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Image 6 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

RtrORTER, Thundty, April 2, 1970 r ' "" "' " "' r ...H! ' " : MANSLICK ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST 4724 E. MansJickfload, Louisville cl WELCOME TO OUR SERVICES WORSHIP Sunday, 1 0: 30 a.m. Sunday 7: 00 p.m. EI3LE STUDY Sunday 9: 33 a.m. Wednesday 7: 30 p.m. Connfe W. Adams. Evangelist - 964-537- TIRE SALE i'4 1 PRICES SLASHED 2 s ON ATLAS TIRES w WHILE THEY LAST KELLY VOLS, DEBBIE GIBBS, DIANA EATMON Plan "Unicorn" Pantomine DOUG LOGSDON Will Perform Drum Solo 2823 TAYLORSVILLE ROAD - P""1" I Reportcrland youngsters will get a chance to show off their abilities at the Horace B. Slaughter Elementary School talent show Friday night, April almost THE ORIGINAL-F- of 40 years Welcome wagon hostesses have been making friendly and informative calls 'A ON INTERNATIONA! i DAQDSTOVVN ROAD - 21 YEARS USED CAR BUYS OF THE YEAR! i 1967 Chevrolet, ; 2 door Hardtop Ti!;; , - ind lir. Vinyl Roof t ' C c':-- ; ' c"-c. gtnnaM . : s, 4 ,V " '' - rv : ' ir x t :: ,nc-FctorYA- SAVE $1000.00 1969 chevy ImpalaCurtom j: Coupe, yellow wblack vinyl ''' Fully equip, including rof. x '. S1385 :; LTD Fu,V Sedan, r. like new. All extras plus BEST BUY! n-- w. twwwwwwwwi power and air. $2685. EXCLUSIVE A TIDED CI & CAMPER DISTRIBUTOR! MAN-O-WA- MEV ViUill bllJS 4i " . C 1, P toIjfeg.W 'I'S xhs fv 4. - XI CHUCK I L RAY SWEENEY BURNS 10' Camper, 4- tleeper, jacks, power vent, gas lights, all standard equipment. $1595 C3 F-- 2 MAN-O-WA- 13' T "C I ' r, ' 1 c -.-';:v.::.l. C::3 T3l R TRAILERS t!?) XZ73,T.r, 1964 JEEP- -4 wheel drive Lika new wEWorado camper. $2345 I FOR LIKE HEW CARS 451-75- 74 21 YEARSSAME LOCATION - JERRY ONAU BONITA CASWELL its i SHRUBS ' 2- -3 News 2M kxr ft. Will Bloom This Year. Many Other Varieties l' Is Set Hartstern's PTA 'Foto-Festiva- By Hartstem's PTA will sponsor The April PTA meeting of on Saturday, R. Kennedy a "Foto-Festivathe Alex Elementary School, 4S1S April 4, from 10 til 4 p.m. Next PTA meeting will be Taylorsville Road, will be held held on April 21, at which time Tuesday, April 7, at 7:30. Speakers will be Mrs. Barbara there will be musical Miller from the downtown! entertainment by the students. slibrary and Mrs. Spejowle a VAl thia..jmeeting will aJsoJe(.a display of books for the Book Kennedy teacher. "Leisure Time and How to Fair. Interest Your Child in Recreational Reading" will be Paxton Wilt Parents the topic. Hear Program On Narcotics l" l' wt i3 in hia ru r o.o m HARDY AZALEAS... 79c 4 inch Pots . . . . 10 for 7.00 L J MMRi&DY Grape Vines . .... 7.75 WHITE DOGWOOD 8ft.to7ft.Tair 5.50 M BUi 6 5.5U ft to7 ft. Tall CHINESE 5ft. PKG. ELM of5.. LAWN LIME BO lb. Bag 59 Lawn Fertilizer Covers 5,000 sq. mi ft 2.2S Pkg. of 2 . 4.75 APPLE 5 to 6 ft. 4 for $10.00 PEAT MOSS Michigan 50 95 lb. bag r'Vl V iK gardens' c&nm I JDPEN DAILY 8 to 6 13,000 Minimum PERMITTED DY FEDERAL REGULATIONS AND INSURED TO $20,000.00 yi 3 07 Regular Passbook Six Months One Year Certificates Paxton Wilt Elementary School PTA will meet at the school on April 9 at 7:30 p.m A program on narcotics is planned. Speaker will be Superintendent of Personnel of Sergeant Virgal Oakes of the the Jefferson County Board of Louisville Police Department. guest speaker Education will be Election of next year's at the John J. Audubon PTA officers will be held at the at 7:30 p.m. meeting April 7, meeting. will be "The His subject Extended School Year." registration will be held at Audubon, 1051 Hess Lane, April 8, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. All children registering for the first grade will be treated to ice cream and a tour of the first grade rooms. 5 07 and Certificates Maturity Certificates In milt S 1,000 $1,000 mini Louis Laukhuf, Interest payment retrMCtlv H January 1, 170 X VATTERS0N FEDERAL SAVINGS A LOAN ASSOCIATION L 10501 WATTERSON TRAIL JEFFERSONTOWN, KENTUCKY 40288 J TELEPHONE 207-740- 0 Pre-scho- ol Smyrna PTA Views Safety Film April 9 ai 7 urge all -r ' ) - r I y At .MH-aHMf- tw I Southern State; hotwarm cool cold ho t warm cool cold hot w PTA members to be present, "as we will have a report from the nominating committee on officers for the coming year." av ra -- - Phone Wheeler And Bates PTA's Will Hear Marvin Gold nn Dr. Marvin Gold and a group of children from Lincoln School in Simpsonville will be the 295 PEACH PLUM Certificates 1.75 2 Yr. Old Fruit Trees POPLAR 6 ft. 10 in bundle . Two Year interest! Audubon PTA To Hear Laukhuf Officers FLOWERING SHRUBS 10lnPKG 4 951 ANNUM (O) registration will be April 8, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Birth certificates should be brought. Members of the fourth grade classes will participate in the opening exercises. 1.25 f Calif. Privet Hedae PER Pre-scho- ol 1.25 Red, Variegated BLUE WISTERIA RED BARBERRY INTEREST shown. CREPE MYRTL- E- Purple, White, Red . 1.2 5 WEIGELA-Yello- w. 0 safe Smyrna Elementary School, i LOUIE LANGFORD W savin ear 6401 Outer Loop, will hold its regular monthly PTA meeting on Thursday, April 9, at 7:30 p.m. A film on safety will be FLOWERING & j it 111 Your I "Lonely Highway "pantomine Mrs. Barbara Miller At Kennedy k ;) UAL Will Speak Red-Blac- Operated by BILL V ) PTA 1887-1- 0 pasaangar Country Squirt. Black wrad vinyl. All ;! factory ecowaorles included. Powir and .irLIko ACROSS FROM BOWMAN FIELD Ml N ) USA AS HER "Modern Millie "dance 1970-FOR- I .11 The talent show is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at the school, 3805 Fern Valley Road. Some 22 variety acts will be included. Cost for adults will be SI and for children SO cents. A few of the youngsters who will perform Friday night are pictured in accompanying pictures. If you are of one-- or are a businessmar wanting to be represented ir the newcomer's home, con-- ( suit your lortft telephone di rectry for WELCOME WAG- j:; w I! 3. they on newcomers-whet- her be within our own nation or in some foreign country. 2420 t'-- 458-920- 6 DOUf.lAU FIELD GHCO Talent Timo For (ids At Slaughter Elementary miim mmmm PHONE UP & TAX guests of Wheeler and Bates Elementary Schools PTA on April 7 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the new Wheeler School on Cynthia Drive. These children are gifted children from disadvantaged homes. Many of the works that they will present have been written or composed by the children themselves. There will be small parent-stud- y groups on the continuous four quarter plan. Anyone interested should contact Wheeler School. ASfa-te- if fe?u33mesie:5:!. When 3 5 out of 10 stems show sians of feed- ing. You 'II get more days of control. And cool from us weather won t turn it off. Get Alfa-to- x now. 1 Gcateora Alfalfa weevils work in most kinds of weather. So does Alfa-toThat's why Alfa-to- x gives you better weevil control. x. j Especially early in the season, when cool weather turns off other insecticides. So forget the weather. Spray Alfa-to- x when ever you neea control. You can count on it. GCaCoo ILcu"3ut:2 353-637- 7 Theories hunches with attachments. are educated common-sens- e 712) t::ii b. Y::r Ud S:n;!:j ::::t ri::i !!3 5::i f I

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