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Image 8 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 23, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

V REPORTER, Thursday, April 23, 1970 1 f Represent MANSLICK ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST 4724 E. Manslick Road, Louisville Sunday, 10: 30 a.m. Sunday 7: 00 p.m. Connie W. Adams, Evangelist - 964-537- board TVs OUT DON'T FUSS L OF TV's AND STEREOS We Are Authorized Factory Service for For Almost Instant Servici 5 TRUCKS 451-25- 60 1605 BARDSTOWN RD. OPEN DAILY 9-- 6 oftheGra-YClub- Ce:::? Only Piedmont offers 2 direct flights and Also, jet service to Richmond & Norfolk. See your travel agent or call Piedmont late-afternoo- in Louisville: 368-331- Fire Girls c candy to each girl's group. This money earned by the girls may be used for any activity, service project, or entertainment that the girls elect to do. Reporterland doors beginning April 24 through May 3. ir wrj Honor beads in citizenship and business will be earned by They have great expectations Camp Fire age. Individual that this third annual sale will be awards of certificates, special as successful as in previous patches and gift certificates may years. also be earned for the sale of 60, A portion of the dollar per 20, and 240 boxes per girl. box cost will be returned to Another portion of the i 1 FLYPIEDMONT vv. FT. LAUDERDALE'S with its own 200 foot long - X , on the famous Gait Ocean Mile X II hour meeting, was an "unusual accomplishment" just in itself and they "appreciated it." beach One (ox k " )Z damages. He learned, he reported at 'uy vxx3 r,iy ii1liiniuwwx v wmmm cH mmj s vmmm XKr VVMIVVU iVU UUU V KUM.rf tlw llhm Mtlnnhrr IH THE CEHTER OF BEAUTIFUL FT. LAUDERDALE Bask on the private beach A the Gait Ocean Mile Hotel. Eniov every modern re; ort luxurv. Private terrace for itch roe TV heated. Efficiency apartments Olympic size fresh water swlaninf peal .. cabanas, poolside lounges, Patio Bar at Blmini Room for gracious dining . . , UfBl : gourmet fare, succulent steaks, vintage wines. Run House Lounge . . . exciting entertainment, dancing nightly. Coif nearby, plus . . . fabulous 1 fishing in the Gulfstream and off the piers. 1 Sailing, water skiing, tennis, ! horseback ridini. horse racint. jai alai, greyhound racing, elegant shops, all nearby. I III IX WW faction of the community feels the quarry should be accepted as the "good neighbor" it says it is trying to be. Father Batcheldor of St. Rita's Church on Preston and president of the Okolona Community Council was part of a committee that last year took an afternoon to inspect the Vulcan quarry, which residents complain is a continuous source of dust pollution and blasting For further information writ PAUL FEYER, General Manager Dept. 302 J In Navy R0TC dollar will be used to pay the cost of candy and for the Kentucky State Sales tax. The remaining part is retained by the local council to operate the office, buy supplies and to help provide camping for the girls. Tents, shovels and cooking equipment will be purchased by the council for the girls' use for overnight and day camping. Goal for this year's sale is 12,000 boxes. J Write today Tor brochure FC3T LAUDERDALE, i Mf IH llf ubun r Kiix Mil UAffl 4AM . iL A l' nuiu,Jiuubaiuceinurivt l FCST LAUSERSALE, FLA. 33308. Phone (305) 5644581 I Send complete Information to i Hunt I Address 3 1Z .State. Jip. I 1 0 0 0 Q 0 LESTER FLATT '- D SHOW -' II reapply for expansion permits in the future," stated the, residents in a counter-proposthey distributed at the meeting. called the The counter-proposcompany's proposal unsuitable and listed several points the residents wanted met. While all residents present vetoed Vulcan's proposal, many left the meeting with the feeling some sort of compromise might be worked out with the quarry based on the counter-proposa- l, which was written by some 20 headed by John residents Beauchamp. That feeling seemed fairly general after Miller's warning that winning a lawsuit would not be easy to win. Miller told residents the case, because Vulcan is a Large corporation with branches across the nation and funds to finance the best attorneys, would undoubtedly go as far as the Supreme Court and thus require litigation from three to four years. During litigation, he said, the residents ran the risk that the company might decide to greatly increase blasting and other operations in order to get all they could during the years before being shut down. As long as this increased activity was done in a "responsible" manner, Miller said, the county could do nothing to prevent it. If the county lost the suit, Miller said, they could be faced with a large counter suit for damages by the company. The proponents of a possible compromise with Vulcan based al al Thursday's meeting, that "they had standards they're supposed to be within and I left with the idea that as long as they're within those standards we should accept them as a good neighbor. Aren't there ways of checking up to see if they are within the standards and if so should we not accept them?" Father Batcheldor added that he had heard statements that the quarry is one of the major pollutants in Jefferson County "which has made me scratch my head." But state representative Robert Hughes was suspicious of the "good neighbor" policy. "This sounds like one of those foreign good neighbor agreements to me," he commented and cited historical instances where such agreements have been violated. Another state representative Dotty Priddy, a resident of the vicinity who filed suit against on their own proposal the quarry in the past but lost, emphasized the importance of some sort of "safeguard" to was also vehement. that the quarry guarantee officials would stick to the No 'Good Faith' Seen "I've lived in this community agreement. Miller suggested a 1 5 years and never once has that liquidation damage clause quarry done anything in 'good whereby if Vulcan violates its agreement the company could faith,' " she contended. Virginia Bosse, a member of be fined a certain sum to be paid the Zoning Adjustments Board to the county or one of its as well as a neighbor of the departments. A third faction of Okolona quarry, flashed a copy of the zoning regulations book. These tended to be more militant. are the rules of zoning for the Headed by realtor Mrs. Chesley people of Jefferson County, she Compton, these residents still g told the group, then cited hold to the several zoning rules applying to campaign they've been fighting individual points of Vulcan's since 1957. Despite Miller's warnings, they advocate proposal. The new changes Vulcan pressing suit to get the quarry proposed to make, said Mrs. closed down permenently. Bosse, are existing laws that 'Step On Vulcan' should have already been met. "The county should step on "What they've proposed to Vulcan and make them shut offer us as citizens are already down," Mrs. Compton said laws, not, new proposals," she Friday morning. "We don't told the residents. want any proposals. They will not abide by them. They'll be using the people's money to see 'Not Acceptable' "This proposal is in no way that they stay within their acceptable to residents. regulations." (This was a Residents do not want reference to policing by the expansion subject to any county to enforce regulations, a provisions. They furthermore suggestion made by one want action which will assure resident.) After hearing several other them that the quarry cannot mi &th Mi Today's big money ceases to big money after the tax collector speaks his piece. be lftr ideas and suggestions from several other residents, Miller told the group no decision would be reached until he had talked with them again. He promised a second meeting with the people "early next week." . & SECOND FIDDLERS PIUS Old Joe Clark Country Musk' fevoritf funny mn Steve Lake ttn swing Ken Allen I masters m.c Tickets on tale t Box Office on Day of Show I Spwaorad by Jcfftnonumm Polic I mt Ftiwnai'i Aaoc. 1131 FUTJERAL HOf.lE 2723 Prestcn WinY If Ifphse 635-63- 4 0 Q n 71 Mocks South of Y.nlrrn Parkwav House need repairing? GET AN mm l?fffcf o BORROW $5,000.00 o PAY ONLY 'C0.03 PER MONTH o TAKE o LOW INTEREST RATES 04 MONTHS TO PAY pay only 5 on the first $2500 414 on the second $2500. Total cost, $1722.00. An annual percentage rate of only 8.83. You or if you prefer . . . get a long form CONSOLIDATION LOAN A PLAN INDIVIDUALLY PERHAPS RECEIVE ARRANGED FOR YOU ADDITIONAL CASH FOSS'ZLY CUT PAYMENTS ESTABLISH IN HALF BANK CREDIT 17 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS PHONE: 589-335- OPEN 'l' J JEAN SHEPARD I Avenue. 2 HOURS JAMBOREE 7 HOURS TENNESSEE WALKERS EMBMY-BOSS- E allor-nothin- ; Allan Wesley was named "Midshipman of the Month" in the Navy ROTC at Purdue University. Wesley is a 1 968 graduate of Waggener High School and earned a scholarship in the regular NROTC Program at Purdue University. He is a sophomore in the School of Engineering at Purdue and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Wesley, 2813 Richland Quarry Debate: Tado Proposal Or File Suit (Continued from Page 1) -- and it's waiting for you to enjoy . . . spacious hotel rooms, executive suites and efficiencies. All units individually Suites on daily or yearly basis. Banquet and sales meeting facilities for 10 to 125 people. The famous flambe Room, or Riviera for dining. Intimate Wine Cellar Bar with entertainment. Monte Carlo Bar for outdoor cookout hut at poolside. Free poolside lounges, ping pong, shuffleboard, volleyball. Gift shop, dress shop, real estate office, beauty salon, stock brokerage office, travel agency. Olympic size heated swimming pool. Free parking. REDUCED SUMMER RATES. Family & Weekly Rates 1 of the GRAND OLE OPRY BILLY WALKER Receives Honor Objectors To OCEAN MANOR Va.- i . Allan Wesley to Quh Soil tody Some 350 registered Blue. Birds and Camp Fire Girls throughout the city and county will be hauling cartons of Camp 2 nmnmr v nmL PIC via v t atm v D STARS 8 OPENING A PACKAGE of the candy they'll be telling are, from left, Jani Young, Sandra Poulter, Donna Conway, Susan Haddaway , Chris Martin and Gail Shackelford. early-mornin- g u Tri-Gra-- Honor All Major Credit Cards PHONE 9 9 MON. AND FRI. - EVENING 7:30 CHILDREN $1.00 g Tri-Gra-- We 451-256- 26 Tri-Gra-- HUFF'S TV & APPLIANCES SALES & SERVICE Gym 0 and professional staff. They were asked to discuss with board members the various programs they were related to. The following young people the Highlands represented Branch: Amy Slaven, a sophomore at Seneca High and club leader at Goldsmith and Melbourne Heights Elementary Schools; Becky Bennett and Carol Cahill, who are both sixth graders at Hikes Elementary School and members of the club; Kim Smith, a sixth grader at Bashford Manor and also a participant; and Greg Brooks, a sixth grader at Bashford Manor and a member WHEN YOUR WE SERVICE ALL MAKES members aazarj hi APQIL MATINEE 2:30 ADULTS $2.00 youths from the Highlands branch were invited to be hosts and hostesses for the various 2 in Mi-Sch- ool SUNDAY On Monday, April 13, the YMCA annual dinner was held at the Executive Inn. Five WORSHIP Wednesday 7: 30 p.m. JcJfcrsontovn YMCA At Annual Dinner WELCOME TO OUR SERVICES BIBLE STUDY Sunday 9: 30 a.m. imaaBM Five Area Youths Of firTTa-ITTT-T T T71 UUlDVlLLTj 1 Mambar Fadaral Oapatit Insurance Carparotlan DAILY 'TIL 4 SATURDAYS 'TIL NOOH

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