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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), August 5, 1909

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

r The Jeffersonian MAMMOTH CAVE. The Jeffersonian is to send' gfoing- ei jrht persons to this wonder of the world. Read ad for particulars and enter the contest at once. ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ADVERTISING, f "UNCLE RUBE" Has Been Nominated in Mam- FOR SALE. moth truck farm located SALK-First-c- lass Contest. Cave-Rin- g near Avoca. elegant dwelling and about acres of land: plenty of fruit and rich land: a 30 narcain. Price $4,500. Also several nice buildine lots in Jeffersontown. sizes 65x350 Several New Contestants and a Lively Time feet, with large shade trees, at prices rangExpected Friendly Rivalry Among ing from $100 to $150 on easy terms. Address tf V. O. Box 77. Jeffersontown. Ky. Popular Girls of the County. For Sale Ten acres good garden land at St Matthews, on Westpwrt road opposite Christian church. Address P. P. THOMAS, 3 The counting of the votes in the R. K. H, St. Matthews. Jeffersonian's Mammoth Ring Contest this week developed the fact that "Uncle Rube," of "Truck Patch" fame, has been nominated in the second district. His friends will doubtless try to make him win just to find out who he is and because they would like to show their appreciation of his good letters to The Jeffersonian. Several of the county's most popular young ladies have been nominated and a lively and friendly rivalry is expected to result. Miss Lynch in the Second takes the lead with Miss Skiles a close second. The Third District is showing a little interest, Miss Jessie Young, of Okolona, and Miss Eula Bates, of Smyrna, having been nominated. These are attractive and popular girls, and their friends say they will be the lucky Cave-Diamon- For Sale 901 acres good land, about 6 miles from city limits. mile from electric car line, on Funk's branch road, between Taylorsville and Shelbyville pikes, brick house. 2 barns. 2 never failing springs: all necessary outbuildings in good condition. For information address :., Box 7f. R. R. No. 20, St. Matthews. Ky.. or phone Cumb. P 1 51-- 4. 4 Oak Lumber, inch plank h to 16 feet. 2 by 4, 2 by 6. 2 by N I by 10. K to IB feet length. The late John Goose farm. Route 14. For Sale See -- R. K. WHALEY. 4t For Sale Cheap, scholarship inCreager's at this office, tf School of Business. Appiy For Sale Space in ihisColumnatone cent a word. It's the best way to dispose of anything Read by 6,000 people every w eek. tf WANTED. buy large white silTer skin Wasted-T- o onions; will pay $1.25 barrel. Inquire at this office. 2 Wanted- - You to have vour live stock insured against death from any cause. Write tf J. C. Am ock, Jeffersontown. the young men of the town to spend their leisure hours playing billiards at my tables. No swearing or gambling is tolerated. Barber shop in connection. Fred tf Prell. Jeffersontown. Wasted-A- II .Vanted To do all the Job Printing for the The Jeffcounty people. Cumb. Phone 36-tf ersonian. Wanted You to protect your family after vour death by insuring in the Pacific Mutual. Very i iw rates. For information see J. C. tf. Alcock. Jeffersontown. For Rent Storeroom and Stable on mar feet street in Jeffersontown. Ky. Apply to E R Sprow l. Agt. Cumb phone 36-- Jefferson town. Ky. 4- -tf Taffeta Dress between Lost-Bla- ck a To w rT-- r: eTnu "a. h"! H "SfTST ".vIlTT e r1 so cience. or taken by mistake from d Jeffer-- Spi:y Prices 5That You Can Not Obtain at Another Store in Lovisville'. Busy Housewives Per lb. Allspice, ground or whole Anise Seed Celery Cayenne Pods Cayenne Pepper, ground Cinnamon Coriander Carraway Seed Ginger. Jamaica Mustard Seed, white Mace Nutmeg Pepper, ground or whole 20c 30c .! 15c Self-Melting- 10c Self-Sealin- 3oc just received shipment of g String Sealing Wax 15 Strings, 5c; 100 Strings 30c. Fruit Acid For preserving- fruit and vegetables, 10c package. - Sure you need some of these. Every the kind article absolutely pure, and canning, that premakes you feel sure your serving and pickling is excellently done. you pay for adulPrices no higher than terated articles. We want you to come and sample these spices, as the sight and taste of them will sell them. Theo. Rectanus Go. (Incorporated) Louisville's Best Drug Store, PRESTON AND MARKET STS. Pfeffer's Bakery 1604 Baxter Avenue, LOUISVILLE, KY. For the Best in Bakery and Confectionery Line ICE CREAM and Sherbets a Specialty. Home Phone Highland T 18. 10 Second District. Elizabeth Lynch, Jeffersontown... Elizabeth A. Skiles. Buechel Cora Davis, Fisherville Ethel Baker. Fern Creek Drucil la Marshall. Jeffersontown. Bessie Sweeney, Jeffersontown Carolyn Noll. Doup's Point Shaw Hall. Fern Creek Frances Gering. Hike's Point "Uncle Rube." Tucker Station Miss Eula Bates. Smyrna I0 410 S10 110 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 Mrs. W. Eee Napier. Highland Park Miss Annie Bruce, Okolona Miss Jessie May Young. Okolona 210 10 10 Fourth District. Miss Johnnie B. Moremen, Valley Sta.. Miss Marie Kennedy, Valley Station Miss Dorothy Moremen. Valley Station. Howard L. Miller. Valley Station Miss Allie McGloshen, Shively 210 10 10 10 10 ORGANIZATION The Thing Writes Items of M. F. Johnson Other Interest From Fern Creek Neighborhood. r. a pound. ;, 10 10 10 10 2ac Pep-pe- Whole Mixed Pickle Spice of fine quality which we have put on sale at the special price of 10 15c 60c 00c 20c 25c 30c 25c Sage a large 10 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss 25c 20c 25c 15c We 25c Pepper, white Ground Mustard Tumeric Cloves, ground or whole Singapore Black SPECIAL-Fi- ne ground or whole two lbs CDPflAI orLlAL 0 SiO Third District. Can't overlook the fact that Ave are leaders in the spice line in Louisville. Look over this list of fresh spices: Cumb. E. 1944. succeed and to be patient and loyal to the organization and be willing if need be to make some sacrifice in Secorder to overcome opposition. ond: Gumption or intelligence. Use sound and careful judgement in every move. Third: Perhaps the most essential thing is loyalty to the organization. There will be all sorts of schemes and temptations offered to induce members to break away, from the ranks of the organization. Deserters are the most despised of all men. There was a large crowd in attendance at the picnic of Maple Camp, W. O. W., at the fair grounds Satur- First District. irt TesA' RECTANUS county and these should be merged into one county organization. There should be one general manager in charge of the whole, who could be in touch with the markets of the country and who could at the very least As Result of Quarrel in Gamblir g cost keep the local organizations inNear Harrod's Creek. formed as to the various markets and prevent an over supply being dumped on any market. Three things will be essential in Trustees Meet and Designate Terms For order to make it a success. First: Grit. That is, a determination to Schools Christian Church Narrowly Es- day. The Catholic picnic at the fair grounds Saturday. Sale of priviliges at the Fair on the grounds August 7th. School elections in many districts August 7th. Mrs. Lila Alley, of St. Louis. Mo., who visited here during July, has returned to her home. winners. Misses Laraine and Mabel Miller, Miss Mary Hoke in the First Disa good field and will make a daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles trict has close contender for the prizes. Miss Miller, are sick with typhoid fever. Ethel Bates, of Fern Crerk, will also Loraine is critically ill and much fear is entertained that she cannot make a good race. Miss Johnnie 13. Moremen, the new recover. Herman Graham is at the point of contestant in the fourth, is the only He was the victim of a person trying for the honors in her death. locality, and if some one does not street car accident more than a year early get into the race it looks like ago. it will be easy for her, although Miss Little Calvin Miller, son of Robert Allie McGloshen, of Shively, is a Miller, had his hand badly crushed in very popular and pretty girl and has a cider mill. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Miller have had many friends who will help her seborn to them another son. cure the prizes. Roy Sims is still in Chicago. He The contest is still open, and persons living in Jefferson county are went there to receive the onions invited to participate. It's a friend- which were shipped by the local ly campaign for our county paper, organization of growers. and the winners are to be rewarded very liberally for their efforts. DARING Following is the count this week: Miss'Hattie vvvelherty, Midulct6i Miss Mary Black well, Middletown. . dejiot. The dress was from Kaufman-Straus- s Miss Katie Durr, Middletown same to JefCo. Finder will return Wetherby. Middletown fersontown depot or Louisville Station and Miss Nellie Miss Lula Funk. Middletown 2 recrivt reward. Lawrence Waters. Middletown Prank Orr, Anchorage Mason Grepir. Middletown Miss Mary M. Hoke. Fern Creek We nave - ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY KILLED Advertisements under this head One Cent a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. Fob The Jeffersonian will (rive a $50 diamond rintothe person receiving-thgreatest number of votes in the great Mammoth Cave Contest- Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, August 5, 1909. Vol. 3. No. 8. CLASSIFIED $50 DIAMOND RING. Bv M. F. Johnson. The onion question is a rather strong one, but the price has been a rather weak one. The result of the efforts of the growers in this neighborhood to ship their own onions is not yet definitely known as returns for the last cars have not yet been received. There is no doubt but that if the farmers would organize properly that they could save much money in marketing their crops. The peach growers of Georgia have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in selling their crop. The time for organization is now, so that the organization may be on a business basis for next season's crops. Three classes will be enemies to a farmers organization. First: The shyster and dishonest commission men who like cormorants have sucked the life out of the farmers for years. Second: Dishonest, designing and incompetent men who will seek positions as manager, agent, etc. Third: The dishonest member of the association who for the love of money will pack his products dishonestly and thereby injure the sale of the products of the association as a whole. The big task of an organization will be to protect itself against these classes. Don't go at an organization too rapidly, but by beginning now move slowly and surely and make as perfect an organisation as possible, safeguarding ejrery interest. There should be a local organization in a number of localities in the Teutdre of ihiei Would-B- e Whn Entered House of Robert Stout Last Thursday Morning at 2 O'clock. On last Thursday morning at 2 o'clock Mr. Robert Stout, a well known farmer living about three miles east of Jeffersontown, had a thrilling experience with a burglar. He was awaked from his sleep and on opening his eyes beheld a negro kneeling beside his bed and running his hand under Mr. Stout's pillow. The latter made a leap at the burglar, y who made a quick out of the door, which he had propped open for just such an imergency. The two had a lively race for about one hundred yards, Mr. Stout being barefooted and in his night clothes. The negro cut across a corn field after leaving the yard, and Mr. Stout ran into a barbwire fence, badly scratching his face and hands. This stopped his pursuit, for when he had loosened himself the thief was out of sight. Mr. Stout returned to the house and telephoned County Patrolman Tyler and neighbors of the presence of the thief in the neighborhood. Mr. Tyler got out of bed, and with Patrolman Schaefer and several of his neighbors, went in search of the negro. Though bruised and footsore, Mr. Stout participated in the chase. The negro was tracked across the corn fields for several miles, but he could not be found. Mr. Stout says he would not know the negro should he see him, as it being dark he could not recognize his features. Mr. Stout kept a shot gun in his room, and the negro had removed this out in the yard, and returned for the money which Mr. Stout kept under his pillow, as the negro thought. get-awa- capes Burning Good News Letter. Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year duly filed petition, but the election may be held with blank ballots furnished by the County Clerk. Every school district should make sure that the best man in the district is elected trustee. The trustee may Is Model School For Jefferson become a member of the County Board. In that capacitv he will be County Children. called on to exercise high business wisdom, as well as educational judgment. The electors will do well to choose carefully the men who de- County Board Met Saturday and Again termine the educational facilities of Turned Down Offer of McFerran and the children on the one hand and the Atherton Great Disappointment. taxation of the property on the Wetherby, Mr. Shively and Mr. H. OUT OF ORDER other. By W. S. Kemp. FINDS HERD Harrod's Creek, Aug. 2 .Mr. James S. Wilhoyte, one of the oldest residents of Prospect, is seriously ill at his home, suffering from stomach Free From Tuberculosis Dr. Eisenman trouble and the infirmities of old age. ch Zehnder's Cows plies Test to At a meeting of the trustees of Educational Division No. 1, held at Saturday afternoon, the court-housProspect was given an eight mon :hs term, with a salary of $40; Harrod's Creek was allowed a term the same length with a salary of $50, wlile Barrickman district was allowed a term of eight months with a sal try The colored of $40 per month. school districts were given a term of six months duration, with a salary of $40. Small allowances for coal and other incidentals also made. Near Jeffersontown. e Zach Zehnder, near Jeffersontown. was the first to submit to the tuber culin test on his herd of twenty-thre- e dairy cows last week. The test was made under the directions of Dr. F. T. Eisenman. State Veterinarian, as sisted by Dr. M. A. Purdy, of Shelby ville, and Dr. Wallace, of Bowling Green. No cattle were found to be affected with tuberculosis. Besides the Zehnder herd that of Henry and N'iemler, Sr., at Thirty-fourtCedar streets, was inspected. h The Prospect Christian church had a narrow escape from burning Sunday night when a chandelier, consisting of six lighted lamps, fell from the ceiling. There was no explosion: eery light but one was extinguished, but, strange to say, the oil on the floor did not become ignited, and the loss of the chandelier and damage to the carpet was all that suffered. Last Saturdav afternoon at o'clock a chartered car, packed with Jeffersontown citizens and those from surrounding districts in favor of a consolidated model school for Jefferson county, amid the noise and music of the band, composed of the bovs of the Louisville School of Reform, left this place for Louisville to attend the meeting of the Board of Education at the courthouse. Cpon their arrival there they found hundreds of citizens from Middletown and all parts of the county present to show that a consolidated school was needed and desired. Never before was so much interest manifested in Kentucky (the state noted for its illiteracy) for better education. It demonstrated the fac- t- as far as the people are concerned that it is time Kentucky was redeeming herself. The board, however, did not think so. Two members of the board, Dr. Breidenthal. and one Sternberg, both little and loud, and the County Superintendent, were bitterly opposed to consolidation. The meeting was called to order by the chairman and JAMES A. M'CANN these two little fellows immediately approve the conasked the board to tracts for improvements amounting to over $.'5,000 each, made since the Dies of Tetanus, Result of Breaking His Leg The last meeting of the board. chairman agreed that all that was Last Week. Well Known Business Man. necessary was for this matter to be reported, as the board had already levy voted to distribute the n James A. McCann, one of the equally among the vanious districts, men in Jefferson county, died and the above amount of money was of tetanus, Tuesday at 12 :lock allotted to them. He an his home in Jeffersontown. A motion was put to reconsider the fell from a ladder Monday of last 1 Ap Membersof the Dairymen's Association are considering the advisability of resisting the tuberculin tests. The association members have gone so far as to consult an attorney, Morton K. come-soone- r He would not say, however, be made. What would be the effect of such an effort to stop the work cannot be suggested. However, the veterinarians engaged are pushing their Charles Smith, colored, laborer em- operations and will continue until ployed on the farm of R. L. Clore, their labors are completed or they was found dead as a result of a pistol are stopped by the courts. In addition to two dairy herds inshot, Sunday morning i cheyari adjoining the house ,'"i rhich he had spected last week the tuberculin test d was applied under the direction of been living. Andy Harris, also and who worked for G. S pratt Dr. F. T. Eis' iman to the herd of Lewers, of Prospect, was arrested, as Louis Oeschlin, who has twenty cows it is alleged that he did the k .lling near Jeffersontown, and to the almsas the result of a quarrel over gam house herd of four animals. bling. In one of the dead man's LONG RUN hands was clutched a razor anc. the other the sum of 15 cents. The body Augusti2. Miss Mynne Jnstic reiay i tlic yard unt; ?'.'iate Sunday afternoon, when Magistrate Han pton, turned to her home in the Kighlands, of Goshen, held an inquest, as the Sunday, after spending a week with here. place where the killing occurred is in friends Mr. and Mrs. Cissel and daughter, Oldham county. Miss Alma, of Taylorsville, spent Sunday here, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Sturgeon and family. W. F. Woodruff, of Blankenbiker's Miss Lillie Philips, who has been Station, the well known contra tor, is spending some time with her grand putting in good shape the roae from mother, at Harrodsburg, has returned Goose creek to the Oldham ounty to her home. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Justice and line. When this work is completed, Kate Justice, and th? road will be in better cor dition daughter, Miss Ora Gregg, of Louis their guest Miss than it has been since having been ville, spent Sunday evening with Mr. bought by the county. and Mrs. W. H. Childs. Mrs. G. B. Neel, who was ill while to her city, was able The Glenview Water Pipe Line in the here Saturday. to return home Company, which was organized some Mr. Peter Martin, of Middletown. time ago for the purpose of securing who was taken suddenly ill. near here, water for the inhabitantsof Glenview is reported to be slowly improving. The farmers in this community from the Louisville Water Company and which failed of its purt ose at have about finished threshing wheat. was very xoor, and the that time on account of being unable The yield quality inferior. to secure the right of way over cer The Baptist Ladies' Aid of this tain property, seems now certain of place met with Mrs. J. G. Morris accomplishing its ends, as it has ob Thursday. They had quite an intertainedthe right of way along :he line esting meeting and several new members were added. Those present were of the Prospect Electric line, and as Mesdames. W. R. Proctor S. G. a larger per cent of the necessary Sturgeon. Allie Sturgeon. W. M. funds has been subscribed, there Watkins, W. H. Childs. G. W. Dem-areMisses Lelia and Lula Sturgeon, seems no chance now of the project Stella Webb. Ona Belle and Georgie being a failure. Demaree, Mynne Justice and B. Morris. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Childs celeSCHOOL brated their fortieth wedding anniversary Sunday with a family reunion. They were the recipients of a To Ee Elected Next Saturday Let None Bat number of useful and handsome gifts. Yonts. that such a fight would col-ere- c e: TRUSTEES . Hummel were for it. Mr. Miller said he could not vote until he understood the- motion, the noise and turmoil having so distracted him. He made a speech in favor of accepting , the offer, and should the motion have been made clear to him. would have doubtless voted for it. Dr. Wetherby delivered a line speech and charged that in turning over the money to trie division boards the County Board had proceeded contrary to the new school law. His address was applauded for several minutes by the large audience. He made a fearless stand for better education in Jefferson county and after the meeting adjourned received many congratulations. Mr. H. A. Hummel was true to hisconvictions and citizens of his district who urged him to stanet up for a moelel school. He repeatedly asked the board to allow Mr. H. N. Reubelt, president of the Jefferson County Bank, to make a speech and give the public sentiment of his division, but the little fellow cried, "out of order." and Mr. Reubelt was not permitted to speak. There is quite a great deal of opposition in many sections to building this school, many residents of districts not likely to secure it saying that thev are not willing to pay taxes and have the money spent in .mother part of the county. However, the majority of the citizens, realizing the great need of better education in this county, say that consolidation is a good thing and that it will or later. Advocates are not discouraged, and will not stop working until the board votes for 20-ce- nt McFerran-Atherto- best-know- proposition, n de week and broke both bones in his clined at the last meeting, and ac right ankle. The injury seemed to cept their generous offer. Dr. Breid- heal well until last Sunday evening, enthal jumrftd up and yelled that the wnen symptoms oi iockjhw oegiiu motion w'ut'ef order, and moved dcelop. Every effor-.- j m ht woid. that the meeting adjiourn. He was made t6 save W. McCanri, but ed to be very anxious that they ad- medical skill seemed to be futile bejourn, and at every niotion and sug- fore the inroads of the disease. Drs gestion in favor of rt considering the HenJon, of Louisville and Blankm-bakeconsolidation idea, ,he said it was of this place, stayed close to "out of order.'- From the way his side and made strenuous efforts hissed it Appeared that he to save him. When the accident oc- was ''out of order." cured the physicians advised amputa So much confusion among mem- tion. but Mr. McCann objected and it bers of the board ar .d people present, was not done. a few against and njiany for the proMr. Mcf'rion was 62 years of age' ject, made it difficult to proceed in a and was born m Fayette county. He manner becoming an educational first engaged in the monument busiFinally, iMrs. Stonestreet ness in Lexington, being one of the board. arose and said she was "Chairman of first persons to open up sich an eS" that board, and hrltl something to say tablishment in that city. .At the herself." She we nt on record as op- time of his death, and for man f years posed to consolid' ation at this time, previous, he had been connected with and after some bitter personalities the Muldoon Monument Company. between Dr. W' itherby and herself, He was a resident of Louisville for and several outbursts of Dr. four years, but eight years ago he that eve ;rything was "out of removed to Jeffersontown, where he order.'' and c ries of Sternberg that had since resided. He leaves a wife he was "agin1" it," she put the fol- and three children. Capt. Arthur Mclowing motii-jmade by Dr. Wetherby Cann. Mrs E. R. Palmer and Miss and secondd-- by Dr. J. H. Shively: Bessie McCann. "Moved, lthat the Jefferson County The funeral took place from his Board of V.ducation reconsider its residence this morning at 9::N o'clock motion bj ; which the proposition to and the burial was in Cave Hill cemthis boardj made by Mr. McFerran etery. and Mr. was reiected, that The letTersonlan can save you the samef; be accepted and the appropriation of $12,500 requested by money it you will have your printthat pr oposition be made in accord- ing done at this office. Call us up ance vVith the proposition."' over the Cumberland phone. It v,, as declared lost by Mrs. Stone-str- e it r, - s -- Brie-elen-th- l et. when Dr. S. George Brieden-th- a Get a safety razor Two subcoca cola and all For ice cream, J, Manuel Sternberg, the trustees scriptions to this paper will get one kind;; of .fancy drinks, go to Fanelli wl l0 spent their money: O. H. Cooper a jd George Kurz voted "no.'' Dr. free. in Bros. The election of School Trustees the county on August 7 is a matter of Good Men Ge In. great importance this year because of the fact that the trustees of the eight educational divisions of the county will select from the: r members of the County Board if Education. This new board may be composed of its present members or of new members, depending on the trustees, action of the half of whom are to be elected on August 7. However composed, it will have the expenditure of over The money, however, was further down in the bed, under Mr. Stout's back. He was awakened when the thief thrust his hand under the pillow. The negro is believed to have worked in the neighborhood recently and knew of the money that Mr. $70,000 and the safeguarding of the Stout had in bed with him. The auinterests of the children of thorities are still working on the highest the county. It will also call upon the case. Fiscal Court to levy the school tax The law How's This? for the year Re- providing for this levy is mandatory. We offer One Hundred Dollars ward for any case of Catarrh that This makes the Board of Education can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh the real taxing body of the county limit for school Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co. , Toledo, O. within the purposes. In other words, tae memWe, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, bers of the Board of Educat on really and believe him perfectly honorable lay almost half of the tota l county in all business transactions, and finan- tax. The law provides for the nc mination cially able to carry out any obligaof trustees by petition, suet petition tions made by his firm. to be filed at least ten days before Walding, Kinnan & Martin, Druggists, Toledo, O. the election. In many sut districts Wholesale Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- the matter of the petition has been nally, acting directly upon the bloc;'-an- neglected and the election would go default but for the further pro mucous surfaces of the syst v f tVi a olocfnro man wri1- 'K Testimonials sent free. Pric Vf their choice for ti u per bottle. "Sold by all Druggk Jots. The names ar; Hall'sVFamily Pills fu Take fcallot only as the res pation. sub-distri- ct DO YOl' THAT'S ALL WE WANT TO KNOW. We have placed on I our floors a nice line of new and up-to-d- ate vehicles BUGGIES, DERIVING WAGONS and SURREYS. We invite you to call and examine our stock and get prices. 1910-191- 1. 20-ce- nt LIKE TO RIDE? Southern Seed Company,! M INCORPORATED. Prestonmd Jefferson Louisville, Ky. Sts. -- -- t E. G. CIEUSLING, Managr Vehicle Department Former!, with W, P, COLE & CO. . i i

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