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Image 5 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

ilncd as ueedvdd REPORTER, Thursday, April 2, 1S73- -5 1F.FFERSON JDnDnnacinnnnnriii ri VtViVW 5HRUB5 . .1.90e.J FLOl70QinG "SA n I 't Reg. W.50 Cash & Carry A SPIREA-Whhe-P- ink U WEIGELA-Pl- nk & Red RED TWIG DOGWOOD VIBURNUM BUSH HONEYSUCKLE 0 n U Q ft tall-Po- tted El. SPREADING TAXUS Q $3.50 for $10.00 ea.- -3 QAr.:;:cE I n '"'mhiw y itiiinii .. -- ill BEAUTIFUL otte uudseeiy MIOpiITOwN, , KY. 1 XCItOSS FROM KRATZ LANI PHONI 24S-S- f 20 P CREEK STONE FOR SALE BY THE TRUCKLOAO i 1 ALUUItlUn ORTHO-GR- O LOW PAYMENTS FHA FINANCING SALE B StftOO Anytime ROOFING 30X GUTTERING DISCOUNT SIDING WEED G FEED WEED Mcsonry ED CRCK5IIAW, Phone 239-007- 3 Charge .inannririnnnnrinrinrir-(ctko) 1 Also Vanaaring House and Stora Front All Work dona at Reasonable Rata AND Guarantaad OMN I A.M. "TlU.Sr'.M. Charge-Mas- ter STOW- - Ideal for 'RETAINING WALLS' 'STEPS PATIOS 'BARBECUE PITS 'PLANTERS (MluDLcTOWN GARDEN CENTER) .12001 SHEtiVVIui RD. k, j SHADE PERENNIALS PANSIES BULBS In Spread 12-1- 5 0 12.50 .... tt. J) W a STICK? Slip-Sligraphite Mirk, U de- rrayon-lik- e sined to prevent doom from (licking and jamming. DOORS WINDOWS STICK? Simple sprays, such ai Slip 'N Slide lu- briranl, fd windows or screens moving M Hie touch of a finger, zni Soulangeana (Pink tulip tm) with buds 5 6 ft. tall 3.90 0 QU mag:;olia PINK DOGWOODS 2-- 3 mm r Feet Tall 3-- 5 Will Bloom This Year a BUY DIRECT FROM OWNER S our ad in Yallew Pagat. uu i IUMNEEN p.rioo,.ft. toonjtdayforimEestimaf 1 Inttallad AC I lUU SIDIHG & ROOFING 97-1.5- ' SALE nd 2121 ta. 4th St. FEED BUY ONE BAG SECOND BAG - ! FROM BASEMENT EYESORE TO DREAM FAMILY room 1 the transformation effected here. Basement recreation area, modernised with prefiniahed hardboard paneling, includea apace for nack bar and built-i- n storage unit. Rough-texture- d hardboard panel screen off the laundry-worksho- p area, left. By Masonite. $6.95 V4 Price TOTAL $10.43 Covert 1 0,000 Sq. Ft. SAVE $3.48 FEIN 3 A HARDWARE EEC FEED $596 BARDSTOWN RD. ABOUT HARDBOARDS Modern hardboards are durable, easy to maintain by occasional damp-wlpln- g. They may be Installed quickly with a time and work saving cartridge-typ- e adhesive. 239-327- 1 L SIDING AND TRIM ALUMINUM f. STONE u i Installing JCaser Aluminum Locally Sine 1963 ! ALCOA P2ALE3 1 m1 KAIS-- X I i 1 ALUMINUM I I IANX TERMS 360-110360-130- rou 0 y STKft W .. AT NO EXTRA COST! CUSTOM DESIGNED CONTINENTAL CONST. CO. 636-2583 o o. o. oo oo o ooo o o IS- -' Commercial BuHdinas Attics & Basements Finished Room Additions Carports PZE-SZASO- SALE M Pro-Seas- on 16'x32' Residential Family Pool at the low price of only $2973 .CO can be erheduled now for installation as soon as weather permital A complete grounds. A bit of trimming and planting might be just the thing to make the lawn and garden take shape. Holes should be filled with Pool Planning or 452-- 1 548- -A Todayl Call 459-032- 2 Pool Plan to fit your Specialist will give you a Free Estimate on a Budget as well as your Backyardl Offer is limitedl Financing Available All Pools Are Fully Guaranteed. i9l fcui! JIkj li wir butlntis and not n YOUR LAWN A complete I spri::g treatment 7 IUIY BUY NOW! fessional help is needed here. Step into acSTEP TEN tion. Decide what work Is to be done by method, and what work Is to be done with the help of home Improvement specialists. Shop, compare, get estimatesand get the Job done. Rewards will result in terms of family living comfort and convenience. Tr.-Ei Ft.-a- TilEDL - M-- I AWN Ufi BRANCH AND dl Hf 1 SAVE I MII It DOGS HORSES CATS CATTLE FISH-CHO- PIGEONS HOGS RABBITS GAME BIRD To Improve With BuilUns PETS WILLIAMS HATCHERY remodeling the kitchen with built-i- n range products such as electric ovens and surface kitchen experts units offer these tips. Don't Install the oven too high. Ideal Installation height should be about 38 Inches from the floor, with the oven door at countertop level when For 6809 Bardstown Road FERN CREEK, KY. 239-5335 DYE YOUR open. Don't put built-i- n ovens and surface cooking units directly At least nine inches of countertop should separate the appliances to allow plenty of space for pots and pans. side-by-sld- EXPERT CARPET 3f CLEANING You Can Buy With Confidence from Dye! IN 12 YEARS SAME LOCATION CARRELL-ROGER- QUALITY INSTALLATION S We Install or Sell for Self Installation 953 SO. CLAY 584-024- DYE TILE & FLOOR 1 ALLIED FENCE WILL COMPLETELY -! V sr rcixc. 1ST PRODUCT! USE NOW FOR Kills crabgrass before it grows FULL SEASON CONTROL : up grass 2 Fertilizes to green up. thicken you can 3. Kills damaging lawn insects. And I plant grass seed with Trebl now 2.600 sq. ft. rog. 6.000 sq. ft. reg. ItWinow U.9 ' 2 6,000 sq.ft. Reg. 6.95 Now $5.85 uihiin Durchased with any size Green Power (r) Rnu hnth and isvel Onlv 110.90 for 5.000 SQ. ft of Crabicids and Green Power. Regularly $12.40 smm mmiim( CC13 PISTON HVY. 969-151- 5 v yS, AT I rr r Vb I Mm Latex Wall Paint acrylic latex The paint that covers wall with one coat. Dries in 30 minutes. no-dr- ip Reg. 598 Per Gallon vi. I WMMim y ( Reg. fdt5i. '69 ' NOw2CFt$1098 tXiJ It's a long time between paint jobs with U HAQY CARTER PAINT STORE t:.::i FNCMN TWa PRESTON HIGHWAY 3333 BARDSTOWN ROAD j I now 2cFr998 Lalex Enamel X NK WIRG FREE ESTIMATES 451-332- 0 VALUE Ss2---BW " 458-627- ROL-HID- E ROL-HID- E HOME OWNER! Fertilizes lawn to a deep emerald green. Greens quickly. Helps thicken grass 5.000 sq.ft. Reg. 5.45 Now $ 4.95 10.000 sq.ft. Reg. 9.95 Now $ 8.95 15,000 sq.ft. Reg. 13.95 Now $11.85 COVERING 4428 POPLAR LEVEL QSeriin0 Louisville fmica 1S13" ) a m NAME BRAND PRODUCTS KNOWN FOR THEIR DURABILITY ALLIED FENCE WILL SELL MATERIALS ALONE. aifxva i CMo I ALU i u; vi u-FOR QUALITY CARPETING ric arwick e. ALLIED FENCE WILL SET POST AND DELIVER BALANCE OF MATERIALS. I TILE AND FLOOR COVERING 4428 POPLAR LEVEL ROAD A PLAN FOR EVERY Trebl does all this for you - POULTRY - LIVESTOCK - SUPPLIES SPECIAL 2 e lawn Ircnlmcm lii.tiaS POULTRY COWS lf" 3 ThoThreo-ki-On- CALVES 3 POINT PLAN DIRECT FROM FACTORY b.'iE I ern building materials. Attics can be expanded and finished for added bedroom space, or perhaps a new addition to the home is In order. Get estimates now. Wiring STEP NINE should be Inspected Inside and out for Its adequacy. Pro- LA PURIIIA FEEDS THEM AL mia corp. ilWlnt." I 0, PUPPY CHOW ALLIED WITH 1 Check livSTEP EIGHT ing space to see how It can be expanded or used more effectively. Unfinished basements are now easily transformed into family or game rooms, with the help of mod- Mar-b- ar STOP CRABGRASS ""J then covered Now to the STEP FIVE interior! Check the plumbing, heating and air cond- Louisville, Ky. 4021 S 4305 Bishop Lone GIVE Now for a STEP FOUR look around the home Act "VYJstrt Check exteSTEP TWO rior walls for chalking and peeling. Touch-up- s or total repainting might be needed. Maybe this will be the year to install new siding. Doors and windows must pass inspection, too. Look for cracks and rotting in wooden tom, check the foundation and basement. Small cracks here are easily repaired with water proofing cement that can be applied with pointing tool or trowel. m roun pool mxi aud save r.omi CRAYCROFT ENTERPRISES, gravel or sand, with turf. itioning. Pipes should be for needed repairs and improvements is advisable. checked for rust, corrosion; Since it is important to infurnaces, air conditioning spect the entire home, both units cleaned and tested. In all these areas professional inside and out, this plan might be employed to assistance is a must. STEP SIX Check walls, insure a thorough job. ceilings STEP ONE Start on the cracking,and floors. Warping, peeling or Just plain outside and at the top. Look to the chimney for loose drabness are what to look bricks, stones, missing mor- -, for here. Today's easily aptar or corrosion of metal, plied wallpapers, paints, panflashings. The roof may have eling and flooring can give loqse or warped shingles to home interiors a real face v be renalled, cemented or re- "Tift. STEP SEVEN Check placed. Guttering and downspouts kitchen, bath, laundry and always seem to need some utility areas. In addition to work, if it's Just to remove general refurbishing, new the leaves, or to repair, re- cabinets, fixtures andor appliances may be needed. place damaged parts. be secured. STEP THREE Still on the outside, but now at the bot- Is On! pro-vide- It's Time for Checking Up, In, Out and Around Home frames, broken panes to be replaced and loose panes to Our Swimming Pool Sale L VEST-POCKE- T 10-st- ep 0 REE ESTIMATES J ta. ra 4320 Crittenden Or. W. Colvllla U EULVIUQ REYNOLDS SIZE attractively s for outdoor living ease, even in small space. For instant gardening, plants in natural clay containers adorn the wood deck. Cushioning and pillows are of latex foam rubber. Molded furniture and Filon panels are of Fiberglua. Spring:, summer, fall, winter any time Is a good time to check up, clean up and fix up the home, and at least twice a year a thorough check 1 Li DECORATED DECK IN OPEN DAILY 0 AT OUTER 9S4-53S-3 LOOP B 9 L

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