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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 21, 1861

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

BSwwaw BAILY THE DEMOCRAT. I1IITI1 WHI AM nuuntT, CO. HTQEES " Ti .M' ""' Jat"w PHI,, "'" " e"1 kiatrar. -- LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: SUNDAY OLUME XVIL BjeWe clip the following extrao's from ths Vincennes, Ind , Sun, a gallant And ably edited Democratic p&per in that city. at eatlat tor CvottebU af D. W. BEITDERSO We are glad to see the Iloosier Democracy the geonat D .trVct, eompoesd ef th Third ui Faarth -, at the May eiectien. Warap die stanJlng up so nobly for peace. We have APRIL U,lal. BCMAT MORNINQ. attTJAMFS BALL ta eeo. for Coeatable, ane'rccitl claim upon Vincenne.", IaJ. In Terr Dutrtet, Fifth ul Sixth Ward, at the ruilm May etactloe .Ml 4U Delegates to the Border Slave State 1780 Gen. George Roger Clark, a Ktntuck K. ICNCAN to t candldata for Oooetabt ta tha Convention, Recommended by the ian, at the head of tw) hundred KeuUick-laceBecnaA Iter. mrioe of la Third end roartli Union Democracy, to be Elected Slay drove the Smith and Indians from Wrde, at tba entTr May acUoa. apl at W ar author" thai city, and thereby saved not only Ind:. i4 to ai nonces W. J. KOREAN 4th, 1861. eadtdate for Cents. U th IwmI DUtrtrt. cei ana but the whole Northwest to the Union. FOR STATE AT LARGE. aat ef th Ttttrl u4 Fourth Ward, at th etieutDg IOII S. CHITTENDEN, Had it not been for him and Lis gall&nt aVeyetarttoa. aptSdte JAMES l.TTHKIK. eHH X FARRAE It a candidUc for EentucViaos, they would in all probability DISTRICT BKLW1 ATKS. OeneuM la la Third Ind ict, aiupoaed af ta Flit have now been subject to the British crown. pint rtetrirt Hrrrs k. wii.liamm. aad blxth ante, il ta netting Mar a action, ail. die ARC HIE DIXON'. Vcood Dittrlct W ar ats.rtid ta annoare 0 T. HARRIS as If they low prcpote in return far that to M. pub aeiablt. FRANCIS BKIiTOW JittSHTA F.BEI.L. CHARLES A. WICKLIFFI .GEORGE W. DCSLAP. SlnhD'.atnrt Cerenth Dittrict..CHARLES 8. MOKCUEAD. JAVKS F. KOBIN80N. Elith Dittrlct Khith Dlatrkt IOMS B. HCST.tX. Tenth Dtetrkt ROItERT Kirn ARMOX. May atictioa. die W ar aatheruvsa to anaoanr DICK WATTS ax , for OorauM ta oeatpowd Frrrt af th rirrt, Beeoad aa4 la (aali t Mardartisa. aiMdi W an antaerterd ta ecaoaac J. If. EAEBCE60N at a cai.di.Ul for C ceU:te In ta Flrat Dwttct. unmnond af ta aad Teat Ward, at th enaalng ar.U die War dart on. W ar antharl4 ta anserine WK. a. COCE E at a aavfl late for Ctottahl la til Th! d DuiV,abraclac th Filth aii4 Sixth Ward, at th neulng Mar W. gtoa- apU die EILXT WTLSO. toataodUat for OaoauMt ta th trat DUtrtct. corapcaad f ta Tint aa 1 eeocd ward at th errmlng Mar eiertton. rri.ewd AUGUST ELECTION. Far Orra a Oideaat t'aaty (ant. WaLt). TAYLOR I a cwtt itu forCiark af taOM- kaat Coast? Oner) at th Aann mt dAvrt SPECIAL NOTICES. cmotnd Third District Fonnh Dlttiict Fifth Dletrict caatrcat for Coaatebi U th Pirn Dletrtot, ewaipoted ar ta F!n', Beooad and Tenth Ward, a. th ceaolr For Stat6 Treasnrer. W ara AnLaorited to annouDcs Javei K. Babbick, of Barrca oounly for Eute Treasorer. gtaW learn through lh of leading corTefj on dence firm la the city, that the greatf rt aoxiety exists ia conservative quarter la Kew York, at to whether Ken tucky will remain neutral, and ba prepared to act m an arbitrator between the hostile soctions of onr unforfunato country. God grant that she may. SSrlt Bust be recollected that these HMU tOMLi ai4 Kvut MIL fttor troops, oalloi by Liacoln, can only bt held ia serrlcA mntil abnt the first of Acgnat U Is a power else by Cobrtcis to the The Verdict of the Sick. amtlna-ail- y hreti ta rT staM w UmiNa tH President for a temporary purpose. T, rcGCvril ay of H MITIUH CEU XBRATEO tTOKACE zprii ta th security of Washington i., probably, the Mat aataaatjaac trrgu tbnr cooS lano la that object. Whether this coercive policy is to krated mtaraUra. To wrl'fr. titer la their Bad 1 be panned, depends on Centres. That afar ata, bat tkty aattM bat ea atntiBMOt. That body may atop thus policy, which is destined amaaraamU bcnflt taa Canrcd by ihoaaaad tnm thl atnaaM and pat ant atofnacfclc to a tact a to end ia nothing bat disaster. tehUbd ay cvoads af aa4 ta according to law, the Governor is to issue aonatltai !Imm af U rtaaaach and u vhlcfe for an eleotion, or we nteraDy rmith brara ta Karohtac. bra- - the proclamation It Na aod itfTto k.eaae af thto treat ranytar af shall hare no member at Washington. It Ja ayeal arhkeh acta alaraUaBaoaaly aa aW is the duty of the Governor to give the no-th talaiil rtulrJid ragaatioa aaa ta1g:ta-tioe, and he will not disobey the law. We ttoa. Par aala PF SrsolsU and Pcalan firaUy hope Eentncky will not flinch from meeting her opponent in the Federal eapital, and Analyzed by Chilton. face the wise, or wicked couniels that may teaa hi artad that, wall athar Dyaa tedanad a be agitated there. Her voice may stop this aamkaaaad lftcaclaa tartr aiaaiiifort a) war, perhaps, when it would otherwise g Ilalr-Dy- o I cntlSed by Dr. CHILTOSt. tha dlattaf alA4 Ohaat- - on. Old Virginia has precipitated; bat that U is no reason for Kentucky. She didn't FROM FOIPOXOCB MATERIALS. Aaa. thorefcra, at ft m It i tvfrrr. Dr. Chilton hat consult us in the hasty act, and we are not nana alartd by th citr of New Tar k ta aaalyu th bound to follow her example. CRoTJX WATER, Aad a ha nraoaancad CRlSIAIMRO'S ETR at laaea- - She has juiged for herself in this emergency. aa a that aatr la ft punat csudlilaa. Suppose Lincoln did say he would retake ST Boid ernralMr and applied by all forte, aad retain what he had; he is powerCHRIST ADoR'J, Na Aj4ot How, M. T. Kdvard WUdar. S Mate auaat, and Mr. Q. less te 4o it by the law as it now stands. HKhalaa.e Foanh atraat. Asenla. His tree pa moat disband in thirty days alter atToAv the meeting of Congress; and he can get no CoBfidentiavl. more without the Authority of that body. Canal Xuwtt bar Injarad thetaselraf by tadala- taw ta aartata aearat a wdl a MuU't aad That he should call troops to defend Old Mm, aha, by aKoeawaof any kind, have pradaocd Washington eity, after the threats made, a aabtllty ta advano af tbrtr yaara. bedur tmpartlnt tadr aam t aar one, tboaid Rnt rrad Dr. Qaut eoukd certainly not be unexpected. It was Vfoaar Mr4Mt Tntttm a ftrmal Itimat- mthe duty of Virginia to remain in the Union, edlttaa, tat pablUhro. renaed. colanea. and Uraaoat-ago to Washington, and by her voice In the by pWtat aad MiTBTtnc. Thata araa bav read ether work a tnn dlnana. ar partlcalarly ! ooaneils there, change in a legal and coneatatead tha boak. Fnct, Tr Ckmtt,ur twenty stitution mannner the policy that icsugu aeptai for SI CO. A44reaK rates civil war. apUdif H. 0. KILLER A CO, Loolrrllle. Ky, The Cotton States are certainly In no "There ft do nse TaIkInf;.M danger for a few months, merely from the Tatra Maa anO b aUd aad nckiaaa bat IC by Avowed and powerless purpose of the Presi abaaoa, thy aappea U rrt their root la they ehonid an apaa Dr. OaM. vba wll! aitrtcat theai Irani th dent. uaiaa ta a vary aaart Uom. Kaad adeartlinia It It is a remarkable fact that if the seceded .SlWaethw ninaiB heeded "Louuvau rurin Mcmcu States should now rend members to Con ERir-Dyftsir-DjaUlr-Drgreas at Washington, Lincoln would be in a minority of nearly forty, and their rights to WM. A. BATCEUB'8 EAI&-DTheir net be contested; and if THE OEIwIXAX AMD JtlCeT IH THE WOKLD the Slates etill in the Union send their mmd The) mmlw ellabia Balr-- D members to Washington, which they ought an vaar tmnattona, aad aheaM b ' do, something might be effected to put an aa aT yam wish ta eeoep rkUcaJa. and to civil war. RAT. RED. ar RUBTT HAIRayad tatiaUj b . We hope, therefore, the Governor will issue his proclamation. We have two SenaFTFTEEH MXCALI and DIPLOMAJ bar bat tors, who will take their seals, we presume. anplhatleaj baea b a nad U th balr af ta-ind there can be bo excuse for preventing latotuneaa Dya. the Congressional HAIE-CIdistricts from having pradoeai aeete Bat M bt KtuUebe4 aai aatcra. aad to n I represtnlativaa ia the Lower Hewee. at b tsjar la th htatt, hawever bmc tt Bay bacaa area, ana the ni aet af bad Dyai lataadtad th. K9"A correspondent of the New Tcrk bar tavtearetad for Ufo by OSm pta414 Dr rimes figure, up the debt of Virginia, and applied (la bin priTat roamt at tt W Pectary. kt Bona (treat. Be Earn. makes it over forty-e- ix million, of dollars. Baal ta aU duet and taws af taa Cn'.td Btatat I tad her productive means to meet the -- Tla canatas hat tb nam and addrai.p interest ulmost nothing. Her bonds In the VdBCl aaaateala'.te anmtaaa foar turn at the bam. at Sew York market weat down to 62 per cent. WTL A. BATOSEIR. W Bond raret. New Terk. and Front this showing, ebe is ep ay Meeua. kviiaaa A twrttrd loaKVUie Eea tred 4 eof dly for war, which she aooepta by the aot of Se ZLemedy Th Great Zlng-lisw hen men invite war, tt would cession, seem discreet to count the cost, and see if they were ready to meet it respectably. It is fine to wear cockades and spout glory; but there is no fun in meeting an enemy EIE JAMES CLAKKE 8 without men or money. There is no glory Celebrated Pills. la tha ear af n being run wver for lack of means and Ta tBTalnabia ajedlelB It eB taaa aataral aad aaa'ereat itHumi lad rl eat ta the One may get credit tit preparation. 1 11 1 It aoaaauitioe. courage, but not much for discretion; and U leiteratu ahetractient man and " "fh wbaterer cauta, and a apeedF ny be rened the honor at last depends on the success, or the aneoesafiAl party writes the history Ta Married I mate Au pacsHarlr nited. It wlC. ta t tbart rime, hrtni of the Affair. ithiy period with reraierKy. Now, that all allegianoe to the stars and raatlea. falc PSBt ehouM aet at takea by frmalt (W an stripes are repudiated in certain quarters, prayaaaC. darm (he rtSST TBUkS M OATHS, we suggest to them, before they declare war eat af every enWt (hay arc mm to tWMf ea Jrucarrw by Secession, to cipher up their resources, ftM. aad ta earnr ether ecjt, thr art perftaO Ia all oat of Kerreo end Spinel ASertlooa, Path bi tad satisfy themselves that they can win the Bach aad Limb. HeaTtneat, Fatme ea at'eat exer tome laurels in tlte fight. These honors and ttea, Palpttatloa af tb Heart, Lewaeai af Spirit. Hr ights are good things to fight on. but the tarka. Skk Iteatacha. White. anJ a th pala nl I disordered arateo. the acwatoneil ky ight is Absurd when there is no fair chance aU other atraa he failed. effect a care whea e win. Pan direction in th pamphlet around each packajc The people ef Louisville have somethicg which ahoald b carefully nreurred. A battle cnotalaAiif Sfty PUit, aal asebcted with Uh loss ia this fight. The enemy we make Btamp ef Oreet Britain, aa b at post by Secession at.aiaianl is right over the river. They fret for f ad Hi poataft auap. will be made enemies by the act of Seces. JOB MO"rs. fe. Ctnaral AcMX. Rochester, hmm Iork. mw Sold ta LentorDc ty Raymond A Tyler, Sprier) sion, in spite of their own wiahes;aud this A Brother, end all the wkoteatir ant retell DrodsUU. Secession is ant the act of Kentucky. She T. a. Arutis. BoM In hew Albany by condemned it from the start as any proper eIeiai-omeans of redress. By the conduct of others, JLn cf Gratitude. he policy ia presented. Kntucky must Tamil TaoF Oorn or a Mantou. Boos roe Qa miuui OacrutTiOB By a tufrrr, who baa bera aOec brother States And fight for them, when they taally eared ef aerroat AeblUty. toe of memory, ear dlmrt f (krht, rasrltinc froo early crrora, by folltw lespiee her counsel. We ar at full liberty to look to the in lac the mii milnm clvea ta a medical work, end wac ttaaldm tt hi aty. In fratUnde te th anther, aad fat terest of Kentucky, and we can do so, and ta ktaidt ef Cents mpti and Nereoat toUerert, tc at the same time disregard no obligation paarah the mean axed. He wta therefere aead free we owe to the Federal Government, no mat I any adlreaa, oc receipt cf t auaiba, a opy af the Tark. eentmntnf every lnformattea renlred. Aldreat er how muck we are opposed to its policy. IH, AtS;r T, '. T ha rt. IrrP. bto !, ara r Pa t Crltdoro,s it, ar ft lliiilm tT. St-- Female rawit an at. I. Act In noW, CO Air I COAXiI O. keu bealen cts Oo. B aouatLlMiller InOUAUkeep eonatanUy l and a head the beet eneUUea et the hrweat market price. W Oateea Well atrrat, weat alda, aad eomar a y r.reelni ee4 r W eaoincvoB auaete. hud dt JT" Th followlnf H aa extract from letter, wrictea a the Bee. J ft Ho'oie. near of the Hrrx Beptlet for-to the Jnarael and n. V apeak vol a me. In lev atieeenrer." CindiCeu.U-.eDet that woreiMifecl meulux, hlaa. MiaaLOW'i rua Criuau.1 Tibihw: Boomim fine We en II ymjr column af Ml w e never .aid a worn t BoatuiKe NKP ta fevur e) a paf-u- t in our me. but w fee eoejipeiiea ti aav to your iert ibat Out la nc ir, ttawf-- vi aAva im rr at aix n CUiat. It l prubaM ijur iA tue OiOjt aocceviiul auedt f the dev. li ae vt the beat. And tunaa oi Toer maam tie Leva tablot cast lo bettei . thea to ier in a MiuotT." Bra re na I. rut r ai uumltw IH08. U SrARK., ,h.y lad. Win. McQalston & Co. Produce, Forwajflinj and Com mission Bercnants, at. f f eereie aeeara tnr tle a.MM t i in I ul Ore M .1. Htr. Out-- . Tima ky mai re.t, huj Bum, taiwr, , g tAhe Fuh e- eta, prompt'r k4t for '..H. moo, atteadej t A aKyfr:-- t :E tunituuer Are A H. Bur.hard'.i:. btni'eker a jo Moorl-A Co . A. u. Muna a M iialbert A j. Ce. J ,B Mcllva'p Jafot L p i4vr Or"H aai fl'AMHORE BOOM TOilUfO MAIS rpHE 8T BET. KIKTH LOI.III,LI AND TENTH, HI, ABOVE LAKOR AND &I1V IDIOT8 WARB- X k. Djw la oitrr.u. for lawin(4ectlooau4 tele f TotMtore. Tne neve af'.red ae expenae aiefce R la ever. e werHotiae t...vuj ta beiieref brim, to .lourhiy tlrhte.l, with, meuiiK rout1 baa et tne ao'iere vi mu i the t e i .w In uperat'on, wll . I - 7 hope, with ttelr etea etertlefia. meiit a altere of tne rUu.fera' aod d e.ert patronaere. The enl buetoeat uea at fckr itsaSCt laa'aellte e aeraily. tritiwx-- a niivrn II. T.Jtir.TJTVTATtr WWOLBSALE AJTD m a RETAIL DBA LEE IB Crweries, Dry Goods ttc, el' ittreeu. lmp. leVII.I E. I I Ultra J.VA AaaBia XX e h WW aad tur ulr 1. .t r.iiioe4 A BhAMII CKtr3kD Lbel fl arrest TP. mi tJta BATE MADE A RRAtOIC?N5'S 1HATEXABLB . R me to lorDri the ... mMi l. m. LeelBcky Ute.1 trejo Iroaj the erouud eej.Cte-rfr.i- ia rot.aeu ai prl4..loiiu:t:hiloM. FIRE BMIHIK.t BEeHA.VJCK. ABper wf",,"g ' a artlrie for V Petatea be ore Imrii. a , Kenturtr B rein lry ur i apS dwtf .. nr.l, iijtrcr, Iiuiethy uti Pt4ntr tare' Uajionae, Seed and Arrtcc t.. OPitLteBlTk tr? K.i L"1l.v"le HOrtU arpji.r o, EXrilA it Imut. en ..I areie. u, fit ti.nti.nn. 7LOCk -- A B. Vtt DaMLV DatMocaAV eSt SS. IT paid ta edvacoa. thaieutry ar, er Etty caat pw aaoath. Wavzcu DawooaAt- .-l eapy. an tea ewles. SS NUMBER Douaa 237. 9 MI Lai aUUTALB A SOS Telegraphic News. THE BEAUTIFUL. BV WM. COLI.EOE, DUBLIN. MAJOlt, OF THIM1T la wptas. at tar aay auahai tfly and ever ta aaa aJdnai eeatav SI: The ftr.wiMt thftt sfclrl Hi? mountain brow, Tbe L.'.itl ill 4l J1:tis the fcr. T'.e uirv li.nv.-ii.- . with bntnanl brow, I'roc aim til- - !' liiv.i.-iy- : it It the IWultiul. Th-- ' l. l.rUht ll.ll iif M.r.i . In Particulars of the Fight at Baltimore! ursrnsA-- or inn rniLA r rVtuir' pin ) .1 a Inn clme. Ii.ju;!i ii a. In T HE WA. II $15,000,000 otoI I .f I'hiKi'a invade Kentucky or Virginia, which Uat tn..ilm..i1 B -. ..rr UI...V, State furnished the money and munitions, leemlh rell .vlt I I o It lb .luil'tll. she is guilty of the ba.-cingratitude: Listoln's War. The Republicans arc The Union Must be Preserved! suddfu'j- groaiug extremely patriotic, and C3ITTKNDEN IJI are ready to denounce all aa traitors who do not by every look, word, and notion ap in its plaud their feel ion al A Jmiuiatration Although it is impossible for Mr. Critten eliorm anddeMgns to linbru us hi.n l J with den to mak a general canvass of the State tbe blood of our own people who do not sanction the ttetijtn to attempt forcibly to we are gratified to learn that he has con subjugate the Southern States, and to sented to aJJresj his fellow-citize- ns as hasten our beloved nation on lo a bloody follows : slrifa. The v.ry men who opposed and At Richmond, Saturday, April 20th. denounced the war with Mexico who voted At Lancaster, Monday, April 22d. again, supplies to our brave eoldiors wLi'e At Uarrodaburg, Thursday, April 25th vicdicating national honor on a foreign At Versailles, Alondiy, April snore, sre now most prominent in tue Our Union friends must see that he is movement to inaugurate a civil war to force brother to meet brother on the field of suitably attended to, and transported combattle and all the unholy, unpatriotio fortably from place to place, and give full purpose of vindicating a sectional President notico to the freemen of Kentucky to oome and a SrCionU platform. and hear him. Mr. George E. Greece, the editor, in Fublio Speakinsr. a brief speech, d 'fined his position : Geaigs E. Greene was called for, and W. C. A.VPKKS.IM, ESJ . briefy defined hi position that his feel- Will meet Col. A G. Talbottat the following ings, ai publicly and privately expressed, times and places in tbe Fourth District since the inauguration of the present crixie, Jamestown, Wednesday, April had uodtrgone no change; that he oj l Burksville, Thursday, April 25ih. t the change of polk-- of the Alminis- Albany, Friday, April 2dth. tration, and was equally opposed to that of Moriiicello, Saturday, April 27th. Mr. Lincoln that however much we might Somerset, Monday, April 29th. condemn recession, we should deal leniently Fiat Lick, Tuesday, April BOth. with revolutionists, as our forefathers exerHarrison, Wednesday, M:y 1st. cised that right in '70; that, although yield! Waynesburg, Thursday, May 2d. ing to no man in a love of country, he was Crab Orchard. Friday, My 31. opposed to all this raising of armies and companies as a coercive step, as it would put lurther off the very end which we all PUBLIC SPEAKING. claimed to have so muoa at heart; that he JOHN B. IIOT'W had been for compromise aad peice from the commencement, and intended not to swerve Union Democrat io Candidate for a seat in from his line of conduct so long as he had the Border States Conference for tbe Ninth control or a newspaper. Congressional District, will address his fellow-citize- ns at the following times and goyThe L'uiontown News gives the fol places lowing account of the manner in which tbe Blsin (Sweaiman's) Thursday, 18th, at war news was received in that town: 11 o clock. Blain Mill?, Thursday. 18th, at 4 o'clock A Day of Excitement. Last Saturday was decidedly tbe "bann-- r Louisa, Friday, 19th, at 11 o'clock. day" of the season in Uniontown. Catletteburg, Saturday, 2'Jlh, at 1 1 o'clook Early in the morna Confederate States banner was seen ing Ashland, Saturday, li'.Hh, at 4 o'clock. Grayson, Monday, 221, at 11 o'clock. floating from tbe store of Hifgtnson & Hatfield, whereupon the old stars snd stripes Greenupsburg, Tuesda,y,23d. at 11 o'clock. were soon seen pendant from the Union Tclltburg, Lewis county, Friday, 2tith, Hotel. Towards evening a body of citizens al o clock. paraded the streets with the Southern fl ig, CAnnonsburg, Saturday, 27th, at 2 o'clock. which called focth a corresponding Mt. Carmel, Fleming county, Monday, of feeling on the other side, end a th, at 11 o'clock. crowd of men marched through town with Fiemingsburg, Monday, 28th, at night, U. 8. banner. the Cheers were given by fherburne, Tuesday, 30 h, at 11 o'clock one party for "Jeff. Davis," "State U'ghts,' S'uarpsburg, Tuesday, 30th, at night. &e , while the other party cheered lustiiy ML Carmel,. Clark county, W ednesday, for "Major Anderson," ths "Constitution, " May isL and the "old flag." Let the friends of the Union spread the BQTbe following ia an extract from a news of these appointments as speedily as possible ; snd let the people be prompt in native of Switzerland la the National Inassemblicg at the hours appointed, se that telligencer: During the memorable secession in 1917 the speaker can mike his connections in of seven Cantons from the Swiss Confeder- good time ; and let all corns, male and fe. acy, it is a noticeable foot that even after a male, and hear the questions of the day National Convention of the remaining loyal discussed. Cantons had decided to raise a levy of 70. o- - W. PCS'LAP, 000 troops to quell this insurrection, under Candidate for delegate to the Border State whose banner already stood a force of Convention for the Sixth Congression 30.0U0 troops, several Cantons refused (because nearly equally divided in their al District cf Kentucky, will address the sympathies between the federal Governpeople of eai I District at the following times ment and the Secession party) to furninh and places on natioual politics : their contingent of troops and remained Paintsville, Friday. Johnson county, neutral pacificators inibehelf of both parties. April l'J "At the close of this fratricidal war, Prestohbburg, Floyd county, Saturday, which lasted but three months, and resulted in the entire expulsion of the Secession April 2'J. Piketon, Pike eounty, Monday, April 22 Uadert, the Federal Government apportioned Whitesburg. Letcher county. Wednesday, the expenses of the war equally among the 21. seven rieces-io- n Cantons and the two neutral April lla.ard. Perry couuty, Thursday, April ones. The General Convention, which was convened immediately upon the cessation of Manchester, Cay county, Saturdav, hostilities, completely remodeled the Fed eral Constitution, and nit long thereafter, April 27. ttarbourville Knox county, Monday, cy general consent, the expenses i f the war were equally apportioned a.ruooR all the Apl II 3. Willinaisburj Whitley County, Tuesday, Cantons. This latter act cf generosity. together with the new Constitution, has April 30. Laurel London, county, Wednesday, infused a fraternal feeling among the Swiss May 1. far surpassing that which formerly exiu'ed. Mount Verncn, Rockcastle county, Thurs "Could not Virginia and the border day, May 2. States act as did the neutral Cantons in Lancaster, 3arrardcounly, Friday, M.y 3. Switzerland, seeing that similar circumSpeaking will commence at one o'clock stances exist for so doing?" each day. OF THE CONFEDERATE LOAN TAKEN! Cauadn Favor the Si.bjugHtfon of the South. M0rVLr OF VIRGI.VTA TilOOTS, Aoril 1J The demand for me loan cf tbe Coufe-leratStales was so great ihat President Dtvis has determined to offer Ihe whole t13.0u0,000. The amount a.ready subscribed exceeds S15. 000,000. The books are closed and the smallest runs had preference Of er the ones. larger Baltimore, April 19 It can scarcely be true that any of the riilroad bridges are to oiown up lo prevent ihe passage of trainscars, containing ths Massa i weniy-nchusetts rrgiment, arrived at the depot without disembarking the troop from the iruiu. ine Beveral cirs had horses at tached and About nine were drawn from Pratt street to Caron street, the first six without creating any disturbance. For some reasen tbe horses attached to the seventh Car were taken eff at the Pratt sireei bridge nod the car moved without their aid to Capon. A short t'lstance from Gay efreet. be tween Gay street and Frederick street, a number of laborers were encaged in repairing the bed oi the street, and just at tne moment wueu iba car reached Gay street, were engaged in removing cobble stones. Some ihirty cr Ury men assembled mere, loilowcd tbe car from the de pot ana wild cheers for Davis and the coutnern confederacy, hurled bitter taunts ormern oi tilack Republicans. This continued for several minutes, when as tne horses were again attached and the car moved on it was proposed to atone it Before the car had gone twenty yards almost every window was broken, and a portion of the crowd followed a considera- Die uistance hurling stones. The eighth car was treated in the same manner, but tne ninth car apparently being emp'y, was reached with only one stone. The crowd exulted in their work, declaring that the Black Kepullicins should not pass throneh Maryland. A lapss of five minutes suc ceeded, a number of respectable persons in the meanwhile urging the crowd to tear up the track. After ihe first train had passed one was observed on Pratl-strs- et bridge. where obstructions were placed, and a po-- nuu vi the traca was taken up. this the cars were turned back to the Pratt-stre- et depot, and the men embarked and prepared to march through the oity. Mayor Brown, wiih a number of police, appeared at their head and lead the way. They came along at a bri-pace and on reaching Center Market, an immense concourse of people closed in behind them, and commenced 6tonning them when they reached Gay gtreet, where the track had been takea up. A large crowd of men arrived with paving stones, and showered them on their heads with euoh foroe, that several of them were knocked down. At the corner of South and Pratt itreele a man ffred a pistol into the raDksof the when those in tho rear ranks wheeled and fired upon their assiil-anttand several were wouuded. The guns of the soldiers that had fallen wounded were seized and fared upon the ranki with tital effect in two or threo instances. After they reached Calvert street they succeeded in checking their pursuer by a rapid fire, which brought down two or When they reached Howard street three. another large crowd was collected; soma stones were thrown at ihein, but their guns were not loaded, and they parsed down Howard street to the depot. It soon appeared that order wtre given to clear the track. Near the main depot building this was done, and soon aS cr, a large j aseeuger ear, of the Philadelphia and Baltimore o. mpany oitme up at a rapid rate, filled with the soldiers. This car was soon followed bv bout sixteen more, all of whiah wer oo- ccpied by the niiktia, in all elevoa con- m ' men. " IlAERtfBrRO, April lit Lieutenant Jonrs ia now at tbe Carlisle barrf-okehe state that hearing yesterday that 1,000 Virginians were approaching by Ihe Winchester road, to seize the arsenal, they put piles of powder in s'raw in all tha buildings, and waueu uuietty tne apprcacn oi tbe picket He give the alarm, and the garriguard. son was set on fire in the outhouses, carpenter shop, and powder house, and then began to retreat. Public Speakine! The citizens of Harper's Ferry, who were Hon. Archie Dixon, the Union candidate evidently in league with the party advano for the Border Stale Convention, and W. R. ing to seize the arsenal, were instantly in Kinney, Esq , will address their arms snd pursued and killed two regulars. Itrs. Others dt sorted before the iroocs on the subject of National Polilios, reached Hagerstown. They marched all at the following times and places: night and missed the railroad train. At Oweneboro, Monday, April 28. Hagerstown they took omnibuses te Chani- Calhoon, Tuesday, April 2o ay bersburg and they are all much exMadisonville, Wednediy, April 24. hausted by the night march. Thev were HopkicMVille, Thutsday, April 20. fed by the people at CLambt reburg aud were Greenville, Friday, April 20 received with cheers all the route to CarMorgiiitowD, Sa'urd'iy, April 27. lisle The report of the assault on lha Hartford, Monday, April 'I'.). Massachusetts regiment at Baltimore occa Caseyviile, Tuesday, April 30. sioned much excitement at Camp Curtin. Uardinsburg, Wednesday, Mjy 1. They ewe&r terrible vengeance. 3.000 trocps Iiawsville, Thursday, May 2. are 1 e. As the election transpires the first SatLater. Lieut. Jones, who has arrived here urday in May, it will be impossible for the from Harper's Ferry, is a son of tbe late Jones, of Ihe U. S. Armv. candidates to address the people at more Adiulant-Uener- al lie says as the Federal troops than one point in each county in the dis- across the Potomao at Harper'smarched Ferry trict. It is, therefore, hoped that the friends the people rushed in tbe arsenal. He believed that large numbers were hurt bv the of the Union will exert themselves to have explosions which repe.ttedly oocutr.d, and as large audiences ss pceeible, at each of he saw tbe light cf the burning buiding the above points. for many mi!es. Two Otiio regiments reached here and stay over until A Novel Chcrch Scese. the PeGnsylvanians The following are ready to march. aisjor ibimonton, commander of tbe Pittsis told by the New York Post: At Henry Ward Beecher's church, in the burg arsenal, is suspetted of infidelity to ihe Union, and is watched by a Committee evening, a scene occurred which beggared Gov. Hicks, of Maryland, dedescription. Ia the course of his remarks, of Safety. telegraph, clines, by to lot any more armed the reverend gentleman had a dispatch handed him announcing that Sumpter had taoops pass through Baltimore. been reinforced and Moultrie reduced to Boston, April 10 The Fifth Regiment ruins. The announcement is under orders, and will probably leave for was greeted with cheers, nuzzis, the waving of bats and Washington by Mouday next. It will numhandkerchiefs hundreds of eyes were ber 1.0J0 men. The reports from Baltimore suffused in tears, and the wildest excitement cause painful excitement, bu. it is hoped prevaded the whole audience for several tne tcuuuuts are exageraiea. minutes. MAETISSBfRO, Va , April IS. Soecial to have met several gentlemen from the World. Virginia troops numbering 1500 this and the neighboring counties within men have possession of the town nf the last two days, and they all tell us that Harper's Ferry. Cannon are placed on the the war excitement has not reached the adjacent hills, and soldiers are distributed people of the cuuntry, and few or none in all directions. It ig said that there is talk of volunteering. The general feeling not a Union man there. The train was is that the people of the border counties stopped to search for troc ps that piight be should oi ganize for the protection of their on the way to the arsenal, but afier exam, own homes and firesides, and to act strictly ination, was allowed to proceed. on the defensive. AtAlbany Ledger. Acoccta, Ga, April 1 A Pthode Isl. ander, and an old citizen of this place, tgi- - Mark, now. what we say, any at- issued an order this morning to uniform and tempt on the part of the Government of this equip, at his own expense, eighty volunState, or of any one else, to put Kentucky teers, to go to war. out of the Union by foroe, or using force to organized, and will Ihe company has been be ready to march in compel Union men in any manner to submit ten days. to an ordinance of sece-sioor any preBaltimore, April IS?. The rhiladelphi-ac- s, tended resolution or decree, arising from who, unequipped and uaarmed, resuch secession, is an act of treason against mained in the last car at the station, were ihe State of Kentucky. It ia, therefore, lawful to resist any such assaulted with stones and other missiles, and some were slightly wounded. The We hope that we are now fully ordinance. train was taken back. Quite a number esunderstood thus far. caped to the city, but having no uniforms Sattonal Union Winchester, Ky. were not recognized. The reporteddifhculty aTi,The Eleamsbip Glasgow, from Liver-poo- l, on the road between here and Washington It is undei stood that all brings home for trial sent by tbe is incorrect. United S ates Consul four seamen, late of reached Washington in safety, exoept the Philadelphians, who were taken back. At the ship General Parkhill, for killing Cant. Price, of that vessel. They were taken the meeting the Mayor announced that the Presidents of the road had promised thst charge of at Q iarantiue by otboers of tbe harbor police. The names of the prisoners they would brirg to more troops this way. As soon as the train arrived, some of the are John Kelly, John Kiley, Frank Collins, troops were compelled to change cars, when and F. L. Feaiherstone they were hooted at by the crowd, but no gtjy The statement submitted to the overt act was committed. Several young Emigration Commissioners, at their meeting men appeared at one of the cars and dison the 13th, informed them that ihe emi- - played revolvers. grauts landed in New York during the week A few minutes after the train left, a disnumbered l.uU.i, which swells the number charge of fire arms attracted the attention for the present year to far to 1 1.G47; of the crowd to tbe corner of Pratt and and that the balance of tbe commutation Howard streets, where a body of infantry money at present amounts to 4,602 05. from one of the Northern Siates, about one hundred and fifty strong, w ere seen rapidly iQryA fiiend of the parrot tribe saya approaching the depot, and no doubt anxthat to keep Polly or Coco in gooif health, ious to reach tbe city. she or he must bi fed on bread, soaked ia Some assaulted tbe command with stones, water only, hemp seed, bard buiscuit, a when a number of the latter disbaked crust, dates, nuts, orange, lemon and charged their mutkets. A crowd broke apple pips, with an occasional boiled pointo the warehouse of Patterson & Wolferd, tato. on long dock, this evening, and took therefrom some four hundred rifles and swords. tap" I: is reported that Mr. Kane, Chief Squads are paradiug the streets fully cf Police of Baltimore, said that there were armed, oa the look-o- ut for tbe militia from ten thousand secessionists in and about the North, who are expected to arrive toBaltimore, pledged to p.revertany Northern night. or Western military companies from fassieg All the city military have been ordered through that city lo meet at Monument Square, and are now gey Black laces, Cambrai and Lama, the assembling. Ntw York, April 20 former as good as Cbautilly, are now the The steamers mode in Paris for ttlainiiog. go to WashLama ohiwls Pocahontas and Philadelphia The Harriet Ls&e sailed this mornare worn at n'oruing calls, visits to the ington, ing for the same plaj. theater and evening toilets. lth. i 3.We learn that the government hat contracted with the Hamburg Steamship Company for the transportation of the Lulled blates mails from New iork to Hamburg. The steamships of this line comprise tbe Stxonia, Lirunsia, Hammonia, Teuionia and Bavaria, and their days of departure will be on eac'i alternate Saturday, commencing on the i:h of May next. This line is considered one of tbe most tafe and reliable that plies between the two hemispheres. Rome Reoesebated There never was a period when the institutions of our country were exerting so powerful an iniiutLce abroad as just at this very time, when it seems so hard to maintain them at home Victor Emmanuel has now fairly proclaimed the policy of his government to be the obtaining of Home as th: capital of the new Lalian Government, to b. founded on the principle of the complete separation of Church and State. As our own country is the first in which that great principle has been successfully established in the history of mankind, and as it has been the exactly opposite to mis which has Deen the rulmg policy and also the ruinous policy of Home in all her past history, it is well to mark how much a single idea may do to ruin or revive a nation. Before Rome became Christian, the emperor, always considered that they had the right of supremely dictating in all religious ailairs. The toleration which they showed to conquered natious was simply, as Nean-de- r has shown, a permission, or rather a command, to maintain the religious t'.atut of the country onaitered. A Jew might circumcise one of his own nation, but all proselyting of Roman cidzens would have been at the peril of life. The Government were remarkably severe in this matter. When Constaniine came to the throne he simply established Christianity in tbe room of Paganism, and no more doubted the right of government to interfere in tellgious matters than to exist. The Donahots in Africa appealed to him, for religious inter, aft?" It is rumored that the Governor is ference, in the very yr ar in which he fought solicited to call a Convention to precipitate and conquered at tbe Melvian bridge. They were dirpleaaed with his decisions, refused Kentucky out of the Union. We have no idea that the Governor will to submit, and he Attacked them with his troops. Then it was that they turned usurp such a power. It would inaugurate around and, first in the history of mankind, civil war in this Stats. Ws have before our declared it wrong lor tbe State to compel men in ma'ters of religion. They were not eyee the appalling consequence, of lawlessheeled, but crushed ULe by the ness; of attempts to break up established Roman f.roes aud scattered like the driven institutions. Let us obierve Uw, and allow uw. Arnold of Brescia, some eizht hundred no body of despots to order this Commoa- ago, wsslth out of her propriety. The Governor years ages relieve! the monotony of the by denying tbe right of the Pope dark has no authority to call such a body, and to govern Rome potiticaKy. In fast, betook an Attempt to do it would be criminal in one tbe precise ground now advanced by Viotor ia his position to abuse it in a crisis like LmanueL, namely the complete separation Church and State as ihe only proper this. This is no time for haste, and no tide of course for the Romans. He allowed tbe to commit the fortunes of Kentucky to un Pope all his ecclesiastical dignity, but authorised and irresponsible bodies, and drove him by force of arms from the city, He sueh usurpation our people will not eub- - and kept him at bay for several years. tbe government, but was finalmit to. ly conquered, killed, and his body burned We have heard a great deal about rights, to ashes, and even the ashes thrown into and we have learned enough to appreciate the Tiber, lest the people thould retain any him Those ashes, scattered thus them. We have now constitutional rights relics of by winds and waves, have at last fertilized secured under our institutions whioh we the land, and from them, as from en seed, has sprung, first in Garibaldi, shall not surrender At the dictation of a and more powerfully in Viotor Emanuel, a lawless body, called by A usurped Authority. defense, open, publio and powerful, ef the We protest now and forsver against such a very principle for which be contended. suggestion. It is monstrous! Meantime, first by Roger illiarus, Wil liam Penn and Lard lialtimore, had this into the Daowixn The Uaiontown News has the great truth been incorporated constitution and government of the following in regard to the finding of ahorse written After our Revolution it entered States. ad baggy aal the corpse of a man floating into our national constitution, and our in the river near that place. They bad been success has led to its gradual avowal in a the water for several weeks, having been Europe. Thus it is that Rome, which ha. ruined by ihe rejection of this great submerged at the city of Henderson, and been truth, is now seemingly relying upou it had floated to this pleee before being dis chit fly as the souroe of its regeneration. covered. It is supposed the recent rise in On last Mi'rdeb ie Shawmeetowb the river washed them off soms bar, where Friday, a young man, living in Shawnee-towthey had probably lodged. The unfortu. by the name of Cumrnings, stabbed aate man was fastened to the wheel of the hi. brother twice and then shot him with a buggy by the string of his drawers hsving revolver, the ball entering tbe ear, and caught ia part of the wheel. He is a man killing him instantly. It seems that the elder Cummings had occasion to administer abeut fifty years ef age; his name was Wm corporeal punishment to his younger brothBourse. He had $20 ia his pocket, and a er, some time since, for some of his bad aote which calls for $900. He was em conduct, and on Frid iy, the boy (aged only 18 years) met tbe senior Cummings ia the ployed ia a livery stable, ia Henderson, street, end killed him, as above. aad had takea the buggy to the river fjr Uuiontcun Neat. ihepwrpaae of washing it. A passing powerful enort is being made by steamer made waves which frightened the the rircessiottittt. to hjrry Kentucky out of aoree, aaa he would aot Tea tare lathe the Union. Men of Kentucky you who we beg you to eland water, whereat Bourse Attempted to back love your country him into the river, ia doing which the firm. Jeff. Divis is not your President the Cotton Confederacy is not your country. baggy went over in deep water and turned Kentackians cw. no allegiance to Jeff. completely bottom tide up, drowning horse Davis. Every consideration of duty, inter demand that Kenluckian est end patriot and driver. T'anfortunete msn leaves and true to the Fed shall stand fi family, wb is seaewBsre ia the East, JAirrodtlura (AV ) fret Government. 8.A r tWe ft!? Horace Bishop uied in Adiian, Mich, last week, aged 1 00 ye s. He served four years in tbe revolutiorry war, and stood sentry over Ma'iurdre at the time of his execatitn, s t hip Glasgow from Liver. . and Queenstown onVhe 4tb, reached New ijifk brings XlT,2otf in i; f Ai V f - 4 . MIK.-- Autrin rosTornczj OS THI M M..t In .! A mi!r K L'uuJtll M Itltb virt.l.;lm D per.m-i- C ttt AB Li7t I J t'.f'iraTie Mri .luo T Clark r r QEtlOX Mi, liioma, M!a Mra HIT.KVI.D f nlcti n M J AMI!? IX. Million Mli sal Il li Mr-- C' irv McAHMer Mrt Sarah "AVES MrsTace u Mri AJ Ms M.rjtret l'.tton Mrt Pti,r.i Au.t Rlrhle Mrt Bvtiu l;i:a'. Mar u Mil Martha tlrt jonn w Fwaa Ml Ml- - Jennie Marr Mr till, hi SaniU Mist Laura Tbimaj Mist Mary Mitt M 4 la iX'RMF.R Prusl'ta Mist Alllli t Mit-Mi- - hon "alter n ootiwn l.iui. M:s uiz Mm Llliabeth M WarnVH April 20 Whereas, an armed rebellion exists ia a portion of the States of this Union, threatening the destruction of the National Government, public and private property, endangering the peace and security of this Commonwealth and inviting systematic piracv: at d whrean. adequate provision does not exist by law to enable this Executive to make tho military foroe nf the State as able and efficient as it should be for the common defense of the State and General Government, and herea, an occasion so extraordinary. requires prompt LegUUtive power, therefore, 1, by virtue of ihe power vest ed in me, do hereby convene the General Assembly of this Commonwealth, and re quire the members to meet at their respective Ileuses at Harrbburg, on Tuesday, April 30. h, noon, there to take into consi.i eration, and adopt such measures in the premises as the present emergencies mav demand. UIkikM) AXMlEVr c. ccetin. Philai-elphia- . April 20. A letter has been reoeived from Governor Letcher, of Virginia, offering S30.OO0 to the patentee of the bullet mold. The reply was, no money can purchase it against ths country. A resident of Kent oouuty, Maryland, has received information that the negroes were burning the houses of the whites. Twj of his buildings had already been destroyed. Boston, April 20 This city was terri bly excited last night and this morning at the attack on the Massachusetts troops in uaiumore. ine 'Jovetnment recoguises the similarity is the day and event suggeited oy me i n oi April li io and those immor al memories which cluster around the men of Lexington aad Concord. The Governor has sent the follow in? di spatch J.0 the Mayor of Baltimore : 1 pray you cause the bodies of our Massa chusetts soldiers dead in battle to be im mediately laid out, preserved in ice, and Illy I.- P.!ler O ey Clis, w KP 11. m llarrli-o- Cia-- rr rl,t t'h&iuh mjuh'i - Ji.l.: lK.ll Jacob 1( th..iu J K Culo:t :a W P z Kani- -j UNPEn? Cf! I I'T' -imi t ap! Tho . ii- Fruxi--- - .iik II .! .J., Pupa ier.hlvThn. (iarlo. r JoaT Oaihuiiir J. tt'lnir, Mti ham n tmi-- e n K A Co ll. II . rr ! k,J..I,n li trill JiTKt W Jor n t Kvul.i: Cot John Mom I S Muiolo'il Miller A MlcMlrti-i- Murray J B Mulourj Michael KoL.ii.oor. ..,. I kus tii J it KlcharUoQ John T Sena n s.ter ttni i.hrMlctk. Shay M I ei alujuus. BOtS 211 fnorrll PIIILtDElPHIt. CP eea THE IMMslilAIS .NE:iiUHoRI.XD the Jot.bliu Qiiivi on M..ei. Tb'ri and cnr,luut ttreet tbe Bank.- P i. rrce, tHercbauaUahal a .change, c , ac. Kept boih oa tu rl pitk'v. wMRn m HAVE JOT RECEIVED oatutera tnrM J.'t AMERICA. Beara err Day PtMrtIN Main SEED JTST near HUih. ire-- t. CPBINU SrVLS.-- l DKKUd DATS A. B. KKi.l.. an, O tun moiDiut bv Fourth street nnder Netlooal Uotei. AND EUROPEAN PLAN tl 3 TOR RALE. HOUSE AND LOT, CENTRALLY LOCATED A -a ea CheMnnt ttreet, between Fonnh end ' 3 euhth croae ttreet. The House conlalu aud three roorua on the Sret dor. and (onr room, on ibe tecond Sour alto, and tervanhr' rooaa, with cittern, waahroota. atebl and If the ebov property le ao told aeoa. rt wul aa r rent to a tood Pot farther particular, rnqnlre ot K SI LOGO'S. MINK. ClLARKT iloi-- n .iinrtor Hancarlan CUreti 10 iloi-- n Bordeans loj In atnr and for taie by Illl It J. U B IN DC KANT. Main lUeet, near Plllh. sutntiy on hand a Lara-- aaturlinunt of ib lowest irra.le oi tooJt. a, well a tb Suett la America, at No tJS Main .treet. ah ateau arll euj bolted Caru Meat lu r ort n4 lor W. A IL BURKHARDT. 417 Market at. L7INF. CM ot the . PORTER, Ae E HAT PR ATHER a SMITH'S I RKMI- - H HAT.,, sprint .lyle. are Ihe lea. tint Halt I M ana can only be bad at No.2) MainW whvre tliev ar EFMOVED TO 3.T MARKET PTkEBT. Third fud Fourth, kt oderlng a bu and UKA of MILLINERY GOOD. Head Dmnra, Trlmmlnn an.1 RJbboot of the lat- -t title, and everytnintf In ihe lllliinery line, ef the y aud laaeol deaUua. Tboee La waul ef rrea bueoa of the LATEST PARIS PATTEaNS will do wen to tlve me call beore parcht-ln- g will be Sue I te Mill the herd time aa my prk-hue leev. to In torn Lfttea end Pemill rettd aa be country, who mav not Sad It convenient te visit u villa earing the Spriia. ci rely iua the atrtel Mr. Pott-- . Mercnanufrjand.u their erdert wid ltd them proibptly and strictly etecmed. nirii dlf JUST KSCXeXVEB CHEAP LACE STORE, 309 Fourth StrMt (old Numtxr yy). . I Al480ltTMENT OF fcmrolUraMi JaVOIM-- t awSalVia. i Jscoisvt iQrviODa; LA RO 4 tt ji LIEf rlli'te DRY letailla. 10 L 4 5 Sectch fJInrhtraej catet newtttle ft'iluta; caes c.tu.nt'1ir-colore Cambric Hoihi Ble.crie.1 EASSt M AKh PA 11: K A pica at ail Utaea, al fie rnark- lite hlrt.r.ff l L'lCl'r.-W- -t u VVT JohN B Nf. B. McILA1. anu oitj nuit, aid tue tai row. I MWe,tM.Ul OCl W. VAt J. tetwin SO Ai.V HUNIaHan A NORMA h 1H lll.HI,l- t1 S puncheon luper'ov eld Irl.h Whl,krt do Jttmeic. Ruin; . rto . pipe Doable Plaeapple UoUand liln; Ihrsa'eoy I I we. I PM Vlaewet. CAT. it PuK DkUAi AP-- JOII.N apA auctl eEED-W- .hipmeut 01 It K CRUTCHER k ricCREADT, OIA3SWAZt22, Brttenn'a an.1 P'a'e-- lern, -r which will be ottered In the yarvet. Cheap Lac Ptora, Foiinb etreet. HOCK. WICKS MlCKklUL- .drtlmaCe u. o SU paraue Mackerel; la More aud tut set by PIS AND5.FW BUCnANA AND DH.-i- S looking A'aww. aad Laav a: vruit Jar a, ell a h can be hMind og iree ap7 1..,t --Wos R. A. SHRADER & CO J ItTAA, eMdtf LOCl!VILLa. HCOH FEKtlCioN. H. Ferguson Waola.. and Retell Cor ET. DAWD FErttiUSO. Son, ra 5c Deeaer FJJLJJLelT FLOUR, J. H. MONTGOMERY, ZkXercnant Tailor, jtrrtssoy st, Bsr. third rocnm HAVE LA ROE STliCE CLtrTULNtJ. MADE L I iF A beentif.ll ttyle. vrrefwy f, tne citv aad eatuaLrw trade, weica I ti.lend to ste for ra-rleees tlva me a call, aiul I ttoi' k I w,.i uteaae you a... foe ia tact 1 have everything In rb aar of te keea-tlrThe nien oi teete will certainly alva me call, aatd 1 will help nature. Il 1 ha.e the an., us meie a. a can da tt lh anort tluta. 1 have a rjeautiiuieteurtsaeuA at Of. tt,; A CO. Tftlas Clotas, fastlmerrs aad which I will make p to order. And Sxrvoar toaew I'Ugive yea a l.r anow. Sir.uoeert coming to trtwetty to buy clotbirut wui le well .o give rue a ceil before JefftrKn J. R. M lTrj-waThird a.wl'a. tret. h!twera EECKlTtD. ANttTHBIt INVOICB CaAR-JUHenry t i.y C itara, luperwr tjiieaiyj '. av,.v mm aeaterw oat, a4 by A. aW bcaeeti Contrctloner and Fnir-rapll y-e- t. near Mala. . i b pnr MBourbon KUbbU'-ubb. de rl PiTAte.V.A CALIFORNIA MT) For tare cheap uy VI ii Whl.kv. Iowa N. au' rre,h stirn'v Tver, lrea to whiut Uvne, o ' 4. v n.a-- L r. anotk Pwel Jl ih,.i,--- fro jf,rM? j wv N,!.' rwl ja. v INn.h I1AVW I1AS--W- to 1 vaara alrf. .r-- u.ieia uucud and prvnpt .. iLlar. . FECRaVBD. H- iluaeaarte- S .us lae at. st , C J. T LAN HA A CO, arW !.ei.rVi, of Tree Ae. T CIDK-- t et le'iKN CHAMPAtvetS (IHtMPAON-ead Hail lots, la tor- - and e u.e by ai i ec trtvii- a BAlJi LIVERP-eiSALT-- W t:e hy ANDREW BUCHANAN A CO. Apt Corner Seca.nd and Wasu natoa ttreeta FL'M.'Ej LI If I BlKKkd. 1 TOnS DURSO. MANUFACTURER OP CANDY. No. b.rr--u P .i,ro-h. V Aril Main atrett, between Sla end Lee VIM, i BIlLs .Nla I IVXTuA KtSUji I TAwlLY FLOCR-S- O A Vie Mill la store end uu tie bv la ttoreaad ALLAN, MVORB A BADIJI. aira Bar r store aud v. WH1SXY, BRANDY, WINES, Markes 9t., abava Breeh, aarth alda, V HAVE JCfT RECEIVED A head, aad wUl aetl La, kH market vela. a. At No. J77 Mala at, three Havw beiw Loaarrtn Hot I RttCKlVIVl T ARB NOW OI . .i ,a an LAKXB e.ADDmOWi aeat Mock neeuawt-o. haed mvlng a la. te 3d hes itooj aawortaieM ef " ni!CD9 f Third ekrea. 11 bete Ma Mala and the Eivay. NEW IMPORTATIONS ! Order Win h ao'd at let. h, rW at CUAa. . RAL CUI tirt U O'HlD.S.- -1 a'l.tiT.a. A 'w b- rented pure. In . E1NDC-10L- T- pn. UaiittaaI eS iltf dels AT TBE at AND i r" iK f ABLE MILLS-W- itt aM . and on ieHt trtown IT MACIliNa.-- t several dl iaiH ktnd. and ej'i articlre (nereiiy. 4 utree ock I1"th--- A FIFTH ST. ONE IxXia NORTH OP MAEEET. IEST9CIT. HAVIsa ovmna irai by u tDla lvxxiiZ. rTJUNisnisa-Q- A CARD. SIRS. ASSORTMENT .War AIM th work hi the meet pa. er PiECH I.MPROED Cu:he, received thlt day par eipreta et acre par hoar. nf have tewttSed that, by thear they more lluta tavtu tbe cua ef a " a. la a teeeoa. th Machine, with to lea Uoeewaai have theaa la aaa can b had on ap,Mlcft-.nMeaatattnred ae i ,i 1 lo th. re,.i ty I Dinner, between 1 aud S o'clock. SO cent, klnzle Room. Irom 10 A aeauuraxit attaehad. rrca acerdlng ta 31 ,01 Fare. Tbe City Car tak petetnger from any alien to or one to tbe Hotel. fcnadsn. French, Crtraua sal Sreniah Ipok.-n- . LANIltSl a'ttti Imr orient of Tea,. u. Tnlr.i airvet. 3 DHLS Hand .Hachlut eCl'cuart mult EVUT9i. CHESTNUT STRES 7, ABOVE TUISD, - Tike- - from roc Sow St. Louis Hotel, tale b, SEKD- AttK.ct the e. OF FAXTUVfl', th' new anl Kntir-o 'work. of Wbeel I truau anf (AUkt ; con uretftCr-- r v)irrr tvivi QBe'.'iU WLil MW ft ffrsUr reVT);) of liik kuerasi o Bja, triiau Uiau br(ulwr attAiati wliauul chtuiss ot ar jrmaDrut a l?nlon, M all lu parts cuim )us'ii4(iLrt. tlmtrbl7 and Inifenlou. aimksTeHl od a oqi UaiiKltt tin9 qo wire svoout il, aor auxytri'ti to 1U ttw asMtiy of order or catuo aniiyavuc. aosi - aaan, trotuc. pnlQcluc tb mocsi ultrn sMUtl Uar tbrnmplm aud Circulir Pr c? i7V ? J.tu j. CKLEHRATFD BAR.NFlM ' lniavil.l.l iiaYwtr td Colnuibt Cai.ln a Pur n, ca'llnn for auy of th above Utter wll pirate aay ' eUverlltrU.'' 1 1 1 BBL3 WtTRA ILOCR FOR SALE BT OAKliNEtt A Cti. 11 aTn. -A- ITALIA. TjCMPKIN A reel. apt 3 L. Lata th laaa u it boat andiMrut.aa.NT Cua.iti.-T LS tbe ww.d I In fear & CO. H. CUTTER new a:, t.r fllil it tl ia per thoasand. Dressed Poplar Flooring;, 1STIT8 TUB tV BuiuuisM'liirrri aaJATTKNTlOlw otoer to ft ebau: Mavchtu?. for vii fc'riJ lOKTrR AND ALK.-I- TE a tci p!v o Qulnneat' Dubilt. Mout anJ Mie 1.7 CSAVt-SlI- - H. ROPER'S KKE.Vt H. 2M DBL3 LOVKhlNtiS Sl'OAR and grauuiatetl In tore'HCHlUD, !ir ala rr aire l inl. wi IKK A HADE. ITboPa-l-Ou WITH IMPROVED MJICRT!!- PopUr Standee, TeableSeld John Hi r, Seed-Sowe- oa tnwia ELLIS HOWE, JR., ND- M..11 Richer Nicola Mont Cuts l Buik F IBlHv ?0n; Uen boXi-- i No. ilo: t'aaoixvi No.' Slar lnH..-Tallow Can tlej; l,xe jn A mi. a few Dut Paxtmne ln box AiU .Vnuxea starch: for M e by ItlHBITT A RON. - 1 tm MISCELlAVEOCS. fL, Books are embalmed minds. Fame is a tlowtr upou a dead man's heart. aplZrlw CVLIOO'S Broadcast ta tx BOTJaOSOlV WHXSXXX3 B Moree-l'tHcTfrtnixa-doL- sg HECOND STREET u. Ptrmeiin-- r. it, fret BETWEEN MAIN AND MA REIT, PrtniAae Can lie Company Job IUM - SHINGLES. No. C Whitlow Aif Woteirarr Lornuii Chare Witt am S.ainrf Wlthiow henry w 01m le John William, Wm A tVuila Jiartlu W II YOUNG I v. omce, where nereaa. tha pore arllcl wul be tur. UI taa. tw J. X Street, Xo. 320, Uorrtrn at!ntion Pooler, at SMS Manufactured oi thoroohly-eeaatne- t per thouaand. T DD A KYLE. i.t .if nonth tin niton bet. Bnn k end I aivd Walker aiUce ti- u i.etr Wuilarua Vf W When is a young lady like a poach. When she has her hair in a net. FIXE I.I QI OKS Por faahfonaMe Pantre ot otr. --a. I taka paeiira In itirjraiinis r?,e public that C; DISTILL. AS OP AND AST AIL DEALSHS 19 tarrn 'rel Aa. -. NHS. M. A. WEAVER, treet. X. 413 JeBeraaa Faarlk, eaaih tlaa, awtaep ANDCAEtV ISof A FINEHll.lnery. lit spring nl rilVIl MluOne never regrets doing; a polite or kind thing, no matter how it ia received. 11,1. Ylaoh'ue. ha. place-- l It Call and et.mln . DA. "It Alt S. tb famoel avtad f RSiiALL day o na !. 3 ml teu very cf u. JL fl AS LANqTrfliwSr-A- LATHS! JANUFACTCIW CU Zander Joca J Mlltlt Jtlhe Merrier TONER F.tHck 1 luWur 1. H ., k Tomll.'j Tuu.iali II It Tra iler jobn S Hay Three women were baptized by a Mormon Elder at Newburg, Ohio, on Sun of which ar quantity oi FRANCE PROM WBlUr 0.4 TX BMP. B4KI.IT. iHark PMIlip SwonU-- li It aiit.w John A J. tie t JOT KErCRNED a tine sw.iim.nt of Bit A N II V, AUJUAtlN II"1 and SPRING WILLINERY. ta he left with CRARLI3 MEYER, Northwest corner ef Third and Market ttreet. N. Re.r ion E la.oi.4 John A dhitflOQ Joh! tl,.r..l iff Rotwts M r Untie at Kob.-r- t TR01SJ0ULEURS! & 2. 23. ILAJ7 2)22 C. HIH AOENTS HAVW CtAa.N LAC IWATS A GOOD SUPPLY OP THIS EXCELLENT ia. at. a cheapest uauur on head and ar aale by OUST. A. RECTI! R, Corner af ttreet. Chin.y fit.- Ham,y kobert There it a report from Texas that all the Anierioan vessels at Galveston have Deen embargoed AUX It. 8. B. L Paiker - of Simon Kenton, who enlisted in an Indiana regiment, fell off the cars on the way to Indianapolis, and had both legs out off by the wheels He died. SCHOOL. i PPKINiJ SESXI;) WETHRELL-0? m commei ce MON DAT, FEBRUARY ers. And emftnn twenty weeks. A lew autre Kholar aaa be acr..mmu.iat-- d. i jtf THE A Park, FI..V.I Pretily Jaiiivi A grandson et! Laun.-- t to paas Ihe deeinng to parthaae Snd It. Aa 1 warrant an mvOnotle to be I aAa U rnyvlnarur- - lo every art! wr.lch I ba.-- for aaiew L a. Raby wm re .nentiv France lur is dooila. a He will late :..r Para and ether ct'leel n.a.- bo ,e I aa France. enJS ttnetf irtore. A PAGE Mr iMhn.y is rumored, says the Lexington Observer, that Col. Oeo. B. Hodge is en route for Frankfort to urge the Governor to send a division of the State Ouard to Cov What the object can ington and Newport. be, other than to provoke a collision be- ween the United States troops and the State, we cannot see, and we cannot believe that Col. Hodge would engage in such a mission. iinout e livai in Kentucky. trT.a; lb on time. EDWARD lVILDTR. 5U MAIN STREET. mrS A No. 819 Third Street, between Market aad Jefferson, east side. a tt te orTer 6 ret s. BOIVE MANURE. t 0E Iay It n n C tmiJf J. iota n Ma;.lw Mor.u Martin Worcetter Aoriham almuat t at n,. C. S. COOPER, Nathan!! Patrk Antiacne McCarthy J,ruea Mark Northern Ihe MurtOiy Maker I'.M Mlmiell D cator." THE A And chat for ca.k. or prompt Portrait & Picture Frames prominent merchant of New York writes to a correspondent hers that "all eyes are turned to Kentucky with great Anxiety aid the most despairing hope. She will stand at least neutral, and be the great paclS. tPl3 Looking-Glassc- MI330CRI 4 KENTCCKT VIRGINIA. tm lliam snoxs. I have alao In sor a eery mrt and complete Block et A. tt.. itn KI114 IQA 23 -" ' Manufactured Tobacco will ln ln e lie w ild alai announce that he baa rerelved an ma iufact.ii r oi irom a eiebnty. the Rentit, ot Piauoa. and can otra tia1uceu,-nt. to atiy per.n. deairotte of J..r,rin FJein B rVDa. JUT PTn. NP.W to purchaae ai-j- MILLER. r J CI!K.H,4B RECEIVIMI DRUGS, CHEMICALS, lent ot Louis, lie en I v I. Inly Hat. having cb.ttd hit enfaxement la tbe bmri. he baa rcturna-- l to thia city wlia the view of re- ui nit tuuuna tne at tfe P. " may oe loond between.n-l- c store of Third, EACLDS A CO., Main ttr t. rerond atvl or at al. retl.leTice. on Mai & all eet. north aloe, arst door aav. AnifUil.t BcrrALO, April 20 Hiram Sibley. Pree ident of the Western Union, and T. R. walker President acd J. D. Reid, Superin tendent of the New York, Albany and Buf raio ieiegrapn companies, have issued or ders that no messages ordering arms or munitions ot war, will be received by their ompanies unless lor the defense of ihe Gov ernment ef the United States, and endorsed by tbe Mayor of the city from which it Messages in cypher, excepting proceeds. dispa'ches from the press of the U. S. or othoers of the Government, will be refused. The Toronto Globe of this moraine has a long ai tide on tbe relations between Eng land and tne inited Slates, advocating a siooere and firm alliance, fcrgetting all past differences, and says that North has a just cause; that the permanent good Will of the American people is worth striving for, and hopes lo see ihe rebellion put down and ihe traitors dealt with as they deserve. Falmouth, Kt , April 20 A balloon was seen passing at a high tlevation over Falmouth, going east southeast, at five and a half o'clock this morning. 1? W 25 W JF .VIC J U S Pr L 11 AM NOW ed tboat Teacher of Piano-Fort- e and Slazlnz. WOULD lo RE.PE(TFl'I LT a..m.te bla frten.1. an.1 the -l JRV1N Joe trade toenler. HENRY DOUGLAS, B lL.rt.wt Mlb-.- jytNSON . t .y. Wm N i' Wrn H a.V vi ui an W j chat r 1U., U flint H.nrla II..V.I n J A k Sarin.-- .n 11 Until. n JH rn J .lio . citizens was called on the reception ot Ihe news. 1'atriotic speeches were made, and he city government was instructed to appropriate $ 10,000 to tit out volunteers, aud to pay eaoh volunteer 5 per month in addition to the Government pay. No. Col A Hail Mtttr. Richard il. n.ltr n E J Th. .tuat II ul JD nan J tv T IT. 'OUIsViLLB. DRUGS, PAIM AND LlKD-i.l- L No. ItS east dt 'Third street, between Maiaeiid Water, Lottlavlde, Havlnf entirely new maetilnerr, with tbe lateat lo". eipeneiu and urattlce will en able lie tiirn out aa bomI article,, and teem at aa ia.nabie prlc- -, a, any bou-- e in th- - West. a.OrileraollLltiel and protubtly n.lea at the ehort- rat u.Mli e. niral AuOrr amurl Jutnea (.ill Ji.i.n brt ulh W C t ; OPPOSITE THE GAIT BO USB, eS""' STAR & PRESSED MOID C.4XDLES: GERM lCaciE3 T A FINE ASSORTMENT 105 SALE CHEAP AT MANUFACTURERS OP ONIDK. OLIVE, FtWII.Y roArS. A L. R0CKAWAT3; ROCKAWAT3 ; BCGGlESj Br RR, U1IG IIT ot W IIEEIaER'S F. FABEL & CO., YUt llanil.lou T KY. TROTTLXQ BCQGIE3; SULKIES, Ao., A3. POCRTB STREET. lofl A Cl ALt IGHEIt lll.lunl I' M SLIDE-SEA- 100 JJ. Ci Peur turaWmU r,l IV to th f ABEL. f W FOCR-SE- Mrs. J. A. BE1TIIE, P. JOHN A. ANI KKW. bi.Xet No. of F.mhrecln a I article pprrtatnlna the w II .,li b.w for ca,li 4)T LADltd" LKK.-t- Utrs me.! W .M JTDMOXIMOX R U SIX-SE- SaiFTC?0-TO- P TUB PUBLICTHAT oonipiei aawrtmaol at whu-- W.iMa SIXTH AND SEVENTH COACHES! Mala aeai Mark. STREET mrlT dAwtf Duyui we Paris Millinery! a P J iiti r Crane Capt John L Crottcu John E A SIDE, B ETWEE IGUIS.aiE. AND AUSTRALIA, FOURTH RESPECTFULLY I i" butfot MANUFACTURERS MARKET BTRSaQT, WORTH LOUISVILLE K T. Mrs. J. A. BEATTIE INFORMS ltarrlt ( .'rota Ch of MuMathi.Setu. At Fall River last night a mee.iog of WtMlRlrH O io toxe 100 ent Kunj !l F Corcoran An Irew V en Larue Clark K Cr. pUn Col EI tol l:., U B Ciark e.irye tiark & CO., THE - UIJjjLIyEU brown Joiiu I ASTI w E PIANO-FCST- 1861. SprlngStyles! 1861. Brmttirier JT B Uiloten m ti Man n Brova F M AMERICA -- A gTEEET. IIIXZEN, ROSEN GERMAN INSURANCE COMPANY, EAST SID a THIRD STREET. ( OM e CMS IE Oa) MAI Si fn, anSl TO AT llutlar E Reliant K'cr.arJ U Bletier TC lli,- - HAVE MADE SOOTH in W 7 n Wm expenses will be paid by Ibis Commonwealth ert W Jt Vance A Co Arm r i,a Cha D Aa Adl' raker Ptu runr. w K.,b rt! UaMwin pr H ane Jotiu ttam, at and to . C4SSED.4Y ARRANOrNT3 DRAW at lowSen-eee- n ENGLAND, l on Ihe principal cities of UERMANr. IfcltLlND. BELGIUM aad U.iLI.AN FRANCE. SW1T Mr, M..r ha A M m Martha tJENTMniE.V! LIST. VDAMS Took Chat R F btey Fren-..111, John ii!l, JO.-- 3. Call ARB. TOILET UTX ON airs Mitt Strth J Washliiiri .n Mlsa Jane iinon PITCHERS. Sul (OLD SIGHT DRAFTS Mm C A Huse V.lh.-n- nvrnrs W FIAT1SR DCSTEEa, ..aa Mr, Waller Mrst .ro. Ine Kl E Tin? M't Marv L Tavl ,r.Mrt llarnel P Tllwrt Mitt Annie A M Lucin.u lallit.u Miea bjtte Id TEA WAJLB. COMMOS lETOT JARJ The Straw r mar be aet oat aav tl na th mni.ih ui Anrii. I cm pack and ,bip wtih dnitni an r y to part ot Ihe M Stau. M Plant, mar be touu.1 at ."henii in A Brolbe; a and at Pilkln. W lard Co.' Arlcu!tural ai- -l Seed 3t.ret.ln laMiwvlli. w.u o. pronip.ry flanded to. A Mrea -onis-- . me ro.iom.-a- . N . p. that can beat me In th Loi.uvi le ark- -t with tnl. season, can win the uu mat can re bought In the city, and iurb mxney aa he wauu ta bet on the beck ot It. . hicti.ri M Llttie bhute .Mint A. I. He M Suillh Mr. France WAR! GRANITE WARE. .r. r iinlrtl td Mi. II0,noii Lun Ilea Sin Mary I' 'a'bi-l- l trt Ctht-ru- X)TTLEa, BTAILEIIES. T WH.I. WARRANT THE BROOKS PROLIFIC TO they need no fcmin.n plan'a te male the bed, ..ea. tl :. ,wer tmonK otner it wl wher .te van-t- y re mire, lu f..ret the Br..-PrU Ic null! hey te. the 1. l M, MkU-Mr Wm I'ueera rn.LKff L T.iyl Mitt lLuiictt uu TASI3. ODOE D INN EH NOBODY CAX BEAT: Don't Forzet Brook' Varieties! l Ltuta M QLtUAM GLASS, COLORED PLATED PORKS acd SPOONS, Strawberry Plants THAT . INA1.D MDMAalinli Mrtt Robl li DECORATED tl (t Prit.Sir. tir; ,.t i.ri LABal PLATED CASTOR 6 LABS, JlLLEIt (oL). M BOHEMIA A WOT CTTLEEI FRENCH CHINA. LIFE OF TWIST PRICE tl FAeT DAY PERMONd. Price, $1 . SAT AND SE AL, Price, EL'IS VBNNOB,(2toI,). MY NOVEL. (S volt). Price. K uu. QUEENS OP SOCIF.TT. Prie. II v THE CROSeED PATH; A Story of Modern U-- by Wllklt Collin, (s rolt). Prica Si 0. CRITICAL. HISTORICAL. aTO MISftEI oy aacauaty. ( vo ,). Prlc. 00. B. W. ROBKRTfOV. ai.10 P mrfi atraet. betweea Main and Market. Aun F. Mie L .u'.tt rot raznt SPEIMQ 9ALEA & Southern RightsT i a. 11. jr jrT HAVE varied RSCETTED A7D OPENED aMoruaeM of INaUSH CHINA. M.ln ttreet bet Tnlrd and Porta. P'2 .h all aM.i Harribiro, t, . Lent Mr Strth River 12 feet Weather clear Freedom and Northern Chivalrt. A Lady Xotif.ed to leave the Fair Grounds at Indi tmpolis. Miss Lizzie Dill, a talented lady of Indianapolis, aad the editress of Miss Dill's Gazette, went to the Fair Grounds near flat city oa Thurs day, where she was waited on by a Committee of five cowardly scoundrels in the garb of men, who informed her that she leave. We have heaid of outrages before in both sections, but a more dastardly one than this never occurred or can occur. If this is Northern chivalry, fcr Heaven's sake let us have the tinsel article of the South, even South Carolina ia preference. It, at least, has not been accused of threatening to lynch a lady. Indiana has been disgraced by these men, and we expect an open disavowal from all men and from aU parties, and think that in justice to tbe honor of the State they should be tarred and feathered, and ridden oa a rail out of town. We do not charge it upon the State, for we honor her, but the act is a disgrace to her citizens. IIITC EUi.heth Mrs M!t M.trr KIPI.FR .Ml.. Luut. New Yore, April 20. The Bteamshio Chesapeake will sail this afternoon for Not folk, with 250 seamen for the Navy yard The steamship Mooticeilo will sail this af ternoon for Norfolk, with one hundred marines from thence to Washington. Anderson s othcere and men will be pres ent at the Union mass meeting this after noon. Major Anderson will address the auJienc and tbe flags of Sumpter and Moultrie will float from the statue of Washington. April 20. m. by pier mark and falling. and pleasant. IMPORTED EXPRESiLT ulnlay Mist Marv li.irlaiinm Ml st'arul.uo Hrrl. Mrt Miiey S. CASSEDAV & SONS GOODS: PARLOR 0R3. AME2.T3; CHAMBER do; FLOOR MATTINGS, &c, Ac; Mln.Mcrv Pi 1.1st Mary Da Ann 1 IXiTrCH Mr, Ann el "t Mrs Pheb Aca Eiij-raJlraJae Mrt Jennie EtTt-lF.,x Mirr 1 Fluivv Mi, M.."! il.b.llt .'inter Mr, Mary J., April 10. , USES i nWTS Gen. Runyon une received ord rs for one regiment. He will send the first regiment," l.uOO strong, to Washington on Tuesday next. The Common Council will provide for the families of volunteers. About 1,500 mili tary stand ready to march to Newark alone. I he state it ink has offered the Stale 550. 000; other banks as much money as re quired. PiTTSBt-RO- CARPETIJTQS; CUETAIN DAJTASZ3; LACE DRAPERIES; l..i!l, sm MiKl iiIk-'- M WSM EGI.1D, IlllItE L new and tpleadld Mock of EIC3 Mirv Mm l.'ouiiliim Cmimil- lit- - ChlUer. Mi.i E Prora U ItwlM.-- i tir.r.-u.n- till N. I.utl. Mary rl Ju:u Mrs the-- r no DIB.ECT BT Mr An Miss lt.ik.-- - Ml- FOR CASH! II ito cb s m an, cl Tlnrrt New Importations FUllXISIIINGS! GREATER INDUCEMENTS Austin Klten. AUl Mr. Aahl. null! M'tKHz l'utLADtirHit, April 20. The 7th reci mcnt of New York and the Massachusetts men are at. the railroad depot. Cars are getting ready for the conveyance of the troops. A second dispatch says they will go by railroad to Haverdegrass, and then by water to Anspolis, Maryland. A third dispatch says the railroad bridge, three miles north of Baltimore, is reported to be burning. All the railroad bridges between Baltimore and Haverdegrass have been destroyed rendered useless. The Pantheon train due in Philadelphia o cioox this morning, has not yet ar rivved, and others are Btill in the Baltimore depot at Philadelpcia. Newark, HOUSE 19ik of Apt II, 161. DIES' l.IT. MrsMtn Auin iry iV An. V.ASiii.toTos, April 20. About 15 of the Massachusetts soldiery are in the hospital doing well and in fine spirits. The steamer Tawnee left last oig!.t with government troops on boarJ. are whisperings Theie amoLg the military that martial law will soon be proclaimed. The St Nicholas, a steamer plying be tween and liautmore, was seized this morning for prudential purposes. There are about 6,000 men under arms in Washington and 1 iuity. Philadelphia, April 20. Col. Smu'l's regiment arrived hack here last night. Six men were wounded by the stones thrown at them by the mob at Baltimote. A large number are missing, who separated from their comrades during the affray. Ntw Orleans, April 20. The steamship oiarui -c neat uas just arrived at fOW irom inuianoia, laxen tcere AS a pr trl tne vumtusraif gtaies. louis bridge, on the Northern Central Railroad and below Woodbury and Mt. Washington has been burned. It is reported that the Northern soldiers are at the Relay house, on teat road. A bridge on the Northern Central Riad, and one on Ihe Philadelphia and Baltimore are destroyed. viLXi 23 ISCELLANEOUS. JVI REMAINING IN THE ta Waaaxv-aine- eadavany. LIST OF LETTERS BURNING of RAILROAD BRIDGES IN MARYLAND! Baltimore, April 20. Tho Melville Dathy opU SM. SI APRIL 21, 1861. MORNING, THE DEMOCRAT. 55 MAY ELECTION. Far DEMOCRAT; LOOTSVXLLE a... bv ' xl mtj' svwi.wv. H

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