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Image 7 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

pzfiS c!r.:.;:-c- :3 Stood as cleaved RETCmX, JEFFESSON Tiurs-L- y, A;:3 2, 1J7-- 7 IP5' Mi 1f r - ITEfAS OF SPECIAL INTEREST FOR THE LADIES OF REPORTERLAND ' .fe v'; to rV- - x-- ( J V- - 1 In The Classroom Second graders adorned hats with flowers as well as ribbons. In photo 'y r'F lluLiM I I , A,"! 7 J. O At The Mall 1 Several Reporterland garden clubs were included in the spring exhibits at the Mall this week. Above Mrs. K. B. Winterowd of Taylorsville Road and daughters Carrie and Kark inspect the Japanese garden sponsored by Highlands Women's Club. At left Mrs. F. R. Ridge, chairman of the show, points out the Audubon Garden Club 's display entitled "Child's Easter Garden" to a group of children. At right, James Maddox and son John appreciate the work - mini-garde- pnno The Council of Federated 'Garden Gubs of Louisville Area Inc. sponsored an Easter garden show entitled "Spring Mini at the Shelbyville Gardens' iRoad Mall last week. Club (Child's Easter Garden), Gear Creek and Hunting Creek Garden Gub (Glory of Spring), Cardinal and Highgate Garden Gub (Green and White Garden), Highland (Japanese Garden Club Garden) Jeffcoe The show consisted of six Garden Gub (Kentucky Rustic gardens located throughout the Garden), and Beechmor.t enclosed mall and one display of Garden Club ( Reverence). Japanese flower arrangements. Japanese In Reporferland! The The gardens were designed and constructed by the entire membership of various garden clubs throughout the city and county. Those entered into the show were Audubon Garden flower arrangements were displayed by Rolland Fifer Although there was no official competition between clubs this year, there was a ballot box for the public to use to express its favorites. The winners of the popular poll were (first) Gear Creek and Hunting Creek Garden Gub, (second) Audubon Garden Gub, and (third) Cardinal and Highgate Garden Gub. teaspoons prepared mustard, 2 Hard-boile- chill. (Flavors improve if the mold is chilled overnight). Unmold, sprinkle with paprika, and garnish with radish roses and green onions with their leaves fringed. Serve with thin-slice- d pumpernickel bread. Hungarian Appetizers This simple, appealing hors d'oeuvre will be enough for 1 2 persons. Shell hard-cook- with and chop 8 eggs and mix them 14 cup soft butter, 2 Corn And Egg Salad You can serve this luncheon salad in a bowl lined with crisp greens or arrange on individual salad plates. 6 ears fresh corn, cooked eggs, chopped 8 hard-cook- small can (2 oz.) chopped pimientos, drained Vi cup chopped dill pickle Vi cup sliced ripe olives V cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Worcestershire W teaspoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon cider vinegar Yi teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon freshly ground pepper 1 Dash liquid hot-pepp- er Stork To Finish Medicine Cabinet Dangerous mayonnaise the with Worcestershire, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper, and liquid seasonings. Add dressing to the corn mixture and mix well. Chill thoroughly. Makes about 6 servings. Ham And Egg Casserole r, If you have both ham and eggs, team them up for a delicious brunch treat. 5 tablespoons butter or margarine 4 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk M teaspoon salt Dash pepper d eggs, sliced in 6 quarter-inc- h crosswise left-ove- time. Thirty grains is only six BY ELLIOTT PODOLL, M.D. Let's face it, we are a pill adult aspirins. Twelve adult aspirins to a oriented society. There is pill JOYCE DAUGKERTY To WedSoon Joyce Dougherty Will Be Married To James Petrey Joyce Faye Daugherty of 10800 Broad Run Road will be married on May 15 to James H. Petrey. The wedding will be held at Chenoweth Park Baptist Church at 8 p.m. with the Reverend Joe Paul Pruett officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie C. Daugherty and the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. James C. Petrey of 9441 Fairground Road. Miss Daugherty is a senior at Fern Creek High School. Petrey, an Eastern University graduate, is teacher. in Mrs. Lynn Scarry's class at Okolona Elementary School are getting a taste of creative design early in child could for every ache, pain, and thirty-poun- d uncomfortable feeling that the possibly be fatal. This same child could have fatal results by human experiences. These drugs are generously taking only two ounces of a well handed out by your physician, advertised cough preparation and exuberantly advertised in that contains antihistamines the mass media. You are and codeine. There are niany other drugs compelled to sit through the pillpusher's commercials when in the medicine cabinet, such as you watch any program on heart pills, thyroid pills, birth control pills, and sleeping pills. television. After the first of the year Any of these could do quite a with cigarette advertising bit of damage to a small child. disappearing from television Many of these pills are not there will be more time to push labeled and valuable time is lost drugs. The hypocrisy of drug trying to find out what the child advertising is clearly shown has swallowed. when all brands of aspirins and Because of this danger that is tranquilizers are advertised on always lurking into our television showing only their medicine cabinet, these rules good effects. There is not one should be followed as closely as word mentioned about the possible. dangers of overdosage. Program your child only to Every medicine cabinet is take medicines that are given to filled with drugs.Most of these him by his parents or a doctor. drugs are patent medicine, such The child should be taught this as aspirin or cough preparations. very early in life. Be sure that all medications Most adults can tolerate several timses the stated dosage on the are labeled. Insist that your bottle without ill effects. doctor tell you what is in the Children, however, are in a medication that he is giving you. If possible keep all different position. For example, a 30 pound child can become medications under lock and key seriously ill when a dosage of at all times. Have your doctor prescribe aspirin of 30 grains given at one a small bottle of syrup of ipecac to keep on hand at all times.T. This drug causes vomiting and can empty the stomach very rapidly. Finally know the number at your local poison control center. In Louisville this center is located at the Childrens Hospital and the telephone number is 582-- 1 831. There is someone at this hospital on call 24 hours a day who can help you in case your child takes an overdose of any medication. Homemaker To Hold Tea Okolona area Homemakers will hold a tea April 10 at the Ololona Woman's Gub, from 1 until 4 p.m. Participating clubs will have exhibits and will furnish refreshments. A door prize will also be given. The tea is being held as part of Homemakers' membership drive. Any woman interested in more about the Homemakers clubs is invited to attend. Okolona Woman's Gub is located one block west of Preston Highway on Blue Lick Road. learning Second-grader- s casserole, arrange d layers of the hard-cooke- slices cup cubed cooked ham 1 can (6 or 8 oz.) chopped or sliced mushrooms, drained 1 cup crushed cornflakes or cornflake crumbs Melt 3 tablespoons of the butter in a small pan, over medium heat, stir in the flour and when smooth gradually stir in the milk. Cook, stirring, until the mexture thickens. Stir in the salt, and pepper. In a greased 2 quart alternate egg hard-cooke- slices, ham cubes, and mushrooms. Pour the thickened sauce over the top; reserve. Melt the remaining 2 tablespoons butter in a small pan and mix in the corn flake crumbs; then sprinkle on top of the casserole. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees) for about 25 minutes or until top is golden. seasoning Cut the whole kernels of . cooked corn off cobs. In a bowl combine the corn, chopped A pickle, andM5K eggs, pimiento, combine the Also olives. hot-pepp- er t Make Easter Hats I teaspoons paprika, and salt and Reporter Home Economist What's a mother to do with pepper to taste. Press into a small mold and all those eggs when her child Mary Ann Edwardian Plsdjjas Col!e?3 Sorority Chapter at Hanover College announces the recent pledging of Mary Ann Edwardsen to Kappa Alpha Theta. Mary Ann is a freshman. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Edwardson of 404 Deerfield Lane. Nu "Most of the girls have designed their own hats," Mrs. Scarry said. Boys in her class were not to Scarry's class of 32 be left out. But they, like designed their own millinery corporation men (in grey Easter finery. Girls' hats, flannel suits) chose to conform bedecked with such to one pattern. as jelly beans, eggs, flowers, birds, chickens All the boys made bunny and kleenex (transformed into rabbit hats. Why bunnies? flowers) atop paper plates and "They like to hop with their fastened to milady's head with an assortment of ribbons in hats on," volunteered one rainbow hues, were in pretty young miss in an original creation sprouting flowers. profusion. life. Mrs. flim-flanne- . MfT1 i A MUU ms Detective Last Thing He Needs Dear Amy: I'm a 1 6 year old high school boy. I have been going steady with D. B. for about six months and I can't do anything without her knowing about it. I asked her if she would stop having people watch me and report to her, but she won't stop. What should I do about her? Gay Dear Clay: The last thing a 1 6 year old boy needs is a girl who operates like a detective agency. Give her the gate and fly the coop! 1 -- ii oecona oraaers Solved By Specia Recipes wins first place in the Easter Egg Hunt? See if one of these recipes doesn't solve your problem. d eggs do make good appetizers, salads, and main dishes. ( fey qssqms Oui BY MARY REISINGER i C Garden Clubs Hold Easter Egg Relics Problem Mall Gard en Sh ow ! J daisy-bedecke- oftheHighlandsGarden Club. -O flower topped above, Mary Kates wistfully dreams, about spring maybe. At left, Jamie Sipes finished putting ribbons in place and at right Louise Sipes tries d on her millinery. Dear Amy: When people write and say they are lonely, need friends or want to belong 'to something' and the other party tells them to join a church group, that person thinks right away of religion and says. "Not for me!" Being active in church groups or societies doesn't mean you'll get lessons in religion. It's participating and planning activities for the church, meeting new people and it's a lot of fun. Most of all, if you don't give up and stay with it, apply your ideas as an individual, you'll be surprised and ask yourself why you didn't join earlier. Especially men . . . we need more of them. So come on, men, and join us! C. L. (Chicago, 111.) Dear Amy: Eight months ago I broke up with a guy whom I liked very much because we fought like cats and dogs. I still like him more than ever, but he tells me he's going to get engaged to a girl whom he has been seeing for only two weeks. He can't be serious can he??? I'm sorry I broke off with him, but I thought I didn't care for him any more. I know better now. Up until a few weeks ago, he said he loved me, but now he's supposed to be getting engaged. I think he is trying to play hard to get because that's what I was doing for eight months. What's your opinion? I need your help badly. Sorry Me Dear Sorry: He could be very serious! But it remains to be seen. Next time you fall for a guy, be kittenish. Don't act like a cat or treat him like a dog and you won't be out on a limb. time we "neck" they cause her discomfort so she takes them out which poses an embarrassing problem. Amy, what should I do and yet still not hurt her feelings? A Gummy Friend Dear Friend: If poor fitting dentures stand in the way of your romance and you really love the gal, tell her to get herself and those pearly "whites" back to the dentist without delay. And don't worry about her feelings; she's probably as embarrassed as you are. . if not more so (or she should be!) .. Dear Amy: What do you think of a woman who wears too much lipstick? Her Boyfriend Dear Boyfriend: Too much lipstick is vulgar, but it leaves a good impression. Dear Amy: I am an avid reader of your OSccSona Firchcua column, and although my unusual problem may perhaps Frlct Fish For Kta Okolona Firehouse wI'J sound ludicrous, I assure you it sponsor a fkh fry on Fri.' y, is not to me. I am 25 and in love with a April 3 be;lnnirj at 4 p.m. Ti 3 wonderful woman. The vent will be held at SI 1 1 1: 5 problem is that she has four Lick Road. Proceeds U false front teeth. However, each the Crusade for GJI-- ea. fi

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