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Image 9 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

viUcd as ttccvo - JEFFERSON REPC.1TER, Thursday, April 2, , oral's ccc.uju? tmi i n r7 I nn n r, CoroOQDOHCO ; nnno n u 1 1970-- 9 a n 17 nn n n OJsos t ! j "What's cooking" will be on the minds' of Old Kentucky :Home Homemakers when the club meets April 1 4 at the home jof Mrs. V. L. Elmore, 5403 j Stephen Foster Avenue. Major project for the month will be : convenience foods and Blender Uses." It will be given ;by Mrs. C. H. Jager, foods leader. The March meeting was held at the home of Mrs. D. L. 5 Bringer, 3517 Susanna Drive, with 100 per cent of the members present. The meeting was opened by the president, :Mrs. A. C. Chadwick, who led members in the pledge of i allegiance to the flag and the . club collect. Mrs. W. C. Bennett, j cultural arts leader, gave the : devotion on "faith" from J Hebrews 11:1-jj A discussion was held on j; plans for the membership tea, $ which will be given jointly by all ! home maker clubs located in the ! Okolona area on April 10 from ;l to 4 p.m. at the Okolona S Woman's Club, 8103 Blue Lick ,'Road. Mrs. Elmore, vice 'president and membership chairman, will be in charge of setting up the display and ? making all arrangements for the J event. Mrs. A. A. Schmitt, : landscape chairman, presented a 'lesson entitled "Landscape ; Notes" dealing with shade trees, J shrubs, crabgrass, newly seeded r" 3. looks that - great in soft, fluid knits move with the body. Women will see many knits, crepes, bias cuts, blouson tops, circular skirts and many pleats. Ladies will opportunity to have an express themselves because almost everything is in this year. Hemlines are. still high, but the designers say by fall and winter there will be a trend to longer styles. Suits have made comeback tailored, long or short jackets, blazers, peplum jackets of 1 947, long vests, and pleated or wrapped skirts. Coats in many styles from mini to maxi, as well as fit and flare, pleats in back, single or double breasted, belted, sleeveless with large take your patch pockets choice. Dresses also come in varied styles from the coatdress, - - wrap dresses, skimmers, Designs are larger or moving patterns. You will find the patch print and dots of all sizes be purchased for fall and winter. fringed. To complete the The Maxi has been accepted for accessories are gloves that are winter coats and evening wear short, and, most important, and abstracted shapes. and is being shown for spring white. Scarves are Geometric designs are tiny and and summer. Looks like we have bolder in design, refined or large and bold. a choice of hem lines, maybe a square or long, but a very important accessory this year. Border designs are growing in variety for the wardrobe. popularity, silk prints are Mrs. Samples reminded The hat styles of 1920 are back, coming on strong, reptile look members that accessories play including berets, panamas, flat coming in big for 1970. an important part in any top open work straw, or floppy. Jewelry is still in. Earrings The longest skirts since costume. There are many styles Dior's New Look in 1 947 were of shoes available, such as are longer to go with the longuette look. Also popular are unveiled in Paris as the fashion cut-ou- t, platform heels, higher world experienced its most heels, odd shaped heels, scarf pins, dog collars, small drastic upheaval in years. Styles chunky, wedged, two or three rope pearls for skimmers, chains from mini to maxi were shown toned, all in the newest material and belts, skinny bracelets (two by different designers. Several of wrinkled patent. One may or three at a time,) chunky bracelets, big and bold rings on designers and manufacturers are also choose the clog. both hands, clips at neckline of pushing the midi look. The shoes, one may dresses and on hats. Sunglasses Besides Longuette Look has been named "the dammed." choose many types of bags in are bigger, with pink and purple The midi tried a come back the new crinkly patent or soft tone lenses and frames. Mrs. Samples advised last year will they make it this leathers, such as shoulder straps, year? Retailers are not buying larger bags, much hardware still members to "let your many styles for spring and evident, or an Indian lover may imagination and good judgment summer, but possibly more will choose a bag that is laced and decide what style to choose." multi-colore- - pruning over-wateri- shrubs, Hi k. u . '4 'V "IT STARTED WITH VAUDEVILLE" is the theme of Atherton High School's senior class sponsored show set for April 3 and 4 at 8 p.m. In phpto above, from left, Ellen Eickmeyer, Ann Lukins and Robin Rogers rehearse for the event. Tickets will be $1.25 in advance or $1.50 at the door. shirtwaist or sweater dress, with raglan sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless. She also pointed out that stoles and shawls may be worn either in daytime or evening. with narrow legs -swith traight as an arrow tailored shirts and jackets, tunic tops, or jumpsuits are strong. By referring to the Webster Dictionary, we find the work "funky" means foul smelling or panicky, but fashion says it means the "attic look of the 30s and 40s. Ugly, out of style things, which are back in again." Mrs. Samples also said that Women's Wear Daily indicates colors range from the palest to the deepest shades of violets, pinks, yellows, blue and plums. The Louisville scene is red -alone or with blue and white -no more than three colors. Fabrics are soft, such as knits, crepes, slinky silk, jersey, denims, canvas, linen, raw silks, rustics and polyester knits. Pants - 7ty'itlg Gogs' h febion GueM Horabozs Arc Told DlesEi "Anything goes" as far as for next year is fashion concerned, Black Mudd Homemakers were told at then-las-t meeting. The March meeting of Black house plants, Mudd Homemakers was held at setting out dogwood trees, the home of Mrs. Michael directions for making a compost Weber, 204 McBroom Court. pile, and other related subjects The major lesson given by Mrs. ', for this time of year. Joseph Powell was on spring I Mrs. Bringer, creative ideas trends. chairman, displayed a Mrs. Powell told the .wastebasket covered with homemakers of a survey taken 'burlap and trimmed with grapes by "McCalls" in 1968 which made from ball fringe, which stated that homemakers spent will be the project for the $176 billion dollars for fabrics that year. They also spent ; month at work night also to be 'held at the Bringer home. another $400 million dollars for notions as well as $150 million The major project this Cedar Heights Women ; month was "Spring Trends," dollars for patterns and $200 'presented by the clothing Le;rn Sprirtj Factions million dollars for sewing , .machines. . . V ;yed a. lectin board with -, Cedar Heights Homemakers . The survey also noted that clippings from magazines and held their March meeting at the the average housewife takes newspapers, explaining in detail home of Mrs. Robert Foster, seven and four-tenthours to make a garment and averages 'what is to be expected on the 7906 Cedar Brook Drive. fashion scene. She said that at Mrs. Clay Sledge opened the making thirteen garments a this time there were more meeting by giving the thought year. It also showed young 'seamstresses than in any other for the day, using "faith" as her people to have the greatest jtime of history, due to the high topic. percentage increase trend jcost of living, variety of "Think Cling For Spring," toward sewing. Mrs. Powell told members materials and patterns, and easy suggested Mrs. William Jenks in care fabric. her lesson on Fashion Showcase what they will be seeing as far as The following figures were for Spring 1970. Fashion fashions are concerned this quoted from the McCalls minded women will have the spring. The soft look is "in" for National Piecegoods Survey of softer styling in their clothing spring. Everything will have a .1968: $176 billion spent on with an individual and natural soft look the colors, the fabric; $400 million on notions look. silhouette, the details, the .and trims; $150 million on Cedar Heights group will join fabrics. paper patterns; $200 million on with other area Homemakers However, silhouettes fall in sewing machines; average Clubs in sponsoring a the long-lea- n direction, which number of garments per membership drive and tea to be will be emphasized by cardigan housewife was 13 and an held April 10 at the Okolona jackets over dresses, skinny-fittin- g average of 7.4 hours spent coats, coat and Womens Club Building. making each garment. This dresses, Mrs. Ralph Isbell, 8610 dress ensembles, indicates that due to the fine Michael Ray Drive, will be host blouson sweater dresses, and garments with more fit and fabric used, ladies used greater at the April meeting. Members present were Mrs. flare. jcare in construction. i The phrase "think cling for Robert Balthrop, Kenneth I Suits Return spring" indicates what we can Becker, Claude Boswell, Sam A big comeback is being expect in fabric, since women's Brock, Al Braun, Richard wear will be very soft looking Farren, Robert Foster, Ralph made in suits. They are more ifor Spring 1970. The colors, Hopkins, Ralph Isbell, William tailored with long jackets and : silhouette, details, fabrics -- Jenks, Joseph Lindsey, James short jackets, nipped in blazers, j everything is soft. Clothes will Monroe, Clay Sledge and James 1947 Peplum jacket (peplum means flounce below and ; cling to the body in the form of Williams. around the waist on jackets or ibody dresses that fit like Mrs. Janis Bell, Juanita Miller i sweaters the lanky lowdown and Margie Firquinn were guests on dresses), long vests, pleated or wrapped skirts, and :sweatericket, the natural of the club. ilawns, d, ....J . - , - mix-matc- h garments of different colors. Spring coats go from mini to maxi to midi with fit and flare greatly emphasized. Concerning dresses, any type is "in," including coatdresses, wrap dresses, chemise, skimmers and shirtwaist. The dress will have various looks such as with pleats, empire waist, raglan sleeves, sleeveless, short sleeves, scoop neck, or tunic tops, bare backs and Stoles and shawls are also coming back and will be seen anytime of the day. Pants are still "in" with jumpsuits strong among the favorites. Pants will have the straight narrow look. The "Funky" color that is "in" for spring, means the attic look or the look of the 1930's and 1940's with emphasis on the feeling of liking the "ugly" out of style things that are suddenly "in" again. Funky colors are faded looking, whitened or dusty with little prints in slinky sleazy fabrics,,.. ..... .. Here, though, red seems to be the outstanding color with or without navy and white. k, cut-out- off-tone- Soft Fabrics Spring fabrics are soft and natural looking, as well as body conscious. They include light weight knits, drapable crepes, silks and jerseys. The natural will be seen in such fabrics as denims, canvas, linens, raw silks and rustics. Polyester knits are the favorite this spring. The spring designs are large in size and moving patterns and abstract forms such as dots, geometries, paisleys, tiles, and florals. Border designs are also popular but the rage is silk prints. The reptile look will be biginthe'70's. The longest skirts since 1 947 were unveiled in Paris along with all different lengths from mini to maxi. However, fashion colors will still be seen. Short gloves are the favorite. Another favorite accessory is scarves with the newest ones ranging from mini prints to bold geometries in oblong sizes. Hats Are Back The cloche type hats, open work straw, and floppy hats. This springs' jewelry is much more dramatic. Earrings are longer, to go with the Longuette Look. Big rings worn on both hands seem to be the thing. There will be scarf pins, and new dog collars, as well as long tiny strands of pearls for simple skimmers. Also three or four thin bracelets worn at a time will be seen along with chunky ones. Strong colors in sunglasses such as pink and purple-ton- e lenses and frames are "in," the bigger the better. Definitely "anything goes" in the fashion trends this spring. Mrs. William Jackson also read a report on landscaping on how to get yards looking nice. Club members decided not to have the annual "Visitors Appreciation"since they will be involved in the Okolona Area Homemakers Tea which is to be held April 10. The club is looking for new members. Anyone interested in joining should contact Mrs. 4 William Jackson for further information. 964-779- as well 267-676- 267-738- 7. Keith Ray Accepted For College Admission Keith Leslie Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Ray, Jr., has been accepted for admission to David Lipscomb College, Nashville, Tennessee in the fall quarter, 1970. A future 1970 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School, Ray will be a first quarter freshman. H ft SHOP KITCHEN CABINETS VANITYS FORMICA TOPS FREE ESTIMATES CALL EVENINGS AFTER 5 4708MARYVILLE V 4 Laaug E3m mi mmiMN ju::n svjeazy ROAD BEAUTY are planning the Homemakers Convention in Lexington. A few other members are going for one attending i day. GREEN ACRES BAPTIST CHURCH DAY CARE CENTER OPEN MON. $17.00 PER WEEK CALL - 20 964-816- 5 OFF With Coupon Good Thru April 11, 1970 , lis FERN CREEK jntl jj 5613 BARDSTOWN RD. OPEN TUES. 9 to j Deafer D 239-396- 9 Danna -1969 PONTIAC Tempest LeMant Coupe. Automatic, 6 cylinder, power steering, excellent for economy. Mist Green finish. d3 Safety Wt givt our uwd VWi th 1 nd Performance impaction. H they pan, w them completely and guarantee 1 00 the repair or replacement of all major mechanical part for 30 days or 1000 miles. 2495 1965 FORD LTD, 4 door hardtop, factory air, automatic, power, dark green finish, vinyl top. Extra deen. 2395 1966 CAPRICE Coupe, red finish, red interior, factory air, power steering end brakes, excellent condition. Save) 1295 4 iQr 14 ion 03 Boa Ccrbi? M ft'CN. through SAT. IPC riUUKJ THURS.&FRI. Evening By 1101 8-- 4 Appointment 3 Tw f) JU rOv V I !I 1995 1966 FORD LTD Coupe, maroon finish, power black vinyl top, automatic, Excellent condition. t"r'B j95 If JJ 1965 CHEVROLET Vi ton pickup. Automatic, 6 cylinder Camper Topper. Extra dean. Must see to appreciate! 1295 1395 1965 MUSTANG Coupe, automatic, air conditioned, white finish. Excellent condition. LV JJ V-- 2295 17QC jr J 4 Qrtcrs Vc!!i5UC3::i ' Building a Reputation" 3713 GA3DSTOVN i J 1968 PONTIAC Firebird Coupe, dark blue finish, 350 engine, 4 speed stick shift, meg wheels. Extra sharp) 4aap OPERATORS: Cell 451- - D 9 to 6 100 GUARANTEED 1968 CHRYSLER Newport Coupe, green finish, matching green interior, air conditioned, automatic, power steering and brakes. Extra deanl SHERRIN WRIGHT AND EVELYN RITCHIE FOR APPOINTMENT p.m. ALL WOOLENS Authorized 1967 PONTIAC Catalina Coupe factory air, automatic, power, gold finish with black vinyl top. NEW OWNER thru FRI. 7a.m.-5:3- 0 SEWING CENTER Charlane Park Homemakers Meet 1968 PONTIAC G.T.O. Coupe, maroon finish, automatic, power, low mileege, extra sharp, black interior and black vinyl top. SAL0II DR. vice-preside- nt 1968 DODGE Coronet RT Coupe, dark green finish, white interior, automatic, power, steering, factory air. Extra Clean I DAC1D5T017U CABINET BEFORE WE PUT THEM TO BED FOR THE SUMMER . . . president and The ' BIAKEY 957-436- 6 1969 MUSTANG, Fastbeck Coupe, dark green finish, beige interior, automatic, V8, low mileage. Sharp I . 3940 CCLDIN DAY1 Mr. and Mrs. W. Loyd WcaJlierford, 8505 Eeulah Church Road, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on April 19 at Cedar Creek Baptist Church, 7709 Eardstown Road in Fern Creek from 2 to 4:30 p.m. The couple have a son, Maurice, two daughters, Mrs. Jean Crown and Mrs. Earbara Miller and two grandchildren. Weatherford retired in May, 1962, as chief clerk in the accounting department of the LonisvCIe and Nashville Railroad, after service from March of 1917. Emerald. The lesson entitled "What Is Estate Planning," was presented by Mrs. Luci Fleck. The April 1 5 meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Carolyn Schroering, 2406 Cherian. The club meets at 8 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month. Anyone interested in joining the club should contact 4 or as Gub hnnounting . TIZLIR Prestonia Homemakers held their March meeting at the home of Mrs. Marie Brands. The lesson was given by Mrs. Ernest Baskette on spring fashion. She told members that hemlines were getting longer, also that the long puffed sleeves that they wore many years ago were back in style. Lots of scarves are being worn, pleated skirts are very good, and the shirtwaisted dress is back in style, she said. Capes are very good this spring, she told them, and "everyone should have one." "Materials this year are using lots of prints like the ones we used years ago," she said. Handbags are trimmed with lots of buckles and metal ware. Shoes are wide heels, broad toes and "most comfortable." Jewelry is large and long beads, and bangle bracelets are popular. The club bought candy that is being sold by the 4-Club, and also gave a monetary donation to them. The club will hold a work day in April at the home of Mrs. Harry Hampton. The April meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Mable Click, 3029 Lexington Road with an Easter lunch. The March meeting of the Charlane Park Homemakers met March 1 8 at the home of Mrs. Margaret Ann Phillips, 3411 Cooper Chapel Club Makes Easter Baskets Cooper Chapel Homemakers is making Easter baskets manufacturers are pushing the again this year for Central State midi look. The opinion is that Hospital. This has been their there will be a choice in hem project for several years. lengths and probably a varietyof They are also going to them in wardrobes. The participate, along with other Longuette Look will be seen clubs, in a tea that will be given more this fall and winter then at the Okolona Community spring and summer. Center, April 10 from 1 to 4 In the way of accessories p.m. shoes will be cut out, higher The public is invited by the heels, odd shaped heels, stepped club members "to come and see upon platforms, and in two or the educational and creative three tones. Wrinkled patent is ideas each club will display." the newest material for shoes. The club met on St. Patrick's The newest handbags are of Day at the home of Mrs. Leland crinkley patent or soft leathers Jarrett, 4900 Lacarem Drive. A in large sizes. Shoulder straps lesson was presented by Mrs. are the preference. George Clutts on "Estate In gloves, white is the most Planning," stressing that each important color although other person should make a will. designers Hems Getting Longer, Preston ia Club Hears ROAD 459.4444 v

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