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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, August 16, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Kentucky Mountaineer. FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTTCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS VOLUME SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY. AUG. 16.1912. 1. Correspondence.r . it nil let- otlla to they will un earlyMonday nlchU get to ui Writ RULES: ..- - ih.n only; write on on Id of the olmlnl: apcll rnnei correctly, and wriw "Cor" on the envelope. out nelKhboflWOd vliU or w ppr 11 if your letter rtoei Sol. apper, re member thit It was either too late oi that It's coirtenU JM not JuiUfy pub i: .1 out part, or all. of other W lea l.tUrs aa well M youra. ! limited and w muit .... ,..v that ! intended uw publication. That la on of the many unthankful taiics oi me mwi. yaw LETTERS la n..n.r. mi CirTKfHriMts trly. fit Lickhurg. SHOOT- ING MATCHES looking very well considering the ON . r-- (' MININGFORK. py here there was nbout fiftv shot fired betwen Kome parties at each othcer. I don't think either party got hurt. Somo time ago a neighbor of mine was returning home James Hall, Robert and George Slone were by the road side and they being drunk began shooting at h:m. He escaped Now, what I want to know, how long our courts, jurie?, and goodpeo-pl- e nre going to stand for this? Lf t them rise ud and give them the full extent of the law. The good book says"When the wick ed rule.the people mourn.,, Let us pray God, when the time comes for us to choose our officers that he may help us chooso men that are who will hel p sueress crime. If this were dono there would not be so lives in our countj BRADLEY MolU Rice of Williamson W.Vh. is visfttot her mother, Mrs. ba ruh RIe Mrs. June Millard daughter and mother have returned to Wilmore, Ky. The Burning Fork Developing Co. is at work on the line tc pipe the gas to Salyersville. WriuM Bailey of Charleston, W. Va., is visiting his father and mother. Mr T. P. Patrick is still on he Rick list. TnJw. Fnirehild. Mrs. Fred Rice and family passed through here Saturday enroute to Lake villa. Kv. Albert, Lizzie. Frank Moore famliv left Friday for HENDRICKS. Charleston, W. Va. May long live The Mountain Unvrl Railev moved his saw mill to Si)as Fletcher's on Gun eer is the wish of the neigobors here. Creek. Mr. Fred Burrows of West Hopeful. Liberty, is here this week mak ing new contracts fo timber Carver. This is certainly a forecast' o) On Aubj. 7th uncle "P" Collins continued prosperity for 1912 the of Lambrick, passed away. He despite the nearness to contest this fall. has been very low for quite presidential Crop3 arc good and the recent awhile. His friends mourn his rains have not done a great dea loss. The boys are finding so many of damage to our corn, the heavy bee trees in this country, we rains failing to hit us in this irn don't know what they will do mediate vicini'y. Our season has with all of them. Dean Bailey been ideal and just enough rain to has five bee trees to cut and is keep crops and gardens in fine growing condition. We are very hunting for more. will get thankful. Mr. Peter Williams It is very gratifying to reporl his house completed in a few looks like it is going that the various Echool elections weeks. It fn this section went off very to be all 0. K. Crops are looking fine here quiet and no drinking or "fuss ing" t o report. Maybe our and having plenty of rain. Anderson Marshall has a can- neighborhood i s better along cer on his face and is no better. this line. Bill. Our postmaster informs us that ' Friday" is the busiest day he Conley. has at the post office as it "Moun Trixie Adams. Tressie and taineer day" and everybody is so Versie Pace, have been visiting anxious to see the paper that he Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Pace and has a hard time handing them out were delightfully entertained. until they areall served with their Mr. Glenn Salyer is teaching respective copies. This show our school and we verily believe teacher in Magof- the interest is growing in their he is the best county paper .along with the good fin Co. All the children like him. crops and other prosperity. SubWe wish him much success anp to the papsr and be one ii hope he will get our school next scribe the rnsh. year. II. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moore and son left here the eighth. They will be missed by friends and relative. Mr. Willie Rice of Ivyton is working on B. F. Whitt's house. It will be ready for use in a few days. Mr. Wrigys is visiting home folks, Mr. and Mrs. T P. Bailey. Belle, little daughter of John Jackson, visited Mrs. Marion Spears the eighth. Wonder. Mr. W. S. Gunsalus, a farmer living near Fleming, Pa., Bays he has used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea Remedy in hia family for fourteen years, and that he has found it to be an eseeNeat remedy and takes plsaswg ia recommending it. Drug For sale At JQr. Store ' Ja's t. Our Officers as Well as Our Cii zens? - s r wnsh-o'i- Lee Yates wou'd be very'-glato know ho a- much of his wheat was caught by Ru'e Johnson. If it is enoutjh to him f. r his WHEELERSBURG. trouble, he may k;ep it. (Too bte for last week.) Albert Moore of Silyersville Dows and Thomas Williams spent Sunday w th his ousin, of Flatgap, are visiting relatives Miss Una Howse. here. Tlu school election wrnt off Emma, daughter of J. C. Wheel very peaceably. C. A. Howes er is very sick. On last Sundsv was elected trustee of this sub- - un-hei- ..i Do yon want our laws enforced On me crops at UcKburg are Dig The school is progressing very nicely. The number enrolled is sixty-tw- o while there is quite a number attending who are over md under the school age. The teacher says if more come in she will be fored to get seats. Hey! there Rule Johnson, I believe I recognize you. If you are not one of my fifth cousin, I am badly mistaken. IGive my love to grandfather and write more next time. Pajama Kid. NUMBER 32. Are you for better schools and huo our county nave an and girls would have free tuition? County High School where your boys Would You Like To See 0 USSJT Don't You Think That we are Entiled To greater returns for our high taxes? Are you interested in the unbiased nevs of your couny? Would you pay two cents per week in a campaign for these causes? IFand SOborrow your neighbor's copy. If everyFOR THIS PAPER SUBSCRIBE one did this it don't impoosiblo for would-b- e MIDLE FORK. us lo run our paper. There's scarcely a citizen in our county that would not make big interest onjan invcslment of two cents per week, or $1.00 per year in this cnusc. LUCK VS. PLUCK. isthatof which something grand and -- oble is expected, but nothing received. Pluck is an un- quenchnble fameo f ambition: a firm and resolute determination to do and be something worthy of honor. Luck always lies around waiting for something to turn up while pluck sets dilligently t 'ork to turn up something. Whoever would be sful must be. and ponder well before acting upon too much advice. If you listen to everybody's advice, thra will be your only capitol. Be sclfreliant andanti wastical.CuItivate a kind, affa ble and courteous disposition, ever remembering that "mo'asses win aiiraci more ines man vine " Heed not the jostlings and joltings you may receive, for if is the constant jolting that brings ireat men to the surface. Shake a barrel of apples and big ones comes io the top. Avoid biooding over past troubles and failure Cherr up, shake off that lethar gy ant resolve to have a future more productive of pleasing re Not much news, cattle and bolted meal brings good prices, and arc scarce. Corn in the bottom looks bad, too much rain and not enough work. Q'lito a lot of pensioners were here thmveekto get their vouchers p'ovrd up. Fine boy at Vance Arnetts' i Its. 111b. Woodrow Wi'son. Luck g; See Alonzo Keeton or the editor without delay and sub- scribe today. t6 Jane Howard on the same eve a crowd of about fifty were prc sent at the infare dinner. We wish them good luck, long and haDnv life, and hope there will be nothing to mar their hap1 piness. 'r Very Trulv Yours,Old Fuller. " ' - BLIND MAN IcxfiSrf where they their future home. wH make Every man should have what Is justly due him. "An honest man Mr. ano Mrs. G. W. Wheeler don't care for being watched and are visiting relatives at Paints- - a rascal auto be" lam most hearville this week. tily in sympathy with the Editor Born to Sherman Helton and of the Mountuineer.the way ho wife a fine girl. isJielpin? ; to put down crime and IT. Wheeler.' of 'Pntton.Ky. publishing the slionoKt de&a was hero on business a few days that nre being practised of the ago. piescnt time. Dover Welcome Selling Liquor at No more ten cent subscribers. Sublett. For the past several months we have offered the Mountaineer at ten cents pur month, but owing to the extra trouble in keep ing the fraction of a year we have decided to send your friend a sample copy rather than take a ten cent subscription. For the same reason wn shall charge sixty cents for fix month and thirty five cvnta for three month subscription, cash in of course. It pays you as well as us to subjeribe one year at n time. The boys are fixing to start come and let s reason '0 an "ap their cattle to market. peal to reason." Get your goul L. T. Minix and John Howard an'd body tjgother, your minds of Middle fork arc selling their concentrated upon the irood 800 acres of timber and coal land things of this world: let not the to Jasper Owens. Calloway Mt- Williams carnal mind manuiactnre or hold gomery has started work on his Enclosed please find One Dollmalice or III feelings towards one 100 tree logging job on Oakley. ar for which send me your paper another in the school elections. What abomt a man putting a for one year. whisin of school trustee is not blind man man to selling Re3pt. Yours. paying enough, oi has neither hon key? Look out Sam Mullins. K. P. Gullet. 0. J. or or trust enough to spend mon ey or lime in elect;o leering and Olde. loosing sleep for the honor of in John C . Whitt has returned said office of trustee. Saturday, August 3 rd, 1912, from Pike county with a fine was a notable and Jolly day for droveof C3ttle. 'Mrs. John Literal the voters and school office seek- and W. E. Whitt arevisiling Julian. ers for trustee, in the Burgett, relatives at Williamson, W. Va. In connection with what I writ--' Your neighbor to sub school District; a hot race ensued th's week. left a teu pound girl ten you last week concerning the The stork oetween three candidates Gose School Election. One of the scribe for the Mountain school district. W. T. Arnett was at th" home of Mr. and Mrs. Ab Judges of the E.ectfou had hard the succcsf ul candidate, elected AbottAdams. feelings Litternl eer. He needs it and wi to the office of school trustee. Mr. W. H. RoarkofBrownlow, and would toward Wiley him. not speak to Ky. is very low with fever. And it can bo proven that they need him. Will you hel The Lucks defeated. Rob3rt Cooper's little boy was In the Burgett school District bought some votee, neck bribed and was also a hot race for school seriously scalded about the us in getting him? just as you would come to a man and shoulders with coffee. If you will do this you wil, trustee. In the final windup on W. M. Slusher has gone to Mt. in a crowd and buy cattb and the precding day of the election profit by it as well as we. A. D. Steveus came off in the Sterling to work in the tobacco hogs. And we think that any man would buy votes to be elecThe more subscribers the bet favor of Butler Dyer, the latter crop3. ted to the office of School Trustee ter paper. Our goal is 1,000 candidate of pluck was elected Aunt Sucky Adams of Harbor means to sell out himself to gt t trustee. The Lucks were defea-e- l is visiting friends at this p'acc. his money back. We hope the subscribers. Puff stuff. of pluck. time is soon at hand when money Cm we do it? We can James Dyer and B. F. Arnett, and whiskey's use in election Elm. if you will help. Give us killed a mutton and Bet dinner So Mr. J. A. Wheeler and fam'ly will be strictly for about sixty of the voters ta- of Pikoville.Ky. have been vhi- - ever man will have to run on his a lift. ken dinner with the two parties. ting relatives here the past week, merits" and not on his money. Rate? $1.00 per year, Commillus Arnett, was married and left Aug. 4th for Fowlcrto. Welcome. WA N T E D! ine scnooi election is over, now ,css ,iquor and have Vote Buying SCHOOL ELECTION n. MOONLIGHT School for OIL SPRINGS. Miss Virginia Helton of Staf- foidsville, is visiting relatives. Miss Mollio Whittaker of Ivv- ton, Is visiting at Mack Literal's this week. Miss Lucy Prater, who has been visiting relatives in Ohio, passed through hero Sundry, to her home at Salyersville. Beechcr Stapleton went to Cincinnati last week. Miss Clara Wittcn entertained quite a number of her friends at her home Monday night. Those present were, Misses, Alice Literal, Julia Stapleton, Virginia Helton, Mollie Whittaker, Edyth Kanard, Vir-gi- e to Collins. Messrs. Ray Sifford, Charley Mahan, Unison Literal, Jin Caudill, Blair. Ensiu and were on page 2.) Drop the Big Sandy Seminary at Paintsville a card for a catalog if you have children to send to an school. OUR GUARANTEE. We guarantee to refund your money if this paper ceases to ba published, THE EDITOR. THE PATHFINDER, One of America's Best Weekly Newspapers, $1.00 Per Year. MOUNTAINEER Y ' AND PATHFINDER ONE) YEAR FOR $1.50. BOTH " Mountain M I)er year

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