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Image 11 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

fttaed as ttcdvct JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 2, 1 973- -! '3 uu Gyco's pod (Continued from Page 1) Dr. J. A. Bishop, a local physician will play the role of the undertaker, who is a gossip in Grovers Corners. Several other local celebrities will have small parts or on and off the stage roles in the play. Cast production general manager is Betty Elswick who was the prime moving factor in the founding of the Jeffersontown Branch Library. It was her remark to Reverend Jamie Tyrrell that started the theater group in Jeffersontown. One evening Miss Wlswick, the minister and several other individuals were discussing some of the things needed in Jeffersontown for improvement of the city. Miss Elswick remarked that a theater would be a good idea. The two along with Rhoda Peters and Carter Ormsby got together with Jon Jory, director of Actors Theater in Louisville, and he agreed to help. Reverend Tyrrell was named business manager, an attorney was consulted and a corporation was formed. From this small beginning the theater group was formed and the first play is nearly ready to open. A second play to follow "Our Town" is now being planned. Tyrrell appointed Ed Stevenson assistant business manager in charge of ticket sales. Tickets for the first performance may be purchased directly from Stevenson by phoning 267-171-5 or picked up at Liberty National Bank, Jeffersontown Branch, after April 1 for $2. Each area club was asked to make a $50 donation and most responded. They are to receive $200 in return for selling tickets. The $50 covers stage props and costumes for the first play. Assisting Rhoda Peters in direction will be Nancy Smith, Jeffersontown High School drama teacher. Assistant stage manager will be Barbara Patrick and technical director is Carter Ormsby. Ormsby is a graduate of Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, Florida, and was very active in the Sarasota Players. 30U YQBDffEfl (Continued from Page 1) I the nationally known recording group Blood, Sweat and Tears. I At the program, set for 8 p.m. at Freedom ,Hall on Monday, April 13, several awards of !$100 and a medal will be presented to area youths who have been selected as outstanding, although it is not known yet how many. There will be up to 1 0 winners. "Saving bonds are being given rather than scholarships," said Stevens, "because some may be won by youths not in school." Nominations for teenagers aged 13 through 19 eligible for the awards were made earlier this month and will be judged during Youth Recognition Week by a selection committee of four adults and three teenagers. Judging will be based on outstanding achievements or contributions to the community. The nominee fc"bHchod-d- Jm-- ti number of activities alone will not be the determining factor. Nominations would be made by anyone "who is in a position to make an objective evaluation of a young person." Included in activities scheduled for youth week, which coincides with KEA week and a vacation from school, is a "Youth In Government" program which will be an opportunity for youth to see their government in operation. On Fraidy, April 17, youths may visit one of 23 government agencies, including the mayor's office, juvenile court or air pollution. : The Louisville Public School Art Show will be open every day during the week at the School Administration Office at 6th and Hill. April 16 there will be open house for teens at the Biennial Regional Crafts Show from 2 to 4 p.m. at Speed Museum. Junior Art Gallery at the downtown library will be the site of workshops and movies on Jewelry making as well as an exhibit on rocks, minersla and metals. ' : Juniors will participate in a local college campus visitation program. : A sports car rally will be held Sunday, April 19, starting at the Holiday Manor Shopping .Center at Brownsboro Road and Watterson Expressway. Registration begins at 11 a.m., school for participates at noon and the first car leaves at 1 p.m. Thi course will be 75 miles and take three hours. :: A tennis tournament will be held at Triangle Park on April 1 6 and 1 7, a golf tourney on April 16 and 17 at Cherokee Park and a bowling tourney at Ten Pin Lanes on April 18, with all iuee events scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. t: Experimental Theatre workshop will be held rom noon to 3 p.m., April 13, 14, and 15 at ctors Theatre. ; On the 13th, Nth and 15th, young people ill visit local business and industry in a Youth n Business program. A Go Cart Grand Prix will be held on April '2 by the Middletown Optimist Club at luegrass Industrial Park. Practice begins at ':30 a.m. with drivers meeting at noon, and the rstrace scheduled at 12:30p.m. April 11 will be the date of the Am vets enage Driving Contest at the driver testing ation at Bowman Field. Particularly requested by teenagers .terviewed at various high schools was the ction Forum on High School Education set v April 16 from 10 until 3 p.m. at the niversity of Louisville. The keynote address ill be "Education Now for the Future" with nail group sessions with students to find out hat changes they feel should be made, as well s reports from the small groups with reaction om officials of the Louisville and Jefferson ounty schools. An outdoor concert on April 19 in front of e new Federal Building will offer Afro Music. A youth work day project calls for each hool to plan some type of community rovement project in its own area or another it of the city where a need has been be . oir- TToulo Jane Kennedy, costume mistress, was responsible for securing ah 1 894 wedding dress which the bride wears in the second act and also getting all other costumes for the first production free of charge. Electrical work for the stage was done by a local electrician, who was described as being an actor at heart. Mrs. McQuire said the $ 1 ,400 retail cost of the job was given to the group for $67. The name of the electrician was withheld. A table and chairs were donated by Bill Canada, of the Chamber of Commerce. With the help of these and many others in the community who have donated their time and efforts the first play looks like a success, commented Mrs. McQuire, and the theater is going to mean "great progress for the ,-- wt Caull EteSoaso Qc!c23C3 ' Civic, women'i and business and g -- Plea (Continued from Page 1) thought that all their needs would be provided for them in the shelter. While enough food, water and medical supplies are stocked in the shelter to provide for y waiting period before radiation the would have sufficiently disappeared to allow people to leave the cave, each individual is responsible for bringing certain items along with him. He should put on as many of the warmest clothes as he can wear and bring blankets, because the concrete basements of the shelter or cave being utilized are very cold at night He should bring an air mattress or inflatable raft to keep him off the concrete floor while sleeping. A flashlight and batteries are essential. If there is an infant in the family or someone on a restricted diet, milk or special food must be carried along. If a family member is dependent on a particular medicine, it must be remembered. A transistor radio should be kept at hand so the civil defense office can keep in touch with the people and relay any new instructions. The plan also calls for more than a thousand shelter managers to be trained to organize and run the various shelters. "We hope we'll never have to use the shelters or the supplies," commented Kinkead. "But if something ever does happen, it will be a very good thing that we have them. We believe we might be lucky enough to have a couple hours warning before a nuclear attack. That would give people time to get to the nearest shelter. The most unfortunate thing is that families would have to be separated if the children were at school, the fathers at work, and the mothers at home. But there is nothing that can be done about it." Included in the 600 shelters described in the supplement is a cavelike limestone quarry location near the Watterson Expressway and Poplar Level Road. It is one of the few roofed quarries in the country and probably the only one under the city. A spring fed lake runs through parts of the cave and it was stocked with food and medical supplies by the civil defense people several years ago. The cave, which would be home for two weeks to many Reporterlanders in case of an attack, could easily shelter 78,000 poeple, according to Kinkead. The food, some of which has been there since the stocking of the cave was begun in 1 963, is packed to last 20 years. Kinkead is not aware of any other manmade caves being used for defense centers, Mammoth, Carlsbad and the large natural caves, he says, would be impractical for food storage because of the great streams of tourists constantly passing through. Beautiful Selection r4 aIam fi. DaMisrni By Carton Only --- K-- Reg. 16.98 SAVE 7.00 SPECIAL . . Ctn. & up truder Hidrfcete i 195 i i j Hinges Beveled All Doors Include iv'SillExoander Screen Anderson Colonial "CROSS BUCK" Full Inch Thick STORM DOOR 2'8" X 68" 9 90 OTHER FOLDING DOORS From Reg. 54.95 SAVE 15.00 THIS WEEKEND $2.98 VIiocl Rotary BEST BUY KJ TOVJtl FULL FLOATING DECK , - v WW 4 cycle Briggs & Stratton Engine 5 h.p. with TIMKEN Bearings Serf Propelled. Sturdy Built to Sell for 198.50 CLOSEOUT SPECIAL! YOU CANNOT SCALP YOUR LAWN! No other mower in this price range on the market today has this Exclusive Featurel See it todayl Ride it tomorrow! niDiiiG noiVEn dcI-jk- o 7 H.P. 39 Inch Cut a Briggi & Stratton Deluxe permit has been issued. These permits are not issued for R-- 4 residential zones but are allowed in R-- l residential and industrial zones. Model 120-55-0 Automatic variable Speed Drive 7 Position Cutting The commission will make a Lever Height-Sln- tfe 159.CC 5ELE. PkOPELLED MODEL Sintfe Pedd Clutch Court, either for approval or denial of the zoning change request. If the request is by Fiscal Court approved Vulcan can then request a conditional use permit allowing quarry expansion from the Board of Zoning Adjustment. The 4200 South Park Road quarry has been a controversial matter for more than a year with several of its neighbors. Several have petitioned against the company, complaining that it is a source of dust and air pollution. 1969 4 Speed Rear Engine .recommendation., of Let's Get Acquainted At i; - SAVE $5.00 g Drip Cap Header Frame Closer Lug & Striker Plats Heew Z Bar Ex HEAVY DUTY VINYL BEIGE COLOR conditional-us- e An Invitation To Relax! j Q5 FOLDING DOORS HI A quarry operation is allowed under county zoning 14-da- i Storm Doors REG. 24.95 ' GIIPEnSPECIALl Park Road and about 800 feet west of Preston Highway. if n i ANDrtSON Vinyl Asbestos (Continued from Page 1) ordinances rr ; n Vuhcn Sachs Zone Changes only P.M. A.M.-- 2 LOOK FOR THE SUN Eeiy stick press into pises. Built-ipadding. Soil & stain resistant Decorator colors. 12" x 12". Pkg. of 9. & outdoor. edheiive-j- uit for indoor award-winnin- Mi OPEN SUNDAY 10 OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 9 P.M. PRICES GOOD APRIL CC3-133- 7 MANNINGTON FUN FLOOR In conjunction with the play, local artist C. Drake Bishop g will exhibit his oil paintings April 8, 10, 1 1 , 12 at the new Jeffersontown playhouse, formerly the old Jeffersontown Presbyterian Church, of which he is a' member. A whimsical bit of nostalgia is Drake's "three dimensional cartoon" of a tavern scene. The hats, faces, and hands of all the men are carved from peach seeds. Each character is fashioned so that all joints are movable. The scene is so realistic that the artist even left cigarette butts on the floor near the spitoon and an exact number of keys on the piano. "Horses of the Bluegrass" was awarded first place in the Jeffersontown Woman's Club Art show in 1 964. In 1 965 he repeated his first place win in the same art contest with his entry "Bounty," a painting of the famed H.M.S. Bouncy of mutiny fame. 'The Sikh" won first place in the Louisville Y.M.C.A. Art Show in 1967. Since that time Drake has not entered any competitions. He has been busy, however, and plans to display three recent paintings. "My Mother," an oil painting of his own mother was completed after her death in 1969, and will be shown for the first time. professional clubs in the area have been asked to devote their programs during this period to youth oriented activities. A free concert by the U. S. Marine Band is set for Saturday, April 18, at Convention Center. The event is primarily for younger children. A beauty contest will be held Saturday, April 1 1 , for girls representing area high schools to select a Youth Recognition Week Queen. Cheerleader and drill team competitons are planned with trophies to be awarded to outstanding teams in three categories, elementary, junior varsity and varsity on Saturday, April 11. A motorcycle rally will be held April 19 at Cox's Park on River Road. There will be a Zoo Open House and Picnic a y,r. students will serve as hosts to orphans in tlx community for a visit to the zoo. Local churches in the area have been invited to plan youth oriented worship services or a Youth Sunday. Plans are still tentative for a Youth Modern Liturgy Community Worship Service. - PHONE PRESTON HIGHWAY AT W. INDIAN TRAIL ITOCT SPECIALS! city." - -: PRICES GOOD THRU SUN., APRIL 5 Mm ACE SPECIAL Till:r - 4 eycte Brigs ft Svatton Rewind starter. CorArofe forwent, neutral, reverse. TMHna h.p. rnQfii Engine. rrter REG. 169.95 LAWN FLITE 4 SAVE $30.00 h.p. RIDING MOWER See H & S BIG POWER MOWER DISPLAY q Affira 219450 ..Cm .. L km ll-- L 549 TAYLORSVILLE RD. Shopping Center - i. 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