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Image 3 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

r r r r u JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 2, 137- -- Lcnd Uco Consultant ' hi miji ; 111 'a Perils Soferas BY RAMONA MARSH accustomed to. Vettiner is 61 years old. "After 23 years of this and 16 years of school teaching there has been a lot of decision making. I wanted to let somebody else do it for awhile and let me enjoy some of the fruits of the labor," he said, adding that, "Of course, I didn't want to get fired first. I wanted to resign on my own." His new job as consultant will let him do what he had planned all along, he believes. Vettiner said that his duties, as described in his contract, Charlie Vettiner, who had director of the been Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Board for 23 years prior to his firing last August 4 by then Mayor Kenneth Schmied and County Judge E. P. Sawyer for alleged fiscal irresponsibility, returned to the parks department this week. Vettiner was Friday by the parks board as a consultant after recommendation by present Mayor Frank Burke and County Judge Todd Hollenbach. His new job, which will pay $15,600 annually, will make him responsible for seeing to it that 20 years from now Louisville area people will have adequate park space for their needs. He will also be responsible for obtaining all possible federal funds for acquisition of parkland. Vettiner, who began work from a Central Park office Friday after the board voted and announced its decision, said that he feels "very good about the way things have worked include "consultation, planning, reporting and advising in the field of parks and for purposes of recreation supplementing and aiding the regularly employed staff." Vettiner was proposed for the position by Carl Bradley, y former department head for the state highway system who succeeded Vettiner as parks chief. Bradley said on Monday that he was "delighted he (Vettiner) is here. I told the mayor and the judge I thought we could not afford to waste any assets, whether physical, fiscal, human or any other kind, and certainly not the human. "I thought the best human asset in the field of recreation and parks that we have in the nation is here and since he's right here I thought we ought to avail ourselves of the asset," continued Bradley. Bradley explained that Vettiner will "help in all phases as a consultant" and that "right now he is working on land utilization." .. right-of-wa- out." He that before the said incidents of last fall and winter he had intended to resign and ask for a job without all the top responsibility he had been r- - r 1 population of Jefferson County will double. We'll need double the amount of parkland we have right now. He will determine how we can best utilize the land develop feet throw to system into the 'Spoils System,'" the statement said Otto challenged recreational statement that, in "It the is (1 m .n 1.f . 1966 CHEVROLET Pickup. Low mileage, new tires. Fully guaranteed. Priced to Sell. " " r, L 1 ALA. Full power plus air. Low mileage. Full price reduced to l i .Cdar-Slo- 459-C4I I "The wheels took Jesus up to .the governor, who had a futjny name. It was Pilate.'He didn't know nothin' about Jesus, so he took him into his big office and talked with him and asked him lots of questions. Pretty soon he comes out to the people and says, "Jesus is OK. They ain't nothin' wrong with him." The wheels don't like that, so they gets everybody to yell, 'Kill him, kill him, he is causin' lots of trouble around here, and everywhere.' " If you were at the Shelbyville Road Mall last Friday night you may have heard the above quotation read over the public address system amid the usual chatter and hum of Easter shoppers selecting fashions for a new season. 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On the committee are the Reverend Joseph Harvard of Meadowview CTV1C 458-747- 5 TtiA rnllnrtlnn It entitled "God Is For Real, Man," and" was part of the selection read by Ken Jenkins, Louisville Actor's Theater's Hamlet, during an experimental Good Friday service at the Mall called "Good Friday Happening." "Good Friday Happening" was an attempt to bring religion back into the marketplace. It was conceived and organized by a committee of innovative ministers from the Hikes Point Ministerial Association, the St. The League of Women of Louisville and Jefferson County held a Voters fanie'& Sleautij, and Wig, 'Sifrp, " bus tour of City Schools on Wednesday, April 1 . The tour was scheduled so that Leaguers and interested citizens could get a first hand view of some of the federally sponsored programs for children from disadvantaged families. 3914 BARDSTOWN ROAD "go-see- UJDC3 GADjG LJ m 1 i. 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Then when everything was quiet Jesus lets out a real bellow and says, 'That's it, it's all over,' and he died. One of the army guys stand in' near the grave says, 'You know what I think, He was God's son, that's what.' " or odd r MONDAY & WEDNESDAYS As the three dancers acted out the crucifixion in fluid but In WITH COUPON SPECIAL WIG CLEAIIIUG Ken Zax, manager of a men's 'wear shop since the beginning of the Mall, said the crowd was the largest he had ever seen at any Mall event. "Preaching and traditional Easter worship wouldn't stop the crowd," said the Reverend Kennedy, "and so we chose a dramatic presentation and other new forms. . 1 VALUE $29.95 VALUABLE COUPON FREE Reverend Daniel Laird, president of Middletown Ministerial Fellowship; and the Reverend James McKlanny of the Louisville Council of Churches. "Good Friday Happening" combined the interpretative dance talents of Julie Kilness, Marsha Stewart, and Nancy Tehan, three dancers from the Louisville Civic Ballet, with songs by the Motet Singers directed by Dave Jones, and dramatic reading by Ken Jenkins. "We wanted to take the message to the people," said the Reverend Harvard, "and theologically it makes good sense." A temporary wooden stage was constructed in the midst of the Mall's Easter traffic. Three times during the evening (at 7, 7:30, and 8 p.m.) the actor, singers and dancers ascended the stage and presented a virtually unrehearsed free-fordramatic interpretation of the crucifixion. The Mall's Easter shoppers were curious and fascinated, and the crowd of onlookers swelled. P League Holds Tour GIirtl0flEDll0?0' Vnrk C5D301 60 A COUPLE OF Cave Hill Cemetery's seasonal inhabitants enjoy a sunny Saturday morning. n The quotation is from Carl R. " Burke V ' collection of interpretations of Bible passages and stories as told to him by "some of God's Darcbtovn Road JUST SOUTH OF BUECHEL BYPASS CcHllnl Charley Galluner Roger Wlgglnton JLPon I Coupon and lug .SI576" T.lote n 4171 ' u u IMP t WIG shop. 1965 FORD PICKUP. V8, stick. Like new in every way. Custom cab. Save $200.00 This Week Only. 1987 CHEVROLET SYNTHETIC Visit our many antique 1968 CHRYSLER Newport. Full power, air conditioning, vinyl top. Low mileage. Reduced for a quick sale. over-spendi- 1 $79500 1965 MUSTANG. V8, automatic, factory air. Like new in every way. Save $ $ $. elsewhere. five-pag- ti y n ir in MUSTANG. Automatic, new tires, Low mileage. This Week Only professional park and recreation facilities for the next 20 to 30 increasingly evident that those years," Bradley said. who must prove the charge of Dubbing Vettiner an fiscal irresponsibility against "architect for the future," Vettiner are in trouble." Bradley said that "the planning He concluded the statement for future parkland sought to be with his belief that, "This entire done in an orderly manner. community owes Vettiner its Someone needs to take an thanks for its fine system of orderly look at it. I could think parks and its apology for the of no one who could do a better infamous wrong done him eight job of it." months ago in August of 1969." During the meeting of the When the Republican e park board Thursday a administration fired Vettiner statement charging that from his directorial post last Vettiner's earlier firing was August they alleged an purely and simply a political by the parks and assassination was distributed by recreation of about $200,000. board Charles Vettiner's supporters blamed Otto. his dismissal on politics. "Because I have never been After the firing of Vettiner, able to reconcile myself to the an audit of the park terrible injustice done in the department's records for the firing of Charlie Vettiner on 1 968-6- 9 fiscal year was ordered August 4, 1969 and because by Schmied and Sawyer. No events both before and after his results from the audit have been firing have raised unanswered released yet. questions which must be The park board on the mayor answered publicly, I have and judge's recommendation prepared this message. Eight voted eight to seven to remove months is long enough for me to Vettiner. Prior to this one board tolerate the unproven charges of member who was a supporter of fiscal irresponsibility . . .," he Vettiner resigned and was said in the statement. replaced by a new member "The former Mayor and appointed by the judge and County Judge and the eight mayor. board members who voted to After the Democratic county fire Charlie Vettiner did a and city win last November, five horrible thing when they other members (who had voted trampled this man's reputation in favor of dismissing Vettiner) and his record of 23 years of were replaced by the outstanding park service under Democratic administration. 1 'if! 1 v lr 1 9CS a JEFFERSONTOYYN ISA GOOD PLACE to live! Come browse with us in our Historic Town. i 1888 CHEVROLET Super Sports. Vinyl top, very low mileage. F Actory warranty. Priced for a quick sale. "In the next 20 years the their and 11 r1 'ii Jf TCRSON, ST. MATTHEWS SAVINGS IN SHELBYVILLE ROAD & LOAN PIAZA. ON BARDSTOWN ASSOCIATION ROAD IN BUECHEL a v.

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