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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, August 2, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTTCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS. SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY. AUG. VOLUME 1. every indiMr. Hull, of Tennessee, has a vidual is bound to so use his lib- new remedy the trusts. erties that they do not interfere He vnnti a law parsed fining Mail your let' To with the liberties of others. A every corporation which diso ters arly so they will Rct'to ua ot U' Inw 50 per ter than Monday tiifclit. IlULEs: Write mun who gets drunk, thereby beys the anti-truon one Mo of the paper only; write making a menace to rocicty, has cent of its daily earnings. plainly: cpell names correctly, and already committed an offense. It writs "Cor" on the envelope. is a common thing to excuse men AS OTHERS SEE US. Leave out nemhliorhood visits or we for wrongful acts on the plea Following the killing of Pat will. established society, Correspondence. Do you want our laws enforced On Our Officers as Well as Our Citizens? st If your letter does not appear, re member that It was either too late or that It'a contents did not justify pub. lication. We IciVe out n part, or all, of other letters as well as yours. Our space is limited end wo must leave out much that is Intended for publicatijn. That is one of the many unthankful tasks of the. editor. Correspondents get your LETTERS in caily. that thy were drunk. This ap- rick, Judge Gaidncr ordered out ology, should never be allowed. the State troop3 and then wired Just as soon as drinking men acting Governor McDennott are ljeld strictly account ble ling that the troops be kept for the mischief they cause, the on duty. After a conference solution of the liquor question with Col. J. Tandy Ellis, ncting will be in sight. Pathfinder. Adjutant General, acting Cover nor McDermott confirmed the Secret of a Vulgar Idea of action of Judge Gardner, and in tion. John C. Whitt hau cone to Pike county on business. Mrs. Emily Hickman, of Greenup county, is visiting eo.i, David Hickman, at this place. hr Some of the school houses in this section are needing repairing awful baJ. The house at this place has been in a dangerous .condition. "A stitch in time taves nine." Seme of the pupils are out of school on account of sore eyes. Puff Stuff. GAPVILLE ' One of the heaviest rains fell in this section Wednesday night ever seen here. Many people prepared to leave their home.?. No lives lost as yet been reported. Lots of cotn and grass were destroyed. Morgan Whitaker and Louis Hoskins passed through here on their way to Little Paint on business. ing them up in luxurious idleness. This habit of excessive outlay upon young girls, runs through every grade of society. The daughter of the b'acksmith is as likely to be dressed extravagantly in proportion to his means as that of the millionaire for whom he works. The incline which the successful professional man carn3 by his brains is equal to the interest on a large bull; of capitol; it gives him the feeling of affluence. But, in tearing his daughters he i3 apt wholly to forget that his brains die with him. For how many of the pretty, innocent butterflies who brighten our streets today is any provision made to insure them, five years hence, one tithe of the luxuries which they now enjoy? IIoiv many of them arc qualified to earn their own living? The of this cruel neglect in par ents strikes deeper than mce poverty. Luxuries are made necessities for the girl. She knows that on the death of her father she will lose them; she cannot earn them. There is but one way to secure them marriage with a rich man. There is the secret of the vulgar idea of mar riage which is debasing our social life; of the market for worn- en which fashionable society has become; of the voluntary sale of themselves of the prettiest girls of each season to rich old men of the wretched homes, and of the innumerable divorces that end this lamentable history. What is the remedy? Ex. c'-fe- ct IVYTON. The farmers were very busy ljst week repairing their fence which was washed away by the unusual high water. J. M. Richardson is at Huntington this week. The heavy rains have made much damage in this section, washing away many logs, ties, lumber and destroying a great deal of crops. Mrs. J. F. Hackworth, of Ash-h.nhas entered her subscrip tion to the Mountaineer, and wo Fay hurrah for her. We hope it will enter the home of every reader of Kentucky, as the pto-pi- e of Ivyton say it is a blessing to every home. Marble playing is all the go here and we are fearful that it will cause a great demand for bolted meal next year. R. P. Rice has been very ill the past week. About fifty people got oft the The highest priced land in thn world is situated at the corner of Broad and Wall Streets, in New York City. Some recently sold thereat the late of $4.75 per square inch, and has increased in price rather than diminished since. Intending purchasers will understand that they can't buy a fraction of a square inch. d, and girls would have free tuition? Would You Like To See Wo do all kinds of Job on short notice. Work WANTEiD Your neighbor to sub- scribe for the Mountain- - un- This is the second time within two weeks that the Salycrsvillj troops have been ordered out in Magoffin. Several days af Captain Cisco and twenty met were pent into the mountains jh pursuit of Bud Collins, an alleged murderer, who h supposed to have- - surrounded hitnsolf with an armed band of friends. The acting Governor ordered Brig. Gen. Villian13, of Lexington, to proceed to Salyersvil'e and report by wire tha need ,pf troop, which will bo ko( '611 duty until after the men have been given an examining trial Gov. McDermott had no sooner completed this work than hi was called over the long distance phone from Mt. Sterling and 'informed that further trouble va3 feared at the mines in Bnth county, where a railroad bridge was dynamited last week. An ' attempt to' IA07?-- - Aip .artatJS'cr bridge was threatened, and the county authorities asked for troops. Within a few minutes instructions were hastily sent to Gen. Roger Williams to proceed at once to Bath county to inves tigate conditions, and to go from there to Salycrsville. There has been so much com plaint about the courts and jur ies not doing their duties in cas-0- 3 of violence, murder and manslaughter, that Gov. McDermott refused to pardon Ed Tracy, of Ashland, for the murder of Wm. Frank. Breathitt Coucty News. Three children of Daugherty Adams, a lower Rockhouse creek farmer, met violent deaths within a period of an half an hour. boy went to a hen's An nest a short distance from the home on the hillside. He is supposed to have been bitten by a rattlesnake. When his younger brother went to see about him he was dead. The younger brother was .also bitten by the reptile and died within a few minutes. When the mother went to see about the children she found the snake coiled in the hen'-- i nest and the two children lying dead.' After a desperate effort she succeeded in killing the e nakc. Upon returning to h house child she found. her 3ycar-ol- d drowned in a wash tub near by, and. in the absence of her hud- band, the woman was compelled to adviso her neighbors of the fate of her three children. xington Herald. Don't You Think That we are Entiled every-- ; CCr. HB IlBeilS It ai1tt We -Le- I I no it ''own concern," Living in an lc6s "" haTe To greater returns for our high faxes? Are you interested in the unbiased news of your county? Would you pay two cents per week in a campaign for these causes? PAPER IF SO SUBSCRIBE FOR THIS impossible for would be and don't borrow your neighbor's copy. us to run our papsr. If every one did this it big interest, on an investment There's scarcely a citizen in our county that would not make of two cents per week, or ?1.00 per year in this cause. See Alonzo Keeton or the editor without delay and sub scribe today. , IN ONE MINUTE YOU CAN bo published in these columns telling what a kind father,' a Propose to a girl. (rood neichbor and beloveil citi Fall overboard. zen he was which the recording Miss the boat to Europe. angel will overlook for chanty's Be hanged. sake and in a very short time Lose a fortune in the market. forgotten. As he lies 1 to GO times. he will he Kiss a girl from out there in tho cold, cold graveBe kissed as many. yard wrapped in the silent slumAcquire a fatal disease. y building. bers of death, he will never Drop from a know that the last kind words Take a cold bath. spoken of him was by the editor Run a hundred yards. of that paper which in life he Lose your job. Did so spitefully "stopped." pocket picked. Have your you ever pause just for a moment Write a check for a million. your editor, who- Make a good after dinner and think that ever he may be, will write your speech. ond obituary 3ome Make a bad one. Climax. joke. Sec the point of a prisoners. Courier-Journa- l. . ten-stor- -- day?-Richm- Be born. Die. Will Restock With Deer. The following is sent out from Frankfort: "Kentucky is to be restocked with deer.. This announcement was made by the Game and Fish Work' of restockCommission. ing with deer will begin this Sell one. fall. The commission' fixed the Be led into' words With your salary of tho executive agent at wife. $2,500 a year, and J. Q. Ward, Be run ovcr'at a grade cross- d'f. Paris, has been appointed. ing. As soon as it can be determined Read this Life. if tho terms of tho commission are satisfactory to men selected We can save you money on appointments typewriter paper and stationery as will bo made. of all kipds. Call at the Mountaineer office, and get prices. Have a tooth pulled. Meet your affinity. Say the wrong thing. Lose a twosome. Say the Lord's prayer. Swear a blue streak. Buy a gold brick. Game-Warden- s The Cost of Lawlessness. Stopped His Paper. ' A couplq.of .monthsago a Cran kv sort of nnold man came"" to the office and stopped his paper need him. Will you help COR. because something in it did not us in getting him? suit his fancy. We have fre It has come out that the eng f. quently met him on the streets If ou will do this you will ncer who caused a railroad since that time and it is amusNinety and Wants Pension. wreck in which 40 lives were lost profit b it as well as we. surprise on duty drunk. And yet we The more subscribers the bet- -' was Probably the oldest widow of a ing to noto the look of on the old fellow's face that we keep hearing the argument re - t r Our goal is 1,000 Confederate soldier applying for are still in existence, regardless peateu tnat it is a man s own j subscribers, a pension under the new law is ho stopped his Mrs. Nancy Richie, widow of of tho fact that -can Henry H. Richie, who served in paper. Some day and it won't drink or leaves it alone and that L3I1 WB U0 It: old gentleothers have nothing to say about If John B. Holliday's company, bo long either that Riup wj hpln UIVGUJi, Mrs. Richie is 90 years of age man will turn up hi3 toes. His JUU The time is fast approaching His however when society is going 3 jjf before heart will be stilled forever. and appeared Monday neighbors and friends will follow to have everything to say aboutR t $1 ,00 pcr ycar, 10ct8 County Clerk Sugg for applica- tho lifeless clay to the silent city this matter. Nothing that can tion blanks, -- Carlisle Advocate. and lay him to rest among the affect his fellowmen is a person's per month, for less than a Subscribe for the Mountaineer j silent flowers. An obituary will year, from Alger, and report thing covered with water. "Kl'" structions wero sent to Capt. treating of young girls as Cisco to continue his services objects of ornament, and bring- til further orders. OLDE. County High School where your boys would you like to sco our county have an et Tho This section suffered great loss from a cloudbuist on the 24th of July, one of the worst washouts that ever occurred in this sec Are you for better schools, and . Mar-risg- NUMBER 30. 2, 1912. Figures in dispatches from ' Frankfort show that in three years Boone county has cost the State nothing for "witness fees in Last year the felony cases. jailer drew from tho Stao coffers only $140 and of that amount $C0 W'us for fuel. This, it is explained, is not because Boone county is negligent about pursuing lawless persons, but because its citiTho conzens are trast presented by Bell county is striking. Witness fees in felony cases in a year exceeded $5,000. Tho transportation of prisoners cost $1,200. Tho jailor drew more than $7,000 in a year for tho core of State prisoners, ex-- ! elusive of county and Federal g. The Public Drinking Cup And The School. Regardless of tho construction drinkplaced on tho ing cup law by tho Attorney General of Kentucky, Superintenanti-publ- dent of Public Instruction Barks-dal- e Hamlett Monday announced that ho would have the law enforced in all schools. The public fails to see any gcod reason for withholding the sanitary benefit of the drinking cup law from tho public schools. It should ho strictly enforced there, above all other places. Most people havo seen how drinking water is done in tho public schools, and they know tho way the common drinking vessel is passed from mouth to mouth, regardless of dirt and disease, is far from being a sanU tary or wholesome procedure. Tho News would go further in this matter and say that tho water receptacle should be a closed vessel with a spigot or faucet. If pupils arc permitted to dip their individual cups into tho water then the intention of tho law is almost wholly lost. The matter is to bo taken to tho court of appeals, and pending its action the teacher of every public school in tho commonwealth should strictly enforce the law as it now stands, and the teacher who fails in this regard is derelict in his duty to his pupils and a violator of tho law. -- Big Sandy News. New Dentist. Dr. F. A. Millard, of Salyers-villhas taken over tho dental office fixtures and lease of Dr. McClung in the Reynolds building and will practice his profession. Dr. Millard is a graduate of the Louisville Dental Collego with tho highest honors obtainable at that institution and comes highly recommended as a young gentleman of splendid character and business ability. -- Mt. Steri ling Gazette. o,

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