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Image 9 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 23, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

V vitKd as aeco JEFFERSON REPORTER, Thursday, April 23. 1970- -9 H Tylers L. Ccl:brcfp Ccl.icnfcg Ccnfrcl Air Anniversary TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET Up to 60 Month To No Money Down 4635 Illinois Avenu "33 Vi of Srvlct" Pay A - , . 10412 WATTERSON TRAIL - 7R7.1R1A JEFFERSONTOWM ll Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Tyler, 3824 Bardstown Road, received relatives and friends during an open house on Sunday, April S, to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. A dinner was given Saturday night by their daughters, Mrs. Edwin Frey and Mrs. Hugh Tobaben. A breakfast at the southeast Holiday Inn on Sunday morning started the activities for the day. Mr. and Mrs. barl Funk entertained the family and relative Sunday evening at their home at 4014 Crawford Avenue. A buffet supper was served. Sergeant and Mrs. Tommy Funk and daughters were 5 V"03l2 CALL THE ANNEX A "ANTIQUES" Always a good investment with enduring charm and lasting beauty. Complete Interior Design Servlce-Pe- tra Williams, N.S.I.D. SPECIALIZING IN FLOW BLUE CHINA Member national assoc. dealers antiques in present. Sergeant returned from December. She doesn't want all that garbage f In i h , r C' - ix :? f , i- - o i I . I. V' 1 I ,r fC KIM LEWIS, at right, shows off the watch she won as first prize in a poster contest to second place winner Mary Ann Howell (center) and third place winner Angela Bierbaum (left). The girls are members of Brownie troop 387 sponsored by Paxton Wilt Elementary School in which 25 girls participated.. Theme of the contest was "Keep America Beautiful." Mrs. Joy Mason and Mrs. 3 She wants an few. the LEFTOVER lover Phyllis Oilier knows garbage . And she knows how women hate to handle the stuff. She says what most women want for Mother's Day is something for every George Reif lead the troop. Ssfcty 3&I 05 to end the muss, the mess, the odors, the time and the trouble that "go" with garbage. And that's an InSink Erator, successor to Fang as the world's finest garbage disposer. See Model 77. It's stainless steel and is COOLIE RD. foportEtf Per? Ml Voife' 4-- H SEE IT TODAY AT IIEAO : Es Don't give safety a fast shuffle. That's the advice of boys and girls earnestly pursuing safety. Their projects cover a wide range of accident prevention in the home, on the farm, the highway, in sports, hunting, camping, and in doing plain everyday tasks. " safety" The national"' program, conducted by the maintenance-free- . 2422 BARDSTOWN . i i GIRL i ; SCOUT Troop No. 813, sponsored by Okolona ! held their investiture service recently. The troop, t made up of 1 2 handicapped girls in the Okolona area, holds its : meetings on Saturday afternoons at St. Anthanatius Church. ; Troop leader is Mrs. Nell Speaker. Jaycee-ette- s, 5 - 9R7.0Q-COCKTAIL HOUR -4- -7 nm RIFTERS PLATTE RS "ENJOY THE 1 950 SOUNDS" FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS DANCE TO I THE ENTOURAGE MONDAY thru THURSDAY F LE ETWOODS-- D Funk Vietnam yI in - 4-- If 451-143- Meadow Heights Women Hear RAYDeMAR ON THE PIANO 9549 TAYLORSVILLE RD. Conparo Gibson's The Reverend Syngman Rhee, Presbyterian Campus Minister at the University of Louisville, was guest speaker at Meadow Heights Woman's Club on April 21. New officers elected for the coming year are Mrs. H. W. Ethridge, first vice president; Mrs. T. C. Sandford, treasurer and Mrs. Clifton Bratchcr, corresponding secretary. They will be installed at the May 9 club meeting which will be held at the Big Springs Country Club. Every Day Low Tiro Prices!! IMPERIAL IMPC9AL 4 650-1- SELL 18.44 21.44 22.44 23.88 25.44 26.88 23.44 24.88 27.44 28.88 4 3 735-1- 4 775-1- 4 825-1- 4 855-1- 4 885-1- 4 855-1- Cooperative Extension Service POLY EST Dl WSW SIZE, 825-1- 5 5 885-1- READ THE CLASSIFIEDS ProjocJs 5 900-1- National Service 4-- H Committee. and supported for quarter-centur- y by General Community safety programs Motors, enrolls about a half are undertaken by 4-- Clubs. million youths annually Surveys cover water, fire, between the ages of nine and 1 9 highways, schools and parks. Hazard hunts are popular. years. Safety exhibits, window The remaining 2.5 million displays, posters, contests and throughout the nation publicity are among the also apply safety practices to methods employed to create among many projects, according to the safety awareness report. residents, the Youngsters concentrating on safety activities both personal contact and community authorities to learn more about specific fields. For example, if highway safety were the principle objective, highway engineers, police, mechanics, insurance representatives and even medical personnel may be consulted for information and a tupoiQpeso advice. safety The impact of the program benefits a vast number of men, women and children throughout the state. Just the families alone would add up to thousands. WVtl SIZE SELL 16.44 17.88 18.44 18.88 19.88 20.44 22.88 650-1- 3 700-1-3 695-1- 4 735-1- 4 775-1- 4 7 'Vv-- FED. TAX 1.78 2.04 2.17 2.33 2.53 2.84 2.36 2.67 76 2.87 SUPER ThoNEVft. 04 825-1- 4 855-1- 4 735-1- 5 775-1- 5 825-1- - 5 18-4- FED. TAX 1.78 1.96 1.94 2.04 2.17 2.33 2.53 2.08 2.19 4 19.44 20.44 21.88 24.88 865-1- 5 900-1-5 Z36 2.57 187 SUPER JET SPORT - Mill? Hltffilf - JTOWN CENTER Syngman Rhee 1 day-some- thing practically t fit Mother's Day! 1 ! V llr 2 00. PLY POLYESTER C0R9 2 PLY Fl KERSLAM RELTS SELL 27.88 28.88 29.88 31.88 "Out Bags Them All" FED. TAX 2.43 2.56 2.76 3.01 28.88 29.88 31.88 SIZE 2.69 2.84 3.05 4-- 4-- THE 7314 PRESTON HWY. IN OKOLONA PHONE Fern Creek Gibson's Discount Confer COWER SHOP 964-O-S POPLAR PLAZA -- 4920 Poplar Level Road GLENGARRY CENTER -- 8804 Natl. Turnpike . Expert assuring top appearance " X S KSMDv (This is average driveway) :::zz m service Am S1 l nn BEF0RE SUMHER THIS MONTH Tou.rric. X On Saturday, April 4, of the Fern Creek club presented a show for the orphans at Kentucky Children's for their citizenship Home project. The first act was entitled "The Sands of Time." This was the club act in which all the who wanted to do so participated. After it, individual acts were performed. To close everything, a "she-malcontest was held. This consisted of boys dressed up as girls, doing their own talent acts. Refreshments were served by the mothers of the R)!l! Trw departed. On Wednesday, April 7, another 4-- meeting was held. During the first part of the voted on meeting the how they would make money for their summer trip. It was decided that they would advertise for "slave labor." This means that will offer their services Monday through Saturday at no special price, just what the "owners" want to contribute. After the business meeting there were four demonstrations given. Mary Rita Mersmann, 16, showed how to make a beef casserole. Then Amy Schroeder, 10, instructed the group in making "vegetable flowers." Martina Mersmann, 15, showed how to create a knitting basket from an oatmeal box. Sharon Neagli, 1, explained the difference in measures used in cooking. Quality Work In Sorvlc mmm mil-- - Best Insured DEQQ7 15 VEAH5 in DUECUEL 1 CALL 360-130- NOW 0 $jnric 34-H- r. 0 4gtGtWnlnRT. PHILIP MORRIS MM JU0I0 80017 Tugs., April 28, 8:00 p.m. i .jr. Ji X v,X I dl UIC lit T PKV Mil IILI1IUUI1I ir.i.1 'ers OLD SIIEPilEHDSVILLn RD. J. w. 360-110- FREE ESTIMATE Cash or FH A Terms Sim '43 mm H 2111 7 Si! Ask About Our END OF MARCH SPECIAL everyone before 368-583- 4-- 11 fSands Of Tir.:af n 968-224- 1 - OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 10 P.M. 9a Presents Show black topping, is an asset - s v PLUS: Willie Nelsoa NatStuckey Pet Wei King Snufff Smith COME EARLY! HMrtathMftd bt. nk. Sm lHii UWIm mi H itan prunt wtttr icltinf caaatrf in to tfe) (Mrim pmimlWo mi Johnny say T first COTTM, finlMatad." r TewHntl ImMll ktonkw f . f C K. W PYPn PFrJTFn LAIU Vkllikll

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