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Image 1 of Louisville weekly journal, November 19, 1856

Part of Louisville weekly journal

TOE 'LOUISYILLF. W'MItKLY JOURNAL. VOLUME XXVI. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER THE WEEKLY JOURNAL, ratsrea aaa kiimh ov PREN TICE, H END EE. SON, A. OSBOKNC, faerd oarac, I in .laei - 0ee r. Daily.nWf . ...-a 4 m . IHIMI ell MI re. t iM.-- tlkuil. ti let ar Itaalrr Dell eapeatet eTat $1 M eaek k.Kt tr... . eaebfar 1. a ! Weekly trnwh! l. S Oee Tt-- ...... - 1 y 11 et-ia- linroMf la lim.(dMf 1(H)eTaaee. fa W' niUMUM-- l muum iKiutuii haeA lim.Miliiin(ll a tit, txll Wee!? Ht'UHt. If tky received but IS 000 votes In willoaeberead fee .f luaaeto fereaekeaaUaeaatai.1 New York city 0ut of P0.000 cast, notvrlth-tandir- g the Herald, Tribune, Times, Courier, tao Jeenei. h rattae tI ana tvening Pitt tutained bit election. la hkle er, eee.ti.M si I miii baa jMnil, MM"" etw. la Daily, If H MM per emarean tea eeeaj iin par WnU.Iii ia ku state; aae IV tea hi ee Daily aer taartari m tr 79 Tbe Near York Po: lrans that t me d.fiVultiea btve Fprurg up bet wren Mr. James Colt and Col. Simuel Colt bis brother, ar d tbt the forrrer, to eiiforc hit claims for $750,000, bastttacbed the property of the Colt Mai.u facturirg Company f South Hartfoid, Conn , which will be coeleVed in a couit of law Tbe tudJcn dcceaeof Mr Jorelfn,tbe treasur er of the company, has, in tbe absence of tl e Colonel, created some impediment In the man. ageanent of tbe compar.y. ur jyTbe reult in rr ma MicLigtn will prevent tLe reflection of teneral Cat to the U. S. Senate tonT Hon. Tbe mas H. Benton will lecture in ewearbati HI Boston b'fore the Mercantile LlSrary A'soria t ate m Weekly Mr aiM Uon the ccniir.g winter. ILe si:bjct is the f Wat eat tea (aa LDion, and as Mr. BeLton if said to have copy righted his production, it is believed he will de liver it in o'ber cities besides Boston and Ce, Keaee. 1W. at- We. T T.B rrt Plerrd.ere:, Teeaar-, eeaee - H.A. Ml.UMatilK.i where announced. In bis letter acly.'.J K. L Mietm.e ky. Hehaera.4 Co., kampaia, quiescing in tbe invita'ion he saj iIA(.i1Bt. Shaw, 4.Jt. 6 .ia.. Yeaa. a C I Miev there is dancer cf disunion, ar d tha' W. fcrntH'Tillt,, J. A. itiHWt, Laaeealar, Xt. ky. tbe first step towards averting that darter is to . L. ttM. Cedit. ky. J. a. --t4ob, Iiplirt.It' .a. n. Bit. Berdt'ewa, Ay lace it Slid fa, torn it. Afer the den'.n and n I I HfdM w. a,.rtar. Beaeee.TTeTllie, fure rf the difefae is known, tbe rmedy can be alUlu4,.! k. a. Carter. 6elletia.Tae If. w. (.ita, Beadereea. y. considered, which, with me, must b: conciliak. .dTille. tion, not coercion; an application to all the I. T I I tt.Bteweu, LveieeeTtUa, T.! leeunrs c.r patriotism, national pride, aid mu f Let... at. Merita ky.l It. tual interest, which certainly anima'e the great a liM- - J I . V. KmL '!!. It. OIee.w. (t. Or. halve of the Union, and an mijwitTin bo-Till. It. f.aa., Kvrlck. w a jeaee. snernpi to unite mem In a court of conduct folliat I W Pra.-.l- . Freakf-r- t. ty. J. hi FWy, IwHIthft which should have harmony and conciliation W L nr.we, Pntnn. It. A DiMn, (7. ior us otject- I H Walet s.r, B.lliWn,kiMWi,UUe Mm It mrn.n,.i.i.i(. 1,lu.ini, In. r.:ke. !. It. r'x. IhIn. r (tt.UkHi.tT. lrtai k. alaai, fiwTt it I T.HVirViaa.31art'.a VereMl'oe! By!! B at. w.lfc '.r.ytempiat r. w ay. u. a taere.tienchetaa. luubti- tf. aitk. Vuttiiu rm.l J.D.Iui,CiitaM.TMM IWriti.lM C. J. ( Vara-a- . v. neo-- 'rat-tea- . re tttM- - ;iie. ted. I. a ft.n.fli-i.- ,,. Atkiaeoa, ktaiaa, IT. LaaMia, klMjriUa, Tmi. tl Ala .Tata. I IJhhi;. C7i; J.arwa,lliMa.laa. ( a' araarla MtHtilt(Bll iHuniM Vilaaa.a'aatavtlla.a'ka.'t'a . r .'aaa-- tAn tnonjmou rmaiuLira'ior, written in ftyt of low cnrTnity ted blacknardUm, bae ted infmout cbtrt tunt Ctpt. Harry J. TJd, rf F aftkfort, tod Utrs tppeared in tbt Leuitvilla Cner t TburJtjr. Tb' tulor dtde bit tttteineiit t vinpie inatW of fact, not latimttmp tbtt bt Ullii tr.jtl itjj but vktt Wat within Lit) iid caticg fU and R fcrsontt keoa-lvdWe bare been amuocd, trt eot id tbe tllf htwt decree turprited, U id tUe following in the Courier of MjdiUj: A CARD. FatKKrotT, Nov. 8, lfi5. "W. N. Ht lpem k: Tt commui icUon Id b Courier of tbe f ititt, tinned ".V," rfll!C-- i e ufon CpL H. J. Todd, wtt mde by me. Tbe cta'emectt coortrv.u bim in tbtt countit-riicttte- a tr ftlse ia every ptrticulnr. KM. A. PUTNAM. t V.K T! trm tkt rrH rn llhtat. tact M I r mm rin, km hat NiNt 1 m I Hub iatact Bit fnraet IbM I' aw l ttiaimi aMlr To44 kaiai t tft. at aia kit kratr thtt tha i a,mi tl xitlU m fai. laitlay tal taar a ka r I vara aaaiaaa feaatrlraaa iff taMKaKM tat t. aat feat Croat kaar- 4 taa aoupalittaa. mt paa rarty r hiatttfii feu t- -. I araa BittarlTaa 1 aat 1K laat ataa t Kili'-falr atat, ar aat lb t kaawtaftr i a .. f. fa- aana-tH- . Tbe retder will of coarse ee tt once thtt tbe Card" proper wtt dictated to Mr. Win. A. rutrtm b; oo bo claimed tbe right to dictate i ana tbtt Mr. F. wat r qui rod to oira it and bare It published BDtltered. Tbe tuldrndvm, by Mr. V. to tofteu lhe N. F." wat ifa-be- l tfce ''Card" a little if potable. We cor jrato-Ut- e bm upon tb toftenKf , but tbouU be glad if tome portion of tr.t time gzrrn by bin to writirg ecurrilcu article tfiiuM tbe American part; and publishii f bimtelf a falsifier "in erety particular" rocld be devoted to tbt clear. ne p cf tbe Biytery of tbe tbrowing of tbe ptcLrpe of Louisville Journal from tbe Frank, fort caji into a briar buab juat before tbt elrc ' too. Tie act of , Conp--e. to regultto tbe er.d consular aerrice of tbt United btatet giret the Jtiloisten to England and Franco $17,500 per annuD eacbj tboao to Rut-ci- t, Sptio, Austria, Pruwit, Brazil, Mexico, and CbiDaearh f 12,000. Minister o all otb ercountnoe, $10K)0. Mitiicters resident are U receiee "5 rar cent, Charge d' Aflairrt 50 per cent, ard Secra'aTiet ot Legation 15 per cent of tbete amout-tt- , CodcuIi hereafter are not to trade directly or indirectly; nor are thty to at vox diplomatic fane hone wbao a diplomatic officer of tbe United S'atet it in the country Tr trc bet cortulaWt, Liverpool and London, re heroafter to be talanod at $7,500. Tbe contulc a Havana, Havra, and Rio dt Janeiro are to pet ,000 etc b; Pari, $5,000; Canton, SbaCiirbaia ard Honolulu, $4,010 eacb; Torn Cruz, $3,500; ai.d to on down af low at $5fK). The art alto vectt tbo President with antbority to tppoint a consul to toy port or place, in atead of a commercial tent, or net tb eoropontaUoa for tud) contular officer to be the oaane in nnr nocb cam at that fixed for f act port or pi are In tbe schedule emhracing tbe f ane ; and if le abaU thick tbe public interest wtil bo auboarved by opnointutf to anj l, vneb port or place a iowtead of a rortul or cotrntcrcUl agent, and an appoint- isentaball bt made accordingly, tbe comptDtt-ticfor tuch coDtul-gecerabtU bt tho time at that fined forenrb port or place in tbe tcbed-ul- e eabracicg tbe tame.' f twr, vlaiki rr rain or CiTJiiKiHir. rvrcsois to tui hienrt About ten dayt aincn appli cation wat naado to tbo State DepartineDt, through Mr; H. H. Rice, clerk to tbe toperior court in IS"ew.York,,for foreign patsportafor eJeven portont of color, cocpoting a troupe of tninetrela, who were about to dart on a nrofee- toor to Earepe. The necetMry papen aud cenifica et were forwarded with tbe appli- cUoia Float tbete it appeart that nine of thee pertona were horn an tbo Stat of New York, one in Philadelphia, and one in Portland Maine. A letter from the State Department to Mr. Rice, advise bin that fret begroet cannot be reeardod at rttittDt of tbt United Btates, and therefore are not entitled to pattporta. Tbe Secretary, Lowr er, popoat to give a certificate tLat they "wert bom in tbt Called utea, and free, and ttat the Government thereof would regard it fo be duty to protect them if .w:or.ged by a foreign Government while within fU jurjatUction for legal and proper par vtoot." ft The flroH.T Morrraiit m th Woairj In our tcbool dayt, we vividly remember, that . lowering diitiuoion waa asarded to Dewala-gm of the Hunilvm;t)u1 Dewalagin oometime riiiee gave Wty to a kindred peak, kancbicjin- gx, men cow in turn, at we learn from an rout am ant at recent meeting of tbt Atittit fcocwrfytaf Bengal, givet way U another peak or tlie tme ratgt which bat bete denominated by Col. Wangh, (be pretent cur yor general of India, Mount Everest," after a foi mer turvyor general. Dewmlagin, wblcb we believe the tcbool geogrtpbiet ttill pertitt In tbe known . in clliLgnht highest tnouiiaic world," it 6,826 feet above tbe level or tbe tea, Kancbir iirrfa, to whicti ft yielded itt dlizy bonore, it 2S,t5 feet, and Mount Everett, . wbxh nrw bran ot beart up the palm, it ti,(K2 feet . Readerl v. bat do yon concern 'the prospect to be from tbe summit of either of these peakt? Wit it otated (hit the whole white male popula'icn of tbe United htatrt over 2t year .of ige, atd, to be presumed, entitled to vote, it about ,1CG,CUI, and yet tbe votes cast at a Pretidentitl eltdion trldom exceed 3,100,000. 7 OOO.OWO of li.babitantt who do not 'nrbise. In the Sute of New Tork, voting pofilatiea exceeded 800,. "i,t vote retrjrred did not much ex t 1,000. In Mafiarbuoetta, the whit. ' 'r .(vfr21 art nearly 300,000, and yet tbe 152 wat only 133,000, Mowing that foearly two tbirdt cf the adult population, tot ( cause or ctber, had staid twty from the rolla. Andtbe ptvportion it nearly as great ia in teveral other fitatet. A Wiu DiwiriD CtMPumsisT. It ha. beea tuf gested by ootae of oar friends tint t splendid fig thou Id be pretenVd by the American party of Louiaville to the American of Maryland for their gallant Ld triumphant effort la behalf of American principle: This cor.p1imer.t It wl deserved by tbe American, of Max j land, and from nont Can It come with more graceful propriety than front tnecl'y of not know an American in IutsviPe. W tie wlr? city who will not cheerfully arid glatl'y coiT.ribute f or tbia purpeot. Let it h done and well dene, in a style becoming our pary ia tMs el'v. it D4ci tj Eirlv Wruar Ia tome parts of Southern Illinois, all the early towa fall wbeat bts ben greatly dimaged by a stripet-wortreaeoibliog army worm. The plants ram up remarkably fine, but ia many localities worm hat eaten up enure plant, root and all. What It b, and bow to destroy It, art Important question, just nw. (ty The New Oi leant DelU calls Gov. Wise ":.ew Isaiah." I' regards him a a "predes. tmed leader in a d.fficult and dangerous ri'. g.image." It says: "As we itudy his warn. . t. i.nl1n.;. lnir4. hia uluUOl,. : nu propnecies, we involuntarily excl.m: 'Beware when God le's a thicker on tbe Earth! Hide hi loos idougtTi H de the San and Mooi.'l" This i cot.temptibl. Wepfy i,e bead to say notb- g oi toe neart thkt could conceive or tolerate such impious, humiliating, and miserable stuff. The Delia it at deioenied s its prophet, with out Lit fitful gleams of intellect. Disui ionifro is truly a malignant heresy. It it making more loons aud apses than all tbe other ismi in tbe Una and cut of it together. i, Mcidsb ok av cr Utah Cl A. W. Babbitt, Secreta Rumor t reached the S ta cs tome weeks eince that Col. Babbitt, a prominent Mormon and Secretary cf Utah Territory, had been murdered by tb Indian. An mivalof a Salt Lke train on Sunday, Oct. "6 tb, it Ccui cil Bluff', cor firms tbia report Crpt. Hawley, who hid charge of this train got the facts at "Sweet Water," which is a s'atlon about 200 nJlet west rf Fort Lanrcle The Indians had come to t lie Fort and report eJ tbat 12 cf them kid attacked Col. B.bMtt while one ef bit men wtt away, and, after the Colonel bad Ored Ms gun tnd d hit revo. vers, one cf the Indians crept behind me wagon inn lomanawEed the Colonel f'rirk Rowland and Sunderland were killed The Indians said the Cwlontl fought like a griz ily bear. . When at Fort Kearney, Capt. Hawley learn- t'i inn .tifjor vt narton Did in ni possession tbe papers (including a draft of $S 000) and some or ms nair. nu watcn was obtained by i irenchui.n from the Indites. Altogether wnnes nave oeen killed. auoui Col. Babbitt wa on bis return from Washington to resume his d itiea as Secretary, ant bed with him a valuable collection of books, asironomicai instruments, and was supposed to uavea large eum or money. Thi New Yoix EmntE Cica This noto rious organization, hearted by the trf.miut Capt. Rynders, tbe fellow who fored treasury notes at New Orleans and has comrxitted other iifamout ciraes, co'.trilt all tbe movements and measures of t! Democratic nartv in New York city. Of ibis club, the New York Cou Pacific Railroad Among the reason which should prtvail for the construction of a rierand Erquirer gives the following vivid Paclbc road are tbe immense minirg district lying in the California Bovia. In this, we do not allude merely to gold, vast as the velue of Itt history it written in the license and of the political afl.irs rf this ci'y during that article mined there is. .. Wt speak cf tbe n tmercui Important and valuable metals found the last twelve tears. It was established iu 1844, from the very worst materials that, by there, and in such immense quantities as to renrakioe fitter and pjot, conid be dragged into der their trant portation alone a great business service tgninsl Henry CUy, tnd from ibat time l. u: ootd, we wui ?ty this, that after eight o this its depraved elements have remained un- - yean. of constant mining, in which about four ehang-the same nucleus, Isaiah Rynders, hndrtd milliont of ioliart have been obtained, now as then, and the same ma of ignoble these mines are found to be inexhaustible. The about htm. The conrlomeratiun has gold Met imbedded in every mountain, stream, been made op ia about equal proportions of tnd vle. bullies and parasite, but 2 Corper. -- We bive noticed heretofore the pit bald all over with every dye of. vileness. lo characterise new copper mines of Aji, in tbe Gid-de- n Pur- 'bis body, it is enough to tav tbtt whatsoever cbase. ' This mine is very productive, and it things are false, whatsoever things are dishon-ts- ', eems almost incredible, but is so, this copper whatsoever thine are impure, wha'toever is wagoned ail tbe way from the Colorado to Dings are turbulent, whatsoever tnire s are of San Dieo, and thence to San Francisco; and, evil report, whatsoever thlrps are ot miscbiev- - after this expensive transportation, is yet very onseneel, irtOere be any vice, and if there be profitable! Al'hougb we have tbe rich mines anv infamy, of such is ai.d ever Las been the of Lake Superior and of Eastern Tennessee, y et Lrnpire Club. It is a mie of creatures which copper is till to as to afford an live tn and on vtohtioa.1 cormjition whose immense pre fit. r bole empleymetit it to eecerate eancrene in S iipcr Minrt. it is well proved tbat the the body politic, and to teed thereon. Their richest mines of silver ever discovered were in touch it pollution, and their work ruinou-- : tbe Mexican province of bonora. - Of tbat every wty they are a notsanre and a curse. province the richest mineral district is an nexed to this country by lhe Gadsden pur ToBhsn m NoaroLK. Norfolk and Ports chase. Tbe locality of the best mines which, mouth, Yi ginli, were viited with a tornado on account of ltdian tttacks and Insecure on election day, which dij some damage to rights, were abandoned many years ago, has property aud produced considerable cons'erci-tio- not been exactly ascertained, but no question is mace or treir exi'tf ncr; and there is no reaIt commenced about 1 o'clock in the af- sonable doubt they can be discovered. Indeed ternoon with kcopisas fall of rain and a heavy we expect to record, wi'hin a few months, the south wind, tearing up trees and throwing down rediscovery of the eld mines and tbe com new .e.. Tbe tin roofing, of a boarding mecct merit of be ones. Our supply will, fences, we doubt not, obtained from ttie-and bouse in Norfolk was torn oil and carried to the when it happens our countrymen will open opposite tide of the street, the chimneys and tbetreye with astonishment. in addition to the f ac's we hive ttated above, balustrade partially demolished, and the in' we niay add that coal is ascertained to exist in mate badly frightened: several places in the T sas railroad route. Tbis About 12 o'clock the new car and engine is an important fact, because it will greatly aid house of the beahoard and Roanoke Railroad the costrae(iim aid running of the road Company in tbe outer mbarbt of Portsmouth Mailromd Record. rat ttruck by a whirlwind and wis reduced to r.f tbtLoaifTlUt Juaraal.J mint, mere were in it at the f in;e several en. BO)t. JOHN at. CLAYTON. tnes and cars, which were much il mared aaaoaaea Ma ltt'1 at th'i 41a. Tha attars at vatu-ta- r The large bnck building at the Union car arnawr f roai IxLaware. Taeia mai to a a tv tlnffui.tu-works wat completely m. roofed. As d a two aaaata tha aaia tthiati iaa4araa at th.aaaac M. :iayt a axaonr&t aaa aupriea story brick dwelling in tbe' neiehScrbood tad &aa for yeara aea tha ocb bt aaMerat one end completely blown out. gome eight oi of atrtala ariacintaaaa BtaaauM ahich tha btanr aadw be aa iaoca CMestial u v.u ten persons are known to have been sericuslv far of biaeauvtry. T.ratota tbcaa aac, ha tatraa with aaa'ubwa ability aat a. iat'4a.i integruy. frow aarly icjmed tome perhapt fatally, and it it feared aanooa ia tn. ot a t aestK. r.iara t a. aeetiooal-Uiat mere may ne bodies found under the ruins, ia hitatiad. Hl (a tba XjBaa aectiaaV ataifraa irjat tr'1 ilct.aeh ice aa it at there were a number of men and boys ta- atari, aWnriaf dMaaaua tfca.hiaw.t dlrlr ul (oremla la ta aim king shelter in tbe baildicg. ' A Mr. Owens wile aal enildraa. Vartiaaf nriaatm nia was taken out very oertousiy hurt, and a Mr. la aabltalifa. aat altraya taUy vtaaaiaf Maelaiat tot. an or ia bat Gakini was a good deal injured. A small boy uri. piaaa. ata trt rit ly. HuU aa4 ataail.d aimtrachia al. aJtraal(l .n,. aaa "aaaa aar ct .ana named Proctor wat taken out with a severe er at a tatnot aa4 prbba lbawnbtref tfeia brief nattaa, kaaw htaa iati contusion of the head, and hie leg apparently tr y froat early rt ll'not aad lotaa him well. Ha waa all oroKen. a coiorec ms.n wat tagen from under aN.aaum.a u araak frankl. ta h'al lail; art biaeta that iataraatat biw,aaa albra expTraaea a fear, a pile of bricks alive, though dangeroosly hurt a; at aat tiata, perl.ait ai.t fa. ttacaat eeetioaal faaatlcitm. if tarty eerraptloa attll iMtnly O.hers are more or less injured, and ssveial are missing. Tbe ttorm parsed on Utrraiaa, ant a effectanaaifJa;iaa at Ut Caiaa, which it person aaa eeea tue itaoror lire re cam.hl aaa without doing much mors extensive damage. aaat a Biota U.aaaeeeaaioa af tan kiai kt aaia. Be fore that day arriTea. earneetly hope bt brad atay be latd tpendiijg Its force in that particular quarter. 1 batr. abat I , at kaot, may aaaae ll'ta tn aea it." Be i had! hi, aiau and ha, away while ret tbe itan aad Selective hooting Arraia A ahootire tr'ree toataaaf tbe I larloa IV aat r tiactar.d with ear ekev'ieiaaa rrr affair took place last evening about batf-pa- a aa an the trath f rraealet rrlirira. Be teabt it cht 'clock, on 6virth etrtet, above Cheat- taarht hiu ay hit mtv-T- , aa aaiaiplaer wi. ... tha 'thi.t iatiiaate In ut aa. v raia4 him ai aa out in front of the tavern of John tray, of which family aat Charh. tl.iTi ha.a aalwtre t.n.ral tociatT. hia tly iatrMtiat had eheerfal eaiapaaiea. a following are tbe paricularn iiie perpe Hielite-a- wave aaeaahmoaiy srett aal tariaaa. aad hit trator of tlie deed is a j ourig man, n med Isaac fur erllilaat qt"Utna ard HlnetraM.a. aat ta U. feburierk, a clerk or two keeper in the fan- atfelr aeeer a that aat il pureatbe aad ebleat atataemea: hiteeaatri ha. a. of bee y dry goods es'tbdstiment ot Mestrt. Wilniet ti d it it ta W trie plana ke bat vae.tal will aa dlffioart be til. ft, Clawget, No. 13 Ma.ketit.eet, and tbe vie f.aTd that aad t H. rli. am, Philip C. Clawget, a member of the fi.m iney had both tteen to the Masonic Hall, tn rroo tba Kew tlrleaaa Piaayaat af Hot. ,j Chestnut Streej, being men. bart of tbe Order, FukTHCK raoM the Rio Grande In addi aad Clawj-tn- . tipen icatlng, wan folic wed by tion to' the rumer from Tampico, which we Upon reaching l h spot above atiuriock puairsoed ic our yesterday evening' ineue, of in front of Guy's, Sburiock came up to him aod naid, you kmvt owiy wrosged ate-o- s an. .arrangement... having b4Jnti(Je between Governor Garza and Genera! Vidiurrij we Cod e Ue ttduerr tf my trte, a ad I mm rota It kill yow. At that taiant ir levelled a re the following ptragraph in the Corpus Christ! volvtcg pistol at hi breast, 'and fared. Three ftueeet vaney.Dr ir.e zo:n ntt: W lekrh frote our fellow townnrjan," Col. H. or fvatf f tbe luadt were discharged, all of from the Rio Grande which t(H ecact, ore entering tUe atomtch, er Pj Bee, who arrived the breat, and tfaird broke bit trow L-'- the 3id iiial--, that the revolution, in the up the report of the pistol drew a crowd to tbe Northern btates of Mexico wis progres-ing- , Tbe forces of Vi- scene, and bhurlock wat arrested on the spot. io tbe time of his leaving she revolving pistol being found at bit feet, danrri and tbove of Garza were stilt shooting wher he had dropped IL He did oot attempt at each other- - across Rio fan Juan; tnd on acto escape, nor did tie deny tbe commiiaion of count of the great distance little damage wa tbe deed. On tbe contrary, when taken to the being done. Col Bee seems to think that the biayoi ' cilice, fat madt a f ml conf rtsion, and fichting between the two armies is no'hing more aatd that he had done it beetGse Clawget had than n farce; tbat they Intended to bum con tedueed hut wife He further atd that tbt siderable powder,, and hand lbeir namet down wife bad cot.f caaed it o him, and bad aatd that to posterity foe having cominai.ded at the tiege Clawg-- t ttad drufged tbe wine he had given of Camargo, and, in the interim, patch up a treatv, by the provision br which each of the her, ia order to anioaunJish his paroote. The wenoded mm wtt placed ia a carriage two Geierals is to be reeog Jxed at tbeerviland and conveyed to n Hospital. Hit woundt are military Governor of bit own town and Stain. rontidered mortal, &bd he wat thought to be This will no doubt be. tbe result and, as both dying at eleven o'clock last evening. Mr the commindert are friendly to toe Americans, Clawget ha n wif atid four children, one ol we may soon eXpect Id hear of the tide of tbt eoildren, a aony be g nineteen years old American emigration setticr iu that direction and the conclusion of the whole matter will be His residence ia at 46 Coetesttreet. years tbat the Sierra Midre Republic will hive a loIsaac it about twenty-fiv- e ' oi eg. tie is or no perianal appearance, and cal bahitatior and a name. Wetiavesta'ed some time since,' on what we evidently of considerable nerve, inasmuch at be seemed an to wise rufflee1 when at tbe believe to be good authority, that Yidaurri and Ktyor't office, and conversed with perfect Garza differed only upon tome unimportant points relative to the division of tb customs . freedom. Mr. Clawget was visited by hit wife last evt revenue of the seaports; and ail these things oirg, at tbe Hospital, but be could not con- Uken together . would seem to give an air ot probability to the rumor of their having come verse with her. The Rev. John Cbambeii to terms. We doubt, however, tbat a Sierra aith with hun. After the above wat written, we learn tbat Madre Republic, or a large American emigracharge had been preferred by bhurlock against tion in that direction, will take place. Clawgea, in tbe Lodge, aod Uiat a committee Bad met to investigate tbe adair. The test i mo . Arrest of a Fkench Woman for ay had been heard, end tbe parties had left the Recovery of Dtamond, Sitkt, Lodge room but a few minutes, when the sbcot 4rc Madame Leon, a French woman, about 4o , .. years of age, residirrg at No. 135 Grand street, Ag took place. Fh affair ha created the most Intense feel wa arretted on Saturday, at the store of Edg of torruw moag tbe nuuerout friends c! ward . Loder, No. 130 Broadway, for g, he parti iatt. At-- , A'ow. 6. bhe tad for some time been in the habit of making handsome purchases at the CLavE Giil in BosXon Hearing before tore, ntt soon after she left, Utrl SU at LUtrti A more valuable goods cite, she had purchased than brief end unutual excitement wat cteated in were m:sed. On Sxturday the again called, and about the court-housabaut noon at.d one of tbe clerks was set to wa'ch irotn me ract tbat iipoo a complaint made by She bought tome articles, "but before they her. were Robert Morris, Esq., a writ of in be in corpus handed to her she was seen to secrete a roJ of was issued by Judge Herrick,and placed in tt.e mi a pocket cf bar dress. Deputy brier. ff Merrill. dirtcting him uiack silk work the .Chief's. hands of Officer Keefe of Office was called to bring wi'lt him batore the fvuit, a colered in and ai rested her.' She begged bard to" be girl, named ALaxy Ana Aiuanda, who, it was liberated, and finaily confessed to hiving stolen alleged, was restrained of Ler Uberiy. lhe ou every oceas on of ber visiting the store. Her writ also rcmmaiMied the sheriff to summon one were found to be John W. bmith, who resides at .No. J leaver apaiunents and in them the cfitted up io ele gant style, Place, to apear and show why the sa d Mary large tin box full cf jeweled theirs found i gold watches, should not be discbarred It was stated that pins, nogs, nroocnes, studs, .and 'he girl it question was indented to Mr. Smith, uiMoiona bracelets, beside silver and gold vessels, piece some rour years ticce, cyber master, at the . til as, velvets, Ax, Among the ttlkt were soutn. and tl al during tbat period she had re tome which hoie the private matkt of Mr. sided in Smith's familv. La ter. The The girl states that the is now 13 years old, by tbe police, pruperty wat taken possession of and Madame too mat aoour rour years ago s&e let: Amvilie iiie Tomb for examination. wa committed to She- is supposed (shecould not name the State) in company with to be alto a receiver of stolen goods. Mrs. Smi'b, with whom the rime to this city, . Tribute: ft. the also states that she was sent here br her master to take charge of an infant r Ml;; tbat - SfRANiiC Superstition Bntitd, but ttill her master died about two years since,' ajnee aliDt. ejWe discovered two colored women which time no remittances have been leeeived rear tbt grand jury room to the court for tbe support of that child; that tbe relatives bouse, ef whom we inquired their business the or family vt her deceased master have once following novel story wtt elicited: That they tent for her to return, but tbat Mrs. bjiita re came there for the purpose of presentir g to the fused to allow her to go. grand jury Hani t Holliday and Mary Jane lhe girl In answer io interroga'ones from tbe Brook, on the charge (to use their t wo laneou-- t, stated tbat she had not before left Mrs. guage) of laying a spell upon Smi'b because she would not le'her go, but that these parties bad buried themthfin, saying Uiat in miniature in did not wish to live with her any lorger,but i tie) Ceibolie burying ground, be since which time tbe contrary was desirous cf leaving tier. they suffered tli tbe angt of death, and did Smith did not appear before tbe court In now really feel as if dead. Since Mr. burial answer to the summons, and tbe court at once tbe witches came to tham and offeredthe relieve to trdered the discharge of the respondent, and de them of their suffer irift provided they would clared tbat she ' Wal liberty to go where one give them a dollar each. Accordingly one paid pleased. the required ransom, tbe cornea was disinterred freedom ot Thought and and the aufferer restored to life. The remainNoTHCAaoLli -- Proftttor Mobbud. Oar ing two, not bring to credulous, refused to pay lltdrick Onaiom usually quiat town wtstbe scene of a great bp for their lives and art now suffering 1 11 the penTuesday night alties of tb departed. roar and disorderly conduct on We understand that great excitement exists last. It became known tha Prof. Hedrirk wa in town at a delegate to tbe in Baddle aliev among the population, and that Convention, which wat then in t'ssion; this they are leaving tbat locality in numbers, ii. practiced of tbe wtcalculated to excite tb indignant feelings ronsequenctHolliday.arts Bait. Jmerby, Mesdames Oct. 31. of many cf oir eltitent, who determined to Brooks and disgrace him and compel bim to leave. An ef 'A Democratic Officer of Election!. The ngy wat prepared and placed rn front ot the Presbyterian churchy where tbe convention reckless disregard with which our opponents wat in session; and on Ifljcurnment of tbe con- usually treat the law of elections, whenever itt vention the fliy wst bumf In the pretence of provisions do not suit their purposes, is stritbe Prof essor and nearly every member ,f the kingly exemplified in k case of which we hive who was a A Thi ought to have ta'rsfied the jnst been informed. conversion. crowd, butit wat omv b beginning of the ri- judge of the election in Ang'isf last, at Mon otous proceedings. They toon collected in a terey, Oaten county, moved his family to Franklarge force and proceeded, nnder much excite- fort, and went to housekeeping here, about a ment and with much uproar, to tbe Female month ego. Or course Frankfort became bit Seminary, wbere Prof. Hedrick Wtt lodging; residence from that time, tnd his nsidenre in then tbe "fig of war." They hallooed, Oiven wis gone; but he could nit vote here, hissed, g'oand, and proceeded In a mot riot because he bad not been here sixty days. In- to the loss of his vote, as .u and reprehen.tve manner to corrp".l Hed- s'ead of rick to letve town. The excitement became the law and good citizenship required, be went ore Intense, tnd greater disorder prevailed, is back to Oeo, and not rofed there, but actthey proceeded. The rabble was f.nally qui- ed at a jkrfg of the election, aprlnst the protess, eted by the appearance of several of onr tation of voters, and against the remonstrance who prevailed upon them to dispertt. of one of bis fellow officers at tbe polls. fe.'isfcwry (fr. C.) H?p. Sanntr, Oct, 28. Frankfort CommonvrcaltiV, yl su firr, ... ..... Jif liemeklU nJ - rite oy WEDNESDAY, NOV. 12, 1856. The edi'or of the American Celt, one ol the most prominent Roman Catholics in the country, traveled a short time ago through sev eral Sta'es, delivering Roman Catholic lec tures. He wag by no means pleased with what be saw and heard. He say?: To-- a where T will, traa.t abere t will, the rtlil war verre without any f tha forma lectl warfare. It prl. toatthefa tamaof jattiee, it bretlt oia (be Imh atpi- raa. rr prereotienai neaort, it tar at atit e;d empletoef at i fnement'e notlr.. ite tway t throatont a i life, fruta tut frtttltiii't Lahinet to J .me Smith ki tehee He then proceeds to comfort himself by the belief that "eg a party the are probably defea'ed " But he adds, "The soul, tbe sentiment cf it more rife at this moment than when Orr and Parsons raged, and Louisville gutters ran red with hu man blood!" ne men assails ur. urewngon for sijing "tbe majority ef Catholics In this ouctry are native torn Ameiicans." This assertion tbe Celt stylet "a fallacy," aid add;: "!f Df Brownsoa means that a rnsjjiity oi tboe who otgU to be Catholics ire native-borwe might Incline to agree with bim. U it if he means to tiy tbat the majority of those who obey D'e commandments of the Church are native-borhe makes a wholly indefensible We doubt if there are native-borCatholics enough (exclusive of converts) in the whole Stale of New York to fill Albany Csthedral, if they were all gathered together." Sartbts high Raman Catholic authority concludes, from careful and extended observation that the soul, the sentimer t of of Americanism, is more prevalent and powerful at this momert than it ever was be fore. We are very glad to be able to agree with him. And we rejoice to learn from him that tht native-borCatholics in the whole 8; ate of New York are not numerous enough to fill a single cathedral. The C atbolics then, as the Rochester Observer says, trs foreisrncn, comlrg here from their European tys'ems of despotism,' fresh from tyranny and superstition, fresh from tbe entire eontror of priests, and contaminated by all the corrupting influences that pervade tbe theological and political institutions of Europe. They are foreigners, untaught either in common learning or in poli tics; ignorant of the simplest idea of civil liber ty, and bound by an iron obedience to the pontifical throne. These men Catholics in faith, and educated under despotisms are admitted, almost at once, to citizenship and all it political privileges, before they can read the ballot tbey cist, and before thty have learned tbe tint syllable of the political system which prevails here. tThe Democrat quotes a clause from tbe revised statutes cf Kentucky, defining the punishment cf any efficer of tbe elections who shall act corruptly o with manifest partiality in the discharge cf his official duties, and add:: haet ao retana laavtiripatt thtt the-- e penaltiot will here, although Ibe tceaei taattad at tomt ward. ef trill eity at tlie la'a eltotioa tsperatiaely demaadt It. Namhen of oar eitireee were pretrat, aad are to to watt eetnrr.d aheuerer datutd. W ill tteea (lead-er- a be brought to jueliet? We suppose It is meant that some of tbe American judges of the polls in this city acted corruptly Or w ith manifest partiality. To the question of the editor whether these offenders will be brought to justice, we answer that it certl'nly depends upon him and his political friends as touch as upon anybody else. If it is a fact tbat "numbers of our citizens were present and are eady to testify to what occurred whenever desired," we do not see that tbe edi tor and his friends have anything more to do than to make a proper manifestation of their detir't'. It seems that the editor of the Democrat pro fesses to know who the offending judges are, be says tbat their guilt can be established by numbers of our citizens who were present nd are ready to testify at anytime, he proclaims that the U flic" Ion of the legal penalties is im peratively demanded, and he wants to know whether they will be Inflicted.7 We say, t him nd such of bis friends as are willing to in' due form act with him lodge complaint against whatever American judges they know or believe to bive been guilty, tnd then they cm bive their witnesses summoned. We don't know why tbey need stand back and wait for others to act. It is more natural, it is more in accordance with custom, for men to prefer complaints against political opponents than to wait to bave the tbir.g done by the friends of those opponents. When German and Irish vagabonds vote fraudulently at an election, they generally man-s'g- d to make tbeir escape Immediately after wards, so that they can rarely be brought to But the Louisville judges of the late Justice. election are not transient pmons; they ard all here to answer, if they can, to any charge tbat may be marie against them and to receive pun ishment It found guifty. Ma. E. P. Norton. We republished a lit tle befor Ibe election a letter or communica tion from a Mr. Boiling, of Ohio, to a Cincin nati paper, ttating that certain turn of money bad been paid by. the Sig Nlchts to several prominent members of tht American party, Mr. E P. Norton among th rest, to he used as an electioneering fund in favor of Mr.. Fillxore. Thecoarge made by Boiling against tbt Ameri can leiders wis immediately shown to b an in famouc calumny without tb shadow of foundation, aod Boiling himself was proved to be a moat unmitigated bar and icoundreL The fel low succeeded in inculpating nobody but the prominent Buchanan leader and candidate, whoe own published letter proved him to have been guilty of trying to get Buchanan subscriptions raised for the strengthening of the Fill more party in Ohio., . . The name of Air. E. P. Norton having been mentioned in eur paper upon that occasion, we ought perhaps to have dwelt more fully than we did upon his perfect exculpation. We have known bim and known I is reputation tor mary years, and it has always been pleasure and a pride to us to reckon him among our friends. There is not a man in tbe nation farther elevated above suspicion than be. Ta say nothing of bis intellectual ability, which is well known, his urbanity, bit kindness of heart, and his pure and immaculate honor, render turn the delight and admiration of all who can appreciate such qualities. . As a politician, he Is firm, true, resolute, and energetic, and tbe American party is much indebted to him for tbe activity, the power, and tbe efficiency with which,, through. ut the late, canvass, he sustained broad and national principles ia the midst of a thousand adverse , influences. 3TThe Indianapolis' Journal, a Fremont organ, by way of reply to our remark that the presence of Mr. Fillmore in the field caused the defeat of the Northern sectional candidate, says: ' The Fillmoteites have "defeated the Northern sectional party," tnd therefore "deserve me gratitude ol tbe country." if tb "Northern sectional party" was so dargerous that the country owes gratitude to these who aided fo dereat it. there must surely be some credit due to tbe Democitcy who hive done rao.t to that .end, and, if their aim was a good one, why did not tbe Fillmore men openly and manfully? According to their oreari tbey bive played a contemptible part. Ihey have either tried to defeat a party whose purpose was to higt and patriotic thai its tuocess Is a cause of gra'ulation, or they bad lot honesty enough to give a good cause open aid. And after working six months professedly to defeat Mr.- Buchanan, they tow claim no little credit for dtfeating bis opponent. Tbis is pretty smart, but the position of the Fillmore party Is easily defined and as eutily defended.' The conservative American party saw, that, by running Mr. Fillmore, they might elect him, and that they would at the secure the defeat of Mr. Fremont, the Northern sectional candidate. They nobly labored for th highest good, the election of Fillmore, knowing that, even though they should unfortunately fail in this, tbey would accomplish an important good, tbe overthrow of the mischievous free-so- il party. They deserve a large share of the gratitude of the country for what they have effected, and they would bave had a right to demand a far greater hare of it If they hid eft cted all for which ' they honestly struggled. (tyiV case of the Rev. D. A. Tyng, of Philadelphia, was settled on Tuesday night, tbe 4th Inst., as follows: For the Vestry 67; against the Vestry 41; blank L This result involves tb immediate resignation of the Rector, Rev. Dudley A- - Tyng, the previous action of tb Vestry having been sustained by a majority of the legal voters of the congregation. The difficulty between the reverend gentleman and hit congregation, it will be remembered, results from a political sermon preached in his church in tbe early part of the late political canvass, Mr. Tyng fet ling it incumbent on him to denounce slavery and to commend tbe candidates of the party opposing it. New Yoik Herald clmiun Mr. Fil Imore with having divided tbe opposition to B;icb anan in the free i'a'e, and thut defeated Fremont. iV-h- e A PHkiiikNow Utidr tbis head the New Yoik Journal of Commerce, a staunch Buchm-a- n pperf innounetif with in immense flourish .if trumpets on the e.?e of the Ute election that che Germin Abolition Society cf New York city bid passed a untniinous resolution In favor of Mr. Buchanan far the Presidency. Ard he announcement waa as true at it was flaunting. Theresolv was. cot only made bu'earned out. These German Abolitionists, according to tbe Journal ol Commerce, which by the way tthe champion; par excellence of Southern lights in the rinks of the Northern Democracy, were originally pleg'4 to Gerrit Smith, and still preferred bun, bit, finding tbat "no important number of votes would be ob'alned lor him," and believing or at least pronouncing tbe Republicans "a hypocritical party," thry resolved Uiihesi'atirgly andurani-mouslto cist their mfTVigrs for B ichinan. And they did it. Thsy had no doubt at ill of earnestness of A' opposition to slavery. the These reeking fore:gu Abolitionists had no fear whatever (hat Burlanan was in enemy in disguise. We beg tbe jt.blic to note tj is "phenomenon," end hold it up to the light of the coming id ministration. , 19, 1856. MJilBEB 52. Clayton. The Lat A Wat it a Cun t a a Hoax A fat day DorOLa Jtaaoirt to Ma. Th nerore 'he letioii, nearly all th prominent following l q ient and scathing letter ha deDemocratic papen caradotf coaapioaeasry servedly a'trae-ee- l wry wirto at'-ulette purporting to be from Secretary Marey creditable to the head and the) to Gov. Grimes of Iowa, la which th Utter most bnlliat.t wit of England. Jt heart of u autiful funetloniry was sharply rebuked for hi Im- and touching, hit w du aot anvy plied interference wi h th affair f Etata, either Mr, ttfow or her t.tVJ enter-ain- er and told, ia aneqilvoeal if aot ia aitoxceptiatna. Ihese outrages and call upon the popl to bring povtuak bl e, to mind bit twn bntinett. p, the ituJam: Tm are now a v for at the princely to punishment, publication in the Democratic papers wa 'mt when a propotitloD Is mad to hart th ac Cattle of Duart bin, toil wilt bo- tharafor a brief eoropanl j by th most abeard aad extravagant ism son, th pioHt of IBie mne o vo. Stat Legislature centered and laws passed nlcgy. Though, la spirit and ixproa inti.ewch Vawwrll there moet with all that woa.tit cart which will effectually prevent th repetition of ptefcha, ail thai infliiene c ail an retpectabl public officer ceolj hav 'bat art ee produce, aad li such offence, Instead cf boldly nd manfully that daeal written without disgrae, U Democratic dW taltiy caa do to makt your ttay Y opposirg tbe measure, tbey neaking!y attempt tor teemed puzaleJ for word large eaoegh will reeotvo lhaf attention and kind nee which, to dlspange th efficiency cf such laws and the tb Duk aad Dicaeot award to their visitor, aaa. at dreat Sledea'e ttraia. and strorg enough to eipress their admiration honesty of th movement The recent 8tat Tre .1 h aier trert it from th' leh; tnd yen will perhaf leave Sulherlaodshtr with At Arena' 'yie. ky Unmet' waae earner. of th letter. Th Cincinnati Enquirer, w re- It "stiaay Mvtorioa" eogTavoa on yosir rocol-Ueteelections in Pennsylvania ard Indiana and the ky oae, ! eTar'aMiae ra.t: tae Sw. at hee t n eppreaeh aad eoeret m'th., and ta seotiaa-n- tt member, wa especially jubilant ever if, bead to which you ha to Presidential election in Kentucky and els Art afttr art fat eat, hat all ia aM. ing it an "IktrsnTANT State Ptrta," and already givaa expreasion regarding tbat counwhere have demonstrated that immense frauds try more deeply impressed on your mind. "W do remember u that in our youth" as yliog rt a an anoihiTatvr, a ,erinehr,' upon the elective franchise have been perpetraIt to alavi elated Uvat during yoar ttty th anByron stys that Is to ay, io that Anguttan "finishing ttrokt," aad a thousand other thing nual exhieMtioa of industrial prod jet 14 to takw ted. We bave been sufficiently assured by Ag of editorship whtn Father R.tchle, ol of dtstiuctiv prestige. Well, of place, aad that above than OMeai effort it to bo scores of tbe most respectable citizens of this tbt day bl ested memory, flourished, it wat ever hit iu th election tb following explicit Jieclaiakcs mad to get the retnaie of the district to tura State, and their assurance bave been corrobo- gtnious custom to out ia thaar bear, radiant wkh more than oril-aa- ry say, in announcing the death was. telegraphed to thtNew York Evening rated by the confessions of som of tbe miscrePer: imtia; and that farcar and factor, Wil'a of all distinguished politicians, ttat a grea' ant who have exposed the fraud, that thousaidt their faauUc and their depaoeioato, ar to tweil No. 4, 1354. man had fallen in Israel: after which very origthe gathering, to at to mac .tt nroportlon and of men were imported into tblt Stat just pre7 tU SUor tU Etninr W; inal exordium, he always proceeded to uttur buik before yow a targery and Sir: 1 have just seen la th Evening Post of appaaa-aavious to the Presidential election for the avowed One of tbe Democratic piper of the concerning the deceased, whether friend or foe, venaraav a loner purport leg let b at posaUil. written by purpose of voting for th Democratic candiThus, Madam, will loo fortaor haadf nit of just about tbe samsj allowance ot historic truth W. L Marey, Secretary of ii ate, and a4dreaed it y charges that we an "rich in sympathy dates. The unprecedented m'J ritie given for dust b throwo. in. your eye, wi'Jt th view to that h bad been accustomed to ut in regard to Governor Grime ef Iowa. Mr. Mare a aa. obtain from your pen with tbe Black Republics party" of Indiana another testimony to that those candidates in many of tht counties, where thoiiA me to ttate that a tuch letter wa becaiige we copied from jome of (he papers of to him when alive. Now thi i by no mean ever written by bim, nor ity atveh le'ter ever epeia'ion e tbat system of " lvuixation" there are large Democratic majorities, and our way. Nothing tn that country. is more necessary that Stste dainnirg proofs of infamou than -- sued from in ipartmal of State. P.oate wnsrtt ta ttrtl "Wrugglirg frauds where tbe Democrat! bad exclusive control cf Yoiv will too decent, weillad H ghlaad girls to apeak without exaggeration of those w practiced there by the Buchanan party in the make tnl statement in your paper. kindly ipokta to . by the titied party - vttw tbe polls, indicate with great certainty that Very respectfully your, teen and U preserve, even in our utmost praise election of the 14 h ult end tbat of the 4th inituig Durobir, you will be pointed to nicely this infamous scheme to disfranchise the legal J. A. THOMAS, Aaaist aot Secretary. stant. We bsve no jyrrathy with the Black of them, a discrimination which tball give tach whitewashed cotter' House tatrtiog the highNow those Democrat! editort who published way of th Eaartera votert cf Kenlncky has ben successfully cir District, and yo Will bo pralte it weight; while there are torely few Republicans, but we abb Biraudg npon the elec the base and dirty forgery with ouch adiaJiiof rled out, and that great cumber of lha Illegal UU that the aro Inev. habiUtto o4 thooo thing mor agreeable to a generous mind than tive franchise, no matter against what party or votes were actually polled! The right of uf. comment were either deceived tbemtelvt or whom a portion of the press haa rerreeentd aa to be able to commend our very adversaries. by wba party perpetret i. were attempting to deceiv oibert. Aod if being downtrodden and oppressed. frage is the dearest and most sacrej franchise W wish we had mor ot them to txtol. Let So far wetl. But, Madam, every land tea pa It does not follow, because a party is tbey wr deceived thimitlve they ar torely be with which a citizen of these United State can backgrotiad) every ptelnr ba it bade. them furnish th merit, and we will find the mischievous in it purples and tendencies, be invested. You it but Utile of Sutiieciaad whoa vow travIt I tb ground work, th vtrv tomlurn. If they will die, particularly, we shall the mott awful t ef rail that wee frauds for itt defeat be tolerated nr el from the Mlkle Ferry to tricked. They are either mlecrAl dupe or foundation of ouf free inatitutlons, and upon It be Dunrobui.or terry for it and try to lay of them noth knaves. passed lightly by, the druggett vof the Black rightful Which ta it They exercise depend the stability, the ing but what is just. it I what ef tbw tsutaermad tnd itoekingt and piaidingn female in tb show room Republican ps For praise and blame UttI character otrrvlew a, present tarety for sincerity tbey have to speak oppoaitath Goltssa ime. - Thee-a- r of all our liberties a n free and should be taered bat tr. be elee'irt In and especially to when great evil,- bu ' ut, V iependent people. ' It la tb tourc of atl the they arebesu ?e2thing, dead." gaudy trappicgi of the. country; lbat arc but an ".tie t e nia,Tie EjTptiua, franchise, whl tsere mere ute tone aiorneaeD't, g:r.gror4 apIStaeisI Di.yateh ta tha Laat.Tilla Jaaraal 1 onr Republic, Vpendages, tuprficLaJ gewjaw. "ihey avsrotw 04111 a retaa vnouoal over f tht uadeli.' New Yoax, 10. s ' of their departed prince, and thus reaemoie lb bat tod revolution, bet fiat I 1, ft.. TJ t.1. ' wirepuller are now pro eccaaioaaily to be teaei on the worst ! htm t is corrupted, pervert a uw oiicas brought to account those too powerful to be Freesoilism, b i Statet of the Carolina, and are no more fair ed, and piostituted, tbe whole system will soon posing to seed Fremont I th C. 8. hVnat judged while living. Twit a wise custom; tod war, pestilenc Iruc- Kwm'm become filled with vilest rottenness and must from thi State, to leave the cours free for speciment of Sutherland than is kt-lw proceed to apply it to one who, at the pre tion of all our father of the average character f th alav. citizent decay. Honest citizen of all parties wiil, mier of an Administration', atood in th rank Seward in 18(30, and thus carry ut the or iginal hording fraternity. Madam. I Imolore von not through the perver orruption of the withont secret programme of Weed Jk Co., which wa to ba again fascinated aad hoodweioked by th hesitation, lend tbeir aid Io protect thi for which this sort of ballot-botrial wat Invented. obsequioua attention paid you. or by tbo franchise fiom fraud, to maintain the purity of Of th region where he wit born and lived, to destroy tb American party, aod almoct, btsl d jplay.wbich you will s of the Democratic jysame not quite, elect Fremont, and ia tb mean white trie ballot-box- , and fo adopt tach regulation Mr. Clayton stood for many year far th re- at th exhibition room, nor by tb ev'er-a- ai in the late canvass had a bad habit of pronoun as mty be necessary to exclude all illegal to nnit all th opposition clement at th potato, aad atr of denary eomf ort which most man. II wa, almost all hi life, little cing Buchanan as if it were spelled iJeic- Abo the whitewashed eot'agea of IVattera. Suther let than the King of Delaware, aod bestrid that North into th Republican party. The chanan. Oae cf these cacological chaps, they If you found on these tout osi- alition parties forctd n third ticket In P.nnsyk land exhibit. illegal vote that I polled disfranchise little State like a colossn. Upon a smaTler of Su'berTand a it Is, say, was, upon a certain occasion, haranguit g a legal voter. it Iti far less dishonorable, far scale, be there bore a iway such a few bave, vanla and New Jersey most unnaturally at the ioa rmpresaion a false and you will leave if with an von incorrect as tbe people of sweet Owen and piling tbe agony less ucmanly, far less disgraceful and Its dan- in tbia country, long maintained, unless it be lasl moment, with the doable purpose of pro- - had looked- - ttooo Ikoworsst ef George Sand's extremely bih on Mr. Be w chanan, when an gerous to disfranchise legal voter by open Mr. Calhoun, over South Carolina, or Mr. Clay, venting tb tueetst of th Americans, aad the novels . a the embodiment of morauty, from honest Democrat, nettled Jy such continued having read one of its most moral ptgea election from going into the House, where Freviolence than by secret fraud. He who, by ab over Kentucky. Yet the dominion of these Mit 1 beg of you to ttke a solitary tour to eulogy of a perfect stranger, shouted out defy, illegal vole, destroys the tffsct of the ballot of three was alike only in Its measure, not it mont would bave had another chai ce. The the West of Sutherland? Eeep aloof from ingly from the crowd, UTU bet yow fifty dot' a legal voter, commit aa gros breach is now so wide between the American an outrage at factor hav your eye and cotnmitoionot; lart Oid Buck can beat himtwo to one!" It he who, by force, prevent th legal voter from means; Mr. Calhoun' was that of and Republican that it can never be healed. your tar open, ax.d, nun the feeling of the a subtleties, Mr. Clay' that of a true greatness i the general impression that th speaker went depositing bis of Uncle Tom' Cabin, mveatigat tor Th Americans polled a large- - vote in both ballot. It matters not by whom of mind and yourself info the present and past condition of character, John M. Clayton's a home a wiser if not a better man. or by what party thrt Irauds and outrage ar before, and will th general body of th inhabitants. mora merely personal Influence, derived in part the city and Stat than Go to Armeo-a- l - Atgn otither- aoxi iaoixr foe Dr. Halce, in' Louisville Ky., has never perpetrated. All parties assert that they have from strong abilities, but scarcely less from hereafter staid together. laad, e to Tuba Skerray, and asn for a look been known to fait of curing fistula and dis- been perpetrated. What it done belongs to tb droitnes of management, in the midst of a Yalvalb Tvanir. Lat year. Hon. at the site wbere th bouse of cue Wiiiiaa The blander miniature Commonwealth, every one of whose Humphrey Marshall cent to som eases of the rectum Without the knife or cans, past, aad cannot be undone. into th history of cf the beet M'Kay 00c stood; meat f tic Moreover, Dr.' H.'ipV:tic embraces may b brought to punishment, bat that will citizen be no doubt knew individually farmers ia Kentucky specimen and thousands of Mbr f various th every disease of the human fabric, either fh not restore to tha legal voter tbe right of which welL Standing thus without a rival either in kind of turnip- - teed from the patent office. men, at tut, aoley end erUiiog to week, but with their wiv and Hula one cast out. You We most bave law male or female, and fai'iug in no instance whert he hag been deprived. strength or in dexterity, he of conrse governed Among thee wer seed of the- - tarnip ceiled ar a mother, Mrs. Stow; you hav given tbat will prevent the commission of similar he promised a ure; Tbe very best reference Delaware it his pleasure, and when it was not th "Golden Ball.." Mr. Andrew Hike, who proof that you can fn a large measure it m pa outrages in the future. W must bar such can be given. Address Dr. Hulce, Box 411 hia pie start to govern it he usually had a vicewa one ef th farmer favored by Col, M , tois with a mother ta bar arateraat yearning enactments of our State Legislature a will after her kind jy30 wtf .. .. roy. brought ns on of th "Golden BalP turnips ly ask the Ut'Jeoaetv. WlU you therefor she felt wile of Angus Sutherlaad how make a marked and dis Upon tbe greater theatre of Federal pel in yesterday mornnig. It xeeediogly round when lee than three months ago, she and ber litBuchanan in favor cr Free Kansas. It tinction between legal and illegal voters, orde-ceItlct, Mr. Clayton by no mean shrank away, aad smooth, immensely large, of a golden yd-lo- tle ones then lit of the measles were thrown will be seen from the following letter of the men will be driven from the ballot-bo- x a doe a great part of thos who com up all th way through, aod ef a delicious, oat of tse heimbre home? Wtt) yow get the New York Herald's W ashington correspondent where their votes are o be wife of William to narrate to to how, neutralized by those to Washington, tbe momentary great men net of flavor truly remarkable. If the ''Gold- only last year, a few day after s raring thej that it is already affirmed at Washington tbat of base wretches hired b Ignominious emof a State, On the contrary, from hi first en Balr" yields a In crop, a wo bave no doubt pangs aod fomg through th peri.t of materni is in favor of the admission of Kan. ployers tp deposit illegal votes. Buchanan We mutt have appearance in the her new-bor- n whin babe, and Senate, be took, by hi it does, it will come in general e trhrough-outt- h ty, the, wi-sas as a free State. If the Herald's corres- such laws at once, or eur elections other latttet otioa, were morctlt4y Covered ont will become parliamentary abilities, a very high Wett a fact a th cod era be pro rank in pondent is correctly informed, the poor fellows oo'hirg but a mockery, and an arena fortte that body, then embracing a remarkable ar cured. Col. M. ha In thi matter readered the U) a s&eet, and., left to. bivouac 04 a bar hill, without borne or shelter? in the South who were duped into the support exercise of fraudi and outrages and violence. ' ray of great men. To only Will you ask the oldest inhabitants of tb th gi eat est Wetter public an essential service of Buchanan to defeat Fremont will find they I' there is any sincerity in the profession cf ef these, he must be confessed to have atood bar recti tide aioog th bleak ar.d ragged have caught a tartar: th A Good Deal or Bacon. The stock ef shore of the West how it happen ttvat taey editor of n desire to bave not ttcond or third; far below City and Webster bacon The policy of tbe incoming administration only peaceful but fair elections, they will in New Orlean on th 1st instant was starve out a arizxung existence on the ucpro-iuc- 'ir wastes, while for score of mile ton is the absorbirg topic of conversation. It lit heartily cooperate with tbog who seek to pro aod Calhonn, certainly; nor entirely to be estimated to be 3,000 casks, and the stock io matched, In the keen and ready fenc of de tnoasacd limes ten thousand avaaiab acre 11 out tnat Bnchanan Uinfacor of the now given St-- Loci ii about th same, making a total ol m break atrd barren oeoolarioff Wilt yow aac admission of Kdntat at a free State. He has cure the immediate passage of lawa to protect bate, with the quick thrust of Forsyth, the di10 00 cask. EstimatiLg a h cask at tO lb , tba to tell yo how it happen taal waolo honest and legal voter in tb exercise of thi all along held io the propriety, if not tbe necesalectics of Silaa Wright armed at all points, or we hav at thet two point ctgai aeuiowt ef straths and glens,, one vocaii wuh lb marry sity, of tbis course, and the recent emphatic best and most sacred right of a free citizen. th matchless vigor of that supreme sword-plalaogh of hundreds of btpiy cotters' children, expression of public sentiment on the despotic pounds, equal to 40,000 barrel of pork. A reform is needed. A rtform is needed In now echo naught tare the bleating of thoep, course of the Pierce administration In regard r, George Evans. But, if these latter were Since the above, we find the following In the or the- - wantsma ibis Stale which shall tane effect befor another to that Territory makes ft, 1 assOre ycu, a fixed barn, or tb sportsman's the better debaters, be wa th more popular; if Cincinnati Gazette of yesterday: nitJ, .Will yow inquire how ta happen that State election, and all, who ar honest in their fact in the policy of the new government. It their apeeehe told the mir within the Senwas deemed itjudicious by Sir. Buchanan's The Pork Maiert. The pork teason. th population ot Lairg is only a thud ef what expressed wishes for a fair and honest elec ate, hi had mor effxt without; if tbey were upon which dealers are friends to avow this before the election; but tion, will zealously entering, common it could boestof in 101; bow Loth ba diminadvocate an Immediate at eompacter, he made it up in bulk and ?, now that tbe contest is ova) tnd he Is to be the Crieh mats. In ce with very little animate, and ta general ished I third Eildonan by next occupant of the White House, there Is no semblage of tb State Legislature for thi pur aspect ef tbe naikat differ much from, that ex by 15U1 aw other pwttavsr ton let extent, short, it thty wer better, according to tb hesitation in makiag it public and tpjking about pose. None will oppose it except those who deperienced at thi dat last year. Last season, that th wool county of Sutherland, aa aot English idea of deliberative eloquence, be wa it and canvassing it effects t tbe North and sire to gain an advantage for their party by th tb whole country waa bare ef provisions, the increased 7 per cent., durlrg the wUole of the better, according to the American. Yat we stocks both tn tbe West and last fifty years. South. employment of unfair mean. It is absurd to must not be taken as saying that Mr. Clayton having been entirely exhausted, th sea board Will yea ask tf It be trn that the county It will create much astonishment it the South, th manufacand will cause a deep feeling ef indignation in say tiatlawi cannot be devised for determin tured article found a ready sale as fast at it which obtaiaeJ a eliatingiiitalaj aich k th anwa loouent. He wa only. aa compared nals of this country, for tha a ism .lee and prow-r- ot ing, calmly, deliberately, justly, and fairly be wa turned eut, at very fail prices. Coder the some quarters perhaps war to the knife. Jefef i't toldiert, caonot now got half a doaeo ore of 'lb leaders cf the fore an election who are legal votert aod for with Wright or Evan, not Preston or Ltftre. rcflaeoct ef tbt ferson Davis, ef rbiog9, hogs, which We were but speaking relatively; a If, putting opened at abonf $0 50, advanced antd they ef Its Sons to recruit even for th miiitia, r to secessionists, will open the qiestion tn the Senpreventir g all other from voting. Such law ortmtr ia beirg merely trained for Carlyl ia parallel with Bailey or Emerson, reached $7) aad notwiuistaaailng tb conelant tct a ate when be lake, his seat from Mississippi, deftaeo of tba raaa) id it he n fact tbat after tbt Pierce adminhtiation. is properly have been adopted and are now ia practical w thould style the first lucid; r talking of pressure upon th market, ariaing from ta anticipated inereaa ia tb crop, prices did not th eoaamoneameitt tf th pretnt century buried and the grave covered wi'h sod3. It Is operation in other Statet, by which it I madt ourntlghbor of th Democrat, at compired recede below th opening price nnttl about th more than li.iAO of the then- oal inhabitant thought that the first movement to counteract almost impossible for any amount of tunning of Sutherland bave been tbruat out from th wl'h a load, w should admit that, though middle ef December, nasi even thorn bteclin the effect of this measure wtH be to pour emi- or even h and destroy by equally perjury to froat traditionary grants into Texas, and slice thtt Stit into two wa not xtaaive, compared with tha xpcta-tio- n raai wkKb stmir ancestor ugly and veoomoug, he yat ha a age occupied, aad Ukruat ont, not hocneM conof tbot who besilatad to make purchase additional S'ates, giving tbe South four Sena- illegal voting the franchiset ot legal voter. preciou jewel in his bead. Mr. Clayton waa victed of crime, cot hocaoo guilty of lazinowt, tors, while Kansas will add only two to the It ia a preposterous mbterfug to call tuch attb rate previously current. Th lowes aot becauee ample, not terse; aad a strong, not aa accomef arrtaraot itar, ( hecauso of figure touched during the teaaos wa $5 1th; North. laws "humbugs" and "convenient instrument immoral conduct, but to convert their boioirga I see that one of yeur Washington corres- of below but few " What ha been don may be don plished apeak sr. Such b appeared, In the very average tale awer madt $9 tn). $5 60, aad tbe into monitor saeeo tod rrous ground; fraud wa pondents has been making Buchanan's Cabinet, trifle over Many dealers palmlett day ef th Senate; and of course bt aad I tblnk he ia wrong,. The following is near again. Frauds upon tbe elective frnccblt have fought against the early advanced opinion of if it bo tru tbat the retnlt of thi (vstem of t in nobl been perpetrated and will be repeated unltti rote, as It declined, to be perhapa It most po- aa la crea la th trop; and the tbe mark: of th clearance ha bee a ten toot ( " a word, his career tential vole. In a Senaproprietor, aod that the waotoatau ha been t-- indicate market, op to Secretary of State, Isaac Toueey; bf Connecprompt and stringent measure! ar taken to Secretary of the Navy, John Slidell, of tor wai a very distinguished one, both for abil- tint they wer correct, but we aceouuUd for bam and confusion of face to th promoter ticut; prevent such outrage. What is past cinnot ' th seeming discrepency, by the fact that heavy ot tbe Lch policy, woich ha boon ebown to LouUian; Secretary of War, H. A. Wise of be recalled or remedied, but we may, and we ity and character. Vi glnia or H. Ward, of 5outb Carolina; Secstocks remained la the country The Interrup-bo- n bave been in It invention selfish and beartleoe. We pass to that part of Mr. Clayton' pubretary of the Interior, Jess D. Bright, of In- can, end we should, as good citizen, takt to navtgatioa, which oeerajred to aa una ia it ateoteef atontsworeiJete anaianeaaa, ia iu potation, unpatriotic aad aaaHacctaavfui, aad in lic life, of which it I most difficult to rreasur diana, or Charles-Stuart- , of Michigan; Attortual txtoot last winter, prvnttd the early dissuch steps as will prefect our rights and liberney General, James C. Vandyke, of Pennsylvath real merit: w mean of court hi premier- tribution of stocks, and price having iargeiy it general retultta 310c jterj a delusion, and a ties from such fratds aid en'rage hereafter. mare? advanced subsequently to tb close of th nia; Postmaster General, John R. Thomson, of Her Obtaining, br personal teanrrv, ttretpectiv As we have said before, th expense of an ship of tbe Taylor Administration. New Jersey. pat king season, and confidene f dealer la ' Ttrsean be bet on, at least foer out of the extra session of tbe Legislature for one or two whether that he was better fitted for debate tbe continuance of high price, encouraged ef th Cen4r ia yew 'Saaay MeenorNt," th six. But don't bet more than a bunch oi cigars, weeks I the merest trifle than action and happier at exposing tbe fault them to hold stocks, nad it was not, tberetoro, fact of the cae, aad coming into portooal and unworthy of a contact wi'h th inhabitants, you will, I venture and secure edds. of other politician than at controlling or cov- until lately tbat it became (ridest that dealers moment consideration iu view of tb great who based theit cWealataoevtapoaa ahort crop, to assure you, nave abundant au'eria; ror a work which wilt rival eve) foci Tom Cabin, object to be attained. It will not do to y ering over hia own, or that ha truth th public had been deceived with reference to oplie (EyMost heartily de we com mind tbe noble wa In too much bast to blame a Ministry and tb future court ot tbo market A rapid aaai. which will I chapter am eaaptor of and ateadfatt devotion of principle manifested that it will be better to wait until the session oi plots and UciUeaie scenea and tuffcriiieTB, pa which lived only long tnoi'jh not yet to have decline in the prie of product ha conse 1858 for the passage of tuch law. by our American friend Tbe party at Portland. They quently been established, aad aJtbouaib, lb tup- - tient odurai.e and Ig briatiao retiguatioo, ana redeemed every protu expectation that bad sketches, wbicU are true as atetl and will hold fast to the truth which opposes tbeir passag now may in lb ID ply market ar tv other manifold been formed of it certain it i that, or tb cry ci barrel meat is light, where overstocked with bacoa Th ttock will prove to tb world that tnes rfted author until il shall, a it must, prevail. They have our meantime, by the nse of illegal votes, forever of Loci Tom's Cabas m too f ee firs', time, a new elevation tdJtd nothing to his of th latter In th too West, including New preclude all opportunity for their passage here most sincere thanks for their kind appreciation at this time I estimated at twenty I much animated by Christian principles, aad too reputation. Hi Secretaryship of State half independent in teaLmeot and Id feeling, t b of our effjrf s in behalf of the principles which after, lhe evil that we seek to cure may, by canceled, in the public view, th previous hon- twenty fiv thousand hhds., against aot it th batraytd by mert conventional hospitality Into wt have xealously advocated, and we assure delay, be perpetuated and immovably fastened ors correepondirtgdat laet year, It wa pleasant, however, market core par a follow. aad price ia this aa ubdortauoo- - ot ssaetj a pevecf j aott that eot of a them that the praise of good- and two patriots opon the necks of the people. The reform vn a new Coamasaiaaer tiaiooai in all th to see how (like the giant of old who wa onNot. 10, 1854. Nov 10, 15J5 subUeUet of the bar, wUl succeed ia again in a great- measure --compema'es os for the should be made immediately, and we hope tbat $15 7) Miss Pork $.'0 00 the honest voters of all parties nil I tt one de ly weak when h was held aloft) bt no sooner committing you to proclaim bit and hia father want of success, and fires our heart to pre ' US Bacon Side touched hi mother earth ef tbe Sonet igain policy a an ' enlightened attempt to aid th pare for another, and, a w most devoutly be- mand thecal! of an extra session ef th Legis 07 Bacoa Shcmlderr trtbgxWet modern tivizaatoo, hu that you than bt grew strong enough to vanquish, 1U 104, lieve, a triumphant struggle in behalf ot those lature at an early day, so tbat the ax may Barrel Lard will. unhotltaUngly bttnd it. a o t tha moot tbe whole Senatorial rabble which, precepts,, which hive been speedily be laid at th root of the evil by tbe It is also to be remarked, while the market recklewe and ctuei attacks on the right and headed by Gta. Cass, had fallen upon his diplo now la exceedingly dull at our quotation, it liberties of an unoffending people and protaught Ait by those' who bled for our freedom passage of a stringent and judicious registry matie matsures, thinking they had hint dewn. wa ac'lv last season, for tn timpl reason claim your assurance from personal tnvesuga-Uo- a, and pledged tbeir lives, their fortunes, and law. while in 1355 tbe consuming market! were tbat Ho wt boat tbo or to o ta prison-- er W More Frauds have already men Averf bitter lesson of his easy superiority I that they art now ever supplied, aod vault their sacred honor! to maintain our .indepentherigtleouavGod bare, who ha a3xMt tusco-- ei tioned the stupendous frauds perpetrated by all of them atone did he give them. dence as a Bation ; to oven the removing of the ancient .i Ibe wett Dad no stock of old, 11 oat now tqnl But we must check ourselves, ven though to twenty thousand hhdj. to forwarj wi h the Buchanan party in Pennsylvania and Ind ba unmis'akeabiy shown, by the comITor the fcoal.Tillt Jouraa.1.1 pter failur-- ' at tbo policy f hav named, hi . Portland Fii.lm:rk and Doneisw Clcr. ana; but, from the development in New York, w shall Itav Mr. Clayton' really great pub- new products. In vitw of the? facts, and with hogs rnling abbot-rea- c oi th treatment to which tb The Fillmore aud D inelson Club, of Portland, it appears that the Democrat there have sar lic merits but half drawn. They were tuch as slightly aoov in average 01 last year, in cau ple of Sutherlaad aava been. suhj-i- ted siaC,peotha at its meeting on Saturday night, tbe fh inst., the country may well lameut.. For his loss passed all others in the extent of such outrages tion manifested by packers, and lhe indisposi dawning ot the present reutury; and that you adopted tbe following resolution!! npon the elective franchise. Th New Yoik make a gap, a chum In our fast declining pub tion to operate except at low rates, ia readily wilt not leave tbe 'proud walls "of Dunrobia Retohtd, That tbe result of the Presidential accounted for.' ' ' ' ' Cattle without bononrty and faithfully entroaU Tribune, of Saturday, gives the f Hewing lic counsels, which wt tee no man to fill. contest bat not impaired eur faith in tbe prinmg Ua aobt pemtmota ta gaua f w inenoodves a .Those wt hav bogs) for tale) have tht fact ciples of the, American prty, nor lessened our statement of facts; we have ttated out of vtw,aad predicate then good report, and earn, th grttuude ot a nobl Democratic Oratort Macbeth high esteem of tbe superiority and fitness ol Tbe 1st, IVth, aod Vlth wards ef our citv crop. glen tenanting w W heard a " its candidates. 1 jok th ther calculations npon n snort crop It l very coa- race, by once more estate, and the desolate to th eaca return more votes ior cuena nan alone Broth or a Bar udently asswetad tbat the ta Jaie, litttinna. of their bau3raf restoring Rttoived, That we fully believe the condition than there are legal voter) In those ward re day on on of the Democratic district electors wilt IaU abort, aad tbat Ibe ex- people th eewupattoa ef that Und, watch hi and of our country at tbe present time as ntcessa-ril- y spectively, to say nothing of the Fremont and not a thousand mile distant which Is really too cent in tb prtsent ttock t product, aa eoaa. tot geikSMUoft bee) otveaed by . traditionary demands the. triumph of American jrinci-pL- Filltaore voters. Tbe XlVth ward returns verv with last year, will h of iL. Tbix-ce- s story, and whictL. wiU th happy good to keep The Jndividual in qnestion pa ever has heretofore, and that we herenearly aa many Bucbauan vote as there are le it equal to iiW.OOO hog. Iowa, Illinois, aooies of a ha pp) people. by renew our pledges to ourselves and to each gal voters in the ward. Tb vote returned from though personally a very excellent fellow, and and Mttaean, it ia admitted, wiM prd ice as other that we will faithfully strive to prsmofe the XVIIth ward is also impudently, infamous- not withont n certain sort cf ability, is unfor CoNsxtitiErwcB) tr-- DiseioaoN-iio- a. W. B. many bog a la 4 year, to tbat tb eVtbcMoey, their establishment. ly fraudulent. . We do not say how far tbe tnnately affl'.cted with the most malignant type if any, will h in th three hrtt named S'atoe. Reed,- mt rhaiadelphia, hwwriittt a letter to Resolved, Tbat we regard Millaip Fill-mor- e vote counted out correspond with those actuHaving pnbiishod wott1 at tb man best fitted and most enti- ally voted in; but that theie is fraud gomewbere of awellhead. Hit complaint ia mortal. Well, dealer to form a ncb fact aconclatiow enable th crtrssm ot FraaJdia county, Poanayrvania, a to satisfactory tled to our confidence for a faithful and impar-itsch a be it, he wat, In the court of his offi ac There are not seven hundred Brj is manifest. the probable tuppiy of bog, we abaU offer no ia which b tha forrrbry ee poets Ha- performance of tbe duties of the Presi- cbanan voter this day in th 1st ward, and yet cial daties, addressing a crowd at th critical opinion on tbo tubrect, aaciaily f dhmaitnt arbteet dency of this nation, and tbat be is our choice 1,463 vote for Buchanan a- - returned from period in the late eanvtss when the return of at thi tiaao it to f urraah inJormatronj a to th 1 etmembav, year a brt-as candidate for that office at th next resi- that ward! What is to be said of inspector afv teuapiaebt trimmer's cf th October election wer coming in with actual condition of tb market. Thi w have afteraooaja, toiiiag ' the dential election. road on th . election wco, naving taken but four hundred w may therefore torn it Cove .Mountain, inof your eo'io'j, and, when I Resolved, That such disastrous effect to Mr. Fillmore Tht already indicated, aad D PaERTicktjr votes for Assembly, find over tix hundred votes up ta a few words. The market for prottuct his patriotic devotion to the Uniov crowd were particularly boisterous and eatna. bow; very dull, aad pneea beug relatively reaeaed the sum mi', turning 'o geio .o at beauthe Assembly box when thty open it to can aif in whole-souletiful a Seine as? evei g'addened 3v too services, during the pa?if vass, and proceed to destroy atwo Hundred in which the speaker attributed wholly tr lower tlvaa current rat fo hogsj, packer are ralte el aMetvtl beauty wbic swatch erf pugn.iii me cause or Amencinism, is en. f. sucn mnner that a candidate Wfc received fif'y aias'ie, the fire of his ekq.avnca. . QtLcoiira ho waa on not disposed to operate freely, i'beo woe be lata Maramud aad toward th Fetoaac- - It ia a toour lasting gratitud? as well as to that of If hori,.t BilT but fifteen returned for him? lieve tbat th crop of bog wilt bo a large M true Americans. How long can free institutions bear the strain tremendously good term with bimtalf, with last tetaoa, ar snore aaaaeeottt than boo who familiar seen to most of you. To mt it wa JOHN M. HUSTON, President. his audience, and with th whole world. His anticipate a deficiency. There i now no for now, aod it impression hat never faded from of such villainies as thesef . my mind. As tar as tbe eye could reach tber B. RoLESON,-eerearywas perfectly ravithiog. At eign demand, aod it I generally conceded, we was fertility ta signs ef From another source we have teen a more Enron for tbe g all was beautlfll nil' was tranquil industry; We published yesterday tht card of W. detailed statement of tb Infamous transaction length, inflated quit beyond all bounds ef telf-- believe, that ibe e ports looke4. year will fail considerably ibert. 1 com- a it wa, hhe the abode of a happy and hnitod A. Putnam admitting tbat bit foul charges last mentioned. he approached hi peroration In ont of the precincts four poMeftion, pered with tb teeaoa tntl closed. Tboao views 1 t& fished and triumphant tre ot cowrie tgaiotl high pncea, aad. being people-- .tlQnatie political Uae, Peaosyl-ram- a '4 agalLst Capt. Harry J. To ld, of Frankfort, hundred name were recorded at having voted for "Gentlemen.," Mrylandk t'aced. by taoee were "false in every particular." Our readers a member ot the Aasembly. Upon opening tbe orator in hi most patronising tone, "I likt apparently well fouade-- l. it will be dirfieult to snrvevor., Ci ee and drive dealer entewtamiog them trocn their noei-- Jeremiah Dixon, Was ViiiMt fo beMatcn Many will recollect our comment on the card. Tbe bx it wit found to contain tii hundred ballot ysc Democratic inatitutioo for ant thing! Tht nr no. loose who Da v bog to tell wul, therlarnt wav teparatodt by 1'; but, excerpt rn th following communication from Captain Todd Tht Democratic inspectors of the election lowest can climb up to tb highest places. efor, perceive that it will aot be tafe to make thlaw,D on knew It ar ear ad about tt. Tbe facts were just as w made a forced balance sheet by dravinf faro was once no'hing but a cobbler's 'prentice; and calculation opon realiaiotr $6 nor 100 lbs. net-needs no comment I have er.'i for nalrful thoughts are thrust man la liu crowd, if b it Foe the one dealer who would at thi time be ing themselves upon me recalled that scene o'f supposed they were: hundred ballots inditenminaUlyfrom th pile. the mott to willing transact a regular businea at trV.ihere To the Editort of tht Louitvitlt Journal: acraaf beauty tad an.'eaj Interest, a "id realized It matters not what party wat benefited or honest and persevering, and bt a ftir tha re of are lea to consider woo tbat it would be unsafe t Gentlemen: On tbe 8 b instant I enclosed what party was injure 1 by such villainies. talents, may, by th blessings ot Providence, pay ever an average of $3. The tendency of what it would bo wba t asuot ho th condltioni ot ery county of thi Com n wealth lying to the editor of the Courier for publication tbe They deserve the execration ot honorable men obtain the distinguished position I now occu price ia now toward thi figure. Some Uaya on tbo Maryland lino Chetier, Lai. caster, following note from W. A. Pdtnain. of all parties, and furnish additional evidencet py!" Were in crown mauueszea a ueep en- - ago sue were made ar o a. i, whil yesterday York, AJamt, F.'tnk'ln, Fulton, Bedford, Sor- a"W. AT Hddtman, Editor Courier: find tb orator with grateful the market was dull at $6. To chock tbia erset, and Green if disunion b "The communication in tbe Courier signed of tbe pressing necessity for tbe netmnt ef tation which downward tendency will require a very decided th- - rtptuiw be, n U would h continued, "I ira seat. reaction In the provision market, which at this foreed on at, and "X," reflecting upon Captain H. J. Todd, was stringent registry law in all tha States. ba, between what are popnlarly, but f aitely, the war. t have been lighting tn thi made by me. The statemei fs concerning him aoe tot item prooaDi. for time Democratic editor ealle.1 tbe free tnd tlive Sta ween ue have net yet in that communication are false in every parciuse ever sine Old Buck wit nominated, tnd every had the condescerjiion to explain to their reader The ArnictN SiavbTiaob. Th Charlee- - and Maryland 1 with afrei man could bo ticular. W. A. PUTNAM." Tremendou gotri' to fight It through! Ueris, even that tied to nfretod wbat bow they came to be so voluble and eloquent I'm ton (3. C.) Standard, assuming tbat alivery it Thig wat the whole communication, but civilized' lefoe It daily, hourly there wat published with it a posftcrlpt signed ver that forged letter from Seer.tary Marry cheers J. I am posted up, and always rtady, to b xtodd in Kansas and other So:h west of danger .it lire of custom bouse venation and to keen nd if yea want any speaking don here, aod W. A. P. In to far as the postscript is intendto the Governor of Iowa. The Secretary ought ern territory, aad that, eemtoqnently, more tb mugg!r in aod out tbe crowd of fugi-U- ro ed to convey tbe idea tbtt tbe above uncondi- to be halnt get no 1 peak erg, jlst tend for we; TU slave- trees jue'tco atvd labor, inf --wring every eagercongratulated upon the txtet'lvt will be needed, propose to reopen the arena tional retraction was made upon 'any assuand speak for you, and, as tht Irishman asd concealed ia every thicket th rance given by me upon my honor" to" W. A. ness of hit admirers to do him justice. Wt eomt African slave traJ. Ia one of a tortc ef arti murderer e'r k ng down bit vie o and Putnam that the statements of his oiig nal ctngratulate him. Hit adstlrert are sorely the tatdy Lty on.MaoJuff, and damned be him cle on th tubjoaf, thtvt paper tha atwr flyirg with tb fresh Mood on M. hind to a 1 hardly communication were untrue, it is false. I gave most sensitive admirers we ever knew. Their who first crie hold, enough!'" It iib bickering. what ha been arged a a Soother to foreieTO lerrttory Mr. Putnam no assurance except to tell him th tunfe, too hot blood of roailei ibinout d:s. thos of tb old lady neeeecary t add that Mi elector was chosen the Importation of "wild Afrioansy that every word concerning me in that commu- sensibilities are as facit as pat ail thi woold be the daily do-rof ovary entirely ont by an overwhelming majority. nication wat a d d lie, and tbat ha thould re- wbosat sobbing at a It hit been feared that tha coming of so many southern county In this State; ind tract it on tbt spot, which be did in tre above of the hearing of tbe preacher" olc. "Why hav tpokeo of would t Democrat having carried the Leg wild Africana will endanger the publie peace, boan'ifril valley banded to me for publication without ad- do you weep," tald a bystander, "tine yon no'e, that thty will bave the visible islature ot Delaware secure tbe ef their matters, aod tbat tendency to rite tgitiatl d astrewoBUfty wblrb, th actual brod, perhap dition or qualification. the matttrt H. J. TODD fail tf Oh, ba Tbi ci mot hear the word of twniinlsterf" Mr. Bayard U tb Senat, and probably a suc the ability to keep them alwayi In mayjsctioo. bloody, thpugh bardd'aunloa mast Psojylva-si- a, su' to conceive. true, said she, "I caw tee th rolv wtg of hi head." cessor to Mr. Clayton, wboo We learned last night from a gentle-ma- n, Hnrd health it If fiutia n mutt be remeiDborwd and you, c tUo of Franklin cmirttv. hav unquestionably that Hurd, the man suspected of inciting Hurley's JSARSAr.te111- nat lew win com wuo nave not oeen trained to lor g reposed la tht ceotte of the Union that 'he negroes to rebellion and insurrection, was not only a luxury t' '"h hut decidedly th thought will not permit of his resuming his seat subjection In Africa. Evtaat the equal mm- - yow caa aot. nsadcratavnd how caa hocosae a caught Iu this city, Uken to Arkansas, and to most powerful eent ever offered to again. ber of tht wild tribe, the v ar aceusttmaJ to frontier, and bow yen will when you do. use the expression cf our informant, "we gave the euffering. I cU Promptly and efficiently depot e authority, but ail ot them an not be him about a thousand." We also learn from in all eases, an? restore tb invalid to perfect titbit is shocking to read th remarks ot slave before tbey can be told to th Slav W new a $:t eourtnrfeit nota Cownfrrtsf c,as t affection for Wise, Clingman, and other leading Democrata der. Tb rod authority necessary to keep on tbo taioa Bank of Tenn-ai- e Mr. Robertson, a citusn of Litayette, that a health. AmfP' .Infected at a roan by the name of Williams, a worthless which it is ) meritoriously popular, we would ot (he Scuta in favor th counter et th Bank of N sK. f 'le cf disunion. Men bet them In tubjectjon to a barbarian vagahon f, was caught on Saturday, and taken mention scrofula, dyspepsia, chronic rheumant par'y for deposhave taffieien'ry disciplined tbem to pre ited by an tnn er than they have gent justly to the penitentiary to Somerville. Some thirty negroes were also tism, bronchitis, and til cutaneous eruptions. even If they bad ever koow th rigb' and it. The note wat very an ich worn, the signaand might have gone it'll more justly to the This is J it the time to use It with advantage. arretted and taken to the line place. babl't ef freedom. When hrongbt here, 'here ture excellemt, ami tb- - w"ole no well as Demotnt, CrStcef Memphlt Enquirer. gillewi. Cw'od. for they will bivt lo'.alrg to unltsr. X.k ciote. .Va iArt.t Th PaoTICTION CF THE ElBGTIVB FbAN- chise A Registry Law. The t editors of this State have madt a terrible outcry about frauds upon the elective franchise perpetrated by the "Know-NothingTbey hypocritically hold up tbelr hand in holy horror at stii. valued correspondent yettti day favored ns with a notice we regret but to brief of thi eminent person; of whom wt would fiddly hav had, from to competent a band, a more ex'end d account. For the death ef n man who had i) long played an important part in our public affair ought not to oneommemorited; more etpecitlly now when much as in hit -grand final extinction of wit in tb rt'ni our few surviving t'atesmeo, that in better day upheld th honors ot nr national council, are, n after another, dropping eff, befor th advancing relja of dullntst, dark nets, and Democracy. i't pt i. dirail.idi. sa. Wairinot, tf ttV 1 - 1 fo. vr ty tie' tas jut tt fte car ee, r If!. .nd id ast Geok et. J y pearilt yal tt tyThe hjtia terothi t CThe ire. r"tlv tr. r ur mawUi Mn.

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