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Image 10 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 2, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

REPORTER, Thursday, April 2, 1970 - icsccTcIscr Tells f Jomcnc'icrs Louisuillo Daos Club Pious fashion Shou The University of Louisville Dames Club annual style show will be held April 10 at 8 p.m. in the University Center's Bigelow Hall. Theme of the show will be "The Sign of the Seventies" -decorations will be made by club members. The style show is open to the public. Tickets may be purchased at the door or from any club member. Price of the tickets is $1.50 for adults and 75 cents for students. Proceeds will go to buy books or equipment for the University of Louisville Library. Door prizes will be given and refreshments served. in JU0U Mrs. Charles Willis, president of the club, will be the commentator. Club members modeling will be Mrs. Wayne Clancy, Mrs. Douglas Kottke, Mrs. Richard Dunham, Mrs. James Porter, Mrs. Harry Hall, Mrs. David Sheckler, Mrs. Irvin Hemmerle, Mrs. Walter Tucker, Mrs. Thomas Kamer, Mrs. James Vice and Mrs. Lawrence Kniss. Male models will be Michael Jurlando and Bruce Ruark. Showing children's fashions will be Scott Garrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrett, Angie Whitaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Whitaker and Karla Willis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis. AS GDRGGtoir Witts "Si siM km K, JIM GEORGE WARREN Manager P " Cert. Elect. S. Commerce Technician Cart. Elect. Technician CHURCH Grad. Experience degree Repair o Chan DUKIIEl Hlfc5 POINT and BUECHEL-FER- TV SERVICE on all makes 450-37- 07 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ml a at LU - RENTALS APPLIANCE REPAIRS WE REPAIR ALL MAJOR APPLIANCES RCA Whirlpool Factory Service 24 HOUR L. 7 Days a Week ri'i BUD'S APPLIANCE SERVICE r.1 I 664918 Out tep Zerttct For ANYTHING You Need 3120 8. Preiton 2400 Frankfort K) 3955 Dixie Hwy. 636-133- 6 i406 St. Rhaf Drive Welcome A. 448-720- 2 REPAIR TELEVISION THOMAS CYCLE & REPAIR SERVICE RUTH ELECTRIC CO. IR1!!JSERVlCt Ky; SALES Service Men LAWN MOWER for dependable servkx, call"' . dependable service dealer REPAIRS 7415 PRESTON HGWY. 968-191-1 451-76- afte do Authorized Warranty Wort i 7m .); . 00 at m reason "destruction for To Hold Bazaar destruction's sake." HAVE YOUR DIRECTLY ON "THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS "new 2. The activists." The Mannequin Gub of Alix radical Adams Model Agency are not They anarchists, but they want change and are bringing about confrontation. They tend to be on the university campuses and in many black organizations. 3. The "concerned liberal." He wants to cause change, but will probably do it within the system. 4. The "happener-swinger,- " what we might have called the nonconformist six or seven years ago. Disenchanted with the system, his solution is to FLORIDA VACATION BEACH" DAYTONA BEACH 1 n vacuum," he stated. "When you have dilemma and uncertainty in society's values, there is not a very good occupational outlook for being a hero. In fact, our society has managed to assassinate the only three we could produce this decade." There is hope, his address suggested, and it lies in our academic community and in ss i A mncDriAi T Yf re A "St' on the famous Gait Ocean Mile nd it's waiting for you to i ' 1 i . All rrn-- """H r- - and Also, jet service to Richmond & Norfolk See your travel agent or call Piedmont early-mornin- late-afternoo- g in Louisville: 368-331- 2 gmmm fffomoHTmim FLYPlEBMOm Melbourne Heights Club Learns Estate Planning Mrs. F. X. Singler was hostess the March Melbourne ...... .. x for Heights Homemakers' Club. Mrs. Dorothy MacNaughton was a guest. The bad weather did not keep the attendance from being 1 00 per cent. Richard Hitchcock lectured on estate planning. When planning your estate, he said, keep in mind "Who gets what and how," after death. He also told how it can be accomplished to save time, taxes and expenses. Hitchcock emphasized that everyone needs a will who has anything. Mrs. Alex Shadd held the attention of members with her lesson on landscape. A profitable white elephant sale was held with Mrs. Glenn Kestler as auctioneer. Mrs. William Lausman, 4308 Lowe Road, will be hostess for the April meeting. J V"' I vntip 1 DRIVEWAY till VII " ' IV :t low cd, TIMATES J CRUSllt 4 IE CO. AVENUE LEADS THE WAY It! CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE 3) 8 A All. to 2 PH. STARTING APRIL 4 7V 7; LOOK NO FARTHER . . . WAIT NO LONGER . . . IF YOU NEED A GENUINE FORD PART ON SATURDAY HULL-DOB- BS FORD 1 I mi P.S. PARTS DEPT. STILL OPEN DAILY 8 to 5 (Mon. till 9 p.m.) Tir-- I i Tan 111 Bk .JJBeV Writ tnrfm Inr 1 ml dU rates, pictures and informatioa For turthtr information writ General Manager Dept 302 PAUL FEYER, AVX tATTCKA tlkC HCStSA " I A 13&0 MCKTH ATLANTIC a it' NAME I ADDRESS. J I WJ . t i (MMj II CZ Rent-a-Ca- r System rrrv VACATION I MEMCER Mail thiB coupon today for brochure. -- STATE. DATE. I I D iti-i- WaewAA inc. 45C COMPLETE AUTO PARTS DEPARTMENT I enjoy . " Only Piedmont offers 2 direct flights COME TO V spacious hotel rooms, units individually executive suites and efficiencies. Suites on daily or yearly basis. Banquet and sales meeting facilities for 10 to 125 people. The famous Flambe Room, or Riviera for dining. Intimate Wine Cellar Bar with entertainment. Monte Carlo Bar for outdoor fun-cookout hut at poolside. Free poolside lounges, ping pong, shuffleboard, volleyball. Gift shop, dress shop, real estate office, beauty salon, stock brokerage office, travel agency. Olympic size heated swimming pool. Free parking. REDUCED SUMMER RATES. Family & Weekly Rates -a- I 7I3 beach -- ALL DEALERS ATTENTIONI INDIVIDUALS SERVICE STATIONS will hold its next meeting April 7 at 10 a.m. in the home of Mrs. E. G. Porman, 2643 Park Drive. is Mrs. Alex Ziegler. with it own 200 loot long -- 'P Homemakers Park 7 Over fifty years of service Seneca Homemakers To Meet On April 7 Seneca MICHAEL HUMSTON. Mgr. Poplar Plaia Shopping Cantar PHONE S68-227- into turbulence first and probably is the first one to come out of it." He urged a change in attitude and a new confidence in young people. "Have you ever listened to Simon and Garfunkel? Have you heard what the youth are saying? . . . Let's try to support our youth and provide a climate of trust for them in which to find themselves in a very changing world." '''V ' Shelbyville Road from 1 1 a.m. till 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 4. Proceeds will go to charity. 0f V1 255-743- 1 In1 balcony) at The Mall, fl(V? 1 ( will have a bazaar at the room adjoining Community Hall (on the cr Every room affords a breathtaking vista of the gay Atlantic Ocean inviting, serene, refreshing-ma- kes your vacation perfect. Ocean beach, private Olympic pool, playground, kiddie pool ideal suites for families . . . apts. refrigerators, stoves for easy breakfast, parties. Restaurant, lounge, entertainment free parking. Shopping center opposite. Tennis, golf, fishing nearby. If you want fun call todav. PHONE: 1904) for reservations THOMAS HUNTER, My. 8106 PRESTON HWY. PHONE 964-595- TNI 1 youth. "The academic community tends to lead the race, it plunges - County Wide. Prompt Efficient Trained limited-educatio- liberal-educatio- good TECH-CAR- In the past 100 years we have made a transition from rural to urban, from a closed society to an open one, from small organizations to big ones, from society to a a n society, from religious to secular, from scarcity to abundance, from labor to leisure. These changes have put us right now in a stage of turbulence as far as value development is concerned, Dr. Thomas said. It tends to make society impotent in coming to grips with the most grotesque problems in all human history -hunger, ignorance, big city, pollution, and social injustice. We are disenchanted with management and with our politicians, those we've hired to make decisions for us. What about youth. It is caught in -their own and society's. We have created a "hero "We have produced a superior generation and we don't know how to cope with it," Dr. Walter L. Thomas, nationally-know- n researcher on young people, told more than 2,000 attending the annual has no alternatives. He meeting of the Kentucky experiments with this or that, Extension Homemakers might make the scene at a Association on the UK campus. demonstration or two. 6. The "alienated hostile." "Today's generation gap is A good example of this is the in history," he said. unique "Our young people are a Hell's Angels. These last three new breed. We're not just groups, the happener-swingerand the witnessing the usual sowing of the uncommitted wild oats and then a settling alienated hostiles are the ones back into the establishment" he who are messing with drugs maintained in his address to the today, according to Thomas. 7. The "common man Friday morning session of the two-da- y meeting which started complacent," best described as Thursday. Dr. Thomas is unplugged. He is inside the director of the Project on system, doesn't know what's Student Values in Grand going on and has no committment. Rapids, Michigan. 8. The "concerned barefoot boy with "The cheeks of tan now has beads and conservative." He gets A's in school, runs for student body bell bottoms," he went on. For the first time we are president, leads extracurricular activities, does what he is seeing a form of poverty in our affluent society. supposed to do. If there's an Belmar Garden Club parade, he's likely Our grandfather was in poverty Plans Rummage Sale because he couldn't escape. His to go to the other end of the street and have a is deliberating The Belmar Garden Gub will cutting back on the way he parade. hold a rummage sale on May 23 Societal changes produce dresses and his style of life. from 9 to 5 p.m. at the home of "Our youth have put feet to value changes, he said, and the Mrs. Charles Schrieber. It will be home is no longer the center of a open to the public. our words," he said. child's universe after he is four Members discussed the or five years old. It's more like "Litterbug." The club plans to Did We Mean It? "You as teachers, parents "a small hotel in which one "try and keep the Belmar and community workers . . . takes his board and room " section clean." have succeeded . . . You have Members talked about the said, Children you must get convention coming up at involved. You must tell it like it Kentucky Lake. Some are is. You must help those who are Whispering Hills Group planning on attending. less fortunate. Don't let anyone Will Hold Card Party Mrs. Charles Lynn presented boss you around unless he has a a lesson on flower arrangement and The March 3 meeting of ideas that she learned at the justification. . . Money isn't Whispering Hills Homemakers flower show school. everything in life. Everyone is was held at the home Mrs. Raymond Miller of Barbara truly equal. Be true to what you Macaluso. told members about some things think is right. . ." County extension agent that she learned at the school. "But did you really mean Geraldine Bentley was among Two of the members bought it?" he asked. arrangements to be judged, a the visitors. "Who would have thought all Plans are being made for a monthly project. those things would eventually card party to be held on May 1 1 Lunch was served by the mean exposing the inequities of at the Fin and Wing restaurant hostess, Mrs. Charles Lynn. The the draft, objecting to a war by on Bardstown Road. next meeting will be at the default, turning a back on the home of Mrs. Virginia Baugh, A visit was made to the 1212 LaRue Avenue. organized church, asking for some say in the nature of their Keeling Nursing Home to i educational experience, distribute Easter baskets on confronting the big city police March 22. and Southern sheriff with their The lesson was given by own disrespect for law, or Barbara Macaluso. Legal suggesting to our society that it proceedures was the topic. has not looked at one of our The Whispering Hills institutions the university Homemakers will participate in for about 200 years.s. . .? the Okolona area membership tea, which will be held April 10 Nine Varieties at the Okolona Community He urged the Homemakers Center. The time will be from 1 and Extension personnnel until 4 p.m. present to avoid stereotypes and There will be exhibits from generalizations about today's the participating clubs. youth. Babysitters will be available In his university and high and a door prize will be given. school campus studies, Dr. Ladies from the Okolona Thomas has discovered at least area who are interested are nine varieties of young people: invited to attend. 1. The "anarchist." Upset with the establishment, he aims Model Agency great-grandso- n Bankard BankAmericard Matter Charge Shipper Charge A anti-Vietna- m -- O KO LON A CR E E N TO SERVE YOU BETTER iocaorattoera double-turbulan- 3815 BAROSTOWN RO. SALES 2 OFFICES 1 defeat. He might get caught up in a demonstration, but just because it's fun not because he has a commitment. 5. The "uncommitted." He is disenchanted with things, but s, BEN borrow up to $CC0 quickly, confidentially! WORLD'S LARGEST FORD DEALER "VJE SELL C1I7G FOfJ LEGS" C3rrc:::nC;!::.r; ;1

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