiMern Kentucky and the final result of the i HOOOO j Number of stockholder about 226 000 revenue Total 495C235 Tutee revenue W4GSJ399 from from pasftcngM fright fl Cross revenue 2319700030 Not earnings and Income 901431 CCSAverafio length of pisstnfftrn Journey 3274 mlta Avenge number of puwnRera train per 53- Number of employees 1400778I uld wnployww J9008282as Average dally earnings or rmployc 209 KIIUil 3S07 Splotr nnd Curt Jot wIth the murder of James Oookrlll town mrvrehal ol Jftckwon In 190X was called Tuesday In the drcull Cbunt at Lexington The City Council of llnravxlsbtirg pMHMd an ordlniao Imposing n tine of not lees thin sixty dollire or tnt prlKuuuunt In the workhouse bf fiom ten to sixty dtys against any OM bringing liquor lato deft cliy Std I Containing frig Eotnt Triumphs Passengers Injured Paflnengem 65624 418 employee 11186 cm J Journill Brteey And of Bttta Students The PIUD Contest > tory by a narrow tuirgln the point being 177 to 175 An orchestrA pleci nnd n vane solo from MtsJ Arbely were very much appreciated by the audience while the points were being added Doth societies saddle the contestants are to bl oongmtulitod on the success of the evening to mako some money by getting sub- ¬ scribers for The Citizen and shell do U toothoy all do when they Htprt out In a business like way bemuse tM inner Is something that the peo pie want as soon as they know what It U and the premiums toot are worth almost a years subscription make a bargain that appeals to the shrewd The Mountain Congress Ono student who went mountaineer Gov According tn present plans home A few days ago sent In three ernor Lewis of the Mountain State subscriptions a few days later lIe will summon Uio legislature 4f that Is going to send some more Ono man state to meet for business on Mon started out one morning and by nopn day right April 29 for n sermon of of the next day had twelve new sub ¬ Tho Uiuaoia Stale scribers Another man two nights cot twenty In ° 000 dny II you wouM like to know more about it write for the Letter to adjofnlng mountain counties In Tenn Agnts Je essee Virginia and West Virginia Tn rrvprcs ntatlvos are all to be appoint TREATY i ¬ mounI ¬ e SAN DOMINGAN Greek the pkryrcll oomra and when mountain students In attendance I Has Been Submitted to a CommlttM Two hundred and frpniynlne op Qreok steels I to nun tho result is the Oollege Many are already elected elating nimpanles wont thru the ywr similar For Examination ClOVKRNOKS JlESHAOIi Laat Friday night the without killing a single passenger on Greeks called Il 8 fur ehurt with In an Interview granted to a Stu San Domingo Republic of Santo ttutfr 119462 miles of truck but they the double significance of 3141C plus dents Journal reporter the governor Domingo April STho new treaty Injured 5533 during the year and that delicious indigestible l Indlcato that the members of the BO principal rocommsmlulona which h An Imiurlnnt conference was held clety were bout good scientists end would make in his message to the Dominican treaty which has been at the White House loot wwk on till good cooks and The Romans known legislature pending before tho United States subject of trust prorvculluns Irtal as the U Do from the name they hall Kdarntlon senate for two years has been re¬ dent Ronacvelt and tour members of chosen A revision of the present trustee forced to a committee for examination which also bus a certain the CiMnot taking part sweet BlgaKlcancfv Justified In this system changing from tho district to and report The now treaty differs from tho The Michigan Qontito Ivw passed a- case at least by their taking th- county board system cutting ml I rood farr but oC3kutho Greeks and the Romans Action requiring each county to levy original treaty In Its simplicity parttrading the amount of < ho cut 0 mot and then came tho tug we a tax which shall bo equal to one icularly in the matter of substituting to the roads rot earnings might almost say the Ironclad of war third of Uio amount iorfiv d tro coriilni per mile the state before receiving Uie full Instead of requiring thorn to await tho for It was no email affair payment of small Installments of their It In stated Heat there has been The Upper Chapel was crowded Btate fund most ct taken money from tho Dominican customs formed an antlKoaaenlt alliance be ¬ every soot was Tho Introduction of elementary og receipts Tho total bond Issue is tween llarrlnun Hearst the Rock them were taken twice and still some teller anal all the Standard 011 mig were loft to Bland thru the program rlculturo Into the course of study for considerably less than 20000000 a reduction of about onehalf from the ILurinnn Is held up as the Tho purple and gold of tho Assyrian the public schools OHVS The establishment of taro Industrial original claims The bonds will run which had leader of what Is oiled the grrfitret rno Roman cohorts that political plot within tho present gen camo down with a wolf on the fold schools to give Instruction In element- ¬ for fifty years but It Is provided they mining at the expiration of ten years mechanics so to speak 1l1d thc green and white ary agriculture rnUion may be redeemed nt 102 4 The longBtivndlng dispute ciwecn banners jind pennants of the Greek and forestry smelted to the nods of CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD the Iwcetcrnrulldobotaandthcdr employ legions would have nude an inspiring tho public school graduate and sort i ces como to an end bBl Thursday battle scene had not tho costumes and log na preinrtforj school for the n This Is Charge Against Men Involved Tho men are to reccdvo an ptlnvncc In smiles of the fair ladles end bravo state A and M College Action for tho providing of holding In Insurance Deal wages of 10 per cent They give up men proved that it lY just a grand of Industrial Institutes in inch cOun- ¬ tournament and no morol donttind for a nine lijour day was t of lie state each ycnr Baltimore Md April SWa1ler A Professor Jor phlno An estimate that the Iutama Cunnl Mason formerly president of the Com ItontU the presiding officer and well justi- ¬ will be opened by 1916 was made by Tho cxerclnra Action providing for n system of mercial and Farmers National bank John F Stevens retiring engineer fied her selection Coo pikes or graded dirt routs to connect of this city and national bank exam were opened by prayer from In charge of the work on lowing the sor lUIno and then tho orchestra every county seat in the state tIe iner and Olin Bryan formerly city Isthmus solicitor and more recently president Playnd a pretty selection The first staito and county to share equally In of the United Surety company have events contest was In orations One of too most Important ¬ the expense of building the raids been Indicted by tho grand jury on Mary Pick of Urn week will be the dedication of ering give the frat In belwlf of PI and the state to employ IL mid expert tho charge of conspiracy to defraud tho Carnegie Institute In PlUsbttrg Epsilon PI on the thomo One with to work with the county bqirds In the Mulch Reinsuranco company of Tho cxerclKM will occupy throe dliys God Is a majority It was well giv- ¬ laying out and oanBlruotlngtho roads m050In March 100C Tho case Is and BtstuMncn educators and nclwi en and recolvtd with enthusiasm Vurmtry the outgrowth of alleged misrepre tints of America and miny foreign Bras lays followed with nn oration Aotlon regulating the cutting nnd sentations by Mason and Bryan to countries will take part In thorn on Child Libor tb rtPre9 > nit the I care of forests and prow eiing for the the Insuranco company relative to the ¬ Ttw National ArUltrBtlan nnd Pftioo Utllo Duloe This was the noble purchase by the state of forett pre capital stock of the United Surety com It Is charged that tho capital CongreM U to bo held in New York Roman of them all for rlio saved tho serves on the headwaters of the chief pany stock was represented na fully paid Its purpom Is dry for tIer side Tho essay contest rivers of the state from April 14 to 17 up when thlstwas not tho case to incrqwe public tntcrcet in bUornii followed Tutlilll row her ca Law mid Order Wlllaiv 1 tlonrH wOlenuni of dlfflcultl An ¬ suy entitled Action making the cirrylng of con Thoughts on IL Fmllbr BEAT US TO IT drew Carnegie As to preside and WU QUI UItoIl IA the Romans cmlod weoiwns and the Silo of In ¬ lIam Jean4ugs Dotm Is to bo ono of tho quotation niturally being one nt toxicating liquors In local option ter ¬ Canada Gets Big Herd of Bison That the speakers Batter bo ritory a felony to Xicair trlbuted Roosevelt Wanted first In a little Iberesvn vllUgo OF KENTUCKY COMMONWEALTH April 8 Howard Death of Dr Mayo Col Donor than bo second In Home But she attorney James was doomed to be second In Romfv News Ins Just been received of Uio Eaton of Wolf Mont announces that Commonwealths P Adams and Attorney B R JaneU NJVorthelet fir In this llUle IB rain doaUi of Rev A D MLiyo LUD thp herd of between 400 nnd 600 bison owned by Michael Pablo at the Flat will go before the Kentucky Ctourt vllligo Edith Wuly with her essay special lecturer on education of De head reservation 3G miles west of of Appeal and ask What Uio use on The Rights of Children wus giv ¬ rea College which occurred yesterday Missoula Mont Is about to pass Into by n small at his home in Wiislilngton D C whose trtal on a en flrrt place for Uio Plea ogaln t Ilurgls possession of the Canadian govern charge of murdering Dr D D Cox morgln Dr Mayo was an invaluable friend ment to which Pablo has given an of Bereft College and knew mOM alwut option for the purchase of the anilies boon set for Sandy Hook ElNrftt county be remanded jto Brejithltit oduaitkm In the United States linn mals Somo limo ago Eaton secured an option on tho herd at 300 a head of the Greeks gave a selection from did any other persondounty for trialA sketch of his life and of his serv- and presented It to tho United States Conditions lp Trlgg and Oil dwell Ralph Connors thick Rock entitled President Roosevelt counties are eaLto be bordering I- flow Old Man Nelson Came Home ices to Derea College and tho general government as a result of the fight be ¬ This was followed by The Honor of mute of education will aipoar In next was anxious to close the deal but no appropriation was made available growera who are mom the Woods which Joy IIIIlls recited weeks Citizen Qivok meets the tug of waf When ¬ i I mwt I interm RtrlfoI ¬ lI t I t t I 1 o and its ex ¬ fi oh 0 j + ° + I lhnSantot theo dJ t eccutoro 010 CopiesI 0 0- mayy its perpetual corporate existence perience make it an ideal 0 o ° NflWK Ohio New ¬ I 0 010 inheriteda i + ° T odangers i PAGi BKVKJf New from Kverywhore have could get out of life by Many an heir has had serious occasion to wonder which he had Any man who has worked hard to accur mulate property for the benefit of his family ought to make a will andname this Company as Executor By so doing he will avoid the of an individual executor who die or who may neglect or mismanage the o And whenever they have done something which makes some Ilklith Kentucky History other and ° x o TiJlonuUIIflll greatfun + t ° OenUomcn Plenae send me forty Jug under block syntNn have bum destroyed judges marks left them even In tv copies of your pa er and order blanks D3133 mlhr ThAt was what a iwstal Thu oasoof Dill IlrHton charged contest There was enough to the at ono 12 Not cuplullcrtloni of railroads together with Judge Jiunes Ilurgls credit of Utflo Dulws from tho ors cord aild that mmo to The Citizen of CMOOOOOO Jets e clop however to give them the vie flcfe this week from a lady who cxpoetfl Capitalization per tweak mile uboui Hlbort llMKls 11 QilltlKU 600000000Total 00 1I 010 fo tQ J 0 0 PAGE SIX Klicijrutlonilii i School Prnlilrnm ur the Il lrlctKcliiMil liy Prut lllnmiifirn Till Jann Tr tluit Reed liy Irnncln O Clnrk surprisethem They other way o o Tllfe Sunday Kcio fun in the 0 iA PAGE FIVE pain 1 A LEGACY i feillnmlIniit llrlne Kind Tlln Chlnrn Fnmlne Relief SUltlenU Journnl others feel happy oo1060 0Z + JJ 010 Moore President W H i 0 1 BEREA KENTUCKY I I Porter Cashier 0 o + i t of THE 0 010 Berea National Bank o o 010 II 25000 CAPITAL ± 010 9 0 + Q 1- We Cordially Invite t + fIt 0 + o YOUR ACCOUNT I I 0 + ato oh i + DEPOSITORS ARE SAFEGUARDED BY 1 o 010 0 Federal Supervision f + o 0Od 010 1 o o 010 o 010 J W FOWLER VIco Pros 0+ S E WELCH President o J L GAY Cashier + 6o 0 4o + o Oo1oo + o +oo1oo o Oo1ooo1oo O O O oo1ooo1oo + O 010 OO 4 Relief Needed Until June F The following cablegram was received a few days ago from Rev McCroa chairman of the Relief Committee in Chingkiang China Chfngkiang March 31 J Klopsch Christian Herald Thousands are Relief work saving many but totally inadequate wishing Missionaries in the famine area are unanimous as to urgent need of relief until JuliesltcCREil Deitllute Chlnnuien Working IJnder MlMlonnryN SuiiervUlon ¬ 1 r l I Rmdingaliarlot nrIlWChY i The latest gifts which havo como to Tho Citizen for this fund are 000 from ono of the College Sunday School classes and SUJO from Mrs A L Lawrence Unicoi Tenn This makes 3050 which has beotAkent to It is a good sum save the starving in China from readers of the Citizen but has been given by only n few people Aro there not others wlio would like to follow the example of tho good Samaritan and actually SAVE TilE mortals with the little money they can spare f LIVES of some A I 4 1 r t

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