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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 31, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

1 t f4mII 2 t JrIt IVOLUMF y ilWsFajf > 1 XIUCOLUMBtA A 1Last of the brides parents Columbia Ky on Aug 24th 1910 Prof W M Wil ¬ son Williamsburg Ky Prin of The Columbia Graded School and Miss Mar tha M Hancock Eld Z T Williams being ill the ceremony was performed by Rev B M Currie after which the bridal party left immediately for Louis ville where they will spend a few days Upon their return they will go to house- ¬ o keeping on Jamestown St The best wishes of the community follow Prof and Mrs Wilson A ¬ > Teachers Wanted Do not fail to be at the courthouse next Saturday evening Mr Archie W Miller of Hatcher Ky and Mr G H Upchurch of Sav age Ky were here Friday and toodI an examination before Bros and Currie for licenses Johnson ¬ l Fred Myers Ky Mr John Blair showed his suckling at the fair and sold it to Mr Ruf us Price for 125 While it did not wear the blue ribbon yet it is probably the best mule of its age in this part of the country BreedingBest Best cow Paull J 2 C Edwards r l pt f < V y mWeed ¬ yedSept F Paull W L Walker Best cow any age any breed R F PaulV WadeHorse Best bull and three females WK L Walker R F Paull Stallion 4 years old and over A S Chewning P P Dalton Stallion 2 years old and under 3 A I D Accompanied by Judge H C Baker Prettiest girl baby under 14 months Gov J R Hindman and other leading old Mrs Bettie Sullivan Lela Blair citizens will address the voters of Best combined gelding owned in Adair Adair County at the following places county Tim Cravens on the dates given Best combined mare owned in Adair Glensfork Saturday night Sept 3 county Hunn Coffey 7p m Best rockaway mare or gelding any Columbia Monday Sept5130p m age Hunn Coffey Jo Barbee Finest turnout for colored gentleman and lady Sampson Garnett Road Stakes Soundness pleasant handling etc Wilson Bros A S Chewning Lee Smith Best stallion mare or gelding shown Old Purdy Wednesday Sept 7 130 in any way that has not won at this o m fair WL Grady Mrs Jo Coffey Mule race Plato Wade Conover C R Won Clara Kritchfield ¬ under 1 year S C Neat 2 years old andover R F Bestbull any age any breed Rice a pmCasey m- Knifiey Thursday Sept 8 7 pm Cane Valley Thursday Sept 8 7p Buy your fertilizer from C E Young m 431m Since sending out Mr E wards speaking appointments a few day ago f Announcement S Chewning C L Gore he has learned that he can devote more Stallion one year and under 2 A Si time to Adair County and the above The regular courseoflstudy for which appointments are made Chewning The R publiStallion under 1 year W L Grady any charge is made in the L WT S cans are urged to be present and many begins with the Third Grade but any things not heretofore brought out in Robert Price Mare or gelding 4 years old andover younger brothers or sisters of older the Campaign will be told them Do pupils in school will receive without not fail to turn out Wilson Bros Hunn Coffey s Mare or gelding 3 and under 4 Hunn charge careful attention in the For Rentand Second Grades No pupil however Coffey Mare one year and under 2 A S will be received in the first two grades who has not an older brother or sister Chewning Elbert English Good dwelling andjout buildings Mare under 1 year W L Grady W in school Mrs Susie Montgomery The teachers will all be in Saturday S AntleBest Dr 0 S Dunbar and Edwin Hurt suckling colt Chester Scalf ready to begin work Monday Miss Mattie Elliott will have charge have purchased from Sandusky Co Swain Scalf x their column mill and will continue Best horse colt by Duke Adair Ches ¬ of the Business Department ter Scalf Leotie Johnson Best mare Miss Ethel Lee Hatcher of the Con¬ the business in Columbia Mr Hurt colt by same horse W S Antle Geo servatory o f Music Cincinnati will will manage the business teach both instrumental and vocal StevensonBest Mr Caleb Powers is now addressingand colt W L Grady W musicMiss Louise McGavock of Franklin an audience at the courthouse in his S AntleSaddle stallion mare or geding any Tenn will continue the Curry System interest as a Rupublican candidate for Congress in this district The primary of Expression age Hunn Coffey Wilson Bros ¬ Hunn Coffey ber Most beautiful team A S Chewning race Plato Wade I Adair county trot Lee Smith A chargeISepteme S ATTENTIONAll persons inaebted to will assist in the lower grades the Jeffries Hardware Store will please Mr Paul Moss will of course be in THIRD DAY call and settle We need money Best horse mule 3 years and over his old place and so will the principals Horace Jeffries Neilson and Moss W L Walker Elzy Young Best horse mule 2 and under 3 James J Tandy Ellis of Lexington will give Columbia Lodge No 95 F A M Butler Wm Walker Best horse mue under 1 year J C a reading at the courthouse Saturda night Sept 3rd beginning at 8 oclock gree Members are urged to be present HoodBest mare mule 3 years old and over Mr Ellis is an excellent reader inper sonator and musician Those who heard B B Pursely J Tandy Ellis will make you laugh Best mare mule 2 years and under 3 him give the selections on Friday and cry Meet him at the courthouse morning of our institute know that it next Saturday evening W R Butler R F Paull Best mare mule 1 year and under 2 is well worth the money so come everybody The proceeds of this entertain- ¬ Mr PoP Dalton of Albany was M D Phelps ment goes to the library Admission here with one of the best horses on the Best mare mule under 1 year W L 25 cents reserved seats 35 cents grounds but unfortunalely the animal Grady Curt Grady took sick and his owner was unable toBest Pair mare mules regardless of I want to rent my place lacated o n show him Had he kept well he would ownership B B Pursely S F Paull Campbellsville pike near Colum have doubtless been awarded some Best mule colt under 1 year season the bia Ed Barbee money to Peacock Henry Parson I Stallion mare or gelding 4 years old The meeting conducted by M R Please call and settle your account and over Wilson Bros A S Chew ¬ Gabbert at Tabernacle closed Wedning nesday August 24th The meeting w Stallion mare or gelding 3 years old largely attended and resulted in eleven pay promptly Dont wait for me to and under 4 LeeS Smith Wolford additions to the church A Sunday send a statement Geo E Wilson PennycuffBest School was organized and 260 was BrosDouble Hudson Conover team Wilson Bros On the second Friday the ninth of raised the last night of the meeting for Attention is called to the speaking Best display of vegetables Amanda Most beautiful stallion mare or geld September 1910 the Adair County the construction of a new church There appointments of Hon D C EdwardsTl ing A S Chewning Wilson Bros A was a committee appointed to get Medical Society will meet in Columbia ButlerBest the published in todays paper beets Guy East S ChewningBest at 10 oclock when the following prorest of the money pledged Dont see Best 3 stalks of dark tobacco Finis Mrs E E Cheat gram will be rendered Mr and Mrs P V Grissom enter ¬ any reason why we are not going to W R Grissom a paper of his own CundiffBest tamed at supper Saturday night Miss build the new ceurch hamStallion 3 stalks of Burley J W Wal 3 years old and under 4 selection May Hendrickson of Campbellsville Hunn Coffey A S Chewning Cartwright subject of his own kerBest WF and Miss Clara Wilson of this place Berkshire buck Finis Cundiff Stallion 3years old and under4 Wol ¬ selectionU Best ewe Finis Cundiff ford Bros A S Chewning Taylor Pellagra et Pellagra The committee of ladies who are I have for sale 2 English Berkshi Best buck and two ewes Finis Cun ¬ Stallion 1 year old and under 2 A sans Pellagra ¬ boar pigs eligible to registry Fine i S E A Waggener Why should Colum- diff to be at next ChewningStud Jno W Flowers Best specimen of pure bred Collie 1 year W L Grady dividuals bia have a Sanitarium Saturday afternoon at 3 oclock Columbia Ky 431t dog Stewart Hutchison Lucien Hunn Chester Scalf C M Russell a case reportedMrs J 0 Russell Pres Best boar one year old and over A Mare or gelding 4 years old ond over L C Nell Medical LegislationThe open air gospel service conductCoffey Wilson Bros Hunn S J Simmons The cost of modern S Chewning Flowers Bros All parties indebted to us will please ed by R J R Crawford on the lawn Best boar under one year Flowers Mare or gelding 3 years old under 4 Medical Educationat the home of Mr H A Walker Sun- call and settle as we need the money S A Taylor Should a doctor leave Bros R F Paull Hunn Coffey Hurt Co day afternoon was well attended and Best sow one year old and over R Mare or gelding 2 years old and un ¬ his regular business to attend a medical greatly enjoyed by all who were pre ¬ F Paul Flowers Bros der 3 E E Cheatham Son C E term Lindsey Wilson opens next SocietyG ent The next service will be held Best sow under one year Flowers Claycomb atrFall Septa 5th Start at the be Simpson the type of sickness M Antle Bros R K Young Best stud colt under 1 year A S the home of Mr in the west end of the county Heights on the second Sunday afte Best sow any age R F Paull Flow ¬ Chewning Elbert English William Blair the prevailing comers Bros On last Thursday August 25th Wei Best mare under 1 year W L Gra noon in September plaints in Glenville and its suburbs Best bear any age Flowers Bros dy AF Wilson by Mings and Miss Julie Baxter were come prepared and we can Let all For Sale A S Chewning Stallion mare or gelding any age united in marriage at thehome of the havean interesting meeting Best sow and 3 suckling pigs R F Hunn Coffey Wolford Bros bride by M R Gabbert A large num W F Cartwright Paull Tom Bailey W R Grissom 1 Committee rA gasoline mill outfit as good as new ber of friends witnessed the ceremony Finest turnout double team Hunn U L Taylor Best phaeton pony W N Hancock Coffey located and doing a good grinding busi- ¬ May they live long and happily togeth J I Mark Holladay Thoroughbred race Adair tcountyi ness on Water street in Columbia A erga nice buck for sale I have Best saddle mare 4 years old and stock Elzy Young Plato Wade good living for some man who wants t o A J Stottsi I have some good seed wheat which It j engage in the business The machinery FOURTH DAY lover Wilson Bros Hunn Coffey Best saddl gelding 4 years old and years old and aver Hunn belts etc were bought from the fac I will sell at l25perbushel Stallion JLTupmani Coffey A S Chewning Invitations to the marriage of Miss over Wilson Pros R M Hancock tory last March and are as good as >> Cane Valley Ky 43lm Stallion mare or gelding any age Martha Russell Morning daughter of Stallion 3 years old and under 4 Wol ¬ new Also have a rubber tier phaeton Mr and Mrs Charles Samuel Mourn shown in harness and under saddle 5 ford Bros and a set of harness for sale Tim B Cravens ing Urbana Ill to Mr Roy Lee Dix distinct gaits Wilson BrosJ Hunn 5 Best stallion under 1 year Robert Dr J T Jones stepped upon a nail on have enreceived at this place Coffey W E Bradshaw last Thursday and it penetrated his foot Pried Best double team Wilson Bros A The ceremony will take place Septem We understand that Prof W M to the depth of one inch As a result Best mare under 1 year C R Royse ber 5th at the home of the intended S Chewning Wilson and wife will begin housekeep- he will be laid up for a few days Drsv Giles Gore bride They will reside at Cotch Plug horse race Plato Wade first and Best mare 1 year old and under 2 W ing in the residence on Jamestown Taylor and Miller attended him terIi second L Grady Elbert English Fastest mule Hariry Conover John Best mare or gelding 2land under 3 formerly occupied by Mr Joy Russell If you want to be entertained beat the courthouse next Saturday evening Jones and family Bill Hancock E E Cheatham SECOND DAY andShear Prof J Tandy Ellif Mare or gelding 3 and under 4 Hunn Sow and pigs for sale Good stock 431m G E Young right prices 3 years old and over Bestersey cow Coffey The Sixtyninth Annual Session of Dr W R Grissom Mrs G A Kemp Mare or gelding 4 years and over J S StultS Campbellsville Ky the South Cumberland River Associa Miss Minnie Kemp was last week Best jerseycowj2and under 3 John Hunn Coffey Wilson Bros elected to a position as teacher in the B Coffey Jo Barbee Messrs GF Stults and Rollin Hurt tfon of Baptists will beheld with Mt Best gentleman rider George Coffey been appointed election commis ¬ Vernon Church Russell county Best jersey cow one year old and mh Jb Coffey Jr Elizabethtown Ky High School She position at once sent her der two Robert Price erby the State Board for Adair Sept 7ih and 8th i accepted the mareorfge1di 1gahYHagethreJ sioI 4t B > resignation to the place she held in the county Beet jersey heifer under one year Jo gaits Wilson Bro Hunn Corey 5S w oa towa Earlington Ky Graded School and Harris Robt Summers Wanted10 1 i Bart laiy Tuder who has not won at An I table two good fobis two p Born tptbi wife Qf Sm will Jay next Saturday morning to Best jeree y cow any age JtB Cot Golwabi Fair R a Hancocky Sallie fey W R Grlf tomrWnterHard s fr Hottl Lebanon K1 take charge of her new work v r r Ky Chewning PurnY > ¬ neeqs requestn ¬ S ¬ ¬ ¬ Illi ferItilizer t The infant child of M E Corbin of rDulWQrth died Monday night of last week The funeral was held at Carmel church conducted by Rev BH Currie The cause of the death was an affecthe head i ¬ Russellstreet l j J tionlof I The Groves fertilizers areas goodas 43lni the best CE Young B1t lt Mr WiE Harris Richmond Va bought ofjW L Grady during the two Peieockcolts for 225 d air S c ° Cop V tl > M ii JC Breed Tennie I There will be a meeting of old soldiers at the Joel Moore place near Weed Adair county Tuesday and Wednesday September 6th and 7th There will be good speaking fine music and dinner for everybody I i Fat 1 mule M 4 43 Possibler X good buggy horse for Also a nice lot of household and a7 r ¬ Ihave an extra r bull under one year Prettiest boy baby under fourteen months old Mrs I The busiest man at the Columbia Fair last week was W L Grady the owner of Jordan Peacock who has founded one of the fanciest family of show horses in the State Mr Grady made nine shows and took only nine blue ribbons The above was taken on Peacock colts After the shows he sold two of them to Mr W E Harris of Richmond Va at a fancy price 1 iifL f ¬ during the three years of Hulse Presid ¬ ing Eldership and 9 who have been recommended to the Conference for admission i l 7 ¬ makes 15 young men who have been licensed to preach in Columbia District f i DAYf Vaudeville show also occu ¬ The demand for teachers who have been trained in the Western Normal is greater than the supply The Fall Session opens September 6th Write President H H Cherry Bowling Graen Ky for information relative to free tuition 432t l music rendered by Wehleys Band was high class and very enchant ¬ ¬ every night but Saturday This too is a very entertaining show and during the week presented many attractive features The singing dancing and piano overtures were firstclass This company is at Tompkinsville this week- i ingThe We will not buy any wheat for two ingThe weeks but will exchange flour for premiums awarded follow the wheat during that time first named the premium second cer Smith McBeath tificate The third name shows that there was third money a Hon D C Edwards FIRST Best display of apples Bettie Smith Will address the voters of Russell Best display of pears John A Cald county as follows wellBest Irvins Store Friday Sept 2 10 am display of peaches Florence Russell Springs Sept 2 230 p m Hutchison Jamestown Saturday Sept 31 pm Best display watermelons P H Creelsboro Saturday Sept 4 8 pm BridgewaterBest Owing to sickness in Mr Edwards cantelopes M OStev ¬ family he has been prevented from ensonBest thoroughly canvassing the District and display of grapes S F Wilson at this time can make but the above Best display of white wheat J T appointments in Russell county He JohnstonBest wants to meet as many Republicans as red wheat Hudson Con possible on these dates as he will have something of interes to tell Ladies are overBest display of oats S F Wilson invited Best 12 ears white corn J D Todd Best 12 ears yellow corn P H Wanted a good girl one who can do BridgewaterBest light house work Apply to Coy E John A Caldwell Dudgeon Columbia Ky 432t Best 6 sweet potatoes G J Butler Best 6 Irish potatoes Annie Price Best three head of cabbage Bob Medical Society Program East Columbia School building Columbia the contests Mr Sam Makin of Lebanon and Mr W F Owsley of Burkesville were the Judges They are gentlemen who have been handle ing horses and other stock for many years and having no interest at stake and being strictly honest every exhibi¬ tor had a fair and impartial showing We are satisfied that every decision was made according to honest judgment hence there was but little if any kick¬ balance paid promptly that the instru ment may be ordered at once The or ¬ gan is greatly needed and its acquisi ¬ tion will add greatly to the worship of the church ¬ 1tf ribbonIn OrganoJ Only about forty eight dollars are now required to complete the cash pay- ¬ ment in full for the new 400 organ soon to be purchased by the Presbyter- ¬ ian church Those having the matter in charge are quite anxious to have this ¬ sale kitchen furniture New j if NUMBER years old and over W L drew Best bull 1 year and under ¬ The KaDell Kritchfield big show entertained at Columbia during the Fair and was well patronized throughout the week The show consists of the best dancers musical artists and commedi ans presenting plays and comedies not often seen outside the larger cities The moving picture department is some ¬ thing grand The whole aggregation conducted themselves in a most becom ing manner From here they went to Fti 2 ing ¬ The Shows j Best bull THE FAIR ¬ CONTRIBUTED < Former Resident Drowned inst The young man was born and partly reared in Columbia He was married and was the manager of a store at Slidwell for his brother FE Page It is supposed that he was bath- ¬ ing when the end came His remains were brought to Gainesville for interLast Friday afternoon marked the ment He was an excellent young man closing of a very successful meeting of and his death brought much sorrow to The Columbia Fair Association Good relatives in this place order was maintained throughout the week and the many visitors who were For Sale here from all adjoining counties spent a most delightful time A few men If not sold privately before the third were noticed in their cups but no se ¬ Monday in September first day of cir¬ rious trouble occurred during the week cuit court I will at the courthouse The attendance was large each day door to the highest bidder sell my but Thursday the crowd was a record residence and 18 acres of land in the breaker fully six thousand people corporate limits of Columbia situated presentThere this side sf the Fair grounds The prowas not as much stock as usual perty will be sold for cash in hand exhibited due perhaps to Liberty Fair Onehalf acre will be reserved and Columbia Fair conflicting but the 43 2t M C Hudson horses that were here were good ones making the rings very attractive Remember that a reader and imper The mule cattle hog and sheep sonator will be at the courthouse xt shows were up to expectations and in Saturday evening many contests it was difficult to tie the IIi WilsonHancockAt the residence 7 1910 Attendance Large Good Or¬ Best bull under one year R F Paull Best cow 2 years old and over W L der and a General Re ¬ t Walker Best cow one year and under two R joicing F Paull W L Walker Best cow under 1 year R F Paull Best bull 2 years and over 1 F AnFULL LIST OF PREMIUMS AWARDED BlI LebanonThe AUGUST 31 WEDNESDAY hi t t George Page who was a son of the late C R Page and a nephew of Dr J N Page was drowned in a lake at The Slidwell Texas on Saturday the 20fch Graded School this place The cere mony was beautifully pronounced by Rev Currie pastor of the Methodist Church in the presence of relatives and a few special friends The wedding march was played by Miss Alice Walker It was known that Prof Wilson and Miss Hancock were going together but their marriage at this time was a surprise to many of their friends Soon after the ceremony the couple left to visit several points and will beat home in a few days V KENTUCKY WalkerBest verytf T ADAIR COUNTY r Wednesday morning at 10 oclock Miss Martha Hancock an accomplished and popular daughter of Judge and Mrs Junius Hancock was married in the parlors of the Hancock pied uuntp bVt Surprised Their Friends f t kr 4Sc w f t y f i r oJ bii S 1 0 J lit i i cR bM l i i I- c f c < I 1 fteirk r tt cr f ifi r f 1

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